GSoC2014 - Sharing Code and Experience

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GSoC2014 - Sharing Code and Experience
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Google Summer of Code 2014
Sharing Code and Experience
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Ottawa, Canada

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This presentation is about my experience in the FOSS world and contributing to PostgreSQL as a Google Summer of Code 2014 student. In this presentation I'll talk about all my involvement with the FOSS world and how it change my life and career in many ways. I'll explain how Google Summer of Code works and the importance of this program to the open-source communities. Some points covered: - who can apply - how to apply - how you can help the PostgreSQL community - principal events
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also monitoring community people find well 1st of all if you want to say thanks for organization to accept my proposal and the congratulations to the Organization for the greedy that is my 1st time here at you call 4 so happy to be here and they have this they apologize because my english isn't so good so if you don't understand something few to breaking through the analysis again and then you try to do my best work I will start talking about a little bit subalterns myself a ball took where I was born I was born in the soft part of Brazilian at City College of embedded in the far far away from here 1 has a long long trip to be here today to be used to g Kong but I did it because of my life in by here is the nearest to the probability of that sold part of our of residue is used to help you 200 36 miles away from work related work they use are capital for state the user where we have the air bias so their international free softer form XYZ staff for Rome the most important form of of alter free software around the world well in my home hometown the lowest common true people just to be warned that the role of the beautiful music that spending time right there and of course right that and the to
2 thousand 2 thousand and 5 lifestyle fitted with my old needs because I'm happy with my my life at my work here I already were created by the but I had an opportunity to
work 100 per cent of my time and all of my time it's free and open source software to work with this company at Portland colored themselves and their we develop this softer using PHP and of course also rescue well of course I don't work it has employee at the school but me because my knowledge from multiple stressed run this a
little background information about me that I'm interested in that can be the above all as small company in Brazil that provided services professional calls crystals much of what you and that further tennis
industry soften me well my 1st contact was using Linux in 1997 and the uh I fell in love with the skewed because all both resulted is amazing that have opportunity to see how things work in society look into the cold chain something hacking them to share their experiences share while in 1999 I met all stressed well during my major and I knew it this this will be part of my life but unfortunately free and open source software beaten me alive because I had a lot of financial troubles because of this because this season to work only with a free and open-source software I decline a lot of other opportunities to work with Oracle Windle's SQL Server side these and another but I decided that I will be working just with limits and the related although I don't you vote in 9 here now here
I am I just copy and paste information about the Google Summer of Code what is moving from a full use of this is our global program that offers students students to write cold for open source product talk to me Google
Summer of Code is always to connect students to open source communities simple that just connect students to open source communities because we will follow the students to be involved in what is mall open source project to deliver something to to community but that the main or poles use connect students to open source group which bring new community to engage more people to open source communities just sort bolster scroll then we participated since tool belt and 6 and they would have already have I we already have a cool project vestiges to new peak you mean meaning architecture was of Brazilian that maybe there's architecture to beat the beginning rigidity that the redesign and better indexes for ranges document collection for another rocket and the ofcourse that are my project to well
what is my project of what is about my brother my in both the cell might but will introduce a new kind of tables college log xi really cool features but let
means a lot of to understand what it means a lot of 1st we need to understand what means wall also styles of philosophy and to where in the uh and they think that it's we use this standard method college wall why perhaps logic is our is a artist from the deck and again I copy and
pasted the Wikipedia the finish off what is all this in computer science you right had long of a family of techniques for providing optimization and radically to offer the as properties in that the basis of the of course all of the the modifications in both stressed out 1st is right of to right I had a lot OK with that and what unwanted table that means the that reading in this table is not to rethink wall simple so it makes reading this they will really really fast we have people with a really fast to updating set and the operator OK if she is really
fast I reviews to all of my table wherever you want to that because they are needed crash safety and they are morally using streaming application because the data is not to reading to write-ahead log and streaming applications use the right have a lot to histone data to this leads to another set of so that you can have that because you have just sent the yes if you aggression who's during the graphical over the whole stress detectable all here are a lot of table we call the in 4th and then they hold and use all the time created the relational system during the graphical the process but there
are some who grew use cases through a lot of tables speed EQL jobs is case cash some kind of cash sensor state that a lot of the web applications that mundane uh state session information into the database Q is maybe and out of the way that they don't point of here and now I'm pregnant
and I change in Rome articles with no grammar put it in to a new statements falter table set longer than 7 log is always to change 1 table from logic to log and this is absent from a larger pool of logic of course it's already committed last year by over here and I not actually was submitted on time to finish their Google Summer of Code find box was really cool and the cormorant implementation is is that 1st we need to acquire access closes lock we need to check some dependence 0 we cannot change tables because things they didn't tables are a special kind of the way we should check some foreign keys because we don't we don't we can have uh a flanking the 2 of want from you have left able to work on a lot of people and then we create a new here with some new wrote that states and then rewrite the entire called involved bowls and index so we need a lot of space if you have a large table because the the contents during the process was completed the indicated and file systems and of course the growth of data is accessed that's to block that means nobody can access the relation between the process and the rewrite all the other factors so if you have if you have a lot large table to change from 1 wanted to log in you need to wait a long time to all data to be here right in that you're reading into a new robust in a new reaping in new index and now
