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Lecture 2. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part II

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Lecture 2. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part II

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Lecture 2. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part II
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:02:29 Phases 0:11:40 Intermolecular Forces: Van der Waals Forces 0:13:03 Intermolecular Forces: Picture 0:14:58 Intermolecular Forces vs Intramolecular Forces 0:18:30 Intermolecular Forces: Dipole-Dipole Forces 0:21:08 Electronegativity 0:25:42 Carbon Dioxide MOlecular Model 0:27:08 VSEPR 0:28:22 Intermolecular Forces: Ion-Dipole Forces 0:30:29 Sodium Ion-Dipole Example 0:32:56 Intermolecular Forces: Dispersion Forces 0:34:24 Induced Dipoles Interacting with each other 0:40:08 Lewis Dot Structure 0:44:54 Trend of Electronegativity 0:47:16 What Type(s) of Intermolecular Foces Exist 0:48:13 Disperion Example 0:49:48 Intermolecular Forces: Hydrogen Bond 0:54:15 Why Does Water have a Higher Bioiling Point 1:06:32 Dispersion Example 1:08:16 Melting Points Figure 1:10:25 Surface Tension 1:12:18 Properties of Liquids
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OK today were really talking about different phases of Ebadi told you I don't like the book ,comma Idaho 3 phases so I'm not sure why gasses which is what what rape and Josette Aaron I do research on the left of this chapter on some of the gasses into the tiger better but the most part were talk about sells liquids which is you can see appear Costa's aired this picture so I guess they didn't know they were talking about it all along anybody know I have this year yes the law is also looking at any other reason Is anybody no position on the way shouting away OK lightning and plans by you know as to the information Our very shallow person yes his name is Donald like thank you very much and I guess Dr. Donald Blinken yes and the site granted in 88 who get coming foreign-funded God he was a very strange guy he's still strange and I never understood why what gave me in 1969 ,comma that had 4 and then the got there opened up and there's Donald likened the next page users of Sublett young Dr. Donald will save the world or something like this and so on jury role was in my office and and when I showed him that he's got this huge growers face and he took the comic and when I came back to win obviously all my but the doors language says who you are and is before said not like that had not "quotation mark like that of colored comic with the Donald Blake will save the world I think it's still on my door the case has become the well office when you walk and you'll see that the and was this actually came out last year I think during this class and I think it was very well so I signed I will really show that in 10 years I just local so we're talking
about faces and we live a three-phase world OK this guy right here as somewhat again we don't water in liquid form there's also water up above the ghastly just so you know all these notes everything from the date of the stories I tell you go on the class website I'm sorry that it's not on right now I account and that that food saying that and I feel crappy but isn't that weird on Tuesday but you couldn't help but I today I feel a little better but I still folk art and so on so I'm a little bit behind but but these notes everything you see will go on and you can download it and so don't spend a lot of time today writing down staff of because you have all right stuff that is like a note to you OK evidently phases gas liquids and solids and now we have to do is change in temperature we 1 another and gasses and gasses assumed the ball in the shade so might take some those guys water right right now it's nicely contained in the liquid is right here any ice in here not to have 2 face we have the liquid and then we have some gas molecules appropriate now I take this important bill right here on deal the following address Bob so that got some liquid water on the ground now unfortunately the kind of went outside the humidity is such that I'm not sure this is going to drive through yesterday when I did this carpet so that you couldn't see it but the and .period insisted that this water may or may not evaporate completely in the next hour will certainly done by next time we have class of however the water molecules that means the liquid and all the gas station could actually still be here when we come back another circulation that there could actually some but what is getting what I do guarantee is that when at the end of class there get the water molecules that jumped off list would go up and all around and end up right back up the back of the room can at some guesswork gasses just like to be by themselves that want to run into each other that they like to be there like like ostracize himself from everything OK so that being said that means that they have a few volume take up of where the liquid liquid that was in that thing was this big and the it were solidly if we were to freeze this thing 3rd of reason 10 .period wouldn't change much OK liquid solid varietal to reporters later on we'll talk about it but there's very little difference for that and yet gas wise huge it's anybody I would give you a rule of law also was say this that in this class folks I am interested in you learning generalizations of care on less interested in the exception to the rule OK if something isn't right 90 95 of the time that you can use this rule for this is always bigger than this OK and if there is an exception I will let you know what I'm less worried about being able to say come up until ready exception if you're a chemistry major you go on you take physical chemistry and some of the things you can learn about the exceptions and why they are acceptance but but for right now I just want you to be able to conceptualize what it is that we're doing OK and that generally speaking this is the trend so under tell you something that either may Elpida in this class and nobody will help sometime in some cases