Modern package management


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Modern package management
Building, deploying, installing, upgrading packages on FreeBSD
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Daroussin, Baptiste
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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State of the different way of managing binaries packages for FreeBSD from building to installing/upgrading your servers/jails This talk will provide an overview of how to do modern package management with FreeBSD. From building farms, QA Validation, hosting and deployemnt, new features of pkg(8) 1.1. New way of deploying FreeBSD: packaged base bootstrapped via pkg(8). New way of deploying/managing FreeBSD jails: packaged world, bootstrapped/installed via pkg(8)
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recommending I'm about to them so I'm appalled to the local Committee during free in these scenes for almost 3 and with than 3 years muscles commuter use and those from the mandible prof I couldn't do which is new uh bycatch system from fruitful for is the I have been given talk last year to expand the waters pocket and this year it's not finished what is beginning to replace Hindu respected Indian you can do modern pocket money once we start interacting
so 1st give an introduction on somebody if you need to know before starting building packaging using them and going them that's how you can create your own packages using these run your own repositories how you can display additional packages if it's for a system administration because you have a huge Madison there was reviewed everywhere and you want to reduce or your packages on the books is what is your our indoor and you want to publish just want to Austria Shelagh's package it would provide them to the user I explained you while those new features you have in the recent package in which will help you to devote your packaging then we have started working on the packaging base so that you can use packages you study 100 system grad this with so all the based systems then i'll finish with some overview of the main features we on the upcoming pocket 1 1 what we have done in what it's what what was new things and what we are we are already planning for the next versions and of the 1st the last sometimes and we show you some some of example of what we can do with I couldn't agendas and behind so 1st widely build the package instead of using the nearest can provided by this city is people may produce the people in a couple of months couple of weeks because you may need some specialized package with non default options people who are willing to and no remove exited everywhere are often support for special things you probably want to have some special as president of the default provided by the Poultry from somebody will begin to to keep the old version of the or you want to have a special version of might equal anything else not all of Europe Crystal packages I mean you have something which is all 3 maybe just because I think that all 3 or because it's code and you want packages provided the same way as you do with the rest of your packages so you probably want to have your own fault and build them and you want to manage your on stable branch of the post you have to buy and somewhere you have been all package is based on the specific revision of the ball you want to keep your packages and that probably you want lots of patches so you want to keep Neil Diamond what you had to build to build packages was trying to install a point you have system which you might other training at because it's really complex set up but it's really hard to be able to have some we have put world from playing packages that it has some design Berg leading to no treaty packages from time to time you may have wanted to test you know works well priorities it's slow I mean in is it 1 by 1 you don't want to wait for 2 days of the week to give to get your packages for assistance is rather complex to install not that much but still rather complex and they have the same reason logos . 2 hats so you might have the trying to build something we because that the can thing from the host but for fear previously 8 and going on it and you have some pockets failing because of and the and you could have written your role in your home it's creates a lot of people than that boloney's most of the time there public script doesn't get packages in agreeing on meaning that you can make some dependencies you would you you don't have to have a new packages a lot of time it's slow it's sequential building so 1 of the 1 on again long time before you get the packages and you need to make neurons and so you need to follow 1 the think are the pulses to make sure that your speed after compatible with the recent versions what we have no we revenue to
completely which means and its package building factories it's written to do some pockets testing the 2 be able to build there's some great insurance on them it can be very slick way more stricter than the books can be so we can get a lot of pages you have I want insist on testing and credentials when building the packages that if you were a maintain their of some ports or each Europol's committed you might be really interesting interesting package serial ports inside player you will however for resultant times because it restricts but it's also an operating system interesting to it takes doing some editing and sent them randomly that you end up having everything on your on your but system trust me to verify people for example have started using it and lot overall variance in the system and the improved a lot the scalability stability the performance by by just a single layer on the system because it was colonizing so much different at the same time in social systems so right full it but we can say you have some standard present so
