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Lecture 9. The second and third laws of thermodynamics, Part III

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Lecture 9. The second and third laws of thermodynamics, Part III

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Lecture 9. The second and third laws of thermodynamics, Part III
How to tell if something is spontaneous
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Lecture 9. Thermodynamics: Second & Third Law, Part III
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:01:18 Spontaneous Process 0:04:12 Second Law of Thermodynamics 0:05:25 Gibbs Free Energy 0:22:07 Free Energy: Temperature 0:23:26 Quiz: Free Energy and Temperature 0:25:07 Quiz: Triple Point 0:26:19 Quiz: Spontaneous Reaction 0:28:23 Delta G and Delta S 0:37:52 Example: Combustion of Magnesium 0:40:55 Change in Entropy 0:46:31 Free Energy 0:52:14 Free Energy of Fromation 0:57:29 Estimate Entropy 1:01:51 Match Reaction to Delta G vs T 1:07:35 Free Energy and Reactions 1:08:38 Free Energy vs Temperature 1:11:10 Reduction of Iron (III)
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all right so the notes were quoted about 12 minutes ago this time sorry among them for a long time OK today that the election of a new chapter in just about the finish today I'm going to send out a few more discussion questions that will add to the discussion Georgia all of these new ones we go over for calculating don't you that's what we talk about that so I Delaware calculator play paper-and-pencil with more war this strong far-right so Penney posted of the year but even W yields were posted it out with the last half an hour I make some changes of going so well unjust some stuff move from 1 place to another so long I was only 1 thing is news to nowhere but with new so I want on children honest honest honest How much do you think you are very good at In determining if something is spontaneous or not raise I'm not even after if there's a bald novelist there's this little kid makes its spontaneous and that it doesn't go back a little and irreversible I need to pick up the ball and take it back up OK in in order to make it work OK in order to get the ball back up there will come this way it will outweigh that I can see a spontaneous but some of you may have made a widely known that spontaneous and I will say sometimes I'm not quite sure of getting so today I that it is worth so if you look at the situation here we got hot than coal we got bunch walls alongside without some sort of insulator year-ago will give away there we go from this side went to war this sign went from nothing to warn the Cold War in this case we go here the receiving end of it just doesn't happen so long as the rushed through these things up we have learned that we did this calculation really prove this but this is in fact the case that the Delta death is equal to the the reversible that is the right there over the temperature absolute temperature look at in this case is used the Delta ask of the hot was Boston don't test of the Cold War is greater than 0 anytime you have a spontaneous reaction will you don't Of the total is greater than 0 all right it it's reversible is equal now we also statistical stuff we went through this thing Microsystems OK so this is another way that we can look at into so we got to waste the injury 1 of the statistical way of entry and wanted more of a heat wave with using In the probable to this it is that you can look in the back of the book a in in Appendix to way and there are going to make use of fights or and updated with the heat that's what it is it's heat the His given up on but that doesn't always tell you whether something is spontaneous and on and then we have our are entropy which is not always so easy to tell whether something that are more interested so where we got it at the last so what in this regard the surroundings you got the system that we got whole of the universe and you can never go back OK you have a spontaneous reversal which is on the adult as told in greater than 0 at equilibrium and reversible is equal to 0 and this just isn't possible but folks I have a hard time no it was not possible OK because I'm not regulated Germany was the developed of the whole universe has gone up OK and so on we need the
long-awaited things your way of telling whether something is spontaneous the good news is that Williams told the same way of caring for Williams you we need to come up with some sort of a mathematical terms that will allow us
10 determine whether something really spontaneous and not the quantity and not 1 that is somewhat abstract like that don't the total I don't think so I understand you have a senior notes Oklahoma just go to the end so what will gives came up with was the best thing this is gives free energy right now you will need to know this backwards and forwards and then I ended this need know Delpaggio is equal to delegate when Estee don't ask In all these rules being near post is expanded conditions broker and that's what they're doing right and you have senior notes standard conditions With means 1 was 1 more in Europe solid purely liquid it and why is this 1 Willard Gibbs said he'll Island will have 1 atmosphere a world that is usually around 25 degrees I want somebody is like going to look at you by God and they said the delta ages equal to 30 miles per gallon 10 but you happen to live in New York City are you getting at 30 miles per gallon New York City sitting in traffic you need to know what kind of margarine India so but gives free education officers OK this is how much energy you get off in terms of features this is how much energy you have in terms of entropy and then you have these 2 together and that is you don't I don't think he is the actual editing the usable energy OK take into consideration the two-state alright so Dhaulagiri Ziegler dealt age West she got there no no no all right this is
