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Call your NetBSD
Running NetBSD on phone hardware
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Pronchery, Pierre
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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After focusing on improving NetBSD support for tablet hardware, NetBSD enthusiast and DeforaOS developer Pierre Pronchery (khorben@) is working on running NetBSD on smartphone hardware, with the OMAP-based Nokia N900 as the main target. After a quick summary of the different steps taken, he will introduce the user interface, installation procedure and underlying specificities to this setup. If all goes well, he will even be able to give a call! NetBSD is a very portable Operating System, which supports a plethora of hardware devices based on an ARM CPU and SoC (System on a Chip). Among them is the OMAP family from Texas Instruments; popularized by the BeagleBoard demonstration board, it is well supported by a number of Open Source systems. As it happens, there is at least one smartphone built around the same platform, namely the N900 from Nokia. Being well supported by Linux already, it is an ideal candidate for introducing modern telephony support to NetBSD. The user interface used as part of this effort originates from the DeforaOS project. Its graphical environment is based on the Gtk+ visual toolkit, and has already been declined for several embedded designs, including a phone: the Openmoko Freerunner. Introduced within pkgsrc as of the 2012Q4 release, it will hopefully provide a functional telephony environment on a NetBSD-based phone by the time of the presentation.
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OK so let's go I think everyone for joining Hi good morning if you don't like to speak on moments but since I'm based in Germany of I'd like to to travel this way because it's so there was there and I'm actually awake which is good because the basement most of last nite writing slides and still have working on this on this meaning and trying put that is under this dispose on the 1st guy to do this but 1st well and so
I'm just partially national and rating Germany and freelance have been working on the brink system development 1 of the following years now about the 10 years and and is to developers me last year so it's been a little more than a year so
1st I'm going to say why I'm doing because the of history behind it looks different reasons and I happen to have been looking in Andrzej here I got it a few years ago couldn't explain how it's kind of funny story so I'm going to terribly it's about young architecture because this goes runs unprocessed or and that is the was already running on before it started working on this going to tell you a bit about it is deporting particularly of course of is this what I'm doing here is not a trivial so I faced a number of challenges and so by the time I submitted my talk and hadn't really get started with this I was hoping would be able to give a phone call this is how unfortunately not the case but I have to I'm going course who mentioned Holly what were number with this work and so what I want to run on the defrost project which is the result of my of water this what operating system development and I'm going to speak a bit about how I see future where I want to welcome to talk right but 1st I but
other things happened before In yeah 15 years so 1st when given C-Debug 1999 when I was still 18 of my computer was not really happy with that so I got signature of from the US because of the time a genuine have just told you have all piston with although previously was looking good I stick stick with Linux for a while and I played with open is the size hardware and a friend of mine that and I was a small device that draft of his his rights that was for and is that we check which of the screen which could pivots and the diverse would become and in the meantime I switched my desktop and laptop environment and is the about myself at begin well I tried to open the is the is the worst yeah it was working with very
slow but it's working at the time so that like so friendly but it will buy can I was playing with this a restoring torque 1 of the bottom but then there something doing this I began to walk after that on the difference desktop I get someone to work on 1 up and is the I didn't say this is just a company about order to solve a 7 I think I was doing my birthday like offered up local phone present open Homophily I put a different with this talk to you chemical forms which is not the 1st 1 working on the bulk of
them to happen to get assisting come through and he was kind of a he is still heavily hosting company in France and the part of the research and development initiative which began to sell you apart Corcoran and we sold Europe-wide we created institutions to support its which was the conveys because at the time there was the hardware but none of suppose solutions for release this trying to to and we have to support it so we decided to that didn't included open local was in the flight that lies between we best I was using the device of a friend gave me some spot 64 what I got lot more involved with that is the doing this because I was trying to run but unspoken altered my before I was the stuff on spot on the they're not invited me to join a developer events where they give me that and 900 this right here which is not exactly a following but can be used as a the bucket that attended wanted me to a context the contest what about creating a plenty many open source software-based tablets so I took my sulfuric ported adapted to the tablet environments go 1 to contest this way will such enterprises and the guy was going on itself yet another friends with and that is only 900 and he is the reason why year after giving a talk about the way that the bridge which is the 1 with which I call 1 condensed I promise to walk on the going next I applied to be account and that basically nothing working at the time I distant maple syrup for the 1st time in Canada 2 days ago when hearing from you and I need someone on the some other end America when I get back and it's to go it's really helpful I'm