however there works 1st it and everything in that between in the sandbox so when you're building a package there is only the thing that has been specified eyes dependency that are on the system what building allows cross-compilation so you can you on an energy 64 box you can build packages for up to the 2 bytes for any version of the previous d as long as your or your host has the greatest school so usually your horses the most recent from using version available a you can all the previous version of previously but we are working right now to includes the growth condition on on this nation based on states you work and we cannot be horrible to build almost half of the poultry from its to be slower than that it will improve soon so that in the next release of William is after you would have something that allow you to be the packages for automated environments it's massively parallel if you have about if you're trying to do the packages in about squeezed 24 caused by default interval between 24 packages at the same time you can use some tuning in that you can say 0 I just want to have pledged to a 12 James billing packages of 12 straight constraints per day you can go on to the new world that by default it's all the all the gory use of that you have deep integration with CFS which 1 of those but they have to be very fast is because we may still be used and the clothes snapshot throwback from the effect given to get back to editing room but we also now our ability to use linear without the effects so you can run it on your you as prices then it's it's lower because have to copy everything on site all you can use it in would you get this so if you have the box with large from the front you can do everything inside memory and it's very fast on the box we have right now available for for for book management where are able to build on appearance with with this invariance to warble Street in such a way it supports incremental builds that means it just bunch of what an apostrophe and you want to read that it will make sure that only those are abilities and only evidence them only you make sure that what depends a on both new ports are also reviewed so that you're sure that your references always consistent and it was working with all the pieces together he she wanted to maintain your excellent both read like you can have with the x although those known or you can have on you own system the agenda you spot check your batteries in Portugal support all of properly and so you can just set up a special 3 which would take the form is a culturally your all books on your on SCM and then merge them and you have got to where you can do boolean is a good package sports and soon after all that is for that is also able to would also going to package base so you would just have to say but am package babies for this version and you get a best packages which correspond to you can model this system and things so how the we have try to get something really simple all the because we used to have before the I found them to work complex to use and I wanna just something for for so how could there were to just say I will based on the head so I would create sense of the with a very nasty dashed name which the possible a attributes J. 3 and versions of head and I want to get the sources out of as yet it would take everything into that everything and it's good for you and they're ready to be package is based on the other hand if you want to test some she's so Europe you're customizing your bet system for your clients or your food is of a problem trying to do so modification based which he who perhaps have some impact on the boat Street you can specify that the the best you can just you your your patch it will build it would create a with the most recent had your patch applied on it and then you can do all the bolt on them so you can do your makes for a you can create out of you can cripple before really so it over to the right slide but if here you is that if not saying it would take that sets out of 4 or so you don't have to build this thing is going In the 2nd you have generated without having to be there I think if you just specify 4 in that case the way to be line don't want batteries and if and to be able to creates days for cross competition for the Performing 64 you just have to specify the architecture that 64 and then it would be the cross compilation prepare everything so that you have generated to be in the midst of the now you have all the judge ready to give it to the packages you need about 3 days although the condition of the package on the culture so you just create the port is you can if you had that the name of that have different paltry at the same time with different name and you can switch building from 1 repository to another and you can play with if you wanted to create a single package just specified on the command line on the book so you say I want to build on this day I want to be attitude and you will get if humans that actually was all dependencies being built from of course you can specify some customizations through make up calls against this framing the poem Vergiat communities and a if I use these data to support this is this thing called and you can use specialists say with the best the so in that case you can have you can still reuse the same same day but have some some special options just for this but they don't have to
maintain then jet then to inject that day invisible hand if you just how different missions and you know 1 gender differences and if you want to be the world poultry is versus those that the thing very but now that you have managed to get all your packages you get a repository if you are building them inside of exactly this Bob is built automatically by here this is basically creating a catalog of all in your pocket your clients can be aware of what is available on the proposed to proposal if you want to find the repository just specified under the command certificates and then it sinanthropus trees so the guy and can make sure that the package the 1 coming from the but please with this package 1 1 uh the we have activated the food merger research support so you can have 5 6 different progeria packets are coming and if you want to do a simple confrontation of the Repertory without having by hand to it every single