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9.5 Coming to You Live
Upcoming PostgreSQL 9.5 Features
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Ottawa, Canada

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New features by demo This all-demo, no-slide talk will show off 9.5's new features. With every new Postgres release comes new features and improvements to make your life easier. Come see some of the new 9.5 features in action and learn how this next release will make your life better.

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everybody spoken BG can manage this be giving features talk a 9 5 so you might I work from full-stack support for high traffic and and website applications and we have annually hosts the scalability conference call surge has some coupons appear at the front for if you're interested so anyway September on animal models more DC area and as most people here there are also hiring or firing pretty much everybody says about me and I am the author of possible outputs crystals and with the department PG extractor which for a whole lot people come up and talking about I'm I'm not a core contributor I don't know actual work on any a processor core code so I don't have a lot of that deep knowledge that a lot of people and then the feature features talks before have so but those people are here so you can feel free to go talk to them or the other talks about all the topics of the covering today so it specifically so the biggest question is when is it coming just yesterday they had a speed you can develop a meeting and I'm still a little bit of an era I think they're trying to target for mid to late October and hopefully have something released this month I couldn't find a clear answer on what would that would be released this month alpha beta and alpha 7 OK there you go so hopefully that happens so during the features biggest features that most people talk about is absurd so on the technical explanation of what it is there an optimist agrarian regular assertion so basically if you try to answer it doesn't work then we'll do an update instead I'm a similar to merge you talk to Peter Gatien it's a lot better he get his opinion on it and so see what it actually does and frame following along if tribal see the command line from 1 doing she's a little down arrow down here and for the slides that has mostly code but are be doing to be
similar to that throughout the rest of the presentation if I'm doing demo to sit down If you wanna see that you can see the code on the screen so 1st aim to show you loops that
would be that the this is the version
that I'm running right now so if I run into any bugs for rests on my challenge to developers here to go get a commit pushed out not pulled down and see if it works in that by the time the talk is done so over hopefully everything is working OK so you see I'm lecturing 9 firing so personal set up here so just have a plain table has 2 rows and and was a primary key so the 1st thing you should try to do so I tried inserted the whole value usually get your your typical area there under the peak here so what up circle the Fourier is the 1st thing you can do is if you run into a duplicate you just wanted to do nothing so you can say on conflict nothing has a basic format for the new absurd option is revolves around this time on comfort clause right here and what you like to do with what happens when a conflict occurs so some 1st testing out with it so the 1st thing you you'd normally wanted to say just 1 update the new value but you actually have to tell it what you want what you want to do well which which columns you want the handle the on so it's telling you you you have the either give it some kind of of cut which columns you want to handle or which constraint you want to to handle so we'll I'll try to do that I'm still not quite to quite happy I'm 1 of the 1 of the things that is now have introduced with the answer commands you can now alias the and the and their target table the reason being an almost surreal but more later there's a there's a special tuple available for trying to get the old value and that has a name that could be have have some conflict with it so you actually get the update done here so on conflict for the some key for the some key column which is the primary key which are having their before what we want to actually do is to update the some value column just add 1 to it the the alias the absurd table to you there and use the you value right there then output the 1 and good thing we can do this is with the actual the reason for the alias is is because there's a special special variable called excluded if you actually want to get the original value that you're trying we can see we're trying to update the column B to have 0 or a train insert a new column with value be with the value 10 but there's already a the key be there but we don't want to get the original value 10 so we use this special excluded couple and got the original value and put that in there so that's the reason why the alias was added because you may have a table called excluded so now you can elicit table and work that I think that's all of search him this so yeah
I'm reading some of the other blog posts about it and people were the you can you can give the constraining that you want to be able to capture but it's actually better to give the column anchors the constraining could change but usually typically the column name while so it's is better to give the column in the next new feature is reliable security and so this is in addition to all the schema table incomparable delivery there and I can get down to Rho little skewed against what I don't think so I would I would be surprised that will be the almost as as soon as Italy until you succeed or fail at all and we'll be you're 1 of the other things same as this it it's this is the same way you sample before like with we a function and the exception walked leader fail Oracle succeed either way we I have here what we can do all this new instances of the use of and that you're well but they have yet i yes it was a he was asking whether it but if if if something causes that triggered happen which trigger would fire with the honor and search area where they are not the trigger with depends what happened if additional words were always requires the use of the word in the again to always Institute of Catalonia that you you have and you you think it so an active feature and so but faulted for users and the owner of the of the object will bypass the role of