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Space battles in Postgres
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Ottawa, Canada

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1v1 Schemaverse Battles A tournament of 1v1 schemaverse battles, each round taking only about 10 minutes. No prepared scripts allowed! The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database. Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet. Or, if your PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself! This year, rather than the classic large space battle, the rounds will be 1v1 and only take 10 minutes each. There will also be NO pre-created scripts allowed. Matches will be broadcast live for all to see and a ladder updated after each round.

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some people here so that get started and apparent enjoying 1 so far and during the Conference unity talking about universes which at its heart is just 1 little space bubble game and hopefully some some wider content for the day and so what is the scheme
over a lot of people do have trouble pronouncing it it is just a play on the schema and universe universe and it's a coset space validation serious Star the home planet and you 1 of those ships their mind that tenant for some resources so you can build more ships of readership single attack everyone else's plan the normal scheme overseas is just an everyone verses everyone kind of game and by hearing a have a 1 b 1 tournaments me much smaller maps and now I say 1 V 1 but what I mean is 1 username versus when using multiple the want of trying play qualify as well uh babbles used to take several days of this version takes 10 minutes so so certainly what more condensed a little bit less of a commitment so I'm open up a lot more people and cheating is definitely encouraged and I say this baseball game but the entire game is written into a oppose database so the play your user on the database system itself you can connect with whatever quite you or whatever language you want and execute against the schema so this year just purpose has created a simple cult forest which will be awarded to the winners who wins the latter will hopefully have a bunch of people playing and we'll see where the latter and there but that is the prize quite nice to an existence and the other one's going to be given away at definition so the the main thing
I here is I can play this game I have no idea how to access a wide you know I can't I don't know PLP well this all horrifying thing is actually fairly simple if you know how to select in certain update you can play this game select started from my ships incident of my ships update from my ship so if you don't know any of those commands will the PG cards is probably a great place to learn how to use basic so in the game a lot of things in the back and that actually make it work but I mean there's not too many things that you actually really need to care about there's a couple of important views you might clear view your my ships view the planets and the events of what's actually going up to my players in Astoria balancing of fuel and the my ships is obviously relatioships located all those stats where they're going what they're doing how much help they have things of that nature the planets is what you're trying to attack and who currently conquers who's who's currently holds each planet which ones are open where those plants are um and the events which is careless everything going on there is some functions in the game that you work all and the them mine attack repair convert fuel and generally when you mind from your planets you create fuel from that and then you wanna convert that fuels over the money that we can actually but build more ships and it's not very complex economy and then there's operating you can operate in a number of different things of a leadership be it uh the attack the range that can go speedup can go and couple
operators that tend to be helpful and all the locations of a stuff points so understanding how to get the distance between something or whether or not something is close to another thing is very helpful to basically go to that site and have an open at the time
that course another thing you should write a core developer but again cheating in this game is encouraged and I'm about program so there is likely ways in this game to win that aren't necessarily the most legitimate means of doing so I would never suggest you brought according now
riding core developers donations to charity very popular here alcohol so would say a word like have in no particular order so again I'm not suggesting an older brother core developers but hypothetically speaking as a wonderful this year which should help
now modernization try Brad Chris Brown you might really want that much but hypothetically speaking writing Chris Brown this order might also display now you do on a computer and as I refuse was parameter schema vs . com is where the general like public round is always taken place and there's also tutorial there are fewer compete in this tournament that over the next 2 days but please just come find me or e-mail me or really talk to anyone who knows who I am and what to get them to point for his me and just I actually arrange the latter of who's going to fight who etc. etc. so now I tho we
do is actually show how around is done as Chris Brown here the run mine of the I might have by myself that's fine now I have a winning so I have gone ahead and treated a little cheat
