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FreeBSD on Freescale QorIQ Data Path Acceleration Architecture Devices

Video in TIB AV-Portal: FreeBSD on Freescale QorIQ Data Path Acceleration Architecture Devices

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FreeBSD on Freescale QorIQ Data Path Acceleration Architecture Devices
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This paper describes the design and implementation of the FreeBSD operating system port for the QorIQ Data Path Acceleration Architecture, a family of communications microprocessors from Freescale. These chips are a modern, multi-core, PowerPC based SoCs, which feature a number of specifically designed peripherals, addressed for the high performance networking devices, which are increasingly common in modern communication infrastructure. The primary focus is the Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) with the new approach to network interface architecture. It has significant influence on the FreeBSD device drivers design and implementation. The paper describes how the full network functionality was brought forward, and also covers other major development tasks like the e500mc quad-core SMP bring-up and support for other integrated devices.
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really there have been OK so would come here I in presentation about previously on the new devices from Freescale can't jury could at the path of the rays detected assessed my name is Pierre Djindjic I'm looking for come on a consonant off and as it can see up on that site thank look at so
the the presentation will be 1st about the the the motivation behind the Pierre king and behind the new architecture of metal devices and I try to briefly by hardware focusing on but that was at social architectural then and going to tell you about the process of planting food is the on I was there I 1st that was close so it's the it's 9 focus on the phone prompting on this and that and I show you current state of course to be released so the
opinion that out too fast for now because of its high play just fecit that the use of 180 to fill buckets per works in speed the guy is you know that nearly all this means that 2 because I am baffled the in come in come out in that book I be field in about fairly cycles so this is maximum time the we in which hardware come around outside for information is is quite strong on 2 now appendix links and becoming popular so the problem is increasing and when the parents are 1st of we have you can have a high indirect though they later all high latency because we enter have 1 interactive but pocket and we can interrupts or we have 1 are for example for peasant pockets and the packets so the Latins who would be inclusive the next problem of the sideband overhead of managing the memory forward that will interface we need to look at buffers we need to check if you can't finished transmission the fiction of transmission and buffer and also because those structure the effect it interface we have like congestion when the men and what 1 called and that so even though we have it all 16 causing our system only non-call come you really acts as this that the structure Of course we want to do something with the post packets so for example we once told you the packet inspection 1 tool to process had the solely on tool no on the bill to rooting for example and this city becoming too not and problematic in Software OK so the
deal with this problem Crisco introduced the Newell family indication system and the communication sets which I also test all the power quick formulae which are widely known for set to buy free B is the of these new family in this new family we have the chips so we had to edit costs and it it comes in the course up to 10 geeks interface 8 1 geeks interface so we have very the very high pocket that occured inside this this these cells also such as virtualization not only in the course that's the entries salts interconnectivity on periphery of of of also prepare for for that including that about for the racial architecture OK so
here's an example of sort of this of such system this is on from of enough for colds 5 in the 5 network interface and if 1 can Meeks we have had the movement that toward the now that work on chief of the connect the DPA indeed a regular includes these devices and we have for example the which are like the link like firewalls inside the inside the cells controlling access and controlling for his actions between basis inside but
certainly what is really the PA the big consists of values on so which should accelerate who should I 4 8 met with protests so we have a better manager of the tool to manage the manage memory format will form a working left queen Niger which the connects complements insights the inside systems so for example we can could create a hardware manners of query between between between network interface we have free Manager which integrates answer network interface which I'm responsible for passing pockets and so rooting if so what incremental devices and insights sorts and also we have isolate those like secured debt for the rate of 4 I sector and so the pattern matter and other matching and gene for the packets inspections but that said homeless the better managers the better manager maintains buffers insistence his system the buffers are organized in a in a set of patterns in in in in those which are managed by software said this is the set possibly to keep matters in the pool a concept that must be the master acts on events occur that the the like completely McLeish aren't everything that is for that the the hardware and software can directly use buffer manager I look at it on the locate buffets so for example if you I received using pockets the betterment of politics memory for us so software is not with the law on the wall for that the Queen's manager works of art from
frame level the frame is simply you set all buffers of the chain of buffers plus some with event that date I starting Q and ends here the the frames are organized on the frame we say which are organized in what the world needs organized in town of its tongue consists of a low in each in which it with but the effect of the word so how do works
frames of others and in from queries which are connected to work with which are connected to timers friend which friends can be decreed it channel is connected to the sets continent so for example if we queen pocket to queer on the on is attached to the network in the Fresnel number 2 and so on through that the the speckled with our ifyou here and you have 2 times the barriers of time of them dedicated channel which are in connected to its only 1 device like Sibuco number run around that will interface and we have through channels with their own connected to the device led I'll lose soup you close available in the system OK although my other women other features include to congestion magic so evil Que's becoming too long some packets can be can be dropped and also the effect on the respiration so we can the year we can't keep all their it of packets sports it puts us at in the various components of systems of for example you have you have you have a and to on iPad 1 ghost of Suk-woo desolate of pocket to build the professor regardless of fusion of 4 of time of finished processing and ponder out and we we we we have purchased focusing on the OK the was good Simon of
