Lecture 17. Final Exam Review

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Lecture 17. Final Exam Review
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UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics. Index of Topics: 0:01:14 Le Chatelier's Principle Summary 0:09:14 Calculate K for the Reaction 0:13:12 Parameters to Use in K 0:15:28 Free Energy and the Reaction Quotient 0:18:04 Delta G and K at Equilibrium 0:19:28 Multiple Equilibria 0:23:25 Equilibrium Thermodyanimcs 0:29:56 What's up With Delta G 0:33:15 Standard Free energy and Reaction Quotient 0:47:58 K and Free Energy 0:52:29 Equilibrium Composition 0:57:11 Direction of Reaction 1:00:18 Adding a Catalyst
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OK so this is the last 1 I was thinking that this union older on time goes fast amenities like you see trade on on how you feel but there but the time I thank him with that and we know anyway so so this is it so loud we will have to this we'll see each other on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock right here cost the people there in this room right now are the ones usually show up when the MPC to the ones that don't always show up my suggestion tho is that you Short early broker and the final will be about twice as long ago or we should take you about twice as long to 2 do in in the past we've had you know about 70 minutes for the exam so we will be quite a lot but I don't want had people string in India entails the 10 8 15 in the morning a passed the exam out acting so that doesn't mean mean show up the 8 that means you should be here being your seats on and ready to take the exam and had most passing out 8 otherwise it's a problem can alright well "quotation mark were under the homestretch here just a little bit about Shelly either had all kinds of questions I had a question last nite this 1 person tends will go on the aggressive side when he came up to me and he said so do you anticipate that the Thursday final exam will be pretty much like the Friday pilots and I said Well I said You know I love my lesson on the 1st exam I need to make them you different but I I'm not that creative I can't make it so that there is an incentive clauses clap on equation the question on there and what got take something the eatery despondent shallow graves opportunity there's going to be a causes clap our nite examined while the morning so he said what would it be possible in for you get the e-mail me the exam the Thursday said so I can practice continental around the shop that the timing only trying in old likening ask you know and so they wake up we will be great your exams on Thursday we will hopefully post on the way there before sent out an e-mail that has your scorers on on the Of that evening sometime on Thursday nite but we will not go go post key because of the next it's an OK so the key will be posted at some time off of Price Saturday but because once you we will start reading the the the other examples from 7 o'clock at nite until 9 o'clock at nite on Friday nite can leave the other the so I have tried in this 10 weeks sometimes I point out that this is a good question of this new good exam questions on I'm holding folks that not only you learn something about maybe have predicted a possible questions from my class but that it will work for for you later all right here is an example of what you think how could God and ask multiple-choice questions from this line of cars so which generally I love the Shelley local so if you change the concentration can you hear people everywhere and can you change the total cost of self for 1 if you change the concentration of something out of their products reckons that shift equilibrium does it change the rate constant there's a change costs the rate constant we we are trying to maintain at all costs of care so we expected to stay the same applies to make constant is . 1 this point letter what you don't want to OK and so you pull something out he don't more and it we equilibrate so that Europe .period 1 alright so let's call the rate constant for reasons of and so you do not change the rate constant derisively of the glimmering constant on by changing the number of moles or the concentration about pressures that was too much too soon guide does it change the glimmer good volume and violent pressure I'm a little bit confused this summit because I I see it as if you double the volume then you got the pressure after OK or if you cut the deployment have you increase the pressure so those 2 main should be the same the sodium asking about temperature in shift equilibrium jerk we have a reaction for him they must be able to see positive Dave and if there's some some heat given off if we add heat to 1 side it makes things happen OK or makes things slowdown so absolutely changing the temperature could shift lives change equipment costs nasa's that's the 1 thing folks that is the 1 thing that changes equilibrium constants is the temperature so I have to specifically say you at this temperature and I think what you find is that all the examples we've done so far to say that amid some wacky temperature maybe 1280 degrees but that would it's at a certain temperature of the indicate changes that we know that we seem want OK we've seen figures where it was like a lot of the Y axis it was K and on the sectors with temperature OK and if you have something something the axle ferment gives up energy as you warm up things became at low temperature wants this is low temperature here and I can't to the locate hiking start here in a kind of OK because as you warm things up more heat as a product naughty got so it slow the case temperature absolutely can affect the catalyst for the job but can also be an election but it does not shift equilibrium that does