going to have it's in plane with me search only great you can have than it would make sure that I hope that we stay on the topic of the long because it would be a shame it's funny genius and the current year it's locally equivalent consumption and yeah so this is the so I have been but what is the well supported on this and I put in my software from open is the this of the time because back this is you
will local so it was developed by the uh that's been fiction which was a day when his which is that they would use manufacture usually involves consumer electronics or for the companies and they had this research group Standard has cannot and was therefore developers of open them up and and was renewed in its original consoles star included I you can still find an online if you want to be part of the the hardware this history tab
OK the great here this this slide that absurd and bring it this time you can watch my opportunities to talk which I gave that is becoming more to a number
of indices difference what is discussed below just using you know I'm going to to show that more of its all right this
is the 900 which ends with the green line and so it was quite big screen people of which is great for debugging USB ports 2 cameras and this region
it's the 1 2 3 the devices in this series and series of and and 3 re-establish or but the first one to hydrogens and it's based on a map which is another look at system-on-a-chip integrated solutions Monday's has a reasonably fast process or where run especially by the time was really is late 2009 and the touchscreen single attached but other than that pretty moderate lots and lots of connectivity Bluetooth GPS GSM FM receiver transmitter eventually stranger it ships with native Linux already when it was really is minimal
was based on the units the bus because it was pretty much the unfortunately so this is a rate tablet 34 any platform of its which me to get us for the new interface to future with the manager most components are open source so there is a good community around the project which is still alive even if know don't I gave up supporting its another reason environments company or group taking care of the projects we was migrated to a new platform that the wiki still exists in the presentation and so on so he died because of some debatable political decisions at Nokia where the popular for why was in turn into have not been knocked out there will always be a needle work and it was doing its thing and was doing its thing and in the end not really well so this is the idea of course like the 1 and only me go following public he released and available and it was really always some that's data to to be able to play it was legal so really still database and so on whereas the goal supposedly supports many of them just kind of course but it's did anywhere in our given the but there is a new company called July which was created by some x can we which is walking on a new folder and is continuing legal developments their own way so you can watch online there a few presentations on how to look like and they expect that expect to launch next month or so in China but anyway it was good us now is that it always starts at documentation available and walking could for almost you but still something to read original and try to understand how to to get on work so it
looks like this when it was released and so very well integrated into the list and and the funny if it's connected to exchange so what are you will learn it at the time as applications varied is introduced
so now let's get a little bit more into if you don't know much about all I believe you want to know about all but anyway it is very much like a regular PC inside the that's simply use yard some storage space they also pursued simplicity ibid the there is user input but interfaces could those treaty acceleration for graphics did the acceleration however there are additional constraints it's a mobile device which means it has to be autonomous so there is a battery you have strong constraints on what they frequencies and it's going around if you so if you read too much of course physical science is constrained also test reported however nothing prevents when it is the only except maybe in the future secure which is the new way too but devices coming up with you we I and so on and so whereas and it's 86 secure would still allows you to build system you want can disable on so it's pretty much not it's currently pretty cross-platform and all of the new devices should be with 8 almost of them supposedly you cannot say generate then depends on your notes some people will figure it out but it's getting more and more difficult with this new of so I prefer not to invest in this and converge so for a very short
introduction to the armed so itself risk-based there is not 64 bits version but refinement and and indicated in generally supports also began the company already this and manufacturing process themselves the lessons of designed to be a complete like some so more of Texas Instruments so that all of us in different area generations this company has been around for for many years the study of certain number and as a consequence there are as many different on platforms as all combinations of this is sort design generations and of instances of like boards and should so it's not really just 1 coherent platform sort of coherent like 686 you cannot run just on cold on the opposite of structures in
so to be particular and then about the other observation you so it based on a general-purpose on or which is computed by lots of different corpora solid extension ships it was popularized in the open source also want by the bigger which I is based around the so generation of democracy sort of look at very similar to to what inside the 100 has different names sorry but really it's dissentients stressed that the packaging different because they get that to the needed a different version of the core force more constraints different people format and so on the
bigger the board it's like this you have the main so as of connected companionship fuel and it's 1 of them is still poor companion which actually has the support of more connected because democracy suddenly much in itself in terms of user input and so on it
