Lecture 05. Numerical Problems


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Lecture 05. Numerical Problems
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UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:06- Numerical Problems 01:54- Numerical Problems are Real 03:47- Numerical Problems are Real, Slide 2 05:47- Example 07:32- Example 2 10:49- Example 3 15:55- Practical Conversion Relations 17:32- Text Problems 18:50- Text Problems: Example 23:00- Text Problems: Example 2 28:37- Text Problems: Example 3 30:53- Text Problems: Example 4 33:29- Text Problems: Example 5 36:25- Text Problems: Example 6 41:09- Text Problems: Example 7
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president that the we will bring following last summer he was not on signed on late animals were still in the fight back to that all of us here insert urinated on this until you try not to and be there was a lot of people on the list homestand session because of the size of the 1 of the effective rate of effects of the war in the thank you the Committee on rail and also clarifies the function which was happening today to its final meeting of the homework is supposed to be 1 of the things that is not from 11 years of writing at 11 PM on Friday he is I was reading your book and amusing finally there all right so With his role as you wish you could take some time learned last week that no that's off the table and consequently we grew working with of using problem and we calculated when you have to get right of each of the that's it for the Americans the appointment of it used so so
what do you think you are last year it bought the tools we need to talk the government should the part of the world is not the only 1 part of the exam this is the last time here we have a lot of the and that was 1 of the most lost however the busses in only 2 of the 1st thing you what will be and is last year ,comma reason why a report on the basis of test with the Small said the matter was 1 of the most serious the life is there and it's something sooner that some of the amount of fuel plenty of product right away so instead of using B metric units the lifting of the early on and was not enough fuel in line with the law almost ran out of fuel literally have made advances on words the when hell "quotation mark fury rock stock symbols and would have if you
are interested in going in and out of the universe parliament is what you want and the University of Maryland University of that these the governments are very worried that he is an example this is a particular brand of fall and this nation you got to work that you would single concentration of this is the only thing is that this is something that happens a lot in for the each year of patients died or have some serious injury you may have to use them they sold we
head want use focus on this allows you will not have the right to life in the schools and I kind was all of we have always had to fall back on the right around injuries the water not known some of these developments income remind me that I think about how best to things interviewed me and you and you think that is a good deal of Pat Benatar and that's is what you're going to get the opportunity to comment on the offer you this is where I get so much
that he does not know some of them about all of this is that you have to give them the moment think that we all want be here on Dec converted to decimal number of disguise it is standard scientific evidence of payments to the EU is the right like the the power the University of Washington in the past the union was going from there was this month 0 remained slack I would like to try not of the guerrillas 9 times and mostly into walls of a number of things that are actually is this is something we have to write a message on that so we get rid of this region right now about part that aren't doing so is universal His Atienza 0 . 0 0 0 9 2 9 3 use by the order the to allow that you have a tendency of those zeros are not the number of injured but number this year is 1 of only 2 known the beginning the that's why I'm here but at the moment the love story calm again to start somewhere is point the appears all density of this number right there in the early going that way ran for him the move here for the rest of the season and to all the arguments organize the question is what is the last thing ran off this march off your song expressed regret over the period so this isn't always so we we have to be at the end of all the head of the period is over density major memorized density Eagles national volume that is the point was given only on those you have that so I was really all that matters is that volume right then and what number the group except for the fact that the 4 the all cases the fact is that dominated the news to some of the problems of the new year also found these it's a matter of time you just funds this year calculated find this number 4 0 5 8 grams that's checking out the figures like this 1 gone to the 5 this 1 has 4 this is apparent from the former Soviet figures that we have the visit here is 0 means that state this is not the same as that of his work all but 1 of the actually it's not that big
In the 2nd to 1 of the following passage of the solid-state wants from now on we all know that they are on the increase the number remained and in the minds of the I think on the phone that you were not say explicitly during the
yes yes this is the site of a major force in the region and Of the total ,comma this the government and business that has also been that alright so calculated that members will be bigger than it was the year but you always look at the amount of friends of sodium nitrate at present in a certain volume of a solution that is known to contain 29 grants for college and you look forward to working with so what is the problem and that's what we really love I'm what going to I would like to know that we we have here is a list of reasons I'm going to the solution I don't it was based on what the settlement of the world and in it said the Butcher of but it 16 of the Congress of the president of the American Beauty this is a summary of the bombing of the U.S. revealed for the university this is a problem that was going to do I have years volume animosities can get on with the process there is also no question about the news that the required to for the the not that this for this solution to and a while he said the statement added that the report notes that there is a volume was that he the ball only now so Mass because of their nationals against the financial disadvantage against the policy of using this information here so it is given this is not going lot meaning of life the universe for the year the definition of a volume of over 1 billion EUR across from me that this is the a number of says it should be but it's not from the a rise of figures haven't you must have signed here by 4 years should for some of them were going to last year from there this year yeah that is correct directly to the home direct grants to used does it not there murder word of facilities the next stop is governed by the year you Will there be 1 because this year and is wife and the use of these numbers are about 100 people
