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Lecture 1. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part I

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Lecture 1. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part I

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Lecture 1. Intermolecular Forces Liquids & Solids, Part I
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:48:33 First to Measure Gases: Gay Lussac 0:50:24 Genealogy (Academic Heritage) 0:51:38 Stratospheric Chemistry 0:57:54 CFC 1:01:00 Cicerone and Stolarski (Catalytic Cycle) 1:05:26 What are the effects fo reduced stratospheric ozone? 1:06:45 DNA Mutation 1:07:49 Ozone Graph 1:09:40 Weather balloon Photos 1:10:14 Ozone Over McMurdo Station, Antartica 1:12:25 Polar Stratospheric Clouds 1:13:45 Concentration vs Time Graph 1:14:01 South Pole Photos
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so close with full house others I think 454 seats in this room and there are foreign 54 with people and the role so you need a period of time to get a seat and I think it's a lot better to sit in a seat in the Senate in the the always on both of your and while environment on some of way this is the classic this splashy what sit on the selection but you don't have to I 1 of the long-haul which is from right over the direction of office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays to this class for 2 0 look at this class to clusters with 388 Josette want a those is the head of the institute said Enron and the other years is where Marie Okabe said so this treaty at this hour the New England quietly have I think what they're up to tells you that there's something but you have to think of when they just check the website website said that was not enough felt I am really not good on the ball but I'm pretty good with e-mail alright and so make sure you check your e-mail I mean it's not so long ago school year ,comma but it's important he rejecting the least once they got more because I will send out something or like the was today at more or something in all right so please check your e-mail on this is the checkbook and likable but I had no choice OK we will use it as a reference I have assigned this is the time for the 1 that had right there I work on by the signing of find discussion which will Letterman Army but the book tends to go into I think it was mathematically that I would like to classes is a chemistry class and I would prefer To understand the concepts rather than being able to the Mac Jeffery important and that that seems like there's an awful lot of time spent on a cool attractions and that and more .period understand what that means is supposed to be catalyst so openly so why not only on the book but Wikipedia if you think that I have not done a good job on hydrogen-bonding intermolecular forces something like this you know there's now you folks your generation has tools available to them that will allow you to just justify not usually agreement but on it is there so we used textbook as a guide that encyclopedia and as the source of war discussion questions OK now
in the line of fire usually have to events that I will always e-mail you if it's a good e-mailed to me OK I don't want did you you people I see you people I mean your generation you get these balls you know I don't understand Twitter I where is attached you post on the are also used to getting text or whatever and then replying to it and this sometimes you don't think much as you should know before you actually replied look at how regret text that you wish you had that it can help you the new onslaught of time because of them we that that I wish I could this not hit accent but all right so I said to you I think on Friday in an e-mail saying the discussion for this week for this class which start on Wednesday OK so I said that I thought it was clear within 2 minutes within 2 minutes I received this e-mail if we have discussed on Tuesday she would go discusses the 1st week Unocal's you know what but then I would 392 at all the following interest when the director of a vote if I sent e-mail I want you to think about it doesn't mean that only the states I may say something that makes sentinel sites but media a couple times before we respond that incident during the focus on it you e-mail me and I do not respond really means that I'm sick or your e-mail users to 1 can I mean I had students after the exam sending e-mail they're all the them skiing local all industry and sometimes we we professors th make a mistake so you can get your exams and you can look at them and if there is a mistake you can then bring it to my attention and I will fix so what I you want to just e-mail me and say I didn't want some qualified John To they attach the actual text the company which plans to and what the name is not students know how I can't respond to folks need to take some responsibility OK and so that's what expecting this class this accumulatable obvious why on the way out on a few minutes again so volunteered to I am here to With fear and shame that transfixed market which was last month I think I'm shape may be denied the money but again this is all on the internet OK all of last winter was homework stuff of can it's electrical work I have apologized costume money and you know that where can I didn't know was cost each 20 dollars I'm sorry but the other were I think we had enough problems with that means that this is worth more than 20 dollars OK so I had 1 student last nite and told me that that they had problems getting on this website on if you there is a need something on the Times Web site that offers what do I have no control over I actually that we have like this disability assigned to you so I'm items personal terms as President George guy so what better way I'm not readers little of the boom the 1999 case of sticker shock your on OK so Breen wanted something in return that means I want to read the attention OK don't ask me any good anything about electronica OK I have absolutely no control the whole world is still for Chapter 5 midnight on the 18th OK that's when will that since the week we will finish out the fun and that's what I want you to know I don't know if what I said that date whether that means that you can't do any homework has said it regretted has said I don't know OK I expect you to know if you do your grade in the whole world doesn't have a lot like the order maybe 10 per cent of our and