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BSDCan 2012: Work in progress - Short stories from projects around the world

Video in TIB AV-Portal: BSDCan 2012: Work in progress - Short stories from projects around the world

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BSDCan 2012: Work in progress - Short stories from projects around the world
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For the sixtth year running, BSDCan will have a WIP (Works In Progress) session, with presentations on diverse topics. The format remains essentially the same: in a one hour period, audiences are entertained and informed by a rapid fire series of short talks on interesting new or on-going work by individuals or groups. Slides aer permitted, but not obligatory; pictures are highly recommended. Topic areas include new open source software projects, works in progress for future releases of existing projects, student projects, etc. WIP topics this year may make good conference papers next year! The number of slots is limited, and experience suggests there will be more takers than slots. Sign up well in advance to be assured a spot. Please e-mail wip@bsdcan.org to sign up. Send a one or two paragraph summary of the topic to be presented, and the names of the person(s) presenting it. Also, please give a time estimate -- typically times will be one to five minutes. The time limit will be strictly enforced -- you will be cut off if you try to run over! The WIP e-mail registration deadline is May 9, after which remaining slots (if any) may be signed up for in person. Any slides must be received by the WIP session chair by, at latest, May 12 at 11:59pm GMT. The session chair this year is George Neville-Neil.
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it is running this work in progress this year I I never get any renounced did anyone at the anyone submit a work in progress to be done not today it's if you do bring your science otherwise will go on to the rest to get a size a new spirit did anyone Samatar work-in-progress and so rather you and brought some running at the ship in yeah I know get quizzes yeah lot that's account for this a new will
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and any other questions before we race to the work-in-progress the downside of
of not having a work in progress is that we won have a work in progress but the other side of that is we will get to the pubs and
the did did anyone make reservations of the lot of the lots of seats over
here so this is all that was all the
vendors that was all the focused on
where to go the where and 1 this guy's but the
hand on stages but we have to know who he is that the people that don't know he is probably not Canadian and
this is a guy this summer canadian Tiomin
because the guy in the medium term that
there basically you get canadian tire money every time you buy something canadian tire that builds up and you go and buy this locker Brecon's dedicating entire money out of sub boxes stuff
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not surprised the fact that the terms of I don't know I will talk later Gerd and given away well that's another BC can except for the fun promise power I think the option to here has just ended the 1st piece you can that's a lot of people don't like the the the the the and so you probably think we have a paper every year and we we don't know what the without a but what will follow is of it's some closing nodes and thank use and we have an option all this stuff is sitting over here will be auctioned off the person with the least brains most money the proceeds will then goes to a local charity Thetis is the Wellington City missions they also get any left over the food of any quality that we have the the and food but sponsored EMC thank you very much but who have thank to give you an idea how much it costs to run a conference we spent 17 thousand dollars in trouble just travel at others include travel for speakers the gold sponsors these
people been around for many many years thank you very much appreciate your help and
this year too so that everything was video on how the GA happen you to and takes his neck of God use Excel provided that the funding for that it all lined up I think going under the BEC conferences channel on YouTube it's going to be released under Creative Commons no compete license so basically could any anywhere you want after it's up there I also try and collect together of for so that if you 2 does go bust you got a copy of the summer and that has happened and the process T-shirts sorry that not everyone that he didn't get teachers how many did not get a teacher his hands up 1 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 concerning we have during the teacher it's 3 weeks in advance and what we do users magical mystery formula to figure out how many order based on how many people registered and issued a lot last minute registrations which probably wasn't singular within get T-shirts all I can say is I warned you and I said trying to the public to get the T-shirts a some of the day get near the ones scallops will try and have more of an abundance nature it's someone's birthday here who is a
