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Automating the deployment of FreeBSD & PC-BSD systems

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Automating the deployment of FreeBSD & PC-BSD systems

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Automating the deployment of FreeBSD & PC-BSD systems
System deployment using PXE and pc-sysinstall
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In PC-BSD 9.x every installation is fully-scripted, due to the the pc-sysinstall backend. This backend can also be used to quickly automate the deployment of FreeBSD servers and PC-BSD desktops using a PXE boot environment. In PC-BSD & TrueOS
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for a few minutes behind the let's find all be quick and hopefully give you some time for questions at the end and how they will that have a little time to chase rabbits thrilled funds you because and easily distracted yeah so I'm going to introduce myself my name's chris marked and the founder and lead developer of the PCB is the desktop operating system for those who don't know what that is it's previously with find utilities in graphical bits and this and that which makes it very usable laughter which is what presenting on today or a new workstation what the we've developed a lot of tools and utilities which are useful for assistance as well it's been the the focus of today's talk so the problem organ be addressing today you're sysadmin somebody just means a deployed previously or maybe a PCB-ST system may be that of 30 workstations you deploy bunch servers in data centers etc. maybe you like what you hear about this whole CFS thing I I give this talk of a lot Linux conferences and that's the they 1 at the overseer fast we hear so much magic about that you know about a 1st doesn't do that you know how can we get on the z of 1st thing now are just reference to tell you guys I'm I'm 1 of the speak but kind speakers right don't mind if you interrupt me so if you have questions raise your hand and we can you know she's around forever if you want to go on a little more depth on some of these insights slides if it's something I'm going to cover later I'll tell you will will get onto that a little later but uh the slides are usually pretty simplistic so if you want to go into detail let me know but at
radio there's currently 2 ways to do this if you're going to deploy a bunch of systems solution number 1 is write your own installation scripts in Figure all the network moving by hand and then you can maintain it forever 1 you know when you want to
consider this maybe you have a very unique installation maybe you have some off the wall file system where you just have to do in a very particular way or you just a free use the garden electrons chemical energy part do this and that's the repetitions of what well in which case congratulations but the spot maybe for the rest of it but in a way not to consider that if manual this partitioning this isn't your thing or you work for a living and have other things you wanna get done during the day so solution number 2
ordinary looking at today's using our our newly developed utility the PC thin client which is included with PCBs and true us for those who don't know true us is just the PCB is the server edition it's Free BSD with extra utility like this and so the rapturous 9 1 it's previously 9 1 release with just some extra commands available for jail management and and utilities like you when you want to consider this is you really don't this partitioning as i don't anyone have a weekend because in our maintaining a inscription finding out they don't work Frederick for really sucks so what you gonna need to get started with this system of the network interface in some cases you may want to and also claimed that was that maybe advantageous and you wondering PCB-ST 9 1 a true US 9 point later 1 9 2 that's anyone a few gigabytes of disk space free-to-play player so getting
started actually pretty easy once you've installed through us and idea given the toxin this it's really simple tho graphical quickly next time you can have a the and set up in a few minutes 3 basic where it's going to go and grab forestry so on from the consul you're going around ports now that extract update or at your preferred method of getting worse that really matter as long as they get there if you're on the desktop interviewees for everything so you can just go to Control Panel System manages tasks and and fetch ports little little graphically for this was a use
yes yes so that for extended news reports which is where we're going to be expecting this utility and then to get us started I enough you can see it very well that there may be controlled lights here would and maybe not on a missile but I can't stand but anyway it was going around the PC thin client utility just 1 command the 1st thing it's going to pop up and and ask you as a word and now convert the system into a thin client server who doesn't know what a thin client is way and why we use that term everyone knows that will think like you know for those who may be a curious why refer to that is that it would maybe a diskless client some client which has no or very and maybe just as good without often network interface that's what I mean by the incline refer to that certain say yes I would like to continue now the next question is going to ask you this is an important 1 do you want to make this a remote X desktop server on install server now offer to stop were talking about and install server but this is
maker Furcal explain what the other option is and why you may want to use that so remote desktop and this is the truth the incline of the things like work this is real set up a system maybe you have a b the server which will operate as a a fixed including diskless client master server self good example we have same maybe a bunch of old P 3 is a P 4 we don't want to maintain them but we just take this out given people's a workstation well this is gonna walk into something that at the end of all those in off the server and then all the data stored on the server it just brings you a nice graphical 1000 what's also that so why you wanna run this again maybe have a bunch of low-end clients that around all hardware just sitting there collecting dust and you get some new workers in the office place we just need to build get on the internet check e-mail do some basic what functionality and you can do that over your network really easily without maintaining all these new installations so this is be the way to do it it really simplifies across backup security management through eating here 1 box essentially in other the clients are replaceable you know why you shouldn't run that right now with the utilities maybe you don't have a server enough horsepower and obviously everybody's running on 1 box so few people running a lot of heavy-duty programs on the you know it's going to get busy pretty quick there thing is we don't use sounds of work on the client announced youtube streaming I'm sorry clients are going to get Pandora meeting or add that down the road but at the moment it's not included all right so now we're back to what at your talk about which installations so the 1st thing to
