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Transacting with foreign servers
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Managing transactions involving multiple foreign servers. PostgreSQL has Foreign Data Wrappers and they are writable too! Upcoming features like partitioning, foreign table inheritance and join-push down for foreign tables pave the path for sharding. One missing piece in the puzzle is the distributed transaction manager required to maintain the atomicity and consistency of transactions involving foreign servers. The presentation talks about the current status of such transactions and discusses the path forward towards distributed transaction manager. Support for writable foreign tables was added in PostgreSQL 9.3. As of now, atomicity and consistency is guaranteed, when a transaction makes changes to at most a single foreign server. It fails to do so when changes are made to multiple foreign servers. In order to achieve atomicity and consistency of transactions involving multiple foreign servers, PostgreSQL needs to take up the role of a distributed transaction manager. The talk covers the current status of distributed transactions. It further explores protocol to drive distributed transactions and infrastructure necessary to overcome various hardware, software and network failures during a distributed transaction. It also covers the use cases like data federation and sharding.
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but they have to live typewriter the presentation will continue on the floor of the discussion about transactions involving foreign settlers now as as a goblet pointed out in the history lightning talk there are 2 things and then it comes to a transaction manager and 1 is atomic coming and the 2nd is economic with the ability to do that known as the A 4 atomicity investors properties so that's that's really that you know so we are going to talk about atomic primates and then I will touch upon economic visibility and I will go in more detail about atomic coming so let's see what happens cities and in many of you must be knowing this but that's let's start with that so we have some data to tables so this is an example and this data is subjected to a transaction which basically updates both of these statements then if this bond action figure what economists at this is is we should not we should see the data as if the transaction was not was not running order never and if the conductance that we should see all the changes but by the the foundation is and we should not see anything which is going on in the transaction as well as if the transaction completes or if it fails even then we should not see an intermediate state in which the project and what now these properties are known as whole of property which means I that we see all the changes by a transaction or we see none of the changes and the 2nd property is quite indivisibility from where they don't act this becomes is we should not see anything any reject state of the transaction and that the breed orbit has put it is he has gone on and none of the other non property as that on economic and indivisibility property as atomic visible now we have gotten so as foreign tables and if GW's so if we expand this data on the extent this data to foreign so this is how it will look like so the coordinate isn't really the positive sequences that I have named it that named it as part of in the two-phase commit cont context but really positive sequences we don't open ditch the energy of pointers to do table on different points words or seen part and the word greater different FDW same have dw any any kind of combination and still we want and when we we want that the scene properties that we expect expected due to be obeyed in case of look look at data do you not to be obeyed in case of this fight data as well so I did the same thing so the that everything is seen or none of the changes have seen any between state should not be seen so when we extend this notion of Atomic city to foreign data that's what I called it as a distributed atomicity there might depend on naming conventions for now some applications of me not want atomicity and some applications may want consider that is that is different than we would have a data point is not this requirement becomes really important and um CDs because now we have fought interval inheritance so we can have 1 pattern table which is sitting in that was the sequel quality that with 2 water miniaturized any child sitting the beyond the point instead a single medium a statement without any beginning 18 there can now so you just say have it bad and then start updating the pattern table is going to update the children that it needs to touch the water what are qualified so that is there is no explicit transaction but still you want the effects of missing energy to be at bound in that all of the foreign tables should be updated or none of them should be updated and and all that due so that's that's what the notion of economy cities and then we extend that economic city
to you that motion to the foreign so where's that that's what we we expect it to our work like by has often hours of 9 . 5 the thing is that we that on this it is not guaranteed and the transaction management is in badly implemented by each of the 4 and that that happens so it was because it was because of D. W. of users want this coming out which means that it's and then there's the line since coming it it goes and tries to come at the front on foreign so as if any of them fears that a star of the foreign so as I requested to avoid the transaction or if there is a connected failure of those of or so we cannot guarantee that when a transaction comments on local several or is supposed to coming it gets committed on all of the 14 so worse all aborted on all of 1 the forms of so what what I'm going to go over is how do we achieve on city in was the sequence 498 that effort and foreign so the database of proposal only there in the hackers and there is a fact that I'm working on so what I'm going to discuss here is the sum of the parts of that that as well as you know the detailed solution any any questions and mean it's it's fine if you ask questions in between so we haven't before we intended to have the proof is coming at the of the details of the implementation and solution