Building a FreeBSD based Virtual Appliance

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Building a FreeBSD based Virtual Appliance

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Building a FreeBSD based Virtual Appliance
How we built the Razorback appliance
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Razorback is a framework for an intelligence driven security solution. It consists of a large number of components and dependencies that make the barrier to deployment quiet large for the uninitiated. This talk aims to shed some light on the process of creating a virtual appliance that enabled us to reduce the barrier for people that want to test the system. Lowering the barrier to entry for a complex project is key for improving deployment of your project, by building a virtual appliance you can cut the setup time from over a day to just a few minutes. This tutorial aims to cover setting up a VM build environment that will allow you to create custom virtual appliances for you projects that are easy for people to deploy. We will cover: * Setting up the build host for PXE based installation of the appliance. * Tuning the installer to install only the components that we need to the vm to function. * Deploying tinderbox to build the systems dependencies. * Installing the dependencies via the installer * Deploying freebsdadmin on the VM to provide a management interface. * Customizing the base freebsdadmin package. * Adding custom applications to freebsdadmin to manage your application. The aim is provide a hands on experience so attendees should bring a laptop capable of running 2 small FreeBSD virtual machines. Attendees should also have some basic FreeBSD systems administration experience. By the end of the session attendees should have a firm grasp on the process of creating a virtual appliance using the freebsdadmin project as the management interface.
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drinking so and I was unwilling to trust this project editor that's fine so I these wooden about this is how we build the Razorback federal clients fall of the a number of reasons the the 1st is really like is of a quite complex system of and we need to
be able to reduce married if people this the last thing you want somebody to have to do is set up might you well and it's ectoderm Q and cached and 25 other packages before they can eat and trials so basically 1 and we talked about today by a senior research engineer with
the source file vulnerability researching and from the developer on his back and all of this means well and those head of the government structure managing the fleet of 1500 previously providing this is is not is to into a little bit about race vexing understand why we have to build the plants and It's an open source security framework that allows for near real-time aren't states inspection that we can't do in the yes a lot of file formats these days are too complicated to but in a simple signature patterns in the IPS that AT gigs a 2nd so we have to design a technology that can collect the data and then pushed out into a backhand analysis farm processing and detection so we have a capture and inspection framework allows state it's come into the system and be tagged with the base height and then you have the inspectors back and why specific types and about how to deal with those types and we read those a mandates books through its inspectors for analysis and a lot from inspection system back in and then dispatched the back up into the output system
Country His you an overview of what's going on inside the only as you can see there's a fair few working the moving parts that and that doesn't include all of the the inspectors that we run high we have lunch Windows inspectors obviously we package in the previously appliance good luck trying to get expressed to run on wine and if 1 of these components has at least 1 config file and at least 1 all the pieces configuration a problem and I have to do to get it's get to be up and running so this is kind of an overview of why we felt though the appliance we knew to improve the adoption of Razorback fall within large enterprises and work reluctant to install to try and install such a complicated system without being able to to demo at 1st because even a development team it takes a data set up a Razorback Beckett's science for so on it looks like this takes a little too small a complicated so you probably can't read out so the other thing that we wanted to do was provide a simple management interface for people to manage Razorback because and out of the box it's designed with no real management for its use Standard unix management practices to manage what's going on root falls around the coffee falls in place that kind of thing so we needed some simple web interface you get people to be able to control system and then make it they wanted
why did we choose for this law of reasonable amount of expense was previously and it's over development continuous integration targets we run every single revision on it and ends it's 1 of of as officially supported platforms that we will officially fixed but some it tends to be more secure than some of the other options at around It's got less leading-edge components and things like that has a better track record and move to familiarity with false and how many of you have tried to write a deviance package in comparison to a port 4 is significantly simple and the other thing is there's anybody ever tried to use the amount plants the man was about 2 inches thick so and it won't have to learn something new and I know you I could do it so the in via an overview of what was known
in Soviet appliance systems management
