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Lecture 02. Reactivity of Carbonyl Compounds.


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the only thing we that start from 1 year
to the meeting at the end of the 1st half of the year and this is 1 of the things that you should be going the the front way even if all the next 6 years this is the least of all this
is also going to be the election of a new book on the history of the region to you and to the use of the new 1 is the reality of the trial which was moved from online and the
other property that was going to be worried about particularly as we we move through the costs Internet chatters 20 to 23 and 24 in I don't know what
they say the reaction of the you have to be the what do I mean by that while the first one is a little later in the year the it was the start of the year the next you lectures and mandate that currently only need to elect Bill that part of the problem youngsters is a lack of money going to see how nucleophile coming right now going to I'm not really yeah representing all the electrons disabling nuclear files are interested in reacting to the carbon you part the 2nd time that reactivity and nuclear files were going is the highest in the developed the idea of the Knowlson New Millennium isomerization related species to carbon your now and at that point we start there you have to be 1 of the workers that have been out of power in the world over and react as we apply them again it's not meant to represent the flow of electrons yet just showing showing the position and ongoing the House generally along from the carbon unit you'd say that carbon next to it is the alpha carbon 1 beyond that is the beta carbon went beyond that is again and here as part of the book so in its own right this diagram doesn't really savor March but it's sort of laser France so what start to move from the want to tune to all levels fall of bonds and structure at Goodwood in the car park we have already particularly problems to find general strike 1 people where only
there is a lack of focus so oxygen is more Elektra negative than carbon oxygen concentrator nuclear charges called the the problem is what the was that the is
statement on and all the
while you're away from the opening of a new they're not sharing in the life of the people who want them electronically have and we will be returned to you charge and Delaware that each of the currently ,comma now there is no of I think we article that it will launch time enough to give you start over that decision part of my opportunities along the fishing we can also represent this type of structure by residents structures and remember residents from harm was worth other I find that very few people in the world what want and so they were
recorded as having the president there also all the people this is a long and happy because part of the day for us and we think that the instructor said so I will have the bottom line is the people Lawrence right these structures to represent together with thinking about were not resonating vibrating
oscillating where most of the handling challenged this is also the entire election it's a good thing the world of work the other thing I believe that the
people of this state of we will use them to think that you have it all and while the people in the end of the year by you the use the of like this community and residents communities from Over the last year right it's not all
election history a lack of energy of Japan and I it
actually brings us to our next elements relating to and that is the reaction we will so
if you have a copy
of the agreement and not just as some generic carbon and not meant to represent acetone not represented meant to represent any particular group and account designed you again Vermont wilderness presented in your file in the abstract they didn't react with each other and salt using the pseudonym camera are shown in withdrawing from the reaction from the prior to the no 1 be represented and so on the plan has formed a bond to the park and we can think about how that reaction heard by the Wall electrons from you files from electoral 2 of the sovereignty of parties to the carbon at once electrons in our minds that I think we have a lot of pictures of
old In polarized and select we have popped in
the version that was you this is a reminder of instructor diagnostic making a scene from where the electrons 1 1 since the the course we can sort this 1 because we just left electrons here now we would have 10 electrons around the carbon we would have more than enough to that wouldn't be possible and so I was thinking the new models as electrons flowing from New York prior to the fire like the problem is the electrons flowing out of the accident and I always say we were on between the nuclear war and the rest by this line of 2 the electrons on oxygen and for the church I said that
.period and dealing with abstractions the nuclear file here is not meant to be particularly nucleophile but now let's come maybe there's something more specific data is not going to be any particular part new rules but less than a lot at and so on and
requirements will have weigh a the between reality and distracted this is the year of the Royal is highrise I think it's going to put it in the world this is not what it called you essentially never have hydride as an end to the very end of our discussion here I'll show you an example of an actual hydride defied and iron that actually doesn't react as final release of the 2 of you but for now more about what I'm trying to do just moment for now just think about the extraction of hydrocarbons and warned by the Munich and and in the good but I think the election of a new low I tried talk alone here said continuity and again we can't stop at that point early was From now on on the and so will always there but it said that at the time no 1 has
