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Lecture 02. Classification of Matter


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Title Lecture 02. Classification of Matter
Title of Series Chemistry 1P: Preparation for General Chemistry
Part Number 2
Number of Parts 24
Author Potma, Eric
License CC Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/19441
Publisher University of California Irvine (UCI)
Release Date 2013
Language English

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Subject Area Chemistry
Abstract UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations. Course may be offered online. Slides: 00:15- Classification of Matter 00:18- Lecture Notes and Worksheets 00:20- Understanding the Natural World 02:12- Greek Thinkers 04:47- Manipulating Nature 06:20- Manipulating Nature, Slide 2 08:05- Advancing Understanding 09:09- Scientific Method 11:10- Scientific Method, Slide 2 12:13- Pioneers of Chemical Science 14:41- Building Upon Knowledge 17:33- Scientific Method? 19:54- Classification of Matter 23:09- Classification of Matter, Slide 2 26:26- Classification of Matter: 3 States of Matter 27:28- Classification of Matter: 3 States of Matter, Slide 2 28:09- Properties of Matter 29:42- Properties of Matter: Density 31:17- Phase Changes 33:22- Phase Changes, Slide 2 34:06- Density and Phase Changes 35:24- Solid-Solid Phase Changes 36:33- Dissolution Phase Change 38:09- Chemical Change 39:38- Chemical or Physical Change?
all right post the report said you that was the plan forget so
also you worry about something during the demonstration of the silence all the time and money I why it really widening the whole what are you talking about that you would think that 2nd station 1 of these beautiful and it remains a problem with the loss of time the world 2 of 1 of which is 1 way to address that and to try and get a grip on all these duties among others that know because I was there and that is more easily said than done responsibly
realized when is this is about using the think my back on you 1 of the finest artists like you saw some of to note that the vision of how you actually come comes from people that this is the right down from where most of the rest of the world here but it is not true to itself for while to which so it's kind of
realized that something that is people not the 2 companies so the people live in those areas where not of the major news events it was going to think about what is meaning of the leaders of the 2 of so this 1st volume he said everything is they want the this I want to His at the end of the month you 1 so sorry that's the way did the crisis has gone he I think tourists on the military In the 3rd party altogether that on this some of the most common of the whole area of the state and the Korean War still is the optimistic view is that we don't know he is the best on through I don't know the Democrat is actually his personal digital later on installing 1 at all the head of state and private media not only service all right he said he said something Of the computers that according to the statement he
said the materials and not me particles while the close enough to fire on an EU directive by the but all these things needed the I'm not really that someone might say the meeting the world news the sure that beyond the current this filing 1st period the would of while it turns out that if you actually start sermons and testing for somewhat when you have a it was a lot of the removal of some of the 1st some of the you take materials started look at the middle and excitement the whole series based not all of them you this is something that we will stop to regularly on the there ramping the medieval heart will into the net there you know so this is not like the early days into the chemistry of the Palestinians and David really fast on the 1st hole ready it's all over part of that was going on all the tour costs involved and the role of the European do not assume that only a fraction you have want to start this summer if you have to all confidence that they have to the use of
personal was also in the history of the this is an almost medieval times he says 1 is like to getting on the ball and that means that we were about to do something like this 1 the 1st was very bullish about most of the men in the
conference on the worst day of violence all the next thing I remember was not most of them were in the head of the 18th green and white Russia
Pennsylvania the use of traditional and modern production and this is something an institutional investors from the outside of the people have told you 1 of the reasons that you you to don't think that there out you have to have that effect program you still have to come France who still believe in the lawless what the company has contributed to the believe of so
but some of the you're going to have a long time most of the truth as that to the best of what this
over the years that was generated from looking very scientific position is not however the the president is
Brazil's best holiday Newman said not just a quick note that in some people with me but but it's very hard because it's something all the purpose of this kind of stuff along with us to find there truth all majors this is about the size of of the position is very different and you know what
is going on during a short explanation of what you have to clear the ball you get a bit provinces on Wednesday as friends we just bring him that I find monthly statements to the media the inside
of the ending who believed that use of the we want to win will so the deconstruction of the phenomenon by Rachel for the year all of that Yukon bring this
is you don't know Apple also accuses him of the governments of the world In course that most of the construction they said like explained that the problems for the people of all that you follow them and then filling in for the at this and you tested again in the you have all lot history he also knew or should have known have or from the company will also all in the the following objects announced their all that you can get is a certain amount of progress in the sense that this is is good 1st of all this is not a this is I'm but some of the worst of all there apparently basis of of study and eager chemicals used something changed provide on the Of these phenomena the government station Prince this substance must be reduced the officers who have all that changed in this areas reducing agent who was also the 2 that he is the strength of the phones still years off the hostilities that have moved this loss it was a part of this year it is not me you know it's a whole lot of interviews and most of them directly invested that I'd
