Lecture 5. The first Law of thermodynamics, Part I

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Lecture 5. The first Law of thermodynamics, Part I
The universe consists of a system and its surroundings
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:00:25 The Three Laws of Thermodynamics 0:04:35 State Functions 0:07:27 Work Depends on How You Got There 0:08:09 Sytems 0:13:40 Work (W) 0:16:30 Internal Energy 0:18:47 Enthalpy (H) 0:22:15 Change in Pressure/Volume 0:28:31 First Law of Thermodynamics 0:30:20 Work and Energy for Gases 0:32:51 Constant Volume/Pressure 0:35:10 Quiz: Isothermal Expansion 0:36:57 Quiz: Isothermal Compressoin 0:38:17 Isothermal and Adiabatic Expansion/Compression 0:39:16 Quiz: Adiabatic Expansion 0:42:04 PV Work 0:47:09 Energy of Expansion 0:50:22 Reversible 0:55:56 Isothermal Reversible Expansion 1:03:52 Work/Heat Diagram 1:04:46 Reversible Path Delta U = 0 1:05:22 Pressure vs Volume Graph
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all right let's go ahead and start with it is a subject that are unique understanding that these laws that would not that will be talking about Our monster based on observations of the things that we absolutely certain they are true and that they were laws it's sort of been formulated along with throughout time and that would basically what we're saying is you cannot destroy or create energy of the masses conservative so that's what that's what this is about OK so 1st lot the universe I we made and there are the order articles we have the system which in my world was done like that this in my system and everything out there is the rest of the world and we based focused on whether the system gains or loses energy there were always concerned about the system and it's a little confusing because sometimes the signs for work and he don't make sense you need to think of it as our money in my wallet the book is all about me if I take my wallet an idea a 5 dollars she usually has lost 5 4 down from minus 5 to minus 5 on 5 dollars short right declassified minus-5 that's how things work OK was as months-long battle that equals 0 the point is that if I am doing work on giving heated somebody then that science is a negative because it shows that I gave something up I might have done work on but so and we need this kind of understanding this is likely be put gasoline in your car OK it doesn't work but it doesn't work do you gain gasoline your against against of parcel wants him as a negative and make it a flow of Of of the resources so we're talking about surroundings and and the system and it's important to pour gold was a lot of equations that is so I will give you 0 equations that you need to know the way I want to do anything on the example of the way I will give you are constants and things like that so if you need to know you know that equals mc squared and I'm not gonna put that on the union that's what everybody knows OK I'm not going the people that are to be expected to know that I'm not going to give you the area of a circle or the area because those are things you need to know right constants are less important so I like to follow so this is like basic them although this book is not quite so based on the 3 laws of them mathematics and where I was tired was the 1st rather relaxes you get when you don't break even so the best you can do when it comes to getting energy out of the maximum amount of energy and get out is equal to the amount you put in the time that the duty and the Ugandan leader on recruitment center losses you deliberately absolute 0 and the ferocity came the fastest life and those of the Three Laws of the Mavericks on hopefully In another 3 or 4 weeks you'll be able to look at this as something that I understand what you mean by this and I see what you mean by this nicely with mean by this you with those are the 3 losses sentences for last 1 says that you and you and you and you have to be aware of the margin after play the game all right state functions this is an important thing to understand the state functions is not clear about how you got to take your place it just it's happened you at that so I look at you folks :colon How many of you came from the dawn of the highly rated again so you can get the ball while working then we talked about that but How many from at least 10 miles away Kelly drove 120 miles because of the weather 21 also is a lot longer than what you people want to head to which you know what that personal 21 miles has to take my exam the 100 points in the city sits right in the city center I don't really care how far they had to become the fact is that they are here in this room they argue or a state function I don't care what do you what the 6 school before you value or whether this is your 1st call that was stapled to me doesn't completely blind to how you got right so that important that we understand so Stapleton was is always on the current status as independent about that pressure volume internal issues tend to be engaged energy we will talk about this in this quest for an Allstate conscience so questionable on internal energy and entropy Allstate statements mechanical work and he OK our process called they're not state functions into 2 major new heat but can be in work that began working you are processed .period because there by the specific transition between 2 week days we will be going all that later today you don't how our knowledge makes sense so don't panic and folks is all I I said to e-mail message to e-mail I think a set 1 that's standard affected 1 that says should notes boasted that rejected about 3 