been added to the end and never would have been derived from I'd said Proton also will fall the eyes of the past and the I
use of member of the royal family what we would call an outside and so you have I it's derived from an alcohol it's equivalent to removing age plus from an alcohol you wind up with side those were the only
industry question of I want to have to deal with that 1 the
to what are you going to this 1
in the house what is you don't have to do
with them later this year were the the
fact of life on the the black all it was the lack 1 2 of the day the there was it will be at all it planned
yet there work I'm right here in the last 2 were the fault in the not really the president of the the
gays to the wall of the mine that and you have to think about
what it like In an interview that similar tumor and all the problems that while of the band he said that he was was the only way in which is the only 1 of only 2 priorities of the people at work and at in the park you I think that you give them the right from the
start of the year you want to read it so it's not like know the
old saying no 2nd man your wife and eating recently because the cost of morning process is 1 where the electron you start small and has those electrons are approaching the end of the nucleophile of approaching the electoral were moving in the other electronic continuous all along the city so aware this is what I would call on me to wear growing up in the process from the during the last part was we don't want apparently elected by no-one usually by removing the I I the trial which 1 of the I think you're going to be here for the past year old said about the stated on the Net the
this the I
with while most of the concerns of industry so let us down start the end of the yeah was on the other hand can
log on on to the base we live
in a new trial there are already spending meant in this "quotation mark the new test so too have the agency that used as a source of is what I'm saying here is abstract of hypothetical side is the will of the murder of a long in they don't want and so worldwide and although the reagents react as hierarchy With the Cardinals and particularly the 1 this practice I know you will listen to us at the end of the year and structure of sodium chloride war the DAB was 1 of the area unions it is structures are relying more on is about
aluminum the periodic table so many ways and the the moment director is all that is more electric the world unilateral next to
the other hybrids is about 2 . 2 yuan native to the voluminous about 160 you wore on his Bad about not using all of the seizure of polarized that were negative charge might been on the matter was released from the world I'd like to see more people of
all the time I using Orient House with the ability of the virus or had it in you can see this in the laboratory of I'm going to go
although the rate of growth of water at the site of the region that I made it to the world Sony 1 of them all in the poultry and you
really have to there was the here at the
meeting of In addition to the former British Hong start about activities so no 1 will that falls into the category section and reduce the reactivity of our solar contained an organic compound will take a simple In the meantime ,comma so that he tell where the band's engraved on 1 side of the apartment you grew in up thinking raid on the other side of the people right CH 3 the needed along both the correct price the IRA attack name for this compound is 1 federal effort known but nobody is going to call that everyone's going to all young men known to the 1 the company just released the songwriting this the Government of the companies the program and were going to imagine trading ,comma I and now we're going see how react as hydride and as I said a moment is more relaxed more positive than hydrogen bomb in this program but it's all about programs and 1 in which we think of the life around the electron has a long way from we don't items on the part of the healing power of currently going on in his head probably electron tubes that they didn't want select I I went to a little arrogant son periods representing that you have to electron and Ramallah of release I mean you look at life by old there's a lot of money last year to long years in the work area electrons flow it's the going all the to go you know we have to for now that because the year wanted and it is this is it said yes we have always you have and if this agreement is real that's where are going to stop at this point is on the outcome of the plant they are not alone in the back of your mind the back of your mind you can think about the fact that a woman and doesn't have the lead after that and we do this all the now 1 of the loan there's that the aluminum and architects of technically Orlando with an aluminum sold on the basis of a mechanistic way of thinking about doing on this
was the only we're dead in long run
equations and recipes mix that With your and it is something else and then you and the writing of weapons were
found to have a lot of people just like the activities and what Is there a
conservation of charter good good morning and so on story them aluminum I will have with the a bat and was aluminum hydride that's reagent aluminum hydride right at the end you have your around the outside and entertaining elements read which as I said before the of the also said that of so what you do
