Modernising FreeBSD package management

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Modernising FreeBSD package management

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Modernising FreeBSD package management
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pkgng is a new package manager for FreeBSD, it aims at bringing modern package management features for FreeBSD Pkgng is a completely new package manager rewritten from scratch. It aims at replacing the old pkg install. It is developed on top of new libpkg which is the high level library that does all the package management, it brings new features such as safe upgrade, (multi) repository support, integrity checking and more. It has been designed to be extensible while remaining fully compatible with the current FreeBSD ports tree.
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clear that around things flattening I'm better than all on a free busy developer and members of both Edmonton and then it's because there's a new package manager we are going to switch to on previously so 1st why did
you used to used to create a new package manager if you have a lot of the the tools we use now you have a lot to the codon is see some common thing that saying it should be changed things have been written postilion beaten and soon it was about 20 years ago the evidence of the I have the theory have greatly has no say great support so you know a bit about Atle by the way so if you want to upgrade something you just remove all the package and install them it's missing a lot of it that you have a lot of information can have out of the ports that you can't have a when you have a package installed like a few to what is the extreme which if you want to new what's the license on the package and the form of the it works pretty well always dependency tracking it manage someone how to to be able to try the dependency when studying the package but if you are on removing a package is there is some of you have to be able to determine that the package is used by some of the package and suffered the if you ever tried to run the that on the package management on your for this system using those tools you understand that it doesn't work at the and thus there are many other issues with the crime package Packaging G is an attempt to fix all those the so the 1st thing that is created a new package format fits all when you may get out we want and that we work the that are always knew we knew it from person things we wrote local database it's normal or any fat fires and stuff like that we have something consistent which is isn't for dependency and reversible and is we tried to roll to a single and is to use the library so to be on as a library call the and DATA is yet the a B C's libraries and consider ask that all we will consider accessible for packet in G 2 so that we can have some maturation of 100 we wanted to write a single binary that you don't have to remember it's jungle schools things all that it does have package which is a binary that then with all the on the package we have diarrhea poster supports not just some seeing pushed on ominous BP's server and then who tried to fetch the 1st package underscore over all I need that then in that we have a arisen with opposition book is made that you can fetch and you can search on you me that you can have you can get a lot of information that we have binary supports 1 of the most important things was to be able to work with the correct spot tree so that we can just created the wall package is from the pottery without having people need to actually modifies the supports author think that that we can act we can now be in Nobel out of the pottery to create back for packaging G and for the old package system we have I did through and a lot of things will help to improve the props 3 in the future though when we will drop the support for package installed we will be about you add in a lot of new features people are expecting for a long time and the paltry just because a package to use them of it helps modernizing the way you can manage package for you this couple for the sum of the fault of magic and really managing system on that you can create some some scripts on bubble flow but I and of of show from before and stuff like that it would be just easier to do with package the new format these student find it's compressed we support although compression that's only Barkai support in the old format you have a lot of grass fires which were all of the different that you can have we have just unify them into a single 1 which is written in Yemen because it's easy to part is to extend an easy to read if you just extract the if it's human readable we were not able to do is enter the trees if you ever tried to create a package that just need another gesture rectory someone then you come back it up just directory because it's anti by default so you have to inform from the package and then and that the 5 the the category with package and you know you can prepare old Newell or you answer directories we do you don't need to have a new entry for that was the 1st we have pretty
this creates in the in pre preinstalled post installed on the program because with appearance buckets tool you have 1 strip which is installed on what can which is it they install and then you have to write the code to say it's pre-installed always Boston-style now you can just surprised that's sort of the the script passes through our units right we had a new kind of that than the existing package in packaging followed Châu the orbits traits because sometimes you want to do things after an inspiration and when you're ready you don't want to we use the same sings and some but you want to do things during an upgrade like and my writing your data are from the old version to the new version of like that's so that you can do that into the trees we have to reinvent the wheel of boats ADI because we want the package information to be safe so we want to be able to determine when when studying on what kind of system when studying and use a binary are compatible with this with that