local gasses take up about an hour times of more war in the liquid you can think about the house it's not exactly powerful at the bottom for some gasses at 1500 brothers it's 500 of him but it is a on the order of the house so I think that's half a liter of water OK that was in that model but say successful if we need let it known that would actually filled not happen with 500 liters 500 meters of water we would have been a vapor phase OK so solos molecules are far apart as opposed to right next to each other on the fact that I will the ideal gas along the means that basically 1 molecule of see the other that's an ideal thing they go idea when you start pressurized but in in this room right now just about every gasses in an ideal form in the far enough apart that hit each other occasionally but it's nothing like when you're on in and then a closed thing like liquid intitial factor who can tell me told an on who can tell me what is the molecular weight but was 1 mole 1 mole all water 18 aces 18 grams per mole per baking rest more that 2 wheels making GM remember you may not remember this but 1 mole again His 22 . 4 meters 1 mole of gas cheaply is 20 . 4 liters so . 2 leaders versus 18 the same so too do the donned white think 18 kinds of thousand that's 18 liters regard close 2010 good so the point is is that gasses are huge OK so they can therefore be compressed they expanded than you can compress unless we can have a compressed air tankers scuba tank that's at 2 thousand PSI they compress easily liquids on the other hand do not liquids you know you can't make them compressed well all nor solids OK the density because gasses food all around the density is very low and therefore the rate compressible density these guys in high and they really are not compressible these gasses that some of the water is at least a meter or a flat out at Southport ,comma for sure gas molecules is 1 of the movie so in the forest motion goes against promoted you hear all Water I can sloshing around here fair and it can roll around and all past each other as if it were just device that I would sit right here and just right there so televised is the and the vibrating position how like you folks you guys are like a lattice structure right now get everyone uses see little fidgety maybe OK but you're not OK and you don't move until you get enough energy enough kinetic energy to move out of that scene which is the energy you get when we get close to the period of Al-Qaeda when I say class dismissed every gets up and you become a liquid chemicals solid OK so why not show what you can get around that with but that is it were at forward got about structure of solids
and liquids mainly in this 1 and done it turns out that you are a solemn literary has based on the interaction of molecules of molecules with molecules OK so this guy's their Jordan's veteran and he's came up with these forces prolonged growth so that there are 3 types of forces there's a dipole Bible when will Rawlings trust me that's where you have a small molecule for molecule "quotation mark absurd aligning the negative and would positive and farms and and then you've got a poor molecule on this is a battle that will be designed and then you have something works like a rifle induced dipole just where you have some little bit of charge that just what passes by somebody or something and it just causes Michael instantaneous charge differential and so that happens but between a polar molecule and Paul Molitor and ion Opel and the dispersion is basically everything's got this 1st area so the reason why things the solids liquids and gasses are dependent on how strong these forces are the stronger the elector forces the more they want to be together so where suggested an overview order now go through each 1 ad nausea so this
picture right here is like the class right here here we are today we are in each little and this is what a solemn would look like and then this is like in the stretch would be like giving it energy against over here I did this energy with so-called nothing happens and called on that little themselves are right about here I look up here there's a war room molecule like it looks like you generated take up the middle years 1 and there's water bottom so right about here is where we have phase change we're going in this direction from a solid too little of that that's what happens given up energy In the end and we know that taken some life put it your freezer don't do this but you put in your freezer unit in the region is optimal you watch it it's not His Lundgren Freedom walking free put that piece of ice right here and he did so it can eventually watching melting what used to get the outsiders Lemelle 1st rights why because it's the outsiders giving the energy from molecules in the air it is also slowly melts outside toward the inside and that just because of the energy that it's getting on chief and once again that it is 0 3 halves so if you increase the team a sampling energy didn't jump out of sync OK this is very
important that this is a hell of a lot of almost sure multiple-choice question on the exam for fault occurred and that is going to be that intermolecular forces intervened between molecules intro means within the molecule so intermolecular forces once again by the attraction of of let's say this young lady here and this young lady here again those to audition later this guy's somewhere that sort of close all right that's that interaction in the trial molecular would be you know your Armenia right OK within the molecule itself and so you have bonding that we're really talking about here which is the force that holds molecules together and then you're gonna have bonding like covalent bonds which you about which are the bond that holds the hydrogen to the oxygen can be very different question be something like that intermolecular forces are the forces at the true between molecules or within a molecule the US intermolecular his between molecules so I take is 1 of those on the ground right now I get a hot skillet I poured in there I have to put in 41 killed duels debate vaporize 18 grams 1 that water is already 100 agree that