just wasn't busses with e and so there there is right and and everything fits in a small of water which is maybe 6 and was 3 inches 7 concentration OK
so when CPU as in the applying so that would have exceeded 6 prices on the BCI all I thought I would not like to see if the GPA and so on GPO in particular in the general populace input output which means it's just a bunch of and you can use them whatever you want you you want you can be input being all the things that we put all of the data or you can use them as interacting we're just listen to whatever is happening which is that knows this energetic to wake you up 1 of the events is happening in 1 of being lowered its height 1 0 0 basically always changing state which means that that it's which triggered so they would figure is when it's a given level at which your that at figure is when it's going from low to high or high this is going to be very important when developing so you have after the 1st order component that is so typically interrupting inside you up to you because it's official line for connection principle on the so however connected in a separate but and you have lots of additional forces resources each of the different researchers that you would require like Wi-Fi problem to coordinate that's and lots of lots of different proposals and typically the interrupt biological which means connected to the main process all over the Jacobi sorry from
very fast you're about to call to just any mean if there is anything you want to me choose to emphasize that just as the reminder this is the old but is the poster which was also on base so it was just a regular poster which was extended squeeze some under the border and that is the and it was operational using the unit is the system all right so that is the the the
arm is the actual sport and using ordering this it means typically the companies that assessment instrument and and others to given up typical designs for people to to the rest of the platform an experiment appetite before shipping natural products and this is pretty much what to be good for and the support specifically aims at supporting as many of such protect boards as possible and didn't sort is the maintain a peaceful alright so if
you can't come in chemical configuration files are available right now inside the sports you have quite a few words which are supported so are maybe somebody has to with the and the board although very high In number here you have be ball and because for example training examples and a bunch of cannot or will not Of course there are lots of different designs from some from more little stories there and so on
so what is the what is it's the platform and what is its phone on so many devices that people because it's clean so it's portable insupportable so it has to be which really a nice way to extract and at the start of sort of constraints in the way all of these drug organized and the way the system is organized and what you have to do with the full when you walk this so but success is obstructed typically you use the same interface to talk on different busses same API eyes are used as much as possible across different architectures which means you can to be the only exposed what supported by all of them and so specificity is all kind of tricky to goodbye in some cases especially if you want to write generic code was a problem in my case so digestion modern particular you have individual would device which just tests away on which to attach the real physical busses then devices that busses they have exactly 1 parent node it's really just like a tree and internet these devices may expose more more busses and have more than other devices attached to them and that's what see in this arrangement with the system and like in which is just a big that is really then you will get this device of interest which but going to use all the device with the with and with all of that's the resistivity which it we released you're reduce stress on on the interrupt lines and them and that's that pretty much all of the interrupts it's a very important notion here typically whatever happens on the device there is an interpreter typically when you touch is going to interrupt that in the process so OK it was an event and it terms are expensive because they are directly can only have as many as you have to use and the local all the time because whatever happens a clock the what's going on in all user Interface things packets on the network cancel going to be there so you have to handle them as fast as possible we is therefore or possible and it's forbidden to sleep and delays water and the enter because the longer is the more interrupt you could have a 1 and the other so typically you just differ walk you so the flower or whatever and if you some some job to be the and then your back to regular mode and the sugar is going to do your job so for the different mechanisms 1 of them is the wall cues for the knowledge source software interrupts or the I should have listed them you maybe this time so as a
consequence I to write dozens of rioters because there are lots of different different devices especially useful for when you have to to handle audio USB touchscreen people keyboards all of the little pieces and so on Of course this represents a lot of different interrupts not enough I'm not too many for the human and as I mentioned I mention separate busses intérêts orange imperial which is the 1 us and US is usually like this you eyes on the and that is the that is that you can only attached to 1 and so it's really tricky true address this model the is it's it's it's strictly however there are mechanisms to address about which are actually pretty good just that you know about them when I started and it took me a so years
let's get on with it so this let's to make
