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Lecture 01. Infrared Spectroscopy: Introduction


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Title Lecture 01. Infrared Spectroscopy: Introduction
Title of Series Chemistry 203: Organic Spectroscopy
Part Number 1
Number of Parts 29
Author Nowick, James
License CC Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0 USA:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/19244
Publisher University of California Irvine (UCI)
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Chemistry
Abstract This is a graduate course in organic spectroscopy, focusing on modern methods used in structure determination of organic molecules. Topics include mass spectrometry; ultraviolet, chiroptical, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
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this is holding functional regions they have a lot of our there's a really important principle and that was it each of the day 4 of the regular the fastest moments you which actually covered in vision of textbooks at the part of the process of doing for the progress that has allowed transition transition you have to involve only give you a really simple example which you will actually see in her only as part of her work force so ,comma plants currently outside to the city of operations and how old you are instructed to carry out we really be in this matter stressed it is at the top the world the number and he is heard Is that what you really think about what we so many matches stretched is wife any asymmetric strategy is what we want to strategies actually change only days so 13 was to in and we want to that any practical implications of this year reducing the cost of the new law and focuses on all this happening in Europe ,comma carbon-dioxide in there and you will actually see wilderness and soon to be 1 of the limitations on the scope of this paragraph :colon that's a wrap the so the other practical in a bit of a so it can take some of the lines in how ,comma and with the and so let's take a part so normally you will see a part of the current policy and to spend time is the SEC fact is cold weather for a broader problems and so important in this part of All Time so it was that easy hearsay all looking for and I got a lot of Pennsylvania and about 20 100 years or so and it's now you're wrong because there's still a chance this is not you go to its firm allowed Bruno had something that bold the following are changed to prevent all over the life of the so this is all the other things that people from Britain and this and this it's environment don't want now well that's easy for all on fractured her actually changing time all while change the problem only when you have 2 powerful charges and actually praised his work and the reason is that people think so you would say it's the 1st factories also 1st said it would take you get changed at all so here you see the thing that you was seen had about only 1 when the numbers as a sort of moderate intensity the Cardinals really stand out that people at home the strongest In 2nd because that would mean that all of you to figure out why was on the theory that the system was another example of this on my house the violence they have half the amount of time that the vaccine program which way this during the war the records on the right in all it's just how version of going out there said the accident was quite confident that he can you find a resident structural this is the year of the Dog on so here in this city and this is actually a stronghold of the fiscal year so I expect hostility including Holland about what's going on it's certainly sample on top of it I don't want to take any involvement in various this just a part of Europe and this is the effect of bonds 2 also have so to think that you're in the back to Europe harmonic oscillator want I want to have all prominent only probably thought ironic and that is the 1 2 masses enacted by the world it was something like that and you're probably going to solutions that involve the use of the phrase following that there are so few insolvency of you get a new long service it was used by 1 of the 2 clients times rooms playing all the new year history has it and you he also wanted 2 what I'll tell you more about that too it said what is the priority very simple practical life situation I want to tell you want so you take the CEO single can actually start with you don't you think is the right partner was the fact that some of got off the top of my head of gold I have to here whereas you go on to the extent that I wanted to of everything how you wear it end there is only a 1 of ballot on what if anyone in this provision and say OK what they say is we got all the worst you can create the frequency of Europe too but factor of this part of the state and so it makes sense then so is it that the government will be the city's about 1 2 while 171 is sulfate all I'll say is approximately one-third we want this 1 well let's talk down to about you know about her in the dark about it so I don't know that I have to go there and seeing work but don't that the reduced all managers in response to what you write about 12 16 for oxygen for for the rest of the year award there is no sense that it requires that it also isn't that did provide at what is probably the end of the you have to think about it How can I have tabled by what I had said he had no immediate release of the year and hundreds itself you were like ,comma nitrogen singled and stole the show up with these years and city bootstrap on information just a little bit of time to think that way what uncertainty about the exam a so it let's say at when the war was 1 common solvent for running back the 3 H and also have to look at the way of assault on and the other lazy not trying to the if you want a place even as it should be getting I not say all of this time of the rules of this question asked some people laser and program called in and I ourselves and you don't want know about where is the offspring the job of that OK all of Wisconsin study saying so there is no change I think so so you will proceed and not use the exact numbers safe while there was 1 that was 1 of the most of over 12 plus 1 is reduced investors dates from end of the year the reduced this is what our clients during the during the time it has run over 12 last so here we have 12 14 in Europe .period along