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Lecture 19. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect in Stereochemistry and Structure Determination

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Lecture 19. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect in Stereochemistry and Structure Determination

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Lecture 19. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect in Stereochemistry and Structure Determination
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Lecture 19. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect
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This is a graduate course in organic spectroscopy, focusing on modern methods used in structure determination of organic molecules. Topics include mass spectrometry; ultraviolet, chiroptical, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
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so it is going to be another respectful ,comma Tennessee was 1 of the things you have to be so all the talk about using a lot of that the Central Street the situation in hand of friendship with 1 of the world's most samples and of things up but he's so intent on the Europa and the fact that I have to say he was 1 so do all of that it's but exchange in the intensity of the president's approach will not here all of this in terms of of the activity of the after he is in response to a request by the radiation of your and so on and so on let's say that the united Europe knowledge on the 2 protons .period Proton the In molecules cell where they're here to each other and states not necessarily on the human part of its stake in we're going to do something that specifically for radiates 1 obviously we do during his spatial resolution program the rest of the world to proton appears in different frequencies and secure on 1 of these specific at and what that you use the response natural radiation or something the lines in the population of the state but I and we knew that church alters the whole Korean population out of the state's voters you know that you the way it does this year although new relaxation since it is a relaxation processes as their currency will they take time out of the water relaxation time with hundreds of them and so I recently was seen in the heart of the Chinese partner ,comma that agencies ceased to be bigger than there was 1 of the reasons for this new year over half the population that has tightened at your time on and so you will radiate you actually that population part of the reason is relaxation of policy this week that part that's always a good for a single 1 of of the following the sacking of this the medical documents ,comma over data you're going to see this means
that it will have a sector that looks like a renewal of the yeah I regularly there factors which changes an hour we don't see any change in our hands the story in the desk all over Europe now the effects of a small the approach at of this year radical tax PHH is only Brazil and normally use the values of local artists scholars and analysts said the only position so I brought here as part of a HA is reaching the age is appreciated figure is actually not faced with everything that he needs to be a bit later now I said this is effective excoriated in because it's different than the other racial groups of our throughout the universe that we need I 1 of the secrets yeah theoretical effect is actually a 200 per cent of the area the yesterday now I know there are other facts about relaxing at his parents filed a motion on we also select don't from the 2 and insensitive the size of the policy all of them ,comma that's going back in the hands of the so high molecular weight :colon so we're talking to the lady let's say greater than that was the founder of the current system but I think greater than you were at fault then tumbling by his style if 2 major energy is actually made it is the arrival next month later on for a change this is a report saying protein structures all of which would be of value these days look at some of the products that are being published state-run as products rejects some of these areas of numbers in the fall of world and I think small-molecule the is actually because what as flows from small molecules that have positive and only to the molecules that have led to know is known this year seismology jewels offered at 0 and moved no don't 1 has the right part of this it's a solid reviews and your experience that prompted him the motor and on which was set out of here and they range of say a thousand people which is based on the office "quotation mark users related expected this fall rotating over and that's all you I want show you and all of the traditional and the experience also due to hold the ball and also the thing on and around the world have satisfied the general the 1st stage of the European parts of this is
the same all right by you it's names the book it's actually the 1st part of the news release from the start of the 2nd set and so here are some of your particular molecule is important but you'll used so this page 1 hour specter of molecules and this is the end of the spectrum being which the and analysts said in which you really want and specifically reiterated his support on In it is the author of the quiet equalized population but you still see a little bit of a new government this over to smaller version it is hard to tell whether it is the the data was like that 1 has such data but the way in which 1 historically knows this because he suspected involves some small changes the way of start again this fall in differences In differences don't he said the Qantas will release from the ones that from the others was Track the 188 revenues this year instead of the minus of the actual test surprise India on the and gold "quotation mark and so I went to the beaches of the state of oversight of course we see is now during the heat is that after all if we have something to worry about all those people the state's table and something we're not used yet and that you want to meet all the things that literally when faced with literally thanks for all users that the CIA analysis at the CIA knives and only overtures you say there's some spatial proximity between and on I want to show you some of the other features in that kind of thing that traditional these conditions when during the to create will perturbations in that actually to do it right for you to use your what steps were already a year at this stage of 1 of the following year and this fall in order to minimize the fraction that you actually go up the region
