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Lecture 4. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part IV

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Lecture 4. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part IV

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Lecture 4. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part IV
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:00:08 Solids 0:09:01 Crystalline Solids 0:10:10 Unit Cells 0:11:31 Three Types of Cubic Cells 0:13:58 Types of Cystalline Solids 0:16:00 Seven Types of Unit Cells 0:17:21 Atomic Solids: Metalic Crystals: Closest Packing 0:20:21 Atomic Solids: Hexagonal Close Packed Structure (HCP) and Cubic Close Packed (CCP) 0:22:53 Types of Crystals 0:24:09 Volume of Unit Cell 0:39:40 Avagadro's Number from Unit Cell 0:46:24 Covalent Crystals 0:47:07 Metalic Crystals 0:48:20 Crystalline vs Non-Crystalline Quartz 0:50:18 Space and Lattice Holes 0:52:13 Filling Space 1:08:18 Latice Holes
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focus I hope I can promise you this is going to be the worst lecture of course I'm just saying I hope that I don't do any worse than today because solids spotted just on I think you guys will do better with higher because of your generation that you guys have these fall into that you can make do just about anything and this is my problem it's not easy to text with no I got it for things to get past the largest don't do it very often OK so I I think literally go 2 or 3 days without even opening this fall local that's how little I use at the helm identity by means of what I and so on but what your generation is good that is this kind of thing electronic stuff computers Hagerstown it's like 2nd nature because you play litigation your kids and stuff and so also I I think spinning things cementing has had these these games that you play that have sort of a lot your brain to expand this so I'm hoping that this solid start packing of of atoms and molecules together is going to be something that you actually find that you can do it because I find I can't play acknowledged that on a a moment two-dimensional Kennedy and so and so on and on about solids no more a security people I guess on on Tuesday with the all the gas stuff I had like 20 people about the stars and in e-mails people worried about stuff so we're little solid now I don't
share that they want them here but now while I do not particularly like the subject of solid there are certain things you must know now solid votes were in the intermolecular forces chapter OK so this is still intermolecular forces it's just that now instead of being a little bit like water added with a laugh at all on any time reminding them why they stay liquids all that water wire solids and how they pass the other 7 different kinds OK of the Crist 1 solids you need no 1 can say that it is the cubic feet of gas as my brain is not we'll see what the others look like so this vote is a simple cubic it's a lot like this table right here OK with an Adam thinking it had only been on the be molecule something right there last only 1 here 1 year 1 down there 1 there 1 here 1 year 1 year 8 quarters as a cause of acute OK so you have this 1 is called a simple cubic now ,comma simple cubicle they I will it states that in here it is it's center it is right he took a right on the corner so how many How would we start stacking these things how many centers of all callers are there going to be right here look at this and tell me if I was the baddest of ball around this point right there how many Hughes can I get around that .period right there 8 can you wait a minute .period at 6 that's excited very core you can actually go back and if you don't believe me and want to do it again so How much all that avenue that is inside that box 1 this is calling simple human I guess it's a simple purity and in the civilizing gets its is empty as it gets so how many times Park began only about how many Adams ensued from inside a civil Cuba you'd be there Ayalon 5 1 there's 1 there's 1 another in the unit cell for a simple human but that in these evening again in the next 1 and the the body's energy without the like give this was 1 more adamantly stuck right here OK inside completely inside the civil there is right that it's completely inside this kid so now how many Adams are the previous itself to OK and then we get down here where there is the same at all says he's a quarter point but there were going to work 1 right here so it's half in half out 1 year had been about 1 year have been at about 1 year after being about 1 year had been announced a 1 down here that's 6 phases look at happened happened that's the 6 times that OK I so how many Adams are in a phase in which you make yourself for 1 for these guys and then you've got 1 too training camps in the other 3 but the children and so he has for so so-called on the exam there going to be expected to do so these numbers there will be a multiple-choice question it would be something like on a body said CU has 1 2 3 or 4 atoms in the unit that's it Is there anybody here who going to miss that if anybody misses that I would have put up a list of names I am activities and say these people were not in class obviously because I'm too little teacher did not have you understand what can 1 do 4 but that now you can all remember memorize them but the real important thing tho is that you are able a conceptually seen in 3 dimensions go so any questions on this and then would have to be yourself folks is the smallest part that allows you then duplicate that exact entity would mean by that is like how if you break and at a sodium atoms is the smallest unit the start of the new neutron proton and electron is no longer solely so what the whole island is the smallest you can be have all went about Jamaica you what units on the same thing that is the smallest claimed the find what looks like we have won the event is the 2nd again 1 of the few 1st that get this is what looks like when you got the EU itself together 8 years itself a unit itself OK so what is the smallest piece that you can have and still recognize it as 1 of these things here because that makes sense kilowatts scandals it's important we understand that we can have the status of the goal of controlling its goal polonium and uranium that's having stack all right but it can be added the be the comedian molecule like water the governor water in the form these points of so want him Cibecue but said human face argument saying that given
