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Mozilla on OpenBSD
When the lizard meets puffy
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Maintaining the port of Firefox to OpenBSD is an interesting challenge, since the web & its related technologies are evolving faster and faster, and third-party OS are struggling more and more to keep up the pace with a fast-moving target such as Mozilla. I'll explain how i got caught into this by accident in the beginning of 2010, what are the key things to know about Mozilla development when coming from another big OSS project, how to properly cooperate with upstream, and how i managed to wrap up a workflow that eases the port updates at each new Mozilla release. Firefox (and thunderbird !) have been ported to OpenBSD around 2004, and since then there's been a constant work to keep them working fine, and up-to-date. Especially since the switch to a fast release schedule, you need to track very closely what happens upstream to ensure nothing breaks on third party operating systems at each new release, since Mozilla only considers Windows, Linux and MacOSX as tier-1 platforms. More and more code (often depending on os-specific code) is dumped into mozilla's source tree, and you also need to make sure that code also work on your os, or then has to be made optional. You also need to take special care to push back your fixes upstream for two reasons : making maintainance a breeze over time, and letting upstream know that you exist and that there are quite some users on other platforms. The developments in the next web APIs are making it crucial to have a fully functional browser on your favorite OS, so we'll also see what's needed for that.
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it is a case of so let's go this ball will be lot of running and was in our own movement is mostly the bottom part so
as you can see and rosalind really is my 1st name and raise my last name is linked to from the consequences communion with the airplanes if we also is it a beta but when you look at the whole thing that you world not tributed right the audiences soul first
one I II the bond is a durable seems to follow them and said I got involved but because I was interested in using up and is the thing for modeling the background before I got my commute between doing the exist seaports like here when it was 64 for I also maintained with kids since the quality of women 1980 and I got a dragon to maintaining Firefox and from the water and all the gonads in 2010
so we have to background on open is itself as most of you know
it but again going to be a yeah we so use the years and then use it like that is all that we have enough to Haiti we have 6 months 3 is still and 1 year support which is nice because we don't have to support things for years and years and years confirmed to for example previous even as some problems with that it's we are mainly driven by evolution preparation so we don't have to change die in the trees it's more mostly small changes in D minor improvements sombreros but it's still nice point by point and every 6 months that means that we have more it's for for 5 months to build up the representational and 1 month to 2 months so that isn't cycle which is we when we do mostly tests and make sure that and there was no relation compared to the previous years we have quite strong chief was the generative 3 so that means we have an old this and so far I no plans are made to change it so it means we have just before the to we means we have been reduced to a serve 15 which is really old so in the future but in the future it will lead to some problems because more and more Protestant Freemasons respond to change we have 2 strong models which are shut up and act usually it down but many discussions mostly you do stuff and afterwards show it to you and we eat all on the food which means that most developers run up and here's the on the uh left of which is something that not only is is the from where so and the irony is you know this man who chance to sponsor just works fine we have k innocent so if it's perfect on that side here know it's so it's an error if we take the state I 386 we all around 120 the growth and from that group we have 52 40 at the the port of which means so we have a frozen ports around and quite a lot of points for such a small group of reporters and we'll of source regular hackathons are on the role mostly 1 general had on year and 2 to free small mostly focused on Pawtucket atoms network differences can I so yeah running up and is is a desktop or laptop with just works mostly you have to monitor and because it's simpler they it is that we have binary but it is since the beginning we have binary packages of red since 2005 and let's see finally previously and that is the backup shortstop heading towards adding binary packages finally we have pretty recent so this stuff so each of the 4 of 10 so and maintaining it so it's quite easy and and the support of exchange of so it's easy to get it working fine you see we have freedom states not working and it's quite a and use that because it stops relying on mostly on lots of Linux specifics of command systems use the and but that then of course we also of KB for that 10 of since a little bit of time and it's still not being built by default testing between start with the fruit of 5 4 years and someone finally came in the and that's an incredible amount of work I can't even imagine doing that so we have pretty mainstream that stuff heavy stuff like pronouns people course and play a of of games so you can use it as an intermediate stations with problems yeah we have suspend and resume review our own ACT conditions contrary to the others those who were most important Intel's stack some crazy across made their own from the states and it works just fine but recently we say 2 or 3 years we have of our the year and then and HA 2 sets we have K and this condensins maybe 2 months or 3 months what just out of the box to we have benefits which are can seems to raise is that it's really also because it brings lots of stuff from us and performance and make huge improvements contrary to all the users and you friends we have we don't have you'd ever sold for lots of being this stuff it's quite annoying because you don't have a fat from some changes the when you when you plug you as you know what amounts which is free and but it failed to find manager but some some someone mainly we stop talking on that we have lots of ideas and that's a change ladies you there and there's something is will you need to focus on it and only on it for a long time so we so yeah I'm going to spend a lot of time was itself the project to give it a background was the possibility that you can use so