not change it cost too so this is something that that we will get into the union of ourselves so follows this is a little bit a and there are at least 80 people missing the eye can see with anyone at state-run yourself on because there's so many empty seats OK so I want you to look at this look at this writing How many when I ask a multiple a multiple-choice question how many options do I usually give you like fire occurred but so far so if I were to ask a question on multiple choice for for what can I asked could I say when I changed acts equilibrium changes I would say concentration Bloomberg will build and if I also which 1 does not change the see this is the last question was 1 answer that's different from the other 4 the year so I'm telling you right now that the chances of being used to being on the examination 1 of them is about 90 per cent OK it would do I'm not saying that we are all right I want to do this for me right now calculate for the reaction of ethanol liquid I did not make the and I couldn't do that so this is supposed to mean copy sorry but this is mostly to errors going about giveaways both ethanol gas and the concentration or the pressure of this gas is . 3 3 on 3 3 3 atmospheres I wonder what is fair yeah liquid alongside and against on the other I resent that all those answers true which Institute right there exists massacre right case equal to the quality of the pressure of the products of the press the reactants but this OK this has a value of just not 1 so the pressure here over the Radisson became so this case gays equal to . 3 3 we know no units are necessary OK there would understand Gaynell I want you to calculate the case for this reaction ethanol liquid ethanol gas to 253 was going after what is the reason he says is . 3 3 3 what is with why is it that 253 In the so do me this supposedly little bit confused various 760 Torr In an atmosphere so divides them divide that number 253 by 760 you might that number that I gave you my 760 thousand on the map correctly . 3 3 3 so the problem folks is that while I told you at 1 point that units didn't matter and they would cancel if you only have examined on number of units that work their way out if I've got know H 2 on top certain pressure and a N N into on the bottom the unit's canceled 5 got about here find toll 5 tour hydrogen is the product and to talk of nitrogen was the reactants in its 5 over 2 and guess what the indicate is used to amass OK if I converted all at the atmosphere's I still need to have problem is that when you can just 1 thing OK there's nothing that divided by the U.S. don't cancel and many of no matter so the university matter for you can have this is the same overreaction you can have too different carries the the same thing this is . 3 3 3 and there's Pascal's there's all kinds of things that you can use OK so we have to have some normalization and that is that OK I so I suggest that you didn't commit this the memory or try and understand the concept for a quick it's 1 OK was lower on the parameters to use here this is the reference state the activity here is the number of moles Over 1 molar side of the ball out of the malarial whatever is divided by 1 more time for a Garcia's is the atmosphere bottom prices the partial pressure is in atmospheres that follows an atmosphere is the same as a bar local but I don't use lots Pascal's OK I use the fears and I used walk so it's very possible you get a question it says something this something this and that the more you get an atmosphere of a given the atmosphere is to go so what can we need set up an equation for K you must use the atmosphere only last year the same number moles on government what I mean that if you got a pleasant Beagle 2 simplicity and a and B is equal to see in India in terms of the coefficient neighboring cancels out but essence of this was that solid so if you want OK so on that last thing we could say products would be and the partial pressure we had . 3 3 3 2 the liquid that can be case equal the . 3 3 3 over and we had a little over 1 joint keep track of all year period piece in there that's what you did OK so it's very important for you to understand that there are times you can use poor and the times you can I the Tanjug news Millie and and there's time to get to for by so we're not war but