sure the not challenges books on my Christie costs so typically what you do when you walk at this you find the following like distance is a great tool to do that have to be gentle but you have to do it all the time so when it opens you have the battery here and so on and which and my slot is here just pretty good because you can remove the listen up top and so on test whatever you have however we very slow and it requires some modifications to the fall in the 1st place at the switching to develop a was the regular in Laplacian to assume the wiki page for this disappeared or is not of reachable From the migration of mineral and in the end you 1 but there is another page called minimal Fletcher which sort of you have to run this special tool check the flags and of the very carefully so it would be good to find the cash for this on page and read and again basically you have 2 flights that would To enable contribute so that it would not just and last but on the other options and you have to set foot inside developable because otherwise some watchdogs on addressed and the full distributes after that that which is obtained when you don't have enough time to go to see you whatever is happening and full remote yeah so yet and is the few half but yeah thank you not so the question is if there is some in relation other forms a way to eliminate the hardware and that's it and condemnation and there it is the special QMU aimed at meeting the legal boards which was also a extended bid for the United however the code is very difficult to compile a set of units managed to do that that I managed to emulate a bigger blogs with other and for this you have to create a fake flash of fire however for some reason it refused flash fires of the digits somewhat and I followed somewhere instructions from Chinese guy somewhere Google who whatever because was the only place where from this radio available typically with and that's the only thing you can do is take an existing new image which just gonna be like 4 gigs and you have to start from the quality of the flesh moreover I didn't want to start from a complex system going to start from scratch and so it's it's really tricky you have to have been explored standard of from burning it and that I was unable to actually get busy run the people some that's right there but but not all materials but yes we're getting so have very careful and if you can use point emissions that always from
% like that sometimes you have sensing what elimination of hardware or the other way around and and it's another challenge altogether to figure out what is really rights and right everything that's never hi % so if you want to boot 909 question you need to set up politicians like this inside the NB all you want but it is the politicians to be the first one the sort 1 has to be adults on which you put you image file and the other is going to load it and start the camera and then it's up to you can kernel to find what we it have to and so good news is that we can use that fast and created this way you can just go and tell the difference that alright make their incident which is going to have that in fast or if
Estabrooks like this then you set the cost to be configured you can even be able to extend and alright so it's going to fix all the words have to be very patient right now but it's because it's also the what there windows already what something that so so yes
it's it's slow it's at a distance procedure that I already mentioned you have you have no single line interface on the school actually there is 1 but it's still stage and even if you use the regular comes from is pieces that there is full they to too high for this when you're going to free create to there 2 so we know what the sale of connections all but there are a bit tricky to connect to water so my phone yeah under the battery area and all think 20 of them and you have to pick the right ones remember what the rest is so yes another tricky part is that initially had milky but people to so could not even go into the other and diet stuff the other 2 of deterministic other retirement and read again and that's a very very slow process on the part that's the documentation is extensive which is good but it means the data sheets for the main process is over 3 thousand pages it only doing all of this but if you want to list what's going on going to have to read a lot and again and again and again the companionship you will support is another Southern Night pages so where what and this is a really force must have to do when she's at a time and test every time and try to remember write down nodes inside the code what was working what wasn't condition was what's and then yeah but get stuck on 1 given but because sometimes you don't understand enough of the platform to understand what's going on so if you lose I wasn't it just lost often you just which is something else understand something about the 1st thing we're doing this all that and then come back to the 1st 1 test and go back and forth but is it what from so anyway the
1st step was to differentiate the platform with the begin because even if they very similar platforms the report has a single line you don't and it doesn't have a screen and you so the 1st thing was to our changed it to a vote in transition code to enable the screen and they were relying on consoles otherwise just had a battery in which the so I have introduced interruption or not so if or 34 this which is not the cleanest way to do this but for now I want to put it on a platform that these at the moments and we're gonna have to find another mechanism if we were however more devices so that's that's minority
just to I mentioned GPA many sensors just touch conjugate and value OK and the button 1 and relevance impressed when I'm hiding in some depressed areas I mean not pitch figures they change states and you just want to know what the change that and reports unfortunately it took me a while to figure out that you might GPL robust driver reported edge interacts with only rising or for the rule for too high or high to low so I just had to at these 2 lines support for this and then I could not only seeing but in English but also being released it's also this way for many senses like when you no joke about inside the ejaculate also on GPU this that was the you know it's hard coded between you know this device is going to happen is cheaper looking and you know it's going to be interrupting or that the it's data can be used as interrupts on a conventional can always going to all put data you are always going to include that so in a way it Europe such as input but you reacted magically