A NetBSD-based Radar in a Rocket Launching Center


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A NetBSD-based Radar in a Rocket Launching Center
The untold story of how NetBSD Project served as an engineering platform for a small rocket launching tracking systems R&D company.
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Oliveira, Andre de
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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Busy http servers, storage appliances and toasters are some notorious success deployments of NetBSD. Unfortunately not everybody is aware of some other gaps that NetBSD has filled. Once upon a time, there was a brave small team of programmers who did dare to choose NetBSD as a platform for their R&D software engineering department inside an aerospace and defense company. This resulted in some unusual use cases for NetBSD. This talk will present (1) a NetBSD-OS based tracking radar; (2) how NetBSD-OS served as a platform for supporting the software engineering department to design and implement software systems for rocket tracking radars; (3) how NetBSD Project served as a knowledge base for modelling that department's engineering processes. Furthermore, this talk will show how the unique features of NetBSD made it the most suitable OS for building rocket launching tracking radars deployed up to 3000 Km from the software engineering R&D lab, and how it helped to address challenges such as: Real-time data acquisition and processing Advanced visualization of radar data Radar systems simulation Air defense systems simulation Radar systems tests and quality assurance We'll also show how the choice for NetBSD made by an young software engineer, became a fundamental resource to deal with several aspects of bootstrapping an R&D software engineering department from ground up. Beyond an open-source OS, the NetBSD Project has an inherent open-governance and open-engineering nature, which made it a "body of knowledge" repository we used to find references for several software engineering related subjects.
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it good morning i'm and advanced I'm gonna tell about a producer a development project I lad between 2005 and 2008 it was just a coup experience we had in the area speech area with that gets the but not only that this the the whole the the echo system has helped those In case you you are interested in you can try
to reach you are an so it is is lies not chocolat last with fuzzy that and you can track the presentation so
London a pleasure to me to be here and it's actually a really dream come true being a you guys have got my presentation preceded by a period people from whom I'm hearing a lot through my path and it is in this industry before him as all of its sorry 100 from being I'm really glad for opportunity thank you rebutting the board actually a few words before we started this ball has been inspired by an article from Mr. that you knew you rolled for technology innovation management to reveal back in 2010 and titled how the previous you project processes help companies build products that article describe something very similar to what we don't being always Brazilian French the company name and ominous is engineering it's a subsidiary of status group with a leader of difference which we paid much more attention to next year's the status of Free BSD after reading that article I felt shouldn't share what we did in cities with the community a kind every gold of fortunately this opportunity is happening just now almost 4 and a half years omens status so I'm not going to tell you about how to do that out of city reader or maybe a obviously reader just going to present you today and in the usual use case of and actually ascidian hard to learn the most important thing is that led to this this is to be proven in empowering the product I about to present to work to do these things judge me share in order In case you if you have and and you are in now about the the meaning of life and the specific at the these you all almost all of you have a laptop please just do a quick Google search or maybe ask for the rocket scientist right next to the so and our agenda for today is I'll show you some preliminary information to understand the problem we solve and then we'll take a look at what they call it is products open governance and how it happened that the amenities and then uh 0 you know what and you see some solutions that address the help those to be allowed to support our development processes then we'll take a look at the St 22 training 3 that embezzlement system our next is the and that's it for today OK so I'm a subtree engineer by now I'm running my own business chocolat self True laboratories a to see like suffering deuterium effect signing the it's a company and running with my wife and a few partners and Associates I'm just they had a mean role and the technical staff In the past we tried to play a the matching learning recommendation as a service game but we we just failing yet these days of a of just providing research and development services for software development projects in Brazil as well as training services for important universities and companies in the country so the next talk about a little bit about the