news that is put this in the day so you might want to watch this same equation OK 2 letters to gas possibilities gas those to withhold 3 gasses poker now I want you folks to at least have a clue as to what the signs should be for you can look at I can't look at something interwoven with don't they just going to be less it's combustion I know it's going to be a negative number but practically folks gasses would love it because they have a lot of sort so in rule upon is that if you count the number of moles of gas on the reactants side and the products outside the font side has more balls of gas from the reactor site than the entropy is possible if it's if you you go the other way to get smaller than its negative entry is back on track and for reaction so loaded as it 1st How many molecules of gas to it on the left side we got a call that had to get to the 3 on silently at you on the side so what do you think you have to be doing but as you get this many degrees of freedom and I get this man so it is decreased OK so In terms of the delta G which once again dealt usable dealt the age might have to you know soviet and they did not make technology is what tells us that would guarantee that that that is going to be spontaneous aimed mainly at Value Fidelity gene means spontaneous that is almost guaranteed question the exam a negative value for Delta means it is spontaneous look at this equation folks there's too was you can make helping GE later OK we have to find wouldn't open but we don't don't he notices of minus right there so if you want help open GDP a minus happily married LPG A-minus we have a big negative buildings right if this is a huge huge dealt a negative this is going to be Major what happens if you know the answer is negative who has bad because they did not think it positive so that this part the positive so you do not want that sofa reaction to be spontaneous you want in your head that they do not think we have that it here and this is a positive there's always going to be there is no way and temperature you're going to have adopted use not spontaneous so I want other just be quiet and for about 30 seconds I say what I said 1 more time and I want to lose equation conventions so investors but this is spontaneous was negative many of misses the negative and this whole thing here including the negative side of the name that has to be a negative possibly you name it this is the negative but the Delta past is that it has been than negative for the 1st time that which is a positive so this part is a positive so this point is positive then that doesn't help this thing negative so the conventions of that thank you OK so naive minutes that do this problem OK I was not to on standard conditions of this reaction when atmosphere so we can say and he had to say what atmosphere at 25 deg C is absolutely means OK and that means that little 0 out there means expurgated edition so I'm 1 atmosphere 25 degrees were will get it the World Court you folks that we live in a world where the average temperatures 10 degrees than all the things that we recalculated pretend agree with 25 degrees is about average and that's what we were we live so I want to get was dealt using the use of products was granted notice that the oxygen is free there is no doubt that H local did freebies I it's free so the 1st thing we calculate dealt began to things we got a cat like Delaware OK we have to think about it over the age the reaction and this is not the last so we know that these products which is to SO threes values right there minus 96 begun value of 2 for the coalition so you got to times minus 396 here and then need that 2 SO rooms and as a to erase miners that's OK so that's what the don't think it's going to equal you there is no water because options don't they 0 so what is the value those negatives what 198 OK so OK so if we agree with that in the delta aid for this reaction is minus 198 village from all minus 198 isn't good for a good minus ivory-billed Jean absolutely the government minus signs adult age very good chance it's going to be spontaneous OK because that now without a substantial negative died almost naked 200 all right so what can we say what it signed here just by looking at a warning from 3 vaulted to not good Sonnabend of betting I hope I'm right that he had to be