if anybody has questions you're talking about their theory of 1 or the other people the unification of the law of the land but you know what want so that what would you have to it's it's OK if it appears that I'm taking so if there is only 1 quarter and so and you're saying that that is there is no local changes that has happened then it works perfectly because it's it's you that you comment on that so what are you a bot and that's what and how the changes have been on that what 7 so as long as that instead about guarantees acid properties atomicity effect on bike and then you plot and said that yeah so maybe this was not done yet so this this transaction is really what this fire on the look and so what are called equal and music was to the forms yeah you up after that that's then that 2 things 1 is on on on property atomic coming up and that is that come with the ability to touch upon that point and the end of the flight yeah so let's company implementation OK so that that that that is fairly standard solution to achieving atomicity engage in this case and I have which is known as two-phase commit protocol but there might have been variations of period that I might have been proposed but our two-phase commit protocol is you know it's a it's a fairly accepted standards so that's what will discuss now as a solution in this case and what I been trying to do is try to discuss phase commit in the context of both received so the baby was because was transaction management works is it if this thing goes in multiple phases at the time of common there are important to physicist 1 is the peak of the trees and the public face so during the chronic phase of basically that the 1st constraint them and before constant application trigger processing and all of that happens and then about the transition is brought to a state where of we can see that now I can come the transaction and that's where the common processing starts know what what where there is the two-phase commit fitting to because 250 meters as as the same there 2 phases
there are 2 phases in which it works Phase 1 is when we hold on the foreign so as to say but it can you
family can you come can you come it can accommodate any if everybody says yes then we come in with their come individually but if anybody says no then we of what they mean is usually so in that the billing is the 1st phase and the actual gummy part of what happens in the 2nd phase but uh and which is which is popularly known as prepared and coming prepare that so once a foreign settlement has prepared a transaction and said yes I can believe he cannot go back and say you know I cannot coming now OK so we we get a guarantee that the plot transaction is now going to come so that's what this flow chart is about a detailing the state so basically we try to keep all each fold and instead will try to prepare the foundation these 14 so if everybody say is yes then we start the comet processing locally and the part that this local transaction was going to is going to come in on his stomach it and then we moved to the face to that we start dating foreign service stupid comedy that individual transaction if anybody says no then we abort any transaction any foreign transactions as would not prepared we just don't want them and then we go to the 2nd phase where we have a lot to prepare transactions on on the funds yeah I'll come to that I'll come to now that know the problem here is if there is any connectivity failure in phase 1 then we go and abroad all the transactions embedded connected affiliate phase 2 we know that that foreign 7 has told us that I have prepared and ready to come so we have a guarantee that I that that guy's going to pass OK so we use that guarantee for them so that's that's where the atomic commit funds from that the once we get is guarantee from each other so we can build and now this is the guarantee that I'm going to use so if there is any failure in the to any connected individuals server that local so that anything then we have to keep on the happen remember that this guy had given me the guarantee this that I had prepared the transaction now than in the connectivity is establishes the failure is overcome repair that guide to commit the transaction toward the transaction village yes it ensures our atomic but then it opens up through problems 1 is about as it is done as it is has a promise guarantees on a single server that all the changes will be visible at once once you see this product and commented on the changes that that transaction data become visible at 1 single point of time it is not guaranteed here because we go bed each of the foreign service that comet Comet Comet Comet and this really is going to you know if if anybody goes in between and tries to see that what's on that part in similar is going to get some data which you know was as if it was not permitted on the transaction and 18 it was pretty good architecture is going to keep the state the conduction band is being worked on is on on those foreign service which means we have to try hard to get them resolved otherwise they have a lot of resources whatever that transaction has done in the loss that have been taken in the doctors that has been modified it's it's going to be bad do we actually commit the transaction and then that part and so it is capable of realizing those themselves so a lot of course that that that has a lot of inferred lack of course that has been written is to take care of this despite the case where we try to resolve undesired foreign transactions and that's that's what I didn't start explaining mixed does that answer your question it any questions about 2 phase commit because fast what we're
this work is so that it is not that
you can use them to to integrate the question I have a lot of you know this is the sum of the of the yeah OK so far will OK I think I I'm going to discuss that but still local so what is a symmetric here in the city is that it ignores what it's doing so that comment where a block of the local changes I have 11 and a half avalable locally which can be seen so really if had they of the presentation you still have this question will discuss it further the OK so now what we are going to discuss it is