yeah the the if I if I know some it if have the garlic my notes I well see better 1st the
this whole Sikes' the for the
audio rabbit Watson's said this this is about is that qualities and have the which
is the what a goal second World 1 2 3 that's but OK we go faster and for when a particle residence lobbied 840 should know where that is a map were going around from 1 a bike the losses villages rate of about a canal step number 2 narrow public over 2 hours until somebody dies and bring caches snacks so be a lot of stops along the way for things yes those 5 elements you need I'm not gonna take if you don't have a home I thought those moon I think some this is all but program
Committee had on the 1st day is great you know Griggs Michael at this here was Michael about some of the Michael data matzohs over here somewhere to guess Toppmoller and hadn't the is not here is your it is taught here with is taught at the pub with and rubber was in it but thank you very much gentlemen and you saw some pictures of the slave labor earlier they're the ones of assembly registration packs some of you are also questioned in the service when I say you become having the best ways so thank you very much for that it's often short notice 1 of the least enjoyable passengers setting up the power cords in the morning now all I know the D. a mass is better for power but runs like this are better in terms of location who was here last year when persons and what kind if you compare this location with the s which you like better who likes DMS better yeah I also have it it if there was no Starbucks' DMS who likes the MS better why do you like the I have if there is if there is power everywhere that if had was the problem with objectives is just not bright enough the general I I think writers use really like all at is he did was no it's not cheaper such a pair is the problem the problem is it's access the problem is if it's raining out of it about the other advantage this place is the hallway is bigger and there's less through traffic the whole being a big big hallways more important than you think you need a room for us to move around in you need room for people to set up tables this is that this place is actually worse for me but that's not important people use complain about the site the so far where it all the Americans used to complain about this and only provide a nice was right now yeah there's a lot of us here good so you get those the of at the yet who their long who prefers a spelling of dinner nobody can you don't give a shit so long as everyone else is the it was the off thank you I don't know I don't have a lot of sway when it comes to say no you have to put us in the MS but those other people here because the other people at the University of Ottawa that's lesson in right none of it is well known that university of Ottawa faculty staff had priority 1 booking lands other activity so I thought about that I thought about getting a prof on our side but it is not OK that that is your hallmark the really the yes and want to know is the why it will be that all the reason that the conference gives free admission to staff faculty and students because when we started there were doing things for such as free Internet they don't do that anymore so I was thinking next year sorry the kind of removing that 3 that for people who earn grandfathered and so that's that's about it the last the of the of the that is because of the I wanna get the since then because I wanna get the Center 2 guys have anything to do with see other than here not this article that the the but a witness started with so can can students breadcrumbs fair
and you know what I see nothing of from seeing them off at a 20 person room at the you're in the continent now this is your home or it know and so on the same Henry you know and think the user using me look your wireless stuff is done and he committed a lot more of a I I think if I lived at a news the online offered I instructions the the the the the the use of the world but I'm sure you know know other Activities evidence I find this this includes arrested I guess not all of it I mean you know where it is on along with the way the world see Junior Junior high get there yeah it's very close to the airport so if I happen to drive by the building of the day and the parking lot was empty look like was under construction and believe this may be the 1st major event based on the book at all but it can work and they probably won't is running after his ships them so as not to miss and on yes there is Comic-Con moral and today today was so that tomorrow the get tickets but you better I wouldn't turn up there without knowing that get tickets in advance on things to do other than by on eraser hands