Lecture 02. C,H,O-Containing Functional Groups

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Lecture 02. C,H,O-Containing Functional Groups
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This is a graduate course in organic spectroscopy, focusing on modern methods used in structure determination of organic molecules. Topics include mass spectrometry; ultraviolet, chiroptical, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
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check called on the end of of the film assignment for you and the but I have a lot of the convention it was tough for me members of the duties of a good thing like the rock and all the things all of the mission of the US Forest Service the international community was started on things that I feel that I'm just as it was talking about something that really do the only thing that I was right about that but you can to be I don't usually in size like is on the line on what type of preparing for the onto ways just you and not to use the back of his on to other things like that I police will probably not a guarantee of stability said old clout afterward only no 1 in the next phase of the crime that she doesn't pieces of information then easily I always talked about this before and it was so today I want to talk about ch contains functional group in the words of 1 of the at the time of the year I didn't find out the truth and found numerous fragments of the tools carried on the In 1 this is the last thing that the practice particularly to get to the bottom of the historical we have here is not that much it really is the best this that all I always talk today about hostages containing functional groups in the room paragraph I have and so Jones and methods of assay this provides the answers were asked call In the same way as I write obviously there are other functional groups and I'm just thinking the thing was I 1 some of students I hope we can talk about the fate of or more about remains on his return please NOTE some of this confusion understand the principles involved in the with that In traveling on this side of that certain of this I will talk about the incident functional groups in invited talk about it the the loneliness the nation's reveals interest another 1 IRS ruling which kinds of so what the 1 thing you have to do look at the time that the only way to learn something of that sort of thing .period as part of bringing is not just a saying can you hear the case so we know what's so I could get my heart that the generally in in my mind's eye I the front half were to about 600 and probably refuses to there is 1 way the decision was used for the year and probably also in my mind and on the line 3 thousand I'm not because I think this really means that the findings of fact in this world so if you have made use something like a reading on the label axes which refer to there were also a bit of what you disease some these and the 2 there are some 1 here from 1600 to found 36 100 is last of the original an ex-general who what I'd home that there is information that he had just returned from about 1400 my numbers as the data and regions we have a chance to say they are the ones that will take the following areas substitution patterns from here thinking what about homework problems is thanks for violent take time but there is a variant of the use of 1 of the example calling reality what is the cap for all its it's anyway so generally my rivals were drawn to this region of 1600 for cardinals all generally look at this region of the world and I accept that there are are 2 things that are in line with the interest of the owner of the house ,comma Duenwald picture much attention to this region right rival of the house where the few things that allow of your about 20 . 2 27 . 2 in the top of the human rights for all things down down from 3 thousand arguing held his army and in all year and particularly over Europe from parts of and so it was is the issue of being able to read this it's OK and we hope that this 1 of the things it's not just the position of 87 relatives in Texas and Louisiana so for example probably also announced the government was to polls show up in the same region where they have been appearances there were examples of current CEOs generally strong and then usually strong relative to other duties but again part that is what fraction of our people is part of I have a party of Quito music market is due duty-bound what worker your words in there and then go home with 60 or so during he told Peter isn't strong roots tolerable rules carbon-oxygen single follows anything with the guy holds all the things you hear all of that in general has long been regarded as saying there were still people talked about before the kids that often we are already Our
compounds How worries at the market for a long stretches out carbon-carbon double bonds stretches of various sorts I have talked about this bill change is the so you have to stay out of line with 2 out in groups on your property in the heart from all of you have to helped him to substitute your problem at the core of style as they usually do not seen internal out here the internal we toggle back and I was talking about that game groups and talked about the recent research that hurts stretch the top of their associated with Ch strategies generally laborers so I think that might include me as I said alcohol generally that former associate called between about 3 thousand and about 1 the world where numbers and figures could you always should be able to draw a line of about 28 40 instead of saying how the alliance will see searches Algerians the area is at work can we talk about 31 you about which there wasn't any indicated that again for return its 1st final also be useful when you're going to have for example aromatic all that sort of thing from about 16 years to about 2 thousand more workers than you would on our genes generally you can see you are a part of of whole stressed that generally pretty sure announces stronger than you would see that the way the opposite outcome alliance in favor terminal out of its worst year 68 fruit that is the standard acts of the year ban on the 300 m in Athens saying they generally agree shocks so also thought about the 3 but have a recognition that it would be different because the love and held on this year's Tour and I said to you foreign-policy CC for all bonds from somewhere just below the outstanding and that's huge shouldn't about 1 1 2 1 . 6 the NBA just see something in general region about them on top of each year 4 Our eyes as I said CA stressed out by shows up and you get to me is whether this is the reason is that the payment 1 of the students and we want to use this year and the other 1 is in a settlement of fire all over Europe and I'll along with the Cardinals to looking and at the general health of the 100 is clearly aware that say about 17 worry that when you need to call for an hour on hour Nunavut you will always be those contradictions what have we have some examples here just the status With this year and next year to the last in the last minute mark mitigation by the way is going to sleep under time were also included on the hand the new experience since it came from the same transparency of course section of the world the meeting will be the stuff which was used in the also at the time that so that you are here and everyone was going to be out direction the sections and takes only 1 versatility and I'm not standing here there's always the exhaust legislator Lo 1st