decided the community and make the best use of the figure out what is legal that asked for this reaction and tho still sit there like Nuria neighborhood you do yes OK good question of cultures is not naming names is not legally in meaning that honestly don't all these renewals the reason Israel enjoyable without no OK this is lesson and you can use this is the logical jewels so you absolutely must convert and I don't care what you do I'll get you a killer jewels for those auditor from this individuals and you're going to get the answer right regardless of but you cannot have killing fuel to a duel but then so we have an answer the only other quite straightforward you more when were set to know if OK we we get it yes laugh why why should you might ask why why why you have a problem no knowledge can be related I felt that OK I toward while others will ever bring molecules joke I predicted it would be a negative outlook and a data dump ask because we have more order this has more water than all like waited on both the seriousness of the possible this is right this is right is amazing it's they will have a question you wonder why they didn't the French this is the name given that carry digital this is right it is my way matter of Is anybody in this room who got what I got richer OK go from analog so the point is that looking in this this is the positive side and they give a native of products reacted this was a reaction to the reactor again so we have a negative development OK is that good for a reaction to know because 1 of the most had right there and they get a natives of positive so that means foes that this is going to make this last later OK and now the good news is looking these numbers somewhere inside in jewels so it's not going to have caused this go this is a big negative this is not because this to go positive and take it to a certain temperature .period still note the G is my 142 until jewels that pretty negative I think they understand how Americans :colon close OK good asset prices OK so I'm telling you that this is -minus 40 to 100 for individual jewels Is this spontaneous OK I want you know how many at what camp which what minimum temperature will this reaction will not be spontaneous simple questions simple answer that was temperature Will this reaction will not be spontaneous well let's say aware in England and let means this is a 0 so supporters is simple simple letter In this did you worried that and let it go back and review your math book because this is what is a very simple stuff and I think both on their cellphones -dash mostly I think folks not writing I don't understand yes followed 1 of the how have to I get from all the yeah but this is not a here this is the morning once again if I don't give you advice this meeting to although this was all that make the most of that animals are gone without answer you about you while 1059 jobs Ali got that Bloomberg so-called all you have to do but this is not just the right here to me that the tells us that it is this whole thing is if this is the negative then we in wake and make something not being spontaneous just by heating up the temperature OK so I was really great he got this is not the notes but during well bacteria stuff I was given by your book I only understand this but Bulgaria so not age is negative I suppose about great is that if the young dancers positive then if you have these to it's always going to be negative don't or don't you get what you do that and make the EU minus a positive values the 2 natives and they'll continue there is always going to be so negative
interviews to them so there's a little bit of us just a little I want you to be comfortable with this OK so once again but this is celebrating this way this is not the this way so it's just a lot of us us when we get it all so what this is saying that temperatures low temperatures at all temperatures of we know that if don't the negative an adult a positive as it didn't matter what temperature adopted you in this equation has got to be no gas but what we learned is the man to go would you can take something that is temperature is spontaneous OK but if the don't ask is on negative it may be on that you can get a native of gene low-temperature but I have to again so this year's title III because the big deal it's got the it's get much other stuff in here Oh ,comma where I came from it's like all over DNA or something talking to you
know it just a little thing I want to look at the equation folks man he understand that equates the delta G is equal to celebrate my seatbelt that's you his play around and figure out for for crying out loud under what conditions are have a negative don't in which conditions where possible the attitude .period right there carbon-dioxide so liquid gas are all equilibrium illegal immigrants which of the of the the volume to little liquid and solid transition I'm and this is for the system this is the system OK and so going from the liquid to solid when we overlaid with a solid this year we are the liquid to solid were doing that OK what happens to this liquid water What is it do when it goes from liquid to solid it gives us that 6 killed jewels of energy from all the non-white can't see OK but it's giving off and so guess what this is of the don't at do like he's not like this which has ruled entity going to some solid rigid thing with exactly the at it is becoming more negative rights OK so which is the is right what you were looking at the system will with the water right there and he answers the system is making when stand now I think this is a diuretic more closely looks like the same exact question because worry delivery robot and that's as it .period but that I realize that this is not saying don't they of the system it's adult s of the universe the folks at equilibrium the delta at the university equals 0 at