our context in Brazil as far as almost everybody here the sorry we need start back in 1961 when the Brazilian government started the Brazilian space program it lost under military control there's a great is on this mainly due to the but it did it to happen and maybe Due to the goal service over the nuclear proliferation and that that time In 1994 Brazilian government created the Brazilian Space Agency and this time it is under civilian control currently the Brazilian space program focus on development of local space technology such as vertical out gene very yeah the equals watching or lot rank and that this is that our desired rockets the launching sites m sub manufacturing so globally speaking how Brazil feet in the global scenario right to our team technology can be used for civilian space exploration for example and as well for military interest as well for example artillery proposed US in Brazil whereabouts good friends on the subject during the cold war even today we also have know the Brazilian National Institute of Space in research and nasal xj some data and expertise in severe related subjects such as metrology or satellite research but they call this relations in this very moment are with China Ukraine and Russia for an idea of the scale the Security Brazilian Space Agency but again it is 200 million 75 million dollars while these budget for 2012 lost 17 . 8 billion dollars so we by we have actual outside the reserve no control launch center in the body of the family it's like a a model of a house enough retransmission lapsing it's the name of the city so bones are located in the very north east of the country we have some rockets are lost and vesicles development promote programs in course of the most successful rules are the via last uh a stability to radical it's a rocket just to be sure you bought it the the VOM it's the next generation of of your last and it's a new microsatellite launched radical there is also a variety of sounding rockets just rockets so the orbital missions you can take a look at the Wikipedia to ensure of fuel others in development as well we also have some satellites programs and most of them development in partnership with China like the China Brazil Earth resources satellites a few words about the whole control launching center it has been built for a lot of the Office of Scientific and Technological rockets that's the main reason of its existence strip Tajik features we can be used so it's low population density it's good security conditions of all the average to be all it's that goes its closeness to the equator right it's actually the coldest launching base to the creator and it permeates our to save up to 30 per cent of the world situations it's near the scene what enables each allow such a huge rocket as well it's easy and it has is axis here and there they fish to draw all of the CLA vols facilities for properly preparation facilities for payload preparation as payload here where you're referring to right now there is a scientific you technological experiments or satellites and not interpolation yeah its energy multiplication failing Universal that launched our own research which is foreign the beating of the rocket a mobile integration powers of cultural St. there a matter all uh meterological readers and fussy Desforges readers and attracting readers and the measurements read here's something to it and 1 of the key the OK so is that
correct total so long that was rate is located there is another rated that's located outside and this is based it is located at 60 kilometers from the large band thing but we can see on this picture it's really tiny
but on the corner left there is the a the reader we're going to talk about America station battalion
measurements station right and in the very middle of in the cultural sector the but this a
picture from the other side interesting theory is smaller and we have that you can't measurement stations right here working with this facility in the middle of the iterator in the year perspective and a matter on the station and this is the main station optical measurements with you to the 2nd 1 the smallest was using that
OK all the the back what's
lost subtitles and Portuguese Schifanella but they're out there in thinkers information the Commission effect if know it was really hard
translation proposed yeah and that it is the it is that we
so there is another important
yeah so this is a picture of the the
apple everybody babies OK it is is bayes belongs to the to no control on consider what it's is 60 kilometers far because of the nature of the operation of the so here are some
pictures from the interesting OK
so you can maybe seating zoom on your own
life all here is a good picture
of this is our 1st vesicles fully built the main tower that launched
tolerant allele looking producers and therefore 1 for the fire
let's come back tricky readers UCLA has object atlas some some reiterates the French 1 was has involves back and a 17 or maybe 16 it's a precision saying there the 1st a procedural the same so the first one it gives the azimuth and elevation information from the the 2nd that they had a radio it's the approach states and that's the reason because he's in which near the launch pad and have read at the measurements the station of as we we solve em the what is the the TEM measurements for it's not for tracking proposed as traders sold the 2 raters fire responsible for assured that the rocket is doing it is estimated trajectory books the measurements has to track that the rocket as well because it is easy to use the main mission is to establish the communication with the payload so but it needs to be jet direction because we're talking about true thousands kilometers or maybe 3 thousand kilometers of distance so it needs to be directional bond is still so it's used mostly for it data acquisition and data transmission recording and processing it's more user for a lot of security conditions but can also track some satellite OK so some miscellaneous information about the same weights 32 years old the 1st slot to happen in the it has than trading nations mostly with Brazilian technology 400 54 7 rockets allotted to today date from the various 373 3 was Brazilian once in the last year of the basis fully executed 9 nations and it was the unmarked soul I think this is the changes in time because deployed the system back in 2008 OK so of diseases picture From the this
