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Lecture 01. Introduction to Carboxylic Acids.

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Lecture 01. Introduction to Carboxylic Acids.
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This is the third quarter course in the organic chemistry series. Topics covered include: Fundamental concepts relating to carbon compounds with emphasis on structural theory and the nature of chemical bonding, stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, and spectroscopic, physical, and chemical properties of the principal classes of carbon compounds. Index of Topics: -0:26 Office Hours -1:42 Textbook -4:57 Homework -13:22 Quizzes -15:21 Academic Honesty -16:52 Enrollment -17:05 Tutoring -18:02 Software -21:36 Carbonyl Chemistry -23:34 Amines, Sugars, and Selected Topics -25:08 Carboxylic Acids -32:52 Carbonyl Compounds -42:07 Some Properties of Carboxylic Acids -49:04 IR of Carboxylic Acids -55:31 NMR of Carboxylic Acids -59:55 Oxidation of Alcohols -1:03:22 Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds -1:05:55 Carboxylate Anions -1:08:54 pKa of Carboxylic Acids -1:13:06 Equilibria in Acid-Base Reaction -1:15:41 Inductive Stabilization of Conjugate Base
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month we were actually going you a the work the Bob so gotta come to be lectures section you're going to miss things give you got and that was for literally the the cost will be available in the In last work in the United when you began to on get I'm used to it you can also use the you don't want to waste access you know more than you would come to the firing so question we expect instance as I said when I wrote right from the start and was part the on the day of the year the company some of the people the all the of users on questions of Richard through the electronic things year I think you're you're all familiar with electronic exam return gaps just so you know that your was suspected that quizzes count for 20 per cent of the great the midterm exam which is on Tuesday May 8 in covers Japanese 1920 the
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out of the giving it some software I paid about 700 boxes of records of nation and all of the you know it will be focus on of it was what was that activities the 2 of the 4 I want to know more on the other the radio that actions that will be we they will help you set up on your your computer that that will be the week of April 17 through April 2013 we will remind you again already at what I think Everything so the question of whether or not the people and the and what they want to and I was was the thing of the and was all the 2 only way to and so I always said that I would stand in the way of life all right I really Louisiana that was the used the the 1 of the things you can do it all With all the all around later he blurted out there what about the details of all the facts of the which in the south of the year and that all a friend of the is family polls that have become 1 of the keys it was 1 of the and most of the last century is going to be voted on part a lot of people we're going to start off with ,comma so this is what we intended for about selecting a single family where they were going to work on our life in the town eyes and he keep don't just a fairy tale was the only real the history of the world and it is a part of this of history on the the Mets starter Jack and using 1 of the people of the world 1 of them but on the 1 hand and so was going to learn about their families we're going to the event as there is in In so doing work in the back "quotation mark and then we're going to move on and about the week that the worst part about and then we're going to spend the millions we give the cost of that thank you very much violated if everything goes according to schedule in week .period the last time the selected the of the jet Japan's 28 is on amino acids and so it's sort of a refrain of carboxyl passes and returned to the people talk about this is an area in all Of course I will spend a year actually talking about Chapter 26 and some really cool organic metallic chemistry that I want to show you that we won't have too much emphasis on this material but the 1 homework the attitude of the worst the end of the year in which the section on and so it was like to ones running huge at the heart of the heart we are really worried about you ,comma literally as 1 of the 1st part of that's when you start it changes have also you know the I thought that was the subject this is going to rule the use of time you have the ball what happened was hero of the music the answer that it on the area has through approximately guessing you want to go on and on and on and on In 1 of the oldest of the what I we all know about the you might have heard have been allowed for a the on the face the time you know the what is 1 and now is not in Europe and the peoples of the region you although not all of the the government of the Central that was the case in the office of the you're wrong the rest of the year user I don't know what the hell out of me next to the whereabouts of the model year the group has the I still have to be on work and in the but as the defining a defining feature of carboxyl ambassadors to top of the so but we have a dual structure right and all we won't collect from them the you have to have your back even more explosive promulgating and I had to use the writing down of structures that right all of of the here so this is a at the root of functioning financing part of the like said the car back group sometimes referred to as a part of but the world around him here "quotation mark we always this class now you go on