it takes another 41 year modules the heated up and get it to vaporize out of 41 to give go from a liquid to 41 Gillard jewels are now that the intermolecular forces as those forces that are causing a costly 41 killed duels the that water 2 seperate from itself however to break all the only sponsored 1 more water would cost 930 just like 20 times more 2 inches from molecular bonds are much stronger than intermolecular now I'm not saying that there is not a somber inter their closed in but generally speaking intermolecular forces are much less than in from molecular force general all these things which we'll get to later Bowling .period melting-point vaporization fusion sublimation are all functions of intermolecular forces so once again the intermolecular forces the stronger they are the less likely something is gonna wanna go from 1 phase to another OK so I looked at the books How are you supposed to know when something's got lost in if you have not been top elected negativity I look at a book like the 1st time they thought of electronic medium pace 630 I that's about a dozen Japan's after Chapter 5 so I'm going to have to I've got some military negatively just General Electric every stuff the show you how you determine whether something is while you have a negative and awaiting a possible and now mostly should have heard the word likely to be when you understand likely to be an artist is another thing but should we heard of it but but what happens is is that if you have a situation like this is is a dipole by all this is work a molecule has a sort of a positive and a negative and he's a little tiny charges folks this is not like a whole plus charge a whole 1 after this is all a little bit like you morning a little bit of my good friend you've given everything you give them a little bit of and that's what's happening here this was a molecule this side has taken a little literally electron density OK with maybe only enough water to per became very very small but if you have a situation like this then you end up with an orientation looks like it was negative and positive negative and positive partly due to their positive this year other lined up this is a much more energetically favorable than if you had a plus you might see a posthumous here that's like taking 2 magnitude Maradona coming you ever I was at the hands ever taken a magnet that like a horse Umaga something like this you cannot wishes Superman or for but you cannot put magnets together the analogy .period north and south you have nothing to give them a good Jew trying to go together like this in the Serb Republic to right here and it really is hard to get him to do this OK so this is much more favorable than his lead north-south megastore together like that much happier like that they're trying to force them like that that's what this is like in a situation like this this is where you have a dipole bipolar direction and you got the part and trying to get as close to major events as possible and vise versa so folks this is a
general take you do not need to write this down and I want you to destroy understanding that on a periodic table generally speaking Elektra negativity it's strong if you go from the left side right side in the bottom of the time 2 flooring is the most electronic mostly a lovely and Francie Middle East Tucker generally speaking this is you know and what it means to be like related means that you really liked you know only have share of humility like you will proceed rather Justin share well they wanted your toys but there were people there and that's what OK these the spoiled kids up here and these are the loving wonderful giving people yes nobody has had no desire to these are I was going to say something I can't say because I'm being filled but the point is that that these these are like not even in the body and they are they so happy With the electrons that they've got and the match up everything in their shells are filled that no they have the use of the electric In fact these will talk a little bit about somebody's but there are so Florian is the most going out rescue last you this way so that Europe focused so it will look at this would you say oxygen is more or less alone elect negative than aluminum more he's right so looking at the anywhere to live down here you can make a general statement like that but if I laughter is I oxygen and Correa who that's a tough 1 because this 1 because once further laughter from the right game so I'm not going to ask you wanted to know With chlorine and oxygen which 1 is more likely but I will ask is whether something up here is more likely the summer here or something here is more like the nakedness something over here but they yes I'm not going past there will be an exam questions says which 1 has it is more likely to nod I want you to understand that these up in here and they will engage electrons and things like hydrogen carbon are less willing and that they're willing to give up of electron don't because in the 8 stories is the worst H after on sharing and meal associated the the other polling electrons away from the age thing because it's in here and ages higher but it's it's it's they just got on with it is sort of in the middle the game when I was in high school or Florian was given a value of 4 . 0 and I Genentech was 2 . 1 so clearly the fluorine electrons to work so I would not have the question I want I would ask is Is there if you had a bond and we're do this and that a bond of C Beyond foresee that Is it going to be polite what will the ambassador's questioning in a matter of fact but generally speaking this is like the accumulation this something doesn't share well and 170 electrons and I can tell that something to Poland and so question would you like to make it in different carbon and oxygen and which was looking at a generally speaking you need is a harrowing wonders remembered was like passing out periodic table on exam of things of this quarter past his almost an accord covers over here therefore oxygen is more like a negative and so sealed blondes always pulling Ward electrons toward so that the negative and and the carbon having lost electrons now becomes a part of her so look at that so I just