this the data yeah you know what this is what I know that I think data 1 and the the I think the way done yeah so even tho there's just 1 bit which case it makes it doesn't matter because just at the time when you need data you check if if it's higher or lower than 0 1 or using radical GP events in this case you can transfer time and have another team with another thing which is working in the which is telling you OK we not right really and it's pretty much what happens on a regular basis you know that you can get you using the kind of thing that I know that you know that you are on the order of the 1st and looking at confusing were meant to say I guess so say you have about an it's a good thing because when expressed is going to be 1 1 3 is going to be 0 and you use it as an interrupt relates inputs and you reacts when its input changes it the process all the money to and wake me up when there's a change so this is something that was the of the yeah as good for you that is yeah you the time read it and however sometimes it gets really hairy and people implement I to or which is really really slow but in some cases you with a platform doesn't have an interest in that you want to talk to select the security only come bundled this way and so you have to do this was a politician visited by way we have a job the yes that's right but in my case I go I need to handle I proceed devices which interrupt which is next
challenge now it's interesting because of course you can attach to 1 must so you attached we perceive us but then it's up to the device is going to to tell you OK I'm on the keyboard here and I want you to read me now because the just so how is this happening what gps opens on maps all as inter it's it's not specific through 2 on all of the whole it's only a few army of platforms which are implemented this way in which it's just that is the same or some kind of cultural thing for a given but typically on all interobserver are integers you have this system ones which go from like 0 that's what you want something like this and then of the if you have your own convention and starts there to interrupt From typically GPO on starting another number altogether so here in our case we have you but not GPA will best driver which is this internal about address for accession would is chosen checking the status of the bus and everything it takes this much amount of memory to address that we're and it's going to interrupt starting at 96 and this 1 has certain things so from 96 296 study 1 you In between 2 and you really we catch it that's going from the working the same way as you would with dimension this is really practical and it means you can on and the interrupts from different but using GPS lines and transport but it's just a number of system interface here's most interrupt you were looking for reassurance and then can handle so there is generic coding that busy for this which is called the code why because it's very similar to Michael microcontrollers yeah OK programmable interrupt controller makes
all right so this way you can easily the interrupts while having a device in which typically doesn't but in practice this breaks portability because it means that In Proceedings SPIE cold you will try to look into but these devices may exist on different platforms were interrupt somewhat integers something up all the although interrupt available for the duration of so it's typically you mentioned this school is different on each and every architectural you cannot assume it's going to be so I proposed patched some points heading into replicated to this busses but it was rejected this was the right decision because it's just not the right way to handle this it's not portable so I created my branch called Goldman what I have committed to use the version of the so called world and sedimentary committed stuff was happening values because there was no way I could obtain these values from the current configuration which would be a much in the way of doing things unisys well how could inside of the code also so but with specific to each and every different so you don't have a single file which can just weeks things and have working Canada you need specific code for each and every 1 of the pitfalls the platform all right so for the key but in particular it was very very tricky because the keypad is on the companionship the government should an accuracy it interrupts on the main CPU because it's especially device which is annotated online and the means talking to the active device requires sleeping because you send a lighter weight for the answer but the result is the image of convex so typically you just want to defer the 100 days should to wake you up when it's available 200 in but the interrupt is not handled in the 1st place which means it's just going back to repeatedly and stationary is never giving you the chance to address it which means you need to disable the interrupt white handle it and remember it again and so far in that is the force on the list it was impossible to this it was assumed that the devices would just but it's going to have and there it is there it's just handed them all the time and in this case is not possible so I implemented this had to modify the code to allow to allow for this in a way that's affecting the much more hardware than just this 1 so I couldn't computed directly after check what the drivers see if they return the value that I expect lot