station there's 60 22 23 system the inside this building there is a next stage I mean like react with full of components including a local console for operation right
right so let's talk about
our situation in intimacy use of misuse has been followed in 1997 by 3 experts the unary the technology I was hired in 2005 as the 1st problem where to the college softer development group or SDG on many cities has been Baltic bite groups the French guys in February 2006 the same very old when we hide our 1st think there during the whole the year of 2006 authority and reuse them in early 2007 we where 6 people there and others softer t Material Janero but they were focusing on a project for the Brazilian Navy our team was the responsible for software development in the following products to the silly the ball somewhere close reader Our mission Our mission was to research to do research and development work for a huge human machine interface softer use it for controlling the readers and a new display for each because our previous display was not working that well and initially the display wall space and known technological technology so the feedback to the operator was pretty much better than ours which was completed basis so we had soul and there was a some work to be done in this area the reader displays a core competence of the and we also have to developed all the software for the ST 22 23 to measurement station which was developed and from 0 and they need to research for totally new on optical tracking system which is an optical right there while deformation in our own radio frequencies Bayes iterators OK a it's show when you're doing this kind of project you have some special requirements OK the bayes was located more than 3 thousand km for our red had got workers in a number of cities but before get to prediction and system should be extensively tested so we could not louder rocket for each new feature we we feel shared soul was the product meets a production-ready version and then we can apply it uh the Bayes would do a real operation sometimes we've Air Force jet because we can't just laughter out for test is that it the the deploys real I take it very can't get can get rollback soul the delivery is quite expensive operation so we need to really be sure of what you're doing we need to dumbfounded probability to many meaning to it In the QA area everything we could simulate we should simulate we need to be highly predictable it's really important to keep track of every single piece of your as the implicit guys who knows how to do pretty well it's really important to keep track of every 0 origin or would we need to record was the situation as directly as it happened and then the baby's soul whenever had a good was quite important to have the exactly same situation so we face in the following challenges in the summary so we wasn't there need to be at an entire soft respect for the ST 20 through trade 3 system you should critical complements four-day apples an array eta raiders work on the proposed once in each of the reactants In the experiments of the optical tracking system we also need to quickly build a highly qualified tool handled amount of simultaneous projects average should play a jack role a soft range Europe something generic processes and the necessary infrastructure remember I was the first one sold there was almost nothing but that in some site processes and infrastructure would play a key role to help us to be successful in delivery of our products and optimizing over the before especially when you have a jack of all trades so far we also would be the need to build support tools such as simulation softer an automatic that's softer benchmarking tool for benchmarking softer complements or maybe hundred complements sometimes for maker by analysis and deal with the aforementioned our space 11 q radiation soul how much
this the game which were for doing 1st as an
overview of our infrastructure all Our work station where and we have the the Linux on most of them or whatever units version the developer wants and we also have a dual role of sorry of global which with the the next this 2 . 1 version stolen I mean we we also used in the 2 . 0 but company could that be great to should 3 back at that time we had a development server exclusively for 4 of our proposed it was serving as as a backup tool the did simple back story variants some assets and offline media it was serving for our basic networking services allow which I'm going to enumerate so sorry so we are in the need of sometimes haven't actually is to be development environment but we would not working the project we demands Linux sometimes so we were running Linux on our workstations and we just connect to our server through S s age and work connected to eat I'm going to do it so well just a bad idea sometimes we have to work on our workstation which was not running that this city air we also used use to server as all our development resources we were also surrounded out by applying of supporting tools like oscilloscope rate freakin sign of generators because the military prototypes mostly developed and signed a company OK so the and many others yes he's slackness user really nice Unix workstation for C and C + + development it has a lot of matter the style of tools such as being made lacks yeah all concerns think diet compilers to the would change has cross-compiler support ceased matching it's the 1 . 