said then he or she was gonna pull horse OK so the drawn out there the charge distribution here's the central carbon years anyway we brought it to the last drop their leaves the plastered across the like the plot on close to the decided upon the positive side and there was for the negative so here we have a ninja dipole moment that has electrons going this way however equally charged for this way so I stood up there and I have to be able to come up To further 2 people absolutely equal strength fascinates people on my arms just like this when I moved in theory I would move right I would now if I were buying and they called like this OK but when appalling directly so you have you can have a bottle internal battle moment but the molecule itself noted that you can draw and there that would show which way was positive areas so this has no direct no doubt will therefore start up or molecules occur this has no dipole moment look at this
and if you remember India CPI are that we have all electrons are centralized all along here yet however would otherwise be a
CPI Tulsa's OK builders has agency can you think that would be like theater we have bunny ears OK and they take up a lot of space and so instead of being linear like CEO was all decided you that something is pushing the strategy but could bonds like this so that is behind you pushing so now if you've got something like this clearly this is needed here this is positive here I think the next slide was show this then is what the Bible looks like you got the revival here people here in the overall 1 dropped right through their negative and positive and just like that so this has a dipole moment therefore it can have died Bible interaction the dipole that erections pretty OK so something has a dipole moment that Sabri .period rejected cannot needed to have won stay with a friend to stay in the solution or whatever OK so I and II policies just OK that is the whole is old .period folks the All charge which is a whole lot more we're talking about on this thing this negative here on on water it is like that but 20 of the chart OK this is all charge this is that the people like sodium iodide in water the salt but water and you have the negative and the oxygen water on going toward this the positive images the hygiene and for that this is a very strong bond because of all charges you know what I and talked about who will make the equation forecasts but charges very important charging distances huge inadequate legal charges of print charge and so on I and II for interaction is very strong and that's why I picked some table salt but take table salt and put it on the table right now and we walk away nobody touches it would be here when we come back on Tuesday will be here and here Tuesday will be 100 years Jessamine insult assault images just it's very happy being in that crystal and 4 it would have to put water on just disappear and that's because of this negated you have water it actually can grabbed from the outside just like the ice melted put salt and water it starts to be pulled apart from the outside world is full of art because you can have a point to water molecules around the sodium and abundant water molecules around this and actually energy is actually more favorable In a situation like that then the assault was very happy sitting as a silent so I very strong generally speaking the strongest intermolecular forces so I don't
agree with this as well so where the cellular survivors of the you can put all these all water molecules so this is a part a plot Australia so the negative oxygen the negative and the water and air and water water water water water can go around the city the 6 different molecules with say of water around that 1 of of sodium it was very strong OK same thing around if they voted right again we can with the negative here and then it would be the Huygens would be going toward so guess what have you ever put enough support In water that it didn't dissolve anymore you know what you know why there is a certain limit damage solitude and put the water right here you got 6 waters around that sodium than that is more favorable than the pieces Salt sitting as a solid but he notified it's not to the point of salt in the water so that you end up limiting so you if I molecules that 6 assaulted as not enough of the a Moroccan policies on points all in just keep power given the Dead Sea anybody that's OK but the dancing you want about this would solve solvency same thing OK very soft matches because his none of make a model because although wages but with 1 guy that's what this is and that's why we had to charge plus to solicit strong interaction yet stronger mission this week in strong relative to this this is weak relative to just about everything else is a strong OK I'm bipolar strong but if you change the charge then you have a question to charged in this interaction is much stronger today but I'm like all strong and that's
what it looks like 2 different formal can you got the plus and going toward the the analyzes native and went to work together
dispersion and this
version Everybody has disbursed every molecules yeah that's very likely every molecule has this type of intermolecular forces I'm dipole dipole Bible Bible induced by Paul dispersion I think it's going to be dispersion OK it's very little tiny induction because on the molecule you know what I I'm about the scene OK we're talking about something like when I DNA with something that's got lots of carbon hydrogen bonds and other things on the market and there's little tiny charge differences in you can actually induce just just like that OK so everything has dispersion so you can induce a dipole OK with with with something that really doesn't have much you can do this is unusual molecule is no dipole moment we put a cat next to it and you can sort of cheese a little the electricity the electrons to to go in 1 direction of K 1 direction or the other same thing you can also get a dipole induced title look at now it's it's not very strong usually accepts figured faith so this is what it looks like going not color