was a lie loosening the total CMOS alignments Firehose because it's not only free of books mostly mostly people know what offered so that there are still decode the engine itself which is which has observer and the reason behind it which is used by some desktop so if you have found which is still working I have to to admit it as being the bits have been done by at most a lack of prevention knowing only benefits in in this model because it have been softer people to develop to its development but it still works fine if you it was like the subway extension you can have 1 of the full fancy stuff like dead after all that you can share context and as without any problems just for finding genes work and therefore you have the monkey which is the following of the venerable was illustrated which bundles the growth and nature and you have the standard which is the of this entertainment the chip plotted to be associated having looked at it and make the will someday it's of mostly intimate minnesinger armies on the remote to your Firefox Sync which for which was bought for which means you can run your own for a function to server on your so you don't have to rely on the service provided by was definition issue of privacy concerns of course but actually it's might disappear in the future because of Mozilla plans to revamp the all the sinking so not only seeing the bookmarks impossible which which is done right now but it seems that be ProSMoS adaptive so which is modest and new identity on the web and in the future on the traffic signs shall we have right now my deceptive for something you almost in most of which I don't really know if it will be usually instead of a little on the set I I see that point and was it allows us a provide the infrastructure to host Adams for function mostly known to have way more items than from you soul some users relation at any accounts which would allow a brother for some reason and the was also so that the traditions 1 up 2 years the 2 do which is a huge project which is an open approach and operating system for smartphones and became a slide for that reason more details yeah
so efforts policy you you change in there was a lack of correlation Mozilla Foundation since 1 or 2 years this starting this project from which the radius to make a free operating system for smartphones whether whether it serves as a platform where every action is written in which unified interest rate on the lawn of that stuff is mostly the lighter skin and name going to press novel of sexual later of they used some ongoing leaves but but that that that much and the doubt . are right now doing lots of wave 88 shopping standardized in HTML 5 Future works to have access to all the old you'll you'll listen is that especially rate for all again of well you have on your for will be accessible to reduce the larger streets which shows assumes generative crazy and but it just into all point of the idea is compare to the underrated persistence is the same thing you can of stable weather but you can only go so install them on your desktop which means you can use Firefox as an application again and I can't imagine it's I don't see the point so far but you can see in developed for your phone and tested on the list of and it also the BIT contrary to iPhones and read smart phones that you don't have a single flows marketplace with someone validating applications you can post your petition anywhere on the web engine and the user the end users considered from anywhere which means anyone can run a marketplace which is quite a way more open than what happens with 100 or iPhones and those I think last month DECfonts which are the real performance starting shipping of to developers wants to make a prediction for profits was becomes didn't solve out in like 20 minutes and remove that was portal so apparently there will be demand for them but so far it's only a big site pudding with a change of the mosaic of pollution because there are a lots of people to only work on that path and something the districts admits that was that could be used because once and lots of stuff are being developed for Firefox OS and its distance and the profits Rosa itself so we had the
1st 3 is which as seen lots and lots of trolls because of the version numbers wire would only doing I'm changing promote nationalist actually makes a lot of sense commentary comparative contrary to the all the reasons it took ages to reduce Firefox for I think it doesn't to use it in Firefox 3 of 6 and for and since that every student has been put in place it will find you have really is every 6 weeks and every 6 which around shift to the next branch of therefore any moment which means you can use the wind is branch which which is what most people use let's say right now it's Firefox 21 we present today ago that in the red in the better inventory of Firefox 22 world without 1 2 and 3 of in the 6 weeks we of several of the Territories is if you're more advanced users want to try new things you can fight or branch which has really is is pushed to you to the use several negation think so and if you a hard core the local you can use other crunch which works just fine to sometimes the break so it'll be let's right now I can useful 1st 24 on my that it was just like a and the idea to shift every 6 weeks from 1 1 2 2 1 of the means that the future of going destined for 18 weeks before heating and end users from was as number of of all the users are using the branches and they have of I think that thousands of that besides the real of thousands of end users using the trunk and there something like 100 files and people using the average which means lots of people destined to be going before it means you know and use but that cost quite nice contrary to the producer can so