what I use almost like this that this would you call a prosecuted no stunt you some some of the shape maybe like a rumpus area In well what is this who don't want that would eventually geometric shapes rumpus over Pellegrin rock and well of the kilogrammes also squares to good think with anyone talking what is that parallel I think I think OK well thank you for that comment that will not be on the exam but this is happening again once he would get the shape they need when they gather and make the big things like blocks because of what happened in the meeting with the content with what looked like you need the whole lot and then you can build a bunch of stuff so what is this thing said Chris OK so there's some general place unfortunately they're not that specific OK so possess Richard long-range order that is true crystals of atoms molecules or ions cannot occupy that is that future in amorphous does not possess well-defined arrangements and long-range Michael so when I when use only uses classroom is an example of cash in every season were filled today every season then we would say we are a critical song but there's a seat right there empty in 1 one-on-one there there's a bunch of them so these holes tend to make it a little bit less perfect and this whole thing cause destruction or or distortion of things look all so that would be more amorphous still to order from workers with still more risk and have some water to it and it's not always that some weird kind of bonding going on to the workers once again is that I have this well-defined lattice structure and wanted the sellers the basic repeating structure lattice .period last point is said to be the atoms molecules are islands OK
where it just looks a little bit different now this is what it would look like and what gets harder to to see our I want to drive the market because if we do all the females almost all females would do much better job the males it's a stereotype that I probably shouldn't have bought a biased but I have 2 sons and daughters that had female students who's writing the not read downstairs just at the level of Brent's USS Harry Gloria yes perfect so so I can run these very well you're not acted wrongly that but I want you to understand the basic structure OK that's the main point who can
so civil giving because there's nothing stuck inside OK but he said you but there's 1 inside these you see right there for me that little confusing them on and this 1 block
at this disorder shows how on this side there's Forsyth fear that is 1 that cuts it happened there for more OK so this is the 1 that's got the aid and this is really a area and this would discuss yeah for the same looks at the
exact same way showed bulk it would on a map that you have to do the Macanese and need to know but you don't want to memorize I want to remember what this is saying look like the CU means you'll always have those little ones out there on the course that at the time they face centers getting more obvious that the that on the face of the 6 faces acknowledged that 1 of the 2 sides media here have with each so you gotta have a them in the face and why said just 1 step in the middle of the day so you don't need to do this man which you very well may need to order an example stated that bodies energy which has 2 aspects this is
just an example of different types of critical assessment Tommy Solomon Islands just so it's all right here like a solid is with water and heat .period so what's going you can have anything you can have and have haven't you can use them about use of a copy OK copper something that we use it those kinds of metals are very good at conducting electricity and heat that saw him copper wire all your computers and if Europe we had an infinite amount of gold we had cooled instead of gold something because gold conducting better care but after selling at 3 different for different things you know what I want you will likely will come back to this but this is the time that was kind of interesting because it's just can't just like you the lender pencil it is just ,comma it's like the chunk coal that's what a diamond look at me and we will learn maybe next chapter of the chapter after that In thermodynamics but that this the tiny energy difference between in 1901 around the so-called but huge difference in prices again turns out the back for diamonds it has 4 blocks covers for what OK we got common and it's good the unit's Allamuchy with user looks like there but it's wonderful things for your leg your pencil which is graphite it's gotten these layers where they're bonded together but has only 3 months and the interim at the intermolecular forces are what keep these layers together that's when you drag your pencil across a beeper piece of paper that just like to offer good on the paper look at that Bonn is not nearly as strong as diverse diamond is like the hardest things in the world