I want you to know all of the people In a way around the world during the war
so far the reaction has that was some of the a lot of things that I'm going to write in my won't pairs of electrons were thinking more like this and that it would and that has not very much that is it was the end of year and the staff the truth is that you go on and on on the other but the use of revered as an age lithium aluminum hydride and then Albright has 2nd In another I thing is that it is radio or was on the text of the right age alone said that and alcoholic also indicate the solvent used to carry out this year to the parents with the most with that's here the path to the whole rest of the exam take some events open all but in the last months of the year throwing somewhere in the world and they will be in the car not only that it was the worst thing you know In the end of this year and a half years I was asked whether you want to think about the end of the we have a very poor and we were in the region while you're on we the people who work concentrated you're asking for it the final at the time so that the shortest format and has been of the war now what is that years the word it was it was the worst year and I ask that this particular 1 review with you the areas that's what we want all stalls in waters under the competition he was prevented the I think it will a a few years in the most I don't know you you the
government has of the salt and get rid of them all you know what but I it was a 1 of the we
need the latter has a major brands so of your work there was that all the main thing Morris is that not something that provides for a time when has or was using him whether water we signed on the war you want and you it was the 1st ever again have a certificate wavering bad about balancing equation the statement which the numerous recommendations was that it operates in the the this is the 1 thing so it was just a lot of work to do in the back of the lower of the 2 the source of the American people around the world but the history of the but but that is all questions I wasn't always made a 2nd year at all With plan if you have not we will get where he wouldn't have been made all right
with me about I this but this is what it yes classical learning about earlier agency with him said was it but that was Our
this concept that reality is used fall of nearly terminating the period leading up to his observations he and I used it last time when I was talking about the carboxyl against his family and that where In light of the family the oxidation state of an alcohol is for the al-Qaida oxidation state of the carbon is plus raid on the agency said put want to the you remember in calculating oxidation states from General Chemistry you play a game where you divide up the the electrons giving them to the more electorate negative Adam and then saying OK what's the net charge on the ad and if you have a problem and to another part of you divide people so when at the of the oxidation states what you want to he told you know product unit particularly all the you get a 2nd half but the the the euro so nominated by going from an oxidation state life too 2 1 oxidation state Iran we have undergone a productive and the chemical that's done it again on video but if they lose in the pages of think even then carries out the reduction reaction and there were many the difference reducing agents I throw another 1 in the world it's not about you would think the history of the gentleman the question about how the alliance-led would in your private let's go ahead and take it example of the on the other side of the and so they I think he's a very nice spelling compound that kind of smells of charities it's sort of the flavor of Cherie told or in Europe where we were the world that we were able and my right and like to introduce you to other companies reducing agents and you only 1 of them not all around on the Soviet what I reacts only slowly with water through if I tried to to run away with the right
reaction in methanol just like 1 source of hydroxyl protocol by trying to run the reaction .period and you will have all the best stab you in the face of life which is the product
of a united in this all about and with the the so you here is a or hydrogen polarized it's it's a polar covalent bond with more electron density and height and so world there were a lot and it has to be applied to the communist group within the letter from the time of the year the new service will they lose dh 3 doesn't have a complete act tack and so technically it's going to warm on we have been working on the back works of 2 governments think about running a reaction university proxy solid got this huge huge excess of abandoning the methanol In approach may be out oxide and so here we are perhaps during this time that but but but the electrons can flow from the beginning of the year access and 2 broken national the only ones back on the oxygen and after all is said and done in equilibrium react to this violent act and so on the all year but but now we are all in the last the other thing I think it all great question within the last time we were happy with how the review so In general
the last 1 only also I have a pretty reasonable as is it the water I think the game was 15 . 7 you really want to read that about 16 and that all the questions were said to be used to reduce the call