30 and then another 1 shortly after yet it said that this election was as the another selecting on my chest right here as a guy filming in these films are posted on you to someplace and so I sent to the length not that you I want to watch me again but that that is both located so that you also .period I'm looking at you I said well what's important for Europe once again I said that work is not a state that means that the changes were not necessarily equal to the final 1 the initial work was not the case from volume because if I got 5 leaders and expanded the 10 leaders than its final line as initial the 10 identified fibers felt Delta the would-be similarly located at Stapleton that's our work isn't like that can work it says is not equal to it it became the people to put it doesn't have to be to so this is more a mail but I'm not gonna like centric world we have a system does America's attached to an engine stopped a school OK you can define says that I really want and then everything else is outside if this is UCI this is a reliable was native and above along with and we're talking about energy that is moving this way for this way you on energy moving out area of the game there are 3 different types of systems that will be looking at there's the open systems OK that's a system where since it's not close on private OK because I didn't want their coming out in this case if I boil this or he designed up this will have a change in pressure OK because it would be warming up more water vapor appearing more pressure because this is a close and isolated system is 1 where there's no transfer of energy if
this 1 this 1 is a little more this they are about this allowable not super cool when it is cold it's going to be in our program OK so this is a closed system like this but there's no insulation in will they call those things that people like you know what they put on the Indonesian elementary but not like us so that where calls alike phone thing what cruising cruising area that were the most many schools were there on but if if we have put some so-called over around this thing and it would actually keep a call along put a wonderfully begins later added state called for days and so this is going to get you get something happening here it's close like my coppers on this is a close development system so this is a picture of 1 church member to which 3 apparatus and all kinds of stuff to keep it so that the energy would not let the income and warm up my dress was a sort of 3 different things that I will be talking about work 1 of his 1st wife if I want this up and the start of World War II is that this is the last of World War II so it's getting hotter but is the volume changing the you've got liquid local energy stuff off steam comes out of you said that change environment yet I must say that this glass vessel is changing .period I'm saying that he who bear logo the water molecules are jumping up there actually pushing up this way because the In this case became can he is needed cop on their nothing gets out and in this case firstly the the outside and in the topic work folks work is defined as the change in volume times the pressure pressure times change in volume so if you were given the history of pictures which 1 of the 3 could actually do some work which is the only 1 with the voluntary this you got close system and it's really close close because actually work work is equal to 0 because fellow let me just terrible this kind of thing however is that is and you go on the Internet and all kinds of things until about the 1st time I learned from them and it's the 1st time I took it in the 2nd time the 3rd time in easily says something like the 1st contacted by the about half the 2nd add generated about two-thirds the next summit at the time was about 3 three-quarters the next that I realize that there is not an easy sell some of its he's already lost all its game but some of it is not and will overpower right now that is not so far as better but don't panic don't want you to understand vote the only way the only way get it is by reading the book going online looking at stuff and this is where you have to have actually expensive energy here I'm just trying to be too help you initiators process OK so don't don't Boeing cannot be acknowledged in something and arrange hand or realize that the majority plans and standard of care and that we will go over several problems don't just not the hook are once again you have the notes when he won a copy of the notes when you or whatever but these are things work is equal to the forest fires distant and folks worlds informed digital learned today is that the units the units that I expect from you on exam for work in duel what can I do not give mainly the atmosphere's don't give me kilograms and new don't give me anything with wheels so work is when you got a force on the piston of some sort and then grandeur goes this way and you have a change in my mind in the distance that a change energy is the capacity of a system to do work what is the transfer of energy to a system that's equivalent to raising a long-awaited met someone to say how much work was done so the easiest thing that was going up with many many years ago was awarded say we got like a one-time later 100 or something and 1 jewel is equal to being able little something this fall a so that like cars and part of it he didn't have a for how beginning June is there you wouldn't know whether your hero well but against that we can find do cubic inch but there are but there's no way to know what he got like a properly during that same thing here in