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Serving data and video solely using BSD
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Running an ISP can be a tedious task of putting different pieces of boxed hardware together to make the network work, but can also be a fun and entertaining work of research on the right solution to accommodate your customer's needs. The market is full of vendors, big and small, ready to sell you a pre-packaged solution for your (supposed) needs, but what if you'd like to use BSD to serve your customers ? This talk will show how we are running a full ISP on solutions brought out using facilities and software easily built on top of BSD systems, and will delve into the challenges we have faced in the set up of the distributed architecture, with POPs in different european countries. Along with this, we are carrying out an analysis and comparison of costs and features between commercial and open source solutions, characterizing the decisions we made and the results we carried out. As an ISP, we not only offer access service, but we also deliver streaming services through a distributed CDN, also built on top of BSD. This will be a chance to delve into the different pieces of software used for encoding, distributing and streaming videos over the BSDs, and the technologies we used to interact with the underlying network. While being a non highly technical talk, the goal is to show the audience that using BSD in an ISP and content distributor environment is perfectly possible and will deliver the same quality of service of the packaged solutions, yet keeping your costs under control and allowing you a high degree of customization. This will be carried on showing - as already stated - a real world example of our project running solely with the power of BSD.
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just 1 person how to you know you are certainly use the work that I but of how many of you have experience with the the protect what kind of experience running times during the public no sorry school OK well that is different from that the real world well agenda so
we have an improper background will see out the background of what we what we would do we know the last few years I will go 2 beagles about some tools that we're using it and I will talk about streaming services so what are we on the on the right and this thing and
I I thought I teach people about how to use IP addresses in the European region asked founder of nice piece so I created from scratch everything come here from the 1st line of coding of information from the 1st this line and routed to we were doing we were continuing bank networks I'm older now instrument and
I mean error as the older and of course right now the he also under the nice being 1997 the 1st fully automated i speak in Italy running on DSP is called the that you can
see him if you go to this website there's a Lifestream from directly from India because he couldn't come over so so if you type in your work CO Lifestream from him wait a few seconds to find that start using capitals the our world should be you want that's the yeah that's coming their years so becoming that that is but In the language of the from like that's the the string that at at a high gas that's a totally the proposal well later so what is what is this
about so ah it has to open up discussion for people to use of this resource room because in the world when you when you start mentioning I ran out of stuff around the and my nose about an and people look at you and they say yeah sometimes you having problems bringing your own hardware into into I excuse because they don't want that they don't they don't know what it is and it's a problem I have found this to be a problem my previous job so what I'm trying to do what I generally try to do do is to get people to start using so using suffer solutions to to to overcome problems and we'll see why but so
I'd like you to participate so if you have questions if you have if you want to give new insights from your or if you want to just raise your hand topic participate and
you can well also set up a national Victor so why are we doing this because I've seen it works and because we're going to show our experience with someone and article because it definitely cheaper than other solutions cheaper but depending on what or how you look at it if you look at it from the perspective of from the real the mind on the minus side yes if you look at them but also on the operational side you have to train people will see later what is the
background scanning of a streaming company is based on previously and for streaming especially light in connectivity so we were at the University of having friends for many years we were discussing about this after I left climate and his company and he was standing that he was having problems finding good connectivity in Europe for the for some of the streams and he was supposed to do in and I I came up with with an idea let's
try to become an exercise we won't be discussing about the paperwork here and there's a lot of of paperwork involved in Europe to become an operator to get licenses it's different from getting a license from the and scene the US but it's still hard and takes a lot of effort but it can become can become a major points a major selling point when you're trying to go to 1 of the customers selling them through service and you come up with a complete solution will be connection services will be the axis and will also give you the story of how to use in the you don't know what you don't to deal with them OK but how do you mean how do you deal with this when you go to your customers and 1 when you're asked to run livestreaming sigh so you don't do that OK 1 1 of this it's not conducting your business plans but OK so you don't looking for people sorry for the what were
the goal is to provide axis along content you could cast low so so we said OK let's try it let's and that's fine it works and then if it works will get you blocked will get more and we wanted to use technology we could grow it this the and we will see later is that of some of the technology combined nowadays will be obsolete in in the very notion of