most of those who do its object full-dress Solomon in most cases everybody gets about the percent battery perceptions of homework and the end of that really do what for him was and then so this is to do everything aside from the Japanese due at the end of the 2nd case so we had to win to justify communications systems chapters of this fight yet so laughter class last year as a kind of work last week of classes so do do not really know me anything about policy do silently without being underground spoke at the service all the class website P R I think 7 discussion questions that will lead to but what happens to be the way that we will start to discussion sections as you can ask anything more than a bad deal out of explaining a hydrogen bond then after 2 years the questions the discussion questions are questions that I would expect you be able to answer oral exam so the questions it's a guide for the types of questions we will have on the Internet you can answer those questions and then you better discussions and work with material the on their way to be a nuisance dust questions they start on Wednesday so what I'm saying is is that the Wednesday discussion sections again tomorrow and then from then on we made and those discussion questions the post-Sept discussion questions which haven't even the ones will talk about that and I are good for for the next 5 years so when victory Friday and Monday Tuesday and on Wednesday which starts next discussions about so everybody will get the questions and then move on to the next so sometime next week I will talk about what happened and more questions which amended
the discussions that start on Wednesday because of light winds that started Monday for the losses get your want there you can hopefully about love and this is as important as this is something that gets me cranky and I want everyone to know what the mileage I think it's OK .period over for individually than I do not know if you get the engines of 15 years 60 do not e-mail mayor ,comma Pappas said last month is is is very there's no individual greater focus it's all the more we had everything the 2 later the final hole quizzes whatever where we get a lot distribution and that usually outside looking distribution and and eyesight rates from that the way he did you don't have to ask the question is always do really well OK so I had to last year who got behind as well I think on everything she the if she OK so doing well is not as lacking in everybody OK I can get everybody middle-class if you perform really really well and can I be forced to do that unfortunately because somebody you are obviously some not show why on and it sends me and so no great scientists this is what going along with his mentor to Draper that .period process while 44 cents and then we ending up with the distribution can I not held around to the distribution of the biological sciences it works like a 17 per cent 30 more were forward-thinking OK I do it relevant to what my colleagues to OK so I believe that if you there and later on in the company or its roles of the ball you also don't have to ask which agree because that's not the position I want to be OK and making up romances like another OK as long I can and I had no control they take away complete control for this class for me because in the past I screwed up he would come up with an idea last night's edition of his the energy that I would add more people than were actually allowed in the class and cost all kinds of problems and so 15 years ago they realize professors were not and that we will could we trust to sell everything has be done I I signal control that people e-mail me mother waiting list but also a lot of susceptibility e-mails when I had I had no idea I really hadn't made the long-awaited so I can't tell you where you are or how it wouldn't run others classroom thing of Casey didn't show up and then wanted these in 1103 outsider is where we have to shorten the undergraduate folks can continue some assistance and academic Garcia and I'm obligated to show you this and tell you about this because it it turns out that I find somebody cheating I will be prosecuted the external law which means a letter goes your filed liens others you never know whether school it's not like that cheating passenger not cheat alright everybody must understand that cheating is not the way to get ahead but is waiting in line of ideas website the look of this what really exams get a 10 per cent some like that from the discussion questions electronically the area said Thailand's wine is a sense in the book elections and possibly other Japanese the electron homework this is the discussion questions I you and loved 3 in areas that will also be on the same question Is anybody in this room who has taken me for 1 week before focus in my about only legs and you know always questioned about so he took me is can be when I went take me McCain remember the question of the other dissolved last question at the end of the adjacent OK with that question local radio did the same question I'm so lazy bold ideas cut paste that is the honest truth and you've used all seem to get it right every test ideas for questions you know it's the 1st examines the 2nd part of the same line and on the 1st of wounded three-quarters of we will get all right and how well most of will get something local but it's amazing how the not a whole lot of people realize that the violence was something along line I slaves on how stupid people and and trust that stupid people Israel that with more people but it happens that will tell you I'm telling you it's going to be on the same every time and then know that's what to trust it's mail then was tour Our hope we don't know this is still focus posted instead of every 2 weeks into another chapter at the end of the year for wins on Thursday the end of the month in the moment and then on Thursday to mark morning socks I mean the only thing worse than the 1 connected to the works so far already were a couple of laps last nite 6 to 7 20 on the wanted to use this 14 hours later someone was a cranky Craig here so I will cost up know when they're finally was Friday it's happened that nite I like the school in the 6 o'clock I to find which means going out and break all nite so this is this is bad news for this last week you by all of greater that same day so OK so here they look on the website will stick to this screenplay mostly kicking on the Staten Island where they were not about this so fit into that