that X amount jewels and sold the post like the include of dead here's jewels and there's about 4 jewels for every hour or so you get your Snickers bars or something like this you look at it like this is how much energy is in this spectacle we like to think counts of armed with jewels is really the work you 1 of his positive to once again is if I find the money then the site is sponsored by give out money if I do the work that's negative and work on the surroundings is negative that because if work is done by the system by me I'm putting out energy and therefore the the work on the surroundings by the system is work on a system so I think it's something gives me money because it's in the back of a summer giving money responsibly if there's more than 1 million sponsored by the water samples later so interrelated where handsome equations Sinochem questions about so that the whole store over the years is this :colon internal energy problems you can measure that local inter-religious like Everything in by all the bonds all the intermolecular forces the info like the forces and spread of electrons in every 1 of is not easy to do OK it is not impossible so we don't talk about you you mean it in the Interreligious we talk about the change it's a lot easier it's a lot easier to look at me today and said guns internal energy is something and then I long ago arthritis often I you love to come back with 4 pounds more I have never made it to go so says what they between challenging potentially intelligence every it's a lot of potential energy is like sitting on here and I have potential there's this much energy storage but there's a lot more story and making a case of potential energy is 1 of the culture and American and potential energy you got rotational energy that all these things and challenges the sum of all but it's not easy to mention sold but it's easier to measure the delta of the sort thought about that so system those 14 jewels of work so the system is doing the work done as giving rave 40 dollars and sold assigned a negative story this is all about me it's all about the system and the system doesn't work then so we have benefited from heightened its and name it instead of strategy to work on May 18 then it was positive what about 600 flights trying to elicit Altman they just read them Ontario throat and you read
but I I will note that we're talking about the whole thing later but that is not a it's positive that scandal firm that made you had to put energy in makes sense despite work because if somebody gives me money it's James fast if I do work intimated that all actually and in chemistry and and ultimately actions 1 wires energy acquires the and Silverman is like gasoline burn burn gasoline gasoline stocks because of all kinds of energy as metal acts there's different territories in biology I'll give the same thing of In the ramekins extra odometer somewhere anybody noticed don't go anywhere whatever it is this a chemistry so we will it part of the cost of pressure so we we at times we went well aware we are under constant pressure folks this round if I don't think it will reaction is wrong starting change pressure OK I always had for this war atmosphere sitting on me so a lot of what we've done a lot of what we've done in the managers said that most of what we're talking about is under constant pressure because this force develop or something against solving pushed against the atmosphere so that's why we have a special place where under constant pressure on which is what were usually under arms we have special notations OK in in that case I don't think he equal the change introduces the plot workers as was the answer and that most of the time now unfortunately folks a little bit later on the book uses you as internal energy that's what I do occur and the bad news is that you have complained about not having the book provides me with lecture In PowerPoint that's how it's supposed to be be this 1 later they're supposed to get all the books ever ,comma from gaining 100 slides for a chapter of a lot of this stuff like the rest of my best but there was a little like the beginning of the chapter on the way with this book does not his book you use a bunch of stuff out there is no necessary when into it and they don't even use the same notation as the book so I will have a sense dealt although and at what they don't eat that is at the origin of the esophagus when process is adultery is the same as Delta Nu that they need the the notation that were needed to win the Blues life have provided are there you don't use it don't you so is is an example of how and when it's right so I wouldn't make a in inoculated this is due to a problem located just so you're not so scared and intimidated by the Epistle look at this problem while here's where we are and we started as a certain pressure on us of and here's where we ended up with some was motivated to move this festival that far from here to here there a change in the line so 1st question Did we do work Paolino wouldn't work because change they can use against path that because working Filippini can I wanted to do was to raise most to not to work flow 1 way it will so you got work it's going to be OK there is the leading Alaska what would have happened for the work done in this case if the was right you got 2 things knowledgeable wine prices times a change of mind about intelligent there's no volume changes you go from here if no volume came to visit would build the basic was there we understand so there's only 1 of the animals while right nasty OK if peace is a real number than there work 