people who want to do this when you play there after identify I will bind to a part of the room and that's for you you you were going to meet after everything's done you are going to collect their and talk slowly into tomorrow that make sense it was due to a power to this in yeah the entire of that's the guys to decide as a group because none of this I'm going I'm gone off I can so you guys as a group figure out what what time you wanna me point 1 day so who wants to due to Parliament the Soviet economy here by these green beans the National Gallery of Canada great or exactly and Museum of civilization that's highly recommended they can be read here behind the podium were museum a lot of technical stuff and there are lot of history really 5 recommended that it if you haven't been there before is can like this the Museum of Science intact office steam engines the over there for like any other places of people wanted to go but it also opens a lot and I think next but the nation's nature museum dinosaurs is further down Metcalfe it's not a long walk who was go there that you can meet them by that or the are of I don't know how you have to do is find I really don't know of course regretted very good thing in class it before it a and so this person who is or is gonna lead a group and then a chorus who said that the said before so of living with him and I I think I'll leave that tires was there any other events people wonder due tomorrow others tag along other conferences coming at me via seek out of California the nieces she's running at all this we show they were given the chance of they're having uncommon starts at 3rd and 4th in November and having end-of-summit on the 2nd John Green was the guy that's but that facilitated the rental of the united campus in Sunnyvale and it's in the San Francisco area if you didn't know were in that approach and international location the people of those
the was a name of
the world this is fine involved he did this is that by so you're can't find each other more sort the course I Universitaire technology the 20th to 21st of october the tutorials in the does some of the 18 and 19 Top proposals deadline is the 20th which is next Saturday something has about a week way sorry up to you all there
yes and you have and we have the of the and
he's it and
the more you have
made your and
that the author of the of the world
the there close your eyes
the I don't know where to start 1st and so here we have an systems manager manual see only 1 of its kind who wrote it early this volume to germ in front of the Jeremy Wirth chairman of the German channel here I am sorry the author will sign it if you find him the and 1 guy dollar kind they need to get rid of it and what all will come back to this step of I have here a Japanese free free previously more works and that they that is anything else the optics this is the only book of its kind outside of Japan it does not exist anywhere except in Japan is known time it isn't demands or 4 dollars Canadian it was if you think about and so the on of the time of year for knowledge from muscle and 1 not by 5 in the last sex the sex only 1 outside of Japan I swear no seriously and for muscle right I think he's Russell so Sutherland is a lesson the Stewart but it is necessary to have all of the time and the a little and I want to add is signed by the author end found G and then question scripts and I don't know what what's the right word in the Latin but it's English there is 10 dollars the to hear a lot of 9 11 Balestri 11 the 12 is checking his pockets were 14 the 50 50 50 you know 15 15 15 or 16 no but if if 15 15 grand once 15 grand twice so all 20 the the the next item OK it's 15 dollars submerged we have anyone else willing to pay money for that the what the 2 and the parents follow on from so and this and this and this year and again in the minds of some sort so that I would just wait until a salt so 20 dollars hundreds 25 30 jobs my George commuted 30 40 digits and the last of the device the you way by it anyone else 30 where this is the only 1 outside Japan and the no this is this is true is not so only 1 said this is the only copy of this book outside of Japan but this is the author what more can I said 35 year and the other is the 1st sign and it's also the 1st book he's signed outside Japan I don't know the thing I can't I can't remember what I had for breakfast today 35 during the 6 14 14 to I just wanna point out I'll take Canadian or American money and also accept PayPal so you have no reason not to do this we can also look velocity credit cards on the website later so there too if you want you can get I says this because of the I thank you thank you Gerda for more a larger stupidity is no longer limited by available cash on the street 40 by 40 people know 40 going once for the Vive thank you very much so I FIL the Gerrard's within the economy that is 50 yards that they this so that the needed you're 55 yards 55 but they could check will