interface because the people that were targeting unnecessary and be familiar with previously all Linux they might be Windows users that are interested in this project so in in a way for them to be able to manage the basics the user's IP addresses the network services and things like that we need a management's face the Razorbacks so that we can can feel what inspection process enabled in the system and how they're configured some of them have around API keys and things like that that you need to configure them before they leave from run and we need to run the analysis the analysts face and back-end so the you can actually use the system the main thing that we had to choose was the to
decide on was the systematic management efforts there were really 2 options at the time I will building upon start with those that the free as interface and I was the those weapons we look to the pros and cons of both free is quite extensible and the latest releases Avinash plug-in API you can FIL during components into the system and then upload them as a plug-in into the web interface and yet all sorts of good integration with the main rate management you I and It's written in Python don't you and I will work with not obviously if we decided package on an obvious of as a traditional previous but men seemed fairly extensible they had a lot of features that we didn't need was about able to control a lot of things that we just didn't care about wouldn't think that users want its care about and there was Paul rather than Python and the rich have what language was and we just we wanted something that wasn't only complicates the trainers interface looks a lot better than no administrations well out of the box the the 1st thing that we
ended up and we was pull out the free has plane interface and the back-end for the management system we started off with pulling out straight from their and trunk just after they released at point of and so we had a fairly bleeding edge copy of the front back-end for the the 3 has I'm code based reworked the back-end to remove various references to IX and make more generic I remove all the references specific to to free dance and removes the 3 has branding from all that stuff and allowed for the back-end to run on both the traditional free at previously system and an statuses makes the broad of assumptions in the backend codebase assumed the the AP management scripts were all running in man environment which has various restrictions about what he sees the file-system read write or what's this piece is a read-only and when I come fossil in things like that the which we did the same thing with the front end we removed all the the free non-specific branding and he made all of that of that configurable set I can take the the DNN projects and you can throw in your then a product a vendor logo you'll product name configure config file put links to various things and then you get your custom version of the management interface with very little work and then we decided that we put on source for so anybody else can use it so if anyone is interested let me know and of food Donald that we then have to customize the previous the admin all free hasn't interface to the to add the
features that we needed so we ended added by adding new service configurations and it used free has with this services tapped so we had to add a bunch of new stuff to to that we had to add muscular all for the the back-end they'd still phrase back active Q for its message passing that's Razorback specific stuff to control various for about focuses honor and comedy and we had its small as well seem to have gone off the list and then we provided and custom branding and and you a gender application we added into the and the admin program the figure the project that allows us to configure various portions of Razorback which are not didn't fit the existing service configuration control to this is what we ended up with that you can't
really see that that's cezanne all version of the
interface and weak well things were available provided all service management turn things on and off in the wines you also control various components of Razorback consider the
law there is to use a configuration and
apply those in the back-end and automatically restart only appropriate services flora and bring that and thing online and now we can once we can see that we can bring the not the online and all Ricoh back and restart the back remap back component online and within the system so
I'm sure you know what interests in the the how you
would go and build up lights I was on next and a trial with someone is none of the estate exceeding 1 have the head of a custom-built want people to be able to run yes the update within the appliance talked I think 1 of them to be able to install of ports tree if they want to install extra things and be able to write scripts and install extra patches so don't want give them the restriction of an system which is for the most part react and so we went with the traditional free BSD install
initially I just created previously that machine and we installed some stuff in it by hand How's around and snapshots at every time I wanted to recent hostile to a real release the 2 3 or 4 days to update it wants the latest version and send out he waiting at all the passing back and basically slow and painful so we decided we needed to you make something a little more repeatable and we ended up with installation environment the good at clean virtual machine by Hicks and it would then do a fully automated installation all the management interface of all the packages and provide the base configuration ready to exports when the file from the busses and which would then up SourceForge in future will be nice if the modem you went to the environment he said though the eminent built of the in the on the in the hypervisor and turned on waited for to do its thing and turned often exported into IVA but that's a lot of work for something that we can do by hand and maybe 15 minutes so it has something to think about in the future and the backpacks but simple we have built control which has 1 of the services deploying the virtue machine and then we just have the appliance target him on Friday network within the hypervisor so host only a product that in some of the networking VMware all around at such what's 1 of the interesting part was so