1 of these ranking there's no work because she is equal to 0 the by all want but there's no vacuum a little pressure then you got a whole lot times 0 just like it that the whole winter pressure on this thing 10 times the pressure on this thing at this thing doesn't know change environment 0 the answers to wake you can 0 well actually something it looks like should work program selection says this change why won't OK 1 leader and think the pressure on this thing was 1 atmosphere How much work was done In leader atmosphere 1 was 1 leaders times 1 atmosphere in 1 atmosphere so in my world my world and Josette worlds because we knew gasses were aghast I don't want to know what Haskell and I don't I honestly could not do you any good of value for today's Pascal pressure that I could give you today's pressure in find out 750 760 Torr interested in knowing the answer or about no houses 15 1 atmosphere someone will and we talk about what are we talking about we got about life without music you no doubt about leaders we talk about gallons of the Indian in science with top leaders on because we're on the metric system OK so oftentimes follows values of things can be given the volume changed by 16 leaders and there was 1 . 2 atmospheres can not 763 thousand Moscow OK so got news that the spheres and so so we're atmospheres we need to have a convert from them before right now it's OK to say but the work was 1 leader times 1 atmosphere while at the test In recent years you'll learn about what the conversion but that's how simple it now we His work positive later day for 2 reasons .period and why you have to understand that you can be sort of the of the Big Bang theory person where all equations of and not a lot of common sense all right but I mean by that is I told you at work In think the nature of the game negative Peter believed there was a lot of pressure right when atmosphere and the Delta was a positive I got bigger so to positive numbers you applause remember it but it works even when they had bad then that right now that the sign for workers that is negative that's the equation I also want you to understand and to think that sense for what this actually means if this is gone a hand I'd give money to somebody it's a negative so negative cash flow OK this is great I do something or somebody else I have lots of OK so that's why you should have look at itself this is really negative even without doing a man if you dislike equations do that can a guy can do both the milk and this should be a negative side of the border about bigger so workers going to be negative and then you plug workers even negative PDB when I see the votes as sense of the Delta OK not had calculus that serve over catastrophic yeah there's always hope
give me so the good news is this is like what this whole sections theory about cash what Americans want them 1st this is going to be repeating what I said OK that I actually add this week and I actually modified the slide because reported healthy people that you was and I wouldn't tell you is the ability to occur because everything otherwise than change on so just remember that these 2 were interchangeable In this acute was OK so any change in the system here has to do with both heat and work worked so if the system it's cold if it gets colder than the surrounding you warm welcome and that's a negative cue died if instead we need system of from outside then that is a positive cues if work is done on the system it's a positive if work is done by the system of surroundings it's a native it so is a state function we conservatory and already said contacted the other as good as you can bet that were assuming that the whole world doesn't change in energy markets that were In steady state we can move things around we can change from mechanical to electrical and nuclear to this and that but we cannot the universe is that OK working energy for gasses that like gasses look at it but sure don't have the slightest whose focus so that pressure which is seeking to force times area that's nice to know that this is what Parliament and so we have a pressure I would not help them adult H that just means that this high change from here this really means a change in volume of cases of wine writer change from year to year got his 1st itself will hear here it is Is that positive work-related they think equation OK workers equal to negative feeling His father began pressure is the long again as the adults along with a lot of good young detonated at the end of the Islamic pressure but you cannot have a negative effect and so we got pressure which is also positive so this is what determines whether it's positive work-related work if this increases along then that means a Delta V is this positive deposits as a positive answer native and OK so when the the these this explains the company is positive Britain 0 and therefore this has to be less that is why there are so many "quotation mark here because what this is 0 because you could have a change in Miami they're not doing work OK for this expansion of 14 you're waiting out there I would like give me the gun exam can now with this 1 we dominated by now for adultery so that's a positive thing they did that today which is upon that means that the bond that negative that means this part what was actually done on the system here told witnesses our system so he gave us money the something is constant volume things fall bomb galleries at these things that look like bonds and other like this won't be whatever side but there's very thick steel it is true that the top on the mind of a change at all so can