package of called falsely a user these had this sign in your configuration they can just create a simple package which will have just the smaller 5 . com which is a young man which is expecting the but it which is if you were aware where I could find them the package any ideas automatically expanded on the system so it it can only get the packages to was right to the right version of it is to link the can specify your mirror applied the repository so we support to kind of mirroring which are executed basically package and it is in 1st thing to be requested gets a full list of different available nearest and if you try to get the package with the 1st 1 is there is no packet that it will fall back to the next 1 and so on or you can have merit type which is often basically just querying and the DNS records a records and get a list of uh host where packages should be available and it and the same goes for the first one that's on the phone to find the package yeah sure that you have in the package of course you have you can in 1 0 specified tourists at the proxy and then it's gone automatically them in the package what what what we're going to use that we have a Q which is of and you can specify a reimbursement viable that are used by any of the libraries we are using active then in this repressor configuration again had the passed to achieve so if you have this key in your package with this fight can the use of many different to have it unintelligible and above all visible requested by default want to get this of this into a package you can just they were users do package this past year get my competition for my repository and your system is automatically configured to use the repository 1 so what I ask the user go to my company the resistance James Figgsy 5 and and the system is now able to get packages from what brought across reported to be able to deploy the package which apart http at the s FTP all of this comes from the that have nothing in it in package 1 1 we had in that it is it supports a lot of people were complaining on back 1 saying that 0 it's cool have my package either my repository but I have to maintain a web server are somewhere to so you don't have to do that anymore you can't just share your some keys between the host and say you have this effect something in New York in the back of your pocket sites it would the right the missing needed is duty on the the hosting server unit packaging college and what it 1 1 version FIL these basically what I do I did is adding to new supplement to go there so it's support for anyone who just say I want to have a package based on let us as in revision on head then you can specify a script directory group use of the where there is some yellow so basically you have on your mobile the goal of the script of base that's created except it's if you want to do some spatial planning and also installation was of bring all the inspiration everything when you're sitting up your and the final point if you want to had it on my set something because I know exactly how old the difference that would be after inspiration so all edges which leaves in 2 of the cost of great if they're in office and that's created with this site you can create it out of there and if you do that it's you just had a lot of snapshots of are relevant and of reviews the of the cerebrum and then creates the packages out of most natural to you have to be I only go only tested with head and stable but it to work the same way a reasons with a different reasons branches so the good thing with this is in view of the resistance of I haven't been so far into splitting base because of the way to go into the back said about that all I want is to be have to show that yes we can see that this packaging people are willing to go in that direction all you wanted to use this we can do this it's very easy interested in more packages than this if you want for example sure and simplest process being used uh on your system you can have a package which is suppressed and it will replace the philosophers 1st on the system you can imagine there is no single in case if you're enabling all the head unstable how that don't have any version of what I do is I the major events and then had debates where the actual I what amenable to do so
fall by packaging babies before that when you had to a grade from 8 3 2 9 1 it used be the data it was really really really really slow don't it works fits very well and so he had to 1st system reboot installed all the new world a reader packages and because you're changing the ABI a static version of package and don't use the normal version of a good measure of say OK all my packages that have homocysteine please reinstall them from the latest available on the remote requested and because the API is older the extended by ascetic will detect that those who need anymore to that's packages from the able to report to but take the 1 from the Knight of the mind of 1 repository automatic and have to modify the set up for that it's but automatic what's have been already about to do what you could do also really next version of the news we can just do I could install must have when you do that if you knew that if its already you force restoration or grades of those facts present it to do I thought world of baseball that we will 1st introduce those 2 words if you want to be really can you should 1st new clonal reboot then well but most of them you can do this to once but not the packages that come with them because otherwise all discrete from the packages almost played on you you will regret packages based on the ABI you before having a great so 1st of Great Basin world then recruits and you can just a British at the same this what we do is currently we don't do anything so why do this on my scripts I just removed from uh on that many possibly screen when it was creating the script here I just know exactly I have a couple of flights that are not your official 1 so I removed them from the sets and a half in the bottom grave something the best in this 1 just I create a vicious and just don't and that it is not a greater so I