ask you is within a brand it should the on this on some network interface so that we can connect to clients and get them to be up here so we're going go and take our interface the cost be careful which cables plugged into because you're starting at a Damon here which is going to try hand p the 1 that existing network once you have given the network interface it's going go and settle Fourier again on the desktop that I like you use I like simplicity I don't like having to do a manual physics I try to take a look at figure out of for it's going to go ahead and install some stuff importance gonna start demons and it's going to just give you some basic information on where things were located and go back into those involvement in a few minutes here so we can talk about those different records but at this point that I mean this was maybe 3 or 4 minutes not counting the installation time be in attendance but this point you have install ready to deploy the previous year PCB the images that was that and I did when I set up my virtual what's demo heroes like 10 require so now
getting started now they're we're ready to roll always client system that connects so you're gonna need some client which supports picks including not only it's a equals some support it some don't you may need to go 1 the virus 1st enable exhibiting on the client so the 1st thing to check if it's not working the way Expect and now actually going show you how this works because in a picture is worth a thousand words so I've already got my client would appear my hosts excuse me insert the 1 of the with this of folks until the presentation for and it's so
figured out what 1 of the texture of full life are that the so we want here the year
all of in the region now a talking about so what we have here is I'm just running at this on my PC gives the desktop
forces virtual box what I've done is I have to the engine running here I have my hosts it that's not really
the interesting part this is the client were looking at here I just put it up will assume for the purposes of this demonstration it's just got a disparate and do installation now we've written some little dialogue-based menus not really fancy here do quick install be done with it but the other option that in addition to insulation is we also provide emergency itself so this can be a useful way if you have a system something goes wrong on you need really quickly boot up and on a hot dense and media or whatever you can plot that in here drop the shell dude you need to do yes I that is good about because there is no discovered media inserted into the so that all came up off the land and it was all preconfigure for me talking about city of IP addresses and configuring teach year anything like that I unless I've mentioned earlier right was all although the utility to carol @ Fourier I mean all you care about is getting systems installed not the nitty-gritty of figuring out what IP range used while blocked but anyway are going again 10 minutes into that were now ready to do an installation so what's going to happen is you choose to install and it's going to write a couple examples scripts for doing an installation on the system this is we're going to go after adding the demonstration showing you how we build these scripts what they can do some of the features and power of using this is using the PC systems fall back and is anyone from on not from there was that and I've given talks about over years but basically you know what it is is it's in free BSD currents in 9 1 9 stable it's an alternate back and for installing previously or PCBs that it supports things like VFS out box it supports dataset options in jelly encryption geom hearing and it's got a lot of new features but the cool thing is every single installing user-script install 100 subscript so they're easy to repeat reproduce so easy to prototype with that make adjustments etc. but in this case on on the PC up inclined to utilities just going provide an example I've created another CFS install here which I can show you what that script does but the examples fully functional I can just go and say
yes I want to install them and
it's now going to go ahead and start doing installation on my
quite system I think the example uses that you have fast so it's doing some energy parts here having lovers and it's going to out create UFS file systems and as you can see it on this all from the the host system on mostly now now I yeah I'm not on the that but they are so that you can kind of see the was doing is setting up your 1st soft its journal and so that's running and take about 2 3 minutes and your questions really put 4 we go and how to customize the installation again the so was pretty simple on trying to keep this very easy for non-technical non even Free BSD folks yes it is yes it's it's honestly the server component PC thin client doesn't actually installing demons of its own all it does is it facilitates the set up of the GCP and it enables that in our c . com it doesn't matter to turn on and off the I you know just turned on the hooks and at the hour so can't say you're following a wiki page it would come out with some very somewhere that all we found is starts to I'm sure it would just be a simple as running user local at seriously the idea that I DCP stop in August you know removing entries so comparable but a period so the installation is just about finished registered previously 9 1 install to my client and yes I have all the debug symbols begin which last week was doing solution and likewise my DVD too big to fit on the median is it all the bodies on such revealed answering those that's checking for packages of can haven't in this case it's setting of users passwords and I'm done that