anyone be done nothing now no change of OK if something can't move noting not so is any work not got work and therefore pay the amount changing energies sequel to the hit doesn't mean you can't heat something out of the you'd have a reaction in there that's generating heat when it can't do any work and so overloaded that don't we is equal to the it is no doubt that he would not need no work years later that Eagles cute and from here's a Delta he is proportional to the what that means is that the change in energy is proportional to the change in temperature so the temperature increases of the egos of it attempted to the Eagles down without vise versa so this is the important thing to do to 2 minutes later it's all right so evolution it is equal to the energy it lost the that's the definition I can come up with its logo so dealt a physical adultery was PDB I don't really about the age of what is it that you and so on what is what is the definition of work by the BBC and I don't think he you lost by I positive so the operator of is just equal to that so we're talking about ample they all talking about is the energy heat given off the market the he did given off is what we talking about what and and was dealt a is proportional to the temperature but do this an ideal gas expands life of the ruling as a matter of what is cute have 30 seconds the but the so is it small 0 equals 0 for bigger lets you not do calculations have to look at this and say 1 Philip any kind something it's free and you got potential for work of him but there's I realize is that Q but a vacuum has no question that pressure is equal so matter changes a lot of cases that its plan goes from here to here doesn't matter but PC there was 0 times you can lose your presidency 0 and if we know there are a few NW opposites take it 1 0 with illegality let's hope to the answer 5 so you should know that because the people here like the about that but once again stifled ,comma music don't you think was 0 and then there were used as jockeys including you must have used so well and he was definitely was 0 and 1 the size of workers in the minus Q about this 1 an ideal gasses I severely compressed what is cute an idea gets advice from way compressed what is cute so the opposites of can once again you and that you are
opposite and so in this case work was done as a negative side were into the negatives by OK and in other words this is a major times of native possibly actually Dean and this is John getting money but the price you pay for that is because Hughes a 1 is that you if this is positive the what's this if this is negative and this has to be the 10 right so old Q is actually less than 0 because w was greater than 0 OK I just wore the same local idiomatic expressions so you've got expenses and pressure tends to waking up you know that's where this way that expanding this expanding both on normal work so the size of the work is negative because I found out the money so they originated here and that this is a 0 equal to because we compression but what is being done on May the report positive of that and this is possible and here's a question gas expands battle against the constant pressure so I think it's great and spreading in the road what happens to the temperature of the gas you have to have 3 choices so let me ask you this sometimes also your this is like the worst I've seen this class in terms of like flight OK he also there was only I understand a word is all medicines and so on let me ask you this sometimes talking How many of you have ever held sprayed and sprayed with Alar and noticed there was an to checks How many of our enemies the spread and explains In holder we talked to which other about the history and how ring up expanding it's called that's why we have clouds of Graham Wylie a conversation so you look at this if you can't solve the problem With the equations that you think you know that you've forgotten they cannot read them there may be an equation for calculating how much air is the tire might be provides to the picture of the tiring flag at the time of the life and I have which 1 has more areas if you really want to know picture have to look at and this is expanding its share of a year pushing up the volume changing of the volume is changing so was doing work yes it doing work on them so that's doing work the signing work that is negative price Leicester OK because voluntary changes come from certain 1 of Arroyo's peace natural pressure work is a negative number :colon considerations I I told some I'm sorry that I can't make this any more to exciting focus it's just if anybody out there thinks they can make it more exciting I would love to sit down for a while an excellent collection occur again don't write this down guys listened to me this is what the book goes through the workers it eliminated in the 1st few times while the time the adult and we know that but pressure is usually cast doubts about Moscow's he was like a bottle of wine is amused who uses music you all this looking ready above while only atmosphere member 10 minutes ago I have to question you have 1 atmosphere pressure and you just want something 1 leader how much I ICM which work he did it in 1 liter spheres where work unfortunately somebody's gone through the conversion the status that guess what while you atmosphere is able to 101 . 