building the the process of of VN goes through it but the 1st thing we do is we but the VM from by P and we launched an installation which of 3 best EU on offenses and that kind of image has all of the things that we need to install in or scripts and stuff like that then we launch once that's been finished from Waseda local we launch the sees install an automated installation mode deals with most of the inspirational formation partitioning installation of the base image hacker just installation all that kind of thing so once we've done the base installation species is insulin has a much of custom commands and at the install the admin fastest might lie in the web interface the back-end scripts and then initialize the SQ like expressed for the admin web interface and then the Boston on the Razorback version does some custom post-installation the system like initialize the have sample-based based in mice Q and copies of bunch of extra comfort falls on the site so
on the brooch control we need an NFS of its host the the refer system for the enslaved much machine during installation art when need DNS to keep their things happy in a fast and stuff like that prefer it if you have working forward and reverse DNS obviously we need a DHCP server and TFTP Servitors serve up the previously pixie loader and then we use to the books the building binary packages and and FTP demon service of up to the patches the the FTP is used to set up this free BSD what patches the PC systems for users to install the basis you are having trouble getting it deploy those from the likes of so it we just want with FTP but a fairly small package rest on the controller itself so summary of the light white 9 point of based system with DHCP server mice who offered tinderbox Apache to serve the tinderbox packages and sleep monitor the the builds on FTP for 10 again so versions of we can get the free BSD admin codebase and city it's a piece of and passing these there for copying files ran works a little better than a recursive call
so the control network we have we had to space look yeah 1 hour on land so that we can access a sh to at a coffee for us the flick back and then we give it a 2nd interface on the the built virtual segment but we dates if he if we're right wing and I'll to hear environment we're on the primary interface and it's a piece so we have a little of a right to the DHCP client configuration to make sure that the prefetch machine uses that local DNS of which has of zone that is used in installation they say what which will see on the next slide so we provide a very
small installed on Michael's on we provide hostnames from for the the installation controller and the target audience so need for the university for those so the the appropriate config philosophy of anymore virtual machines then obviously expand both the forward and reverse hostname 2nd sections to get more and more peas the and we have to customize 90 a little bit me at his own as 1 of the config file and we make sure that it's listening on the installation site because by for just listens to the X thing
we have to the figures DHCP 1 which yesterday fairly easily but we have to at a few options we have to tell that the news to load the Hexi bootloader follow which is kind of in the middle here that was it on this big enough in the so sorry about that and then you tell it let's wrap up mount the reefal system from which is the basically a 2nd previously 9 image extracted on build controller and the 7 9 used for think words in grab this it's you from and the DHCP servers identified and then the rest of it is just a standard some of its use of is configure the
various file servers that we need we need a user for anonymous FTP and which is enabled by default for obvious reasons in the base system so we had a added of few user with It's 100 preset slash install then we export that vote the same volume to the inspirations of foreign affairs on and we enable both TFTP and FTP I know and set TFTP to serve files out installed TFTP and we have to enable that stuff and the will be nice if NFS of enabled it all of these things for you but because you always even if you have the after 7 at the walk through next next deploying the and offense false system for the installation time image but we can run the bicycle again a user the mind when I see the and copy that out into install NFS and use that as the basis of operating system for that that applied to utensil at installation time about after you've copy that out we take the the pixie loader out of the the installed following they're still images they directory and we further entity of the TFTP the roots so that the Pixies from a monarch can pull out the then we have to make a little touch around PC systems to unfortunate version of PC systems stole the ships and in iron it doesn't support the layout of the 9 release media because the that they went 9 released with the new BEST install rather than with traditional systems stole when the release images will built to systems still had up with the new layout of the the actual image portions of we have to create a an image to use in PC system so by combining 2 portions of the the distribution files we need to take the the based image and the kernel turned those into a single toggle by so we just copy the the base image the uncompressed and then appends the kernel image to the base image and recompressed that much the there we have to set up by the time the 1st volume the the batch machine that's being installed so that it doesn't place tempera falls back on the anniversary volume 1 multiple machines of ability which would be would be bad city arrive various configuration files and things that he sees as stores assume just for the local machine rather than shared amongst multiple machines the only and we enable us disk listen to Professor Knuth confident of installation image and tell PC systems still to run at the end of us Eitel that's theory of a sin oversimplified configuration as our guide you through all key through the very last seed local a little later the next thing we need to do is