what of the about and running between the only so I know it's going to
to be a good thing because is going around if this doesn't work I just want to what have you was it is believed to be involved it was the right thing after all the more I'm going to complain the use of all them have very somewhere in the EU this year the 1st amendment to In order to 120 . 2 1 5 2 1 6 and the company this morning on a member of the critics of government the follows you also know that the best you still hear 1 and
so on the number of and dealers said it was the best thing that the it would have something to do with To help you from and kept quiet the alright man found in the
house of the reference to get himself out of the year and the year before the job call on some going to use these in a series of pot that from of the moment is that all the program 1 of the 1st half of all patients is soaring worldly text from which it extracted in DNA this is the 5 of his it would happen this side of city than and its product of that 1 of the things that I have a lot of very boring then have known little sisters of the engineers and that then not all of this gone by the end of the year on that's what we want ,comma it was created by the the going to with with very much resulting from the use of the operation look at this "quotation mark
Indiana Jones movie had he tries to remove this thing From this however it is not the end of of the year but so what was the best the message about since I think the big something wrong the man who was in the college goal the question is does he have a reasonable chance of not having Athens the history has said that that will the goal of the season for us to move so going you can also buy this it was very malls all right what is this In view of the fact that have article work let's say between now and more although it is not the Commission said that it would be really at the moment I walked down to the river and all this stuff there then you mean what happens have and there was a catch phrase it was the only 1 not a single goal I was only Monday the images is this thing is more about the size of the 1 of the Internet's program this is a civil right in a I have volumes at been to the meeting of the people's souls this is not what know they want and density bodies not 0 density is given right here in and out of the location I already started using my conversions and because this follows that was given in cubic centimeter island were the latest in the while there is 1 that you want to know what I have said there was these 1 of the most saw only the peoples I was then you is littered across I'm not going to express his views that multiplied by the day 19 . 3 children per cent the students you know I across the deadline and rents from America leaders to consent to the use Proskauer I can't rent but was the final word on it's the only you need to practice what you make will of all the peoples of the brands that From that I think is the principles of the United States and Europe that he was he was but we have to find out about the use of all this but that not something that is very proud of them as say you want to play his Sauerland along with the wonderful new people if you don't work so someone then we have and still then the year afterward that there is certainly 1 of the last 1 my God knows you that I have a lot of is that to live my feeling needed and I want to play the the game later by forcing it's a question of political commenting on the on the 1st there are off to the right the state government all right now who is going to fall in love with them and the story of vitamin D and that the rest of the world forgot about the volume of this that expressed not only inches and the fire near 4 per cent at the same time some of these all in all the of starting with the this summer the volume of sort that I want to replace God I'm going to think what we have always said affects about 200 meters converting 2 centimeters less this is that the conversion is 1 cm 1 the UN process dismal state of the went on to say that it will buy the land where Martin European citizens and then there are the only players forcing centuries to some of the everything is given a set of leaders of the 2 years must beat units which the unit choose they were the 1st 2 months of time tonight said that it will on your project next thing you know what's going on now the ball is given it's quirky and pH .period images her take solace in this field 10 square I think this is 1 year from the whenever we need them the Senate that's 12 inches in 1 "quotation mark 12 it's a bunch of converted 2 inches you go into the city 2 1 5 4 centimeters per inch Sony Music things for yourself as well as I began to of think about what Mississippi the the 2 of the answer is that is on the surface ,comma Friday on each unit last List where it was all over and the some the numbers that they have at least 1 the movies so it's 10 times while also plans to employment that's the right From the immune system's because this is my area and then converted creationism you with that and that is engaged in during the 2nd visit to the fact that there is a lot of talk to her the notice said is where she said the only thing you that's not delegates to vote for the extended for you they said and that is the company was around the idea of there this the volume of sort of God this is the only 1 that the other was the along Texas don't Bloomberg the head of the war from the I'm not going 1
of the things that have happened in some regions of Britain .period late and indeed they can viewed as right to find I want my Thanksgiving and leaders after the war case of the ball that is what the of think the people of the village not very concerned about what heard under the title of the form that this is very very winnable means that some of them but he opted Congress OK based on if you actually not say the account for only 1 per cent that so on the grounds that consume you this is not going to have solid text was Bloomberg directions property riots that followed obedience the amendments in France has given here in new France as the political process the domestic equals the massacre in found converted to rest pounded on rent not on the roster together rest this is the amount of the grants then multiplied by August 1 of the city thank the walls 0 . 0 1 0 this summer about about the rest the multiplier effect of political sense of things that you know ,comma much during the 1 . 1 of the more than its share of another figures here I seem to get into so long 1 grants in the final of the only thing that you and he said the during I was the president of the but a drinking water works assuming that 2 with the yield which is it's something that you know the 1 . 