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Postgres in Amazon RDS
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A compelling option for startups In recent years, Amazon's cloud service is key for deploying and scaling IT infrastructure tiers, and this is not different with Postgres as well. Amazon's relational database service for Postgres RDS - is a new but compelling option for the startups, when the resources are scarce and administrators are hard to find! RDS is a great option for people to achieve in terms of rapid deployment of replicas, ease of failover, and the ability to easily redeploy hosts when failures occur, rather than spending extensive time trying to repair. In the talk, I'm planning to topics related to managing Postgres RDS : Introduction of RDS Benefits of using RDS Challenges with RDS Choosing EC2 vs RDS Security Tuning Scaling Monitoring Backups Cost Generic Recommendations
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I have a lot of stuff to talk and if innocent by 30 minutes so on and I don't see anybody outside reading from my talks is that matrix so the judiciary having to talk about the ball is placed in the Amazon ideas how many of you don't know what his ideas ideas OK yes OK I will not properly I've adopted a bit about what ideas but added I morning below what was this idea this is going to be all 4 the case so I
1st there are many David Icke directed working with them together for more than 7 years so I used to be only could he be about 7 years ago then since then I haven't looked back working with this and have the pure a Poisson warns the free from audible was this is the best that others to work on I know I'm looking at my sequence was he was still life I prefer working on was good is embedded with a bit of it
on my contact details if you have any question up at the top I am knowledgeable on the development of over underflow by saving of blog iodide sometimes sometimes on my website on history here I let me give you brief up on again is the on setting so this for lighting the solutions that blind to solve the problems that fall into 1 of these categories that mediated liability actually consistency security on this is my plus the gone but I feel like home so it is good and then I think I'd be coming back next year probably I visit other conferences US but this is my 1st people on you and I mean what it was good number of years so
and hiding if you are awesome they'd dialog operations dialog what you and I are going as in
dark or I can use that as an idea of what a dominant ideas to talk about what I'm I'm not representing on it so I need to do them all and here's the light that side what their marketing and what's my view of the language and the bottom of the highlights of the work related is low 5 step process perceptible pause cousins density there and applications set up and everything available to them if you were follow if you Amazon idea or Amazon account again this being of getting the deals with me on both this ideas features that of the care about late on any station and some limitations of and question and answer I think that if you want would only a question that might be good because some of the questions you I might be on sitting at their at their up about progresses on but I'll be happy to answer any question any day if you feel like you don't want would so what is and IT ideas is that when it is on this noted is that is associated so many noted and this so as you can see here but all Amazon has started writing in my sequel this started my sequel added Oracle the glycerol and they had it was this in November of last year so from the metadata spectrum seek what is the most major ideas right now because that has been a market for a longer period of time and that makes sense 7 is highlighted so it's a managed but if you don't know what it meant is means like doctor William about the heart of it you don't have to worry about installing that it w don't ability about the setting of that application you don't do what he about the fill what s back ups you only about little bit about monitoring from the applications I don't need a little bit of a side but usually they take out as a somebody will also it's a company with the what they wanted their so this is like you don't have to install it on a specific driver or anything like you can connect with ideas instances in the sequel using dialog rival are are not met by what order I would you have working application in you can you would connect to their own data made of instance this 1 of the and this is just the of is it's not later had local like that provides application as well as a lot of other stuff but this is a standard of a few others as being about that is this is a valuable basing it on the limited evidence in the cloud that another highlighted them like it's in the cloud everybody should be in the cloud designed for use with other 700 so so it's it's if you Amazon you feel already working then is on like you don't have to do anything extra up the work with this this you can just make blood and place and that's what they are and where there is it inexpense 0 because the period like mandating the databases and that those of the cost actually on the exploiting the services maybe I been the mannose that is well so it's I think that makes sense but it's little expensive up but it depending on your use case OK so let's not
get started there was this idea 1st so I just wanted to make sure that it is still back up so if you are not aware of it like I am I think I don't use what products and was are right now because it's getting back and as you know up is that yeah but I haven't used was this 9 et so once you have Amazon account you can just legal and up Amazon ideas this is the point that you will face and then as I as I mentioned earlier that are different gravity can select for and that we always select both this unless let that number 2 in the least OK so the