what what is this lovers like most of her life and what lessons 1st it now Soviet request for a hearing is exactly the sort of stuff said that so I'm very hard Our health and we would actually take over and over again this year I'll say that number is volume 16 so it doesn't look like the difficult part of the stronger and all the that was like this whole US-installed Texas numbers here right 16 1 2 your about the now if I had to yesterday and fortunately fortunately you will probably get the data but I had to guess I'd say what we're seeing here is usually an hour for a slew of small vary so I reveal about work and this is what I want that you usually see more signatures were all was about so this is indeed now now that 1 of the reasons I'm not putting a lot of it said on the religion you're on this and been he's actually get to the volatility of the various regions of the world the work I but it was we can the apartment properties pedagogy of respect prosecutor relatively few of them around the world and this is all but the most recent year the beer and work blacks and people pedagogical sales said William small-molecule with this fall out in the city of Reggio Calabria on functional regions like this region get started or right so well of wealth in what that however the
turn you so some of the things that you see here is suspended the history of and another game that about 14 1 2 In the beginning of the end of the day and it's quite and so that's very fair so he had to regional attitude that jumps out at me and said that there was 1 of our policy in general brought it to the a whole it's the hydrogen bomb In pure form our also said that as of last week that if you have a very bad they tend not to have had the ball in about a year or more by the side of the border getting out of here is seriously hindered by the tertiary alcohols will have less time to think of it this was going to 1 all the you it have was I want to go back to the the Union of water samples I the yeah so I think to your needs this another way of saying saying that some of the people on the sort of place working here to the failure of the word solidarity with all you're going particles around the holder the right to live in Hong Kong but usually because they didn't have the freedom of people and had a recognition that the world needs to waste money I this spectrum that would be about 1 thousand is missing all right here in what is seen as infanticide case out and about 36 480 comes down to the somewhere around 3 thousand in the words of all out .period over here the same of the of my friend but a lot of any or all using is thinking about about 36 years and and is something different ,comma whatsoever on the data about around here but it's going to go down around here with access that the reason for this is a very great courage and you can sometimes look for more cooperation CEO singalong talked about last time comparisons with also the talk about public later frequencies on a single part so usually somebody going down 13 hundred after they offered various noticed in you were so that the public feels I think we can all of that out of all this you can see something apart from the region right over here again this is a case a small and called 2 this the fault of the halls of suspended after the 100 we have there are tourists small out all of the see in years you have single bonds threat and again in the final of the hands
speaking is question was both
you not see this as not worth all of the certainly in this region is a memory talked about that and that was that the success of certainly be part of the year this is the sort of what they got Mary after this tragedy is state stretching modes are much stronger wildfire frequency those that year "quotation mark about what have it was it was a really good point there are actually thinking and this year there are ways do which the wariness of religious right here at this stage in the region you can actually see the difference for example he made a single baffled that I world will against some of that stuff about predictions were based probable over the special problems by or the unit of with the problem and based on the beginning of the off Hey
the Cottontail region for about 16 52 about 800 people usually talk to you currently overvalued along alternating ancestor the tone ,comma Arcelor answered and standards as 5 groups that are really and I were general in order increase frequency of talking with this particular group from normal not usually Cardinal 16 17 16 in the and so so as tourists I think it is generally we're talking about 17 year His 1735 if there's nothing particularly in light of the creation of Out In general talking about 17 14 to 17 20 as I said in the office about associates stretched over the rest of the year .period on the 1 that was employing all although normal she told him she talking about 17 . 5 per cent by weight the car was selected as the conjugation of special part about 1 on set in 100 across against the wall of the high up in the by region by the strategies that generally produced Ron associated stretches the space it will probably hold true report to the and they were talking about all the lower remembrances of talk about wanting to step in and and say that have to there were talking primarily about it said that 2 majors said secondary at this time what changes so I said ,comma obsolete are 1 of the ugliest saying that you are the only you might think that extended like on the it was was the 2nd time in less than a year so you look at the top of the list as he I have form the statement maybe long since some 78 million over exaggerated along with Pfizer said it sold at loss and your party your standing out from the policy said he thought it was a lot of this stuff bigger religion and generally what I think that is a shift in the based on that by the end of catches them and about 1 part of the game molecule it's your last holiday this is 1 of the reasons behind huge fan base the Palestinian cause the party against the drive and get bigger molecules being able to figure out if that's all that matters to the he said all that as a set out starters Friday amid worries Testarossa during 500 to 1 5 100 And this is broader than this for an hour on the shelves of the proper storage said something right out of the hands of the region's here about whether about 3 6 of the 16 this school will be used as fast as later while I was going to write about the change things prior to the edge of the the problem will be able to talk to me on the set of the money that was on the stand at about 17 . 7 of the Act would not allow a satellite that unless there was a local landowners sacraments used of the program of the executives Fox was saying was that it was a moment 2 years he did not expect what the 2 out of however it's not here don't seem to I told you so suspicious now I options here any show good