I didn't mention it here yes so typically but in practice that I mentioned companionship it gets even more so it's connected to 5 different addresses on 2 different actors busses meaning the key but registers are reachable on 1 given addressed but on the but the interrupt handling address is on a separate so what I do is my main interrupt under differing the 1st and the returning 0 2 of you what it was but before setting is it was interrupted it's it's not handle yet this person users of and to ways the keyboard driver at this although address and scheduled another and and at lower OK so it intermediate and the reports of the pressed by existing the rights the bus of the right address and then the other hand running and lower priority very important reasonable standard because otherwise you don't get to keep press and use it and you get back to step 1 and the other is that to figure out and with lots of putting in black screens because this could happen for the initialization of the friend before in the fifties and director of the time and it never goes further and you just wait is it going to back up again please are the well I think it's a pretty tricky and therefore another way I was abusing other interrupts so I wrote a specific driver for just different discourse and waking up the other driver to do all of this initialization stuff once the frame was founded so typically I was watching and there isn't for the touchscreen and I was just present the screen and my people starting and I saw what crushed and I was talking the have happened that's what this and simply by governments are usually preferred styles takes care and you have the so what the code does is it keeps a list of whatever is being handled and then he must sit again for the next which you disabled I've been interrupted using a separate call added during interrupt context is going to be remembered because after you disabled interrupts this the code interesting whatever you did and it in its enabling jobs again all of us would mean saturday rebadged give them on difficult but even if was not included is able and then the process or to stop asking it into a linear remember which 1 is not score last we did the process or to stop waking up and there's an interrupt but when it's done when the code was done handling every interrupt with just remembering what what the ones that just so we understand what and how to use the written use of interrupts and then the the code and this war but can committed directions were I know that year this for can you I have no idea how to do this here the and so on yeah so what that what are yes this you what was but when he In the case of the keyboard during the would start to tell you the last stop interrupting was right you you you are not in here because it was interesting and on the main CPU line without them up that the mapping but positive law that that initially it was assuming it would so I was trying this I find signed took me 2 months this yeah I that's that's like solid to do it yeah yeah that's right this at it happens you would do that but the it it's time to stop of course yeah the yeah I think so the opposite of what
it's I'm going to go even faster think so yes another thing I added recently has been located to make sure that we understand the lowest cost intervals like on the next day I accuracy see but is running for the key perhaps but but the respect to make 200 years we assume can because it's the most sitting there is and which means what type here have to wait 1 2nd before I can't have yeah so we need a way to do to specify that each device is allowed to run faster different devices can go only as fast as they can and so you need a way to there this per-device on our and the other 2 but keep a driver is not completed but list it works well enough for for debugging and looking in and stuff so there were worry
minor issues 1 of them is that they have a driver for charging the batteries laughter Charge at every now and then all the way to think about what some call of the community to not be allowed in the context like this 1 is which which I on yesterday the West was question just seconds after that was the unwitting so that yet no OK what's wrong and of course it was rebooting so that to feel device frame and thankfully was giving me futurist by before we would think so I could figure out a way of you know how to address this all check out this goes all wanted to ask you when there is a call for this also I should modify the manual page and I currently need across cost squash courts honesty up because I'm wanting is beyond bus driver but have you should realize that only 2 days ago it seems have to read as much as constant before you actually read the item you want you know I was reading wouldn't diagrams which say a treaty what happens and how it's shifting stuff the yes there is no way that I would like and the that's and this is yeah 14 in in the case of 1 its says there is a world justice would shift and with like what is the ship register but actually no it's just that would histories but that's online and then it's shifted to the you receive buffer before you can actually receive so at 1st I was reading mother code and he was doing this but I was
like this so wrong actually lower to exactly what I have do and you just so yes I mentioned 20 as much as possible in the main the tree using it for convenience not spam people always commits that off of working so it's it's a bright like I create a specific branched and that will
I and this city is not very easy read I'm sorry but basically not playing the much using this was almost there the companionship
thank would have to be all things some of it was to be walking walking like watchdog entities which participation and so on there was also used the chair and audio and know that you care about which are implemented but best and you have some more which I didn't hear must've a lot of this
is over and I could see with the same mechanism that I think for the kid so it's going to the continues way also it also generic sensor like camera color when you that it's open and close the camera focus but and you Jack you got but and so on the Ladislaus an open and close so implemented all of these things working for the most part what
is devices barriers very monitoring device that implements setting for that for that failure audio I implemented accelerometer right it's interrupting too often enough to integrated the high agreement the beginning of the but support but it's not there yet not just temperature meter greater right censoring also on their to handle the like you know how much like enormous but just to get back to work for the user to face this concentration of interest even a controller
beyond the but unsupported at the touchscreen drivers honestly I might almost have been working with have this issue is the best was to keep what was wrong between my number of my best friend to be in relation versus how would part the which but is long and you just assume stuff and out Wi-Fi is also an instance of this thing here if we require DNA really fast and efficient going to of
