The Next Five Years for PostgreSQL Advocacy

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The Next Five Years for PostgreSQL Advocacy
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or "How We Can Overtake Every Other Database" According to Jeff Barr, the Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, "Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has become the preferred open source relational database for many enterprise developers and start-ups, powering leading geospatial and mobile applications." Through the hard work from the major contributors of our community and certain market events in the data world, it is indeed true that many new projects, both open and closed source, are defaulting to PostgreSQL as their data storage choice. So what is preventing PostgreSQL from becoming the default database for everyone? We will explore the PostgreSQL Advocacy efforts to date which has brought us to this crossroads, and how through a combination of our ongoing product development and a bit of community marketing prowess, we as a community can make "PostgreSQL" as household technology name over the next five years. According to Jeff Barr, the Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, "Over the past few years, PostgreSQL has become the preferred open source relational database for many enterprise developers and start-ups, powering leading geospatial and mobile applications." Through the hard work from the major contributors of our community and certain market events in the data world, it is indeed true that many new projects, both open and closed source, are defaulting to PostgreSQL as their data storage choice. We know that PostgreSQL is an amazing product, and those who know the realm of technology agree. So what is preventing PostgreSQL from becoming the default database for everyone? In order to solve this problem, we will first explore the PostgreSQL advocacy efforts to date. We will take a look at what features have helped propel PostgreSQL into its "newfound" limelight and what the community has done to create a "buzz" around PostgreSQL to capture more users. We will then arrive at the present day crossroads, and look at different strategies to more effectively market ourselves as a product and a community, including how to: Actively make more people aware of PostgreSQL and what it can offer Make it easier for new people to adopt PostgreSQL Determine the pain points of our current users and figure out how to fix them Measure the success of our advocacy efforts Through these combined efforts on the development and advocacy fronts, we as a community can make PostgreSQL as household technology name over the next five years.
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in 2019 this is a 5 year mission going way out there
and yes this is a variable torque and unfortunately
I'm not I start adding cheating come back to the past until the 1 with what's happening
but as such I get some ideas that use like far be it for me to have all the answers to the good going to into the future and we really have no idea what's going to happen the 1 thing I will not talk about is this no discussion of the name is even forewarned that we it isn't time travel and other fossil that small and of what the time travel was removed from PostgreSQL long time ago but is really when you take a look back at the fact that this state the 5 year the to 2009 the what was happening in the world back then well
for 1 thing you know this is little US focus from sorry but broke obama just started his 1st term in the office were getting through this whole financial crisis was suddenly everyone knew what cadres debt obligation or understood enough that this 2nd acrostic the whole financial system and there's the swine flu remember that nasty little things I had it's horrible don't get so these things this time
was trying to become the we call themselves they tried but there's still expensive and unreliable and in the public stored today to some degree but the better and this little company had
just launched in South by Southwest mention everyone's already check in this morning but and also you might know that the useful stresses are used to use POS stress about this this little piece of technology right it's a a just launched in a and a lot people a that using it today and personal friend knows no JS it did not exist yet so we have a lot is change in 5 years you know in the world and technology and 1 very important thing that happened that year on April 24 2009 was a company called Oracle acquired a company called Sun Microsystems for a good chunk of change but why was it so important is the year before this coming some systems applied a company called my SQL is open source database for a good chunk of change to and the other members like the long-term ramifications of this I mean you know we've seen over the course of 5 years particularly for
our little community which at the time was a big is H 8 3 . 1 8 4 so was cool every we look back 5 years ago now the conferences
are just trying to pick up steam at this point that know there's more and more people coming this is a photo from of the 2009 European Conference and you really start to see know much more and know much more interaction the advocacy side educational side of PostgreSQL in addition to all the development that's gone into the software I mean a and if you
look back you know where where posters 83 this point and we certainly have full text searching for we have no some more advanced data types in some on some different indexing of features different performance improvements and you know this this 84 releases coming down the block with like this whole mess of things like in fact I know it's hard to read in the back because there's just so much going on in 4 which is why I was like such a solid stable release and I can't I can't go a day without writing a common table expressions worry images is become like such a fundamental part of my life but at this point the starlight I think missing a PostgreSQL we did have built-in of replication we need to have read only replicas because pull up at any time in book and this kind of a patent installments extensions we don't have arrival city is another thing I can move without about foreign data wrappers mean we're talking about sequenee at that point but you know we we don't really have what we have today and you know so they consider etc. like a lot of nice things that we have hostess now we didn't have and by use of about about NYC part of being even exist so that's that's fast for me