and I know everyone is digital lines that works at a the date and all 1718 100 boxer .period so I go to my view on the 60 day so that's right about that feet this is said that a little over a lot of of 3 shots anything over here and get you really while you're using the insult all or any of its securities markets closed down but you can call right here it's a lot more there's just not a lot of things here that will take the residents of the nothing in that year what we want so they they would not to renew it already in there we don't see a problem a singled on the way the possible testimony but it's loaded with normal Astras exploring about we don't know what will be the of the products of its financial year we don't see any substantial and at this time that I just want 1 all right and this bad just as the last 1 products that that this is the use of Iraq's that is currently only about 17 instead that government L that's what I
wanted and so here are some of the things you hear things like that pretty critics the heart of the told the sun L end that some other
effects 1st the so let's talk about that followed the remains of delays in talking about the instigation of the that so OK located somewhere in the world he told these analysts said said he was a small break is bringing out the area so the cycle program known you say that about the genes was finding the cycle of program generally stable they generally don't know what the other side of you all our sample you know uncertain about the that set in the site will announce the old friends but it's about 17 . 5 0 in the last time you're excited about Texas yeah that would be produced at the the also as was being read it is time for us stretching faster which means that following longer on Friday as breaking the various states that I find playing the from last spring varies by the small number solid French assumes single ball and stretches about 11 hundred this Eurodollar as stretch that remembers that group came over here Wisconsin the 1715 . com that's going to get that was the 1st of all I stronger than the it is part of part of the reader on the way to start the expenditures and the world led to the GE Yesalis said about the characters so so what sort of Oracle's if it were perfectly what sort of what sort were 1st used to make the grade all the time as you would if you were restricted during the war what where he were worked as certain Kaori also fear greater rights over so we just use you have to make sound that the more he the last the best way to lower the cost that so so and so of school was the site of the union the goes in the direction in which we were aware of it or is it discovery something of a friend will and I have also said they should talk to if you want to use the word is right for example cycle sigh but you get the way was the problem is of that's like America material about talking about this 1828 even just over her about the requirements the Specter said there's something going on in the way you know at the time was going say just as in the case of ,comma case the as your numbers Donald last spring by the time your answer is that you want to get a life in Delaware last time you talked to your right and to West right around the area that politicians you just to do what you think you've done your actually asking questions this is what makes this warm and sunny you gets from so let's talk about that ringside and use some of the things that were talking about something else .period at about DH part of this sort normal he told us about 17 they things give you go recital Agostino 158 were at the end of the year he was that's the right of the net this was the 1st of all the conjugation it's hard all of them were single character all In a a way of life for you so you can write a residence structural dominates reactivation 4 out of the century I believe that nuclear powers like that in the position stabilization has passing on of course we know graduate level than 1 structure and the other in his we it are the only people structures that once this representation of electoral Wearing character on the following old and so electoral character of molecules that way all it's all said and he said are so just so I could play with your mind then why is it if you look at the start of the month will see whether it's a very good at abandoned 69 and it was good on exactly the sort of what they are real gains traction and factually Azizi said use your fresh and back because you know he's really polarized right to polarization the stronger stress so it because it's really polarized data all was that we changing that all as part of problem part was when I was last category and select from 2 and the other 1 I got a job with the remaining for a time this is for people who are also against by the more populous but I have been in the bowl of a lot so it is for shows up and that the 1820 when it just in general if you have any sort of electronic 200 member normal she told state media that Our last year that he has to be so this is not a rejection of the so was that said that part of the park longer off against counterintuitive about respecting the election rules the group is full of electrons away you didn't think of it 2nd resident structure all non-violent resistance ladies and then 1 of reasons structure is part of of the change all not much assistance thermal this is just a representation of the lack turtles also will say that the whole electoral is on the line from the president of the ship that if you go to an acid In case of on electronic on improvements in selection and he proved that problems were attacked by nuclear file especially is that the aid is going to be the elections on Friday the violence or the use of the the museum dedicated to add value to the foreign embassies in about that at about 17 my number 1 this year 2 Irineos this was stretchered out by I even if the party was formed in the same amount of protein structures the have articles series of you get preparation Europe part 1 of the example they have to not only the on the same team in the aftermath of the 16 what does that say about the party and say that we will here a let me tell you go out of the house was used only for the sake of From this present structure and so that's interesting and hundreds of various kinds in all of these groups will hold their 1st get the donating virus but they can be conducted only collapsed on itself based on on what we have in some cases ,comma right now projected for probable electorate but the language the singled her out of the pockets of the dead were divided nation overlap and courage in the nation and restore the call about people and electronic devices with them because they are all patients so that they say electrons from the In this case it is believed that the question of whether as estimate is absolutely to just 1 indicates that I that oxygen in directly to you it is probably the only 1 line what at last parts of the Waltons training as a relaxed tone is about 17 talk I invite you in take me and unsaturated plant somewhere in not constantly with the instigated the other and removed and that's the the only way you can as residents you can write a resident structural elections would not want this is a black hole in the wall in all the years of electric rates at the position here basically if you have a lot of Europe and seeing that in what's that probably that's the kind thing about the vote will take place


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