6 so we could eventually do dates for other target platforms besides we never use it all the target platform else then x 86 in production but we tried there was also the support to no less gas which was a really cool feature for us we use and it's a lot of situations when we needed to be a gold from and other mentioned through MFS we eventually dropped and using it so far too many delays due to solve all can a panic situation is it was causing and we never made a proper research discovered the root cause I'm sorry community we could also come on Beckham's source for and that of others to suggest more languages like these to cold or to share our by right and wrong of course the canonical environments therefore 4 in its developers the and the max but the developers is also available lots of data analysis and scientific software packages we could eventually need and use just out of the box such as the by buying and give you are some other things open source but the 2 version we were working back in that time actually versions 3 and 4 was working pretty well for most situations but sometimes my reviews were adjusted broken 4 as it was not actually a problem we fix it and DVD back to Trolltech the former to get out already if you dies remember there was no open governance so we just need to give it back to them to w t we too were an important factor for O C CID provides a lot of ready-to-use really gets collection for scientific applications and it was all working just after just out of the box besides here we were beginning it by ourselves to school by by ourselves and not using the ordinary 2nd source alone Due to version of the show OK so all development server for that caps there was no secret just ordinary terrible that this view was the natural choice for us our internal services we could count on it to perfectly address always of a growing software development team as in all obviously system there also have to be available give last NFS services are all actively available or at a minimal before to get the major cities and SQL database and and patches and it is also easy to administrate I really enjoy and giant there was are abused storage stack as well and that was something that we reading and need back of that time not for a production system but for storing our the big testing datasets all of this but in the we never benchmark of all the options available we just started to put that this is uh 130 could so uh that's the only reason so that was utilized as a matter of time I was a much more inclined true for and known strong technical reasons and we are just trying to use that as the as far as know as far as possible in a number of whatever the we couldn't uh but we are sure that guess it could handle most of our needs back in time and it it it was also we in the time when there was the McNeil elected from that from previously called out of 5 . old release situation so not not nothing much stronger than that I think so here in our developments server the practice or structurally shows its face again we're now we're in understanding the network services it could provide is doing the devil development server as I told you before sometimes we just needed to use always development server for according and that the of when our workstation was booted in another West so at some point at some point we just figuring out that it would be nice if we could turn to server in chalk of collection server so each developer could just set out his army status and diamond work without making any harm to the prediction server the the 2 the 2 other developers workspace see something we wasn't the need to use the whole operating system sometime do a lot of custom work so do was lost especially important when we were going to but a prediction but and our workstation system was not the same version of the production
environment so it was it would be really welcome to
have such a situation
just bootstrapped the version of the traditionally was that was deployed in production a to maintain our server resources could not scale to the actors the riddle mentions soul this lashing home workspace was not the most sometimes we have to customize and deal with different versions of our tool that was system-wide of stock well later we learn that you use the no-preview legend beauty of package source in our own home but it's OK uh back in that is the 2 . 1 there was no like features in that is the sole I'm not sure if it's already available it is a and there's anyone knows jails yes perfect so we found a way to have a similar functionality for our needs through multiple gender route environments it was just for development proposal gain nothing going to the Internet being in a globally available server so it was just enough for us it is it's developer has its own fool West workspace when developing for all our server that gave us a lot of freedom and flexibility to modify but users based operating systems components as we need to solve I'd like to show you the core part of our script was a really seen PostScript a very simple mechanism to provide to providing fresh electrophilicity chain root environments it was a set of scripts In this greedy you can see that how simple it couldn't have for a this was just a matter of OK just populate some random directory and do a change route to their make sure that all devices and there and there are some other configurations script OK is based on it to a