for a meeting there is a lot of all it is a little bit of course the only thing we're here and we get and you may all 1 the worst of all and you got 1 all of you rejects that all want I think you're going to do with the latest work in the the only way to express and so you're right he is in equilibrium in this particular case did so it would be better equilibrium remember I thought about making a last stand at the you want be able to of on this is the reason why life where is the last leg of the round and then on the 1 of the things that you have the right to at of we all know you the the all the list of things I know about the reactor also said had so is and the all of the that there also react to them the right from the word in the game a lot of work and and so in this case in this case we start the balance the affidavit states of this that time the lost on anyone the the original alcohol in the history of the news In but most of the morning thinking about families because remember I said carboxyl gasses in the hall look at that the reason for the fall was if you have more than enough and I arrived at the highest finish primary school and the state's going to lose it this is pretty common in organic chemistry and thinking about agency
called on very last year when the going astray In support
of this area in that of the focus your when you change from our absolutely necessary to investors who hold the key to the a state in which they have been been using the occasion to use 2 of them during the but you're changing from each of 4 major work as Germany I then changing the nation's and the reduced In the To he said they were on work and you think that you know that there are some of the IRA in using that is the use of the human others that Jeanne all all oxygen principle of iDrive reducing agent use we I have had you on the wall used can hold balance on where you have been with the parts positive charge and ride with the partial negative charge by the time there was a lot of millions of Americans problems and maybe so the program was set with the movement of the word all the content of what is being held in the ring with the and I am going to be used he and I tried to under another area over which is why you may need to use 1 the the aluminum hydride 1st Central's 2 walls of regional after formal interview with all your life you have to give a screaming there on was a rare and that was used in form the agent who worked on the jury you have to worry about that this is a glance at the end of the year reasons but it's 1 that is in line with you started but out I don't know if it's less reactive even after getting electoral mandated pulling away from beneath the waves of his lesser-known of part of my history and my mama last fall and everything is directed by the start of the there were the way so only the rare boasts reactor ,comma meal and met with a 10 the plight of BAT it will allow that to who heads the agency's annual or have knowledge of the area it is the In I have a lot do you have in to Colorado on the way to the guy that we have today is the the 1st warnings and when you go on to the
next thing you get the fact that there was negative what and this I
don't it 2 so it is on the other side the by aisle reiterated that it was less than mysterious the number of electoral fraud and was only the 2nd time in less than a year the next of different regions and Europe but that's about it the National Union of all of these reagents used that is 1 of the so the very question within the the bounds of the human mind months or
a year and all that so I tried today this actually
,comma yesterday except as a strong base not as a reducing agent but the of reasons for that all the reagents I shall go over there and the Serbian hydride and lithium aluminum hydride have covalent bonds between medals and hydride Sonia lives even more electoral positive than a little its selected negativity is about about we lying and so the the soul there is socially come around and it's spreading
.period insoluble In organic solvents as a result you never really
have a chance to have soluble hydride it doesn't get into and reality as a nuclear power plants because the bond is very ironic and because hydrogen is relatively electric positive compared to say chloride and sodium hydride is a very strong thing and so the you you I ride with almost any source of protons water or saying that in all the areas of life the problem is that the time I want to Net the I there are talking about cities the saying well you don't typically calculate things but will keep in mind where equilibrium lines based on the difference in PKA I just as the case is something reacted by arrived on the air with methanol the 2 men upside down and have a strong interest in the history of course at a quarter of units reminders was hydrogen so this is a
massive masonry the methanol used to have a
hearing about it use of the hydrogen is answered on this side of the road and it's in the form of the deaths were not always just we guess so that reaction I even write it as an equilibrium that reaction was way way way To the right peaking 35 he gave 16 different 719 Barbara right equilibrium constant it'd be tend to the 19th just massively on the right so that the accident in the area has faced that was presented to the question we don't this is 2nd the hospital in the city of human right now ,comma on the need to retain a student online you get to be the
last by time the dangerous unless you can make your way out of the you know 1 thing I don't know what it was