the problem is if we use the all of those and made a to be used you have a lot of different ABI available so you can just say all cases packages for free because the 10 and your CPU get you have to say of the 10 mice you it's such a 2-byte to bite our incident and begin and it uses what the the or the I view EDI and stuff like that so we just created the new string which is the which can extend the shorts new things to add to be able to determine a new yeah you just had its at the end of the of the line and when package when packaging and you try to install the package if you have a package that could works all those EDI at the time you just have some groupings of Germany's so you had to pack in fact it's fall or for the 10 because you just such a script so as we wanted whereas you you're right dense and stuff the local that means we you decided to use a skylight chew for the local at the base so that you death of a thing fire is everything is rational so we are about to do is that the UN Relief often the Republican the ticket creation and it's easy to backup you just take your of your final and put it on a back up and you can get it we'll also still provided to to create a backup which she's not an stratified so you can if you don't trust the lights you can still but it and restore it It's safe we use politician everywhere so that if something goes wrong it during inspiration during integrated bring something that you will have a broken that the base anything we just roll back to the previous state which was which was OK it contains all the data that you can have out of the packages so that now you can know when a package of being installed you can know which shown the news when the pocket have been built a no lasting that is thick it's extensible we we can create our own functions so we just don't write simple SQL to query that a basic we have function forest saying from but I won't package with versions of higher than his version which is not just a mathematic it's a bit more complicated so we just have version compare function which is by into the SQL and we can extend it has as much as as we we can safely agreed that if tomorrow we changing formation waltz in the database we can just that I mean that the local at the base was from an older version and do everything wrong to be able to agree to that what the new this should be the library itself but we tried to push almost all the things into the library but if you are if you are willing to create a font and which is different from the 1 we provide you don't have to do in this thing with about 2 package or about the bread about standards a repository everything is will inside the library is as have some Heilemann functions for you It's written in C so you can write easily bindings for any language we're trying to keep it safe on the action at all in the library so you invest prepare your action and say OK from now but do the job you don't do it it's in your from them which item and then a simple API and I think we managed to do something great in that area arising the API is really easy to use but he could be a lot simplified so we we will we will suppress simplify that for a packet into 2 the
package women is of the form then you have to follow bordered by default it have a lot of subcommands which are all the actions possible on your package so you have package had which normally the normal user won't ever use that is just to add the package out of a repository you out package forces than it did you packet add this package this is mostly to be able to scrape something's all to for the ball straight to be able to add package and things like that that is not designed for end users the package of it's in there to allow to for you to to check your local packages against the known vulnerabilities you could have It's is the equivalent of aborted it's so it is exactly the same within faster who gets the nod this so if you switch the packet and you don't need and that the supposed to do that because in Packard and you were able to track you were of install some stuff as a dependency of all those things we are also able to remove all of your friends you should just remove 5 5 employ you have tons of dependencies that you don't need any more you just do package of the removed and need to remove its for you back back and is just to extract all those things that you have in your all local at the base into a top-flight plane of finds that you can just backup and restore them but it's strike is but to to be sure that your local at the base is consistent that if you decided to remove some packages that which are depend on new false the removal of a new discovery must admit it you just look back at 2nd what is corrupt all the order things that are sings and propose uterine standard in those also other things like checking for all the Texans to be sure that used to have the price yeah it that it that it does that though you but it's like it should check minus S and then we check all of the check sums of the 5 to be sure that this are still the 1 you had with your your package that you can do that on package bridges on all the base you have switched minus although that eBay's just mine in your mind you can developing it into a regular expression it can also recalculates all the size of the package imagine your have modify something you are happy with the fighter modified but you still want to know how much size is taken by by this you can just recreate all recalculate all the the size they can make the package the package he knew there because of when you some from a representer we have a cat directory was called the package that has the knowledge and then you sometime once took another to avoid adding all the old packages you don't use the package can we just clean up your cashier but it's through this thing and all have instincts that but it's a I considered the same audience package creates as to to wait you to create packages you can track packages out of the local the parties but you can just provide its effect would somewhere was your fights in its annual does give it a the and