welcome 79 so I would say that you think this is a try clinic the the model local online it from you guys that really exams entire pages unexamined line me another salmon that you need to know that 7 different kinds of yourself this is the only 1 for which you need to know how they had been there because it's the only 1 in my mind will allow me to understand and and a member of the his other ones obviously you're going to put points you know you can still have a lot of them the last point right there you have even during a myriad of this looks as tho the morning but they just get too complicated for me so feel free although you do need to know their status 7 types of units the exam question number yourself 1 3 5 7 9 Doc OK this is worse than
having problems seoul metals have hired from all around an electric conductivity and said that about solar about copper but if you know I I actually lower my wedding ring anymore collected fat and then plus plus spy were against the idea put on some weight but I have some arthritis in my finger joint here so why wouldn't think of it like that but I remember 1 day about 10 years ago I walked out of this room and the doors I didn't have the resistance that I was expecting this spring with progress of like someone open the door by pulled a hard the dog being well really fast like this and it turns out that my but the other ones like this in my hands were slammed into the wall my heart I wasn't hurt but I really dislike the idea of all I mean it literally just got like banning that's because gold is very malleable says that rhetoric that can vary and that have really good golden alike 24 carat can stuff them it's like song so it is mostly that's what we get wires wires to copper wires had actually been opened so I but but but the properties of all these problems are related to their economic interactions with in that last so this is a few things here so this is how they Scott going I think I'm going to write their case yellow ones in the blue 1 tunic up with little ones on top now OK Top you decide you when the shorter where they came over here to yell at them anyway this is the closest packing OK but that yeah the standard is like making a sandwich can 1 leg 1 . 1 1 got 1 adjusted their balls and stuff around things or whatever and they pack on top of each other and nature carnivals doesn't like empty space so what that means is that there's not as many of the simple cubix as there are bodies said which face an acute conditions district I think there's something nature of course of action is that some heard of him as a moderate apparently media OK so they stand a pack so that you can cram as much stuff in this possible like this room to be nice if there might be a lounge chairs right but then sleep arm but they need to be more comfortable but right now the packed in like an airplane OK
itself it takes a little close back structure of but so this 1 on top of this 1 here sell a company like this in itself looks like the ones that look like that the problem is in the running lines that this thing is moving is actually I guess history on its side of the car hold on Wednesday city was so great sieges it's complicated Josette understands that OK good good or very are good and it is not to In many ways close Q document closed class of cancer that's going to get to know them and that Austria 1 it's OK note cubic close plaque is facing an achievement that he did not OK because there's different terminology and so keep it you get something stating that accuse those close to Cuban close-packed structure Adams entered in yourself is why does face and give it to them off before so tight can look at
this first one OK what would you say this you go about it said I don't worry no the zinc 1 looks like his face said we can't see a thing right here and I think it's very sad and it's got another the sulfurous In here who wanted take yesterday related events outside millions is the government solvers the holes and what will be the host of Larry think traceable before assistance of the center went on to win the so so presented 1 in there and jump in those holes you can make sense on a critical so the water molecular crystals they got a molecules critical really it's gonna have to go so ionic crystals I want you to sort of build visualize something can somebody give me an example of an actress with something I talk about in class stop thinking OK so I have lot of salt right here would you say that it's hard Britain by dropped assault that would use jet Of that and he would not have higher melting .period when trust me you can take him he put into it just sits there exists solve so those the general characteristics of an ionic crystals OK think and you wouldn't know this but if we had this of although we would like Georgia one-sided likely to supplement cited just don't have the electron flow that you need OK