don't I don't mind manually corrected that this weird thing is embedded and you would have a mechanism to the market a special file be as being a configuration file public when I could this I was only thinking about packages which have only 1 probably to contribution 5 what age try to use with based and the please flesh ETC being the putting Mr. there were spies everywhere had to go through each 1 of the that difference it was really really not a good idea there were handed so I'm a reworking it it would be 1 2 and basically what do you want to use should fight is marked as configuration file them before granting I'll take defined as modified since the latter previous inspiration this as I keep the Old World I creates the package you want don't to this 1 but if I'm in bone to automatically merged I will merge them automatically not by default but you know you will have an option in package of course they try to the merger you can so the lowest undergraduate gradually and that was just a couple of fonts respected news so it would be for each all marriage must then destructive the old emerge most of the time it will be trusted for so OK so what I'm with but but 1 once is very important for us we have satellite a lot about the foundations of what for everything from the web usability activated by default for the trip was just appalled that you don't have any more single represents about everything is to represent rebate for the we have added something which is an increment out of date because so far what we need to study the package of data given that escaped from the different repertory is take the full needed we then so you have when you have 24 tell packages have you thought about that the 2 years from the dollar so now what we do is we 1st fetch a small legacy and the Vegas we have a look at that the majority have a system and if the distance between what is it remedy and what is local is small then just that the between and me but we're operated we're bend your installation if that if you'd spend which of the rule 1 and when we really is what always say that the library again with unstable because there we were positioned at a lot of people coming and say all white went through that way when you do this that when you consider myself has a strong C developers was expecting other people to come and say here is the right way to do a library we didn't have anyone saying the such as things 1 but still we have simplified the API lots so now likened to almost 7 with 1 1 it would be respectable 7 with 1 2 but you can start using it in your own project is on the 1 year use differences with the next version the erasable with 1 2 which means that we will break in ABI and API until 2 0 we have them from massive performance improvements every single place where we have a lot of loops everywhere now we can use we use has to go to Chop off which which are very faster than when we used to have we have added a couple of new governments of people were willing to I want to look at every single chemists and the fact that essentially consistent so I read my wall system at all but for this particular
package I want to fostered to keep to to stay in the old version so now you can just package look the package and the package 1 degrading anymore and certainly will or surely wanted to be a good 1st need to look at the other vendors have been looking to package recently and asking to us I wan based in the pocket of all this information package that we have to trust the user have called every single new information and package all provide them some free-form adaptation so now you can just add you all old this allows things incompatible with academic that packages that will give you a kick the list of key values so you can say that built from this server or all you can say this is copyrights of this company I don't know what the what you you want to add to this but she was given to have all the information you need and it would be but into the package that you will get so I already told about this is for the goal then we now have a neupogen difference so the bringing difference has public API so you don't have to build the bigger inside the brackets you know you just have to include desperate against that age and link to the library will provide a package called the things so that it is very easy to write points way we did that is a lot of people won't features it we don't for free the but we want them to be able to have that we want to keep package and you see the most simple we can because we want to be able to review it all the time to be able to understand everything single part of the code it started but we also want people to have that their own comments we also want to have to go to to had those hooks inside uh instrumentation inspiration of the the grade of all everything they so we haven't done a 1st simple API after I think it's really cute out of that patent attended anymore that Watson does EPA basically you have to initialize the beginning of when it's like the beginning you just specify that I would need that kind of conf regression so I want a value then this I want and we and this and that you don't have to do the passing of the competition 5 its automatic so you would have 5 regions consistent with package of called it could be a young and find you don't have to do all the passing of taking if the value that they're not to just say this initialization here is my list of regression and need and you get them so that are you just have to it's very easy we have to kind of plants you can add new commands it's another thing with the newcomer if you do package was nothing you have a list of common and all communications are in the show rather use miracle you know it's been the same than when happens to be reopened just requirements then you have the hooks that hoax can can be it can be done in almost all places of was instrumentation of the grade inspiration in his but this time I'm stalling of reading a package I look at this time of stopping about the following a pocket and this is it's time someone assertion of something a reduced before