creates the package out of that they don't have to means 12 the package the the fight insight on the forces them to be able to create package but it fetched is basically if you want to do to to prefetch every package a you want to install you can do package stretch and then your of overlaps in your cash and you can reuse them outside but it can also be used to your only a set of package is samples from those package I pocket for them it affects the dependency you take everything from occassion you can create your own represent 3 with just a package you want Packaging for for the packaging start the new a the new way to install packages you don't have them you you use packaging fallen package authorities have estimate a remote repositories for all the package you want and it will just do the calculation to be able to and know what dependency as it is use your market was already installed and there is a new version remote it also automatic to detect it and do your grade for the given package like injury is mostly like packaging full but designed for a for streets or falsify that you have of some kind of iterations training when you can say I want on is is is is and this information formatted like that and I want all measles package if these made of oddities like that on this 1 like that and save it more about it that up backup such with the fall back sets use have to be used by normal users it's just too but you to modify sings in that that that means without having to offer the database itself so you can find Lompo change but you can't afford 1 of the the origin of the package saying packets is minus this is among the new of this package and baggage and you will try really a thing that the package is not the same packages size is only to be used from the from the pottery you can also use it if you weren't studying by hand a package you accompanied by and use a new completing something by hand you install it and then you say would be great if it was tracked in the package descriptor by the police and the but it a thought police had it in my pockets that that these but its report ease the command to create your database for the remote 3 so you have been to package is forgivable on it but a self is basically a slide show you can all on the local at the base if you want to directly using that it not recommending level but it's still available and can help the I also have all of the function we have had to Australia already it's show it could have a backyard shed libraries these we have an option which is off by default so that package can track all the state so shall library it depends on we analyze the binaries the inside the package and we discover although shall libraries if you try to load and then you can have a list of them so this you need to know exactly which a library of not expected that which share library is needed for a package can just missed it during that I candidates he just 2 that's another me that the that package of agreed is what is recommended it style you have a new version available for your packages you just it's recommended to just agreed the walls of the package you have you can do these back at about packages and by couldn't fall with for commanded the regret ever seen for that arising to consistent but in a version of the same a pocket your pocket version but it reaches those you have 5 some 100 don't know where it comes from the same package which I would say this is this package of installed it's 1 Iverson we have but of
that that we we used to have before the issuance offer open expert in the you want to know everything about it you just use the new minus option to package in full and then you can have all of this you can watch it we can also see that all the ocean views widely in the package are trapped in the package itself you can have the same information from the remote of history so that before before in studying different but in a given package you can now check if it has the option you want you can also see no the the site of the packet and how much things would be would need to be doubled the size and the forces this is to treat
interface so we have this of novel period which we vary the local at the base the remote query that we theories though a remote repositories with the remote carries against specified to agree on a ge even if you're going to go with the correct was there is you can just a wonderful what you can see that we have in the various and 3 strain where you said I wanted section of all the 1st period is I want to thank all of the package maintained by me and I want to bring their food like the name that version and then the command on the remote for the board here I want to to take all the package which maintain use of globe was that need and where the name is different from forces you can have a a lot of communication like that you can grow a lot of things but this you don't want to let your generation string you still have minus A to Greece the war saying you still have they used to have a regular expressions the report
3 themselves are also on the slide that the base but we have the ability to have his signature look and find them you can also not find them if you don't want any instead of taking you can do you can use a lot of different repressor is still consider as dangerous features of we can only granted the the consistency of the package is on for our for 1 single repository but if you want to based on all the latest reference version it just added around Europe was 3 with this the package for the that version and you can test it's of books most of the day that the media that are present in the remote of 3 in fact the only 1 that is missing in the remote repository of suffice for the white the requisite would be too we are thinking about having a circle 5 physical to read with with the 5 so that if you don't know which market to install that provide the given fighter jets carried out 5 that the activated by default is compressed such a book so either centifolia both government in Bonham greater can you get a great packages it's not a it's really of grace is not