all the devices which have to figure out where they are and will hold I have the data should for most of except for gps Jason this on camera so there is really the torch from taking pictures the both cameras front and back of and on which is still left to be done however right now
have a system between multi-users and it starts and we don't have the time to show it goes all the way through but like I just took a
video moments ago and show you right now during talking so we're ready for what is closely but I wanted to
show that to you guys this is
I would imagine this here is just the last bit of the general part is to be with constant focusing again be and by their starting at the end it's a bit it has stepped forward you the so you
initially as I was watching but now we have to wait longer longer longer
always black something is happening well at what's going on in the some
gradient is right side the present crystal victory and or sorry this and so it's going to
focus a bit more and we have the and running with and so no and you can try to look in the kidnappers wrong at that point but the
UK next steps OK so is
and what which is above number of pretty
soon quick what 24 hours is
long quality efficiency the desktop running on the tablet device without that I mentioned earlier was that Tiffany funny of support because it also has a large attention inside my concern missing and so on say which is the operator that was working with that this doing Europe is becoming border and western Germany get to the people this going to applications available this is 1
1 simulated on the floor with ways which is nicely putting an extra skin around the screen which is running the for all x nests with the rise of resolutions and contextual it applications with a regular screen size and make a figure from the end of this should be big enough what you and so on and you must be charged and improved quite a bit since then but you have icons on the desktop simulated screen energy use much but still have a few but and so on
this is different and reform and the OpenMoko had performance issues we at the over the gradients nothing just great we was what of a propofol and even getting phone calls which produce reports and but even suspend resume of spare batteries and so on but it wasn't but it was really don't have to do the same this opportunity is the
latest showed it it goes all
the way there so the future get rid of
the image implemented comments in my tables and terms support the slides it as much as possible inside and is the proper for the British things for 7 is going to be difficult of the i going much therefore it is the age of where function but go and then of course people working on the far and at the same time try to support more devices including my original problem in 9 which is pretty much a same hardware and and there is the conditional profession so when I and just by another 1 statistical to acquired on the
so again thanks to all of you for listening since to this discipline particularly companies for but it is possible and I hope we all learn something today not Dallas of all the torques tonight and if you want to reach me 3 of the labor is really bad at handling styles to conceive of the and could
search for it was and yeah
achieved future should be very
important and this is not this
so that's it for me and you know this is the 1 of these yeah and get to work and then when the than the flat because that is the reason it is that the regular daily stuff and that's right these of yeah you have you form here where you might be the exactly because I have the job and if I would gladly do some presidency water making this a I like my job it's getting also like this so it's kind of tricky however yes I would like to have access to more devices under what conditions we would work on this and the great after we reach me if there is anything you know public where you have access to it was a sufficient condition is variable already in yeah sure but of I wanted to mention some of the first one to what to afford this I want you to be confined videos of people looking at this some windows you running almost all educational and is some more but of course it's also the time the is so yes certainly was but the gene-centered today I didn't 170 edges is going to be another puzzle because there is no documentation guess for the based on and now it's going to be tricky to support funny as well so we could use for for the 1st time way which would be and that all of the I haven't I don't want to do this right now what saves injury from my is that it's GPL so they have to play by the rules and if we begin to support this view on the contrary to understand maybe they agreed to switch to and then we will have no say in the matter of the source code and yeah so of 1 the and the 1 and have also the world of a but it's been undirected because I was trying not just goes on some of just wasn't phonemic it originally from when the see right so I wouldn't be a community-based distribution which have supported very nice to perfect including the good which means we're going have complete control or folded to do so contribute to it's not at all it's not the hardware structure and when I wanted to Donald application myself thinking the full in main with properly still did it's wonderful indirect so surprised that checks what was going on because it in the the 1st was and Google they'll compensate looking I commend you for from the world people would like will but it's 1994 all over the place because we give control and everybody running basically it's control this company even if there are other community-based distribution it's really difficult to get accepted it to in 1 of the things that you don't know know all the of have for the iteration and if you're aware of it and you accepted for herself perfectly fine but I do not for 1 thing and I think many users do not know the possible consequences of brain injury because this different companies in the state has control over everything that's when you for but that the fact so yeah


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