yeah the the performance which are officially supported by this definition our only to show 1 which is underrated on on the between the want to changes in user normally on on green line and I could 56 and 64 bytes of the idea you it was latest provides that it is but most Linux users just use the packages provided by the destroyed by like so what there's a lot of from being done to integrates the muzzle but it is unknown experts each distribution that its own customization like we do want to use these 2 but always exists supported on the above teachers tool and you will see on and windows is only sport he'll x 56 increase of just you have that big 386 1st its bills were dropped into an integral on when those because you and supported all no 1 was using them it was too complicated to maintain and that he didn't bring that much improvements to users so after that show architecture structure to ensure that must be the oldest fossils some people used to run the museum always to win a all the all you have crazy people we're making things like that for folks of universal laws of fought by people who want to run may correspond what is hardware which have been for fulfilled Firefox due and optimized for Nyquist than for on book is the class you guys but it's crazy it's for people who want Firefox on Nyquist 9 so this 2 of all for that and this to manage to ruin version of graphics on these you know I used to be the direction of reference for US each run on a pool the way to go but I think they're called which was in the trunk whereas in drops that's version that's run on the US and I was the reproduction of and after that you have the B is the sole well not that bad and go to some old so it yet again
there was another community and the project itself compared to move of the is the system it's much more bigger you have thousands of variables and translators mostly I think further developments will have anyone because they are employed by the was knowledge there is a lack of relations but most of the users of doing that doing it on the spot I'm of heavy contributors and but it like to be as these things but you don't only at you have all the things which are around the best most parts mostly run by the cooperation of the QA to support web forums for people any questions and issues you have of people only working on the tree at which they just ask you and ITU world the people running over that that sentence which also quite Susan fresh at your if you're interested in that side of the Muslim knowledge as a specific it is on that the agency makes crazy posted on web data needed to also be enforced attraction them to toward freer doesn't doesn't do well now it's quite big compared to the size of the project itself you have lots of side projects like with fall on in the was states species which are started to be you can have them from this definition will running on start up and they provide feces different lots of space and the play opened up on the energies the thoughts of you have with nature which is greatly project the training to bring more people into Freud pointing in producing more content for the web which is making tools to make it easier to create again on the web which is to reach that with that and now mostly targeting of young people were are while only users of the Internet and should become producers but there was a compilation is I read lots of people so if someone is interested knowledge of jobs on that page of lots of people can be higher than than what mostly it's not I think that they have offices in Toronto London Paris but let's and that's of people are being added than just walking with just and I in 1 or 2 yearly meetings when they met in person so we had comedian instrumentation side most of the things who few who IOC when we have several channels of the repulsive and the main 1 well I think you have a stake you group of 300 the people lots of in of interesting information on the planet so it's quite high volume sometimes you have to 300 and information which is way but it's quite technical of most of the conditions which she is of being done in your is also it's done via groups which all no more is accessible only in rules which is in this forum from your side of the University of
so although the tools which are being used to handle and was so 1 of the 1st things
I realized when I started working on that was it is naturally of all year 1 another 1 of our national persistently actually it's not bad but it was written by former so because of that it's a bit slow but it does the interesting features like the cues which our could be compared to the branches of new right out of the box of the way to deal with the action which is very interesting you can work on several features in the region don't have to to handle it if all around and they have multiple trees or anything just about everything in this unit you can the patches but there's lots of branches so I told you about the formant branches and nodes since 2 years the other important branch which is an enduring integration branch most people long they're going to here and it's I they'd gets mapped to the central runs as long as the beauty is still OK but and it's just that this Constitution duration of course and there are lots of so we have the Sheriff at any time and they'll someone was watching the treaty making sure that the students after each permits which is more only following a web page showing the status of the all of failures without are known sold some of the breaking stuff is known and you just end up saying OK notice failure of and just going to stand on its and its with other comments the Adelson project proposes for quite the year site projects for example I am monkey was the next generation GIS environment with 18 maybe don't remember earlier does a branch for the guild system to revamp its they are getting rate of the numeric dependency mostly the usual stuff will be based on some of the things in well engineered so things should be OK for anyone and the elements of the other side's projects like the action and the ranchers bitch was used to support the efforts to Windows 8 and the mutual interface and there is the unique branch where they're across walking on the user interface improvements on walking yeah the so yeah