just then finds approaches version of the package for inciting the new 1 it's being about to only removes the 5 of want with that will be we need to be removed but it overwrites although the fights Eatzi's about you determine that the packet has been beginning in into spaces and not have conflicts when doing that and although this this the right way the Perlis a lot of people who wants to be a good you I have great and actually and I want didn't do I want to automatically restart it's Indian observed great so we have the support for that which is directly convey full because I don't like it so I think it's too dangerous but but a lot of people are asking for it so we had so you can get just just have a notion to say OK I wanted on how attribute the system basically you just have to pack a tube that affects a lot of the letters of me that out and then you package of great on it is dull with the next version that would come in in few days you don't need to run and evocative that it's automatically done by package of great without any
modification we are able to work on that grant paltry on winter you hats we are about to run those of 22 thousand packages which is what we are expecting we use the old package so well almost equal no no problem we also add in some new future that will have in the but had to create a to add new features to the pottery itself so final but if you want to have the new due we don't have to change the package tools so that in that you understand the new keywords inside the book 3 we can just creates a small identified with the name of the key words and they and just have some actions which are a function inside of packaging G so in the case the and we'll just treats the the arguments of the you were like issue of written in is at the and then it will add to action one Boston following long and in both instant 1 of the futurists we want to see long-term the ball to hit if you have a stage 3 packaging he is already aware that so you can just say instead of my flowers are already in some my sister and my past in this fake the roadmap for
now by Kogen has we were still leaving the Boston it will never go to base but when in base to the ones you in 2 a half package injured so we created the bootstrap which basically is trust the package binary on each I could do not installing it will try to fetch it from all of your fish repressed 3 and and thought it was itself so pretty much staffer for what is you just in fun in the system by packaging something I couldn't even though there it will that shit inside and those insertion us for that eat a 3rd since all you you have to specify a ripple yeah it's by 14 so it knows what how the official in the back the fishermen repositories so so it's automatic task-specific but some issue if you want to use this value on it was 3 2 specs phagocytes pockets of root and suffered here what 1 with a yeah you use all of the yeah of course it and following news article yeah so every yeah that's basically what does what seems to be going through 1 of these improve the lot of were user messages we still have a lot of messages which on mostly technical warnings like the conflicts as good as going completes also find out which good messages in in which are would warnings we know that the we are at that point there is a problem that for the users it's really not useful so most of the time is just turning the thinking that that problem and instead of printing what straight I'd say to us or what the it was just having a user from the message so the more people lot the sting baggage and right now of the better the message could be we have a lot of fixes recently and that's and we need to have a lot of this service tubulin to find out many by just postponed we are really close to this candidates and I want to be able to have by the end of a packet in G 1 over the summer so the more people just revolt notes on the better we'll have a 1 over use for the future we have a we still open the package you 1 1 a tree so that we can happen the new features and we have a my of sings 1 of the things is is the Jessica is 1 of the things we want to go to work on but security we want to be able to add a bit architrave support but it's not directly linked to package in because package and usable to to have globe England this to your future but we want to be able to survive the packages into as this is not active independent this is just a 64 this address and what that we don't have to work to duplicate in packages we're thinking about it something like a a provide features so that if you have and I nations fall and something needs and that's the piece over it won't tried to install you actually because we just wanted at that time and then if they is due to be designed because it's quite complicated to get worse but it's something we want to see we want to be bother to plead the packages but we just use 1 package and instead of having all the dependency for that say OK this is just the X intervention library whose surprise it into a separate packages and stuff like that and we want to have a new GABA package so this is mostly false false 3 more than with packaging G. but we want to be about a result for example a wide so to 2 on and in the end the 64 books on the phone before going to the
question I don't have time it yes yes so after
that and a simple demonstration to show you some of the features of packaging year the the world we don't the lights and in the so what what they will do these creator of that that J and the flow on I know an envelop yet it's a respected so is vendors small UPC box so it could be a little bit slow with for just prepared jail what we
need to do in the day prepared is to create a package of is the
link to the roof was 3 it could also be just an environment by have viable reject for both as for the visitors of its law but what is what and it the was mop-up must I just to do is upholstery with package you don't have to deal with the Atle but we have yeah we have about 4 what master OK than it can work and build of Acadian G there is also a batch for a bottom grace which should should be committed but assume that all the great will also support package in G. and most of the 2 that it was about 3 a half patches to work with packet India out of books the 1st of the jail for the 1st thing to do