you got these guys is sort of float around just alliances the the temporary I sort of oscillations in charge and so on charges all along its backbone and and just instantaneously end up with a little positive in 1 area with negative and that this fleeting solid changing but it's going throughout the so dispersion is important solemnly lamented that do you think this version is very alone around molecule or along the only 1 Kerry if I were to have always layout and I asked somebody problems stand right here and was a drop of the you can it all up I said getting a drop it would be easier for them to catch it dropped like this where I don't like that like this I did buy the catch the watch nodded rather Michael bike ride couldn't do this this thing going on OK so the point is that the US others come along and Anglea bacon fat gravity here OK and that's what this version is OK it's this is seasonal temporary staff varied and grandmother looked was charge eliminated the eliminated yielded positive there it's kind of like we can't make your mind up guide some ecology of you want to go to a movie you want to do something and you know parties saying he has pretty sanity amid a situation like that we're not quite sure you want to go there is good reason to donors good reasons not to go to a national fixed that this person instead of guy so but dispersion rules the day
OK look at this so if a cop what a hydrogen marriage 444 . release and I think that this is not methane is not a polar molecules that is because even know there's a little bit of joint difference I think I think this is up but on the on mild skier was a 2 . 5 on the likening to the scale and this is to what was so it's a little bit of charges so there's a little bit of electron density toward the car is survived by I got for them all polling exactly on so that I'm not moving just like it was the top of the options would come not so there is no net dipole moments of the United formal they even know modeling Florian usually want electron tried Heusley wants electrons but if all being pulled in the same direction it is not a polar molecules then you cannot draw a dipole moment for because we got some on this way some negative on this winter made 1 that was available in the school and you like that for ropes on you and they're all pulling in the same strength in you not moving about and that's what's happened all the time OK so the only difference tho is that what is bordered to the carbon here is getting bigger OK bigger more like 20 lawmakers a lot methane melts 182 below as cold as brutally cold can see you replace hydrogen with a flooring and you are 32 degrees warmer when you know CCL you know your call but don't . 3 below 0 and samples for OK so that means CCO 4 would be a solid at the South Pole CBR poor doesn't melt on 90 degrees almost boiling and CI for 171 sort of CI forward sit right here let them just like a chunk out of salt and because his knuckleball wilting in 171 degrees C. all although voters because of what is attached to the car and the fact that this is big and got lots of electrons lots a man and is polarized and has these little instantaneous things where it will loan and borrowing take electrons OK so in this case I've met again in this case not decides which shape when it Anderson shapes and but generally speaking the more electrons the bigger the more moral dispersed so I should be able to use questions says OK the CIA forces sealed for we Europe for MCI for which 1 has more dispersion hearsay this 1 see I for because you give periodic table like you will only examine the on walls here the cell I dined with the heaviest is the furthest 1 down located by far the heaviest OK "quotation mark the it so
how meaning that you understand the memory of so let me in it give me some analogies OK intermolecular forces but in terms of changing phases that's what it's all about it if have strong intermolecular forces then you're happy and the jury if you're not the have we intermolecular forces then a little bit energy along so think about it as at party OK you have party and is a party with a half-dozen your best friends the guy having a very good report like that book this inference from without so have another new best friends now haven't even been deployed we're party with a bunch of people you don't like and more so let me ask you go through OK now how many you raise your hands full time raise your hand OK so those available to the view that a part with lots of good friends and people I like it so that the party we had like there were a lot of friends OK you shaking your head like you understand I write you just OK so Matthew question which party will you more likely to leave early the 1 we get like anybody and they like you maybe that's what they to borrow or the 1 we have a lot of friends what we going anywhere or so not the 1 where you got friends although we know only that north and the report on so so that it would forces that is all it is what the attraction is holding you where your again and so on if you are strongly being held by dispersion by dipole bipolar actions by I & II or whatever it is and they have not yet I don't have to be your best friend they could be something new you know there's lots of different things that would keep the party and then there's other things that might make you leave OK maybe it's not just that there's people who you don't like that make heard that somebody at the party has a disease for the flow OK or an eye infection something that you don't want to get game that has nothing to do with come what may be the of but major best friend it is a matter of policy that in like forces got weaker and of waterfront years worth our money going so it all adds up to you have to consider everything not just more a molecular forces but all OK because it is it's used Jialing right now OK perfect because she might be at a party saying people same but she's time having never left the party because you really yes that may while media having fun but maybe common took over said you know exam the Martian partying you know I really should be sleeping arms the study so as to those of you that animals are so close that what is it think of the party OK what is holding you in the body it was helped to push for the door all right so so you have press the assassination last quarter he loves movies that structures and get a lot looking at just most are structured alive because they do predict will be a CPR they tell us whether molecules would shape looks like Casey know something like that in a case of HIV are OK on it's only 2 things is gonna be linear right footer to 2 points began make 2 points not be straight down 2 . 