it I which is the 1st thing you encounter when you start working with but he did everything goes through this so it means that if you have a problem and we talked about the issue of developer which is about was Mozilla of compilation in that you talked about distributed your account you we talked about the issue and the areas of you we talked about everything goes 1st I think right now they are a 800 2000 there was filled with is the oldest form of thinking this started using it in in 98 so that there's quite a huge history a 0 no coming without but number which sometimes can be deduced human for 1 minus you have to find a get attacked attach a batch has 4 review sometimes we straightforward you can get a review of a b i o C but everything has to be delivered via because you have so you have food history of all changes in the international trade and you have all the background in the you has been there is useful could review which is true inside but do you know where you can see that the bachelors which which changes comment on each chunk of budget which no that was quite nice can be compared to what some problem use with this the video the 2 that doesn't quite and the use of independence independence to change so let's dollops of metabolism is pointing to lots of extreme to into future when you know about broke your bill for example find body depending on the previous 1 so you won't get dressed is history between changes that which doesn't mind integration we as the methodology was even not sure only in your terminal and linear source tree you can export and import lectures from bugs which means you don't need to go to a brother attention patch you can just integrate it into it's quite nicely with with natural it's also integrates nicely with your main items which means you won't even need a browser to develop on the rules you can you general no reply to the males and have commenced the 2 big meals via regular army users so then that's quite all year and the but here provides the user and predict which means you have a view of all the bugs reported all the bad which are pending of all the things you're tracking so that's really provides all the things that only need to determine the projects and so far I have to admit that I'm quite fond of the exilic compared to of forged systems so we had a walk of
the main workflow to decode the comedians to was in a trunk so yes of course find you make a patch against foreign key cannot come like this and say OK I about fulfill extruded 6 whatever what fearful for so just passing through the from the trenches and shift what's you ask for reuse so that means you need to find the a model of of the area of could you all you walking on solar so at the beginning it's quite hard after a while you start knowing people who stopped knowing that 0 yeah this is used I need to ask that person this is graphic stuff I to assist that person and people are quite bad for help from that you is the find and we all know that you ask for a review of a country that we don't know some comments to make sure you get sometimes rejected mostly with comments on how to improve your batch repeats until the review is done and splitting but I don't put the cheating the patch in that case but the but the repair was computer access will push it tree or a few of commit access you push it yourself at the time where the tree the tools for maintenance of non rigid draw and if the watch the trees is optional at some point when everyone was learning stuff directly was in central you had to check to check for yourself that you're much wasn't breaking any configuration of course you test your code on you only on your laptop you always but it still has to run on all the supported platforms and if you want to it's security factual trees doesn't breach the older platforms and you know that would be nice to your integration in the port for example you can ask thoughtful and gets but ported to all the other branches 0 yeah that that that it's
so so that's the direction along which is used by all the developers I the there GPL because it's used to be based on reading the books is rule and the web interface as been built on top of the book right now behind the the direction along the book he was the ability produce interesting system Newton title and the user quickly modified version the huge you from behind it and I think it's thousands of munitions and the 1 that's been agency on the left of all the chance that would've been pushed at once with the command for each onset and on the right you have all the configurations all the platforms of but you know I is the burger policies windows and dried and on the right which is really it's OK so as as long as the refuse green everyone's school you once once becomes people talking if you full of course so you can have a range of this which means of something as a new warning so there was a stop on those it means you know that it's a non rigid and no 1 would care about it just related to a number of soul and you can see that in the not on the tests for the bills that you switch its world which once the before tested on each push which means they need a huge huge bill from behind and sometimes they are quite behind sometimes stores only because they are marked in you much of the available to run all the tests which entities on each of so at the beginning of class then see it seems very strange in the end you get used to so we have tried