there how do we how do we make sure that we on these on are transition if they happen and so on so this this blob that you're saying that they transaction on foreign 7 I'm going to explain what exactly is done in that block so obviously we have to remember about at work and we have done in the is 1 of the have to remember where all we have to find out whether there other we have prepared the transactions what was the information related to that so that we can deal with them in the store so for the 1st block is nearly there for everything and mean innovators on on the result that and we don't want to better than the 1st block is really important to remember what we have done in the 1 where we have prepared the transactions in the 2nd so in order to it is silent on the result that the transaction we have to take into consideration that the local 70 thousand can catch or maybe ran out of the memory of none of them you may have a label and so on so we have to but assist whatever information we had remembered in phase 1 of the best so that when give the set of crashes server needs to be started between phase 1 and phase 2 or during phase 2 because that information and it is indeed limitation that I have it stored in under the the adjudicatory and the g of exact decay of the structure of this directory is really similar to the G 2 phase the victory of bread for it in the connection every fought in connection that is open and where the transaction is prepared we store information in 1 5 just like the G 2 phase stores information about 1 prepared transition in 1 5 but that's not enough so what if for all of the sediment crashes and that is a standby that's going to take over so in order that we have to replicate whatever information we have saved to the standby so that we understand but takes a word and the user where it can take the responsibility of resolving Dundas on transaction so we have to know the only way to get this information to the standbys through logs and so we love this information and I love this information in the water and that also helps us in practical so we we actually don't have to you know it's seeing the information every time we try to write to the disk now once we have taken enough major stood remember the transactions you remember the part in we can go and actually prepare the transition and the foreign if we knew this order if we prepare the transaction and patch then we have we have not and once we come back on again we do not carry information of where we have prepared the transaction so even before that we prepare you have to remember that moment this bit of information so that was the 1st part of his limiting the effect on that information the 2nd part is how do we resolve it it's then what what states to take when we dissolve the point and that in which means we come at water foot in transactions 14 prepare transaction so it's it's now that he was that we have to go so we can make or toward the 14 transitive on the bottom so where we tended to come at the parent level that of the waters and it is if its success was the 1st love that he will allow for from that information and then we actually went from our persistent this because we do not require anymore in case of in case we have this on such as with the have to try again in the same loop as long as we succeed and we'll see how I have implemented that has now however before that let's talk about what should what needs to be remembered so the 1st thing is the transaction ID the local transaction ID which will pay less of what what we should do with this paper transactions that we should go and market order that we should go Andrew Beckett so that the local transactions once it has prepared everything the local look the transaction is committed to cause that coming and then that the clock and we use lactase to decide what to be done with those for the proposed transaction and the company all the and then this date of SID 407 and users is that there's us that we have prepared the transaction and the last bit is about foreign transition ID reach which is which is really identifies that foreign transaction which is essentially GIT on was is equal and every hour hour RDBMS has its own way of identifying repair transaction which needs to be taken care of the condition by the reader given you out you know that the non question on you still have the question of why you heard this only this age OK John there so the area of the finally yeah so so the focus of so yeah so so
relative so this this flow chart in phase 1 actually happens it is is executed by the back in the Choose performing the local transaction so far far if that OK any any questions still because I'm slightly willing died this year and next and talk about something else and come back to the point of 250 coming instance of the projection this year of class libraries on the 1 you have to to remember that the state has a lot of text and I was right In this thing all of them again in the no so been and then the master the boots it will find that there what baby then entry in here obviously is that I have prepared the transition on foreign so work on now it really tries and unite it it should come from that the foreign so it should come back and say you know what I do not see this transaction anymore in my in my deposited your depending of babies and there is a requirement for which I will come when we discuss that for Non-Aligned it can't do that now it has said government not so it basically boys down to how do we generated these transaction ID since that's what we do we provide during prepare and I will talk about that in a minute but I think it that's the same case here as well so if we love we but assist and test for login can but we do not exist at this stage it's not the renowned there really was prepared that transaction but we had united was the year the crossing OK there is a transit and prepare yet found but that there was a mean obviously not all foreign that that happens have support for proof is coming from that do not support two-phase commit protocol on and what what we should do with the data I mean there about this the straight an unfortunate that is broadly we we cannot provide enough from the city for the transitions which 1 of those kinds of foreign service but still what I'm showing here is the Blue flow chart shows what was this w does today and the orange flow chart shows maybe what what we can do so what what investigators during peak on the processing