7 3 points then you can start doing this so this would have to be aware of someone asked this person right here you right there would move mall culture HBO are you think it could be polar alone there should be alright this was on their side Johnson collector negative and their age the are is a little bit more like the nature so what's the answer all that he has fallen out with these electrons coming a little more toward the rolling methane told you nothing here's ideas carbon realism or right this is higher the previous similar but actually had a little bit less I think I'm so carbon actually falls a little intellectually beach water but not much but but 1st a steady growth Everything polling exactly against each other so nothing nothing moves now I have to do is find a foray into that 1 chlorine also becomes Poland during 1 -dash and replace the him because that's enough call instead of media like this always that this 1 has fallen apart like this among Democratic answer so I don't a photo so I'm not going to get you there will be a periodic table on your examples I just want to have this is what the negativity generally looked like nothing that actually operated between you know this 1 and this 1 or this 1 and this 1 OK it's too tough OK so if it's completely linear and it's got the same type collector negatively police direction which is a hydride hybrid then there's good out of as such I think I can do it for you there are lots will be
CPR comes in because we might have thought that this is going to be linear like C O 2 but because we only have 1 volunteer work crime we had to the 1 the bloody years for a push this alone but this was so the dipole moment these guys he suffers from these options that kind approach are more like related and solvable so this becomes positive this is negative source gonna plus years inviting Arab down like this with a plus charge appear so it is polar again so it's gonna die political interaction so In this case we have died hole-by-hole and 1st this case will its in this case we have Bible babble interspersed so don't get everything it has disbursed everything this is an
example this is I believe c 5 pending this was contain this 1 is a C 15 compounds ,comma like Serbs care what more viscous and this is my last Easter always always always go from CA 15 per se 18 added 3 comments and went from being drool so I like .period good work and wax which is any 3 all because of version it's just carbonized that's all there is to this bill dipole moment but look at what this version does can actually make hydrocarbons into solids so this folk Yukon say there is no I'm liable is stronger than all dispersed generally speaking Spurs this week with the bigger the molecule gets by DNA datasets because as 1 of illiquid so this is the difference that chain-link fence and flopping as can can give you and this is what it looks like is basis the death of skull strain on you can have more interactions here round once you're much less surface area is the volume of this is the same as that but see there's just actually here so you get something has come a long stringy it can stand more despairing something just 1
you know noted that month this is a special kind of of special kind of dipole Bible now the Saudi government it only happens with 3 we have 3 things involved a fluorine and oxygen and nitrogen that's get 3 things will get you must have a hydrogen attached to a flooring nitrogen and oxygen OK it's gotta be attached to 1 of the key behind local on that nothing so here we have a hydrogen oxygen here we have a heightened destination and here we have a heightened after floor it's all that we have that situation so the hydrogen folks is involved in undermining must be attached to 1 of those 3 atoms of cash or doesn't have and what happens is that that highlighted is attached to the oxygen and nitrogen or the flooring because of the election negativity of those :colon electrons toward it so that this is a positive and negative and positive and negative and positive and negative and actually sees the electron long pairs but those their sit there said there sees it although the ot the other on another option 19 flooring and goes forward the very strong bonds intermolecular forces on but still strong bond OK so it only happens if you have oxygen nitrogen or flooring they can line up like this and they want like this so you must have the hydrogen hydrogen involved folks have to be attached to oxygen nitrogen before so something like nothing CH 4 get you want to know the but other anytime in the at the bonded an option in Nigeria Foreign note therefore hydrogen bomb she noted that
methane personals linear 2nd of all there is no sense
formatted monster for covalent bonds because they were talking about here I think but I want to do something for the coast OK so this question is why chlorine and went .period right off I will show you OK I think another minute or so don't we trekked doping traits that something will want Huygens on it can warmly and intramolecular hydrogen bombs because they are informal acutely monitor carbon OK those are all very strong demand 400 jewels to break above bonds OK but there but they do not have the intermolecular force way and this
is what water scarcity of water water the negative and looking red and red here and and you can see that this thing this is an often here so you had a positive and here you have positive and hear words moved and so the blues line up for the Reds are because of the interaction between between the electrons are on this 1 right here so you got this oxygen I'm so that fits the description and then this has hairs out here and so on this is where the imagine is occurring and oxygen or water "quotation mark bond twice and then so