trades of new infrastructure which has been put in place so that so can this job patches before landing them it's quite cortical slides and below I only work on opened his mission Triton Michael different architectures but that 2 ways you can try your on patches on the infrastructure provided by was enough so as you can see on my you I have some pictures to what 1 would like to see that you need several different batches all of them all specific to tool find value and that if I put a chance sits on top of my head it was literally like tribe actually the oldest the older if you all of the all this means Bush what they have been made you push it to the infrastructure they ahead of them was lesson push my but on top of that and run all the tests on all have stitches and on the direction the on all the data and optimize and after the after a while you get e-mails saying OK your could broke morphine and inputs and that's the commencing yeah tried that could which is quite important for me and I have check it it doesn't break anything and it helps getting your could community the last 1 there yeah that's yeah did point just a try uses the same of a subset of missions and sometimes it's but it uses so many machines that so something you have to the trade Thompson too many patches but actually it's very very useful test of the pudding enhance into the tree and that's quite yeah so although web
tools that you have aged you've crossed review the the history of the repository of all the versions of Mozilla since it has been able to to Mercury 0 I think you still have a few years of the bones a you to hear the history from this year's data was in a switch to natural for Firefox force which can only be free of 4 years so you have an exam which is quite cold because you have all the code which is indexed so you can which is more grip on steroids and you have fatigue effects of could be you you are already in yourself all the functions all the difference growth for them which is really really useful when you need to to find the use of force certain single or something like that so coral which is quite a huge system them before assistant to gets pressures from the roses which which refer only works and support it gets from possible of course I political the later but there is the rise of all the pressures and the to correct crèches reactions and see when you pressures appears that consist of a immortal soul that the repository of items and at the end of the syllable networks which has all the conditional on to rates for published in the cold lots of documentation on different of the Committee's of sometimes of course like a new conditions and updating yeah so it's just to get a few websites so yeah how to get to community it's actually it's been quite simple for me of course you need to fight about it but I got pushed by some the process after with you that of year getting but she is to try and so the 1st time given the little 1 access which means you can only coming to the trial repository which was you can start by train your lectures on infrastructure in 1 motion which which we say OK that they're interesting with the greatest of everything what's true in this section so we get a new and that accounts on the infrastructure and you have to sign a commuter agreement of course but some great and it's quite simple contrary to the you a lot of commuters agreement which a wooden sign there was reconcile agreements on say something like you trust that you we put your code under the license which is on the which the was conveys is which is in yellow G P entity T and I don't know the last 1 on that side is OK and after a while you should keep making people we what welcome be to push but is when you predict chicken needed batch and in the head off but again and they will say you OK I we want to get rid of you just get a real axis and you find the right ask for label free access you need to vote shows from all the honest and in the end you can push on stuff by yourself and the I think he's been the 1 year now and it's been surprisingly usage all
yeah last last thing was the cube of the new system and they are the previous system was using the new mates and the shit of Makefiles skittled all along the tree that hitting the world setting the full blown by from the root system and the user interface will be data between the Mac which is quite well engineered it can be used to build staff to run tests to to to interact with an error on the the Gary Works move have really knows all too right to ProPublica system deployment to abstract the tools and the new system from the from the source based which means that the make their fire thing was the builder which would be would be transformed to make violence to world Jeep finance which is consistent used by chromium 2 would dump files that's getting a bit crazy that's it so steady proving Soriano interesting side of things of which is running with I so in this setting it's
not only the folks we have a legal the those enough also related soft processor running from the Sun which is good for growing demand is being depreciated upstream the among the main developer only Wilson lengthening the thing but extension right now but there was a difference to work so well and keeping it in the trees will fall so you folks monkeys extruded 6 which is still a lot of treatment effects should be and then of strings and 2 years right now we're taking it because it's the only way off what roles are running sports 54 so far and that he also runs on but we also have connects Finnic often accused of mobile Rosa which used which is right now the Fairford's against on your on which 1 would find it used to be the version built on top of of its Terence you can you it's more in the following of smaller footprint brother but it's been stuck at the 10th National of intellect knowledge also in mostly amending so we are a little bit of history of 2 slides on that but if you can do with it but I think the 1st version which was really working on the news if you listen 2003 but it was the most the day is it was worth it I 1 I wasn't there at that time so I can use of Finnish habit of history and it is this is not the area is there you go in there and you so I have been thinking the case and have seen that the nice from 2003 about which models the data should be defaults between the newly appearing contestants of Firefox and was you know the funny thing is I think that the same framework and at right now because people are Firefox itself is you your Eugene the people it's to the case so yeah over time different develop change in you see that's lots of people have been burned made it does yeah