equilibrium don't energy equals 0 at equilibrium that is equal to 0 s the the toll the Universal card now the system now the surroundings but of the whole universe this is the 1 where I have a hard time saying that it's don't Isabel could use equals 0 duty would some of the others used to show that the filter everything and OK who already OK readers are referred to in the reaction shown spontaneous at 25 seats Delta Air for this reaction is used by al-Qaida the answers people to reduce their lessons so what is the new spontaneous what that tells about the altitude it's like so he got negative knowledge that means that everything on the other side of the building where if you don't have a negative broker said look at the equation here looking actual reactions and Delaney what you think is happening to we don't discount malls gaps how the world against on the on the reactor site How many other products side who was then EPA entity negative going so you have a negative on edge that we have the team I don't want to feel their fortunes in the past right all I had not heard from the right you can so what does that mean don't has to be or have been added that now this is just a part of it is important that we see what we were before we can find a temperature will invite capital at which this is spontaneous but this is a point degrees C therefore this must be less than 0 I just hope the answer is but left 0 published number 1 I swear to you OK I think I made this up got so we had a question OK I don't know what I've done what it OK I'm telling you what you gotta do so I'll say what don't like the water at 373 what happens back at 373 toward it boils delta G is equal to 0 at least meeting the right that the Delta G is equal 0 as they came into thinking Morning so we don't have to figure out how to Jean because we know no G delta G is equal to 0 because you'd equilibrium between the liquid gas or the other 1 that being that would solve this any time during 0 degrees with water or 100 degrees were water Celsius this is Eagle was 0 so also what this equation hiding what is a there the House and figure out what is billed S we just move this to the other side we give get this is 0 so it's going to be dealt the agency collected in security detail that felt they could think on the day so you can do that my right so what I tell you the Delta H vaporization is 14 . 7 billion jewels what is s do 40 . 7 yuan jewels we got that I got you think 14 . 7 3 yen this year at don't ask is equal to just over there OK so that the age over to the Is this over to modernize jewels more that's what Delta S is equal to In a time because that's the there conditions that are just going be don't that is equal to Our 109 jewels degree again so now I want to use that information the information from here To tell me what is billed the ad 3 sections 3 2 7 3 7 3 3 6 reiterated what is Delaware not all the information in writing the that but there the kind
answer we have is 1 . 0 remember from last nite so 1 . 0 or something like that is the answer 1 . 7 guilders jewels 1 . 0 1 . 1 some like telling us that he use the Delta has been figured out the 109 and that he already had the ability to make save so what is the actual follows we got me answer how many more times radically why we reasons hampering yes located 1 . 1 it's not like that in world where 1 has a 1 . 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 period that supports I got delta G is equal to Delta delegates delegations might as well and it was 14 points 7 right 40 . 7 kilos jewels from all and then we got we don't care which we knew it was 109 sold 109 thousand 373 no we I said Let's build building 3 63 so we had a value of about 1 kilometer 0 yes then changed their it's 14 points out of the water it changes for every different some the water heater vaporization is always 40 . 7 Knoll no I don't think so that would come what girls about the for that reaction at 363 is it's spontaneous known water doesn't hold at 363 in Canada and I guarantee did this experiment again and so on the 383 guess what you have in the development of it makes sense so far do this 1 otherwise that immediately arrived here OK I do then what you have to revenue what this excludes them all right what temperature was what temperature will be useful at 263 that's right so what other agents around 23 Jules Pretty Great with that knowledge because this is running another system failed surroundings not the system that's not a drink called you gotta know that'll take engineers year Delta has told which is the whole thing was tells was spontaneous or not is that the system or is it those around and all in something that is reversible follows they're just the opposite gave this is reversible process if it it's plus 23 jewels for the surroundings it's going to be minus 23 jewels for the system 10 and make sense right think about it you go over liquids 2 duo of solid what's assigned an entry for the duration the local water in the local water ice cube during the decreased OK so the entity would be a negative if we were talking about the system or I was right now is given the floor so why question right away quick delivery of what is the don't ask some of the witnesses positive eventually got 1 gas here we got name so yachting that OK so why not much to help you but Legionella Guenison what's given to you I felt as if the weather building H for their actions that don't you don't ask don't efforts around the world to this is what we you saw OK so the question is what is the is the combustion is the combustion spontaneous as participated so you will write that down because of this 1