security unless there's a new PostgreSQL become very by our group value it's actually a session the the session labor always variable on the individual tables in cells you can set the rows security on or off if it's on that's a normal normal way users now becomes a bypass that was all obviously and then no row-level security at all will be enforced if use of force than that forces you use and other donors to have the same rules policies applied to them and by default RPG dump will turn security off if you'd like to have that enforced for the resulting dump there's a new option for PD down and if you have multiple policies in the table just doesn't work on them to figure that out in the end for creating new users and not modifying role privileges and just like there's like that the log and log into prison is to bring another the by pastoralists and bypass URLs options for setting that and as low you'll see in a bit there's a you can see the role security options is reading last year on the table and seen frost tomorrow has a specific talk all about this so if you really want to get into the details in his talk usually a brief preview here so see it just
sort of a basic table here and then I made 3 roles appeared on a bill and right now they have all privileges on this new table that we want have an the sequences and added just some basic client info into the table there see with no with no reliable security a log in see it I change my login and elegant as Peter sighs selection client stable I see everything that's there so we go ahead and add a policy on there and actually see what the actual syntaxes on here so I see a crazy policy for the client stable on you can say about the nexus for what actions you want to happen on I want this for this is all we can do for select insert update delete and infer which rules you want to apply to so if you just want to be everything it uses of the public special name that I'm using here and the using clauses can like aware conditions so whenever we're whenever a query is run against the table as the role of a policy on it it's kind like throwing that where condition on there and and also Australia the with check is actually something you wanted to check on an answered 1 updated lead on the table you want to run that check to see if it passes that as well so you can have both the using and the and the check on the so it's so it's again Sam organist beta now now when I do the same created before the the condition is some when the account manager equals whatever the current user is so the crazes Peter so the can hints is Peter this I can I can make this any bigger unfortunately due on the the world to look at your on your on your laptop that not not for this unfortunate doesn't if you go you have a lot out there in New Guinea go the slides and have all commands and stuff upon the slide you will look at it so you can see a log in this Joanna and now all I can see as you want so now I guess you try to do and insert modernist Peter now I try to log N over turn into a rope with an account manager with another name gives an error gives the posterior vector but if I try to do the insert with Peter than it works so that others to retributive so never make a new policy on here so we 1 actually allow other on the other clients to win so it'd be will insert things for buildings of the supervisor so we have the same policy we had before we now we have a check in there to see if the if they're adding these it threading account name Bill and there's well so you can see the news last on the clients this is what the policy looks like if you look in the at the schema of the table itself so now if we try to do so well back in his Peter again and I can see now that I'm actually able to walk insert an account name with Bill but there should do but the client you can see he can't see what action started but he was still able to it so far actually chain back to me you see the 2nd row he added in their they said if you I yell anymore questions are a little security how I recommend going to the cross talk but I think he really believes the 1 that I wrote a lot of stuff for you as well so you answer all your questions next big feature is
the checkpoints segments that option is now gone it's been replaced by these 2 features men also as an actual size and I thought I had a pretty good at understanding that this is a good thing and work relevant I talk forever retreat now I don't know any more subtle but from what I understand and basically what it does is it a lab of before before if you like has it wasn't a whole lot of writing a whole lot of walls that the number of checkpoints segments Gigo could grow larger this Maxwell size actually put a maximum number of axles it will be there and then based on the minimum size it tries to do moving average take today to get the checkpoint done and then I guess it'll only due to maximize if you set the 2 guys Husseini essentially saying if you're essentially making what we what used to be like but now you have a maximum size of on the on the wall because the OK and even here and he said that the max will size two fold is now 1 gigabyte so this walk each saying that will keep segments will that that just goes through when when the masses going through to clean up the wall file that knows no longer needs it will always that's will keep segments is force always keep that many around that so the slaves will have something that replay that they need the kind and not really related to what 1 is specifically for you always want have at least as many around the Maxwell size is it will never grow larger than this so I guess if you have an actual size that's something pretty big but then you're walking segments is set to something even bigger I guess which 1 would override the other it's clear rather than been which 1 would override the other we had look at that the other half that the there is x feature and the jury wines and new of binary to lift up stress comes with an before if if you're doing a failover you'd stop your master and touch retired to recover true here and then you go rebuild drillmaster and pray that year new master doesn't go down why you're rebuilding real master for large databases you could use ODP's think before really large 1 and that was really inefficient as are sink is that it has no idea of the internals of what although the PostgreSQL allows actually are so PG rewind actually knows what the internals of all although the the the data files and so far so it's better better @ much better able than our sink