time we wanted to make some content and eyeballs when you when you do a when feeling you're sending lots of and lots of complex process of networks to send a of but when you when you start doing when you when you when we start doing axis you will have you'll use you will begin to have traffic coming into your network and so you you have you will have a balanced the the goal was to get a balanced radio between outgoing and incoming traffic so that when you when you go to Europe and I expect you will have you will get more attention from the other is able when they want to have to deal with and have well how can you put this they will there will be more likely here with you than than when you're just under and you will have also eyeballs for their confidence so but if you have a balanced the radios traffic it will be used for them to go
out there's we over the area of the brain yep that was the only thing that this year and that's why the without other OK note the problem is that when you do this you're you as yet with a so what you will do is but you'll hand out your bets your company bits to the closest 1 to him with any other network and then they'll have to deal with bringing your mixture into their network and bring them to the to the users and that's a major deal but when you have so you're you're sending more than than receiving and this is a cost for them but when you when you have a balance of radio they they will see you as a point where they can send you bit and so generally let's say you get to and you in exchange and you send out an e-mail and I want to be with you guys what generally would the answers you will get smaller networks will say yes a cable with now no problem will set up but the amount of traffic will be very low but they did not extend to to tell you hate yes we could here with you if you meet me these requirements and requirements generally I R and L 1 to of traffic symmetrical so not not just in 1 direction Our appeared over multiple that changes in different regions of the world so sometimes you have to be bit here with them sometimes they'll you can just try and tell them hey I have an gigabits of traffic but just 1 region which appear with me because I see you have 5 also you have confidence so generally helps if you will will see this later if you generate graphs based on Annex floor outputs and look at destination and origination in a sense for Europe for the traffic you generate receive and show them I have to give its of traffic coming from you never came to mind but I don't have any traffic coming out of my African yours would you like to hear with me at present and exchange so other than passing through transit I will just exchange traffic this way so it's a matter of giving them a chance to see the value in units of managing session with you because remember if you're a big network you will have thousands of of sessions to keep up unless you find in the notes exchanges with with invaluable rot servers which which is different kind of do you guys know whether or not services and the exchange and the man shaking but still program my name's and if you if you get an Internet exchange instead of hearing with all the different cell entities you will you will just 1 1 machine 1 1 session and you'll get all the rats from all the other participants that many will send traffic directly to the so instead of having to say 200 sessions you will just have 1 that you will receive grants for which makes life very elections easier for example Google only only appears and exchanges with the rap server an otherwise it would have to manage thousands of of assumptions hold on to the I don't know about that and other internals we're not here this person and the other was just an example so does that answer your question so other questions so far so the 1st
answer define American policy defined ex-con so cross-connects for XSL services and related protocols and standards because there are a bunch of them the final you goals for the CD-I constant delivery infrastructure and shop for vendors and or so so wrapping how do do you
think about the doing the BGP of course maybe USPS assigned to although we ended up with a different solution with we're rate for the moment and this can see from my teacher but I wanted to do at from from the from the the begins so the idea was to begin with 586 and and do what forms so what are the relevant
challenges nowadays the the the working table is continuously growing it's almost touching 500 thousand routs year 556 thousand in this week we at at the beginning was 430 thousand you have to be at least 6 enabled if you want to to be future-proof and if you want to be at least 6 enabled well there will be more outs and it will be fine and I'm really wondering what will happen when people start announcements flesh 48 suffer this this will mean that any any provider in the world might be able to announced up to 65 thousand different products that making multiplied by the number of faces and numbers in number so this the problem is with
vendors many of them they have he can so the memory of the routers are the this so far limited on the low-end models to 1 million before out so if you have more than if if the if the routing table goes to more than 500 thousand entries and you have more than 1 the 1 transit you won't be able to store the whole broken table on so you will so the problem is that start to 2nd memory and will be slower and slower and slower and add to this the fact that you also want to have the 6 out so you will also have even more your your machine will just go slow down unless you want to cache of money for it for higher and of Kidman's which means of course getting more out of and then what you want so how do we how do you solve
this problem you can use quot delta region the the birds index immediately what is the
closer to the system implementation I mean it quite has has been writing and I have an interface which is very similar to to uh to the Cisco interface so if you have somebody was familiar with that it's very easy to move them from from now you Cisco routers with funding from before the based graph but some of it has weight many more bugs than I would have liked to know and the the power to hear about you constantly hear about problems in on the of basis of you know fixed number they're still love there I wouldn't recommend to
open the GPD instead of native on obviously remember we said you know of the shop was previously based at the time and the time the work was lagging behind versions of these and that here present my the denying it now but but asking about he what he was using open was DFT at time OpenPGP the the end of the week you report knew that in this network is sort of a strange things happening with Open which you open the West DFT even though so even though I was already using and media rights and then exchange we haven't fully that I found with along with other for other people I didn't feel comfortable using it because of his records because of some past internally didn't didn't quite give me the expected results so alternatively solid