soul I erase a monthly folks in 2010 when they're not just stop to maintain needs at that time it wasn't doing much moment in maintenance on that so I think the delivered the legwork of managing fair for through 6 to the value the ship was exports which was in another anecdote change and the biggest problem I when thought it was OK know it's time to what we're folks for as she they've worked on it for 3 months or so before I mean something that's really what and if you knew the details it was really stupid it was just a simple thing but it's working quite fine at that time so yeah state of things in
2001 I could to maintain that we had should show itself but she is really and there was no comments in in batches so you you don't know what a certain patch was the reason why he wasn't here which given the serious logs both things so it was the morning a nightmare the main thing was missing so I even look thinking lots of e-mails and got pretty much no reply so I was on my own which was which wasn't really nice for this but there where candidates stuff everywhere which treats all the parts of from the ground SeaMonkey Firefox with copies of the origin of ports and lots of different things changing on 1 port and not on the 1 so everything was there gene going in every directions and the at that time I changed your I needed lengthening in from the world so I started scratching my own each of the other we need to apophyllite containing or yeah it's using from developed to maybe I should try to fall from the tree and once you get to support 1 thing we realize that all you had that thing it's on it's horrible way we would have done that way and in the end they ended up making all again so all yes did that's
a small graphs to see if you you put experience which shows all the patches red in the tree in the values for folks we use is shipped with each of the museum is at the freed up 6 8 is it was really really crazy but all the time I managed to push most of the but of stream the 1 which results from of course and we have lots of of original customization patches which can make that much sense so most of them have been dropped and right now I think we only have really needed local solutions and some of them I need to get back on some but I think we shouldn't have that many budgets and I'd hoped all of course we have that way so we had to
abstract things between all the ports them with apples you have a nice framework which is named modules you can use the module in a and you will get all the common things which are in that module and former of maybe you change because we have 7 books using that module at that time as I said everything was co-chaired everywhere on computing the mean values of so many times accident on 1 way in 1 port and on the way and way on book the the convention that module of thinking that makes find each make finds lots something like 100 lines and referenced by 60 % made the modules sets most of the common things and quickly you see that most of them within hours of the same dependencies you use the same computer options and that used have a distinction between what's maintain and what's not maintained so knowing the module of stuff for the last versions of the monkey from the balanced and profits and also fearful fertility Sunday Sunderland user ontologies Morrison things you have lots of features for so we have India and maintaining the policy in my immediate to pizzeria because it makes things much simpler for me rather than sending in doing the here's the everywhere which because at that time now that this we quite huge and I wasn't able to track the 3 between the change the changes I was doing with each small world provements so yet so it's my unlawful and working so far quite nice and 3 years and I tried the civic this year somebody else in the history which uses data from popular artists who measured with years and they all something but at least you know if you were to remove the patch you know a few of you remove the patch and you know if you have CDs removed the batch which is quite useful when you were when you deal with fail and additions and removals ideas free branches so must the exactly which is what's what's in this year's report to retrieve the option 1 raises the branch which is used to support the last of stream stable releases knowledge and skills which on intensity of I think it was another 1 of the solutions to resist by a societal force security thing see his or her lots of familiar reality he sees and yet but the branch is the last of simply that which means that at any time agent tests and use the last bit of ah as a port with political destinations we have all course means that each branch you need to do this spot there and read them and you need to be mapped branches as soon as something change in 1 branch of tracking new you also yeah that's later I wanted to make a graph that's a circuit polarity and I didn't have time so I'll try to extend the of so have 1 of string reason they don't you just a bit ball in the middle branch when it gets really is all actually when you can use the candidate bills which are just the last step before and actually is you can what you were males that are branch of the ball to the really is branch you update the ports in the branch and when you want to you when you got enough feedback you want to connected to see as you may have to his branched to domestically coming to see after afterwards you may have messed up to the top and you can start cycle in the in the with branch of the ports initially chance given just need to keep checking out reduce branch of the big the to that notion of magic to muster commute to CDs and object to be so at any time what I have in any of given branch is in sync with CDs and I can produce a deal so yeah mostly what's what's done when you were a big 1 of the ports just change the version and used to dependency is you've got some needs of mostly an and and it's beyond make maximum friction and you work you version make but you make sure that all the