summary of what we have is Europe was at even with that small perturbation so this is what you call a fraction of that the words it's not Naomi Judd I have a particular peak hour downwards after his win in the accessible and each of the relationship with the position that the as you radiation which gives us character "quotation mark Maine where the unilateral looking at this I noticed a recognition that the knowledge we have another way various way and something relations between the 2 sides of the ball and slap on was the integral to go off the area registered and go back there and you get out of this meeting people here saying that we don't get around go to bed area no 1 challenges in conventional at any sort of one-dimensional and used for the selected him in the present ,comma they had all along lines the without so it extent be part is hard to of do that it's easy to guess unless I usually tell you what's going on in order to get hold of quiet in British life without this and you can't say we've gotten in complaints selective and so it is not the way it was testing officers that this Proton spatially posted this on and on and I see this 1 get Europe but I also know that this was the time business warranted back on all the money that was the best way to be In this as well and needed this 1 in here so what sort of experience with you do all of this is all but certain ministries the results of the test and 1 you're properties that and so on we would all over Italy this well any where your earlier experiments in the government's security on the news and what you experience and strict and this is the part was that everyone a sight of them I had to go out there and he said last year I honestly don't think formation is strong knowing deal was standing in the corner was Indiana the problem was required people here you go out and do so kind I want to know what the 1 the experiments were based at preschool and he also you don't notice it but the 1 can only we is a durable experiment as the world over .period this is an attack on the ball and part of it your real example is just the 2nd time in studies of the United States the School of the the this is a it was the right thing to do all we can say all I don't see that as far as 1 of the 1 with the contractually times distorted thinking about their problems and you find your way ways to the site for waste that the point out 1 sort of thing here and that's a great thing the system so sometimes the the dozens necessarily being processed enough so you can sample respected system public and of you my file sharing parts of everything so had to that based in In Jr a thing but it's not sufficiently close they said were as a day of the year .period the irony that age Oracle's you 2 days of the year and remember this is occurring by equalizing the population of the state of race and set up a new relaxation current population have been states the but that perturbation in any of altering the population of the city and in this particular not at all over Turkey no so it's usually only the solid usually tell you that the policy is stated from front door world so I think you all In this particular case it was made prior to or on top of you or it might sell and distribute it to you experiment had won the bronze time the prime time in history experiment during the director from the Hong Over here in service the we have to
proceed another over here to the north of the In data from . 6 per cent in there are looking at this particular molecule in the years ahead problem on the side of the 1st part of the exam remembers the nite of the problem they're just by using combinations of understanding probably accidents that electronic I don't know In the the effect of the cuts you were supposed to worry about the size of this and figure out among the 2 people were substituted at access 1st used by bottom the end of the of year award for the best part is so my insides that you have molecule and we're trying to tell whether she wore when the 5 pounds and cost the district in the case you would have to clear differentiation recalls that when you look at at you know that if we were at this stage you would see a on stage of this was the 1st time period would be delivered all that traveling of all the time would you were radiator over here in this column will you would see you from this sort of time on the way we would have the words the specter of these molecules to fight very similar should you be able to out prominently which I by telling whether that would be interested in support of the stats example you use of television these the examples gave you get all hot and that the same tools a problem that has to be there and do it was the last time problem area the trying to sell their wares parents but their actions Vermont of updates mail of cases the city of old manager for a moment that we have a lot of talent and instead of just having bare medical group it is the man who had Group and all at the least positions and don't know how many people over Over here all announced area using natural action this whole group that's going to European governments anyway if can I think this stage to a U.S. there is using the CHT recent lack of progress and you can get addressed the question of whether you're dining area was this the relationship between the 2 programs we would whether it the jury this the what albeit in state more and you're asking me currently very good question so the question of arresting is basically is the end of the year of any sort of this quiet Paris so that it can happen to include and at last but have a personal example of exactly what he what we thought about it actually you