yes it's open last year after year let's solid and sometimes sometimes you will lose state of the interface and starts you would have you what quite interface and not see going down you're entitled image Bert was mature enough at the time and look promising enough to be able to handle and POS and multiple tables we were already using that mean we were using both upper and the but it also supports almost Geffen bridge so this is why we ended up using a grid we I think you guys might be yes but so far I haven't seen most of the problems I have you know well you can with that I should even in well yesterday 2 days ago we had the of some Major flapping on the internet like 6 million wrote changes in a few hours yeah I didn't know so just for you to know the weather reports in the last few days of instability and that so you would get lots of lots and lots and lots and lots of updates so withdraw outspent grouts withdraw outside and rods and this and this makes save CPU usage low queries when when this happens in 6 million changes in few hours so we end up using exited BGP instead is not really the gPb money is just a tool it is to use it was used it for the CDN so to do any cost and also to play with communities and backhaul black hole so what ends of each of the dozens of brands of very tiny demon but where you can originate announces yn accept announcements and do whatever you want with them you can script so wind up the style of writing a solution where we're going where holding an so this means that we inject rout him into over of IGT were and accidentally reduce it into our or what the routers and then with a specific community telling me to telling our border wrappers to now out the this specific I P so that if we're getting there but I know of scanned from from 1 of those API's we just black hole that with increased traffic anymore after some time adjust bring it back until we cancel this so in so it's a BGP works very works fairly well you can also use it to test your speech implementations test your office because you can inject in the full routing table and property so let's go on with it that's the acceleration about we were going to the goal was to do within different countries we actually going to bring but once started even across country so every major incumbent you can find will do well to to be so I don't agree with the reviewer user termination I guess they do Nielsen yeah so this was quite easy there's an MPEG eating in previously it's easy simple and stable never had a problem with that a configuration is very very simple and if you need any help Alexander is very very the area is available to you can just should many well if you have any problem with code and the thing we had we actually had problems with some parts of the project we e-mailed him I came back with an answer in less than 24 hours and then we work together to fix the problems came up with a good solution I am PDT can be interfaced easily with radius so if you if you have users and radius just you can use it you can have a look at the radius will also have a modification to 1 we modified a little bit of the code to to do so to time again altitude you to go to to continue to carry on channel to toward some of our customers because they we have you know what I want when we start having resellers so we and you know it doesn't intend switch and so we get the call in the a from open up the Arctic attitude the channel we do we look into the future periods section get a username and and domain based by based on the domain we forward it single another well but what we do is we do it so know dynamically looking at the announcements were strategically due the than what we have to be cable from the specimen performance the set of all the researchers they want to do it they said we haven't already working with other implementation and the french so Helen gets 1 1 what's 2 other stuff you
might need this is just these are texts from somebody who is running a nice before sometimes that's you want an IP address management country manager of a looking glass well and 1 you at the we and so we have a you want some management software and diagnosis tools sure
yeah that's into that's that's
actually that's what direct management means you have the title of the how many times in the last year and we only have what say but the fact that the you have yeah well the idea is to label and things people who have bigger operations by all of this but lrec announcement is 1 side will what I want call this but there are different the is well I payment manager I ended up writing my own internal solution even for management and and in the management so on this definition of what it was like the whole point of this the 1st thing want to do this and what the ground and you actually have a lot of work do all so we the the volume 1 this now well the thing is when you're neuron bigger shop that you already have something in place for this but since we were well actually something with a unit known for over 1 yeah exactly is so what we see that the problem here was that we already had some servers are scattered all over and we started getting more more equipment to to actually reach the bottom and and he gives obligations so I started meaning something like this and when you when you start adding transit so 2 friends it's over 1st of all pop in different countries in 1 star and in some some way to know where exactly where things are yeah of course it happens that you you call the call and the wrong machine with but that still happens but it should not sorry it does it will have I recommend subnets manager because of those bullfight uniformity 6 hour it's very easy it's it's written in the sorry I've been writing on if you live in the area region it can do it in already sent the here the strips directly to wearing to adjust your assignments in this sense to customers are and I'm trying to integrate the right way of doing things in In this talk about how much and do you know what the looking glass the looking glass and the purpose of the Looking-Glasses to be to looking to what's happening in your authors or outside of Iraq you can generally run a trace sprouts and look at the rate the of if you are the L L G is the fact of standard but needs remote comes lacks show that means that it's based on Cisco Systems year so it has to connect to the to the console and this is for the year and month comments and if you're not running here you can so G. IXL G is a reasonable solution space and the BGP so that means that you might want to have sex and interfering in the same machine as as your under it's based on the object's studies based on opinions mice filespec and so you can do the kinetics of the 4 tolerance and mice well and then next flow pf