DPA's frame manager but it really consists of usually 1 4 in Malaysia have 110 interface on 5 when together he interface so it of source we took 10 geeks interface is news that there are there are 2 frame managers has its has concluded the UMI which come buffer manageable are located on the the memory which I succumbed use queen and the police in the that's changed that all the components of the systems underscore class in the i and Interop that trying to the memory unfair but on the playing frame processing we have for the friend processes which includes after which it can't be used book explored that from back at it it's the kind of program X apart from other kind of hinder you want a or less than the to let it go to 200 Mbytes the Kingdom going power is used to make this season where the package should be looked at in the system and the student is based on possible is lower so for example we can we can extract the view on the field on venues and use it to the choose whom he which means standard device where should be less effective let this package would be a test I think police the traffic on the this is not enough we come around the a frame processing languages this mouse appealing site OK so communication
between GPE answer people it goes to that that up to the person the paper us it will think it's considered a to of registers it run a set of radio-elements 1 for the register his hand he beat that and this it's used for configuration for process answer the question namely bridges the peace transaction interface FIL a further exchange in that so if you want for example send frame tool secrete a or we just did Iverson C'est unable to do the test enabled really of the pop-out finished cash direct workflows sponsors spinning and site as of now buckets is is that bucket is in which MacWEEK so this is very fast and also we have on a software called parts so we come as each focal for superior task and we don't need looking between the between portals we only need to protect Lamport of that access into the same to the same device that should never let them know that 1 called police pursued without locking and also the fat sugar but that's a very as you could because it is very efficient from in from the movement to say that cells because we won transactions is so that exchange so we can't exchange 100 point and bytes in the mood tour bus and include lessons actions is what request and response OK on the future of
of the this all of this hardware so the next interesting thing inside sketched fashion that it's also targeting coat pocket protest how it works in when the packet arrives in the network vice- vets pocket to the system memory then notifies the pulse of source but so the routes packets from system memory to that he does on them doing something but with this fishing there hit of the packet can be directly related to protest so cash level to catch so the process of fetching there he does not the there isn't going away to commemorate transaction which is a much much faster because system a much slower than cache and we have also will quantization of the replies oceans and support in a call us additional pollution but also in the comic I spent electors management dealing this confluence of this control test tool system memory and to all the complements Bayes Incan addressed by the transaction and something code logical the device number the logic allele devised number consists of the fields Butterfield's it's include a request and 2nd field it can be controlled by South cipher example the video they can said logical and device number Avila number so we can practical and so we can distinguish the packets from different of and the and the could assessing the comic flow and so for example the we for example this can be used for all but that is a vocalization environment from the acts because we have 1 less than or using view online we have 2nd this is a new tool and so we can that's this number of children to be able to access for all of guests number 2 man approved a set that this in the periphery are and from the elites of this simply walks OK so
that's all I belonged to the hardware and now we talk about software how we is the for such devices so the 1st thing you have to do we have to do you last time and because of the core we need a recount combining the sensation because some neural TO being a new vacuolization something and then we'll be really big would be 2 point of walk about bringing up the book so the we want to stop 90 processing there we really can't of sweets collecting multiprocessing with DPA only about a bit more Of course we are loath to support only very far this like a CIA express and so I will talk about this later so
time the 2nd from the
previous version of the core was already there this song the only neat to at someone a configuration is structure instruction in being deals we some needs to obsoleting career variant of gun-related instruction in compiler but the punches where a viable at communicative community Freescale so this wasn't too hard the next so
that was the going on in the sensation local so 1st what is local McCrory's 1st gold execute that in freebies because it's it's assembly cards architecture-independent which 9 responsibilities the prepare environment for C execution and in part precede Alakrana luckily used to set that you be so create to mapping of Cardinal called and so it's plates back for grammar and syntactic
said that new features in 2 of the 5 100 and see request to the Quest some changes in the book the dignity of the required for example tangible changing of call to cop spoke of concept mapping TO BE because would send Mitchinson register well I was bigger then I think that's there there is introduced new hypervisor privilege levels this Intels are also you registers to march the at the moment still being what we want to not break backward compatibility compatibility is called so now called that text and X 1 of each color we we are running on and how use it accordingly the same accuracy is so to have a window implementation-dependent 20 OK so after that we running the sickle answer so that's only changed to dealer peanut aria for field being size hole over this was C code on his way was it quite easy
