Discussion 01. Monday, September 26. Molecular Modeling (Mechanics) using PyMOL

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Discussion 01. Monday, September 26. Molecular Modeling (Mechanics) using PyMOL
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Discussion 01. Monday, September 26. Molecular Modeling with PyMOL
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Nowick, James
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University of California Irvine (UCI)
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This is a graduate course in organic spectroscopy, focusing on modern methods used in structure determination of organic molecules. Topics include mass spectrometry; ultraviolet, chiroptical, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
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the decision to me that it was a little I don't think we need to know what it's like to have a hurricane in here there were here to the the 2nd part of the framework I understand hardly here and the form loans over this problem 5 in order to this point he exercises scheduled for this year from the 1st round so this was noticing foreign Secretary of used to fall right now the fall when and the worst patterns as program the arrival of the depending on what you need to all Our analysis that had to be done and to waive the upper-left corner picked Austin was used in role right now so that you know after "quotation mark this characterizes we used to call and I use to phone right now and now being have used it says fall and work and work it rotate around In fact I think it's stand rooting out there about you have to have that permeates easier and I think this is largely because of course you want get that about you I this going to go back to b In the view of how the ball was at the wheel the of them the fact that location to attach metal as sold 1 of analysts said the deal is off on the let me ask you this I'm now in this is what I've had molecule this is America and United In the services within the hour ladies and their own spot any policy clean here used during the war this is a nation of Benin and what you're supposed to get like this story of an alliance I want to do this .period had all of these they as they said
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section and the people the primary thing on is point
Primera mandating that all groups and so on last the Times and all the museums allow us to eradicate the on the 2nd day of the part just reminded us of the it was a little girl using the role In the past within the hour this was the kind of man who grew up in a hotel in the future I think that is a good thing the this if you could hear the sound of the the time has come to my parents and I don't know if it's in the interest of the state I think the market is the only 1 who 1 of the more than 2 a and here and there and I don't think it will be I have a lot of the the the the the future of the last 1 in months agrees I would like this would bring you also from the title of the show at the end of the year of the technologies that are also used to build the new individually and the part of the problem and the thing is that it's the only game in this way it was the only 1 of the things I yeah on Wednesday the sale of we got from the government can on the that kind of thing you reach out to the center of the Hospital of the year before and
during the course of the University of Illinois at the time but you have to do it the moratorium on any of the new stricter energy would be to check your structures using you down and many of those who have well right now ,comma Sunday as you can pretty doubts about if you want some feedback the morphine airstrip being you get ballot today is the task of taking a quick look at what all of most the problems of the fact that you're going to get any out of sight that being a soldier here Saturday if I were structure and the his life of was I have to go on and the will 1 of the things going on in the interests of the peoples of the world was in the lead on the other the structure of the whole world what the other thing
is that we the know of the noting that there was as is what's going on he was doing so in the end of the stages structure 1st and then new reality is that the moment there is the question is how you get all this is what happened to the whole structure of the go to the phones this is the 1st step of the way people all of them out of hand I want to go out of your it was a step in the right place
Dixon and you know I don't know there 1 of the last 2 years the company the number of people in the east of the because of of the image of the structure of the University of the of asked whether it's the walls of the suggestions you might want to laugh so worried about you this is a little bit of a problem if you think of yesteryear acknowledges that the agreement the on the basis of the already area is the new taxes and don't want to comment the matter and so on and so that the user is creating and agreement on you know on over the excited and I want to win but you have yet to bring about the history of the United States so I understand that nothing nothing in the service of the people and government of the creating but in the terms of the community that I thinking that I don't know I don't think it does internal the government part of the new associated although I know that this is a sense of being at the beginning of the end of the the history of this provision of the year and the year the progress and the you're going to have to don't worry about it thanks to the area of the it was not and then there was the architect of the objectives year I think know of it in the hands of of the the makers of and future we the United States and go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on In 1 of the but in the last 2 4 years I think the fact that can you don't think you can use what do you want to get the money will still with those of you in the elevator of history on the 1st day of the year in the the the area so that there is a good thing that I was in the 2nd half of this year and the telecommunications unit in the I think it's important that we don't know what it's going to be the best in the world the the custody and the political and you may be be a little bit this was the 1st of all the that is something of which there is no I don't know if this is the site of the 1st of all I don't know this point of the day on the stand the I'm yesterday something on the side of the agreements on them all on the eve of the 2 Asturias younger than that this is a we have the the the start of the year the I think it's a good thing about half of the year and all the 1 of of the things that we did in the office of the the intrinsic requirement it is nowhere to the 1st year of the world that the people in the world was the end of the year and particularly in the middle of the meeting with the minister of the gospel the fact that the thinking of a way to get out of that it was the 1st of 2 just the agreement was in I In the end of the 1 of their biggest lead of the association I would say that based on In view of the world and it is the 1st so on so this is this is a good question and that's the last year and wants what I thought about it he has a proprietary file format final that and all the information that I call people in is universal file format overtime work and once people's work has anything at all with what it wants to sell off some of the reasons I asked you he later on will transferred files you want this program allows and that some of the students to leave him late and I want you to to get this the well I think it's a molecule here and anybody who wants to you now that there is some of that on the eve of the happier we probably have overcoming the odds passes and here so I praise the will of the people go away but if anyone wants you to help me out of you do you will be back the cost of care by the time of the year a moratorium on the Internet and I think you can if you had to so what
is the only known as the the United States said it was all about we're gonna yesterday it was not grounds for you and your spirit is alive and well and it was just having this ruling that the company said it wanted


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