sheet earlier work for a
solution but that's kind have
variance of the theory about all
of the 8 having an audience going
to copy and paste this but let's start so there is a look at the my
playable itself of Cezanne players 25 hash throwing password notice there is an error channel at the original uses the listen notify systems and so if you just listen on that channel then you'll get your errors balance mind you was in my you listen on that and generally the only thing in this you actually care but during the game measure balancing your fuel reserves so a ships using everyone's favourite generate series special status so ships
do have a lot of details in that the name there the current fuel the current health with the max speed and with the current speed is also so different details like that where they're going uh and it's also a so uh each ship in molten state so if it's attacking something that's mining something you can set that rate and that we don't have to call those functions for beautifully the game was called for you so 0 my ships right now I just treated them now what and all my my home planet training in Goma
trestle cheat sheet here area no my home planet is right now so you take a look since I'm a user
on this database every single thing in the system is actually really just based on that section user variable so knows which user I am I convert that to the clarity and I able to see which planet I actually owned by looking at the planets view there is the 1 I'm on right now so that's where I created all my ships not today are
groups so that I can either you know
manually write update statements that it points to that ID or I can just write a slow lightly more complicated update statement that just grab
that for me but you my ships doesn't exist in the world
and make sense very well burning in
duple easier with L equals this
is true how it is because this is the air
while all and post really
barely people science a bronze
those so what I've done is I've updated all of my ships to be mining that home planet of their my when it happened the ID number 1 in our mind that now elastic a look all those planets so currently I'm holding 1 planet the other person holding another planet and then there's um 5 in between that are currently unconquered so I like to do is actually go conqueror those planets now luckily since I'm mining a bunch train now I should be getting some fuel up to us over 1 great hasn't fuel told the out of money right now but I s some fuel at least half so it and actually need any fury now a converted all can and like vertical meaning and use the right function here again all every ship cost you 1 thousand dollars and there's a limit basic round of 250 . 2 thousand ships because it created a half-million ships 1 year so now that I've converted some money there
non-unitary 8 actually 9 upgrade because as 1 of the
mining the mining but they're not doing a great job of it so an update upgrade the prospecting ability is shown through now my mind what should be a lot better of a lot more resources from that planet every ticket again
that let's build a exploring ship was easy
that text in the general public game range anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes is the game runs everyone's scripts on their behalf for them which can sometimes take some time and in this game atic in that 1 the 1 version at it takes 3 seconds and so it's a lot faster pace so now that I've created my ship I want to find out which
plan it should actually go out and conquer so query is just taking my explore shipping comparing it to all the planets around and finding the 1 that's closest to that I don't know so there it is right there planet number 5 which is 0 . 0 0 so update the ship my
state of that ship to
start heading towards that great and at the same time I'm
also setting its state of mind that planet now that plan is not in the range yet so it's really just gonna fail at mining intelligence their but at least once it gets there the 1st thing you will try and do what is in range is minor that planet no that's important is mining a planet is actually how you conquer just like real life so once it gets there all now when that planet and hopefully all the other players who might come in and try minus to so if we both try minor planet and it's just 1 1 long in end keeping it but if he sends 20 ships and I only have 15 ships there then he's going actually conquer that probably not there isn't if you wanna kill ships there attack functions you can use them but just mining look quite a more won't maltose friendships Ramesh it's gone super slow some actually can upgrade a couple
things on that and then after
upgraded and is gonna run this
again because I'm an update that target Maxpeed
intolerant this 5 minutes ago
sort of arrogant Stacy ownership is doing here so unswayed slowly getting their upgraded again looking for want a great couple times minor things now because the space measure actually needs and fuel to slow down so is going to make sure that I actually have fuel uncertain about virtual 0 great it will have but I think you great such now take a look at planets variate out there the only way to uncertainties in the image of the world around them in the was book which on a planet at 1st on your home planet is just you get 1 to begin with and when you insert into it and when you create a ship yeah yeah I Yourdon rooms signed up just creating a game with myself let me start with the