is to fed to me that answer I just we have an option to deal with used directly from the host's if you do minus G the name of the J then gee-whiz with we run inside the gender without having the need of having packaging in the train the the the the so I yeah yeah in the Hungarian part to just use a J functions so if the judge supported it's but does have to have the the compatibility new ghrelin it's OK so now we have to make that that we are able to search for them but at that she so by the fall of the search is using a regular expressions but you have ever that contains apogee on it but you can switch searched you have real being all to this out you have extended his extended regular expressions we just go to install the latest at she so when you install you don't need actually to to do to give the phone then you can just be attitude but in that case we have 2 packages named Apogee so we have to specify the version of you altogether so here at the origin of the package the issue of the WWW but G due to it works the same way jointly was the 1 you just have a complete through to the print out to the user saying outages long we are expecting to have of more US matters over in the future but it's quite a complicated task you have we have a lot of opportunity for that there so the solver from openSUSE which he gave in our because the license and works pretty well so also some university students are that are willing to work in this task so I pushed this to a baggage in G 2 though before installing anything it will show you all of dependency you would have to install although it for you it would say to you OK I need the disk space promptly it doesn't little check if you have the the space available but it takes the form of the Donnell space available his OK though that you don't stop to fetch in this thing and then you start seeing out was based there from their eyes in the future we want to be about you take all sold the space available where you will sort package that's a bit more complicated because we don't know in advance what the partitioning them that would know but they have to do this thing for them you can just do this white if you don't want to have the prompt yes there yeah above must work and can be cleared to make you can have some of the work yeah so that in package look call for you can have a question yes and then you you're done you can also 2 weeks as a viable it was there's every options we have in package of course could be easier in package of golf or of an environment by so that if you're in the system you running everything out of that for example and you don't want to push in the back and took off on your all on a remote host you just add the environment of alignment the nation the yes the Hartmanis know the ions you through the application of at all yeah hold things ground as yeah the all of a different approach and of the just generally PDA uses of a flat package without dependency so just created a flat package in package without the dependency and then you get it I didn't have been able to to create fat packages quite easy respected package in G. I just use the package that the the power to build and fun than in effect wrote and the ii back all this and say this is a new package which is a too and everything is woman in it so I don't interdependency and to work the problems in life what they
so my the the the and I prefer the package manager to still be about to do both that book it was yeah as has the system and and I'd work I prefer to have small packages and dependency and of about and front packages but it's true that if I want to provide to any the customer a package with something and I want this to work and I will in that case you fat packages and give him fat packaging OK it works so it's different approach we need both I should then we haven't so that she we just need to figure out if it
wraps for the the name of the jail against other pet sheep and I see it works
so we can infer the package and actually see that it's not just informing them is they're also works yes the you could well you get you you have to my career from the automatic for if you want that kind of features that to get in packaging G just go to our website slash package and is that far the issue with we will soon open the development and growth is the development is frozen so that we can release R 1 0 bits that all the crazy idea you can all I have about packaging G just feel an issue on it up so that when we go to package any 1 while pocket G 2 or we just have that in mind and try to go that way possible you just need to keep in mind that of package and you we want everything to remain as simple as possible I prefer not having a future of having a future that we work most of the time but not all the time or if we had where did we had it off by default of to the people it useful yeah but that could be solved by of 1 of the sayings the packaging and he would bring to the pottery these individuals you in stunning stuff in those states directory and then if we have a statutory we could imagine splitting the package and the reason why D for food before his as problem we do the forces on it that is it provide 2nd parts so if we them and thus provide the library then you say should can the latest apogee with DVD for 4 and then you can follow it in what you use it leaves the force yes 1 of the other thing I wanted to show
the use of in the chair so
yes the question that adjustments a video so that people can look at the you red 1 who asked the question and add a video because I wasn't sure we have 1st things here to be a bunch of grades though yes
to if you want only it several times on the the VOC of Ajtebi of every day not yet covered phase but just in reverse of your Account was the of the the all the command that have the community we have for of the man page at our too late now and all the command our of you we have the had command so if you don't know how packages some work to do to it had installed and then you have the ferrets the man page for costly yes but the