again classrooms a retirement scheme the falls apart from can once again different I realized there were years when I was your age was still just anybody with water and conflict so this is a problem of the trust problem on but we didn't have that we can have the Internet try to utilize this fall there is like an an addiction it's amazing last nite I had a young woman sitting migrated here from wrote during a like not this part is not keeping his use words that are material like OK this is going to explain to you what those treated in respect of the point again OK so you and I said You know this stuff she said right here through an what was that Biden told you so anyway follows you go ahead and I commend who will sit with just said there on who has Down's syndrome that can you come and been my group that was Montana have fears and he will make an announcement to you every day center for cellphones released put 1 side I can't make it up yourself OK at that but it's quiet enough a look at but I have to talk with them a lot joint so far from being 1 at OK now you know what I can promise you last nite I don't like the pulled there rush you know or what but what I was talking about the people time and I'm trying explain them was no I don't care if you respect me How can I am holding at underscored that while you know I've had better not worse you know the about of the 190 I would like to do things that I can do your job of trying to convey important concepts without going into debt so but the
respect and talking about hold is a portent of OK is this lady right here is Sinead taking notes like a son of a gun and this lady right here to talk about this later which disrupting her and those around him so that's what I'm worried about I worry about somebody troops chatting and and causing persons anybody around and not be able to focus like a show that respect OK 361 ending on Dec . 1 2 years the coming through the door at 40 that was the last year there were moments came in and on what right front in salary and like tenants in elections I mean what I couldn't believe it not respect each other actually no problem and I don't care to solidify its leaders last nite during the waterborne election by people sleep but there were many notes it that sold that's you know this is not destructive I'm I expect you to be quiet I was wondering why I expect you to be what you think it will be more like yourselves consent for an hour and 20 minutes well almost adventure on the other end without a thought focus so you have this month of the congress said this is a company that getting into 1 dollar make them work work than I did note that by not like a percentage that I would feel obligated to maybe help but I don't get anything so half them and then go to the gene that we are the focus of the suggestion the whole thing yet the study Taylor understand what you think I mean my study of how many hours on weekdays she studies this class I don't know it's different for each 1 of you so you need a study to work the textbook once again marginally helpful get on it gives you more serious expects you know what I was trying to translate that into what remains of the as the question of course is that you are more than happy to answer questions the improvements if you say you don't talk to fans to talk to swell and all the more important that help them but if you want a suggestion that the any the during OK there are clearing services available to you which brings me to
the cell there IS department to far right however the department didn't want to 3 4 OK I think this 51 OK so so what I like to think is you could e-mail the weather will put it on the part on all Americans website who the jurors got are a hand were you going to do what you gotta do whatever and Arizona and so the department to get everything OK then there's a lot of which I think there are more sorry and we have sold it wasn't something that will be the focus of the inquiry the little exchange making stuff will make a quick buck ironies even from what was formerly known your office and were ordered after you the former head of the on the orders of the fire had 1 more time on the use of the Ontario already wary you could make you so it's very helpful .period OK but alone I don't underestimated how much opening game and not trying to be rude thereunder saying he did everything possible to help you learn the material welcome back I will answer questions during class is that you nothing says allowed about because with a laser I can get that guy right there scratching his head and you can bring up so the flashlight when you can act like was on duty OK I might get hurt I gave him OK I can beat anybody and so on I will ask the questions never asked questions various somewhat OK I but I will I say well what kind of hydrogen bonding and what is this will assist you know how many offenders who have detained him I would you and then she would say probably there to the Falklands and on by accused OK and that we we can never declared that I was involved here I will call you sleep get on the I'm not I'm not trying to where I just want you to to be involved and the look on people's faces OK is liable to go in but it's not as if that is the fact that I have made several questions last year got his number she will of the highest everything going out there and let me tell you something about them is not in seeking she gained entry on some of the local and more and so on might try bear of what the midpoint the worst last week class put a lot into it all right so anybody the electoral I the like 10 years although he comes to like we know 1 professor nonunion plan is going for winners the pieces you 930 collateral from and that's exactly what he said 9 European across and he is not like high school that is distinct from the not going like that help you are in this class was delighted and unless he implicitly you go on your computer and Onida Tellier whenever he had a lot to do yourself so it's very important to that if you do not want that did not and does not degenerate .period I mean it's having this guy what was it was his excuse OK with in the it's actresses timeout after 2 weeks of Irish wasn't into it without therefore that's like going to the end next week to drop out of school class he 6 weeks you didn't do it after the 1st exam now it's know me 40 government decision will stay with me and as a way win lot on or off .period isn't the only until the end next week but you gotta do not properly discussed questions and managerial so the jury duty on that Friday that threatened have more facts OK OK I guess is the 1 we around and secondly where 3 1 2 there will be some pop quizzes and class of actually done that folks and so it's not for new but I do it and I have no allowance union thereof from Class a very questions about housekeeping this is the kind that yes all why well ,comma was good weather so I don't do that wouldn't magazine Saturday it's a it takes way too long but sometimes it's worth the time engaged so I'm really skin problems so if you don't show up here is not includes there's it's not highway and threatened to show up local issues you up just because you was short do discussion right I would tell you only because on certain days 22 last year I did just that turn and I had some stinginess erasing festival I can't find a spot of the the background check was not alone when a person goes to the hotel and the room was 11 1 6 do they know the 11th floor I hope so you know people feel travel out works the room number has something to do with the 1st number 2 1 1 years that so this 1st we realize that this is really a a question 5 . the 5 . 4 5 . 6 I was just but a college students could not I said to the questions in the back of the chapter it's outside the box holds on make the neighbors on either of the thinking that it's going a question number to go it's not so these are the questions that you will be doing in discussion Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday and obedience Sedgewick but the
question any question sold about
of Canada's really on so
where does all of you they were quite good advice can you don't get in the UC system without having been elected top whatever fired him for of cash on I would be willing to that the average GPA in high school in this question was closed 4 . 0 ACC that is something that will .period 5 sixes which are ridiculous as we had just 8 there was no flies and how many full will together in every class now hope will need you can get likable would be in the sea it has had sign of and but you are all very worried about the European is 1 can every 1 of you every 1 of you in this class again I promise you that every 1 of you could get you that smart you local but you know they're going to be out on 15 and classical music many 100 or more piggies acts how's the person who had a 4 . 0 in highschool unity unity in a chemistry class you know what I why is somebody who got great great nights will not getting a great Lazio amateur you know that you know the whole maybe still that are telling you what to do your homework and stuff predicted that the hand but in handgun the end ,comma happen even with children OK I didn't bother with high school what can I do to .period 8 that is 2 . 7 something but rather and so I was not agrees to buy a lot of bad news is there a war OK back in the sixties and so In my which took life 2nd quarter like this quarter right now in fact I would get 1 January 6 Over my freshman year OK so imagine instead of sitting here listening invoking Winston lunch hour so 4 years ago today after my tour abilities I like a man because I had not been a good student school I could go to good schools and and so I would think we got which actually quite good for me because of my soul transition and I would use and then I went to get my my Bachelors exhilarated by PhD here the so that 1 all right so this
would be meeting could have been 41 years ago :colon they have a guarantee that you won't fall through .period she'll appear there what were the future role of the community shot onto the same time area and you just walk up lower order this is the a black box operation Blake the show hints about a year temperature there are some areas where and every week you walk in and between 2 bone Bull Bull Bull so this is the same guy with a different topic but the fact that every winning the trust that we have and so I probably had about 15 of 20 shots and you know that you but they would shoot if you move the wrong time just to wait there was and we have a man K and wouldn't have hurt I have I lot of latest but anyway the new criteria that but so they would shoot you and then he would disappear take me all this guy would leave in this category there will be no like anything I know also like someone leads you choose someone got on number 1 thing that the few with a shot in the next so we had to walk in with a cotton balls and we had in the world you would be doing things together so anyway OK also that's so close you know and I don't have a lot of sense for much of that when credit is the guy who can get the homework done who have a sore throat who don't because this is what I was doing right thing this thing 41 years ago so once again because I was forced to to stuff you know what I mean during the you don't sleep much even when you're not you can sometimes nervously watched and watched the control of your life because you go here and he got so once again I think he did have a very very nice and that and so I'm not that it all asking you to do something there to study harder work part of 2 that
I wasn't there this is I'm also dressed up my fear and I was really the case wines of Citizenship Award of 750 recruits I was the number 1 group that Best Group just as other nite with failing his people and stuff but that they Lebanon not again back then that is not I was smiling a lot of man was not watching 1 great so