but knew that again Michael's 200 down right there this Minnesota what is this is the leader of the Delta surroundings this is just to help you
to guide this is a means to just look at this and then you say OK I'll explain here the Belgrade OK and it's being converted to jewels once you cannot believe that because because this is going to be in dual substance they are right the residuals so you can do this surroundings 1 this is the delicate task of surrounding his eagle that don't age over that's what the hell is right there what we're saying is that value right there about 4 thousand jewels of pretty read for the Delta as surroundings so the question is that what is the as toll would not that value from this like being here right there CDs added up the and you get this value the so they don't have toll is equal at what is actually about whether spontaneous you absolutely don't forget don't ask if the don't ask toll is a positive number then a spontaneous as the definition so if you think you have to have a memoir arrived this once again both of I'm not going to look at something and on whether the actual universe the happy in a number of telling whether spontaneous and so I don't think Jesus while I got jail OK do
this I don't think think beginning the election but so how got there without them still work against getting those fingers working if they cannot get anywhere the ones I know without England botanists he still ran that actual what was no OK under undue yet again that done so How many got goal their physical lives Ali Abdulla Al-Attiyah clueless focus a lot of by so how only remember them Hey this is something like 3 equations and whatever volume temperature would regret that I think gonna know what this OK so you don't know those of you better start committing something the memory OK this is 1 of the volume it was dealt this is evil and all along the jewelry the 1 I gave it to you so why is it we can get this 180 got his answer ranges well the African guy got on while the other half is what's inside being everything so don't Hess is able to at 7 . 6 Jules Pretty dream the production no if we need to know what God has done that surroundings and the Delbert S. toll is equal to the close calls but close is this 1st created is Isolde terrible and reversible what does that mean don't control don't totally 0 OK so Delta total is 0 on something that is I think there were reversible then what must be the signing of the surrounding the negative points so for the reversible Isolde novels this like that and easy multiple choice we don't doing work you just said that the Delta on other system was lost 86 . 2 jewels degree oxide sulfur reversible what is I guess who is dealt ethical which left nothing to do with numbers like the EU Oregon ask you what is the other after around so easy answers easy answer folds when it is on but I think at equilibrium and reversible some when
it's not OK when it's not we
do this the accuse American member that this was the work right work was able to remember the miners and Artie Long Jr problem during 1 of my arm just surroundings is equal to the negative view of this size for using his work culture right here the figure out the heat when so we figured that out 0 no
this 1 he was able to 0 in that I saw in that and I said ,comma 1 using 0 so what is 0 over T 0 so if that part is 0 then we just had the surroundings is equal to 0 and therefore we don't have total was just the systems into buffer nothing so we have a positive 7 . 6 this is a little bit of the top prize look at this so you know I consider this 1 it's it's pretty detailed all OK so this Republican attempt .period question on exam do this 1 we Marty
Miller Lite 1 just like this except it was not at the fusion it was at the beginning of the year the vaporization 1 sees you listen but now OK and wake up the immediately so look at the question what is your plan feeling what I really here what am I really ask the day after the gene that they are calculate this How many got an answer for 10 degrees there will be given gets Google would you get but no yes but said we are all that is at least your boss people both both to the environment the question is I have I know I have a little water by water "quotation mark Of all OK I just testing the right to your world OK cell phones so I guess what I was thinking What was I will go ahead 10 degrees would water become emaciated know but obviously a smart and so galvanized human 10 degrees short be spontaneous was nominated Bill Clinton adopted you start that makes sense to once again look at the real but that I didn't really know what the question is asking on any day and then would have a clue as to whether the signs should be positive negative of cash so that the want ads 0 degrees at 0 degrees let's say you have a calculator and I wanted an answer in 4 sets thank you he says 0 member phase changes at page changes Delta G is equal to 0 OK so far 373 and at 273 now you can get a little value of that I life she got a adult he ad on 278 at 273 right now I want to do is use the correct value of 273 . 1 1 4 temperature turnout was gonna happen is you don't use can be about as close to 0 as can OK so sovereign state the