no granting you interviewed you will just have to package it at minus F 2 falls edition of the position and install a 10th of a per this from the version you want the gender specify all I want to devote is 1 that we have about right now in the in the version that sometimes some dried downgrade our output in the in the bid process so yes we we know what we know how to detect the downgrades and we know that we know we could provide this but I think it's a it shouldn't be easy to do because most of them then throws it will just bring you back at which she she's not consistent with other speakers we provide to you so I prefer not having something too easy because lot users we just use the online report birds ever-worsening aggressive onwards rocketed ungritted suspected of consistent with the pockets of their it's all it's not it's not difficult just not trade for Uganda's package at minus F that it doesn't say always depend on my something so I want it you just forced the nation and you added and when you add your own version your version of the links with a we reserve the package that used to depend on the new version the differences are pinning you can and but if is the I of the library income is not compatible with the new version of the old version issue downgrade than new article intuitive will be broken there so we started in in the case that and just 2 of us to track to driveway this can they move out there that you show all no no not really you know the world of you the yeah 1 of the future I want to be able to use to be able to roll back like it's going from user dates wanted to say OK you have done an action you're about to roll back to the president before this this action but it's quite complicated pictures of the few of you set of packages C 2 we require a lot of the space to be able to do that for black so all we need to find something to to deal with cleaning and yes in the future there will be a package were something like that yes so the this use of the debt yeah of I top yes yes and all the directories views are configurable so you can say my local the Americans that the scenes version of the user can change and it could be a good idea that's why just for fun changing too much sitting at the same time so 1st reviewed packaging and then we can do some sort of stuff like that of the scientist and as a switch at a property and 1 1 or something like that but it is doable we was package in the graph and this using GFS for the world but was 1 of the singer seeking events like it's going on and it's know the printer is that a yeah that package system which is a crab boats he 100 differs very well and and like to be a will to have some kind of cool sourcing that so that you can do the same seems out of pocket FIL different studying you just snapshots use cannon then converted back and the fact that know yes yeah but 1 of the things we're thinking about is having hoops about everywhere in the library so that you can just provide almost 3 foreign from 1 to manage the affairs or if you want to manage and if you want to install a package out of some Phys like the age potatoes and stuff like that you can just see eye to no more packaged by indifference studying just all finds it's something worth thinking about 4 a 1 1 or 2 that a question yes so that out into the world that you you can't you just go to package and you wanted we have a scripts which school like it's to in g which converts the old that these 2 of the new 1 but you can't go back so prepare your back all that is prevail backing up stuff like that and if you're switching to package and you do not and still using the pulses the that's forgat activate packet in in the Baltic to avoid having both because it's 1 chartered not improve perhaps but we can't continue using an ideal package and then from time to time saying all as lively package so blues and reds that that and the this we we used to do that but they remove that codes because but because the the old package format is a really proud the peace is not studies the fires in the old fights into scripts which exacting from their their their on their own and then now instead of a fine of the fact that so we can move from the old to the new 1 thing OK all the scribbles Hoopeston Solow goes to bring solid going in the reverse is almost impossible because we are not able to determine that because of particle streets
what should be a for them and by science would be and executed as in the 1st in the beginning of the of the of the fight section but after this fighters extracted it's something like that so no we can't create the old package but we're walking on the streets sets we'll do the reverse the means you already have some all formats against a former packages and you want you just go about them into packages for that it's a forward to you to install them on the new system and it's pretty easy to do I just didn't find time to write the script this the it's the show it also yet so for that particular problem a you still have to use packages talked restorative stuff but the we're thinking about something like that so had command we say OK this package don't but she's this is for this is something I know I have an install and want to work to be a great from from Russian that's if it's complicated because it can lead to inconsistencies in the future the best thing to do to be without is to create your own packages and set your on repository and the then provide a package and that's so that when you install a PhD you just bound the pot revision naming its and then it's always higher version than the version that is and you've showed was 3 and then you can you your have it's infer correctly 1 of us ing we want to do in the future just to say also that notion saying OK this package comes from this trip was really it is reposes similar then you can you can only get credit from this repository it's not done yet but it's something worth thinking about 2 and it is