single it was because there was the demise of all something that just abusively could do for us and I think now I have a better answer for you my body so previously the forest was we were back in that time getting a lot of difficult to figure out how to perform the same things we were dealing with mechanistic with previously the the sub-procedure off electricity is quite straightforward back in time and comparing that corrections so we just found out much of much more easier to do reading that this didn't previously but it does means that it is more difficult in the just the technical compressing it means that we had more difficult to deal with previously maybe to do was powerful of later Tuesday's receded vibrant thing things and just figuring out a couple of we did something much simpler the back some years back so OK OK simulation most of our simulation tools we built by our ourselves typical simulation topology was just assimilation matching and target matching connected through the cross over at the that cable our simulation of overstimulation helped in a safe environment that approach we we found out to better work to others he's running a simulator of the similarity machine we have simulation producer and walls most of the time and accuracy the the lack of sometimes connected to other equipment like assigning generator it good simulates data from several sources like a civil and the universal clock source In a receptor Sino in it it sends that the data which black sit through the proxy applications through TCP so it was away we found out using weights most of the other systems and the large stand out in order components of the reader without have tool to have his views for you have an idea or a softer gets ready most of the time during the whole project maybe 3 or even 4 years before and whole hybrid thing get ready so we could not wait for it but we also develop in a proxy which you want a thin softer hotter running on the target matching that reads the data from TCP and rights to was a local device files the 3rd and 4th penalties device file in expose data as it was a device really connected to for a system we use of simulation device drivers that was a version for Linux and mechanistic out really simple sort device drivers we just received data from the user space proxy and just the multiplex it's true Vouros of device files and the least we simulated the presence of harder and the machine and do almost no modification to the softer being being passed the big asian just open it up the device perform I O Controls uh we just that but the petition can still write and read it in real data from the device and it's going to work as a real system so the so this this this this is a situation when we had some of the projects when we were developing something that has a lot of of complement and we could not out on this components to develop our softer maybe we would like to make some automated tasks and it will always would not be a code to just do it with the real had we just developed in this approach simulation equipment could also be used as a tool for it be acquisition from real say so we also develop into something like recorded and we could bring our laptops in some of the rain the part of the of the system that was already that was ready and then capture all this data and recorded for using it's in the future for
testing proposed I matter of being dosed fit perfectly 1st because we need a stable Iraq used operating system to run our simulation tools sometimes we need to run tests for days and trust the results so it's a reported to be a robust operating system and secondly we did there there as low lattices as possible those we minimize the simulation of factors that could influence the test result and that's something that we could verify that this we can deliver Due to its clean design but I'm sure most of other years could do the same so OK electricity technologies seems just great the lady was helping a lot there were still some that's too few by the way and we were in that it is often how because we're just century people and we're not with the senior level understanding of everything to do with what you were trying to do so we need to polish or processes as an engineering practice team we were a blank paper and there were some experience here and that will we used to hear that something really compatible with or a needs analysis so wideband take an an open source project as reference 1st they are doing something not just speaking about something we could learn by doing it something really we really took in consideration comparing actual may to ordinary training schools or something like this we where and very horizontal team as as well as most just produce there is a minimal hierarchy as well as pointed by the that human you in the paper and maintenance before whole that whole previous projects processes help companies beauty-products there's a lot of product management is that you knew the but yeah there's a lot of brother management and project management knowledge freely available around the is the broad it's not just the technologist but also related to a good way to manage a project our reasoning loss is that it can work and people spread out all around the world it can work for us as well perfectly so how to handle simultaneous affords in overlapped-speech 2 but again we extracted a lot of learning about the business processes and this time it was not just that is the books we do whatever it was good for us from a lot of open source products out there but but our main there 1 them was the biggest project so let's name a few things we had a really is