floaty I would have liked to see and this he committed it's a few years ago and then never touch it again I don't know if it works and tried it so actually for its flow there's not much going on the if you have any gains for ideas on I would be glad to hear and such values the so various others are reasonable or rec management I and my devices to use wreck monkey final want to write your own because it's great it lacks actually the ability to not to track cabling body can easily you can easily managed some of and notes notes system has a but you can manage you mention you've stolen Monte it's not as and it's not as good as you would do if it was written for that purpose but still smoking because when a customer calls in and says 0 my connection isn't working you want to tell I see that it's working or not a marker G Kathy depending on size of your choice whatever the 1 to now think it's Amadeus
time to go into details about the content what's the word that be agreement and however think it's OK will consider in that the more you want me to put in just which the through we can that but I
think it was taking getting yelled at you have to do with them the work that I can get everybody victory theory yes we can hear you 1 and I think therefore with the knowledge of the norm so if he didn't that be the he is secure from and and I think we have a problem with that of your the known so
if you need to to tell me anything use OK very
sold data while we have
this is the place locations we also so using so you the diabetes debating what we have user ID speed things up with this complex history and so on and so on so he was the of solidarity with data on the board on the wall to it has this can't is more interesting is the only so so let the hidden units is consistent with the most all then what is the Chinese sociologists and this is why unified left and 1 or not is that the overview of of this year and he's this year in maybe that's essentially OK just a 2nd technology the OK with reality and I was here is made out of this city 2 pieces basically I want to stay structure what actually leaders and then a condominium management system that allows you to decide what to here and of to do Europe and to provide a by services and so what we have the 1st thing in network design if you want to do this CBI today and you can ask yourself Chennai mediated by when we started all this thinking 2006 to buy was not really an option because they were very very few players and they were sort of extremely expensive and uh with little if any the flexibility so it was not really an option to buy as the kind of infrastructure from someone else to he did you might have looked at a class prayer for example and also there similar services uh from Amazon at least for the basic delivery as a service it I think if you want to do is here as a business uh so if you produces city and you need to write your own city right and otherwise you you're just sort of uh resellers personas 6 so in different options if you want to make your own I know for a single server now this is of course an option but an it's it's not a real 1 because you want to 2 of the real reason to their is to reduce the number of faults and you deleted it it's as close as possible to the end users uh also you you might consider a single data center which is less the same thing as said don't what we do we have multiple data sets and and that's what we're what we don't know sell the table the 1st thing you need to find a way technical way to make sure that a In the end users can reach the clauses available version of the conductivity of 4 and so you have different options in the you use which you can use either an an IPO protein so that the user grouping BGP basically and you can have direct the data the user to to the closest available services or you can use the enhanced we've been using both an had definitely there would be option is that it's best everything based on the 2nd element that you need a you're doing really and network over the next because you need to be able to to reach to deliver as soon as content and across unit vector years service so you can add to do it and role to say so you know on the internet or maybe for some services you might need and all he and order 96 and you're often had a linear toward a free service that you might i around they could be end as well and I do recommend free services because they don't have anything i in the data might also be slower or less reliable then that is stronger we use the to to said uh for example accounting information on the continent and organization you you know the location and you know did you need this and because you need to be able to look for information that means that and and also about the economy content every distribution center we need to know everything about all the content need to be distributed settings where d is complicated and also we get the information and about accounted for example and end than the simple if you want to is able sort 10 and user of this conference the information from our point of view needs to be be looked at present and replicated and distributed in every distribution so that you don't want to keep centralized cells