so we look problem because while the wall we probably because of you're worried about this you know what kind of questions like that of the same this question right here folks goes back to In 1 for those of you who have not had him one-on-one another solid you took AP chemistry in high school and then passed out of the way and so for those of you that's the case you don't want to close attention this is a very simple question OK the last nite when I won over in class people were freaking out about how my closer know this time supposed to know that so while I'm trying not to draw too heavily on what you learn in general I do expect to know what I'm all ears OK I expected to know How many molecules or particles or Adams there are at the end of the and I'd like to know what the molecular weight of something means something as a molecular weight of of 18 OK then that means that there is 18 grams per mole that's what super-welterweight means if something's got Michael 165 indeed 165 grams the commode was 6 times 10 to 20 3rd PC so you have to you know and I don't want to have those of you who didn't welcome wherever matter while the and disadvantage but this is a class that builds on the previous quarter so looking at the best of the old copper and the copper has ACC packet OK when but they said that they had found that they could have told you that I told had know this CCC was facing human and how many hands and face the acute form of so why were given unexamined that I will take in this I would write down for Adams per unit cell phone is right that there and then the density of copper is a thousand 920 kilograms from year to year calculate the volume of the units now you whether they know what that so it's actually quite simple OK it's quite simple density usually given in grams per I chided the density of water 1 of the other than what it was at 4 degrees was 1 . 0 grams per cubic centimeter cubic centimeters like should refuse although they didn't get them stand they like kg instead of Iran's meters instead of Houston that doesn't matter why we got to New OK we have 2 units but volume we have on 0 volume that's what they're asking for what is the volume so we know that only this this music you have to show up somewhere this equation can OK but what we know what do we know folks about this OK if I had been nice I would have said the much-awaited properties some of the 56 was when it's right there I can't read the city is required by OK so let us said then you unilaterally tables on the exam so I have do is sell now I know I got mail a unit of my a government year unless they amenable cyanide for crying so that's what looks like they were Jones we have 4 and 3 in itself we know that 1 goal is equal to that many have rights 6 times :colon 23 up there is a link with a copy you divide holding through and we've got plans here we've got Adams there and look what happened so we got we and we know that we've got 4 out of 4 four-year itself so we got that many grams the massive unit unit-cell is there very straightforward so I would not want to do is just to let you when asked if you want to put this up and you guys do and then I explained although I didn't do it because you have this in your notes I want to what would make it easier for you to look at what would I will teach you that all the books I will work best so what would work best we you put the question of when you get a stroll that produce 3 minutes 5 minutes and then I go through high I solve all of your eyes will be on that 1 focus focus so you'd see how we approach this OK there might be 1 you got a periodic table you got man's now you're screwed if you don't know them OK I'm sorry you don't know them all it's 6 . 0 6 . 0 to 2 thousand the venue that problem but that is something that you need to know in this class OK so that locals would not have any GM we got OK so that what we do with it well the
gave the density right nothing here folks this doesn't do us
any good because here's what the game is OK but we do have GM right we agree in writing and engineers like sold simple the density intensity
of the city is the start matches it was kilograms over the music you case was just a matter of mass over the volume of cash that is the definition Density 1 gram per cubic centimeter for water so what the volume you've got the density will not be ready to the density short 889 128 kilogrammes of so that the density of right there and we got the mass right there that's the tells them only to look at this thing right here you divide that out like that and back again now what what do you need to listen and not trying to write a new generation on but I think he may be marked quite as good as my generation estimating sizes of lanes volume on what they did was they said they needed to that's vaccinators again so it's this by this but this was about the size of just 1 reader and at the way 89 900 kilograms it's like 9 times 19 for something that has that's because its density was in agreement meters killed care In leaders accuse what is the density of walk what is the density water in music due a Milwaukee the employment of they give readers can get 1 thousand yes thank you 1000 kg because ideas said that it's 1 gram per cubic centimeter 1 Grandpa for cubic centimeters they need state brands of making and kg and centimeters of making enemies of him now How many How many leaders whose Colombian phone call critical I have dealt with this problem How many leaders folks he had a cubic meter well a folks is 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters so this is my I have 1 year to 3 4 0 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 this will only 10 this way intend that was 10 times thousands of thousands of leaders in a cubic meter so we got his meters that what the question was isn't it saying it was the nearest you can you move the pointer to if this is the 10th likewise stimuli was appointed to accumulate like that In because you've got the real volume but I'm asking for another producer gun OK so how did that well you would do leaders did you write that 5 houses in the thousands he would centimeters falling so that is the volume right there 4 . 