what I gave up myself I told you because I am not confess to to you that I was not a good thing but I can turn things around alright and I did turn things around I went from that not that grade average in high school to a better grade averages Community College to these length of speeches to wear too many years ago over 3 years of chairman chemistry come from a guy that's what I saw Michael at my high school can all of you what you have to look after the nature the good but they will usually go to counteract the wearing of told me this is God hasn't herself has actually professor they've got what it was references Yoshitomi should on the same day gas-electric hybrid 325 now I exactly what used to be a very good and hear what I said OK she told me what I would have told that we would have liked which now she said she looks like flower so can and she said Sago gas-electric it's time for for 325 debate issues in all while the God's care you know what I'm kind of Lisbon during which that was there so I knew that this is accomplished because there awaiting the dollars 35 3 warnings from that of the also wouldn't want me to it but the so so you can do it OK they were stored in the collection of since the election so it is life 1st class I took was organic chemistry because that article Macon general chemistry one-quarter of the 1 for the ones that I and I studied at about the same level as the ceiling that I had at the community college and unique on his back then were much easier now everywhere and so is the immediate aid to the needy college with it without but not particularly in Africa and so I studied the utility alike agree that that committee college and I ended up with the Inter-American 1st Court first-quarter still AIG called in the office that involves placing you can as a calculator so worrying out it's also nearly year think you're likely to find that .period the next 2 3 years is going down the drain .period unfortunately both sends me to say this but that the people in this very closely where he e-mailed me after the final since Professor blink of an engineering major this while whatever I do I cannot do not have this class I'm on academic probation you know I mean it's not so I guess I was 1 academic probation before they had at work kind and not so other fine for that would be an important last 200 points I got 92 phenomenal under current global interest gyrating 1 so I read the class the next quarter not having remember much report but this time I proved the difference I did every problem at the back of each chapter while we were doing that yet the proactive can then for the military I did all the qualities that suggested that before the Japanese besides the overdose and stuff lecture and then the final hit every ball the back a rejected because I problem in the book replied no on March 27 1970 6 I was no smarter than it was on December 10 1975 and knows award my CPU had not changed OK but I got laid out 200 all these examined in did I got 192 and if you look at the I screamed once on the Net public too no smarter no 1 it's it was because I work and I studied and I studied my study and I probably spent 3 hours a week on that 1 class Brent crude myself I won't some telling the story
about myself so this is just the rest of the way so you could study hard because all of that has been made in the opera ironically might occur but that doesn't mean you can be more successful you have to work hard and that's what I can call it being invasion shaken that that's what in I realized I didn't want to be doing what I was forced to do and so I said more about style I did it and its work so you cannot get a hold on any questions yes I was I didn't OK so what do I have I don't want work so but no asking more questions will present story after the period when the review election OK so because I personal problems than I was when I was in the service I was actually intelligence that he took a test like the SAT but somewhere and if you score a certain level you could even be a nuclear person or stop it's true that so I was 5 and that I didn't have this by listening to the people Morse code the the Russians the heir of the name of where I was stationed 2 who was supposed be spiral distant with and there's a lot of not the molten I mean just sitting there was nobody communicating on the social Internet but on the radio waves and so he had a group of students from real people sitting in a room that is but small arms they came up with the game trivial pursuit OK before the beginning of the 1st to use mineral questions all right so I might have to to use their to dinner in what year did Galileo discovered the 3 moons around you and use the same she says I necessary from sources place that would be in 1561 and then I wouldn't have these people don't start you know and then deals that would have aspect a question and then they would have been question I could never answered questions in all the questions like What was the name of Alexander the Great's horse the prepares I was 19 at home but people know these entities and after 1 while of these was economy of OK Canadian unnecessary and USC new Piccolomini go does it's a simple question 1st of all morning and horrible I so mean don't know mean picking on somebody that doesn't know I'm not nice and any literally 909 assist any got word that we have had the great .period School had performed a high school other competent youthful talent and so on I certainly don't and so at some point I asked this like a midnight watching I said so what is the topic of major income and they should talk about it and give the canister and that's what the highest degree this paper that's well against I had to prove to myself that I wasn't that simple might occur and so on that's part of the story I will tell you in other parts of a little bit but that's so it was what I got seriously in the next half hour exciting research we've been doing so that's a great distance is what I did and so that's got more and more exciting and and had appealed to me and I just felt this was I got can lower that's the definition of law where preparation meets opportunity because the study hobbies and I was promised after right focus any questions they know more about me than I know about any In the final more money than you like so let's get more of them will talk later about this study studies that we're doing let me just say that there some very exciting said is that we're doing a well what did you do much to care well beyond the northwest questions so the role of
Williams group for the Group a merger with where guests of the subject from our his group that is famous for majoring gasses in the atmosphere that's what all of them and we take a sample of this rule we take whatever the data that I was looking at before I came to class this morning was data collected in Saudi Arabia bombing during the hot physical I was in in Saudi Arabia on and people think me going about getting old we were actually studying during the pilgrimage where you have an extra 3 or 4 million on of pilgrims that show up in general and get them back on studying what impact that has on air quality and on the health of people very excited study and this is a gotta 1 of your creates the system could be his only 1 of his pieces projects OK so close a lot couple years 3 years may be very excited majoring in indemnification OK so this sharing of what guys been sacked the other is somebody else's student this is the 1st step is like the last thing that they evacuated the weather balloon element of 5 or 6 or 7 miles up and they collected air samples because they didn't know what the atmosphere look like all the new modems you look like down here so he was discovering what the atmosphere with the composition atmosphere was at 5 6 7 miles up and so this is exactly the first one that 1 the main line anyway this is my