synonymy close reboots again this all came
off the client after hosts and we just the full installation and we
can do installations of any
type of media you want so the roller on custom images
you wanna distribute really an area of 1 of the previous 1 yes and Germany Austria where we where we store the following input multiple servers pricing trickery and the actually honestly just cancels out possible that have appointed to the submit have 1 and it doesn't set that up for automatically but I mean again it's there is no real magic to it so you can go edit the conveyed by hand if you need to but there we go we go the client were ready to roll but that's not really the interesting part interesting part is saying what kind of installations we
can do with all we share
effect so now we've shown it's easy to really go and solar system of course you're gonna want customize that you want my stock previously mentioned if you have something on your own you know so this is all just entirely on the server side
there's going to be a couple key directories you're gonna want to take note of so the first one is of the home thin client install scripts that's where your PC's this install scripted installation in Fig files and live and we have a direct we create automatically called install archives that's where your TPC files maybe disk files a live you can organize these anyway you want by hand show you how we do that when the climate subpages mounts under slash install scripts and selection store archives that's really our clients and so the examples provided it does do you 1st install but the 1st and most you would be doing is going on at once which is the a however is that to do in PC systems stock it's actually not that hard at all so this would be the example provided in our our ships script so you wanna switch at is yeah fast as simple as changing that 1 by doing and say OK my new partition is the 1st I'm saying 0 for the size which use the whole size of the disk repetition and then a bunch of data sets that I want create that can get pretty complex you're able put flags for those datasets on line everything but for the purpose of the the example I'm showing here I the pretty pretty straight up simple but I didn't greatest in this example but if you wanted to you just what line back in allocations busy swap but let's say you want to install from your own installation archives see rolled around custom previously was individual patches again in PC system install script is such a pretty easy to do so in our example were just extracting a static part wall that's already in 1 big that archive well in your case you can come in here and say OK it's still the same directory and I put my own previously released horrible and the package type is at the top we support a number of different formats for that Ministry of proposed here but the user management again very simple so say the set of users on my system this looks very similar assistance salted evidences install a scripted installation by trying to keep that they so it was not a huge learning curve but were going to say here's a root password harmonic freely user you can have as many blocks and this is what's opinion about 30 users on the system you can just script them all and and that this assistance knowledgeable Fourier so advanced stuff would be say we wanna run commands now this is which chemical so you to customize your images that shipping so PCs this install supports a couple of methods running commands the 1st one we're running something with the wrong command this is actually executing inside distributed environment of the installed system so say image has some initialization scripts but shipping and you need to run at 1 time before he with the system you can easily through the PC system stalls around that in this route middle remember work to go do that the senior runs on the outside this room we can also run extra commands so when we do PCD obviously installs measure if not fast do things inside the school system and be exposed variables like at the 17 results where it's currently mountain the questions on that so far so packages this gets really fun because now we have 2 packages for we made really simple to use so in PC in your configured values can say I want to install packages and you can just give the short names if you like it will go ahead and find those pulled from your package repository and install them I think in the short names and sometimes they're not you expect so little From there may be necessary my case checked fresh works which package G supporters got out recently that his were doing for rolling release stuff so what it'll do is this is automatically detected you don't have to go on specified package and you're packages when you tell to install packages the first one it starts to install to actually check the format of for you go 0 this is an old-style package 0 This is packaging G it's package G is automatically in a bootstrap for you into the client system as you install the package command set up a few things before and it'll handle that for you and then it just continues on the installation is so previously this file support was also added recently so say you you build your files a little differently instead of a big fat tarball all you have your freeze the disk files again great changing the configures really simple do that were still installing from a local media and that's just not client we can change the past year so here I showed you earlier we have slashed install archive you can make your own directories but where everyone just when it's over words and then change the package site the dust and then which bits of the distance you want again very very easy to use so now we want to
put the automated and a fully automated those see what is the pull unattended you have a bunch of systems use 1 and walk away coffee come back to be done that's really easy to do on this what we can do is 1st of all we have are default on it and dot CFG script if you create that it's going to go ahead and use it when you boot backline beginning a 30 2nd warning and then it's going to do the installation it's done I shut the system down the course you use this ballclub this cable in the wrong system by mistake you plug in your boss's workstation and you get an early weak so just sector but anyway so be very careful that that will do a pulley unintended installation on the