engineering of really is engineers sorry source repository manager of the communication manager of meters of lots of products or even an entire project everyone in the team should have perhaps and everybody should the user had some that lost even an interesting way to train new and then they got ours style in the that we would not occur managed and that's exactly what and the Freebase the maintenance of the working with perhaps in the communication level we just sat mainly used for each part of the process as you do in the VOC projects and we should be sure that everybody who knows who needs about a chance would be aware that to about that and we also set in our i i hours he said over the phone in channel we while we also we was also in need of a product roadmap to visualize projections of the product evolution in time that's but we also had that's the reason we also had a lot of our own product roadmaps inspired by the prudent only we adopted on the same branch model as most of these do the name of various between with product but they are essentially the same we discarded the in between states from free the for example but the whole idea but is that make a branch had every reason to that as much as stable as possible but we define the did something it also think that we define it as you have we but applied cool view for every single commit bullets as far as some feature walls with to considerate known a fair amount of code review should be should have been known so we just submitted our attached to a random review and waits for an OK we also adopted the open the acidic message standard there and OK before each in name well but management where taken seriously every single word should have an which should take care of the birds from the analysis to deployment we also every use should follow a checklist and should generates the correct assets in the correct place it it should be done by the reuse engineering of in charge of that perhaps we essentially built much of what you're describing all the 1st jet they're off his design and implementation of previously of course it didn't happen at overnight but at some point we were just at cruising speed I dedicated of his life for the key way but I I I I think I have to to move forward i would like just to mention the following we just add up and the correct and his idea of the BSD project so that means it's not the 1 and it's right the schools that something really hard for putting practices in average Levantine so that's the reason I think this stock so important to the research community even with no but just really marked batch and this presentation but I do I have to say a big thank you for you guys for doing what you
we will not the everybody but no and noticed that people was that the but we were just an average people team trying to do the right thing to do and it was in of being part due to the fact that you guys do what needs to be done so thank you again it's not the finish yet but just to have a picture of team from left to right there is machine but if that is the better picture of I got yeah so let's talk about OK I'll try to do my best FIL if the maybe should off distracted system lost to assure the communication between the rocket payload and a lot that I think of before it operates in SVM telecommunications people most of can receives between 2 trade tool 100 megahertz and 23 100 megahertz than no walls there are 4 . 5 meters and Tina and it operates in foreign molds demand 1 window operator takes control using a joystick there is a funny thing we just rolled a softer for the just because the walls and no Jessica metal and and after we we we put a real drastic than the mean activity designate when the radius control influence on outside assistance for example and other reader with better sign on at the Emptiness is pointed the truck reprimand program and position on which propositions that the way the position of the positioning bold works in automatic mode that the most amusing mold when the system operates for itself articles and loop from the control theory and the receiver to existing the best new coordinates to survival and typically not there is no initial just reception it OK it's also equipped with the fixed target equipment which can be used for calibration propose it has to human-machine interface 1 for a local operations back on the of the meeting I actually do anyone for for a multiple abrasion on the another beauty as you can imagine such a system has at least the following companies so I mentioned when interface for operation 1 3 receive are fearful for moving the emptiness and some other interface with the launching center systems such as the universal clock source and control as you can imagine everything that happens in a really really synchronizing away in analgesic soul i I of course I can't show you the detail in specification of the system so I'm just going to the park can say so where does metallicity In this narrow 1st the platform OS chosen to be used in the human mesh interface there that should be something else sorry OK just year before and during that we we use an anatomist as the platform for the human machine interface it was just a simple stroke we which ruled interface with the rest of the system through the internet and report also as the platform the bottom line to call here as obvious each only it was an embedded platform built from scratch by the company originally designed to be an alternative expectorant like we also tried on but in the end we will just end up with the x 86 per cent OK so a bit more about this speech I think yeah we can we can never its government was acting