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Lecture 06. Atoms


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Title Lecture 06. Atoms
Title of Series Chemistry 1P: Preparation for General Chemistry
Part Number 5
Number of Parts 24
Author Potma, Eric
License CC Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/19444
Publisher University of California Irvine (UCI)
Release Date 2013
Language English

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Subject Area Chemistry
Abstract UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 02:18- Atoms 02:20- Particles 03:33- Atomic Theory 05:03- Dalton's Laws 09:40- Elementary Particles 13:40- Elementary Particles, Slide 2 16:40- Elementary Particles, Slide 3 17:45- The Nucleus 20:46- The Architecture of the Atom 22:25- Concept of Size 24:43- Concept of Size, Slide 2 25:36- Isotopes 28:05- Common Isotopes of Some Lighter Elements 29:41- Atomic Number 31:53- Atomic Mass 33:21- Atomic Mass- Average Atomic Mass 36:24- Atomic mass- What is the Average Mass of Other Elements? 38:24- Periodic Table 39:00- Origin of Elements 40:29- Beyond Helium 42:16- Heavier Elements 43:39- Element Abundance 44:02- Exotic Elements 44:52- Radioactivity
we have the report also said that the government I find that the links to the top of the 1st phase of the project will be held made in the Clinton the final Over the years the area .period I that to he had relationship we move this practice right don't over rural and I was just too 1 of the things we don't act I'm not going to go on and the following is the on the New York Times Company 1 was issued with the borrowing rate not only that the they what they want all right
not only did this and all of that and what happens to the loss of his son and his wife the race on the life that alliance will run the 1st of a a small part of thank you this cost more than objects will find objects small individual data using the word accuracy of what needs to be patient with you little time also individual happens all it said it would be better than the 1 that you want the part of the object of the game by scientists led to the use of the nature of man right this is a
constant movement that although is serious when he said that it's based on infinitely this is not something that can be for use of on the other side on building on that right front there from very well also the because of that Act but this is not something you can that we all need to know off using history but after Democrat was startled at the outset of the net that was the what do on the part of the story there are currently no I used to there the officials from the start you have
to call people like to call the election there was much explaining what promises most of and we must work be on the way a lot of he said of the democratic rights the joy the war he said I we should think
about falling the matter is composed of elements and those elements are extremely small part of the it has all the elements of the party the winner of the bidding on but all the items on sale the whole patterns from the line you can't say they are going to get it on the number of the old 1 during the
war and the all I'm There will yes provisos OK so
How can we think about what we have at his we have to get rid of the ball and this was a long enough to during the that time on this is not about the status of the and the wrong polish where you didn't have to on the difference from last year located on the realization that with the dolphins says compounds are composed of more than so I can't complain about the elements have to get the sense of the European Parliament the data from the moment on farm we I have a word with thank you this will 1 of the to the in the office at the other that of we found it was 1 the match based on the continues to believe that in any event the number age will be France is you was the work that he did
and has announced that it would not be here during the war there so
,comma outside as 1 Margaret and 1 oxygen and not what is 1 1 of the reasons units in the quarter the problem is not only 1 of them is the worst another example carbon-dioxide to Australia and the 2 of the problem but the rest of this is you In
this and this and this and you then
1 year longer than about half of what you believe nonetheless the standard for the contract involves only the performance will be reviewed all the time the novel the more
stock what happened to from being on this side process that is just the duration of Europe I don't think any of us we have to part of that is true for all of 1 of them the last but at some of the yet In
some of them the I know that the lack
of progress in some of the where you were he said that you were it's is not starving the
electron basically symbolized by the interval of time on the phone in the the according to the
the National on I the other ,comma the as well as I was this time the government of the United States begin to set let alone it you
using a lot of them through the years 1 way to do it you can do a lot of section near the end of this fact .period generates alike that eventually sent to this view 2 for more than half of the year at work so get to the Sunni difference lost 8 in a sea of electrons that were passed on to you might not want to weigh the situation the only the state on so this is kind the collapse and that is the we have been through a lot of exists but it also gives information about charge that is part of Europe In the light of my wanting number and the charges that beset by convention a minus sign the values expressed in model that can be easily downloaded on the farm of July 1 . 6 on May 2 the
principle of free to this also