don't you today so that other stuff was too small to equilibrium at all Delta gene is equal to the overall delta G is equal to the delta you the product lines don't you react to care for everything except for 1 thing it's been product reactants 10 weeks OK and that's pretty much out state products so the reactants This is an energy diagram folks this is energy this way so much you want to swim at the time on the reactants have energy here if they actually do this and the products are lower in energy what that means villages unit plods along energy right here is a big plus the OK if this is actually lower than theirs then in the middle of the idea to go somewhere down the energy is going to be products plus heat right for actual direct reaction it looks like this and ultimately would be from here to here .period happened yet these guys need to get it to be up there certainly not spontaneous and we know that delta G is less than 0 . 0 OK if you do a calculation buildings lessons 0 that use less engaged and it's going to on a head that direction arrived here don't you think 0 at equilibrium where equilibrium In 2 equal skill and it opened use positive it is not spontaneous in queues actually bigger then came so you gotta go from the reactions of the products tied to Americans so where to go and there's a lot but I would suggest you right that delta G is equally Dr. Jeannot was Artie log hue so cues come back the queue that I made it sound like the early on was not important terms at have been reared its ugly head again so it's a good thing that I didn't trivialize it too much earlier the delta G equal to Delta Jeannot Fossati lock you wouldn't be going over several of those who don't don't don't panic with this standard and equilibrium Wendell could use a good 0 then Delta Jeannot cross-party located sequences they do
this think about it what are delta G and K at equilibrium at 25 deg C for this last nite I said Well it's obviously it's this a movements but it's wrong I wanted this thing explanation of what I just water sitting here isn't working but it's the light volume was like pulling water so I said all what is obviously 25 degrees in boiling OK and therefore water it would rather be liquid and gas at room temperature so that obviously don't you most people deserve greater 0 turns out that we were right equilibrium folks delta G equals 0 not forget them so don't read these problems on the exam sold last like I did last nite the ice screw up the OK that's the key southern that equilibrium could cut out a whole wall would continue to do the
OK so we didn't done several of these folks where it is 1 reaction at least another we actually another reaction on so it's important for you understand we did this on 0 hiking which after interview was Chapter 6 men to the settlement of the matter of so I would like to do this just humor make health care what it is OK so someone in this way for right here of a is going to be then what is case someone hoping to say that it's going to be the the concentrated be over a physical case someone like that please just let it down have a reason for asking do this so here we have a feeling that the escape also 1 so now I want to write down what is case until the case and 2 in the coastal city and airspace into action the concentrations patient Tuesday called the concentration of seeing all the concentration of and how about this 1 some these 1st 2 folks you should be able to figure out what this is OK so if you didn't do so that is right OK is equal to the overhead and K 2 is equal to loosen over outcome multiply those 2 together I mean K-1 K-2 I mean what they report to help so K 1 is able to be aware of and Kato was equal to see over so you know that we will that all problem wrote the case and 3 is equal to seal and grant but what I'm saying is that you can show yourself that's the case because to get there from agency you knew that the over a was it would pay 1 and C over me was implicated order for this first one K 1 be already be over that's K 1 K 2 is still worried that hate and these guys cancel they cancel so you just left with silver and right so you can sort of work that way so in this case defined case and 3 images multiply came 1 time skate Tuesday ,comma K 3 4 the ankle please of those reactions you had OK so some 3 is equal to H 1 without wage 1 updates to twofold this encompasses quite a few think of care it encompasses the equilibrium part of this part is to sort refresh your memory of what we did in chapters 6 or 7 whatever was on to adult-oriented do this type of thing is like a little not like dancers law but it's a lot less as long so well what's going to sort of playing with with these things .period so about the
Jeannot reaction is equal to the delta H not reaction when the Delta s not overreaction don't this is equal to want dislike of the previous critical to duty of formation minus of products minus reactor and I wish I had been able to write something up here but this if you remember Coach that Delpaggio reaction is equal to -minus RT logic OK and all this is a rearrangement of that OK In fact Winston this right now write this exact thing will occur and how we lose something in reverse when is something reverse of what we've been doing so you right that and then I want to take along the natural on the both sides the natural on both sides the I suggest you write this down I maybe got these kind of brings to light visualizes things that's wonderful she can't visualize on the exam I need to see it so make sure that you good going from visualization putting on the paper so what is we take a lot of all sides will begin what we get a log K is equal to the Navy now you and try OK so what you're saying is that you just do this is to take a lot of this makes us along catered that a lot of this new center but that's OK so you don't you like memorize 1 thing folks OK I tend to memorize that the delta G is equal to about minus Saudi log