deployed to the box so in set up and secure mice secure the PHP so doesn't 1 about the times and properly at the top of every page and customize the the way interface follows the fact that configured when you run setup into the books and and runs through the very
simple 10 bucks is stripped down version of the tinderbox insulation from the real and set up scripts explore the tinderbox fastest environ effects so that it can use it to mount various portions of the that false system as it's doing its work and reload Mounties says but the new export and copy a few files on a set of options need to configure Apache
with the appropriate configuration for tinderboxes well so that word conserving of logs and packages and things of insulation it now packages from the whatsoever server
then we need to soaps environment in the the tinderbox journal that we've created we're going to create it based a sets the a few variables that may not be per cent correct that if you want to do cross building so about controller is only 64 Newtonian changes by 386 stress guards against the things like you name returning from architecture 1 ost and the package is being built for the architecture and after that we have to create a pool of bills previously built in the in books so we create the a jail 1st based on 1 comma decimal 0 release there's a few hundred it by lf have to still a small patch 10 walks this to book still hasn't caught up with the new 9 comma decimal 0 release this files you general patches out here which is waiting for them to make it back into the the ports tree what I think if you if you insult and books from CDs you have those patches but if you install report that the purchase we report street which we propose 1 serpent walks and then we a a bill which combines a agenda what street for the package will and then we start the tinderbox service so now we're getting really into that are not being the free BSD
admin specific parts of of the installation obviously you check out the code which we put in the A 3 yes yet folder under the ancestor of installation machine then once you check that out it comes with the a little scripts that will note the base packages for use we run that and schedules builds for all the packages that are of required for basic solution in the in tinderbox for the bill specified on the command line up and that's the build namely configured into the books however after that we need to generate a kid 1st name the image will install so the configuration file an image has a list of port names category name but 1 tinderbox built slows the package names don't always match the name of the hold that you go to the conscious drip the category often don't package at minus because for example the Python ports instead of end up being P Y 2 7 dash where originally the port by the port aim is just the Y batch of my Scuola the binary package ends up being why 2 7 nationalist will because the Python infrastructure must be extends the beginning of the port name with the version of the helpful to to generate package 1st from the and that goes through the 10 books that against the package names ladies with an installation then we have a small scripts fix a bug in another but in PCs install book fails in alter installation is a misplaced variable that's no longer required so that Scripture sums of small set of 1 of the the PC system so back-ends in removes that misplaced variable for you actually run and their needs but all sink into the image single new links against Lipsey's so we can just copy the 1 that we installed from the base the build of space image straight into the installation regarding to factor around with installing a port cherubic things like that but when you're pretty much ready to to create a virtual machine which
you can figure with a a primary neck-and installation the land virtual network if using virtual what's the PC systems for assumes that you're running off a scuzzy disk rather than NITA desks so make sure you can figure this controller to be scuzzy rather than by the otherwise please install failed to find that the disk there's going to create the root file system in the tends to be a little more portable if you wanna make the the run when you're at school the IVA have via the VM Romania 6 I all the other workstations things that and make sure there's enabled so viewing batch what's and you need to install binary extensions for forfeiture walks to get the brute roman things then he pretty much have free just the virtual clients but it does its thing shut it down no export the idea I will show you in
action hopefully it works so a sonnet
to show you a choose the 1 you
can look at only on the field and for the so there yes I got local that
was in in the slides is a little is an oversimplification ever more advanced us local that allows you to live right will profile you wish to install sleep is build profiles and within your installation image and then you can build virtual that multiple target appliances from a single book control sodium through it will you what profile you want to do to install and what package set you on Wednesday 2 packages from if you're gonna she doing upgrades you can set up a build into the box and build a pact set with new packages and then when you boot the applied she just type in the new built 9 it's under the aegis of the very simple such machine that's 1 of the things that I was was thing about doing is creating a the appliance which was book controller that you could then just install and customize your customize that too build more appliances from as basically the way the I it with the stuff you install appliance and use that applies to build other appliances the the 1st you have to have to have a system developed axis notice of the chicken and egg races and so we copy both copy the auto inflation relation of the base of the role that the profile that we going to install and Storer the quest the answers to the questions we asked and Thompson so that we can use the life as scripts and and