what is what I wanted .period nature OK why waiting list this is what this is about as it even more pointed to it OK dipole wise this is stronger OK while which which 1 is going to have a higher .period "quotation mark which means which 1 was lead the party last which means which 1 has more attractions OK well this has had bombing and this is irrational this is a little bit bigger so dispersion Wiese's would maybe win on but which Water form to hydrogen bonds assume it is so strong water can actually 1401 -dash looking at the moment there of this 1 here and another -dash will fare over here you can do that for you only have 1 so it cannot do that OK
so this is the 1st thing that your book is given me that we've gone over so that our and that fight gets up from your book that's a cynical ,comma that gave this is a transient going the see that movie was that it's a very small Aubrey every quick actually a look solely on sort of instantaneous type thing dipole look you got city streets and got 0 here so this is a negative :colon this was the A-plus and here so when you've got this is your boss in the molecule here later in the year to this lines up with this and that is not a transient that's just always the poker so you got interaction with a positive and I and the negative and another side in mind blue water get very strong generally speaking folks that's how it goes OK and generally speaking that this version is lower hole-by-hole this is so immediate and bonding is more energetic generally speaking because once you think about the Whitewater it's too low pretty lightweight it enables 100 agrees it's got a lot of reasons to stay in liquid phase III This is for you to do
what you think about this right now this is like that of many examples of this is a good question was not agreed questions OK question for an exam so I want you they choose which of these is going to have the lowest warning .period not .period what does it mean lot boiling point don't forget about the the laws boiling .period means that you're the first one on the party you're the first one to leave the party OK having the highest boiling point range of a wireless believe the part In case was there were looking for the molecule that is the only the party 1st which means it has the least amount of intermolecular forces that's what that means that for this quest is asking so instead of saying which molecule has the least amount of mutter among the forces I'm worried and delivered a four-way yes the so we have choices are start appoint somebody or I was Alireza who wants to do which 1 so you can do by process elimination occurs which 1 of the things In it is still in Waimea liquid for a while or was to to be the favorite who was raised about it yet zenith she says she says seen on why we seizing on his early hegemonic dipole interaction can always she sings xenon is the only 1st what we think of as the as old not made up for it was asking our focus of the city on so she's thinking really 1st because it has no that will Bible is catalyze monarch again so this 1 is a possibility of 1st again there was a lot of I wanted another choice another nephew played even chloride C the Italy 1st he did OK why it's going to to work the case however I if you add all these electrons out is again the small dealers 54 he added 17 and 17 and you get pretty close To be at about the same size promises got a bad question because that is the gaming even corridors like Epsom salts I think and so adjust the salt so it's really an unfair I would Weiss said this would not be good question because that 1 thing so unless you would know that that was salt it also track so that is actually the highest the last would leave the party as like salt water on the table salt is hangs around with that again next OK which 1 has had the money this guy right there has in a way that these managers vote cannot be involved in hegemonic we understand that those items right there can now be involved as bombing why are they catch the OH the know they're all wanted the cop is a cop allowed here here and here day this is wanted to that carbon this has news over here scandal-ridden Democratic source but there aren't so poisonous that undermining so you can cross them that is not going to be the first one to leave the party right because it's got it's got a little bit his version but it's also the hegemonic seat Delaware that that that guys hanging around for a while that might the the party but it's only going to be there for a lot of this 1 His so that 1 Zitouni hegemonic Nova what scientists know idle money going what got 1 word spreads that it's been a bad guy find problems that already in use 60 electrons zeal has 54 and of added to local on so we said this is absolutely not going leave early this 1 because its assault or not can only so that would have these 2 this has more electrons is more deadly wildly this is and so this lady right here is correct it is seen as Unilever OK and I believe Australia the morning .period trend now 1st of all we just did but so this is 1st version and this is version and look at the difference in in boiling point 166 and this is above room temperature this containing gasoline credit if it was form of well-off will quickly than what would be union gasoline OK so once again wobbly is good even if it would have the same exact number electrons is this would be higher boiling because the dispersion is we understand they all add up OK this 1 had this version that day and it had had and this is just a bad they should put that in there was a trick question but I wouldn't that because I didn't know because I was giving I don't I will was the better understand ball that's what no