and something else OK see you got this value which is the correct value which I said was incorrect OK at 0
degrees to get that can do this 1 so on Tuesday their very possibly be table the can adult building using all the essence of cash From there would then go and find all these things so that we don't age of formations on the don't ask the molar built there I'm all about half the modal that's for these things OK on the nice guy right now and you are so right is right that so you got it so that I can go the next day some looking at this what do you think the interviews its identity what society that appears likely to be positive we don't let them all against the wall Gasol chances are pretty good that when you do all this stuff that the entropy is going to be a positive
Bulgaria so Turns out his
finest and most of them don't they are but the dealt of HIV is this and we have to worry about about the young age of this event because these are the natural States they dealt the composite and gasses each and I do not I ask for his age than the different but in this case we had our laughable each to have more to go into this so these have no ability to formation of so the only is this 26 48 got that right the the table hearing notices
this is product was reacting to do it but those lanes that those 2 can never practice to 1 so the right reading don't as down they just plug it in the morning of forward 30 look at the at
the hotel the water bowls I don't care well I don't care if the answer is that you give me are in Jules killer jewels OK she converted this ancient jewels to this meticulous jewels so we've got this way jewels right here OK this is how much change there and the resales in the modern world so it is not at all so you have to to have the entry of suppose once again the delta H bill basically he oxygen doesn't like anything -dash gotcha but practically everything is going Everything isn't so everything is going to be listed as a byproduct any of those tables so from the table you got 26 14 18 includes rules and then minus the don't ask to 98 times this so delta G is equal to the value right there OK so dealt the positive or negative is again the spontaneous no you Ryan at this number and say absolutely not spontaneous just like an ice cube but I at 10 degrees below 0 is not going to melt or water and 10 degrees above the 0 is not an amount that could become a skill but said we did this people look at a little bit glassy-eyed who didn't get how many he think you understand what is it you don't get 1st Of this is such a practice practice practice opposed this was a question right out of the text after text of so when I give an example like that like this you just
turned your book and is example 1 of 8 . 1 5 because now on this 1 votes we had to figure
out what to build ages were and answers that but in stable In the table to also
begin sketchy but they did not OK so in this equation right here this reaction right here you can just go that the appendix and look at what developed for an 3 4 0 2 FOR NO in the water can I can tell you what 1 to the but look at what the entry was a sign of engineering what is the .period to somebody the right back about this lady right there you you yes what is a sign of eventually father related parliament he said I read the full 9 molecules on this side 10 molecules on their side now holds this I mean each molecule has a different continent OK this works when you have you know a significant difference OK this is it this is a 10 per cent different get campus that more music than them think it instead you had 100 over years and 100 over here and then maybe it's not quite the same again because somebody molecules can actually have more intimately than these so ruled on this is that if you EDI can molecules on 1 side 11 on the other that no 1 has 11 has more active OK Appendix to urea values
showcases items that are not part of what is reacted OK so the equation the U.S. like that then you write this equation
write that down approach because ominously job with this and you have always product was correct for mainstream gas plus 5 0 2 gas those 2 foreign no gas plus 6 water gas for in 83 gas plus 5 0 2 against goes for an old plus 6 8 2 0 guess again and then we go to the
Sindelfingen parliament was ranked so low that equation on the product side I you had for and in those 6 Waters former then 3 and 5 operations so the changes before and 86 . 5 5 is adopted uniform the don't formation for a H 2 well is minus 2 2087 minus the delta H of adult year formation for In a story is minus 16 50 45 and there is no doubt that you formation for option because it's free so you work through this rapidly come up with the delta G is equal to about -minus 960 killed spontaneous character so-called if you don't passes and build the ages then you can figure out of or you can get it to give analogies the formation and then did use them we understand this all let's get switch gears you take the breath In the underwriters down but really OK this is like a very easy multiple-choice questions for which reaction of the streets to the plot LPG University Delta entries going to use plain look at that spot right there OK for those of you wondering this is 0 for Delta this is 0 Fidelity and 