clearly this is an understatement and years not just like PostgreSQL product itself that's change it really is the community that you know we've grown we've matured where there were at the point where there's a lot of really good things going on for us and a lot
perceptions about community have changed I mean 5 years ago we would have seen a statement like this that was stresses the preferred open source relational database for no everyone across the usage gamma and he did this is I saw this I was like Wow this is such a big statement and this this is also it's like validation of all the hard work everyone in the community has been putting in but at the same time you know some perceptions
haven't changed as well so I found this on a on of popular hosting provider it was comparing them in different different databases and 1st thing you know this event is opposed to performance for simple read heavy operations posters can be overkill numerous once debatable popularity given the nature of this still lags behind in terms of popularity despite the very large amount deployments over and over said understand that sentence but secondly it's like was and it is popular I mean there's there's a lot of people supporting it at this point and hosting this isn't hosting providers website and they're saying that there's not as many hosting providers out there for for PostgreSQL which again you know that there's a lot of tools for it now they you know had had to get over these
perceptions of mean and this intuitive then kind of fun we know is a community that that's not necessarily true in the we we want people to understand the this that the proper way to use PostScript so ultimately how do we make ourselves the preferred database knows not even the preferred relational database just the preferred database period and I think it's important to understand you know the structure of our community if you like it here you know but this is the centralized model that we have a lot of individuals contributing to the project in a lot of different companies and companies employing individuals and just like any permutation that you can think of but it's not like if there is no single point of failure that you know as long as enough money in support in the community that was gone forever as long as people using it a consequence of the year forever earliest until you know we we go back to start using computers and go back to using an abacuses but you this is this is a great thing because you know for the centralized no we're
not community like this where it's a company and they've released an open-source project but you know they know this employs they have they've hard work and it maybe some people contributed to me this a consultant contributing to it but really the the companies that control the open source project so there is a single point of the year and I think we see this that in the market that I know of that company goes away suddenly know there will be a market shift and people will be using different technologies but the unfortunate thing when you have idea important thing for us is that no without this model will
probably never see a number like this is anyone know what this number is close but it's actually it's actually oracles are still general administrative budget of for all intents and purposes it's a company in northern California just I will refer to them I and actually I did some I read some interviews and it's a matter this is you know probably this is not my estimate for the marketing budget based upon what they're the PC-MOS most said in 2008 so that's a lot of money like for fight any company to spend on marketing I mean in in bigger like know fun this entire conference and then some OK example that so
let's frame the problem with that you know what exactly trying to solve min versus important understand what we do well right now and our advocacy efforts is that our meetups is a mailing list is that knows it's something else like what what permutation of it do we do well and water weaknesses because we we don't extend what we don't do well we can get better at the overall Postgres promotion at 1st sight what can we do as a community to build and retain posters adoption and not just bring new people in but keep them there so what our strengths and I think what post this is really well as a community and I think we all agree on is the support but we are not we have an amazing support structure just even organically the mailing list start phenomenal Iousy and in in that post besides the channel the people from other databases communities or using the database coming to ask questions if they know they get a good answer in the post-stressed channel we have we have very good consultants and in the consultants could but work on any technology project let alone posters but they carry such a level of expertise that know tubes people coming coming to the community and user groups as long as the user group is consistent with its new that's where there's every month like we do in New York or every 3 months or just establishing a schedule that where people can attend and the user groups tend to thrive in put in a local post community thrives as well well also very open community and not just in the sense of open source which is very open to people participating in joining and very encouraging L when I started in community 5 years ago I mean I I can tell you a common table expressions from you know the temporary table necessarily and you know people just don't perjure participate and I think that's something that you know that is recognized and really something you know we should continue to do we so we also have like the better I think the best database documentation the world I mean it's 2nd to none at so robust has a lot of information and even though the website is has a plethora of information 1 about post presence in the project and we accept top-notch bloggers Emin if you read some this blog like to pass posts it's I mean like why why bother going to college and even when you get a very good database education from that which by the way I mean person I think is just a couple of when I have to so let's say know this is the 1st that the rest of the talk that where can we improve so the website this is right you know it's like it's good but you know that these are the things we can do better on average at which is something I think we've actually been organically getting better perhaps in the summer purposely