0 4 in the pending but rid of the United Nations States educational and so I have know something about what is slated to leaders because this is the biggest fear is that we're his missing words to you people in the room into the squad were you also don't want to say the to the world of again data so what's the matter with you have volunteered against said it so I won't do it all the time against the people Hess was reports have conversion factor year on the the amount multiplied by the number required only a fraction of the cost some years the amount of milk half missed the volumes converted 2 liters of water across our goal was always across America have all times density is that you know this is the leaders of the the leaders of the here and there also crossed out ,comma system universe that is not your . 2 4 6 0 kilograms of milk and more like a fraction of what it was this is a of yours None of the men who said that the walls 246 grams times this section the number of people that he was born so that was a mail has warned that it would work out of the world the start of the year on the back of his weight loss the yet not 1 little bit of history that is stronger than that in the context of the music I not was told that all right you will have a report to was the frozen on this is a the hell of it the the best way to another Congress conceived of the work that we you need OK so all this stop here doesn't mean anything if you don't like it you have to get sentence another just focus on what we ask you to do so I have a bill which raised 2 . 5 grams that is the real literally 1 of active ingredient present in 1 of its kind ,comma the world on the Net remember I don't want to hear figures necessary in London to modernize friends forced his way in into talks with with the U.S. arrival of French political will and then converted at the end of the world the company and the rest of the year round about the I want you to know that the effect of the this 1 . 0 times he I don't want to in that's 1 of the was 1st time this was a very location so you my mask and really want times 100 and yet this is 1 of only a few on in this this this and this and that and the fact that I was this is reasonably precise this is the precise time period of the nomination have decided to to use the final to also while this problem another point in the morning it's about the people here I have that wonderful EU I told you by precipitated the facts and all the rest of the season wound so it's much more environmentally friendly against 1 draw is the mother of the rap on that of the fuel August assume hardest 28 mpg using athletes and it's a price of these is running of reality is stupefying loss for them it was higher but the I don't all and other 1 year pirates the 2 . 5 miles to a gallon which is less than the 20 days of France but prices while 2 . 8 5 to the time of the classes for you to buy 500 kilometers using
you go and president of rock salt and only this courtroom the my music is 1 of the state's owner of the most of the past and current 5 kilometers into during the last few years the fastest of the world where there is no the Director-General of the International is the the following sale I have a lot of this is the 1st in the last month killed this year in some companies have plummeted in the last year and this policy is 1 of March was on the run of the season to yeah and that is you 28 miles there were some of the the my wife the this notice to you of you the government of another found but that is far Americans this the price of so I don't get to the meeting was part of a process that involves the front this longer this distances from 1 year from here on in year on the eve of the years I have you know there's of war the on you not the went on at the same time the new law that is this was not 5 of is them considered were to hear from it is universal strikeouts against dollars less than what you will do very well in the 1st game follows there is no war that is almost so who cares as long as you know what you will but research 1 of our country's to all on the last example politics of USA is about more poisoning it is believed that 1 environment of them and told them like later what happened or how much the government had this late date is the latest year which data is location .period micrograms of mercury per new share was born like that I just want you what is that was the only 1 were behind but I knew I had to do that the but what that actually different than it is in late the lake has assumed there about on the same nite and that was about knowing that the 2 the order of the day ,comma murdering of happiness this was the 1st time I to told the the company said several it will use and given the amount of unused thereof have been something like new leader "quotation mark around the globe because of the this is service area in my house and I want to convert my it was something that was used were 1st announced it was going to amount to feed animals like that you get from this language during the ceremony that's not the way to this case of this conversion 1 man was this the so this is very good morning Miles of the United cross out because the also should be included in the unit may not have the same power as the unit not that meant to problems such as this thailand's that's so now I'm able to be here OK so long as you say you're going but doesn't let give me however I just really need Bloomberg said something to him were feeds into the city under that 12 inches in and then 2 more and more cities and 1 each from France the emerging from the 2 centimeters 12 new measures 3 years but we should also this is only the problem is that OK so this then there is some question here is not employers will live in human says there I got sent here to do part of nearly 1 million people along the lines of the nominee of the next step is which is good because the density of universe the this is about boiler volumes of his candidacy for next month given funds for programs related crossed out again I see of the said that was 1 of the longest of it is not really the unit makes sense because you haven't been kilograms of this in the so that number again and go to convert micrograms into practice there are gentlemen 6 friends from my program is actually going to reverse migrants from the random top management on the part of monthly rent money announced in France and then go congressional Democrats 1 of the 1 1 of the world 1 the some the relations program as president of the last this number you know you are and verses from the Koran grass and from Britain France and the fact that I was going fight will that is actually part of the
700 thousand since the founding of on mercury that is a lot this you see the lack of our the rise and fall of the on the Net they huge amounts of the world's most violent


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