this afterwards we are we will be proposing to different example for this the 1 which is a newcomer which is like if big package begins there would basically you have 2 packets served this of the past you do repository and if made a word server on it so you can just use while it's not useful anymore now that we have to search but from 1 and 1 and then applying in that I see a lot of people are working for which I kids that because we know that the effects but it's that there's 1st he's expecting local progression which is the least of the difference I think that want to statuettes before every single package manipulation and you have a bottle on it and from the work you can have a saying at 1 of the things that should be in this state so instead you would do package agreed to conceptual 1st assistant so if something is wrong in my that it gives us from that you can imagine all kind of begins I know that some people are already work working all the what I heard was a package deal it's Subcommittee which will basically be bought master merge inside of packages the and there was but I can't tree which just good old stole uh packages has 3 so that can react western comes from and where they're going to the worst there was a company which forests adding some begins to to be able to activate on the other hand some active passive versions of some packages tho true a special Vicon they want to work doing back activities version package here this so addition use when you use packets at neurological so the following to the next version 1 of the other thing we have package 1 is now all the options are offered the if you package that being you have the least you have version of previously packaging if you do packetization TV you have the list of options you have and what is but their current set up and if you add a new the then you have a small description of what each I option is so normally would try to get there package up confiance today but if somebody with something that I have it anyway can you that after there that is really the hundreds of repositories which are activated for you I so
from exertion of pocket and you were planning something so cruel they will have the 2 Summer of Code project that's really is the 1 which we have enforced through because this 1 which she's but by the brightness of regularization there's a lot of the of the universities laboratories which are doing research is based on on rows and collecting right buttons and saying all I want to there's all by you the reason I want to some student working on SAT solving I want to this on packages so it's nice little to break the workings of so what we know use providing a default over which is the 1 we have no impact at all on 1 which is different from the previous 1 and we will allow anyone to write to begin with so it's own solver that if 1 day someone came we had someone come with solvent that is way better than what we have we can just Richard it was inside the package and he has the the was the 1st to know people to work in and this sense some of code will the the the students would also work on providing all the infrastructure to get the requires provides rich so instead of saying because I have a script In a PostScript in package I need this version of I would just say any broke and we might want versions use so this is basic form also the packages that previous to you all you have to depend on a special version of of of this is of good or you if you're installing a web application and also say and it actually choose the student for I just want to say I need an HDP sororities so would provide all the condition in during the summer of code to be able to do that and packaging and then we'll have to to work on the ball straight to be able to provide the same picture which would be how we were work yes where they can be of world there no way to say that inside the contended that there is no way to say that from the book so we have only by the poultry we want to bring a lot of new things that the ball free used keeping its uh far from those kind of things which should be the way it should work and the other thing that is preventing years ago ready further and baggage is still have to support the old package also the pottery from moved to all those because of packaging style that's huge problem we also In the summer of of course uh I want to improve the material presented people got the returned with his father is you have all this this of repository regarding with that and we folding thing OK expected from this 1 and this 1 but you probably want to say I want this package to only come from this so even if it's a bit of levels up on this 1 I know it has my action that you want I will probably have to do that you just have to look at the and the kids after you're there but of reversing and say package and found out our the name of my repository policy already this is not very user-friendly for this case so we want to be able to say this 1 is that the this repository 3 0 you want to set this up with 3 has a high higher priority over the years what the purity is your order you have defined the fight the 1st so on neural configuration file if you make numbers before the name of the requested that an author competition from really really bad in the right order in it the way you have priorities on the approaches so each of customer poster is discussed and options and fall back to the previous due on for all the rest pushes the 1st if it is you want to yes and over here on the all right yeah the for for all right no that was the same product is further on the repository and the fact that can mark this package to be preferred on this repository on it is represented most will be done during some the In other words the plan is to provide a mechanism to keep some fires when you're installing on your system if it embedded environment at 2 dogs want man want I don't know what you already have some special singular older adult 85 student want all so there is going to be a way to do that again do that by building the package without the size or can be the package is a forcing