the message that was also expressed in parenthesis noting that the this is something that the you are on course differences in the 3rd please contact 1 of and this is from friend the program was what kind of weather and the University what "quotation mark where is on the rise this is a work of in the minds of the if you want to be sold very well in America we're going to to the problems which is also the week beginning Monday .period he concluded that the use of 1 of the the you not you can create all articles the send them to me these are all things that power is in the status of we we have a duty to say that these models who movements the the survey also found that of 1 1 of these New Deal there was a at the end of the year in case ,comma on use of I said Geez pack for you but the fact is he it ridiculous behind calls work indicates that people are probably all positive genial falls apart from her right our people truly stated this for us is we have to realize is that the quality of the what the but to what it was that was the same in all of this 1 of the highest most of the she also said that the case is the on the side of the or ran and that it you know going into it we have about them is also known for its hand the the man from the born while the new China I'm sorry and now it is another article actually this is the way in which people who have been about the truth is that the composer costs to all parts of London you're going to have a lot of this is very interesting for us you have to work around the place so we've got to do then due from the final
part of interest I'm not
unique about this thing here is that where will but the size of our and it seemed to come off as the charges in the incident or fencing the program will not be have to part of that amount and I don't think it's almost from the implementation of the moment for all of them so removed from the following at the end of the bar as opposed 1 or 2 are
not follows over this way in which that is part of the heavenly the usually this composed of men from the game the former a New year of the what Bloomberg ,comma on it was not the question is on the ground in the this is 1 were what you on the length of time you can want it it was also 1st so seems From this overall New nuclear Year's Day was that the Internet is rather small we have actually he had this 1 you can use this 1 from a the other just the 1 that is you've got to be used on the Internet and the EU of 1 there are also found that the number of various
family of the yes I need help the it was book when the rest of the week prior to the release of fire at me that's being used in the of OK so
this is the kind of movie is very small a uranium Day on which during the news that nite it's only a fraction of what during the last time the 2 of on the 1 it's not that there might be a new figure out if they had wanted to go on 15 and 17 the original now however the area to the overall so this is a good way to think about using nucleus and it's signed an order on the career list phentermine approximately 10 to the minus 13 per cent so that America he said because people thought that's a sign silently and this kind of hazy around is location where the electrons the last any here in this area on the energy side all right this is not it is the sentiments saying the differences from the example of human appreciate this side and the you say was the very good summaries of polymer particles electrons that basically somewhere around 2 years that is told from the from the mass of me that wants to provide programming from their parents and their the it answer is probably but my job is 1 of the things but there's a lot of this 1 but the numbers OK that the the amateur
or we have had a don't and
was I want to overall that sounds In the head of the arrival of the sluggish the warrant also he said were it is 5 times the amount of the loan terms of their that 60 people knew about 15 feet that the exception where was within the law
so the of the nuclear itself is more . 7 cm for this fiscal year 50 meters is centimeters the constant reminders too often and it which all lots more wall less than 2 recommendation that so the racial the number which is the signs the nucleus of the side itself is a small number of people who were back some of the that assigned to use just fraction and he was right besides the decision to provide have been reduced the Rangers is this much slower and that means the victim that you and I guess that's what a treasure these all right the there is enormous Universal also called on the radio I'm just going to
reiterate that if you think of that happened as a big football stadium it was a little time travel in the middle then you can say that the new music would want so in the middle of the model that used to be on the side there is symbolized the extent what do you while the Museveni said so that that was the consensus was that this was not I don't care if there is none Tucker now only the something eye right what is that look at what has taken note of this and the original song the Soviet nuclear had 11 program alone that number might be worried that this have something the company and of we have upheld the story these are the problem from 12 from it's a lot of problems that the answer 23 the 3 that was number of soldiers who of arrived right here is the son of but none of this year's little brother it is also 1 of his former member of his loan from below the role the start talks 13 the if any that we are part of the the year still some associated with the find show us through the Senate on the same day I don't think the American )right parenthesis 24 uses some of the progress of this or that piece is only a matter of honor ice both have a lot of at people who don't of the true for all of you is that this time on the end of this year because of this is kind of news that the mass of the universe the other than that is almost like those of most of the handle and some of which are involved the program at present there is no way just to win this morning to I to the most prominent ones are at 1 you policies 99 . 9 per cent in the tiny fraction is the period which is due to meet that's not in visible but the minimum 6 the percentages of being 1 I they don't understand the problem and entranced the Commission volunteered that himself is the most fun that for all of this to a list of your desire more reality they're saying the the program because of neutrons they differ about 1 common problem 12 or 13 oxygen history this year March the 16th 7 18 days of on the part of this year is the most of all there ready and so far some of the most not only was there will you want to have a very long time and that they were originally planned but that none of this was because of the Iraq people mostly from the 6 about this symbol which is part is a simple problem and then allowing another number that is the number of problems for the appropriate response on the spot that is the parent of the but this morning has been called in between his supporters and what because of that sort this field belong in the eyes of the nation the following year he smiled it should be a thing of the past there is some of the problems which is that of this year because of 1 of I think France you don't want to say that provide most after all the problems in the world currency area the the United States is the sum of the parts of the continent from 1 of France if the government is much less is 1 . 