and Josette and areas of academic heritage or so this is me that year and was where this is professor role get I was my migrated so I worked for 6 years with him as on my PhD the U.S. research adviser was well below the 1 living invented carbon 14 dating OK very important discoveries Sherry William updated stratospheric ozone pollution than about price in 1985 go back to about 60 people were lightly but will and living in exactly so Aaron end-users but in the pictures right here when they get this lecture attenuation local are because they would my academic children look at such California Nova what was the most likely guys and so on they were financed by interesting tennis just
a bit short of sharing and marveling at the 3 that women will arise and the work that talk about
but but now you do not need it I would tell you today molecular when you absolutely need know they will write down for that 3 10 per cent of the that's what today's lectures about is the 310 said last question on every exam cut cut-and-paste paste OK that you have the right to just tried explaining how this whole system works properly stratosphere we have lost in the rule of the 101 per cent are often the atmosphere this new means in this case is a cold delegates vote life like this they did the right now is full consular my face on so the oxygen molecules get hit by some radiation breaks the 2 often passed over Adams individual 1 molecules of interconnected get more than 1 the other molecule and what you have then it can interact with an oxygen molecule was the 3rd bodies to make an a little more than an hour that kind also is very because ozone then could absorb radiation and breaks into the option to go to a obstinate and and the products of this reaction of the reactants to this reaction so disciples at this site was either side to side level so you can and you can get rid of on this way so basically this is the that understanding that a certain amount of ozone that is in the stratosphere happened about 10 30 miles above us and it is that this absorption right here that you just fine OK if we didn't have all the we would not be online market because without the ozone redundancies removing that harmful radiation we just get fried yeah that's where the big Oregon the U.S. got of questions later in front row on serious thought about the focus so but thank you because it's so important we realize this government out about here moral rather rich is transferred all in general and not this looking at the results of that that that I will talk about the past but this is how it all works in absorbs radiation and reform makers of many areas broken up was back at the edges sigh so sunlight hits it breaks apart back and I have been for a long time now that just occurred to
get the same thing over and just went on and off the field molecule it's an option a option that was the end of an e-mail Oh for those who were more visual 3
kinds of ultraviolet light generally speaking year and the agency you is more flying energy and don't make it past fields on the basis of that they go in and around you need little bit is that this is like a guess an advertised for sunscreen but I didn't mean to be entity is 1 makes all the way down so low that makes it down but not not so as much as you I think this is the start think about it you will a little bit estimated that I'm not going make them look but everyone of Soviet we removed some clothes on it's not here bed it is rolling some of that radiation then there's more radiation can come back and be like if if you have a of went outside I studied unilateral morale we know some ahead but it might take some pianists and the meals start poking holes in that umbrella a little lights that attached to come through and that's what there and what's during Morrison want what they discover proposed that the old law could be a problem could be in jeopardy so this your notes from meeting back in 1971 where somebody put an instrument they just invented put on a show it went from England to World War II and back and what they noticed was that there was more all these things all 3 options in the north of here than in the summer of great agreed on In shares rose 1 can aching back this is interested I wonder what the chemical fate of these 3 because it will be In going into was in on reactor yes so basically procedures will run out of money on the West there was always that something can be removed from the atmosphere going great a way that you could remove something that we put into the atmosphere happened we give rainfall yes range is a very good 1 and it look at the like this after rains in the look at getting about for some time because there's always wanted so what happens is the of democratic particles and they ran out Turns out CFC is not right now so they didn't think of something something devastating coalition is it's not just that get as like in January when she was notified in 1997 that insulin and the Washington well maybe there some things that I think mechanically removed so there are lots of things in a way that you can remove but what curious called this meeting was was that this thing was the these molecules were not so this is CFC 11 o'clock tutorial to morning 50 year that really means it go put some the atmosphere today it's going to be 50 years before two-thirds of its not all too there is some means that someone has a lot to lifetime that when you're my age when you're my age the stuff that we didn't and that I put in the area in the sixties still so we very long like so it's been a the kind of thing where I was that but this is the structure of the deal struck the good