next thing will will be like it will last were production on yes there's 2 options like let me explain the 2nd forced its ideas for the 1st time so that will if you just playing around like you cannot be right now you can just use like it's it's a free service that you can play with that and the idea but we will use like let's assume that we are using Porter more important bit itself might be due to problem and brilliant idea about how many of you don't know what is my DAG so did use light goes off in excellent Amazon has no they because centers in the different WD Jones so that is a very easy and the region is like that US is she those other 2 years under that they have a lot of activity Jones slate years east but it's imaging ideas raised in California somewhere so so that's my DVDs so if you want the 2nd that is censored the main instance like the master using waking and set up was sleigh 1 California let's say so that it might be used from and I also brilliant idea of cell on the whole and I unite you all got it definitely sodium gasoline uniting I having back in the my slightly it's not not you know it might easier but I just wanted you know what the already approaches and I is the value that's usually before and it's a little complicated than you think but let's assume that we know about yes next loose
selected in the is order to select the license model and this is not for us because it's sort of providing the set is labeled a con as sequence words so they need lies on my single licensing deviant in origin is the 9 the right now so we can from about that of the the instance class is I feel like I am the and 1 large like there a very documentation what kind of instances like and emperor relies different bag of instances of large extra large it will depending on how much RAM and the CPU followed instance you have so I selected and 1 large or now might be viewed it remains yes what minor wording of the radius what does that mean yes means like whenever there is a that's a 9 the pulley is 0 and it was now so many where it will be available it will be 40 years ago and world and that is really know for that OK it's story let's say a year because 188 use I II of yes and then I said call them so there is an issue that you know the select like you cannot 100 years the palace party thousand I yachts there is an issue beneficiating about about them all in detail the vision systems identify comedy I'm after that on the possible done
that before now we will know of you selecting board that you want to run the instance like the point I used by 42 you have a choice there to the BBC it's a it's a lecture private network that he want select but I want to run on a right now all of it all whether this is your preference so there is a preference you can select like if you are if you start up starting in California you can use of California has a habit of a needle on soften group is the pamphlet it will use portable splits up book both the sequent up on flight of so I think I will talk more about it but let's say are using the D . 1 of parameters rope is the all of it is that it's about I think was physical upon the development of the rope so i think often group I think by the point stake and you don't have the selecting was correcting for another did of a non-probabilistic CRC over here the parameter be put with this 98 and I that he was he critical by default let's say that
the many adoptions of that obligation media but you can't do that with 35 days if you want to have backed up to here on order this out your period of is that window you can select the window I selected 0 poor and the end 4 . I about 30 minutes they can make a backup it's usually fast but this is like if you are running very high projects noted that is then that of the of resources the maintenance window is really important so as I mentioned earlier there is a big minor within of the minor with an that's the main thing is we do you can select the at that 1 7 from or before 30 I you know I'm a little of a lot of bit so they're like and out a notification and I make sure that you said about this kind of whatever customers and you can do that so and that's the view I
think we done so now we have a low cost this instance of Mandarin-English 93 with 188 of stored in a maintenance because is that all of the the joint that of and warm
unconnected B in the sequel of that that said also name on the TI username and I'm connected right now so in six steps if you're down upward doesn't know about later how can I set back of something as book of might be easier application on this is the lady wonders our I think this is a really great of set of instance of this and you have been using this for a lot of like when it there is a new things I want this at all I just being of a new ideas and stuff like that it's it's stupid then like I spent time managing that it that is so let's talk
about the things that that we assume that we knew before like in 6 steps we assume that we knew about the computers and parameters and all so 1 of the things that relaxes is the configuration parameters so I am going to talk about some of the parameters that we care about there's a maximum connection parameters by default are it's I think it's 70 instance on how it calculates is the instance fast memory so if you have a right now I have selected M 1 large fighting at 7 G of RAM so it will select big bad RAM size divided by the number and would that maximum connection 604 you can't J. did go on effective guess by default it takes singular memory divided by this number and the . 64 C 1 need all 4 and say that I think that what you know of shared well for is the same thing you can change this all this but on all maintenance work memory by default is 16 and a 16 MB body then change of what memory by the point is 1 MB and so on and
again this is the parameter we cannot change along the line prefix also if you are still working on all of the force sposób monitoring booklet the using that might not what we will do I know most of the people are working in the bed who is still at values EPG feeling feeling OK so that might not work that I have been studied it it might work but the better for all allows you to passing the law of entropy experimented on
log MinimumDistance statement disabled by default so this family that if you don't know like it's it can no longer statement longer takes longer than that amount of time and you can so the 1st thing you can do you can just the and it will itself on all of us like not or not so this is then milliseconds of 5 millisecond depending on your workload OK