not serve a take if a power of the I will the foreclose 45 50 50 going once 50 going twice the United the 50 cents and 55 going once 55 going twice so and we could be for the rest of us I think you know the the and Fernando Fernando Yuen here Fernando yeah so in fact here by the other given that we have only 3 cyclists this maybe you know for example and so this is a large I I already have 1 have not worn this is of increasing value so this is the only 1 in existence and on the and that dataset 50 I wanna 1 Waters's 53 55 the survivor 55 year 1 6 that's in the book that's OK you know that stability and limited liability would have found that and I have to catch a plane so you better a 55 year 1 0 6 8 1 6 55 I once 50 60 dollars from mobile and fixed the 365 the 65 65 6 6 65 now 6 a 54 on and fix the unanswered then sits in 60 going once 60 thousand times should sold and this I think the 1st thing what SSH mastery this is the book from Michael Lucas recently released 1 of the few in most of them electron invariance of 20 dollars with 20 he will sign it for you I've told he's told me that he will sign all the books tonight will be signed by the author of I'm sorry signing of axonal overlap 20 dollars here or 48 was updated thank during 45 50 50 15 45 40 going once anyone else wanted 49 twice so it and that's what we that and the the but do you think that you know the I have it's all all all thank you here we have in this 1 friend but the clear only 1 and here we have the the Deligne the logo a wanna lodgers-Len the bill and at the so the idea of water from the hallways and what is that can think vital 5 bucks all I wanted and the place doesn't go up by the islands there 10 all of the but not not Lebanon once or twice 20 5 20 going once 1 entity that I see the so 29 once is 29 twice who is that all have 20 dollars from poly 20 going twice so could 20 knowledge on and then the T-shirts they look small is so that you by 10 but but given the the volunteers if you don't pay for it and that all it looks pretty small compared I I love dearly does nicely so I can read it says large L anyone next here we have a Sourcefire security for the real world teacher it's small would that all the extra logic is the next allowed the yeah this is the largest this the large in the positive says genus as XL the 5 for large 5 dollars 10 for the largest area 50 and I once thing going twice sold which means this 10 dollars the the as far as I know it Joseph Mori plays Joseph is Joseph the author is here is in the many well said he will sign this book for image of B. 3 BC device drivers is actually written by canadians who no actually it's they I will I am I am I had little time are the only 2 James in the I thought there is more than and 20 dollars plays a moment in time on the side of the 2 they 30 35 for the 40 dollars that they 50 going once 60 from data Mattel's 60 going once 60 going twice 75 from that like 75 line 1 going twice the environmental the fee that you get American currency and about to be worth about 17 outside the the not not quite novel in units of of the by prices now under dollars undergoes going once of 120 that 120 121 once the 150 one-way 129 150 that is a of the 150 today than on 50 guy once or twice so when you 1st come 1st the book MPF is beta here Peters' us up here you can and when not as anyone not met here but up your hands if you'd never met be there Peter this the other guys I work for you are included with the price of the book is a meeting a year to meet in the summer so you guys have not Madam this as you can the Starting bed I 5 from the 15 50 dollars here about 15 this year on and and none of you but i period I you 59 once who who's a 50 50 going once where where has a 55 going once 55 twice 60 dollars yeah competitions 60 62 65 some men the had had the the pitch that's a good point 75 here is anyone here use IP after the Hey you should be getting and I have lot is anyone using IP filter and I don't you and have a lot of the occurred bid 75 75 here 74 hands up when you bit players 80 85 sir now 90 90 85 going once which name sir 85 going twice a on how the it by running its it by going to its so there are no thank the seizure followed so if I get were going to sell these ones are last and technical so the track a lot of it in a way that is of this this 1 teacher of the ice along I the only 1 you know really was 10 10 dollars going once 10 hours 9 tries 15 was a 15 in the back of 15 about 20 25 29 once place so agreement you were there in the I have here an empty cardboard box that will make it to the right 1 1 ballot I'm once 1 dollar going tries to all of you to analysis I knowledge way not 3 dollars to put up their hands to 3 dollars Msosa the dollars I have 3 dollars for an empty box anyone else is well all right as well work for not it'll be so anybody want Randy will of what's going on for dollars we're always going once twice so I will always remember amounts to about just a few on of the I