it commits the transactions on what the foreign service do it tries to commit if anybody says no anybody do then it throws it and then it aborts all the remaining transactions not depending upon what is the order of foreign service in which an order in which foreign service at all and you can get different and some of the foreign service will get a accommodate some of them will get a bottle of and and it's really kind it seems undeterministic but on it really depends upon in which those transactions 1st started to begin with so what we might want to do is something better is varied acquired the local committee and then go on to commit the transaction safe we cannot go aboard the local transaction about the foreign transactions of course but if we can come even look at and that we tried to come in the transactions on foreign settlers but if anybody fails to come with that guy but try to commit on all the rest of the 14 senators rather than going this approach where we just of water out of a lot of other foreign so once 1 has not that I think it was a bit of deterministic behavior here but that's that's something that can be discussed further about look at whether that was a little evaluation of the getting back to some more details about the implementation of what the pattern does it introduces 2 a DW hooks that need to be implemented by the 2 w 1 is the gate prepared ID which which should give that repair transaction IT for for a given but instead an end user bed so now this this we do for each and this is the responsibility of the of the W. because each plot and so we're already achieved a w might have different rules for identifiers what is an acceptable identify what is not violating 10 many things so that that is it is delegated to the BW through the book and this is what the output of this is that what is persisted and waterlogged as as now this function is the responsibility to make sure that it gives a unique transaction ID which does not conflict with our in future transaction or even the
previous transactions because if it starts giving transaction ideas which of conflicting then what you have said will come into picture that we committed transaction idea we committed to regret bound that in the winter and that's an ID and the foreign so the local so that it came back it had any attribute that foreign transaction ID so tries to again going to resolve that and if somebody in between has created a transaction with the same idea gained the actually are going to design a transaction which we have not yet so this this is an important criteria for giving back the transaction ideas prepared on and that is that it needs to be unique what variance and the 2nd book is so that that was the 1st phase will now the 2nd phase OK is all of which were actually coming through going back or prepared the transactions which basically yes so red yet but that is part of the 1st phase of which should be taken affected by this of so it is responsible for preparing transactions the idea that was given before and or stomach or come in through a back the prepare transaction so it it basically is the transaction for computing there are certain books that after the fact introduces 1 is atomic foreign transaction beaches of Williams book which bits you read that you want to use two-phase commit or not whether you want promises before the transactions not and data but 2 minutes on and you say I want atomic foot transactions it means that all of the participating so it was a support group the of the is truthful and that the transition cannot get and get on with it but when I have I have implemented in it in such a way in which was value 0 so that it can be said any time during the transaction the value at the time of Committee is what matters so that if a transaction is going to conditionally touch my Cuban words and it can choose depending upon which 478 chooses were that it that and that and the economic not even within the transit and the 2nd is that since we are using shared memory to store the information the next step of gold pairs how many of maximum number of transactions that can be prepared on foreign settlers at a given time sec limits the shared memory that we can use in in in similar areas the 2 phases of implementation that we OK so long hollow is funded by induction on were implemented so the backend which reaches during the transaction but it it takes the responsibility of exhibiting the phase 2 if the foreign service and avaliable even after phase 1 really only once if it fails then have that information is avaliable to any back in in the shared memory or on the best if the server crashes of what I have provided in the back to the latent function village when executed tries to all the foreign transaction that that on results in a given database because it needs to access the database 147 end user ID now but since we said that we need to try hard to to resolve it Libertad number of times I've implemented contrib module which are then loaded it answer background worker process which fires these resolved words and these which misidentified functions in different databases but it before a really good economic usability any any questions any suggestions comments if any forest area which supposed to be the as long as as long as it don't prepare the transaction and deny them the corresponding avoided abuses prepared and as long as it doesn't come back that prepare transition and the of users so on it's fine that that that's what those 2 books are and if you if you know if you have seen their BW it it works with torques so there are books for multiple functionality so this introduces 2 new books of from getting the so of you have had so once it's it's not required it's not required are as well as I have implemented and that's not required and that puts an extra hour of the that the protect transactions as have said they take shared-memory out of out of the set of where the sources and everything so if you think that the transactions look at the back yard and soliciting resources we already got to that phase we have this week phase and then we have committed phase during the transition from this become at is actually is credit to the prepare you know yeah yeah
yeah in which case we have to
our we have to prepare the corresponding transition and but on when they decline test or just a prepared not
