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Lecture 08. Naming Compounds

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Lecture 08. Naming Compounds
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:05- Naming Compounds 00:58- Elements... 03:09- Bedtime Stories 03:29- From Elements to Compounds 04:50- What's in a Name? 06:55- Binary Ions- Naming Type I Binary Ions 09:21- Binary Ions- Naming Type II Binary Ions 05:15- Naming Compounds: Binary Ions 12:57- Binary Ions 16:13- Naming Compounds: Polyatomic Ions 17:27- Naming Compounds: Binary Covalent 20:51- Naming Compounds: Acids 23:09- Acids 25:14- Hydrates 27:48- Common Stinkers 30:55- Example 33:21- Example, Slide 2
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the to job yeah but how you play the In the last 2 years stores and in the summer 1 1 of the most common yeah where the always that was probably yeah I know that you were a quarter of an hour on land the want yes None of the season 1st "quotation mark we're about the the on the Net but basically it's
the same thing from last year .period the following 5 years it would be good to know that you don't have an impact on the same familiar with not I'm going to do it the 2 of you and you the Bloomberg said the it was clear that this is not 1 for you another always just cover more than you think that specifies what did the properties of his time to the existence of such among which 2 lost and lost the specify which proper From about this is covered 1 competent for the Formula whenever look like a proper to Florida the this is time we common the analysis because there is really only 1 it's not I always that these 6 signatories charged the securities firm hired have lost the plot His work the His name across the program unless most of which are I see you 2 types of mercury sulfides mercury to last this year and aggrieved once is also lost has to worries together with 2 of dead a specialist In this case but I doubt it Mercury is to minus this to blast that this guy to read too congress this letter the last 2 left the let by the CIA single-minded in domestic turned in this we must so this is again another car shows up
and this isn't able once again to move the fastest time in the morning and 1 work the Government hates them I don't really used work but ,comma
again there is systematic and stable especially in terms of dollars compounds containing oxygen atoms for instance the nitrate and nitrite this guy which is 1 of the gymnastics called nitrites and 1 is 1 of 2 Morris called nitrate the samples were so quiet and so I think that is but now that sold quite is called the next fight is OK so that I can think of that company I don't know it is a producer
on this is right for this already just 1 more minute hypochlorite is the last time held by a person or a small I want to work what is on
OK so again will work with as you see in what way they are so let's move
on to another from 1 of the the firing 2 types of the main office of the body the optimal this is Nigerian outside a musical based on the European and so this is a covalently linked this is called nitrogen monoxide this is also American soldier None of the substance of this program they have solved the problem you tournament what is the
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you but then again the 1st ,comma was named 1st This Day's of the Soul the 2nd 1 named as you working it's not the only thing is that the because the then prefixes the note the number of patents it is 1 of 1 or 2 and I try have fun and I have a lot of prevents along never used for the 1st of all of the us here that this is an element of society ,comma "quotation mark worlds phosphorus and boring both are not very good finally ,comma matter but I have to do is native resulting from lost the 2nd 1 as if it were in the war on lost on the
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1 of the stories I mean this is the year history role model the following are the last to assess the extent of the injury you're right and possible fraud brussels sprouts another 1 this is not meant to be in the office also as to the size of the guy who is not what I want to use 1st of all that the diversity that 1 the moment that the men were back there was no the at which will secure later
the 1st move to another set of from the aspect of the program
I was done about appropriately hazardous substances readers always moderate Boccaccio on this little foreign aid is all about now passes of different leverage with the age which person like it's the scope work this is another effort started this is so dramatic the the
right now let's 1st distinguished provides 1 of oxygen 1 so it's 1 that
does not contain that like this 1 funding right not use had the 2 D any on it and then is something they but this is I don't have to worry about stories that change the subject to on Friday morning we have always had work and I saw that you had in the finals prefix and suffix came to me and here's what we succumb to the path age and it no oxygen supply policy you and his family comes from hydro solar energy that's not a lot of it I know wrong but I don't the practice of the denied the spirit of the rule that you have to because it has oxygen would have to do I started in on you know little or To this end on year this thing ends in 18 I had something to do but it ends and I request remember that almost
all the time and the entire there
is a tendency in the past 2 years so let me get on this series nascent started H with oxygen in fact it's the all atomic energy of this prospect Foster particularly costing and then I substitute David Foster fostering there's no 1 the nascent misses the point of sale its name so what the company said the 2 men soul-stirring figure remain Over and is the name this here's another 1 this is a massive to potential oxygen is is not fight In the Line of should be enacted past "quotation mark 9 but it was not until
end the all I probably would have
called on him to local but I know I have a specific number of being what it is His name is called for but in the light last the part will receive 1 the people who told me that if you will His of answer on the Net what do you think you can do prevent on previously exceeding the number it is state of Texas this is very got more at hearing however to problems too so I spent time on phone to this whole area as international markets In Bloomberg said the of the 2 blocks it's just a lot matter of time to produce all the time write a letter
of those rules for himself from the top of our primary fight over it all it's not the end of the it's the beginning of the year ,comma this year small stuff ,comma because the and the new look at
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bombing of the World the problem with the loss at the most only 1 of these days is dropped from the 1st of them for decades another example
selected cases and its accompanying at the lately I was a series of problems but the name 4 the media Selma yes the person None of the in the world you know
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moral of the story at the time he he's not going you could almost all be released you have to use the word