have the Sourcefire short maybe we should 1 of seeing with the look but you Madam home with me go on to this so that that there are 2 those here that I'm entered box at the at the station Asteres only book like this rotting today 28 I hear their use all kinds of bidding from this 25 30 30 theory for the Michael W. Lucas he's written a lot of really good book it it's going to I always say that Wellington's emission but it's a city mission which is just stand I think it was why should just and the book so you look at it as a flying pink page on I think it's fine and I like to see wings but so how long snorts saved my bacon that's what it says not saved my bacon and the the I don't think so anyway that's what the teacher this will come back to the Rabin Anderson was 45 was very 30 30 book stresses age mass you this is the last 1 was on today now not tomorrow 35 and once revival growth is saying so what name name for the records right I was Red invite thank this book is my demand because it is the only 1 assumes that the 20 dollars from their Macs for operator 20 1 dollars minimum 21 dollars and of this and that is the system managers manual volume 2 this remaining deeds is the call and Z bosons people at the time in Canada is that about 21 where was a 21 back and if I did we about to say 30 OK 30 dollars 35 I hear a lot of discussion we here so I must be talking about the price of the book as well like did you know 40 the no by what I can get you line 1 later the by the sum was that 14 40 dollars stated 35 up areas 35 35 going 1 35 going twice which 1st then so 35 dollar the color thank you and who has a teacher with a pink a gun ideas and you guys don't the 10 from Accel we have an ax sale l here who video ends up to 10 dollars for Macklin do I at 11 the 50 them gentlemen about 15 right here 20 20 and I've 24 Meyer 25 20 going once 29 twice so all of them in the in the in the I have a full what's with a battle and what this the law on that China what's in the box until later at all of the result fight Fadlallah's 5 dollars anyone 5 The some of you and his get a teacher of fodder were resolute up 5 dollars but always man once 6 6 5 dollars been twice 6 dollars in the back than 10 year so that number is not then it is not an for here 11 KnowledgeMan 11 Levin Levin Levin and always got where was it was it was it 10 dollars then once twice which you 1st man so thank you the the I get a whole bunch of I saw on T-shirts I have 1 2 3 4 probably 6 also alone all the same price based on the bidding I get now so that her T-shirt not further batch whatever size you want and extra 10 was down 10 over here who once 1 for 10 dollars put up your hands 1 2 3 It's so we sold 3 at 10 dollars but the so what are your names mark Matt match not will Mario so now sentiment 10 dollars such bed so the seizure 10 10 dollars owing to the 9 I have to read so I or the names again that land of a K think the teacher mind but skipper this all 5 dollars of what was you all trade 10 10 anywhere for the find this can those you're 12 all 4 of 14 13 the 1st thing that you yeah I think anyone out of anyone else your 1st name is on of you know currency 13 guy once for affine paying 13 twice 15 words of 15 15 right once 59 tries your 1st name is in so I know the time alignment teacher 15 holidays and and so what we wanna semantics the and but I know where is your where is the z here I'm disappointed I was going to Michael of dragon of where the they I they BC drivers book the last 1 1 for a lot of money this one's going to go for more 30 or 40 or 50 this success and analysis and when I sent this well you don't get this 1 you don't get it all and it always going once and it always then tries so the 1st phase of and what good and I had written it so the last 2 water bottles same price 1 1 block that goes for the gun the the this none of this joyous you want to fly a lot but I will do that quite dollars for 2 bottles of idolatry than that 15 10 12 or 15 15 2010 planning and while some of it 15 grounds salt and 15 dollars to I yeah thank you get to find the teachers both extra-large who once 1 by 10 7 10 dollars going once then I was going twice sold so fine pig teacher can that's the the Thomas well and presenting 1 vitamin see the church and I had 4 and I then 1 1 1 of these anyone work but size I believe it's a large I think all large it is a large the the the I. Media so that I I guess I find that a lot follow show that the telling them of a come but here we have an egg cell and and and L. will sell off the Allfirst's who's interested in this 1 ends up 5th announced 15 clicks in 16 focus it's about to Gray 2nd you were in mind more on the bike ride this was the large is an extra-large over here was a price 65 success 60 going once 60 going prices of 65 down here I'm surprised at the large this 65 7 Mr. Thom prize soul sissified always sorry sorry you have to speak up to 70 she's the 79 once anyone else who 79 twice some now he's got some you got a 