and it was suggested that was 1 of the holiest almost of them so so I don't know what you think you want me to have a worker at all languages the land of the the power of the people and events of the past I oxidation state of great great White 1 of the state's statement here the so I think the contracts ,comma and politically charged this week that the collapse of the landing gear did being you all over the world and I was right and the but there is also the prime task June and not required that the we had a
net worth of the oxidation state what for now part of the electorate that kind of thing but here the charity in the past 4 years my understanding of the world and that the the thank you very much said this is
just 1 of those yes the oxygen on the the they that in is next to years because have a 6 nuclear charge on electron and the are nations of the here's what we now of know the report was worked why what are you doing here there's a line in the
number of black politicians in New York charges calculated that the agency was pretty out and possible price you have won with so you have got to work across the the periodic table current had this part of the leaders of all our problems but now the they have nation's the environment at the whole of nothing give it a whirl of the face it at all the only thing in your own life and I want to be there is general the so there at all .period currently being this is the alcohol and radiation on nuclear charge finally ,comma urinated on the legacy of the 1 thing I generally tell the this was it
Her then in the long term I think after How can I ask you where all the variations in the he
told rejected by 1 2nd called him by the people that there's some thinking about stuff is definitely not a problem with this is just when I think about it also stated that he would like to be part of the problem is 1 I have to think 1 of the problems that I the best in the nation states in part because of what it means thank you for the rest of the world community to get hold of the ball and all the stuff that we all 1 the only thing I can do all the work I don't know how you going on in a the world in the the United why does the CEO of the year but we are back on you divide the people at the the beginning of the end of the year all right that's what that's what permeates minds the only it is not only against the family out of the on behalf of all the people of Barak so I
talk a little bit about earlier in the morning and we'll fight for our rights the
In a very good generalization again there are always exceptions generalizations but for a good generalization is out of are worried the eastern the songs are more oriented toward the end of the year but what I think about this so this means for example if I want to make some old sodium Bob hydride will embolden al the Hive Amal all key tone and a bowl of investor I would expect the AL the height to react 1st in other words if I monitor the reaction by thin layer chromatography the 1st species I would expect that to you so if I wanted to get a particularly the people of this city and the fact but there has down asked about the state of Alaska he's really not only the likely candidate in this life well then our
residents structures to think about the party over the structure and he said of the 2 the construction of the
memorial you all work on 1 of the structure of the major residents structure in which the has a province has a complete got back in line with last year in which we have separation of charges in the car because we have a complete test now indicating that the loan we have to plan the year those men who groups stabilizing bilateral immunity when you are the cargo and use you learned about time for conservation you Lauren editor you part of town and is worth seeing all in the eyes of the world there is 1 of the worst thing it happened 1 of the security of Winchester began a lot of pain the lack of conjugation feel less need people on the outside of the period from at the same principle over here when you have a whole group of .period market year that part revealed is less electrical like more stabilized by when you have an older I like acid down the line it's more reactive because you have only 1 out of 3 stabilizing and if you have 1 out of line with whole groups from our the interest in the U.S. in the
past information In quest case following as you get a little bit of extra
stabilization here because of their residence the I don't want him to be and Europe Union right he said after my so federal financing and for settles the issue of Europe a shot orange you get 1 additional resonance structure I saw the question that the question of who I and know how I did I could so much in the areas land in the West at the meeting that the government is not alone its own this year the reaction what on the and you where you go out and execute all but there is no room where do you go out and put on 1 of the 1st to this work you know the answer but think the question is not this is well but I like
to to think of it just so the question is can I explain it to stabilize the economy the
metal groups is just electron donating In the case of a cobbled have had the right to me 1 of the instructors regret because of what it means to problems in the past because that's the way was the case is being handled future PCH far better than hydrogen is more like a positive spin on the way to use the funds for more electronic systems and partnered with that I'm going to to take 1 last question it's a question of the ,comma all different resonance that I request do this veteran instructors and the and the answer here now I am reason they experience as a contribution to the to the meeting of the heads of the head of 1 of the complete access to any of that in general the choice but the only on you chart on the wall like other people less likely that the 1 we have to be more he is back and so on investors are really different contributing writer residents structures that residents structure is probable that won't work the video recording or was it something you can come and get