so as the online is also an event stable which if your robot you probably like it like this where it's just all the details of the game but if you're human this way might be a bit more interesting now it's a time is done the game runs a bunch of trophies in the backend which adjusts the be gestural scripts or just trying to figure out who actually did the best in the game is not necessarily about conquering every planet it's about having a balanced games you want have good ship and upgraded ships your attack and try not to get killed is much faster although not fully rounded game played and there is also 1 trophy that there's no way to get which is the sequel injection trophy and there are a couple people with it on the main game but the this problem is potentially probably a couple people who should have it but then thing to give it to themselves they did other things this group game instead and still kind of research a couple it's a weird situations that have occurred in the game and but that's pretty much the worst so sorry questions so that there be a really kind of the book would be equal to problems like so in the schema verses 1 unless you're actually in that round your related see too much and so a bill that in the latter and if you like I can quickly add you to around um but that's the the the sky unfortunately I mean I would love for there to be multiple battles going on at once specific distance for that at this point seems to be the the meaning of the word in the in the in the middle of now other points the game is up I get help us so the 1 actually go and find the code and find those bugs stuff like that and act 1 GB user for who choose in the the error and make you put crest we use this tool
verses all of them their so
registered started between you and Chris uh hopefully you can now see things like planets can always have other problem solved work to start from what In the presence of the what we do and you wind up with translates roughly 10 minutes in this case but you win by getting the might be so again it goes through all the trophies and the trophies either award a positive or a negative amount of points and the person with the highest amount of points from the trapeze wins it is common to get a negative score and still win because you have the least negative score the game is hard behind alive but it's hard for everyone so it's not usually a problem in the questions so the answer to that is the number of a ship 2nd minor planning in a given time so generally strategy is on your home planet you wanna build at least 30 ships there that way someone else can come in and over a mine that easily come and take your own planet for the most common problem on the public server for new players is that they treat their account and they created like in the afternoon that around generally starts in the morning and so by the time they treat their account in the afternoon and and then they go to create the 1st shipped they've already lost their home planet and then I I'm doing this interesting and what am I doing wrong what is my 1st time doing sequel and is my answers there mean it's like 0 no it's it's it's just that you gotta bucket really quickly navigate when you're actually creating accounts the only thing you need is a username and password is no e-mails don't worry about like passive reset questions that I want your name I don't really care who you are so the easiest thing to do and that's near is actually just create another user account which gets another home planet and then trying free chips all faster trying to find a better than for new players but it's it's enforcer difficult a if you want to there he made from its yeah what have there if the yeah there's of us in different ways that I mean that this universe is thing is kind of 1 of the ways that like to go to war dividing have multiple games going at the same time this week in this case there so I I kind of touched on earlier there is an internal scripting system to the games or you can actually write the script externally as well whatever you so this universe is 1 there's actually people have scripts already so by wanted right now after this round is done I can just set up around involving 2 people I know have scripts about and that Ronald is take place similarly we could create a bot that's a little bit easier to deal with and have that as what of player 1 new player 1st faces off against that way it doesn't kick there but initially it actually you know this kind of toys with them of that but allows them to learn it certainly an option none of ours in that is anyone interested in playing schema versus this week writes something some hints of good to see if anyone horrified at that right also that that I agree I mean I didn't I started building this just as a way to see if I could make a post press that application layer but it seems to be so full-featured actually Pollock I am a security guys I wanted to find out if you as a user of the database can I actually secured in a way that is not a problem I remember talking to the the POS mailing was asking you know how do I have like a secure this in a way that allows it to be open on the internet and the 1st answer was to your down the and in the 2nd 3rd and 4th answer was roughly the same um but it generally holds up pretty well yeah all 1 person was very nice and suggests uh enable us to sell that way the attacker is at least secure in their connection to the server there were no matter what you do on the test set that you want to know a death a bigger review and when the when there is that minor security