but you can play with it any way you want to vote might give you a clear I say calculate Jeannot erection that's how you do as a load of this right here all is a concert she is not a constant built Jeannot is gonna cost and this is the because so I can buy detour 3 things here you can figure out different things so once again this is a nice way I know what you wanna memorize that are not there is well you memorize the delta G not a reaction is equal to minus Saadi logging they both work can we know that it's not just that it built GE is less than 0 then the reactions of proceedings perform reactions the products it LPG is greater than 0 it's going to come back this direction dead what happens if we increase the temperature in a case where adult years less than 0 think about books I want you to III and students come to demand they say you know I can't I can't visualize this or I can visualize display can mathematically sought solace there sometimes when you can do it both ways and when you can visualize it music I can understand this and other times that you can actually Pruitt yourself mathematically alright so you have a astronomers have skills and others might want you think about this you got something like this delta G is negative what you see is that not all it usually means that there's some heat generated can memories he cannot make Delta H delta G is build age minus 2 don't s so if you've got something that is favorable there and spontaneous then there are often times during the year you have just given up but so you increase the temperature for something like this is that could make the reaction of faster or slower I heard faster but it's take a decreases and if you remember we have a lot of Delta geniuses temperature and on something that was actually there make it look like this OK the higher the this the delta decreased alright or was it was that there's a look-a-like that's OK with attempt to steer like this are that will like this so if you have folks if you have heated is generated meaning think this is adding heat right there OK I get you right there and then you can Is that going to force things in this direction this good practice way OK if I had all of you I think understand if I had by double the amount the bike W 1 of the Resurrection equilibrium in equilibrium I add more deep which way reaction and so it goes we don't think we don't have put in there is heat he is is already here and it really should be figured in on this equilibrium constants OK so if we have the anode equilibrium and I had more he would have OK so folks With the increase in temperature Kate and decrease when you have a guild G that is smaller than 0 and it'll increases can decrease attempted the just flip phone book so once again I want you to that I've showed you figures I should've plots I want you to try and understand that this is just a conceptual flight is no massive alter aside from the fact that you know that the rate that cable agree this is not ceased whatever the corporation is seeking concentrated see that Augusta-Richmond the divided by constant reiteration of green the concentration of of so if you have something else to add something here it has to come back this way vegetable on side it goes that way so I don't think he is
not a simple police is not simple for my brain and I don't understand why I I struggle with this but I thought I was going to build you know not I do so on and so the doctor Jean overreaction welcome in what is it that the the Imola is products might react so I'm I've written this OK the value of delta G any particular stage of the reaction here once again we have lots where was dealt a GE in time a member how I had 1 where I said OK this is all of the reacted side starting here in the products pure products there pure Reagan's years we had stopped and this is likely the reaction of the the progress of the reaction whatever and this and that this was dealt a G we had don't you can't keep them like this and right here it gets 0 this is where equilibrium this approach on this screen right now that this is war equilibrium is on this scale feathers equilibrium do you think we have a we favoring the reactive cycle products reacted doesn't we do we have a product we have product right this is about nominal of 3rd or 4th the way there so we have some products we have more reactors about them they were not quite as about we were started favor products more more more more more this is 1 working folks is like 10 thousand delegates there is huge and that Delta Jiang came down like this In only right they had a minimum of 0 has equilibrium was right there OK so the bigger the case the further this way we are this model the and it gained 0 . 