like a switch between other components and outside interface and keep the system in sync with the external clock source just which was acting which like a hard real-time thing because the the poles and the poles and blue depends rely a lot on because the we're not in the standard technology We he could not control so we were not able to do something like your max so we needed obviously the license as preferences the preference was for abused abused license life always this twofold the almost hard real thing being we did our best victims of getting the lowest latter as possible we drop data to get into the kernel we manage we manage all complements to use 1 of those devices through better accuracy reports so it was on what has to write device drivers for disk produce uh just complement just for the bittersweet soldiers was based on electricity out box running our proprietary software for data communication between the components of the the core features for Disney this ritual the IIR and say that achieving made of soul uh no 1st and nobody was no privatization combining data from which to source with the reverse of what got data and sends receives data from the other basic this is of and about the or at you wouldn't mentioned you face it was the same softer for the local and the will to 1 it was much like a scatter system it is main mission is to provide a feedback from system to user and stands comments from user to the system as well we split enough that can front-end model the back end was doing the low-level like over there all also hard low-level but there was the demultiplexing and data thing and then the the back also just dispatch order processes for recording data whenever we it sees what most of of the time the human machine interface consuming data stream from the rest of the system and the interface between the back in the front-end has been designed for our publishing subscribing model the front-end cooled just subscribe to a channel for each component of the the radio and the baby's you just keep coming is that it has been written in C and the 4 different and quietly and it has been written in C + + qT include the blue there was not much chance here but there where some important procedure . procedure we it's critical for human decision making operations and also the virtual joystick and just mentioned URI have so what
we so we can have an idea that there is not in the so popular have to work really fast we were receiving data in and a a hidden on forming Creek fast so it was working for the you know that this the with almost no for for appeal OK that we just beautiful strips on top of beauty that this stage In order to back the next this is a beauty system and those used our honest always groups and here follows this group to you that I would like also to mention that thanks to keep but we could rely enough even to even at factor and and we and the use of trans produced in toward it is a really can this is a really common approach to use which will track student you handled due west of but we just want to avoid it so here here follows our Patch Tool that not that good something we reviewed around to be sure it will generate uninstall is a file with minimal human interaction we just had a control and J. you environment then we put our our assets he cited there and then they just call make use of the major with our because the parameters we also the right before that's actually right before calling used to start we also find out found out it was really easy to go back to the lecture if the the cell system to replace it with our our this system so our beauty system was just as a simple shows and this is the whole technology should do this I think it is a really he is not a core part of our scripture stars and so it's just alternates everything that we should do mentally ill ordinary mechanism installation so some final words I mention and that was that was so but like I could not go for days the project we could widest 6 them using that as danger to the fact that we were using analogical to digital conversion ward it too was a PCI Express a gas we tried to write an edge this device driver for it and besides the emotional machine-independent framework was great we just failing to reach the frequency requirements in a fair amount of time and we just drop it and use units right from the but we still use the match with the 1st simulation best in this world of the like to see more of this but again uh optical tracking system that it it it was a product that we just started using that you miss the force of research would I get out of the company before it it gets real long so it is it was just it just acquired in 2002 out and here
is a picture of the the hair OK so there are 2 cameras and infrared camera and a laser formed the the telling me 3 so I guess
machinery space of I like my forwards all that does just great because of the coherence the self contained and these each 1 of 5 and of course a lot of other features such as the Clean design the organization of the community it's just fast and it is also an open knowledge base knowledge database for expect to reference design patterns which in my own opinion is that the real source the real and the route repository for design patterns are Unix and in implementation reference as well and there are a lot of other project-management maybe subtree ingenuity issues we can handle taking a look at the obviously so we just Fisher I I don't think we have time for questions but but know maybe if there room there is some question OK and you can finish thank you very much


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