patches to apply of you remove the ones which have been addressed in the stream you have that the you that the PDF check that the dependency of the OK and there's a candidate anything that has to be the but it's only for the reason that be the branches because lots of what is done of upstream bits of videos and all and using for that so I have to the definitions for that which are also doing all stuff which long quite old things the twenties and is 6 shows all he doesn't give in 2 hours and it's my name was available permission sold sometimes it can be painful but also use make meaning at home to test the poor the supports which has tried to get to kick in walking states that it builds in than I was but it still view of aII good natured by the I hope so I good donated an exam decides to replace that technically I need to post it somewhere but we don't for a number of workers to define without I think we don't run without the local news conferences from aging to be a nice challenge used to do what importing response 64 we had a share the 24 for that it was building 12 hours agents and of course this top selective so I try to test introduction home only emissions fall off course I would love to have the issue of where I would love to have other where with more harm to build stuff in and it has so far and been being the oldest on this of course because the video is fortified gigabytes and it doesn't fit in the actual memory and those missions go up there I have to try to give this last so yeah as I said the all those who follow this what happens in the beta and reuse branch and the portable but what I do is also running my own build what to test the trunk and program ranches but do what is that side it provides you with the actual of all the bills you have all the roads you can show the robust OK that commits broke my view at some point on that other way I'm trying to make a deal solely build each nite and you grant drench output issues of like age like the ones of Mozilla provides to end users so that means anyone want to try it out from version of Firefox on urban music and credits it's 1 of the density of the New World ah yes
you are there glittery provides the use for interactions so
a of course if you want to trade time available for more information than I tried to
make those packages as low as possible as that of stimulus I don't use specific to options as to be the most pristine as possible and it follows me to find regression windows I when I see the new book they only have 1 day of history to go back into N C 0 yeah that changing what that file brought me and I don't discover that thing when I hit the bit that branch of the is branch which means I fixed things in Central and I almost never fixed things into that our readers branch which means I don't need to i patches of query so on the communications
side relationship was extremely it's been really really nice and in honestly surprised right now all of this stock knowing we have you know when I say we all the years this because and mostly often I'm not speaking only for open because the there is no meaning as the yesterday morning and opened and this starts asking me to test some stuff when they know that it's being interested just changing the code and or yeah that you just it and and you should just because of so far we have only developed it on the supported platforms so yeah there's a feeling that like for that in know that you know which is ask for feedback on some changes of course the is of a new future we need to do the work was compilation doesn't I also want to welcome you to support so most of the time since of the 1st of so that's OK but there we re coming patches so most of the patches that are in the news is by control for free is the both trees should be made of steel it's and working closely with a this previously developed ways of string most of the patches in and it is going and also more so yet
relationship between the 2 years this you need to know what were working on the port of Firefox on those of hand but most of the time we are usually problem but on the on so that they can a step that's the end of the bachelor important is you also worked on in this is the most of the time into the border also things like that's all have shown all use the provides a national notion of functional on and the ones that is saying you media for example we are trained to fight for control so that was you know that tries to not rituals and when I say that it's only users of course of that relationship could be what so
yeah the maintenance of we've been having so far we a fire they are starting to use lots of new wait years which are supposed to be politics but in the end or only Linux 88 so it's mostly dealing with lots of you that's all around the idea as I said you don't usually we often have to add some that includes because most recently with the broke wisdom would be called what you have huge got drugs in the tree of Leslie there was I see you know which is the interrelation library but at some point as in the way that is the world you would just get and giants which are are quite often breaking the non tested and spotted that forms 1 of the problems I've had since Firefox 617 that's this is for the to work efficiently and supported by Mozilla so that means of course we still have a known the we need to use new work to so that means using justiciar strong from the ports but if it's been walking quite OK we had a regression window at some point where I 386 had to get back to you for the success of the 1st time was producing to the object size and our old and he wasn't able to the user and yet 1 of the big problems the linking needs of of the elderly often takes more into the base of the area and that's that and that most of the radio so I have so far was it has also always depending on the very latest right an assistant minister actions which means that for the trees you often have to update and assess and year before which means that you need to test it on the on the architecture of just started in this the obvious on 8 or 9 of architecture for support which we need to find out what may HEPA chain of we tried to do as much as possible with the system dependencies with varying the persistent differences but it's the Firefox source code and as copy of cable was a copy of peaks man as a copy of the Institute right as a copy of dozens of things and it's not so supported because of you often have local patches and you often have retained because all yeah your building with system and this is mostly in support of rendering usually don't have all the improvements we made to our own copy of Carol so that's also going to be a full of Poland and most of the new libraries challenging the tree event-related by default the best system let's say I see you on half because for for example so you need to to ask for it and you need to do the work to make the possibility of building with an outside of tree library