someone not over the past few years but no we do need to speak outside the community me a lot a lot of you particularly the open-source companies you know that you've marketing budgets behind them will go to like all the different user groups to promote the technology and there's no reason why we shouldn't particularly no going going to local user groups is of course it's a much easier proposition because no there's less travel costs associated with it now also we should just just reach out to help groups and reject the schools which of 2 organizations that can you benefit from learning about PostScript I think I'm not in the other thing on this will a focus on is that leveraging untapped marketing resources what that means is that you know social media it's everywhere you know and it's sort of an obvious statement but know we have companies that marketing budgets and so in marketing expertise that we use community members might lack and no working with them or will allow us to basically promote was best more to a larger audience I think
also some things that are out of her control which is that is a it's a statements I've heard you know well known me making the rounds that I just I museum want to share no 1 is that any 24 7 support of resources available notes now I kind of like that company Northern California and probably 2 thousand people there at any given moment and call I this 1 when it's a problem I don't know who it is too yes this is a real statement yet it's it was a bomb attack persons yes yeah but is actually from the legal department which is actually given that there i want contributed community but this room legal and regulatory restrictions we have to work with and mean of actually of all of these I mean I think number 1 and number 3 things we can work with the number 2 is out of job from that 1 another so it's much we can do but anyway the satisfaction to like were what we can do better is the website that
I so what it is that I'm asking the questions of this if we can them based on this page what is press so if we go up here so it yes what does that mean that I it is a good question has is different than every other database out there can I find I find this on the home page and that it is easy to download this button to download it and in little small that's all that stands out but you know and I think we all know the quickly into it will get a patriot choose installation the need click further set etc. where can I learn more work and more about PostScript shaker documentation chicken developers FAQ I could about I think about and what is about tell me so I mean but this is not to be done on the website because you know quite honestly if you're ready in
the community as as pointed out so that website but this not all actions on it I think that you know like a good model open source website has so this is an example I
used a few years ago and they've actually kept the same exact website and there's a reason why know kid has a really good open source website with the very 1st line it is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency great I know exactly what it does but how is it different with the next slide it is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning-fast performance out of his SCM tools like Subversion CVS proposes that it's that it's that you know exactly how it's different MIP was the devil's in the details we all know that but know the idea is that you're trying to draw people and would like you to sentences that's it we know the download detected I was on a Mac had the package ready for me to go I in any need to think about it and you know this is this shows for all the you know this is a tutorial right here documentation is right here this book over here everything just fall within like 1 screen pretty easy to read and by the way
you don't get is non-trivial to I mean I'm sure some of you could imagine when posters moved from CVS to get you there was a learning curve me it's a complex piece of software but at the same time if you look at the damping down graph I mean look at me look look how much get through like in terms of usage within like 2 years if I mean I guess that we have at the scale of significant exponential curve for much of the quadratic but still I mean it literally has more damage than all in all of the other all of the other source control systems and part that's also use of the efforts get help to build up to build a developer community around open source but how would able to do that because people can learn get they can understand they contribute easily so we should Goals of our
website we need to modernize it put it put a little paint on it you know improve node gigabit like Marvin update looked if look and feel that we should file solicitor McGinn mobile-friendly because often I might be trying to talk to someone about post breast political my the go go to the website of weight and i'll zoom in and in 1 thing and other things it's just easier navigation which just get like all the most important things on the home page like did we should we should have have like 2 sensors at the top this is post press this is what it is here that the length exactly the were more in right the front page of the documentation and we should also highlight the support resources to remember we have amazing consultants in this community I mean we should be like just lucky that we have some some the some of these individuals no help you know helping us to be better developers and you helping the world the better developers we should highlight that we know we have this available in factor which is the the overview of our professional services and we will that down from 3 to 20 283 in part because light these companies in exist but know that directories up-to-date now and we modified order listings you know we should we should promote it let people know there's 24 7 support available and of course notes the content which I not just the content you know a little more as we go on about how it is that you know we have a mature at the community we should our website to reflect the why my harping on no but that's
about all this is for a lot of people this is the 1st impression they have the project in the community which means that this is probably the most powerful advocacy tool and we really should reflect that because I mean we want people to come and we want people to stay in the Islamic as easy as possible for them to do so average are
