Monitor more of PostgreSQL

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Monitor more of PostgreSQL
Introduction of New Features of pg statsinfo
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Ottawa, Canada

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pg statsinfo comes with new features There are many information vanishes as the server operates. pgstatsinfo/pgstatsreporter is a monitoring tool which records such various status and statistics of PostgreSQL server and lets you see them in graphical and interactive way. It is very usable not only for DBAs to check the health of the server daily, but for technical support to find out what happened in the past on the remote site. It is widely adopted among our systems using PostgreSQL and the new pgstatsinfo 3.1 has new features to support them more. The new pg statsinfo 3.1 has the following new features in comparison to 2.5. This talk will introduce these features with demo and dig inside some of them. Collecting plan statistics. Plan statistics is based on an original pgstatstatements-like extension named pgstoreplans, which is a similar tool to 2ndQuadrant's pgstatplans but it still differs in some points to fit to pg stastinfo. Statistics of autovacuum/analyze including cancellation stats. Cancellation stats would be in some situations. Storing server logs into the repositiry database. Stored logs are examined using filtering feature of pgstatsreporter. Storing alerts previously only emitted into server log. Alerts gets more valuable with pgstatsreporter.

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