a it was really not configured anymore and then go back to the normal way you can the is no you don't have to sit at the opposite Theresia packages destroyed to do that the sensing as packet add pocket insult but from the culture so you going you both like you do dropping just to make installments installed it has package the the missing attitude leads to accurate because by default it's still the old system so to activate it is deciding which package in G. quality as in medical and that's all the was saying you know of of the of the of the of the it is the the it all that on the and the the the because the whole the yeah and most most of the time the option and the poster just had a new when you find the package so we can if you can speed the package most of the ocean would be gone except for things like containing sort of play off of that most of them can do that and maybe wizard provide future around to see in your given to also the others will do some kind of fibrils and say OK I'm I'm dying Apache a national of that option on and it's regarded as an Apache and everyone looking property would get with the yes and this is this the yeah I think it it also about OK yes how I'm waiting for of for the on the final 4 8 1 because the right 1 is not word to use a easy conversion that as soon as April and is is a it's a and and it sees a bootstrapping to date and that could start to create a notion of aid packages Hi there were the missing and I haven't saved currently we have the
we have a read some was derivative and on occasion
be there the fruit is or so if you want to be able to do show interviewed to test but tried to admit them onto which from combine its longer environments for the this 1st this all just innings to use the new and the iodine so it's
easier for people to is of people to to find out time and the 64 this what you want said that you go to remove a there
nesting in it OK yes the package should take ministers under the Apache and they make you do but to remove it did this all the packages on New the pH would use it was yeah easily yeah and it's it's recursive so you don't have to run its the Bend Times under the ballistic tracking is also going from the pottery so if you could just using the pottery and if you 1 of the port in solve energy is tracked and that is because when you install a package we just of the flag in the database in this package has been sort of dependency on this packages we on proposed by the user you know when you do a packaging follow actually I know that Apple she's the package you want not everything that come with it issue had to having all the package at match developing will be marked costs of wanted by the user this the it's it's integrated the book if you just go to a single porch offers information to pocket and you go to Singapore to make install it went out a bunch of things including the 2 ends of that on solid due back added to remove an older sings of war on the dependency will be dropped this course that this the the as in the yeah but Backus yeah with respect it again said Backus sets of we have some key words which 1 of them is percentage for automatic percentage they equal 1 and then you market has all the magic and if something goes wrong for I don't know what reason but you have all the EU automatic that that mean dropped to can say packaged menus of considered automatic it once you 0 you can take it by hand and then as usual have of the choice to do that on the wall the packages all just some packages using globally in using area expression my know that you just say this fight 1 removing its exercising modify I will draw this fine with the rest of for it was given except a few of modify the thing on purpose and then if you are willing to talk it normally you can with do you recreate all the sounds because I know what I do and then the the the first one we consider as the final that this hello it's more about it as part of a if I want to be able to speak packages I want upholstery to be able to understand what is a step directory and we're doing that we see all too was used to it's too much very very complicated so the 2nd droplets it would be easier the other thing is that I want to kill most of the scripts we have in the book we have a policy like the exact an exact and stuff like that which are not reviewed by a security of history can be reviewed because is everywhere and upholstery and I want to be able to add a lot of new keywords and on in those sky world we have the speed which is you unreadable and then we can before in a problem with security we can just ask in a secure differs or someone that knows about security to reducing things in 1 single place when use just this with their and very long term goal I want to get rid of any discrete Apple providing something else to be able to do cross inspiration of packages and the high that it's 1 of so that as part of what we read about this 3 kinds of all I also like the I don't know where we yeah and more of you so that's don't always agree on packages using scripts at exec something and I want to have them in that package and you can create justify going it's a that package and if we find this file and there is no find without this extension we just create a new 1 then if there is already a fine cheap the the configuration of when the users of these groups like the ultimate sold but you have a lot of and Leslie yeah we do we have the future I don't know how to be used by them and there's an people layer but we have the future to avoid discrete that he that before women yeah but after that you could imagine the substrates that just detect that there is a new version of the of and prompts you know you have to merge this like much master of of a the I the present I yes the geographic it also a reason why a we can't go about use of the 3 so if long compatibility Wizard pocket your pocket and so because the pocket and fumbled movement of great so if you wanted to sh gendered fit in most of the most of our thoughts and most of our package we need to get rid of packages tougher is in June the fee
for the bulk of the bad