conferences we do a very good job with the conferences overall from the feedback I've heard from note the variety and I got a lot of posters counts as a parameter that I love them and there's a reason why it's because they're very good at a lot because the community forces the quality of that there's always people at this conference is making sure that they're the best you know everyone there's represent the community as best they can but have you know we still need to grow attendance I don't think we've had a critical mass here on the community we should really encourage more people to participate I mean we do have some very good speakers in the community it's always good if you know know the updated content they have but you should always get more people there's more ideas out there is more things we could borrow of course what would make it easier to encourage more people to attend is 8 . 4
billion dollars but you know I unfortunately we don't have the right now but there's other things we can do
as I mentioned earlier we can speak at other conferences and as I said that we're getting better about that a community and I think really the low-hanging fruit is just going to like own milkhouse going to the other user groups and speaking at the 2nd earlier in in in my sleep of we do need to be better about that we actually argue speaking to the New York Linux Users Group which is the part practice those member group later in the year and and you know and I think we're going make a better effort just to get a are better speakers and community just to go to the different groups and talk about things related to PostgreSQL it really comes down to identifying what the problem is so energy committee what is your problem when you're doing dealing with data storage of Python community what would you look at it said that the last thing is you participate in educational programs and what better way to learn post-stressed and while you're at school and I think you know all the concept of basic enough that you can go on to university maybe maybe even going to a high school and talk about the relational data and we just get the the fundamental understanding there and we anything think we know that this is a hard subject no it's different than a lot of the things that you want in computer science and being the frame the problem correctly early onto people will for 1 thing what and be tested if an employer stress which is great another thing is that regardless of they create a much better smarter use of this so I
think we should also work on expanding our own partnerships and even just growing once they're already exist so posters I think you know as as post people we know this is hand in glove with PostgreSQL I mean it's built on top of PostgreSQL as a great community and use the geostationary were very active folks you just analog building to related applications but you know there is someone the disconnect between the 2 communities and it's not intentional and things because no both communities are focusing on different problems but you know we should I synchronize more and some of it can actually reflected in in the in the website as president posters which website actually doing research for different talk I went to this type of web page on performance to SBC giving me performance tips based on Postgres version 8 . 0 which some of those things that events already solved in no later versions but when it went it 8 . 0 come out and that's 10 years ago right and I I really hope people on learning things no 1 8 . 0 at this point but I mean you know you never know but I think you know we know for instance you with posters I think you know there's a lot of work where we can collaborate on because they have they have a very strong community and a lot of it was just people don't necessarily know that there's all these features and functions and posters itself that they can leverage as well so there's a mutually beneficial opportunity for community growth and to is something which should work on together so what you get out of
educated users is really a strong community for us a strong community means with is more potential growth of community and basically you know you grow the product through the user base and is basically you know in you just more of further enforced everything we're trying to do so this brings me to I think a topic people love hearing about the tech world called market is tight people tend to have this
view of market so they look at the local or sorry so we can go beyond prior yes the Kankakee on quality features of service that we use fraud which I like to call marketing so is the good news we
can compete on all these things so we don't need to resort to fraud and you should never resort to fraud anyway but this the question is is that what would make someone wanted change in his or her depaul choice of database spare question it's much easier to get someone in school the start out on using post personal uses for it the rest of their lives but you know the saying I've been using sequel server for so many years and comfortable with that you know why would I want switch this really 3 reasons why people switch products the energy in this order they feel threatened they think it's more cost-effective for the thing is a better product being a better product is the last reason why people are going to change and this is true this is been proven time and time again and the thing is is in the community we play really well in these 2 areas that means we have a good argument for number 2 of its open source it's free there's no licensing cost so I Laplace bring upload even pay for a supply contracts in licensing fees will analysis of these support contracts and consultancies etc. but it's still there be much cheaper than some other database software licenses so the key is that we need to make people feel threatened while listening to feel threatened well it's not intimidation and intimidation works the really don't do that and legitimate business but we feel threatened business or even in your life when some this like something like changing they feel that if you're not using this product your life leads to be dramatically altered mean what whatever smartphone link where and disconnected from e-mail for like 5 minutes right you know the whole world and means probably not but you know I mean is a tool that means it's a tool by need to use together my daily life I can figure out how to do you know I can forget how to walk from the hotel to the university of Ottawa without it but really we feel threatened is usually surrounding something with lost like if we don't have this product will lose you know X amount of dollars or going lose employs because they're not happy here because no they don't like the sapa start building on August lose market share these are competitors are you using this product and you look look how much is enhancing their their growth so that's really the key like