use a couple of people 2 activities like people start use and consists of history rather loyal people and he knew that they were actually cover a lot of these friends of laws program terms this is against In a mail it was a also posture you that you're in run that the Democrats long enough where are the settlement by experiments in that was the use of a new Part II there this must be very interested in the history of the war the fire where did so because of that people throughout the world there are people just like that write another person to tell
you what's in the chemistry Lara he was the person who discovered conservation man In the end of the year by the ozone was used to we will use the all the theory money that has been burned
where I went up to the support our the church was steady state these matters that were the majoring too costly last year at the time of Bloomberg 2 1 1 I don't think you know that something is possible in part because of the reaction with oxygen in the office
also the sort of the government can be traced back to the Council that's what want you were based on the basis that the British people started summer working directly on the use of this 1st meeting than that it
was also an up-to-the-minute came to the meeting of the the man on the way to back and so this is it earlier versions of the year it's not just that the this is where many of them but they seem to want they don't have a combined with what he did say that then you follow is said based on the story was likely to said the Muslim-majority at the start of this that and the other in germanium were also not allowed to use their goal was based on the level the holes there there must be that would restructure and the whole of Africa .period going to students while these results 1 of the company's of people prevented from being certain things exist at all the right these are extremely encouraging developments that basically told people in the world .period that injured introverted what now is a quote from a friend he said we delivered present day without question but double quiet discovered nature to bring life into harmony with the that means that lot when the beautiful on the other someone you will understand
that that it actually best this thing in consultation with his the belief Union the right reducing rock on the they were this is the right thing to do would be to get in the British government they he said that from now on we need somebody who the head of the castle in well that's something of that is really he said but will remain liable to follow the law I
forget what consumers "quotation mark Florida this is a question of who were recently passed the House he was
unique and different Bono was discoveries of the state of the old through the head of the ozone in the atmosphere that has not been set out actually on a campaign to prevent the release of his the case successful Pennsylvania along Bloomberg the a is for all Bloomberg said it this is a good 1
users very during the funding needs for the meticulous prescient didn't happen decide the future Europe it's always statement said Campbell's it's pronounced finds that there is something also were missing this going have History we know that no way he is right Bloomberg said we struck but I don't think this is abide by this the based of and this is not this is not a caller invasion of Haiti I think it's time to really doing have this standing to the side it's very rare ,comma through think the scientific research that is both necessary and we have to get out of bed on wheels you have to be based on our the only think again some of
following the most this last fall I want the world it's good thing delicious today because of the I would classify this as a homogeneous mixture of comedy nature and the seriousness the of horror war they need a last spring that is wire the Xinhua will also show the they're not what is a compound of growth on the old in is last 4 Cyprus have some of the things of this world there is a lot of fun what I can see another molecule compounds this is what the get people want mixture refused to use the name in the sense that it will not set so in light of the foreign companies no 1 is going to have 1 2 years 1 show units such as the 1 you want all of that nature of about the only of how of these are track OK so these compounds that are here something so you just have to watch movie he did what it was I have the resolve to need to use the land he was working with the sugar to the Houston not the 1 of the things that are interesting but as you can see of water some of the so instead of 1 of the most so into a new house this is a foreign art had all these compounds here army have these years ,comma the EU and then held most of the time the I think most of people some flowing from mixtures to keep yourself in Congress of the history of elements analysts year and our proposal so let me was this the scene of easy to understand why the matter here by considering that it is wrong to make the information and the result he went over the mixtures that attitude is next but that was not on the wanted I said to him it was told part of the nation and the people who the use of computers the it is 1 other Blair made this authority it look this in this class of I the have only 1 is this only OK all these mixtures on May make some of the there can be separated into elements I'm sure that based following "quotation mark so ,comma you could many of itself is also used for the harm done if they are pulling out all the talk about so diamonds is a material witness on the only thing part sure there is a huge subsidies to come out
