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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Go SCTP!

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SCTP implemented in the language Go
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Two technologies; both new, exciting, with lots of new features, so why not put them together and have even more fun? This talk is about my effort to combine two (relatively) new technologies; Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and the computer language Go, by implementing the functionality of SCTP as a library in Go. SCTP is a reliable message oriented transport protocol, has resistance against flooding and masquerade attacks and includes congestion avoidance procedures. First standerdized in October 2000 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2960 and later updated by RFC 4960. Go is a concurrent, statically typed compiled and garbage collected language with a syntax broadly similar to C. The initial design of the programming language Go started as an internal Google Inc. project in 2007 and was officially announced and open sourced in 2009. FreeBSD has the reference implementation for SCTP and Go is also available on this platform, so it made sense to do the first implementation on this OS. I'm currently finishing my Masters in Computer Science (part time) and my dissertation subject is the implementing of SCTP in Go. I've already started to implement the library and hope to finish my dissertation in about 2/3 months time. The talk will be based on this work. Outline of the talk (this roughly follows the outline of my dissertation): * Give some extra background information about Go and SCTP, describe characteristics etc. * Explain my approach on how to implement a new network library in the Language Go. * Do a comparison on how network programming is done (first TCP) in C and Go. * Show how TCP is implemented in Go. * Show how I implemented SCTP in Go. * Do a comparison on how network programming is done with SCTP in C and Go. * Demonstrate the performance differences between similar data transfer techniques of TCP, UDP and SCTP * Demonstrate the performance differences between the same data transfer techniques implemented in C and Go. * Question time
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