know what you the article on the way like the models used by the fact that this hard so let's take a look at the example of start over my home my the experience use of that East the story the ongoing policy all that is something being reaction from the government the appointment and yet you have a professor at the Graduate Program because of the calls all the the contrary the substrate for the reaction is made out of yellow bird you is happening to me aside from all the diesel cycle it's I want to go on and we this comes at table and you will and hatred and of unsaturated part of this case and in you get the site overlooking the product of more than half of the year the great thing about reactions endangered earlier it's a previous centuries the Maryland reaction to the idea that it would people are so are there to get his cycle program man of the tournament series and what the examples we have everyone needs to to part of the folding the same get chance to take a I'm so we
have the same day as the 1st in that followed this that was the a you can't just go out there and it's the region around that parts of deal the reaching of Over here with continental groups of the researchers reviewed all of are isolated and many of on the so why that would increase the power are the rest we have been seeing this thing this year that all to now all Syria to metals funds sold out of our way to you need to have that is the I think that is the topic Pereira as saying we do have agents the center of people and the from the foreign nationals only those that in are history yeah ,comma largely due to the case the shopping singles and another case which is interest I think I can know where want to call it again now this is an example where you know you just show as it has in the past of all of this is the quality in the history of less than that of reduced relatives close to the site to honoring you guys write that over his relatively from it was fortunate to have so let are there any of the experiments on vary so in this particular activities that we directions there are I think there is a difference that are always in the background I was will be here and there there waiting and you don't see you have a lot to this is an example of a fraction of that year but a lot and he seemed very very clearly opposed to bring home because fact that I want to know how they can tell slap lower on the world already done this here here's was 74 mm that's the reunited Over here last ruler missing were all set to 1 of what I didn't know the and that will allow us to find the a From what I can so by state to point 1 divided by a set and 4 divided by 3 I find out the that's we while they were at the point of this we using same over here and find out what had happened to presented in so very radiator get out of the 10 percent the brave you know I don't know that no 1 care but then so are you saying that experiment and I was fortunate to get people it is an experiment here this is not an area where the radiator and the the internationally the man in the world well this the area over here about the viability years each this 1 of the examples that I really mm with regard to the winds up to about 2 per cent know enzymes although there have instructing them to take you where you want them to whole of unionized and the others it will the one is that a but for and I cannot history remember hearing on and I only got 1 back the time using the word in order to make prior to the society here stay home look at the the instead of the old I have had a long way to go out and buy a product from the people from the designated was there and he has the title role was getting out of hand prior to that you the kind of people the reality did you hear about this but now 1 year there is keen on him so arranged with your life the rest of the team that is going to have to look at the sound like a lot of people on the wireless decided on everything because it's easy to see the ability to to do it without standing up there it's easy to see figure but that will be what do they hold on the story and that's all you can see this last Monday at the area where the same always sending of that's also a fraction of that year last year in the In year you can see this guy year the he team said it would say the dissertation on the bottom line is that world
about 1 mm that translates to about worker safety and 1 . 0 divided about said he agreed by the the people of Europe during World War I stand and so what can I say however that so In other words you find all this theory I want to on the basis that at 1st seemed a little at the beginning of this century over that world and I will always be with friends rejected and that group when the police vehicle the fact many say they will all I felt that was 1 of the experiments that were used as friends there was not the thing is the fact is that you will be the same so anyway be careful what usually hear talk about half of all the Davis said all all In all the years leading up to now this brings up friends there is usually brings out during the Korean War last work the question of what going what is it 10 "quotation mark Laura it's sort of a little bit elected to have the best part about it is that all 3 of hydrogen fuel now at all In another what at OK let's say let's say part of the part about what's going on 1 can hear more than that at 1 point by more than animals raised on these holidays I think you know the 1 . 1 4 CCE bonds CDs in previous year the single mom is 1 of about a war on cases accidents however has so well that they it hope that a new 1 . 1 9 there is a need for a year or 2 . 2 points the 1st this is going to be touching the so too 1 2 ways "quotation mark so that's calibration are now I think is or is not always there and our history our insistence words I always salary myself and my family but they hold so we were talking about it that's all Our and Warren was taken out of all the people who have walls and slowly and they didn't he and the temperature is right about the loss of 21 years what is possible and what this year so it can operate in myself so let's say 2 2 . 5 per cent from 2 . 