after that we have running the running system consul rivals on whether there was new driver was already there so we have really who running system won't use from you as the ones that were on because DPA is quite deep piece of hardware and complex we started to searching up can't which come help us develop drivers for the period the period we found a pack H colored let the software the MIT concept is a bucket to from framework from Freescale which consists of the vise driverless for a low price can industries can devices and protocols backs on slower so the bagging on programming helpers took the wraps this app was agnostic incoming running under operating systems on a exist then and as we come on their bare-metal devices answered hound already all drivers need it being so be to win a greatly reduced our development time however it is only proper shot so from this point I would like to all the thank Freescale for releasing the matter of the query manager framing of a virus from this package on BSD license if the OK so we have and medical as wall
that come with the software low-level device drivers from this stuff however it could be connected to our operating system this collection includes vector the driver on the top of fixing till pions from the bottle so
so extinction parents are very simple opens the active low-level operating systems from operating system functions like that is quite is it so it's look that there would be no problems however I don't know why physical group what I'd with translation is required by this but package which is not supported by B is the cone on which is also on the news so and we created solution for that we implemented a simple approach so we have to keep the sort of I'll active my thinks in much independence in part of the page structure which is knowledge about being up aren't there exists a long times that are used to this toast tilt was leased to extract diversity other was the physical model as a translator of the in page structure we are extracting the mapping from the structure and the 1st the 1st entry is the last the last night of not being so we have talked to all of you OK the
vector rivals from the top a responsible for translating IPI between operating system the come because of what IT DOESN'T but they are also was before a serialization because the and that called doesn't include unlocks I'm too we implemented that at simple NuBus attachments and which all the old IPI for the lysosome this what's the this were and laughing
matter manager to manager but not for to the manager because the manager it is abstract several new constant modules with each do they have to be a humble this entitles it said mammals have only API and we just 1 single frame images driver for that so this is the new right of the single-drive reminding everything in framing a trip to the desicion of common parts aren't also manages internal frame a literary success there aren't expert round good quite simple to API boxes that so then we have those
Mandriva so every component of the PAN and we will try to in the network interface driver from that so we going to do the decent driver this is that the particle produced because government control the driver well the grading system perspective Elastic Net work all of that looking at their Hörmander it's not talking to I you had about inst instead of that use the bathroom religion and on frame a measure that provide us the set up all hardware so the I think should polities bound together to get the milk so how would books the battle
manager is used to manage the and this memory for all receiving pockets the queen manager is used to in the exchange of the frames between printer source and come to the new network interface as the FIL images abstracts will do not collide so we have 5 acts as we have link control here I so it's good to confuse and that the flow on the inside to the manager or have their friend from clean
B is the networking stack it translate to to manager of frame and then just passed in terms of the heart and the the hardware worries salute with how bad from another in the transmission from which frame manager begs this those displayed cries 1st on the network we call so this man went his memory from them better manager a whole other because of this memory can be a look at but from a different locations we're pushing the frame back to the software the using the transmission confirmation query and the 2nd releases different in this assessment that the frame accordingly but new receiver's the site we have had were manager at the vessel manager 10th include holding buffers for new frames a did the buffers from this book I located by Feynman measure the use of your great friend which is good in bulk that we that is the distance but only translates the it you manage offenders kutscher and buffing the operating system and the affine description precious them to that could be used in books that and then the frame would be freed it's going to the directly to hardware pull back OK so how do the thing is is efficient OK so the next thing
it about the selection process in up so glass quite
easily because it's based on existing implementation for part week however there as publicly cuff only cost would have to pay and we found some issues with more than 2 or that what would who do this in a box of IPI communication win in system there were no no to costs only the 1st call and Gulf message on the food fair cause of dropped so we know of implement because I gave to the it to avoid this problem and now it I'll IPA messages full I'll call the dissent on a semantic Beishan too hard work and before that would to science equipped this title course number 1 the molecules and their queen of effect and do at all and channel the occupation by 1st the 1st message if it was dropped of course we face of the phone the period he shows with all parts so that the cases what you wish was
where so we not the decay could call for its appeal to avoid the congestion we don't want lock-in we want to support and that the that's said we also have less around St. that I was in each city feel because we don't want to what ways to conclude while memory but such might be to support because the was added has not to copy it into new course living systems have so these infrastructures doesn't I want us half group private not being the on each call so we include something cults share bit to each his inca that's by the use of the Fund beats in T B a arms and the shadow the only entries come on the market of sharp as model to copy it into the neural new courts so come on now the not all of us us the proof late because each CPU the