7 3 times 10 to the 20 3rd that's how big that's how big itself and aside from knowing it was a face and Cu CN Adams for unicellular need not anything other than get 1 In some simple math so float if you're giving something like this we won't have enough information trust me you do OK he do have enough information you get periodic table they can get very stable and secure if I might point out that is left is a question by you got 26 grams of lithium 26 granted lithium how many molecules doing you have periodic tables in there hopefully we can begin to see that all I know I'm and don't cheat OK you should always remain calculated from especially In the following week and a lot of stuff and it's something that we have continued to write and listen to the Land have of Two and a group of private we entry you to .period by considered 24 accessorize 2 . 2 5 "quotation mark real when answer I can really like a member I don't think 23 26 OK so 26 grams Libya so if I didn't guys said 26 resolutely how many moles then he would is divided into 26 but unlike the went with him and even gotten lithium is right there father like about 6 that is not very clear what it said was with him 6 . org enormously said the case mess sold 26 Tabatabai said close to 4 so it not formal then in question be that I said OK so molecules that they wind-up the number mole it's 4 times 6 times 10 20 2nd 2013 so it's it's about the 2 . 5 times that of the 24 OK but both I'm not always going to ask you do it in a nice you know give me a give me a medium ECU mediated telling you work your way through OK this time all I said was to get as many GM I did ask animals was as having knowledge of what and so sometimes called the it's not as easy to see what what it will have to get from 8 disease can and hopefully there is something for those of you want organic chemistry OK my problem organic chemistry was was that it was in solving problems like this it was that you had to memorize but if I had a laser pointer of diversity that thing you get just like the kind and then you add to other things together
to get something else and then get those 2 things together was this get some not she memorize these 100 200 different reactions and then I was like make less OK well I wasn't smart enough to memorize the the 1st time I was smart enough additions to lazy and so you know going from a little only reactions are 20 steps 27 nothing asked me make this and that and I would have a go it was legal to safe and they say that on I tape she and make the Anglesey also was ability but is start make the so is no hand-holding folks OK it's not easy naturally have to know what it's like trying to across proposal with a small book anyway because it's kind OK so I'm not going to ask you I'm not going to be the stepwise questions all the time alright so you see I use all this was try the next 1 smoker so post this is a legitimate question for exam something like this on and you have know hardly anything about solids except for the fact that it said that it was the face of it you get this 1 the then I don't think that the do you think about it and that's what it is and how that would that look at how many do you really don't have a clue on additives and the 1 we're also carried on on here trying new ways of on and to show you that I am a citizen of class I think but the units Our Alpharetta can I honestly can dramatically most these problems can validly this right here and I so I think I'm gonna again GM from Ill and I don't know no salaried Delphi what I would be divided among 1 by at some point of time because I mean molecules I need molecules that was about as members and so on so you gonna take your information knowing how many Adams or in a year itself of How many we are in a hexagonal USA U.S. joke so that too tonight that Adams you got GM you've got transfer and 1 of the government's I've those years knows the GM got but the Soyuz descent help anybody so once again the masses able to that would density is equal to twice mass of boy so this is just the rearrangement of that so you got no 8 . 5 grams per mile OK times that many miles of wiring multiplying it by this because his nose in the bottom it is unity had alive 1 the other Oka and so on you didn't pick fifty-fifty chance of doing the right 1 to get those here in the diameter by this final is going out with GM and a little tiny tiny bit applies to the masses Kennedy some title number in grams but 3 times to the 20 3rd look at that is on how many grams in the units then they said so you get that Lagrangian selling many grams of for time to view themselves you end up with 6 times 10 .period the folks would not be you today I would not be a question like this on the examiner had gone over something like this in the class because it's a little bit ,comma go for those of you who who took him when they loved him on anything 1 can 1 and that this is a pretty straightforward Mabel rust on you look but this this all makes sense to others at 1 organizers on exam but it's it's it's mass it's it's it's economy the not be afraid of it's rearranging things so I practiced this kind of thing occurred much OK so here's
here's the difference is that redundant and model for things and graphite yet these layers of graphite OK with a lot the 3 things 1 2 3 and then had these layers that are intermolecular force of attraction here and these layers just fallen off your pencil and paper use different from of like blasts or are of diamonds which can cut last a huge difference In was forces In case once again nothing here that that's a surprise party said in this case we got the names of these reporters that aren't so we have Adams here Adams their letters .period driving by on this topic of the card growing and high melting points fight so that