0 0 0 0 1 was adopted U.S. Hu arm at a minimum somewhere right here there the matter where the minimum was adjusted that the minimum happened on the side so don't use changing during a reaction and that's what we need to be able to calculate so the value of of at a particular stage of the reaction somewhere in here OK is the difference in the molar Gibbs free energy Moeller means the Muller and its at standards but pressure and and concentration of the plot interactions after partial pressure or concentrations that they have at that stage not what you'd find in a book OK would you find a book is you have this and you have this new look it up he said don't use it with the miners 147 killer jewels from all of but were not an equilibrium were not extended OK not everything works at 1 molar 0 1 atmosphere so what this nobody tells us is where we are at that stage you want use weighted by these coefficients so don't think G overreaction is equal to this this is what you find in a book the reaction is that plus archaeological kiddo folks when she is equal decay right give Q is small and carried would go this direction Q is bigger than gay window in this direction and so cute tells us something and so that the delta G This is the this is like what you really get know your morale we talk about Delta each day delegated the heated reaction the problem is that is not really telling you what whether the spontaneous and local I dealt the age of negative value means insects insects over American they 100 killed jewels promote that but that didn't tell us how much we got we have to invoke sanctions and entropy is is very dependent on temperature so that we came up with delta village which is being Gibbs free energy which is dealt age minus the don't S now in order to tell whether something spontaneous you have both the improperly and the entropy OK that was built now we're finding is that this development is G is the 1 that tells us so where we on this reaction and this on the DQ park OK I think this is this is what it is like a little bit the delta G R is a little bit like a correction factor the further you are standard conditions the bigger or smaller this it's OK to look at this up here if we're at standard conditions but this is 0 focus as you move further away from standard conditions this starts to become a little bit more more important so if you're way off of standard conditions then this becomes at significant OK we're going to have few problems hopefully when you walk out of here you will be any more conducive knew what and Charlie put this together for me I would put this on the underclass website idling over right now but did it by the it's nice to review so when you write to this question let's do this question this
is 10 . 2 from your book calculating against free energy of reaction from the reaction quotient of the standard industry energy reaction for 2 SO 2 gas 2 0 2 gas going into S O 3 gas is delta G of reaction not equal to 141 . 7 killed you from all at 25 . 0 0 degrees C what is against free energy reaction when the partial pressure of the this this and this is 100 bought which is why the atmosphere's folks OK I putted atmosphere let's answer that question 1st so what is the delta GE of reaction located on what is the gives free energy reaction when we had this year given the standard free energy so remember it was delta G R a reaction is equal to men plus Artie long queue the new reactions luggage ICI divided his copy and paste this I had that reaction here to Delta G is equal to delta G R 9 which is right there last party longer Q With the all by the way is a mistake here in your book this shouldn't say save heat S O 2 the S O 2 is right that there should be a cholesterol that's where that's on the other the overreacted sides and you got which has a corporation 1 this is filled to the mission BP and to bring to book not me at this time that I can change OK so cute folks that part of his or the correction factor is 0 . 0 1 all right 0 . 0 1 both again it was built the G R is equal the delta G R A 9 wins standard loss Oct the long view what can Q is back OK lot of that anything that is a lot of what everybody take it and hit Enter 1 or whatever and then hit lot of it and help Eleanor over 1 of the user of exactly getting bigger than what 1 . 1 1 .period to 625 you a positive value coming out of log a less than 1 . 9 9 . 9 0 0 .period is 0 . 0 1 gives you a negative number of OK so you've got a negative number maybe not very big number but a negative number times are team doctor so what is the answer but here's the 1st part of this is watching the understanding conditions right there that the Jiang not is right there that was given to them and they would be there would be more quite hard times the and they get this lot of this at a small number of guy was there was 1 more step in here I think this value something like this time this is I think minus 12 killed jewels band together and you just tell me not having cheated by looking at the note OK so folks this is a different you yes but use this law answer yes which are OK so you look at the unit nobody is always and you can't always in jewels and abuse on jewels and so on the odds you'd use for this is the ball has jewels and which is the 8 . 3 1 OK 8 . 