to get things back and think the way they should be so do the same set you did before and then hopefully things every every working OK and so the only thing that the reason for this is if you have an existing cluster if you wanna turn this on you have to turn the wall hence the option on which requires a weaker restart otherwise and the only other way to do this is to turn the data check something on which you have to actually do at cluster initial initial initialization so you have to rebuild the entire cluster if you want have have it that way so long as your starting up new any what this feature I highly recommend turning check something on but otherwise you can just set the war hints on the new feature have 4 in Table inherits so if it if any of you are familiar with the foreign data Rapid what's allows you to connect to other databases and an inheritance feature which lost like 1 table to inherit the properties of of other tables inca minus 2 things this is essentially and a very simplified version sharding years we have all of the other tables on on different databases all coming into 1 so I can show you a
quick demo what this looks like we so organ here and made a metaphor database here quick and I made to that to me these 2 tables on the forms on the foreign database and them connected back to my local database here so when you took money setting up before data wrapper and sensors numbers using the prospects for a Data upper year so I made the purpose was formed in rabbits sanctions on I made the the and interrupt the actual for data wrapper connection here just making back to local host to the new database and called on database and then you have the making use of mapping so it knows what users log in to that remote foreign data after table as and then so I made this dialog entry stable here and now I go actually create a for table with that nor the normal create 4 Table command but now that you can use the inherits option with the create 4 Table command and you see it did the normal inheritance urging the column entries and stuff so Seneff you look at the at the description of the log entry say we can see it has 2 child tables now and if you look at the description of 1 of those child tables you can see it's defined as a foreign data upper so that's all working in the other
fun thing you can do and all on the same thing as you can now import foreign schemas so it's not actually importing the foreign schemas and making at local it's looking at before you give it the foreign arm database connection you want and it makes all of the objects in that form table all in that other remote Table 4 and that there are tables locally so I can show you know what I mean by that year
phraseology was in for schema I'll just use that same foreign interoperate made before and it may be seen in Tables FTW schema and so if you look at these 2 here it says they just made it made those 2 tables that I had made on foreign table before thinks of you have 100 the tables on some amount of system you can easily just and for them off of a like manner I'm not quite sure I would think the use of the include on because I think they're they're viewed as as tables as far as the for data Abbas concerned yeah yeah so if you have any
more questions about all but for data represent and doing things like this is actually talk by Ashutosh out tomorrow culture acting for servers and want to be and in this room so yes the Canadian charter now I did work I work Freddy for data rapidly you have that they have a connection to fight for the right welcome right and get married and now the new options this discussed free deep into SQL food so that so it's harder to do a whole talk too much about about a year but essentially on what you used to have to require queuing doing union also for to get multiple grouping of are group by clauses but with the same results that you cannot do in a single query so our shape
example here so I just made this is just I made this table here with a whole bunch of like how many inserts updates and deletes in transactions per day which is an example table here so
say you wanted to so before the 1 of the yet how many of the sum of all of these incidents stuff perhaps perhaps application we do 1st do it by group by that number and then if you wanna get a by day we do a separate 1 and then you do the union all needs and you'd have both together in 1 and a single result now you can do it in 1 group query so we have to get the result set back like that but it's a lot more it's tremendously more efficient than doing the union all joke you if you you do things like this it's a lot easier now I just have to get used to the syntax of it but there's is other things
with roller pink you but an old 1 example always cubis a year like doing you do our gripping buying you give it a like Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 you want and then a some on and something if say you wanted the sum on every possible combination of all of those uh the group by I comes in the group by you could use something like Cuba no go through and do every possible combination of all this and you're trying to do group writing have always different sounds in a single query and that has just follow his blog a lot on the sexualized linkage of my slides you is what perceived as a really really long detailed example of how you stuff like Cuban role of and this is where I got the other example I did from so recommend going to his Wallace the other ones just pretty simple was actually pretty pretty interesting update you can actually do subselects in updates from multiple columns so and that basically sums up what it does right they're going to get to and then to much more detail on it c and there's no way the Janet if enough people familiar with the generate serious function so well sings it's very handy if you know about it and that handle on numeric values so anybody
not familiar with with generative theory series does before he just 1 do like 1 to 10 used to generate series 1 common and you get all your number back so that she can be time as well as you will know that it is used to using a 4 numbers you in timing given any arbitrary increment you want there is still 65 day increments for over a year and so with the new 1 you can now use decimal numbers so it is 1 from 10 . 1 to 1 . 6 5 . 2 and all those results back so it's very very very handy little function even China like I make a test is wonderful table with dummy data you can do a 1 to 1 million and you have in mind rotatable and 1 command I found this free handy