on the slides but another thing you can do is you can create MAC address files so you can say MAC address starts CFG of the client and have a script ready to go for that particular system and it'll use that as well it'll check the clients MAC address and say OK we found a configured so this would be something say are deploying a lot of systems you could have somebody pregenerated figuration options we want this this layout these users and then you can even write a front which is a common populist this map with Mac system and then all year ordered about the messages is plug it installs a chat salaries done during so I get
asked 1 of scalability Atlantic shows like how systems can I do this on well 1st of all CPU instructions around the client has not being run the server the server is used to being a large file server so you're your real scalability issues that come from disk I O and network speed so a couple
couple temp some regarded that 1st of all is how many clients i have preconfigured in the DAG p . com after have 99 clients again this is all stuff you can modify by Hannah ascription often complain if you do that were just trying to get to so really easy out of the box but this is where you go and sit down at some of the IP address ranges so tips and tricks so as I mentioned earlier every install with PCs has installs a completely scripted install this is where it gets really cool to do prototyping say you have a virtual lock a where something on your system you can grab the PCBs the DVD which has a wonderful puII for setting of z file-system layouts users etc. packages the whole 9 yards you can go through and do an installation with that little generated configs script for each after the stalls done on the installed system actually saves a copy of that for you so you can prototype installation for customer all graphically somebody doesn't know anything about the nest the yeah details of says 0 he's Apache the easier us and again we can handle or fewer you nitty-gritty you can go on really set up the way you what and then you spread that fixed scripted and it's ready to roll that point thrown on a thin client server will tonnages just prototypes entire class of servers workstations or something very simple to use so again that's I can't stress this enough especially lectures these guys like why no kind has the offense works on like what what do we have all for you give it the basics of what you what it'll take care of the nitty-gritty and then I'm ready to deploy and that that's really so
speeding up the installation you know without people give us a bunch different suggestions I mean you can use the of smear drives necessity if you only a crazy you can even use temper some of the some populated as files in a Buddha In this server right out of memory priest thinking so what's coming up in the future or 1st well we do have some more improvements of systems Stora looking at so but there's a few extra things which young mirroring I'm looking at fixing here in the near future as some additional stuff with generally know just pulls things if you have some feature that you find is not working here doesn't work we expect 3 not what more support for it usually know me and I'll put on the list and I get to it hopefully soon I understand what you're doing is changing a little bit how thin client utility works and line up to so such a little faster and you want the porch Street since we now ship our own package and Repo it'll just hold packages down fall for it you won't have to run anything on this list is run 1 command operated on to renewable so that's that's sort of beginning probably 4 9 2 so I questions and comments now but this is something great places 1st all the wiki figure wikidot PCBs here on we have great article of all the nitty-gritty details on PCs installed the available flags how they can be used a lot of examples and of course our mailing lists forms a great place to to ask questions to now go and ask is there's any questions or be happy to answer some of this stuff this that is what the thank you on all it world from 1 in the 1st on link use it with that they could do from all yet so there is an option PCs installed to given an image and cis-platinum this would so as long as you have the right in inverted rolling out you could do that yeah yeah so as yeah so we scan the directory form so name on something like this is breads workstation or whatever and and it does the any other questions yes you I like it goes through around the basic tracker reconfigured file for sanity 1st to make sure that it looks good before proceeds and then hopefully we catch major problems before we start that's about sure Start filling in why it's going to go in civic it find the file the files there won't know told search using part read from they may be the only hiccup notice checking to see it exists as long as it exists then will assume it's still there when it goes to do the installment until read will and our was also also on the server remuneration the method all Will you would do remote stop option because yeah if you use rudder stock option they will just blow it up via pixie get NFS-mounted all that from the server never touches the disk and they get a nice GTM login prompt and log indicate the use of water from right there I mean that this is never touched everything's on server side which is a pretty cool utility that number of people using all this work suffer sounds so when they was about you to and well that that of anything else that yeah to Oh yes yes so the PC this install can fetch from FTP and HTTP promoting fetch support you can give that up pretty much anything that again fetch those local euro achieving CD view of a city in the prior to that for it is just a flag say here's my media locations yeah yeah I should put that in the slides lecture for next for next time I give this talk the yeah that's something you could do you could have a web neural somewhere on your local intranet out on the net and just say here is that's actually how we do some previously installed we can go pull something off FTP Archive and say OK grab that image install is always you know connection stays up of after is employed in like do this portion sure why that is we can run we run I think on 3 now has already here we have it there so all we do is copy the script over a little magic and it works there actually really called making free now has a are yeah and actually really cool talking about that after we also any other questions again OK I will make you very much appreciate which