4 banks Bankston to said he was overjoyed when talk that's equal to 1 . 1 it is stated breed so searching for a buyer will call at close on the sale of the anomalies let's all at 1 end of the sewer so we will file a report no instances of harassment and I don't think we will be going over his head I think what we're for the things that I really consultants to value is going to be at the same time we will find that extra water over the review I said that gives you find when work I understand the need word the relative value is only 1 of them was that that means you managed to work find her and that "quotation mark sections with a certain intensity but the that intensity with which Brazil won Sonics work now I mentioned we have a sense of the point for instance where items that facilities so that no 1 but that it would be like I really went for it and we points position for 1 . 3 years positions will be retained his title from prior this this and this and that gave us any that was the friends I murkiest this was to % around there was an attack on all but obviously this long scoreless here let's continue our operations 4 . 4 8 1 over words this is equal to 2 . 4 times tend to no In 2006 it said Wow but there are worries that was was the what I was doing well in the United States at the time of the warrants were signed by the b but it was the same kind of women's status through the whole information on the I've seen and I would be willing to programs that they already said because that is the 1st of all you might say that the same classification could still see some of the I don't know how great models in that 1 reason they're about half of what the number 1 .period against last it sounds in this is 250 on that I will improve both on the origin of the of closer to the walls of the said that the relative is that 2 so well that as far as the Dallas Dallas-area topic today is only the 1 you may well see you there so I would just like to visualize the have to during have by radiation was well so the worst close once farmed here this month that the whole time I don't think it
is fair to say the least of all OK so as use systems that use Calvary we just saw an example of a sign of progress the
and get it behind us I will grow 1st of all I can say that overall social progress is predominant )right parenthesis tend to 1 or 2 and going went to find this at all but at the same time we see 3 . 5 inch students and hydrogen which is exactly the sort of thing saw how the things how serious this is as bright young men overabundance of the rules we this where right the the time 2 . 3 per week follows France is infinitely far away it's really wants and it is the site of using set up into the verdict the end of the year .period the litmus test cycles in and what battle of painting and you look at the whole around and that was a society which is also close the site the gains them by delivering company standard political this see which is close to the spot
I will also pointed out that the CIA mole that'll ,comma out later when you have a cycle that stains and you have 1 that is the use of the Internet that you don't will begin the season the a proper way but you will see it in October authorities say it was here in the remote must of the world that the owner of the site of sage and see that you all right your this is a toxic benzene in the work of I want to show the a couple of this kind Wonderland was playing in the ball but so is the firm that was the key it will also apology this is working virtually all of the difference that the it said that we experienced users of the area you have to talk more about that later in program of the state's cleared adjustments we used to hear of the experiment using knows he'll be talking more about that later but has to the on experiment using later on you want to see think people during the year British anywhere else in talking more about that later on rooms he experimented with Analiese rotating that's particularly the 1st a year it's this year the the fact that includes 1 of the last example you know just tell you it's all about now you report said that he he returned to the original data is not the the end so this is same this is is the most natural products from a natural product called them all and this is known
as the experiment knows the experiments experimented the use of the based on the of approximately In the past can you look at this course will always be 5 relating 2 instead of going abroad at last year In the cost you we have not been here and the cost of history and you have a great chance of college I'll tell you another reduction Dozier but were still was being held that he would necessarily the it is not just a local group in world over the system the genes of the region and so now let's take a look at 1 of these is the options so for example we have said we believe we have the hydrogen or the 2nd half of last year exist to each other the jerusalem navigate within Oregon and so I just had a position for example insists that the room and they are we want help me over years you're starting to get a piece of still together under Syria has also confirmation of there were calls for example you about the inside prisons and start the cycle next thing you know and and inserting the context of the nationwide guests and friends and was in sight of the receive this year is that the right to decide their own parkas and so they can deal with this position and what I did at the position ,comma basically like the axial hydrogen to each other and we see that varied and I don't Over here yeah I think in the end of the year and Europe and we try to find a him so this is only good old Davis said because it gives information on information security of people and you can get mansion building while looking at this and say they said looking at your .period broke people and that's people all are we seeing only a year here at public comments that matter Everything is consistent with his father was built many others there has already been to the any of with the of the provision that the it's 1 of the reasons why I works of art that's what might say that the people talk
about the beach the union and