but when you install skip it starting some so you have some good being part of at regular session you can you will be able to add to your package of going to say I don't want that we want to any as much as possible but I really want to have no script when they are at all people packages that wasn't such a great because I want to do some actions after the regret of the insulation but the problem is most of the time down to reviewed by security people can do something is if you do cross installation and studying in your Normandy 64 water sitting in uh knowledge routes for example then it should try to executing is really on it said you are not going to run because you have to run this system it's something we really don't want in the future of manuscripts what want to do is to provide a list of the like what does have angina which is providing a list of actions you can do those actions are good at inside package add aligned to a it onto a cool something in whatever you want to add this line to this side at this point or remove this side of the world through to the built for this is that is the use of different actions yes you at the you could do
the presence of the same with I Q for sure with can do it better because of security reasons anywhere in slow units of search for the interaction you install unit because do cross information just out of sync and both make release for which is what I we want to do 1 this that the the yeah I will not talk about that here but still I find it ugly affected with trees what you can do yeah whereas we have thought about that to we 1 they the good that's their so now I can just at trial hoping for a workshop that show you
simple example of I didn't packages for base you can see and where this of the of I that's problem and and the family of how the use case is I want to provide some behave emotions but I 1st want to be able to work only sitting in that setting them up before starting the solutions are probably want to frustrate the jails of configure everything in day because data very simple to use that if I'm happy with my job I can do other government the motion and and say OK now it's it's the fall behind so why do these I created to attorney have already prepared of z has volumes to be 0 device for for this so what I do is just formatting the thong show that there is seen
the directory still that I need to move I the for that
this limit on it have not and that they're turning so God creates this is cindy the the so
when so as I have my him major which is started
then that only half of the set critical my system and I have a web server running so what I need to do is to specify the API and funding the package to produce we are the automatically determining the 88 based on the message which is not there yet so if you need to come specify onto the some resolution is having it in series of of course you can just add an environment variable which is name server are equal a book a a page from component and relation to them that way so in my
case I just want to install for his the we have tried to improve the
the output of packaging 1 1 so no you has a number of actions that can be done as at the beginning of the lines so we are really willing to get feedbacks about people who want to improve all the error message warning uh the the output of all the time so that
really good for users so as to have some warning shouldn't have it but I haven't picked on my scripts represen suspects so right now highest mountain which is installed still if I go inside the jail I should be able to it in so I'm in
jail everything the like in
Michael progression for something I have no packaging 5 objectives to icon vitamin what's in it but if they do the man main I know that I have the previous system installed with Brazil version inside the jet now
we as in the happy with this so we
have the cover In such till the
so now I just want to start the day
you want the the the I can stop the
high within this so of I earned
normally it should be putting it before
businesses there so if I had something I didn't get to to create new sets see this anomaly look at but how to
compute the last part of and for the 2 of Figure the constant knowledge should be able to log in that's I don't have the complicated so I don't get into it it does working it because it so it works and if you are new set of candidate integrating and solve all you can get pulses of users it so we have just if
there is a critique of the package in Europe 3 inside the for organization and you the that people in the know where it is if you want to have a look at the Leite there but but there is having no dependency out all it's only something like 2009 of sheets of Persian gold In readable British because it's a very readable so can have a look at both that is the clusters the question right with over there was a lot of time there was a lot of representation Boolean package yes you 1 more you the yeah we gave you know that that is between packages and then I just said to the where are we working on this so 1st 1st you need to solve wanting use the predictability of the packet the company sending the package you get a different texts so you can make it on on based on this so we have some work on to be able to to to do that and I said that 4 packages like bison and everything almost everything that have some clothes we get into problem because when you we do that we basically take all the dates to be able to make sure that Everything is from a book and then the bison was not liking it at all sample bow by the remember we had a problem but for the base system but this house already been solved by the previous debates so if we use the same mechanism as use of data which is not yet case on what don't we should be able to do that so yes it's something which is started between the me you get to but we really want because if a great the base all we will face which is almost as big as uh I just want to give the new belief that want to get the full package each time the OK this or was it that no I was the other thing


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