news is that smart guy had just finished a dredging work at Berkeley with the enjoy insurance group during about the meeting this is allowed others to everything should work on a B and C was enough I'm curious about the removal of CFCs so this is where they had forbidden Boston Moran was a foreign which means he going be taken ,comma look into 2 stuff being blown apart with the sun's rays as opposed to being a hydrologist with the they have gotten so is all the more so was he took a cell it's sort of like puts the a long and shine a light the China Light when and if it turns out that it's a win-win for whatever went on of came None of that was removed which means there was no absorption by any kept cranking down the way language means the energy increased and eventually got under 220 narratives To armor part of the 1 and only 96 per cent the crackdown of water to tens and horizontally and 80 the thinking that meant absorbing to runs upstairs culture does look like it will be a mystery this thing and it turns out that there are some that at wavelengths last year 220 nothing but wavelength shorter which means more energy then he worked through the problems for month OK so now sharing model is information but they don't always like it where it is thank this radiation is a mail upon occasion the ozone layer removed was amended noted Twinam unless I wanted to do what case plenty to aid case 2002 what really really hot of so they have to think about what would happen if in this also you were to deposit chlorine gas in the same time to sign rosters around the last there are also strongly condemned the chancellor the use of professor than he was the dean and that he was chancellor and now he is the president of the African Sciences which is the most powerful scientific organization in the world OK so like the most powerful scientists in the world so Iraqis to be here now is that is in his 2nd term as the Mexican Sciences present so rich and restore the analysis came up with this site dislocate you have it is 1 of stratosphere it the cloying would react with an optional utilities by the police it is the birthplace of our projected absolutely no other than many people jumped to but so pouring of free chlorine rationalism former the when I feel that this season of since then Major element you molecule story that in itself is a big deal with the problem is that the numbers scoring American beers and is 1 of all 1 in destroys about 100 miles of those this culture the catalytic destruction of ozone the question on the channel said With chemical equations show we chlorine cattle indestructible you do just that bottle OK not just 1 if you show Justice top 1 then you're right this is destructive although would is not contradict you got be and the 2nd 1 is his catalytic quite communities .period now free to come back up there so unique that entire area no the reason sharing wired got the Nobel not Robert Rich is because Jerry Moran actually came with a source of of glory while operators recently the there were going and stratosphere as well as likely said the relevance of the stratosphere we destroy ozone that maybe the gates but there are no roads and mountain which had no reason to think there was any glory during Morris had that on the examine yet this is the CCL 3 out of the new University CEO of matriarch right never problems and more encircled OK I so even this 1 or that 1 of the last closed show how the Azizah of the useful life of the stratosphere at least 2 men are catalytic ozone destruction Texas this is this :colon I also asked Who proposal that a rolling maul only pose this this year seizing destroyed stressed at the OK any Newton and go on finally we read about and once again in this case it was quarry from ruptured on the carpet .period market jumped up there and ensuring king of the same cycle also so too will the absence of brooding over each other actually quite different from that in the event came up with with this reaction is used Surabaya came up with the source the why why don't you think this
is a question on the exam OK I would say something like gives 3 the said said something like I have discussed previously you might want to senses the of the impact of reducing stratospheric ozone that that means less alone more radiation less ozone more fears was that you got skin cancers it kills plankton it's better plants all kinds of bad not that ceiling 3 things so skin cancer plankton Carol look at that for alliance through so you say those things you know .period look at In every examined the last-place so if you don't know where I was just going to let the difference on these easy points
get biology majors is more like for the company and Indiana and breaks apart and then it might be a mite reform panel weird because he's a intermolecular forces there so it's kind of a weird thing and might not go back to the exact same and any dedication so what you hope is that the what's happened the soldiers died the Bulgaria In the area Gallagher got billions of cells is a leader gap of the more than I at all right now and I can afford to lose about ourselves OK if this happens to us we want those them right now but if you're like I oneself rules that and by the Milosevic trial there like going along the ocean so you out widen the legal change so make sure you right pointed out on that list of things up I about him that's
but OK so Everything You need the examine with without again last nite I had you go back to work because of the reaction From now on this is just so you're ready OK 1 them so knows all this young lady was talking about an ozone hole in never predicted during March think about it we're at a meeting in 1984 on where like I was not I was nobody but I was invited because share and it was like a who's who along stuff and that we had no idea what was going to happen in the year of the related papers the October wholesale marriages Dobson units at once on an article would just go on the tank and so I also want to talk about the next few minutes it's just wide in the south and so OK I want you to listen but right now find that promises more just the fill in
so it turns out that when this ozone was observed with the nowhere but can't or will
we knew what it was all about but we where the atmosphere is OK so all we knew was that between the sun and the what the detectors that there was less sociologist who had no idea whether here here so a lot of it 1 science and so 1 way to try and figure out where it was in the atmosphere is the world's care
so that the loan payment right there because this is yours truly
act South Pole got a few people ever get to the South Pole especially all-expenses-paid on and this is the name of the studios also want go out of their thing goes up and it will Britain back what yields A-levels articles of the atmosphere and that's how we found out in the 80's what the ozone hole and were ready ozone was missing and look this is a notice on