because of of course if you have failure somewhere to to be able to in a certain way and now for the data infrastructure you needed this software that the hardest part is used to find a streaming solution you you notice treatments to date and you basically have 3 options you can read it here that 5 was in an adult and annotation which server Telebase so you can run them on 1 the standard is the platform with just 1 it will red fly 5 is open source and free uh 1 the other thing that it only provides the leverage to him the which means flash the flesh devices it you have to work on as the same thing and all possibly a little more expensive animals that an this is the 1 we used it as it is not that expensive and toughest and I number of delivery options you can to mobile devices at http if you need to do http this very basic you should prefer maybe you need to you Rock your own amenable both this for streaming and it's the you need to write your own accounting solution so when you run this year and this year so it's certainly to make sure you come home at the start of the at the time and also you need to write plugins for streaming services or occasional called uh to to make sure uh the you're going to looking at the content that meets server and which species century and then to provided under a value of 7 would come back later about the idea of services that suggests that you can and commented the continent agent many people say OK that's the easy part if you don't know the conductivity infrastructure for the management is part that I don't agree completely and says that it is easy you want to make just basic things and it can be done a little bit challenging if you want to do here especially for the various sets the scene you need to and choose you are now the development platform that can serve as CMS is usually based on the web and you might be willing to to right in a the other web services is sort of a of solution then want to use an integrated security condominium with structure you need to keep an eye on accounting cell that accounting information is available in UK continent agents 1 and they need to handle publishing when and where built about the deal uh streaming usually people have the idea of sort of each where you automatically whenever you something it's automatically you can you can you it everybody can you you just copy and paste you're all to your friend and they can see the video now we decided to a little bit of publishing and from the from the building so that you're responsible to to published then the content when you're on this is a sort of I it this is because we focus mainly mainly on the 2 it is the market we develop directed to to the end users cell you want for example to be able to and white label uh instead and went to the or maybe you want to show that your company so that relationship with it we our streaming platform itself the publishing is that headed by services here I mentioned the you can do with a conference with streaming uh streaming can be an direction as is now not or it can be also the direction now if you multiply with their many users you can deal with the of as in the treaty is not that easy but it's still it's possible to do it for example also you can do constant dieting we made and I have be using content tagged with the class of parts and the lot of the same thing to you such as a social for example let's say you want to allow only invited people to see if you can really go encryption gives you you want in you really very sensible obedience for example meetings or things like that you want to use that should
now what of this and that's this small part it and what they said about complete this trust each of the streaming it is had to do content preparation now content preparation and when you have the IAEA's mingers begin when you have content that the hard part is due to begin with the so the meaning of tools that that you need to use it as energy back at the the bank and layer and just train which is not mentioned here and you you want to do these the next day is the world began then you always need to convert to transform the there is no already ill defined standards in the video streaming industry and a new standards all of continues so you need to sort of converge and make sure you can you can trust called or adapt the 1 of the things and now if you if you use the it is the you might be willing to have a look at the use of course multimedia and user cost of there's a lot of stuff that history is and then there if you want to do cool stuff with EDS and you should be using is a question of the media and the and this allows you to write streets than that can and other effects to be you merge together a show things popping up
and down at the end of the year change old you make effects and the like so this is really hard and the last there slide is about the discrete it is running this and discomfort it's running is the it uses standard stand with me using it a camera connected to to the left of the fairway table I'm making a copy of the so you can see that the common and make a copy of the gene so if I want to work and word and I'm including I would have bad to directed to into our interest in just and it know
do you have any questions please pass them to began you know that the questions the in and we and so you can use and way so it's something what what do you the yes all and well you need to define the edge because the edge of the internet is so 1st sentence and is not being the place it depends on how you define it so uh and the edges where we have a delivery content distribution center and that's what we call now we don't have a centralized structure soul for example when you have knowledge that you need yes OK and we'll build the aim of media to you content and system it is that automatically distributed and to all the content distribution centers so now locked up and see if it if the card is not a request for a period of time you might get delayed be deleted honest and some the current institutions so and then all we know how to locate and if it's requests beginning with copy begin with sending to the to the content of the system in how do we know how do we send this we this is something we have to write the we had to do with the world itself it's based on was that that's but so you don't final considerations which most clearly in the connected by next unless supported the only this is important so it's you where was the
easy to support you have to maintain this kind of which means you to have knowledgeable people 1 of the challenges that found that my of all we have all had some the only way to do that and I would like to that's that's implemented soft around the system and they were scared about the start of the city had never seen a Unix console of there was a major challenge in trying to implement this sort of uh if also 1 of the reasons why why I have to say what this 1 of the reasons why at the end of this other just to just to leave yeah but even so much as a comes so many Africans no Cisco and Juniper immediately with might but they don't and 1 and they don't they don't have the knowledge or the the need to go to to get to know that because they just think if you should tell them to go learn signal just switch to another job and this is something wanted keep in mind which