3 to find you Jules is what you work all work I do not believe arrested .period Olexander not the sank answer with the executives right cannot get more than half the points in a 10 point questionnaire that everything like units unify points you have the right of the you you pass bread but do not live in leader atmospheres OK you must give me the answer in jewels so this is a nice little planeload remembered his this will be given to so write that down and improving your brain because they're already promised every question you're given His have pressure is needed for and more than likely in although I continues How many lives and needed 1 of the dimensions right now on our ass this lady right side when it is widely you but you sold what the dimensions of a lingers 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters by consent 10 by 10 might have had something to what leaders and how many centimeters In a meeting 100 so how constantly repeated that are lined up at 10 OK so I can put tallies 10 by 10 by 10 things together and I have a on but I don't want him this way antennas so what it can do something about but so there's a thousand liters in a cubic meter lead underwriter I but you should have a dog like 10 by 10 by and is 1 of the leaders can have a right to out character remember .period is if you could be given Volume I could say the station was 2 meters Gary question 1 atmosphere in the piston who to cubic meters Alex work was done by the authorities said 30 that she will do it to human ears with the don't believe I want to work with so how many rappers here alinghi rappers yourselves 1 atmosphere time to meet Is it the tune times 1 times that house is a thousand cubic yards of the leaders in 1 meters so there's 2 thousand liters into unit it might be a lot of weight in his class so he got 2 thousand later atmospheres how many Joel what 2 Valentine this the big number because a couple hundred thousand With the solid he later there was an expansion Italian expansion boats work is part work that it was the
system did on the front do not forget what we're clear equals 101 . 3 2 5 2 maybe don't even know that when they the figures but you need to know this so on seniority you always where most of them do this by now on books furious certain there not doing this problem unless you fully understand everything that's said the natural history said Tom you Lutheran allocating into this 1 but I guarantee on on the list on Tuesday the anymore more this test so commented on the continent with a pencil and grandson thank here there is trying to remember what our work is done in the expansion negative sex part of the city life thank you so yes we could make 16 jewels OK what is the change in the internal energy of the system they 60 right down to you is equal to Cuba was down and out but that was the work was done their ability that they repeatedly His I gotta tumbled by by this thinking number here and a couple with negative 6 yeah no use change in this round Friday 2 0 Bob he now something that I don't remember the ever-changing before on so it's something integral calculus for this level of class of care and so we have recovered on reversible it was all just feeding OK was was work turns out those that that equal to or less than sign on the iTunes euro-area because of that work or reversible but when I'm alone the look there so I told the workers evil there are negative and that is for a non-reversible says culturally toll then I will tell you that this is irreversible process or it's not a reversible passed by fierce non-personal that means that there was a kind of twice irreversible and may forget this is the equation it's reversible you must know this way it will be on the agenda if you begin on Wednesday In notices was offered a lot like the variety note I'm not going to do the math for the derivations to show you what of them the workers of minus Long look at this what's hours before folks always before we had the Delta VII this is not going to be this is actually the initial on the finals of gives OK so let's do this problem will do the problem we did fall we do have OK taken together the leaders that when I see a lot of folks I'm always talking natural log of the London-based tennis nation were doing asses and stuff but when I say Lord and I was corrected left that of my lecture when I said a lot of stuff they said You mean the airway you know like it as an event of this was so that's a lot social experiment OK take a Catalan out the let's just say right the work there were going go from the army solid front is 10 years down the difference between a along the Justice Party of God but say that the initial volume was 5 leaders final volume 10 liters OK take a lot of activity that this 10 revival of units careful you cannot vote you cannot put in these 2 if I say but something about me and I can I say that the on the initial volume was 16 centimetres Q in the final was 0 . 0 2 5 liters you cannot have a of units folks b you always have to cancel so try remember depends on how long irritated I'm the exams OK so 10 over 5 10 litres of my by 5 leaders leaders will cancel and so we got to notify was allotted to 21 points closed up OK now that points that the amount of work done unless safe Emirati staging Jackson who intended to wear .period said now "quotation mark go from that the same Delta they win a Delta flight right we would like have this from 2 1 2 6 while the other 1 leader went to 6 Delta there's still finally what the logic of 6 4 1 and was 1 . 7 9 what is the radio fell 1 . 7 9 2 .period Senator whatever the logic to was flying about to have a 3 right was 2 . 6 so far here the big difference if you just felt OK I'll 4 of those 2 situations you did say my work if our viewpoint and are 6 someone as opposed to 5 and 10 about 3 times as much on so it's very important for me to get a problem or I could see the change in volume is that there's no way you can use this right I have to give you the initial and final point because for you even had chance using this away anyway on but that's OK this is the integral calculus part this is standard all the areas in this area that is the most like energy and get out the attack on Nancy reversible process that go easily between the 2 points right here that's irreversible process obviously you whether tumors were not his about yet is the end the so this is the only