wouldn't say so metallic crystals will be difficult to get letters .period drug problem and I think cops copies of the material should be so the majority of the nucleus is right here locally and that everything except the valence electrons OK adore the valence electrons sorter in this gray area this is the nucleus here in the inner shell electrons on and then you got it's almost like Is this a calm you know back in the 60 you know you share everything and so these electrons are what we call a sea of electrons and so if you apply mobile lectures on side it is flows without much resistance at all I mean very very little resistance OK so this is a metallic crystal and that would be cop they copper thinking gold OK really good conductors of heat Our and of electricity and so that's why we use of Hi this is
a new notes look at it so this
is an example of this is a class filled with people did this is a class but if this right here looks a lot like this appear there are parts over here that do look like the action very nicely organized crystals but in this case that there are there when it when things go went together they didn't quite go together as nicely and so they knew was his non-critical imports glass OK which has different properties then this would this is what it looks like when you got empty seats having ever like the grading of a dying category Diamond and all you can have a light goods better gemstone quality when diamonds are made by taking place called for the modified right questions of millions of years and temperature can sometimes there's some stuff gets in the car a perfect time would be just cop just carbon impact like that that's going to be OK but but a diamond that has flaws it is 1 that has you some imperfections in the structure so the better the diamond the more expensive it's worth but more Spencer this arm and a few of these attacks yes In the characters overweight it's actually the weight of that I don't know what it was carriers but it's it's it's await data comes from a long long time the question OK so once again this is the non-critical and this is a critical on Net this is actually
from your book it's the 1st time understanding the look well said this is the kind of stuff they give you can how and people ahead of a line but I don't why this came about because I show I want to win this next half hour show you on a little bit of Sino-Japan people as well as the life insurance or why did usual and it's once again it's too the tried and didn't think a little bit outside the box and tries find with the atmospherics of the and then worked well on somber try something that's rather blabbering actually show you something of so this is a man thing using Adams of molecules as as a guide so Will there be something like this on the exam probably not on the 1st or 2nd exam but it could be on the flight OK there could be some figures on Monday at 2 hours and the more time to think about what challenged some of you are but I can't say for sure OK but please pay attention it's simple manner it's logical stop it's not quite thinking votes you get to appoint a spike in the last 2 questions like Chinese rewarded signed him up information on the list of other show you that you actually you have information it should be asked the question that you'd never seen before you actually solved OK so we started filling straight OK I told the Dayton accords the evacuees so we start with a simple Cuba again all the way down to right there OK for questionnaires In interview filling faces if you have something like this but how much space is empty space how many how much space doesn't have the added benefit of OK so who can tell me what is the equation for the area of a circle Pinehurst where pirates were OK now what is the on equation for on a square it's going to be no link times with cases with the same it's going to be this kind of we understand that box where square and we got a so I called you right now that this radius was coming to an end and that this is 1 the 170 How what is the packing efficiency how much of this box is filled with that do it the right 170 right there what will go door-to-door because the sun asking me what efficiency is a Manciel how much I'm on sale came up you gotta take into consideration the thinking at this point we need at that point I wonder What is the percentage collectivity will do all right now you don't need anything from me this is a challenge folks which is simple this could be on an exam where do said that is 1 the 7 so people needed greater calculators needy interactive maybe I talk too much and don't listen enough I'll get so from now on you'll be docked 10 points you don't break out of it the idea that I'm taking this noises that you you know the answer to want to give me an answer you don't want on what set down but 203 by 78 . 5
assists yes I look at the Bells 1 the so what is the equation wanted took equate unit what is the length we said 1st where you need this length of time this month right what is this link right there you are right it's true art 2 centimeters since I was nice enough to give you 1 scenario so what is to times to floor the volume of the square the volume of the circle is part like this guy said earlier 2 which is going to be high divided by 4 so 3 . 