she'd equal to installed conference well
but since the auto-install configuration she could luncheon pressing at this top assistance what's kept so installation from our side in this particular example we use the same configuration for the auto install mostly configuration as we do for the actual installation so just use itself the we set up the house and tell them he sees and so we're doing a fresh and so on and that it should find a network of News digit is figure that and the simple partitioning say DA 0 if you got other I provides at its new what you've got the TA devices on target and it is simply change this should have the comfort factor so find a different test and we do a partition of the fairly small read file system of It's not fully so fast and yet is reasonably small root file system and we just create a huge file as most of the rays about theta ends up in bar if and and this is the the specifics of the
insulation on Intel PC school ordering of free BSD and in-store of an appreciation is that store you do it in as an image rather than from systems will type packages and he set the root password in here to so that it won't peace assistance or separate password on parts when it comes back then we we
open coffin to the target into the root file system the virtual quiet so that we can use it later and we copy and the package build set configuration file and the list of actors in it stolen and we used we map dead us insight on the the tongue it's tell maturing with the the run script command in the from PC systems does Azoturia into the target via copies the script the tongue at the the tongue system and then runs the script in a true but those things are available because certain things like Python and things like that but like not having that the random and various other devices available as the install and then we run a bunch of other script to install package that we installed the previous the admin false and then we initialize the fee the oven as he liked this 1 from the from PCs to install and I
wonder if I Turner Lecture you that be easy no that's not the that the but this is
my target virtual machine that where I
will end exported on some export such
machine after and it would have all of them that the
appliance configuration it's about useful
the bottom of the screen is asking us what is still profile we wanna use and plopped package build we want to use this is so
the sloshed PC systems so now this part of the partitioning the disk and putting the new file systems on the look but this and
downloading on the file system image of
the non release in extracting it into onto the new partition it's stressed made 20 will custom scripts and so that's fetching the packages from the works and it all
animal it takes a minute or 2 and fuses
loaded by a VM tools it's used
if you want so we in Winslow can VN tools and so if you that with this city 6 I have that the integration management tools store dependency of of those so the age TFS portion over the tools which gives you file chair 2 in the host and the guest and of course you can't build anything without getting
some auction effects of not so much that's going
through and installing the free BSD admin web interface and back and the moment
and that's initializing the Escuela takes place through a sequence of gender
migrations to add the initial configuration it has and it's done
hopefully it will be open give us said this list of
IP addresses that's configured to this time is being
from the local disk rather from an
the them admins faced when people
configures on our constant DHCP
is when we 1st apply the appliance if you deploy in a DHCP environment will always get an IP address and I give this a 2nd network card with a hunt with Houstonians faces like to show you that
management of triplets this the
freshly installed clients and this
is got more things turned on in the configuration on the is that white stars so we you can change through various settings you can change a lot these things that I displayed in the admin interface obviously for respected and even any sharing so we like that of the bathroom this is basically at this stage this is basically a free box ready for customization to whatever you want to make your points to I have this woman NS VN on SourceForge at the moment I was talking with yes I know that have been working on this I I spoke with and would not from my X yesterday about the sexually and I say have started importing an freeness trunk interface back into this fix excitement this is a fairly old snapshots and once they get this integrated back with the the trunk version of the freelance management interface and then it will be much easier to maintain your full it's and then will be able to push back to free analysis and say his agenda that we made the makes its interface better and we can push that will back is the 3 nazri power and basically get rid of the guess the admin report and I I think it
was so the a few bits of information
question wanna copy them down 3 As the admin projects a lot on on SourceForge this the rose by project also a console some SourceForge contact information of your own e-mail me about any of this stuff and no some contact information for the 1 with the research if you have any questions about small primary you may want answered I the 2nd is to to done and to go on to the and this site are there any
questions I turn the light spectrum the the the and the the question was do is there any expensive runtime performance of free BSE on virtual on as hypervisors go Futcher is pretty good and that hypervisors it really depends on the what do running I use watch books of for all my development work and makes it means I can with my village machines from act my where but in production we run a 6 so that you have to the question was the question was would what it considers Indian DNS mask instead of well I C the components on it's an option you can use it I have no experience with DNS mask I have plenty of experience with all the IIsi related tools so I use what I knew the roll call base has hot so I don't see uninstalling 1 port facilities the service and didn't seem too much for me so but if you wanted to use DNS mask instead of that I'm sure it would just work we had a cost I wouldn't say it in I PHP is the 10 books what inference so a few the so