for not when there is a dyadic coming from class 1 of the 1st world transaction this is the 1 that was sort of like that of the religion of the of the of the that was difference that friends and so on and so on so we can talk about lot of work because of the difference in these this is what we also we the good and you know what I'm working on something of a lot of yeah but we conclude that and it was the water and that's it never mind that for work with the military there is of course data and information to the user and the system of course you no applications if it's ah if it's doing something with the finances foreign but it should nor that land and that that's that's the that's something that needs to be here and when they designed something with foreign settlers I think that's that's and that's something that needs to be taken care of that and if there is a planet gears yeah I will I will consider that all we also have keys in a little more about the other agents there would not be bad that's what I really think that yeah yeah so far hiding application 1 suggested that this is a point inside the word and this is foreign data it has already delegated all that processing to the tuple the sequence and it's the for this sequence responsibility to keep it going to take care of that and that's exactly what it is that in the body of all of these other of examples other museums suppose that happens to you that the use of Yang which gives the local transitions and prepared which should prepare the foreign transactions and the rate for the application-dependent even to come in and once that happens that's what he said that the government is no point of data so and it get it all hinges on the local coming phonetic comes between blind coming the proportions of OK let's talk about atomic visibility again this is that on the
visibility your support so that that I have found some ideas about what comic usability should be it's it's a harder problem to solve but let's say it it it might be possible to solve are that problem in certain cases not red is the visibility broken I have I have given 1 case where it takes to come 14 prepare transactions you go 1 by 1 and that is a delay between somebody comes in and you see an in between state which is actually the font and transaction change and the bad the possible problem that can happen is in this is allows order words is to be so those foreign service which are using in increases but if there is and if there is a prepare transaction to allow the order of version of that data to be very very as I the invited that prepare transition is not committed on it is yet to be coming from so basically what will happen is you comment on 1 and so well before you go and coming from the other foreign so when somebody can come in and gain access these 2 forums and was it was he committed the confidence everyone but not confidence and work to foreign territory can still see the word data and this can happen even when there is i mean that the database being accessed through the same master through the same back in a sense to a different back and so on the possible solution here is about to vacate far back repair transaction to come at the end of a week of vapor is if you stronger locking so we always too far share our serializability is which means that the transaction is that the date of which has been modified is which isn't prepared state awards the lock and anybody who tries to the data is made to read but that's going to offer performance because even if the transaction even if there is no old view there for that that state we're going to avoid the locks which which I think is a performance impact the 2nd possibility is if it's all going to the scene was going sequencing our master said then it does so
basically are so if the
if we couldn't be better the the transition because the connectivity was lost are we could then X is
that transaction and if somebody comes to access the same doc uh probably if if we are able to the to the foreign so and then we should 1st commit the transaction that was prepared and then allow for then start creating our for the other transactions now the question is in concurrent case where there are multiple back and trying to access this important data how do detectors so in this situation and applied solution so I'm still alive but and I'm still working on it thinking about it so so that's not something that can be difficult because of the war or this all yeah that's but but yeah so have and that's what so basically we basically now the current status of this battered has already gone through some discussions and I'm really thankful to give me in your word strong while we had given excellent there are suggestions on the tree of order in our personal and private e-mail tunes of so that I I submitted 1 bachelor in February which had a lot of truth to this elaborated the idea that I had and there is a pattern that I have the steak steal you need to do then I'm supposed to submit in the coming communities they said this is a comic coming it does not address at the admissibility but I think that's 1 state forward than what we have now so far but once we get up get to that then start thinking about that and this and the yeah that's it our if if we have any questions on the other side of so the variance across users from the the course this will reduce the oracle at the time that you know there's a possibility that the pressure and so on so I actually have again the radiation you thank you all for the will give you felt that you really haven't seen any of that thing that thing is added it's pretty complicated if I start putting London it it it is I will get the whole and college sleeping in a somewhat but the thing is have so so that is prepared That has climbed said prepared the actually done prepare 1 2 3 138 is it's not going to go and get back and say I have prepared unless it gets a guarantee from each of these right and then when you come in through the same so if it comes the the proper transactions and remove them from the whole non-event them in but this I should just show my bacteria to the red part of the lines of code that at at at at at and we should be screwed up that item have the will of the in the you can don't see 1 thing that any other questions
I will always this is due to the the 2 of them are 1