so the state after free years I think quite of today we are following each of summaries as soon as it really is the extended supports trees branches hasn't been considered so far which is mainly targets the targeted for the institutions of international its each 7 really is so right now it's a for 17 didn't want to consider it so far because it would be much more real-time form not that may not of interest because of the official releases are mostly stable all the time right now we are waiting waste patches than it used to be they are much more documented I know each much when weight which goods is linked to dispatch when it when it has been merged upstream prospects violence but in much more so days you to get back on this since I did not related to the and 1 of my biggest lies in the lack of feedback from the actual users because you only know that people are using Firefox when tend to be the you yeah like groups and it's mostly that brought like that so the report you know you know to fight approach of reports I did that and that and is the trust back is the node and so that's 1 of the useful and I have so far have been trained to the bridge all my wall of the uterus attributed read each new restrictions and sending it and sending them to the ports of the bond is reports meaning and I think at the trees since 2 years I think that's 1 191 revival to for result so right now I can only evading the dates and times and if the what's the 1st thing you should make for people and they are also what to do with all things since the are symbols of Firefox 3 . 6 of them unsupported upstream of I think I will get rid of them so on because there was no point in keeping them we see that yeah and
future work which will happen in the next years which is a quite exciting things from wedding and talent all my code is all that is so most you from the end of the so alpha danger which pays me but there was work and takes me all the spare time but it's quite interesting it's interesting coming from abuse you betting system it's interesting to see that the project and finish quickly so yet without the history of Firefox you along with strong understanding to work integrates the retention rate conditions inside the of switching the roles itself will be able to access webcam microphone and will be able to do real-time vision audio and video chats with our gradients without relying on from all the Gmail which actually english people of that of soils due to pure connections so you can have a chat diversity with someone and in the rows of and is in a big could drop of I think it landed in fearful of 17 and it's been enabled by default in front of Fairfax 21 following his which has been done less than that which I plan to improve the HTML 5 or you be doing it just rewriting enables since summaries is right now we can play you choose videos on Firefox on open is the out of the box and white OK if we really improving but I need to spend more time on this a string of it it has been really US strings so did it's improvements that we have where walking on intelligence it's time to find them to fix it and in the web here which provides all the graphic accelerations which allows you to play unreal tournament at energies feel in your world on your it's which is a crazy which was all the just picture of traditions which which of of I plot also to work on that in a tree and a feature a feature which is Firefox the Freeport people don't like because it's your browser is going back home people lots of lots of privacy concerns and that but it allows you to demonstrate our or yeah you don't only have planets and microwaves and the Windows users you also obviously users and the information has been anonymized so I still if you can still have to discuss that with the all the users but I'd like to related enabled by default since I'm trying to keep them as close consumers extreme so like to digits of before the and break but prefinal which is all the site which shall to which I used to different graphics itself break but it is the other thing which captures the crash and sends appropriate fashionable too much yeah so you got for interested in it but it's but that's the user as quite huge term tentacles in the system you need to get the transfer from the process you need to get the memory maps and that's stuff is very uncomfortable so fight walks ancillaries Linux and Windows and Mac OS of course and making a pot of to the users will be equipped they used the last which I had quite insane news from nothing is known from the test image to have was a trunk walking on spot 64 which I think you need creative stuff in the genius and invariant which was way to emerge broken for me to do anything and showed me a screenshot of Firefox of 20 free running on the spot 64 so I know I have to to review all the patches incentive stream did their marriage as soon as possible so that hopefully we can have also left over from Russian from walking spot 64 I and the was there is also planning a new rational for the from in the world and I like also to send the bill results from my own book to the extreme that also that they also know when they are operating the views on the so as
you can done and they they don't have time for questions but if you ask somebody to come and see me thanks for instance


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