the Our LEDs sorry yet I
just allows to see the states for both bit using command-line and says the this is only up with this is only on the build control officers an actually an appliance so as not PHP actually in the plants the plants grow that once has rails in gender and is to set away but but does not previously admin interfaces praise Jango impart Python Jango running and I like the self about and I haven't used this
but I'm sure it will probably just worked I don't know the details about initiative which so the at so it's a very good idea 1 of the problems with the is back is is very CPU-intensive surrounding it too is not necessarily such a great idea from a cost perspective on the but I I guess to reduce further people having some hypervisor it would be great to do that 1st provirus something I'll look at this if you Razorback itself is GPL to like sort like also Sourcefire products perhaps small and comedy along the road she felt to there are questions of about doing a lesser operates and patching free has accomplishes that by replacing the entire image every time because it's based on an idea obviously because we needed the ability for people to default to install extra things to be to test out various scripts and things and interfacing with raise about and can we left the system here is an appeal of free installation which means you can use the standard tools to do the operates put master at 3 BSE update down with them you serious up to get source and build a new walk installer policy that does require a little bit of knowledge about 3 BST to do that but in production production the virtual machine is not particularly but much much international points is really that together of people to try the system and see what it can do it's not really the intended for people to use in a production environment because to run the Razorback on such a network that people are using you need about 50 costs the the but on this system you could just pick around shape you I have to check should change a few things that you could just expose the installation of work to real Ethernet ports from the hypervisor and plug in a brand new dell books and processed 12 and have the from and you get basically the same system if and in aggression a consideration using this president of that of its my hands are tied in database selection so Slow masculine products in the fall has all contracts muscular so they were told we had to use must know this if you have questions you know with this so the pressure is having a customizable just but machine image and you if but known is not of that's talked about but he hasn't scripts that will even you create as a rule disk with the great file systems in a configuration stolen soon and then he has a script to build convert back into the decay and build on IVA father on though some protein forms of doing that and 1 of the the Connes is that you contest the image of you done insulation to you that you have to go to another group and deployed that the file in a hypervisor spirits test that it's actually have to do what you thought it was good it was if you build it in the hypervisor when it read this you can do some simple testing before you should secure what else this physics where and we don't use any of the of the guys will commands of what tools to use as app in relation to the our the ones that are installed inside the hypervisor all so the book pairs of VN is we install so the people deploying Indian like can holes and things like that have good integration with VMware on host they can use the backup utilities a common via and things like that which have to be able to quite disk activity and things create snapshot of most of the people that will be the consume the image of the big corporations that will run VMware rather then virtual books so is a people of all workstation I sciences they the I did realize that invokes divide the boat so I cannot that this I can make that quick change to the area of the slide in the forest and either to to to but on the site this inarticulate were that so the question is if you consider using to the books the bell from ports rather than 10 books was a apparently has little patches in authority so and there's nothing internetworks developments to experimental to these introductions and lots of yeast and what's the of reductions in about 4 works just fine of long thanks to so on the limitations of building the for the general purpose such machines easy to probably what's that well the Faroes about being a CPU-bound and system deploying on a city can be quite expensive so what if you have a big checkbook then you can apply an city right and that and with with Razorback the type of customer that's installing the virtual appliance on you succeed talking defense contractors government they wouldn't deploy a security system on C 2 in a public cloud so the for us there is no real real benefit of building an NEC to specific image of people that under the same restrictions the the the right but and and yes you could run because the vote from she has a small contracts guess we Villani C to image talk like to them we hit and people could runners on that easy to virtual networks so of what quality in a situation is giving free BSE admin support for budding Institute which you will in the red so and that in the the and I don't and I guess that's 1 of the advantages of using gets the personally I really like it but we could always put in so get repo so that people can branch and then we can those back into a kind of a central repository and it's not as
everybody else so it is here the is also hiring anybody fences change this is basically the kind of environment we work in this feel free to contact him if