tricks on this 1 Chavez dug on so we where we had the time and all they all have value money OH OH OH OH dead so that all the money yes from you stretch Tucker yes last month he says I would get so he's right the question once again we say highest boiling point that means if you hang around longer which means most intermolecular forces so we have had money in all then when 2 of many had him on this 1 . 1 2 writes that this as 1 item on this as 1 eligible so if you look at these studious which 1 has a higher boiling .period you'd say that's 1 because it's got more dispersed at the same time more but than the same -dash bombing but this has an extra government and the 370 origins and so it has more support for this and a of 1 . that water has to its smaller discretion wife attacked who I demand and this 1 here 200 bonds and invaded water so it's going to perform 200 this is to act their forwards go this direction that 1 item on small 1 2 arguments and on the big so this 1 is in fact the 1 that's going school .period when stand once again then add things up here let's see what the what the actual boiling points are
the now I might I might folks I ask you it is a water has 373 reasons the boiling point estimated boiling point of OK now what I think 471 if he'd endured of course everyone I think Cheney that's all you need is is greater than 373 good we're homeless dispersion is get that is the home you see on what with this I want you to understand trend I want to understand the boiling point of all of this is going to be higher than that but I do not know know how to calculate myself nor I expect you get the point where this is going to be reads 1 OK it couldn't agrees to good 100 degrees I wouldn't say that I know of India found but I wouldn't know that it was going to be more than 30 40 degrees but I want you to understand the true of OK what you look at something will say this has this and therefore it has a lot of reasons misstated part of the party is in whatever phase urea Oregon they want
to get this version is this Asperger's floppy stuff long spaghetti-strap you may forget how we're amazed began having less a little too long before you like to get out of the pack and what happens you reach with those little things that like the little wooden spikes honoraria my wife has endangered boilerplate is to big blocked that's unless we get a lot you know I love my wife that I say person during the point is that what it so you want to have the same problem as bad it instead of long spaghetti things you had made when the little tiny pastors elbows and some global right like make macaroni and cheese I can still sticking together but they don't stick together much because another wall OK it's like having an extension cord there is all 1 out of here if I can extension cords and a big box even if I had them "quotation mark nicely OK if I reach a grand bottom 1 I'm not going to get it out without grabbing some stuff that they're all and actually tied together like that I can region pulled out just a molecular weights but different physical shape makes a huge difference in terms of it's dispersion of character so what can actually disbursed is all about and allegedly done big molecules than this burden
when wanted the melting point we saw that before huge differences going high-density here and that is totally because of not because this case it's it's polar enough with symmetrical molecule of nothing but this version going on here and yet we look at summit has a boiling point of water bigger water OK OK so if
we look at something that has a lot of the informal of electrons yet -dash jumped 10 germanium silicon and -dash this is still the trend in terms of boiling point in the period on what you would get in terms of mowing .period saucy is somewhat linear OK I look at this 1 HIH .period Cl and then we have here but we've got to come down here like this and up in a story in the come down like this and appeared H 2 0 OK and that is because this is 1 HL & & H and call for item on this is all because of the bombing the other guy here after only 1 the chlorine chlorine a little bit of calculated that its employees that can creep up a little bit but too low to make a case a little bit too big it's down 1 flooring but the bigger with more diffuse and so you tend not to have that strong about negative positive I think alike to sell so yes it you could argue that that chlorine has a small amount of it but it's too small you worry about except for you OK so what is this all about it doesn't rise above we would expect water 2 at about -minus 100 instead of all "quotation mark and we're done a lot but we have no money for
Service Center I like to watch the nature shows I just want people to and in others like this Little League was a result of the :colon run on the water is that big wet feet or something like this but but because the service station can do that answer attention because it's kind of like not all your friends and your only on you so like trying to get out the door the door is here and you try to get out of there .period yes I would like to there only with 1 work on killed while you said that we do it because I said so to reunite 190 well because a lot of the equations that we have come up with are based on an absolute 0 the New nothing global absolute deaths so it's not my rule but I'm stuck with the equation and selected deposits black-run equation and it's like 1 over T minus 1 to last won over T-1 you .period Celsius and eventually screwed the wall you can never go wrong using Kelly never to see you the model all this history 73 is boiling that's the problem so this is what you get is a media frenzy and this is the door appear and these your friends really don't want to leave and so there's a tendency of molecules have a this directed toward the general populace and that's what ends up actually allowing mosquito 2 sit on top of the water because the water is being pulled down like this and this is the service attention and it's all because in wider
forces of like this look that's what these guys have more traction these yet don't have it up on top of this is net fall down so it's almost like he got a little bit about a Web up on top of him just a little bit of a little Web up there and that's why we end up forming armed groups is nice little
love our balls of Water and stopping them ice cold drink you notice that the whole outside doesn't get wet it starts up little bubbles Tokyo and Seoul Connecticut enabled