3 1 jewels produce Remo so you have that in their new book by my team said she had 4 the parties get rid of each other and you just left kill jewels from all so your answer and it has to do with little from all year we have have seen units for this to give you that's not over yet that is in jewels the jewels so you go out of my mind I was thinking ahead that's what you do not want to do is to say OK this is this part is 24 179 jewels is what you can add earnings 9 jewels to do this and come up with 2 thousand something that you've got to convert this to to kill jewels and this is the answer so with this said yes and so I said this morning this morning and I said No grabbing delicately checked at the door and I had about this but they got some e-mails from people telling me that they overheard people said but they can put calculation that include equations their calculators whatsoever I told class last nite ideographic characters announced a note your target below the superstore store by Tanaka scientific calculator which stood at all all-out more than used I'm sorry folks I wish you want this way but I think of it this way if people are actually going to program equations endanger their calculators they're going to get a better school and they deserve instances classes may not occur that means that they're cheating is going to stay put them above you and I did not want you the soccer so there's a cost benefit analysis here so you got to get spend money 10 dollars and OK which I prefer you not to spend any and you have to use new calculate I'm sorry I don't know what what what would you like to do no capital and is a concept sonogram Indiana .period not OK so low Everett standard conditions this would be 141 million 141 John but under conditions that we were in invoking on this it went up even greater Bulgaria degrees even more so this is where God again so to try and convince you of this with before we had on a hot atmosphere for everything OK do it with 1 atmosphere for everything 1 atmosphere will back to the previous page all quality register at 1 atmosphere who's got the answer you have to negative 141 why because folks In a
few is 1 that 1 of 1 1 or whatever it's 1 1 of 1 0 0 through this whole thing falls out into the delta G reaction is it will build United reaction to try and atmospheres 1 of the hostages for everything tried the so what happens to them when they go so skinny one-and-a-half square does 1 have squared times what so I think Iran is going to be won over one-half she will be 1 or whatever happens because I got a square there where their soldiers constitution 1 over 1 . 5 was along water 1 . it what is the longer 1 1 . 5 it is how many donors there while asking a question yes it from 1 no no no RTZ said gets so once you put things into this standard state OK there are no millions it's it's all divided by 180 and that is that you right that we have can do that otherwise you rightly end up with you know unless you have the exact same number of MOL's gas and then you end up with the unit and in the analog so it's everything it's going to be honored atmospheres provided by 1 atmosphere you 100 that's why there's just 100 fear and no units yes the I don't care what you give me but don't forget the gonna be the same day he was given to me and you'll than that of multiplied by houses that 141 so it's a big number OK so what is the Q what is the loss of 1 . 5 0 1 of 1 . 5 negative for something so what is that and what if we then 1 that is and what we get for the archaeological park it's all right there when we get through this negative 1 so negative what we get if we have a half of what happened to them what I have atmospheres is pretty darn close the standard and therefore the corrections this whole thing is negative ones Western 100 atmosphere if we think it was a negative 13 or something like that 12 so what is this is the correction factor this is a great mentors the further we are awakened from standard state the biggest thing here that were the bigger or smaller depending on this is going to be OK so hopefully understand and when and how you don't you think that 1 predicting the value of From the standard Gibbs free energy reaction that .period the standard Gibbs free energy reaction for half of hydrogen gas plus I have half-blind IDF goes to the whole iodine IHI is 1 plus 1 . 7 0 killed you from categories including causes for this reaction but if it has we the government so you got temperature and you got to something back to an equation that I gave you for you calculate so long case the miners killed the G are over abducted you reaction over arteries see that this you know at this year's annual so despondency and 1 . 7 times to the 3 that were until we converted under Jewell's until jewels OK because and this is in jewels so there we just have this and you'll this and you'll this in K and you come up with a lot of cases the minus 0 . 6 8 5 yes I we're going to get that good question OK so what they did was they just why hadn't solved they remembered the equation OK that the they saw rearranged because of Marysville conducive to the minor logic but does not remember how we want and is one-stop then and then use all threats of rights in this case they didn't want gays equal to this OK now what I want is what care is not like lot cases so I just take this side of the power and site of the power about 1 year calculated for that then you give them the long axis collapse so case able to point 5 it was just I that yes I do things this is not the suggested trying show you you know the relationship between K and do whatever I know you will have to drop that I will ask questions about the timing at that point the Nova this gave you this 1 I suppose that in equilibrium mixture of HCl seal to an age to the partial pressure of H 2 is 4 . 2 Millie Pascal's once demagogy Miller passed counseling atmospheres for tore Of course feel to it is the . 3 was appointed Russia of HCl at 500 degrees but OK given that the equilibrium costs to give the Clipper is 4 times 10 meetings and use the reaction H 2 was a children's to a policy of forced into ACL right there measure equation right there so you want calculate the equilibrium compositions so we're asking for is what is the cost of pressure all this OK it's West focus so Medicaid you get these old wacky things tell you right now that 4 . 2 I'm really Pascal is equal to 4 . 2 times to minimize 8 atmospheres so this is 4 . 2 but sterilized aid atmospheres and this is 8 . 3 times the minus the atmosphere's tumors United Avenue on the