threatened people without conduct suppress rest of the world it really comes out a lot has to market pressures and you know how we measure this pressures that began vis-à-vis competitor using PostgreSQL and make the cells and protect activity or by whatever percentage deviation of over to or maybe that receiving so much money that you know they they've no increase the development time output like no doubt the complete outpacing outside would be out of business and here the way we do this is through case studies business case studies basically give these examples in ways that the it's easy for people to digest and read and I already know of any data enterprise DB has been trying to compile and 2 case studies that she wants to give to the community that we can use we we could feature them prominently on the website and show like you know here's the here's how come the acts like they were on database actually moved to post breast suddenly you know they cut out like 90 per cent of the overhead on I mean I think that entices people in a particular the the price level to the move over the PostScript but he would in this is that we also need to promote it to and we think about promotion we
think about this whole mess this whole fragmented massive social media and like I'm sure I'm missing quite a few social networks so currently
with like on social media for my 2nd community know it's decentralized just OK I mean you know we have so we have some very influential voices and here we have a lot of people trying to support all these different communities know we have some corporate Twitter accounts that the following we're by courses personal accounts there's like 4 5 different gene groups like I've lost track I mean talk with the centralization within 1 group and of course there's different people at different events of different social media platforms and mean I'm personally I'm more active on Twitter when promoting post etc. use Facebook as much I don't use went but note that all of these are different marketing channels and we need to understand them you for what they are and get the best way to utilize them to make sure we were getting the right message across about the community since of official accounts I mean I was I was like looking registered do we have any official accounts can broadcast messages from and it I think it's really just kind of post press and some of this prior correct me if I'm wrong I I did didn't I am I presented a very thorough search spend about 10 minutes on it I mean look at me and the idea is you know I think it's great to committee has decentralized model but the issue is when we have
that we run into issues like this where we have an account looks like a completely legitimate post this account is even T-SQL and suddenly 1 day there's like a bunch of spam going through it before it gets back to its normal and appears that's coming from us it's like all that half the community got acting as something wrong with and you know it mean we know this is not us but it's better to avoid these situations anyway just because we can't no 1 benefits from both personal was that it was the easiest way to enhance the social media presents you got an 8 . 4 billion dollars and of money money solves everything in this case but we don't have not yet and honestly social media could be a full time job for us and he really is our community has grown so much there's so much usage and meaning we knew that a corporate relations department or user relations department put it in a better way so here's a suggestion I don't these are right and all of these are wrong if you read my final bullet point I think we do need to research this much more but I mean we do need you need to like have occurred a better social media strategy is a community but possibly we may want have a centralized Twitter account and some of the other open source communities do have that both on both the ones that open like our model are open in terms of the court whatever it was that the corporate entity back and have an official Twitter account but it could be something where you know much like the news that we put on the website like no we curated we decide exactly what those upon it will maybe if the press releases maybe it's in the conference of States maybe it's you know a featured block entry during the week I mean this is something that we have to research and look into but you know what the point where you know if you really want help create more of a buzz around PostgreSQL world we really need to attack social media speaking about was when
you see this what you think of it that way web-scale well among the DVD is a lexical database and his musical adjoins so it's high performance and is the thing that maybe this is the same as the input among DB like the best light when you watch the whole entire presentation and even the and the thing is that the author of physically he likes to uses it for a lot of things but guess what this created by was me think of man would be the thing web-scale I guess we think what's scary thing Mongo DB but the idea is that you know you remember this this is something memorable and something that while the organic you know really I mean this is really helpful Mongo DB on the map again maybe not the most flattering light but you think about it and that is half the battle to get people thinking about how you create