with demons and as numbers the Scott that the saying you take this equation utility back Austin said that water over to piracy term and get a new car the time is news of the day is equal to you season the the rule the differences said .period that is what this society and will have to be so we get to the 1st was the group while Over the years these people you can important new bonds times through 24 14 so I would predict at the end of the war and the the rest of the way year 1st expressed concern about wanting 16 receivables have been approved art collection around this idea treating this as an isolated part of that problem or is approximation the actual is about 1 needs to so following years have called into your analysts sample each 1 of and taking a solution phase are I R NBC From the durable that he the right out for to be and a stable while outcome will always have a name which of the art so I also over this issue once and for all that that was that there was a lot so let's go back to work for the use of your so 1780 see you in the name of 1 term used he said that no 1 is we have In some ways when you buy finally there is less and that's far more so I created by the numbers well where numbers is even more said the words like that was centered at the molecule that 1700 ways presented them you're aware what it was the monitoring of sentence that's when the value and the 5 I want to say that you were sent to you walk by now you said later what is that from state law that To said the fastest way to visualize so the working at the for the past from about 2 . 5 miles from 2 of them out said but can you ever wanted was fall to make you know you don't want to find out if you don't want to particle size is all about and what did the life of the way it is going to be a status and of war but this is actually part of the New York Department of bright line the sample you're gonna lose the CHT region respect but that's the way we that was sold so that's what the particle size is bigger than the 1 government bond yields used in the same thing that I have come at a bad but don't see part work this was the 1 who always on about the instrumentation so instrumentation used in respect of In addition to change your life because of his innocence but 1st I want to be like In the city was concept this is always a concept in response to what we're doing is generally high on you lately I call on the passing promising Hall is getting absorbed redundancies you regret not aligned with the radiation workers and injured his demand overseas and you our detected have the same force levels in recent weeks following what kind of weather is being sought in fact is there any limitations of this year the Senate was In the instrument you actually carrying out wide and receive all the the record the source the source is going Our receivables In reference it's coming to a mural allowing it to be here going to grating presence and that's going and there's a a lot of work part of that is you need to understand that this is the exact same concepts as White Rose growth the result was a year of many of the reality that you're selling swampland that resource that is in line with values instruments the people of were are at the heart the and and In the are it's all the more complicated but I'm just saying that they had used what is it you know don't what you never thought you were use you have a and what the means incentive is going to do this is that allows the people like the 1 that that 2 I have to faced and I alive goes so in movies during the year and there arrives at this what's happening as year of school is differently once at any given moment according to some constructive something so in other words has from the banks of life it's no longer white light coming out of of the way research frequencies in the room but that their use you really want to was sampled it goes to the factory and goes of here for misstated the bureaucratic His position era works in the back we will continue to run and win this we are at the .period last moment of it Over just talk about only the mind as I can't change the law Back in the days of prayer and more vigorously in the sixties and jails in the forward and wanted people to work in other words were really because you have nowadays universities as well as about we're just about anything like that in the interests of using part of jewels in double bonds that end alcohols and that feels analysts questioned whether it's in your area of some of the injured were due probably not looking for an hour at the US Georgia or Alabama teachers do not looking so we are 1 of the 10 the 2nd reason although 1 is on making a solution to the University of North Point on the eve of the data back to the old days current sulfide Texas in the clear 5 percent solution for warmth at the heart of the city of gray you don't lose a couple of bands in the area of the blackout said he you lose you can call on 775 typically used in the for instance have been with injured during the Iraq would go away but that stupid stupid GC and wondrous in the 1 1 now might that why our discussions with with the United States was of itself is you get 1 person in the southwest part of a huge fan accounts on the use of my since this is the last of undergraduates want to use cells expected in the world in much of the rest in using for public use calcium chloride doesn't of water at all the result of a box of peace in unity in the course of the year .period 1 calcium fluoride helps out the fastest way to get to the root of the word that solving the because this constitute of the major of problems in the Middle Ages knows that many of whom say that have yeah who's enjoying at that rate it won't be that simple .period we are balanced and the fans of the all although we will use revolver which until the state of on yacht only what do you if you want we know know what the problem is that he is the usual most of the fancy word for it you do all the work in for which has the right to that is the band's talked about it what is the point that was the at 13 13 14 65 escape through a successful writer of modern vessels were under the banner of crossed my response on the ground you 10 seconds teeny-tiny professorial spread across all of its respect that you're seeing in this 1 is of the and that's what we will talk about the fact that the evidence


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