of them any more foreign the following are your start to some of the things that I wanted to come out of the material from the the whole world all elements of this material on the way the 1 of summer both of them was a imposed of following them with they want to become 1 of the year some analysts far composed of a new leaders I mean all of the time and that led to a the finding the also of neutral we were about we believe that it is in the elementary fundamental particles emitted particles neutrons and protons and electrons that constitute Mac non-lethal works that you know what you think you could have stopped this particular neutrons protons electrons provides some information which was in talks again now None of the materials used in the United States he had no knowledge of what I wanted as I do that solid as a liquid liquid water and began what you want he also faces 1 of you is that the 2nd 1 is just here the already once again in the last year history of on as well the Rookie of the year and calls I for the realized the most of this just wanted no no change in unconstrained between solidly against things so you will recall that face you going to see against the most people calls for removal of the moving around like they much closer and finally following the death of the Act should be someone who knew want to hit out at the but the properties of the individual CEOs who don't think just closed what do you want to be in all day notice that company following all of untrue the justices do this anyway Max imported from the from that emasculated the quantity of images morning have more that usually indicated by his mother volume is another part of materials .period this the most states some of its losses from the water obviously didn't know they're going war but not France's unit mobile use of the gas Bloomberg News a trade that has all the while they are going to have all of whom will be too but you know the volume analysts said that only on 1 Mass this balloon in the same thing it yes OK now density is not the end of this year if you think of lessons from the events of men's yeah it's obvious that
this is a list of 500 EUR less users from my father start over it's something that I was going to believe that there is for years what the article as long as the the men was used by the vigilance of man is against your life I'm not going to be in the said that you think From the owner of 1 of the men at any moment let me say it is the rest volumes units said Romero ,comma you need to have a modem is running as a last it was very hard for for me not to have a history of belonging to a ceremonial and asked me if you will is a lot of of some of the faces of the jurors we also the you the next of water and not going to solve so you got a solid available and that this guy experiences that I live with the gas called traveling to the gas holdings is the word used gas-to-liquids the spokeswoman said for that led to solve a whole really and water and freezes constantly with the solvent and the solitude against the correct itself was somewhat higher than in here 1 of them all so if you see a turnover from CEOs this is the work of steel O to in the back of the head of the house you're solid this is just moment please NOTE with this little the top action is not 1 of the things you 1 of the huge OK so you've got you as well as solid changes into like liquid that of course will take the opposite school reading by word liquids of gospel the is the quality of the positive and they're going to reconcile the 2 began sublimation and vise versa on the gas deposition the last time the rest of Europe America this is a picture of the world look at this look at some changes that they like the way I want to stay in the light of day every I you wouldn't know To what done what made of as
steel but during the atrocities and well some from the Sultan lives Italy which led to the death it will be extremely hard hard 1 here in the spring time in Europe also what usually during turns out that the soul of formal actually low-density than the 1 . 2 3 I insult this and slightly lower limb by former the yeah OK so that they to think about how Oregon you can also have faced
changes between Morrison also it was a good friend the president's post only more energy when interest is very high and that the maintenance of I have been involved raising the quality of many of his supporters there this year ,comma period welcome to the exercises in person graphite the called atoms organized and she's stack an indictment of organized there is no less that was but all things you all year ,comma from this is a solid solid waste so reduce their costs based on at the impacts of another corporation is a change from something that is a solid so that the souls 1 that who would this is a big yachting my both there are a positive sign is that console on Friday the court procedures for environmental needs that individual following is regard this soldier much will be the catalyst for the world that was the on part of the I'm you so the meaning of the latter part of the general universal this material with the and abiding by this fall some more as fast as he is in his soul would result in the troubled waters and then after a while the latter gone all the go on and on about the use of the word the former individual files Oregon separately with this as specified in his plea really means there so they can isolated by 1 OK so we need a mediator in the history of of our family and working with the race contrary to what the the party parts of the world where said the government has made you are actually going to New York His British rule 1 of a chemical reaction is the combustion of organic material trees fired that would the be end the work during the 1st World War but on the release of the known example is basically duration of USA Today and that you won't love all these examples you interview where I'm just going to say that the you know so you can add new walls forming unions get so little the residents of the idea of registered with all of the clarified what happens if a silver spoon partnerships is that a physical challenge worker who said is a chemical change because basically is the reaction of silver at the school with sold for new homes this is the word 1 of reasons for that as with any 1 of them carried the water or something and constantly based Seoul but this should you Yukon and this and yes because you're saying you're ever what was thought to be the same again so that I don't let it be written into the solution requires and this town was utilized your stomach and that can only happen before the fact is that we have to be each compound that in the year of the but all
right but there will be no more than a year on Wednesday
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