piece of rats well you could be a threat to the environment so you have to know what you're doing when you're each of these we designed whoever signed thought you have to be knowledgeable to you can there was a great deal of damage to the whole Internet if you when you're when you're running the gPb so take for example the U-tube against Pakistan's of an incident somebody started to In some money in Pakistan to announce that you 2 prefixes and so all the traffic directed to you to 1 to Pakistan's or you he's playing around with my critique instead of doing baby created a nice path of 256 entries and they tickle the body in you know in all the other cisco routers all over the world and sessions all over the world were flapping around and it took some while to figure that out of the hole in messages e-mails going back and forth to people the so I want they were viewed micro and didn't want to run that want to read the manual so and so on there there are incidents like these are pretty much some have smaller influence on the parents and the In yes we showed it is
possible now it's up to you and 1 of the things I would like to highlight is so if you run if you have an accurate if you have a nice to you want 1 of these probes to to be near networks in theory is is a project from the right and 60 to monitor the evenness so if you want 1 just let me know what I can choose you 1 from my office so you can installed 1 of these probes at home in office network and you can monitor the you can use and to monitor the whole and you can you can use you can use a you can playing with 1 of its growth and get points using them to run your own test measurements and so so if you want to say have 500 probes all over the world and 1 of Europe's addresses to see the reachability do that from the from laplace website or you can you can run any any other kind of measurements so it's so for now you can only do they traced router units look but it's going to become toolbox to renewal measurements world laughter do you have any
questions no questions were added to some of in the and this is what I get out of and this is the 1 of the some of the those things that are you ready for this my work with and the content of the you interested in front of string by the way I speak of figures were for a more suitable for hosting hosting sites so that I didn't get into that people because was mostly focusing on the axis part yes some of factors but I didn't get into that 8 and web server side of the of the operations but that's a truly e-mailed or whatever else side of the operations by the aspect my yes well while next when to access you once he just generally manage of university announced that customers and of again I end up writing my in my own stuff it was actually integrated into the idea if you just have software were customers would just log in and see the IP addresses and so that the university NASA's for you the so yes and then get into that detail because there's focusing more on the relevant part of this so the standard software what did you much more about that for rest the most common any other questions you're going to and then yes no not the trends it's a transit we do 1 1st of to well we have some co-location customers and movement of the personnel them the market a of 1st of all yeah yeah we're not restricted because actually so as again we go back to the convent forces eyeballs continent models if you if you can if you keep a good balance between outgoing and incoming members you want to hear about what your customers of well you still have to keep in mind that but yeah not suspect in a less you really want to charge and based on each and every negative they're doing so there is no reason to so far no we we're going to just look at the graphs in 1 of the yeah yeah and unless unless there is a very big Bartlett 10 megabits transition the 120 20 25 then but generally sentiment following a that's what you did of this 1st stage more than should be allowed that now the dice comfortable with 95 per cent of the words but so basically around an RTG and you end up you and do you get a sample of the traffic every 5 minutes so you know that point you know how much traffic is being passed in my and that's on the interface In the end of the month you discard of the highest 5 per cent of those those readings and then you get the operation of so you see that on on average your customers and stuff like 20 many disk of the 5 % higher reading so that means that he can do for 36 hours a month you can do the bought 10 megabits of transition over of 100 minutes of work of import it into a magnets for 36 hours which means that if they have spikes worth the if they want to do and all of doesn't campaigns they can still do that and not be built for them and while you while you might have been big spikes in your network you can still be sure that if more the use more traffic and they will get you what you can do some exactly this is things you what so far but what what generally happens is and some some of the customers will pay for the 20 minutes and then in 95 per cent of you 21 knowledge you don't want to stop them on of 21 you just played a good the bark and send them e-mail and say what you think 21 minutes and then you might think about getting 25 transit instead of just 1 the and but it happens very early on in your proactive or when you have both continents and and access 1 you're on the same network you if you start having a lot of facts that you can start actually giving constant bandits away for free you can start playing with like using it as a commodity to encourage customers to stay with sorry of the acts cost because you're yeah you always pay for of for bandwidth of both directions so you will if you're if you're having access and you have 30 magnets of traffic for your access to network you will have minutes get into and then you will still not and you might not still be sending too many bits out of and so if you if you get publication customers and you and they will start send bits out of your network expanded you're already paying for and then you can start playing with it from from a sales perspective sound it from being achieved with these during the analysis the of the only on some of the people will and the cost is the compared with a small set of the life I think so the end thank you for being


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