1 if he added guys off the wall so far as to what appears to be based of in on hold if you want to to so the Irish government digital maps of all of the you each of the the problem is rooted in an hour the attack on there are look at some of the man will also want unit following this incident is 1 of the leaders of the Senate of company or any of you and you this is the definition of new what you the peoples of the mass of of 1 seems well that divided that's right why I'm sure of it is
on the other hand the we decided to do
this what can you there were no the so what then was the dominant well about his EU man from the from his instructional is from you there's only 1 problem to solve the People's Front the that's not convinced that the provisions of the lower OK so what's the many of the that Princeton was the last part of the team is up to the meeting you know not there because of the massive floor calls falling the side that was the message from the 30 while the peoples the massive from security provided by the current 12 times probably knew that definition some of the international community is united in its home of the move was following news that the last fall now while you were there the reason is because this is not only here in Germany next year about the because it's so I don't have the result was that
only 2 of the following year he said here I want to ask you not to the but also
currently it is someone who unique accept this is what happened based on this number is not exactly what you can see the things won't .period Elaine 1112 get something everyone knows that there is no doubt that the that the there no sign of life all the time about precisely what it was we all have own not that you like OK so another position actually got out of the hot money that is the test this fraction of the this is the moment when the time now you add pressure to find them the this the way it is this is the contribution of our people is complicated by the way it is now it's not the Europe once we don't want to 12 . 0 1 1 the accuracy of the data including the release but what is the evidence other the elements that mostly but said it was time and to resolve the matter element divided America from wells the among was in here the reason for that this year this thing here is that you have to there's a lot of the that the hundreds of aluminum peoples to point toward neighboring list of this year's race the commenter it's not that the unit was not the integration of the 2 the number of times going into the from the the 2nd part thirsty and respiratory problems with each other the manager photographs people differently during the 1st half of year the EU yeah this a
policy you're on most of the time we got to be used this is the end of the month in the children that way waiting ,comma In children almost all the hard work that here it
is :colon or was it the delegates to be elected died this summer in the subsequent lectures and reducing the numbers you are now more familiar .period numbers the this the best I have indicated that there was missing that that's all they talk more about the structure appeared to say something
briefly and lecturers from the on OK some of the things that think approximately 73 per cent of the mass of the physical universe this time I don't know In the past year you have to make up instance numbers of your life as they there was a lot of union to whites almost all around the world "quotation mark virtually all you know how it will perform during the course of the Bloomberg parliament some of the region where In some have Ross come from a
combination of the 2 had 5 of a the New year reactions that lets them since I call on you it's very hard to believe he asserted that the fact that used to be 2 of them I want you to know that they have to go to the program this is good news so basically ,comma buying and using the creation we have to you don't want to it on you said it's 1 of the those people who is this some of the where music we have the demonstration program during the next 2 fumbles this time she doesn't think it'll come from rivers and they are obtained the war costs from his work now it is simply that the abuse of Europe this was not the 1st time I was and we know that are kind of the Lauderdale I
told them in the this is no place in the world but again way we understand that this is noted for his own national part of the beginning the birth weary at the beginning of the year the rest of the world about the only division only natural having a mistress of knowledgeable the notice from someone the also during the past year on the basis of
the there you this is something that has made the remark at all all around the world on only 1 or 2 in a conference on on the basis of their career started out as the a true literature we are made of glass the where
that so that this kind year in the most volatile then think the names of all the other elements of Ireland another please revealed goes down again that is due to the explained because of the use success of the people of the world that kind of money to during the usually I not saying
that the new boss of all the the final standards is more part of
collaborating the music and like the
1st radioactive elements beyond part of the story you have to you have to know that only 1 of these New National radioactive nuclei not the .period that was the last
so what is there to be is basically the Tonya nuclear so it doesn't really have something that likes use all of our 4 prior to and some of the people of New of Europe and this is a In new New York period was 1 of just 1 element is converted into another right
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