memorable was a member robust suppose we fit flashes in the pan you know we've had no depending on certain releases and there's certain things that happened you know this is a buzz PostgreSQL but no I don't think we have a web-scale moment here you can correct me if I'm wrong but I think you know there's more we can do on this and cost it's hard to create buzz like that I mean you know it could you know I mean that that Mongo DB might SQL video was you serve like a like the product of a late-night of fantasy with a linear like make this character is animated might express my thoughts like who knew how violent would go but the thing is we actually he has some unique opportunities right now this moment to just get on that memorable buzz trained for 1 thing the adjacent B would basically you know we took the document storage model and input in the relational model and were actually doing it you know possibly faster than these other systems the mean time and benchmarking will tell whether what if they you have all the benefits of the document model with all the benefits of PostScript tied into 1 system and that's something you know I think I think we already have a general consensus of the community that like we need to promote that the thing is other people already you doing the document model was something unique this during the foreign data wrappers a the fact that I can like push and pull data like any other database system from PostgreSQL that might need to worry about you know like other drivers in other languages and you know I'm sure you know of course you know you have to install them properly but that's unique that's incredibly powerful and this control with my entire data universe to to put the page right from pose breast like we should be playing that like you know like there's no tomorrow we should feature all these foreign data represent prominently on our website and the idea is that it was a to like you know he's saying this but like you flashy features in order like if you the stay for the author because ill posed this is sort of like you know when you think of was this account like evolve a circuit safe good cop you you don't see 1 like Figure evolve out might do 150 kilometers per hour on the highway you know you want to get you safely from point a to point B my pride kilometers I know stuff but the idea is that you know no there's a big there's sense we do have some flair and if we play per flare to like we can work people in and learn more about how to use a good databases is the only thing we start we have things coming down the road to that you have some flash as well I mean the logical replication only within the 1st iteration of it in this release but that's that's a really unique feature we can replicate BBC replicate post present any database I mean I wish I had that you know yesterday you know we have set the bi-directional replication coming down the road and again but I don't get to debate about when you use the the opposite when you don't use it but I mean it's pretty cool they know for us to be able to do that natively and some of the advanced indexing things coming up on min max indices like I honestly even farther hackers that in a while but the fact that if it does work you know you can basically index-linked gigantic datasets but you index takes up like nothing it's pretty cool but I I know I know another Russian gang is talk about the block index coming up to that's the very interesting to see what's going on with that but these all these designed to just keep post as the forefront of forms and cost who knows what else is going to come up in the next few years but you know there are ways that we can really generate because for the community but of course how do we do it but the point 4 billion dollar question and this is what the hell you have like the best advertising minds in 1 room they still can come up with like that killer campaign it's hard but you know we do have you know we do have some corpora marketing resources behind the community and no people were willing to help and you know we should leverage those in addition to know what we can provide as well and you take advantage of all these new marketing channels of opened up and really ultimately it's not come down to latest taking something train against the wall seeing what sticks the KEDO is we get a focus on expose question is 1 thing to say 0 you were fast in the database X for more secure than datasets but like I was in stand out are unique features again find data records who's doing that was it with another time another database that can connect every other database easily is there 1 but there are have again and then you get with but there's my so this may be all we can do it but is think what what what you have to spend in order to be of the view that with or again but and anything that's the point here where we're given the technology away it's your have fun in fact you create your own you know if you and the other top we're going to have to write data rapid could be making some right now too so we really want to focus on Mexico's this unique and find the right way too late for that message out because that space that we don't bring Tony Soprano start writing people to change the PostScript so what can
we do right now what snapshot items to make sure we can get back the message out there and might be consistent about it I think 1 thing we've really matured as a community to the point where it's nowhere large we have different of communities for other things going on we have plots over busy overseeing our our amazing things with the security team which is no managing any security things that come up this infrastructure team managing all the gazillion service postprocessed is the WWW team which deals with the these posting news and keeping the website today but we really should even after the Subcommittee because the thing is added something very emotional as it should be no were were were basically you trying to get an emotional response to get people to use resource software is no logic can you watch and only so far you know you want people to enjoy using PostgreSQL it's a pleasure to use it and in order to do that i mean this will be a lot different opinions and how to do it and I think that's great and which of course always listen and is the aggregate everyone's opinions but there should be a subcommittee that focuses on executing the strategy of making sure post-stressed can be adopted by more and more people and some of the meat again you know what the media thinks is helping to establish a policy and the other thing is you know we really we have bring the the the website and to this day and that's something you know something that really is not hard to do and I think with like a committee focusing on it we can go we can gather opinions and take all the feedback and we can presented thing that's modern and very easy to use and really really leverage website as the most powerful advocacy tools another thing that you know everyone can do very easily is just speak made speak at other conferences a that's good apply comets go my sequel momentum mystical of there's 1 that's got among the world this talk about you know combining know the Mongol FTW with PostgreSQL no let's go to that's good BST can you stay the week before either the sort of BST folks you know how we can work together that's good to know this that a geospatial conferences and I think you know that that serves like 2 purposes it's 1 node of course taking will promote hostess to these other communities but we can also learn more about how the using it you through to all these discussions and you know will the better product we did lead to abrogate the case studies that we have I mean we know I think we all know individually a lot of people who are either switched oppose stresses build up the company's some posters and some of the Austin things that happened was promoted to the world of course that's great symbols which again this is this is maybe the hearts of all of them because we don't know what's gonna stick by you know you gotta try get a start somewhere so I I promise that we're talking about C over the next 5 years so it's going to the future