the blew what is or the end of August and this is what the ozone layer is supposed to look like the data about 15 . kilometers and then what happened to the so now we knew were going because there some people that was dynamics it was stopped going in that we change the atmosphere somehow and so really just there was coming in from somewhere else was going up his talk here has much less ozone and so there some upwellings so we did not this is very exciting to see this as a very exciting time in atmospheric scientists we wrote
the article so this is the
smoking gun dealers foresee all that and what you you know see also sihanouk plenty of but to see a lot of that sealed and Jones back into that catalytic cycle of that so this is still a lot of ozone went and this was very important for legislation huge for Jimmy Anderson and all that that was the year to study
opinion so this this is the beginning so this is an airplane the boat Tuesday the beautiful OK and there have been on and this is our land we have sampled canisters inside we feel the canisters of the public that concern 160 cancer and that the field different altitudes and it tells us we can then bring back Labrador and analyze them and have a lot about what's in the type of chemistry is occurring or they can occur so this is what the
ozone hole has looked like overtime this is the master satellite data from 79 1789 89 and in 2006 and the content we can say is that 40 years ago or so there was a whole lot of this is that more quickly than lower was not so clearly using huge changes in the levels 1 of good news is that it's slowly ever so slowly getting better because
that this is the confusing policy is that these reports throughout the can you people exactly the clouds alike we have knowing series which I happen to like Super Series and so they're very high at the necessary
of chemistry that occurs on those clouds were about but clouds for Woods Hole it's called at the South Pole is above the law calls by about 10 degrees so because of that we have more clouds
radio for instance the clouds above the North Pole but this was a common occurrence at the South Pole sir this chemistry
that would take place on the particle that was free of course that there were the sun came up destroyed ozone
Somerset that's what's happening here don't worry about confused people but that's what I call sample therefore it won't cost as clouds more service area by which you can have chemistry but the result was that that in 1987 on the much of protocols signed by 46 countries that have ratified by 197 the stop using these gasses that destroys transfer goes on and that's
the good news is that the gasses many of them are decreasing concentration saw going on because the replacements for these but the last back OK says 1 going out God destroys ozone but like an attempt at the rate that is it for the gas places very excited this is
PictureTel although it is not all that is pretty cool so we have all costs
could be Josette you know the so-called 65 below the so-called this is is not how I had
a good and I was too far out there you're like 12 thousand feet he can't release closing down and it was just too scary a guilty about the cell
on October 6 1995 during the call since leaving little more than about prize for chemistry so that the 2 o'clock group at a new party in this assurance Weichel and this is my daughter up 21 and my wife and my 2 boys are on duty in the Grand Hyatt I cannot I can I can claim the any the happiness and the joy Of that I III cry when listened to the these voice assurance at 6 that morning but unlike Lincoln and I is going on an assurance of you might want to listen to the news I got a call from stock I always said I see anywhere I stood there I cried like a likewise didn't know crime analogies to exceed my friend and my colleague now and then I was
invited deliver he can bring to people His kids espouses fury brother wife 6 rout of characters from my wife and me so that actually sit there in the stands and watches lies the localizes on believable experience the dinner afterward
yes as the wife the sharing liking or by doing so this year I want to win and that his wife was next to the other came of it was an incredible experience so this is going be the
1 that is designed undoubtedly Maryland this is unlikely sharing no-brainer may know we're and our life was good
yes there was a couple years later share started fail on and I was happy because I was involved 27 days of 1787 along with German department so that remains plus this guy right here with the older boy and that its use of the family who finally got its act together the idea the worst of the street and that the graduate number 1 in the chemistry of these now the arrested its stand so he worked hard all this is the last picture sharing on Jerry died on March 10th last year and there is a building named after him you owe it to yourself to go in that building is a very nice exhibit the building you should look
at it and use sign now 11 years ago my dad died on Friday at they fell his and I'd like to talk to the nite before when in the hospital is identical twin brother who died of cancer and advised remember better than when I spoke with Father I celebrate their leases that would do so suffer little that I know then that in the last summer's both within 10 years later Gerald hospital on and I went to see him the Western there are about the 1st of March and I want to see him and what I would say that my 109 among other things is more for the resources needed sharing a white that I wondering how lonely felt about OK so after my dad passed away and still to the on Friday at a time to teach on Monday I came out of the emotional told the classics looking only gives me some comfort to know that my dad you know new and so I told the students as if you needed to do this and so on they all that I like what happened happened happened is counseling but you know every year that I've done that since the last 11 years on students willy-nilly backs the United ,comma I told him you know thank you for the hard work and all this stuff and they appreciated the idea I got nobody knowing he was going classes so this might be the last few I ask you to do this again but I would like to what the honor of the thing