the Internet I would have been the enough for of a year it's all over here on addition existing structures explicitly spelled out in the apartment buildings in the area and then lost was used in the local arm of the unit all of these are all representations from the same thing ,comma and contain her were falling into the water there was a lot of money you lose you don't know how I got a lot of this is the broader family much of the reactivity that we see in the cardinal rule all the he told not on to it for these talking about later you get in the reactivity of carboxyl aggressive intent and their families still 1 of the things that then I think students did all of the whole In the course of the year the year of the look around the world the areas at all around the world with this is part of it the thing that will end of the meeting was also held at the mall 1 of the Americans it is In this easy the following is the power from the the reason start thinking I was going after all the In the end of the year the In the end he or she is the sum of the parts and I want to go along with it there go on the part of of the forest regions on the mainland the this is not just about the last fall in in the hands of the people in the the other government of the the good Collins and that was the real world the I think it would have been derived from these facts saying that of all the accident the guy who all this there was a lot of people instead ,comma is it is morally wrong and has the request was In the past the year have some and the hostages fact to that but I think I know don't to this will all they we have also gone the they can all this no 1 4 we have a this is what the law this is 1 of reasons so it you yeah 2 here you over and asked that the name of the candidate because investors would like to use I think it will be my last last year while many of the area you can probably on see water use of the city In the light of this area following "quotation mark it's worth it off was of the these historically driven coming in the this is so is itself the car out so I can see it is 1 of the 1st Test ranging from 2 groups In the evening in other words if anything dictating the names of many of its so for example if we have a a snow it also has a high drama series we don't naming as the carboxyl at 2 AM as the alcohol we need to address the current products sold in this war and the the you know but but but but but but but but but but but give you have the key to rule "quotation mark change but most of we call this so so you don't have to be any land in water problems Bloomberg and his of but but but light-emitting molecules this has accommodating that culminated at the University of Texas at the back of the book you have to carboxyl like acids groups of the beginnings of a change that we call on all so this 6 carbon chain molecule is hexane Diallo against that but but you're going to to encounter at the in the discussion section this week next thing you the Iowa against City also referred to as the effect on state it's a crumpled up on but what about the question that I have more time and not always in the agency at exiting the end the vehicle city acid dying of the light pole part of of that year the following day the whole the rest of the year the capture of the last sort of plant that I was talking about talking about the general feeling is that you the people of the world the things that consultant gave you 1 last thing that all of the warranty on all of our things seem to be floral characters around the city but at the end of the book but the question is on the question of 1 of the top of the world the you want to know Albright wrote that the only thing that look you last year the part that I will be however the use of the Internet on the see you know ,comma to there hadn't been a oxygen atoms and that it not it was 1 of the the sale of the textbook because they thought they did a really nice job of explaining to the access of the world you that's the way it was 118 degrees at the time of the cost of solid down below him in air and on the back since I was left you using it that it was over molecules was going to follow them because of the many With the From what just using the people they had only there is also the director of member uses them all some of these people use of the day of the 1st day games of the next set of using force a lot of people for all the instability that give rise to interact so butane has fended the ball at the start of next year alone then there was a lot of people let you know all too the problem with all of the things that I have received no good steady at about the same people the as you can you know all of this unit he said that the lost here so it's somewhat dated as you know there are all you can't do that with all the taxes of about 11 years of the date of the year In the because they always used the there is a lot of the directions printed well we probably all the way out of University of and yet another hundreds years that I was aware of the fact that there the same in all on the other hand ,comma what will happen if you will have all the problems gaining about this and my way of saying the number of dead and more than a year it was the where he was just let all I don't know time if it was with so there is something really really expensive about hydrogen bomb units you it's is part of a in general that's something on the floor of the hydrogen bomb together because the performance of various but rejected by the government and the hydrogen bomb you don't want part of that facing another also likely incident 2 1 hydrogen bombs the fragmentation of the other invites 1st but but but but but but and this makes the molecules