issue a little while back actually was it really informed of what's going on but I did have at least 1 person suggest that they take down my server in preparation which is very kind of a dual of this community and but I I ended up leaving it on for a couple months and he was he and it was within the was not under 24 hours of it actually being announced and the box had been packed so that was pretty impressive but it was just someone just wrote a nice little message into the folder saying hey you should really like patch this uh then I left it I brought it to Defcon don't touch for some reason so I guess I'll I like easy leaving the easy ones that because you that it's funny but no of I do have a minor hope 1 day that it becomes a bit of honey will see what happens I think they need to tie in with like winning Bitcoin is something that where there's some monetary reason to to 1 actually perform well for CEOs strand is going I will also say the map is very very small so it's worth looking into increasing the range of leadership movement in the game is always the most difficult part for some reason uh sometimes you don't need to move the whole group if you 1 of the and that part of the program yeah which the yeah the gains come a long way in 5 years that actually is 5 years old this year which I'm pretty happy about um movement has been rewritten I think 7 times by 7 separate people is generally the 1st thing someone does when they get into the game the right all by the way we should rewrite move like go ahead go ahead usually 3 days later it's like I get it now that made sense and never touching that again the only thing you can be
yes I do lie there and there is this 3 scripts in the back and all parole and there's referee referee kills 1 running queries and you as a user you can have a free running longer than a minute but there is statement time out and the post response but that's user settable value so it's not something I can rely on and then there's stats was just quickly upstate updates the stats so as you plan you got the axis of things and then finally there's the ticked up world and to adopt all the moves over like progresses all ships in the direction of the going minds all planets as minor planet doesn't actually happen instantly happens at the end of text that way even has a chance to mine so mine planets then it goes through runs all the scripts interest groups you can leave um and then basically just a little over all yeah Elvis attacks happened to future health then that gets all committed yeah yeah yeah that your ship can be without health for a couple text and then it explodes now that the game also might need some tweaking this is the 1st time we're doing it with 3 2nd text so some of those numbers might need to be expandable but but it's fine all fun and now I have haven't Serbian hoping to get up and running soon a lot of people have written amazingly visualizes and stuff like that to you in all actually bring 1 up for the main
such as fun to watch sure this all
works so this is what the this with the
main public database actually looks like it's happening here each of those delta planet the moving dots the ships you start to see some of the different strategies that take place again you've only got 2 thousand ships was about 11 thousand planets in the system so so you can hold malt same time so you'll see it is kind of branching out a little bit of someone standing in some ships to kind of from over from the inside people do need things when you put a database open on the internet I got 3 data let's visualize it you have a look of images of look at that someone might be doing just be the another round so we can see who won that we
use of the because of the 1st 1 says that the I fact think that general being
tied to the guided this net individualize the smaller rounds as well and there's another 1 that's as this 1 has generated a disposable afterwards there's another map
that shows kind of more time which going on and so that set that up so that these young yeah that's the other questions suggestions yes so once I find out who actually wants to play and I can like bill the latter but if you if there's any times use like really don't wanna play please wait include better tell me and then I'll try and get all that set up so you're not missing a topic you want something model probably trying and do is either use the time between taxa so it's not a problem or a little bit time after talks before we all the bar or someone wants to play at the that's fine to uh but yeah I'm happy to to work around of Aristotle's tendencies in theory you know you know that there's some of the some of them the a little bit and have dated um but there is there is the only 1 I think it's humorous dot com slash Getting Started . sequel with capital g kappa less and that's an example of of a bunch of different fleet scripts you can just run quickly it's not a good script but it's an example of internal scripting system is all the LPG SQL and some guy can be familiar with that any other questions very well they time again scheme overstocked 1st schema
vs . com or Josh ETSC universe where's
my PowerPoint is area
right compete head over the Korean account and then you know me notice that those are 2 different domains some jerk the but again is they might just be come find me or any really anyone running this show knows why am so the point you toward me if you like Oral find you also again big thanks to Josh burgers for creating the mug which is also to is this is the 1st