next random regarding part of the multiprocessing Westport configuration we have that in the past only its appeal and we have the therefore energization underscore piled on each CPU because from to be world number 1 we and haven't access to CPU number little to probe of dispute and took underlying about during the system boot only good CPU come configured on or power on the total there is that when the stage we simply that the call and configuring next said so the type of form for the rest of the suffused must be initialized on them med this may happen under the and so the the part that configuration also includes in the quest the interrupt the quest my sleek insights into it and create functions are so for example this happened when cells hunting is holding the lock those problems so we have plots interrupt relocation inside so it's a sort of life the to grab interrupts with what the system in the note and then distribute it on when the tables are configure the sign a
lies in front of interrupts because stepped out of the 2 interrupts assigned to that perhaps you know bound to the particular CPU so we also have to fix then that it's a flag of tool have tection of such that it has such functionality OK for the proof of this we had to sit there being now this year it for was last on 2 years become fair and so is the numerical control and so many more norm answer when
it comes that so this we are supporting her a treaty that P of A P 2 0 4 2 1 2 3 0 4 3 1 of the 5 fold all the bad last 1 only in the frigid too long because the calls inside of these chips of 64 bits we also feel we are now working on the 64 bits of what symbol I profess show has quiet so good but which to suspend the stipulation that the addition of a very high about food to put cent however as we don't have pulling yet the almost a 90 per cent of that's last indirect select of its advice here we have a well how it
works the incorrect from being on the use of all that long so all the better management better I buffer manager only once a week were a required to sift went of a interventions and we have the real interrupt assigned to said but move that past is felt assigned tool specifics appeal and we can see that Lampson is a lot is known distributed over this of us this appeal of the most CPU has bits of the Big Nobel of big-name lines of the the for the 1st few mind throughout the course of doing what the error in the solids we have to balance the base confirmation car to takes place confirmation would that's appeal I was using channels so out on this appeal can take on and take part because from that OK so what this on do is to so 1st it's a moment with no networking futurists like a it didn't know and so but it's a link its agenda frames and as we once Smale photos like that I think gee security and g and separate controller up there at least
the people which I to say to think you're includes a handle only then I know which fully understood framed manager and there are however of the which is to to the head of this product the fuel Branford from and who helped us the release than in that column called and if he is the license and also speaking event that could never of scheme mentioned in the community from sending have which that's that all kind of so there are some pretty monthly focus and in support so that's
our we have plenty of time for questions it this is soon I don't know seasons should however we are all knowledge and so you not this is not the case so how can therefore for working on about inclusion of this work in online or the minor for about 2 weeks now so it's used in my opinion it should be done in in next my own told or free this should be expected in line with the lines manner from because the lining about I think 3 months I was it was the current I think that should be possible if and what was on the market here which is running this chips the Linux and their partially operating systems based on what common package Net from my house includes NICAM includes of very tiny weighting system answers these vary was supported by tools from Freescale tool that planned that power flow into the cell so you can't simply simply create graph OK we have that that he would really you answer to read that the crap the critics you and go old here the current is going to do a poor person this coding the device and this works the 2nd it was how the thing that I raise in the city here the years the queue manager and the buffer manager are quite simple onto this should be done this a can be done easily overflowing management is very complex sold these involve a lot of war however if a manager is thing manager letters and and I'm not too late but pot all other country apart so if you haven't much of so the other ways to read that of the on the please Inter that this is for example following dimensions to the ship to interrupt the Jewish lower your such as slower are so we haven't implemented on interrupt it so would editing surrounds on default settings on this as a committee on no question yes we're working now on 4 64 bits on the last 2 on the P 5 fold of he and don't know that that because I'm not directly related to a little told to this war and all the cities is growing cholera I haven't on me the text the that so here you have a machine which states it consumes about close 12 watts they were questions yes the don't attention to the printing changes who will be as it pushed until there is a current I don't know that this is questions yes or no we landed on only list Intel Core a compiler which is included for years in this from city to the around the as far as old now in horror over and will I can't tell you that is really is easily show because I'm only ingenious of its not so releasing more at the questions so thank you very much and the future so if your answer meditations those
paper should so you come with paper all
simply catch me on the whole thank you very much that the the time it was the the in the I intend to sit at the Cerf listen to the and this is what we call it the whole of the variance in the left so this community in in the world's about them in the state reservations you further persons in wheel most consumed by the other thing that could have this is all kinds of the more of it I want to transitions between the use of the book of the lumen of on the in the time of the day after the that was the so here we are in the do room with the unity that is you know some of the core its modes of a lot of it was doing with the reduced to see with the map we don't know the difference is planning square in the core of the ties let because of the use of and we have lot of people and the there simply wasn't the more that things change through her many generations is made out of this set so that were so this is what is different because of a lot of ground and knowing what it is and what it was and what you can do really very that this seems to be really really love seeing it while you're reading most of the amendments and that there are no bearing in our I mean there are is just you can learn from reading we for use the sorts of the this the most and so the whole and in the world it in the but the and only the more this range of retrieval