stick together extra well the view when you're where more and more every once in a while he also played for have will that 2 the through in the West revealed only that they had not like the run of the game and the whole thing is he also using of the and set the time to talk about the need for where is the only way to stay on as the 1 that you have left as of the end of the the in of the last half of the year of the LAN 1 of the people of the world and the world that I have that the officers on the scene very characteristic of the this is a summary of the interest in each spectroscopic late for carboxyl may have some for example you register that back you will have to many of characteristics opposition it's a really really as usual there are and From that 35 Ltd this time was the way in which it was analysts feature is that will ever see in the entire spectrum overalls In the past Saskatchewan happening locally like this year on the were the last line numbers on the following on the other side of the city comes down to is that 1 of the 100 hour cartons of use you're directions and energy along the corridor leading to the end of the year 1725 golf he said the British the fact that he this and really really characteristic just staring him in the face of Back so Emma and I suspect there are also the have characteristic features of the approximately half an hour as the best way go In the last of the back to that of the the plan In the end of the year still it still further west some of the questions that the it's about 104 I was concentrated the center of its energy and all this is a summary of the funeral held in the region and the solution of the world personally recently I don't think anything of it during the course of of the that of the all of it's not just the thing and some of the families of the afterall if you will of the people you know and you can say that I apart from the period of the year you mentioned in usual way there's no way of thinking about the end of our using small the whereabouts of the same hearing that that America is on replied so if you would like to go along with the current election smaller and less British and the How do you think you are going to have I really want to on the Net Justice so do you how all units of the concentration of these 500 and understand what we have to stand in the way all and it is also stated that there would be accompanied by policy pretty feature that enables small beaches over Europe bravura and just sort of lost property to see if we can where are the people who this year became the 1st thing in the world the key Hang Yukon and the introduction of the no longer has the same level as far as was the case in the and I think the Journal of cultural history that this year's going to find out what was going on with you on this 1 and Maine that was going on no the drop in the stock market all of these are missing the point of the state's gonna be in the American carboxyl yesterday described it in The Journal of organic chemistry on a laboratory the problem is that there's a lot of the very notion of all uncertainty about the extent of the virtues of another so you may see them but in the past are you aware of that disease 1 the 1 of 2 I want to say you don't want to have a bad thing time you know what I mean it's a physician and all I wanted to know what you want that was the end of the virtually all of these years there you all following is 1st step we're going to which but I don't know what I was going the man who wants to go around for 1 thing I couldn't see the castle on in the little 1 cop the and no 1 has said that sometimes you don't see a need a lot of things what was it was the end of the year of the parts of the city of Jack 1 some of them now you know what it is 1 it was part of the group who is elected by the end of this year you to the next generally use you have to 1 of the issues that you have to worry about the gates to prove that it is the eye this year at the meeting of the Association of the British in the summer In the the report here are so far you all year and the year that knowledge about 170 further down the hall is generally referred to as the article of the original about this said he didn't want me to say what has been said to be the only generally the but the arrival of new digital you so far so good part of the it is the and then there are I would like to go on and on and come down with the the exception of things that are in the apartment outside so if you general at the carboxyl against it like CNN the taxonomic Blumenthal you know the saying and the loss of the apartment for APS it if you count the oxidation statement but what that immediately tells the gate there is a lot it was like something and in general the factor in our view so halls for example depending on the distance and you and will have the status of its of primary alcohol negative on the set yeah and but there is also being converted the carboxyl Hanssen's wife directions the the government countered oxidation reactions is that if you want to be so for example probably incentives to leave I think you need to we need to be on the alert is suggested that hallway sulfuric acid so that some of your and all of them all In the terror of the agents changes I think that we will that active policies in general you think it is 1 thing Our Brand Is there the meeting but there and the general objective is Darby oxidation that didn't make him himself besides the carboxyl the words also on the but he said I was also known that a little bit on some somewhere because our complaints or in the coming days during which means you have got more work me so I also included in the the hole in section of the Act III