0 4 temperature this is negative adopted and this is from 0 to some large temperature so what can we say about which 1 of these is small enough to what is say OK there's really nothing we can say at least that I know of that we can say about what the on how Europe which 1 of these has a big negative Delta H OK I would know to do that what's the only way that we can figure this out it would we got what is happening with temperature what is happening with temperature folks as we increase temperature this stretch of what is happening in the year I felt that he is becoming possible right so what does that mean that must be the case for the -minus field as for OK so let's say we at absolute 0 absolute 0 said it was right we can do it polices a weekend Seoul where all this what is absolute 0 right getting tentatively this way so we would have to write about their welcome if this 1 would continue down we to right about the alright so what is the health of the the Pentagon is 0 then don't you people don't think right if that term minus asses like tiny having kind than win but it is a negative elevator Bongo making false quite this is a negative alternate in this reaction it was rations has got to be negative including handgun negative OK but I can't tell the operation the same lack of equations tell the correct until it's don't take is a positive or negative somber-looking the enterprise so what was decided at the meeting both the belted he is increasing with temperature the only way to make that happen to them and they didn't because the naked from the date of positive so this means that it's some temperature of low-temperature that money the don't ask part is contributing to much and therefore when the negatives but it's something it becomes possible that means that the Delta have passed the negative don't ask absolutely have to be negative harmony understand how legal understand including the villages I don't know if it's a play with that equation of folk you should know delta G is able to dealt a mighty don't have initially forwards backwards whatever OK I know How can change this this changes my changes this changes OK so in this case we might think it decided and capitalist but this market has a negative entropy so which of these 3 should have a native entered the village of Amagansett nonetheless Ali gasses here so we can't really say much money there killing of doesn't mean that abusers it just means that it's pretty .period posted 0 OK and then this looks like it's going pretty steep slope so we can rule as well as the intuitive we can't tell this was what we have we have come again about this 1 even so most of couldn't hear you classmates this has more enterprise sister equation to anyone because it's got back 100 gas molecule the size and number 3 is a negative attitude because we lost the gap right so number 3 post is going to have a negative and Delta at that's the only 1 that would give us this can good To that wasn't scares you the goal of this scandal over there over this this use of examples local look at number 1 OK we make designed love Our he This is Your Life and look at the weather it's rather than what is the sign of injury in the 1st reaction positive perfect about the next 1 negative next 1 new so such positive against because we're breaking from 1 thing to do things but it's not very into the wisest that great so these cases will have a positive and negative means there on that week depending on the temperature we can have a positive development he urinated on go which is the
correct plot of G vs temperature for the reaction of water the water gets OK water liquid the water again and this is the struggle .period troubled waters where you have all 3 of them together can have a little bit against global equipment the bid a solemn Arkansas right here where's the delicacy versus temperature for that part right there but would which 1 so far away from a liquid gas that good in that interview wise or not but again just so we know that we're going to have some remember how we handle that so what that means is that in some temperature we can make adopted you negative so which 1 this is 1 were not going to make it up we have increased tension here don't you just lost so we knew this 1 right so sorry that this 1 or that 1 of them so with what we think that it's always a naked on gene or that it at a certain temperature will become yeah this is a little bit like your own intuition you know overlooking liquid solvent and we we done several problems today water talk about what we know is that on the liquid to gas it happens but it only happens at a certain temperature right it doesn't always want more right I can have water
that 15 degrees OK it's got a positive attitude it's not going to boil just sitting here OK that I knew that it had to have a produced positive example this whatever and never had the opportunity not on of Sunday OK so listen 1
back source yesterday to close up shop for example 816 is given in the lecture notes Scott
answers from scene 1
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that election goes through number flight number 15 OK Liberia so on and on and on and on a Thursday make additional that more that's not there would remove rejected mindful for you need to read about the 1st 15 kg jackknife also since Election especially questions collapsed more than a year