you now that there so
what are about a doubt In the event but in the 2 1 the task of making use of the year this article has even tho an American national who 1 there a very the Is there why the there were differences of situation it doesn't matter whether or not in just 1 that only 1 of the right to tell him and there is the we have a lot of things going on in the world in the last 2 years of essential not only to get along with where there is
some sort of will In this
time around the 2 major paragraph you find taken the time reducing Asian life with a were only drive and I'll take it I think that I will be here is equally all of the priority here all of you know as the exception of life in all of your body although players here across all of the land is in your body parts and in of don't interact with the world In the the 1st of the year and in the presented by and they'll be as well the and that means that there is a government in in and there was also and many others them on the biological activity and 1 thing is getting a bit of the a message 1 may have decided that it was me that's 1 of the things you want to 1 if you want to only
2 it is not that of the pregnancy in the 60's unanimity of the
reactor in the painting you have to have a of 1 particular reagent called the CBS reagents the park your beyond the textbook got her Ph.D. with Nobel Prize winners DJ pouring who invented this reagent while also we need to work with all the right the Indonesian people this is instead of 180 America and the other an equal amount that just 1 you know In fact the develops the idea which 1 you get at this point in the not so but I think was and I am thinking of me this year on the back of the car for the last year and I I think it's worth that you're in just the same as what we Britain from 1 thing and 1 of them was a dead end up with a way to help to any of the the government or the timing of the back page of it is not the area is now I friend just want that's not what this is
very very hard to just 1 it's not the end of the summer and somebody is always more
than the equivalent generating just 1 In general only you can also lead was not enough to say that there I will be in the final this has not prevented California the kcal per mole and what is that I was going to reduce its stake in the role of an energy that was 1 of the from all the parts to it came to light in the world 1 it was the same thing we don't have a voice in setting up out of bed was at the end of the in the life of a young man I don't want to get up 1 last July at 1 moment year the 2nd is talking about the idea to here the game and this is 1 of the problems I have with the textbook is sometimes sometimes find that they got you and it was a little pieces understand resent what sort of work the finding things amendments were only now and this is no way we will here around your head around anti-mercenary doesn't really involved in the in the demand for a moment that we have repeal all cycle Texan known the turtle who is on 1 side and on the way to want and this is the new world wines
In the name of the game last year from the front face on the back no
1 has come to this I think the only 1 in the house to when you off if I am wrong that day I am not the only 1 in the car and is there a recall a relationship hysteria chemical relationship between those 2 molecules diocese here and students of any sort of Cairo reducing additives we don't want have these 2 molecules are we have to be really want to make the incidents of port but it's a little bit easier to see if we go in we looked at the moment so Internet news groups the European involved here I also think that the cycle of acting like this the head of a large group that controls its own near the site of the accident all and now the waste that I and I would like to come in from the time or hire right from the start of the b the week
this time period were friends
at the time when the world 1 the yeah 4 the theory that during and the last thing out .period down is would get on hold 1 thing the world we want to have a major role we don't have the ability to think and talk about a few more like a lot of what that was the end of this they are ones I was trying to remember what it was like they use it all the more so because
of you


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Title Lecture 02. Reactivity of Carbonyl Compounds.
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Abstract This is the third quarter course in the organic chemistry series. Topics covered include: Fundamental concepts relating to carbon compounds with emphasis on structural theory and the nature of chemical bonding, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, and spectroscopic, physical, and chemical properties of the principal classes of carbon compounds. Index of Topics: -1:00 Reactivity with Nucleophilic -4:08 Resonance in a Carbonyl group -8:41 Nucleophiles and Carbonyls -18:09 LiAlH4 and NaBH4 -26:29 Example Reaction -32:38 Reduction -44:10 Hydride Reducing Agents -48:57 Sodium Hydride -54:02 Oxidation State -1:00:14 Reactivity Toward Nucleophiles -1:08:44 Making Racemic Mixtures -1:12:38 Chiral Hydride Reagent -1:16:05 Tert-Butyl Cyclohexanone Example

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