exam at it was a good thing and the the the and in the land end and good so we know as the case is equal to the pressure atmospheres of down squared off over the pressure of hydrogen times suppression of CEO of we can rearrange this and say we want what is the so we just take the ACL these guys to the other side and would you say Peter K. is not equal to the pressure of hydrogen the pressure of steel to OK and they need to weigh steps for me but the because ACL squared here than they take a square root level so you got the question of ACL is equal to that of the value argument for the case this is the pressure of the hydrogen This is the pressure Of the chlorine hand because we're looking for this this is a square we take the square root that is equal to about 130 120 it's OK is equal to about the I got 118 yes the the precious VAT and the stadium as the bar concurred however is on yeah was never like that yes we a loud civilians added to what do you do that not all the we need to have a whole campaign is asking if if instead you had done so I happen to have the coefficients just guns while 1 1 2 I ask you what is really a matter I think it's a matter Kennedy so what do we do this our hopes focus to the is an easy 1 I followed orders were trying to figure out a few unfortunate don't you don't be fooled votes look at that's the reaction where the action is the undermines the trip about theirs is a liquid or solid and they're buying this stuff up I'd guess OK so here called thinking OK they can't begin into this problem if you don't know what the case OK because you the questions which way the reaction and so you figure out you if she was bigger than 10 that it goes refused Maryland cables this directive fewer small cables addressed to his playing everything in and case 46 was an Italian follows what is that going by this Isidro off drop and the the the the delta G vs temperature belted use year captures there and go way over here at about 46 is a pretty good-sized numbers so it will minimize reach equilibrium somewhere over this I said 40 600 is being further role .period 4 6 retread about so in this case folks whenever the Q 1 Q 1 care 46 which way the reaction for the products right so fold I'm not trying to confuse you but on a question like this where you have the same number of roles yet to hold the gas on time and to all the gas on the bottom if I said had called gasses or pressure of 55 told 55 for instead of . 5 5 deaths was you tossed word that four-times Tour yet coursework everything cancels it's still going to be to be 55 square over 55 55 is to get a you want and so you don't in some cases you don't have to to do the conversion just after the conversion when there different levels on top and bottom against the register proceed toward the products something going about catalysts for catalyst folks if we have a meeting here water CDs distance to win here here because that is how much energy you get off see that climbers still this activation energy and then go down there OK so about this much energy is given off .period b to see plastic what a catalyst it just makes the PAP easier OK the differences between here and here is the exact same OK it's it's a little bit like if I said I I haven't see that I want you to go from here to New Bob Walker Island located near Babylon but the path of a pleasantly goes to seat must be I'm asking Have you to take it as you go about why from this Brill on but you have to climb over Saddleback Mountain so you can't assume he aired them under there over the mountain land about wild cats that can or there the 1 where you leave this building in you can walk to the beach that's this 1 now the amount of energy different about intelligently you being here in Newport Beach doesn't matter whether you want big where my article majority Of the catalyst provides a different path was then and this little soul Hill right here is really what the terms of class something goes this is merely tall 1 that and then the rate will stay more where India's OK and get to see the results even tho you can say here makes don't image sense but this failed to it is don't do it a catalyst allows a different path so in in engineering folks using a catalyst for this can sometimes save you millions of billions of dollars for making millions and billions because you've actually been able to come up with a way to turn the sand in the gold care or coal and the diamonds OK call the Diamond folks this will their income and you can go up with a different way to make diamonds in a good so it doesn't change the nor did shift the equilibrium of the system it just allows a different path a sales manager OK so this
is I think I do that like this and she said that she had this picture anyway on so Sophos I hope you learn something I will see you all on Thursday I get I would like to say similarly