I'm mean the role of again to reduce sock 2 thousand assisting tools a 2nd home of this broad we decided to implement implemented and this way because a lot of the problems with with Kreshin he called so we had our long this crucial and hackers of making use subaltern what to we want to do and the last year we decided to implement it in that way here right the the entire thing now a 2nd home after this project will be improved the performance of delta tables that larger and larger that means when level is equal mean more we don't need to rewrite the entire he'd both them where rewrite all that the files associated to the relation and that if you we have all level difference from minimal hot summer by archive logical we create a wall have to restrain they tool tool on other servers sold this is the main proposal proposal of this year and the mind problems of altered this task to change a the melodic able to log between you drop you are creating uniform the unit for i special about the file that marks the relation is found along the relations and good it is not the transactional operation because of because this is a file system operation so we have a chance to hear what is the
problem if you need to see if you drop the intifada and that pressure of course we are talking not inconsistent state because that although we will point to the relation used a lot and we drop the intifada but the crash of course the transaction was not committed then we don't have any modern it for this is the problem we we are in an inconsistent state and in another way is to create limit for and the crash of course they can you pointed a relation use logic and we created image far sold during the aggression you go over the graphical over process we'll see all we haven't fought for the relation so we moved from capabilities and the during regression over you don't have access to sold also so you see it well we have arranged for truncating relation but the relation 1 last market with its of best sense best has a and in in class so the idea we are not inconsistent state well but to me
and my ash Bosch must part from enterprise could be we think a while some idea that I started implement to respect code in the 1st part is equal to the and this is already implemented people before but we need to think about greater transients in to crash over detection that means if a change 1 table from a log the logic I will have the units for and the transient in for so we fact pressure poor the regression equal reckon that that all views they will use them in but inconsistent state sold you will do their correct drop drop the transient state or created the image for and then we push relations in sync relational of course drop or creating a dependence that to the dependence of the way that I set loaded set a logic of course change topology offered by my relation pole stream that and at the end of drop in the transients unit for work and all this operations wireless happens to Wall because during aggression over wall can finish that the dropped Willis this is our ideas and
if you we have to follow all level different off minimal we just to do the some job off and I have to explain it and then the last slide blues where shoes log X log all pages of the 5 true during the process so in that way we don't need to writing table the became the entire content of Jews keep em right walls and streaming the equal to 1 the so this is the the main challenge dual dual In this year about to change on log to blood tables well this was a really
fast presentation I that I'm open for questions ideas list of like that idea from how is the integrity of the wire because of the graph but I also think it a where you want to have it in writing and so we will have the same sort of thing you would say that we are the ones that are in the region of the thing that would allow you to have the knowledge and well can you repeat the the last part of the work of question of what it is that we're are a lot all of our lack of a guest OK but the the main problem is during the crash according don't have access to capital so we I can change the couple tools and other rel that and on other type of stable but so this change will be committed you've you know you'll be affected if few details actually asked me to say no but the effect pressure poor before commute uh do regression called I don't have access to couple the graphical word-processing use is a file system processes and all the reader there right had a log and finish data finish the unfinished drop it in a file system and then we don't have access to couple because that's the way it is more difficult to to do do this job it is there is that it complicated as the Socratic happens we don't know what what is the state of the relation because we don't have the right have a lot of unemployed people don't have a lot of soul this is this is a common limitation or from other people's and bolster throughout the the rest world so when I say the word for it you might want that's right along with the use of a what was used perhaps we can all until the year my voters thoughts are approved OK and there was that this is a completely new proposal again but with this kind of but I think there should be some that is of the way that's right fast on the other side of the more questions and some of them but are not not yet not yet because this is idea II working on dispatch yeah I'm
working on this idea actually it are at school a lot of my my mentor and will lose even tho the parking hockey and writing cold so I hope we we can do that using up do this job and in no a good way that can be accepted by the community to be committed tuples gross so we can finish it this 2nd round off from water tables for good I wouldn't plementation more questions not my presentation documents sorry yes was the following OK well by the have some
special thanks to this different from was my mentor last year direction simple morale organizers piece matter in that better review a novel that review and communities and this year's Paul is organizers and m m my this your mentor ash ash Bosch must from approach OK and the by
appreciate if you cannot then always units in Brazil the call for papers is often behavior that we will cover in November 18 19 and 20 and poor quality and these websites and have all the information on what's needed all over its
soaring sure uh in his
sold new zeros our Brazilian conference that undermine organize if you want to attend or even we appreciate a lot OK that's all folks thank you so much