always 2019 going to be like but we we might have driverless
cars and we we might have
wait runners yeah that's in 2019 by thinking over stick to you know lot of very good it will be busy are able to recreate policy and stick to it and leverage all the different marketing and advocacy resources we have you know we could
such samples some hyenas he tried to he tried fraternizing think it on our turf I mean this is where this is where we should be in 5 years where route were protecting the path we have a strong community and which is emitted make it stronger so with that I would like to open up for
questions you have all the all the all the people who are so we get here different but I yeah and I think you know but this is is in your i should touch upon this more about 1 of which helped growth was this popularity in the past 5 years was that acquisition back in 2009 and enough and a lot I think that there is also 2 different activities I think 1 the start of World I mean this primary what I've been in and 1st growing you know we we we can afford Oracle licences began a forcible server licenses so we're always looking you know what's the best cheap slashed free technology out there and you know about the stock don't their name and I know that my maestro's owned by but maybe make them aware that and say you know basically by using Meister well you're putting yourself up to your paying for example license fees down the road and you know because you have built up some of you your technology on it it might be very hard for you to move away from this you hire 1 of our consultants are you yes it is the they and actually done both i've actually for both and I completely agree no works very well and with it the key is not highly on that point if you doing for something a text-based you really want to be sure these I try to do anything longer I I was getting very weird result and then of course at that point you should be using full text search which by the way because this is a relational database built in full text search boom of that that the vector that is a very good point you can can use the of word around the the the international and what the language used for you don't like the the the way in in which you know you have to do that we must know that it will be on the found that kind of thing a lot of you in the world and I was 1 of the rule of law that yet yet and the thing is the past years the community has focused a lot on the ease of use just nonstop aside as well but then Nx identified on the side I connected act I was worried about time I think in 1 1 thing that you know I don't know where we can look to improve this difference is the 1 would be be happy it's very easy to create a replica by then there was PostgreSQL this so that more work and of course replication systems know much more complex and this tools added to manage it but again is of use had we promote the tools that make it easy how do other things that we need to know within-corpus pressed making the fact that all 3 or 4 years you will be of they're all all aim at the right here and all that you will all you all the all the
men in this where the word that you know that you can use it and let you do that you know all of that you and I think there's so they get into like a graduation as well but that's why we have you know the the double around the world to hammer out some some strategies around this as well in the low levels of the year is the only way I want you to who know what the world and you would like to be in the halls of the size of all is the was of the the of the and I think you know it immediately go to the website a translator and want to know at apt-get best throughout America is is a much easier but yeah I mean and this is also this good guys on the tuning to me and I think this still a little bit of a dark are to some of the tuning but you know there are a lot of resources out there to do it on in fact she's interestingly mentioned Web posting companies I while we're doing a review the professional services we actually we divided into 2 groups we have I 1 call up support which in which I to water consulting and 1 for hosting and is actually amazing going through that the hosting companies that will still exist in the directory of how many of them are running versions of breast before version I mean I think I saw some like all the way back to like 8 0 8 1 so you can also use for most of you can then you call the mother of the sea from here to here you in the mood of but it read where anyone on red hostile to help with that of the area of the world and you know the the you have a little in the world in his little he want to see how is that in the the the accident did have 1 more question the and you have the right to have the you know I think this is what we you have been in the in the world that has a very good point and she 1 thing we didn't know in your city is that we've been trying to engage the you know that's not the communities enterprise-level customers and try and figure out exactly what they need I'm and you were were actually trying to plan to put together in a system that early stages but know which entered the appropriate form in which 2 basic it does exactly answers and just do the skunk community customer interviews and figure out what ways lacking at this point or do we have everything and we just do we decide to push in the right way so I and I'm getting out signal to wrap it up so I'll I'll be around for the next couple days if you have any questions more than have been answered Thank you


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