and I was had to go do weird things to get this actually work before nephew if users are AI you can now actually pass a arrays to array I would have thought that would work before but apparently was working before an election right for others a function usual and take a bunch of guys make an array of of and you cannot pass arrays into that you get a multidimensional array back out it's pretty handy this is a really handy new function for or a skill syntax for if he had to deal with a lot contention your tables so it's easy he show by
demo here actually it's a the trick here so the 7 plane table here with 100 rows and then discuss and then on the data there's a person rows there so say you do something we do a select for update so I just do like from jobs and I got this 1 robot for updates now I'm a transaction and began so that rows now locked to something else tries to come along and look at that C. so I try to get the same row before I I did I also 2004 update and the no way cause otherwise we did it idempotent no weight on them I would run a command this receptor wait forever but otherwise so with no way just skip right over it but now if you do skip blocked so this new option here the and you see it actually yeah I be 47 priority 98 over here and get a different back here idea described X 1 56 97 so now for start up another session do it again notice that Exxon 99 97 so every about 2 MIT now I get back the other before csec transactions open so it's a really handy for around more cleanly handling when you have like intention going on you need use for update
it's stadia dispenser
moral our work on reducing lock levels for a lot of operations and the biggest 1 actually on here is to me is this last 1 for foreign keys typically when you out of 4 he and table you'd actually have that that people while locks completely no rights or reads that's now been changed to share exclusive lock which actually means allows regional blocks rights tonight can have foreign keys and still be all the query the table what writes a block they create table for the existing values so an FIR to these other ones for creature trigger they typically were pretty quick ready but at even less intrusive know the new the new type of index recall of block range index also called minmax indexes and typically in a B-tree index and there's 1 for a for every value in the table there's 1 and there's 1 entry in the index and 4 of this new 1 on every every data block and post post-procedure that a he page so it all it stores the upper 1 lower bounds of that he page and that's that's what the index entry is and you can configure how many pages you might contribute to that upper and lower bound on and then all the just the size of the rent index we look at these the size is significantly smaller than the regular index and they're also created much faster and they if you have big index is much faster and this comes with some performance penalties for most indexes if you have a statically order data that doesn't change very often this can help a lot and make could indexes lot smaller but if your data is updating changing a lot you probably ecstasy a performance decrease and I found a really really good example on this local Python sweetness here she goes through and explains how normal B-tree indexes work the entries work and he goes through a detail explanation of how the brain of index is actually work as far as using the the boundaries of the pages and I can just so recommend going there's this is something you're curious about some those that note that no 1 in X only skin is if if the values if you're doing a query like it's like counter something like that in the end the actual values of actually exist and the indexing don't actually have to go to the table to get them and was back in 9 2 they added that feature for a B-tree indexes and actually not have to go to the source the we just get the data of the index this tremendously faster defined add that to just index is now so for things like compost CAS which have usually have tremendously large amounts of data in them and this can make queries against posterior Slumpbuster still limited to only a box and point data types right now but hopefully will get more in the speaking index is now there's a simple quantity which 1 reindex entire schema this did like it'll reindexes will block everything that's and then once in but if you use 1 of the that really fast becoming coming command for right now and and talk to me about this I would have completely looked over this I didn't realize it was has as as significant features it was on and there's been some significant improvement in sorting speeds and this effects are creating indexes but also if you're looking here explained plant we see a lot of sorting and stuff and there if you have text a numeric data which is used in the majority of people data now and you can see a tremendous speedups in in query speeds so on your talk here you know would mining by exhaustive explanation and that's it's extreme this extremely complex and feature and it's it the the notion behind a something called radiating keys he has a very long explanation of what that is and how it works so I suggest you there this is 1 of those features that most people looking through the uh the patch notes and suffered completely over look because it sounds really complicated they don't know but this is actually a pretty significant improvement fair and free performance overall is unlocked feature he did not turn that often on dynamically and tables and just be aware it's there's a complete rewrite on the table so if you have a really large table this will lock for that whole time and then rewrite the whole thing but now you can dynamically turned off and on if you have like a table you wanna turn into this makes really easy easy on the back DB binary command this and this is like that but the back in command in the databases of of the of the binary command outside the database now has a jobs options and all the multiple connections the database to our trust speed up your and analyzes and very heavily sort of the largest table 1 goes down from there so just be careful when using up all your connection and over overwhelming yeah I free careful with that but to very handy features and this 1 is pretty a pretty handy feature I've never actually anorexia use this option before and so I learned about this follows making the slides and there's a new option to pDx slowdown excellent and kind of gives you a summary of what's in the the wall files so except to go out to the command line here