of the museum regions of the European Union have been attacked the provides a nice review and so you'll also see in your text activation of aromatic most of the day 2 In the ch group for the most part of the problem is not so these are all things that you wouldn't characters in your previous forces in that case you'll see for example protesting preventive care for has been removed it has a thing for of and as far as there strong and that Europe that's the 1 I don't think the use of water with wonderful the of the at the beginning of year as I worked on it he said of the a year and the other was the last of its kind this is a weakness in the yen to the lines which is also used by the it's going to work in the past I think it was the we gasses and strong acids of course we are monitoring the whole year we have the right but if you ask me start the following year you can't just buy you know that it is it the is it is the last thing we have to think about it and so on In this month and in the past that I was used what's the we have no part in some of the old system of government was a really was the only the the I think this is the world but there no more than half of the questions but no injuries reverses that was the Soviet Union taking what day of the that means that the new 1 police and it will probably be the last time there was no 1 there outstanding that about this it happened to you and but I a spent written in equilibrium there because there are actually just trying to solve a lot of people or to the right that all intents and purposes as defined by the fact that it was all so all I'm all of the this that will analyze the intensity he has said he had a indicator of a set his people but there you have it in the form of that that's typical of a weak against the strong acid like sulfuric acid is negative Hydro meanwhile on his negative I believe 1 . 7 years we have a lot of days In the R Us or other hydroxide and acting as a basis water is the country yesterday we often can't was about that period of time to get passed on to something places in water as the case we haven't been insisted no words it's a lot but we duress is what the current this year gasses that will really wants to know where the right so part of the university considering the on and off the water and alcohols together the kind of the same family both have hydroxyl groups they have many similar properties the PKK of alcohols is very similar To the PKK of water have also said that he wanted to say if you get people and the disabled at about the same as 1 of people so these are the correct but but the bill there are hundreds of I want you to go but this and so if we think about what I did during the 1 1 model in which understand we what thank you we spread that charge around there is a negative charge and 1 of oxygen and neutral charges him there isn't a double bond until 1 of them singles this is sort of the rest of the year but there are problems that represent the work of the texture of the structure of the and we can say the negative charge fees stabilized by residents the special utilization doesn't current hydroxide and have warned you outside makes this whole week Europe-based makes this reduces the schools over the din interoperable yeah we can already be counted under surveillance it's obvious that we don't think about these will be returned so when you a general year date focusing on calculating the detail positions of people think that the area on that day and the what is it when I there many of them over it is this so when I think about what they did in the days the thing about it this was the year the kind of questions and he many of the city is staying out the so you have to 1 of the on the other side of the border regions here is basically the technology for approximately as being the government and the people in this world I don't know but most of the day we I will have to return to the world and the Blood the thing that's going on that line you also you can call him at the sentencing In the case of the word is hundreds it's hard to say whether it was there and just reacted no change in the 10th is a big number right extended the wanting to make the unit into the fire even need the sort of a little bit about that tend to be at exactly the kind of sort of any of them this is where the right which is why bother there are some of the most thorough also advanced the PGA "quotation mark we started receiving cases was once the things of this world wars but sometimes you have to be back on the news the the next step in and out of the village of but but but but but but but but and that's the only way to a stronger but some of the technical built part they were on their way to take something like Lawrence are associated gas it hasn't been a the 2 were a giant work at 1 of the last fall where the following week some sort of strongly worded it the the getting around the world and the there's a word about what's going on the only pursuant to the lack of mutual interest because it's a all about the polls following negative charge away from the conjugate base stabilize the conjugate base so we get final orders of magnitude more acidic than the rest of the it if you put your electronic products like 1 to long and was you get lessons and even if you don't move here and there like the 1 you want to know if they were all around them I just want to be involved more than you know you want many saying that it was 1 of the people of the same type of activity in the construction of the this is not the end of the season a you woman who was also interviewed the parents of 1 of the things you can do Poland on the way up to the end of the game from the city that affects the following