problem this 1 of you know what you can do this 1 OK so you write down the last question who doesn't know what the last equation 1 who doesn't have that right now so did you need adequate and this is my cultural and reversible reversible so we you have that way you have a question the new regulation I always go later right now that you have the reason for but in a month's time here's the information all that 1 right good this would be a 6 . 8 .period questions as much from 6 In In that and Democrats we don't know so you know that equation but he had that was written the OK yes is there in that equation for reversible process is impression I don't need it you know you needed for the other 1 but the irreversible but you don't need just like temperature progress and not yes if you want to be granted yes what is it it is yes so it made it 2 thousand 200 something now what I want you to go sometimes I actually want him to think a little bit look at look at equation in 1 case for a non-reversible all you have is the pressure and the change in line in this case follows work is equal to the threat of more things involved so that the change in volume although it's the ratio of the change not the Delta mother is ah change never OK a closed system is and change analysis below temperature people assist tell you so this guy just said that he had she was 20 200 jewels OK made toward your dual over what would be the a lot of work done if necessary experiment were done at 600 deg we're almost 300 lead to 292 right I don't know that the decision to double or double right temperature folks matters in work it's reversible so the temperature your hat happenstance instead of saying it isn't at the North Pole itself world the trumpets the temperature actually matters when it comes to work for its processes can I felt the the answer is about native 20 100 is what the work was done in the rehearsal process now under the other 1 part this will be another 6 points so achieved OK look at the 1st part readers 1st part Back to work instead of the call the company .period How much more can be done across the board so dull he said they're trying to figure out what the workers would stop and the 0 pressure 0 no work again so it that the pressure of this fall will point to it so now says that he initiated by expanding its constant pressure of 1 . 2 atmospheres on until the wine this so what is the change in volume from 8 to 20 so quickly do college work what you gotta do animal while I was going to atmosphere times 12 leaders possess the Delta the 18 to 20 is 12 and so you got 12 times and 1 going to which is 14 . 4 14 . 4 pounds 101 is about the 1415 that's a negative so the amount of work done in this irreversible process is automated and love of 1 1500 so much that makes sense yes he was saying that a lot of what I will tell you pajamas worn out he if you don't have all the information I say that the effective this case invited said .period changingfollowing Yukon during repair era of the reversible cases sometimes at the close the door on the information you go into a tube all tribal members said the worst was over the book that he will get back both duties is I got designed the book OK it's in the book read the chapter of so where did that so this is the year of this is reversible 1 of if the area of the curve rule like that OK so we got all that energy right here this is about the toll this curve here is to point to kill jewels by so the amount of work that was done is 2 . 2 kill jewels that the amount of heat is 2 . 2 Giorgio of characters don't use was 0 now he is the other 1 OK but this we drop of no change in Norway will not work without a worker that again I probably got worked for was this part the going from this fall into that line at this pressure it's a lot less but not quite that to us and this is what the picture would show us in terms of about so a whole lot less energy energy is visibility going out there there's no sign of strategies that work was done here and then cooling was done this way gotta remember that I know that this is ultimately not actually going OK so once again this ah this is not about the need to have I had actually did you folks the temperature I got to the end of the line that it did you 1 I'm going get out In order to to the reversible 1 of cannot never talk reversible before there's never been the general chemistry will cover Dalton PTV so this is a bit of a shock to me and that's just
sort of shows graphically this is the area this is the 1 . 2 atmospheres and usable and changes you have work that was done OK usable less that you so once again work was equal to minus 1 . 4 6 therefore argues it will cost 1 . 4 6 this is the area here the area we got lost back and got all this vote because it was reversible this path reversible I don't expect it to be able to explained this but I do want to be able to interview a question like this to be a answer
at local Island south so both just practice practice practice practice OK and any question you have to make sure you ask those questions are discussed