because try make a bigger I can make this bigger I am
the so this is basically compared Canary that make bigger but that so this gives their PTX-loaded commands stats Grand there and you give it the name of an excel file you cannot actually give it to a starting 1 and any 1 of you is a summary of the data for all for the whole thing so the resolution 1 down here but you see these are all the different services and pressed so the re or managers so you can see the options there the the Handy 1 the 1 I found that was handed over is if you if you give it this stats equal record options it actually give you what is in their swords inserts updates deletes and vacuums so all that kind of information so if you're wondering what's causing year excellence folder to blow up like what's running and you can't get into the database season go run this command on the on the x log files in on the wall thousand excellence Fuller and get an idea of what it actually is causing all the cold causing all your problems on the other
hand the feature and most people use a tool that compresses the role files for the already and don't stop using that but you can see if you if you don't have the option to do that you can and have expressed try a little bit CPU cost for saving Irelander space and haven't compressible files for you so the 1 9 4 introduce the altar system commands and we can actually change the postcritical account options from within the database itself and if you go and do that there's if you if you look in the the data directory aware of the PostgreSQL account director there's a secondary 1 that keeps track of all these so if you if you use this command to change the option in wanna change back you weren't sure where was before use when changes in back way was the news all so you change the workmen setting you wanting to back to where you originally had before the original poster school account or just a default value of you set up before you have this command available to you frame of the runs of ones slaves in those fail over our and 0 point time recovery and this is a new option and the recovered account file so you can give that well 1 of 3 options in the policies promote or shut down so if you bring up slaves were off our or failing over trying to point on recovery and you give it some options in you want you want talk specifically what you want to do when it gets to the end of recovery and promote will obviously make it your actual new master stand-alone database shut down turn off pauses handy if you're trying to see if the database is actually where you want to be for recovery so you could set this option recovered account start your arms start your back up our restoring a back up and have a pause when it gets to the end and then or whatever you recovery target is and I go in and check and see what it is it's not what you want you can go in and just year our recovery target options and then you can use the the replay resume and continue again and you can have a pulse again in this keep doing that is the elderly way you look at right at the top of the trachea it the re re read that it could of and
this is another new option this is really handy for people run a lot of clusters on the same system and it's a new post personal account option co-clustering so J exactly by this so
right now they do and you see all the posters processes are running here right now and if you have multiple if you have multiple clusters running the only thing I would really identify what this is where because this 1st 1 up here but you know I know that's which 1 of those which 1 of these other processes so is associated with that 1 so you do people start here yeah my little handy commands said the cluster name to be denied by life so now it has you can easily identify which is the sum of background workers associated with which Costa yes so I am not sure about that I don't think I don't think so much about that all of the local clusters of the same port on I there would be allowed the same port now not of this
another like nice little features narrative ever done like heavier backups stored and then you try to about the day 1 show you what happens
here it was like some this stuff so can make a dump file here but my the using the 9 for binary
to make that PG down so I can actually use the PG restore 9 4 did you store binary P skill binary so if you've ever done MPEG restore and try to use SQL to restore that and yet crap like that and you have no idea what was wrong so they should do do with the 9 5 binary features make it was that at the time of the year that missile any feedback see that here it's so it is tells you this is
used be restored obvious cure
some this allows the features and or the confirm the committed in there right now on 1 neat feature solid rocket that has blog post about that is hopefully going to make it and now no OK so not possibly right now on parallel bus sequential scans and if she has a talk dedicated him and then have a talk dedicated to this tomorrow at 1 PM going to hear more about it and this sounds like it's hinting at hopefully going toward paralyzed queries at some point but 9 6 right 1 of the things that you have so this starts and that's the and my talk here this 1 is say or actually out 1st how can you help by getting this stuff out and every year we had there there's always commit that's going on and right now there's uh 2 is a 1506 committee that's going on right now and there's a website and go to and the can best schedule for a 9 6 has been released so that hopefully get the feature freeze tonight 6 is around April next year and of course if you have any help is go there to get the fuck you can go download and install at compile it has about so get in here but also thanks to these people plan PostgreSQL is a was 1st basically post-residency view I like Keep up 1 of features in people's well posed stuff that are out there aren't a great resource you can subscribe to and getting e-mails and stuff about it thanks the magnitude of the stocks so it's still an NBA here at the depends and Michael backing for their feature time there are a series of 81 their blogs for features helps a lot and you're curious how I've made this presentations Sophocles real the finding pretty handy so I still have some time left on there's anybody here that has another feature that they like any developers here other features that you want to share with people that are coming out of it in cover it's not and thank you of the question