1 4 divided by 4 at 6 78 per cent of this is still OK that is that the Marquesa said this year the ball this was just justice where not not here this is just back going to just 2 dimensions so there with the outside world With simpler like this article go some response Was that yes you raised your hand over used my thumbs up services it was a said before I didn't so you .period good you don't need anything I submitted you think you can acknowledging that ignited the outcome to head the out there that and that the I Have a Dream Cheney chemistry for this this is like my son four-year geometry class of going on now we will cover this guy was 1 0 with attitude is accused OK that stuff OK but we can do is people do that dude good thinking about it I want to know what is the package efficiency of that its steered in that box that Cuban box 4 .period supplier it is so the authored arguing vote that's something we should probably know for the party which is being volume of the series not that we both because I'm they are 1 OK so he she will do this problem of less than a minute you know it was answer and the father of the Islamic era you 52 per cent God the burden focus when aquifer was data How many got that the now amount of those people and that the mother How many think they might not got the right if I hadn't done this 1 over why don't you write so once again about I'm not always going to be there to tell you that this is the 1st step this is the 2nd organic chemistry folks is not like and even the following day in knowing how to get to the end of the year think about it but if you ask the question in given sample like this instead of the picture by said a circle fits exactly into or out of a box of square of square what is the volume that is not instead of showing I might have a problem focus so in manner several men do not be afraid of an agency that this is exactly so there it is right this is your fire square to squares and you get rid of this are right there at the right time to respond to all these were powerful that's now Will move
Alaska this that's right there is a a pattern efficiency for it now How many know what the together again you also what we do you know what what the hell out of the equation is for Circle Austrian OK this is what is a two-dimensional again not 3 dimensions it just 2 dimensions to pious where OK for that area how many know what the equation for the area of Texas I is used the sole collided with why would I know that outcome there is equal to 3 writers that you don't even know equipped for this for this problem you do there is equal to 3 tied the score at three-day or 2 times the length right there so that was the areas the 3 times the square root of 3 over 2 the Times Square of that area right there still was a elsewhere so the understand so now I want you to figure out in this spot right there on that 1 of them and they're all filled what is the efficiency in terms of packing for circles against Texas .period as opposed to circles and squares that about a young lady was stretchered so offer the area is 3 times for 3 Over to you and then not holding times so elsewhere that that links where I live I'm getting giddy with the radius all you need yes 6 my I don't want you to think and Bulgaria so we want the OK when we don't just want we want what is the efficiency much that got stuff is there and there OK or Idaho which of the light blue is there to honor percentages like we had here what is it with you what for which 1 release all eyes on argument is that you just kind of went up "quotation mark LED that about you done how many got about 90 per cent to but 91 per cent OK so I didn't need folks to give you what the radius was 1 this is where you got it all right here How can look at it right here is at the center of the circle and so inexorable OK so what is the length of the speech right to right 2 so you don't need to know the radius is wanted to revive house what you guys are you that you and I are in your circle equation and you can have an article your otherwise OK so we get this is that this is the only party that included treaty not really tricky got how many survivors inside that had gone 3 1 and then you got a 3rd don't want to briefly at 6 600 so 6 times the 3rd until plus 1 of 3 see that the research so you need have 3 circles in 1 hexagons Sonja multiply this thing through you know that there's a 3 the is pilots where that what they are and that and that here gamer we had we had a for the past 3 not to we have to what do we have to stop if you want to have a lot things of like there is wrote so this had been 3 in the front and that 3 of its square at 3 over 2 but the link here folks is too harsh right Ellis to to use that serious wears any headed to the 2 underneath this OK so the hearing that continues to times the 3 soldiers 6 the scenario is environmentally charge about this and in the end you get 19 points OK a simple way it has nothing to do with chemistry and I think you can get inside some of the state the examples of as long as they giggle wanted equating the fact that I would not expect you remember what had gone is like yet remember but that still books this is of the question from your book can it's accounting that they would like India with but it's simple math geometry and its common can if I had not the 1st time I told you that this was I wonder so we would have freaked out Google Indiana number you can point him in the end it was really just pirates were over 2 hours squared no was 1 so sometimes you need a little bit deeper because they all like I I don't have enough information in a reality and you have the information or you don't need the information you need to know what here so what's involved in managing the map exercises can but I can ask you a question on what happened efficiency USA map common example OK
this 1 ideas to show you
what looks like the the characters assume that's correct when showing some measure many many undertaking push this button
OK entry thank you letters
hold this goes back to what it was that was talking about so you had this lattice structure thing also is a little tiny hole right in there just looking at movie do so we clearly whatever to handle all the stuff that I dump your important you think just about a natural for there were done
I can't handle any more