75 at 75 going once AT going once I once twice in 1 ounce soul in the now we have the extra large start the bidding at 50 like the last 1 50 dollars from the top so it's got city going once thus a 16 of 50 50 50 there in 50 once in if did all move on to the next item the city going once 60 going twice extra-large fair was a 58 59 and the idea fine thank you and in the by the those of you there holding have furnace-like feature Isilon teacher I have large is here now so I just let me check they may be excellent which increases surprise that yeah but to Mexico 5 year fight all related to those for large actually I have a large 5 dollars the 10 10 dollars going once the 7 where region and 7 dollars the 8 8 going once going twice so Robert can be fellas and CO will start the bidding for these of 8 dollars to the large ones is the only to laugh I swear as well to 3 dollars the the was extra this means that 10 10 or 10 going once 10 going twice 15 once 15 going twice where 20 John also I don't like it Adrian was a new way and the 20 20 violence chondroitin the villagers his chance at that 21 once when he got but sorry the 29 once 21 twice soldier 20 bucks for 2 from from the last copy the Wikipedia please 1st it is I'm done salt 20 see this is how you get core not on who we've got the PAL you got plastic we can do anything I 20 dollars for 25 25 years 30 over here 35 year 40 data 40 40 45 45 45 please and 45 45 50 55 55 going once this is the last only had 55 going twice so the the photos of you my mind but I wanted that yes it is at your name sir out he's come down on them but category of so as far as the teacher large if you want this I will throw to your hands up 5 dollars get here 5 during 10 richer 10 dollars 15 with 15 here the 25 21 when 21 22 the trial and I once 21 going twice sold the the what's a consensus should we say the courts so a core team offers to the developers which I think is worth more what proteins cheaper now a lot of people with that in the book about floods in the on chapter these are teacher should the use of the West that the layout on 1 hand that who wants to bet on the developer 1 this isn't the bit understand finally once OK who wants this 1 court no 1 wants a developer or at all you don't you don't it yet but you sitting on the ground the use of this is everywhere and that was a supporting 1 a OK will do the developer 1 1st in the the you can and signature the love play a unified semantic the people you don't what 30 was 30 30 the back 34 comma decimal 50 year 6 75 75 around and any were 85 85 90 fully 5 bucks more this 1 was coffee in 1 dollars have signed by every single developer here 110 was that it does the it's all on video by the I way I knew how to do it well worry at 100 and 110 110 going once 110 going twice so thank you very much and we from they would told on to grow all you to find talking on the thousands the but with the and so that means you're what's inserts a bit on the quarantine teacher at of a you are doctor now everyone in the company of that now by your full attention on this teacher has a core team teacher on 2 dollars work twice as much 5 rose 5 5 dollars 20 hours 5 34 and 3 afford reported 50 where 50 gave that 55 to 60 on the 7 this any any 90 and 1 wonders from 19 I love the bed in 19 in this the many and the then they were it assumes that their ideas and here with I didn't do it on that many of the current bit is 92 in 95 the advances you that 95 and 5 so look at the 100 100 3 100 and of of the day 110 the I have the 100 dollars going once 100 dollars going twice a month to the adhesion of 1 went on campus question in a you will read so far about a thousand the this 7 signatures on us you know how when of thought 1 time he at the take a pal is my friend the and the will you and the way I if you end up so that's around is being on the teacher and others are bidding on the receipt that you could say that I will also it it was an airline problem she had to buy water was used in that would put it on and it was you that 1 of 1 of the untended them 110 110 God wants around in his and on to this guy 110 I get distracted who's got the warning that so far 110 110 going once 111 you it 115 115 I 15 grand ones the and then you really have to get it done the ground and 1 15 when one's 150 3 1 1 5 O K 1 1 5 going once anyone else going twice so I went to the is there anything else to sell your 2 the the I if any of you have these bags and you do not want them I will give away to the local the food bank if you leave them down here after the session finishes just got the model was there because the was after I collect them all you can non get going to give you the feedback they can making use her cotton regression of 1 last name of from the middle of the then because my and that the is step here is dead here the attention you have the is adding up now of maintenance it has to understand that this the the you got slides just so you word in a swap over the slides that