so the process like this this is the government in groups and so if you think that you have a delta stays those variables that you can just be of family that the template for this post because not all qualified in many where you can get it is that you can just be select whatever MPEG-1 book like all those things can be done on command line as well so you don't have the right to use the review I so and you can that as well so all and it's allowed dynamic calculation right that's another thing like people of cereal important like when change that if you do the scale it is in the order of size of the system that it was created automatically and when they were there so if there are no parameter requires the start the next that I'm will be applied but can apply it I don't if you wonder if the concious cannot use some of the parameters but most of the family that I think can be achieved 1 of them is a lot like prefix but we have a look around for that but usually if you're not being laid that is the other parameters like some libraries and other things he built using quantitative is you cannot change OK the next thing is automatic Fulford so
as of now cause there's 91 to when the level of EFP leading online the poor it's not always but I think I think as well it's it's still in back out so they are not fast enough they're moving but hopefully that's the thing I have been talking amazon dilate you like to their it faster than it should be but you can't control of their time on you know greater than you would like for example there's a blog on it I'll also but you know exposed on security but that's what you can out of it by ourselves like you know great nobody bent on usually depending on DVDs node depend on them Amazon so so forth this idea ideas that supported in order 9 the other started and it is good at the end of the application by the nineties so mature and delaying of those other the things that point in diameter so so this is 1 of the 2 so as I are you going to be stored in in an instance in point guy like there is in the that's what the length of of the story instance and you can do so you 1st of all start time and it was the story of inspection if let news that it will hit the newsstands understood that snapshot with an instance of which is really cool it will apply that's lots while locks 190
stores of so this is the new century theater 44 on media is stored so it is restored now and you can use that instead of as like under the instance another
thing this snapshot Uganda there are many our Stephanie you think like you are applying the scheme our scheme watching all you want the biggest naturally going to manufacture there and you can strictly doesn't go smoothly again this is due to the previous word others so it's a really good for this thing and that of men but with is and this is a story you don't have to wait for DBS restarted W so and Uganda documented snapshot snapshot still like for example you can automate it every day or every hour or whatever the frequency 1 so and you can use that story consists of being of that is studied in the previous president yeah Benson and about restoring
another thing it means that the like it so it's still a black box like for dense like that on all as my heart and my of various installed so it gives track of all the events so there's a DB events that you can lay starting from the ones that instances start the all the major and found like that of the discovered is creating the manual snapshots if you knew random that of what need applying the modification to this day are stored at all kind of you and some of them so which is really good all of the
viewer notification another thing is like if you want to just get modified if something changes on my by that it covers started or whatever you can set up like that heard or even getting like back of mediation deletion lower maintenance of particle registration so those kind of humans cannot using e-mail or you want to get the depending on your preference OK here
I think my slide Adolf like should be the 1st slide all and of mother this is like this is what the the UN and of sodium is the I think I think about shouldn't you think it should be and then you have a lot of different regions and the use of the knowledge of you know over the telephone is considered as an easy in our result gives you want OK OK so yes so then it's right there because you have seized EU just raised to the but when you think of all of it is that it's actually dignity you so you so it's not from like you're setting of application from would you not to California from what you know who somebody was like New Jersey theory and then of it's it's not my beauty
so as you can see on the death here is the 1 being here is the 1 so those are the ones who over lived is on their minds that is I right now and the role and it I think
I of input output per 2nd so it's usually use you from all ranges from 1 thousand the particle and I also want an instance of and you need to select ranges from 100 people together but if you want to get 30 thousand idea got you need the selected by or equivalent that I'm not sure what's there I think they want to make money also probably would have had at at at at at this can occur but it is a lot of performance OK all that and say OK but there isn't a show between the door and pretend to unseal the selecting the that ratio so as I said like figure out where you can go up to 30 thousand ideal for effect of for example
I think Honourable doesn't do this but you can scale up with 2003 thousand depending on your but that's
a really good book but it's getting like when you think that I want to eat is dying my instance from 1 thousand i optical proposal without an idea you can go back to the instance I went back to the more by the government on the on and use the difference of the 2 I want include the phase of of ideas in that 1 and said the idea of the proposal and then continue to show me all you
Estonia's cannot be is because of the reasons light because they don't know I think that information about the object of this size or something like it but I outside citing you can go back and I think it's online do so that's really cool you don't have restarted it have so you know
all so as you can see that I think is ideal life in the in in the the so you can see that there is a desire you also there will be a lot better it don't light of an hour for me to so it's not like in 5 minutes you will get from unintelligible thousand you still live through the Spirit Awards cause of of of all of us but he also talk about an hour being desire from 1 thousand because of the background there were all of it including maturity How might be the was greatly might be easier and elected only the 1st time it was the weak because the the newsstands was started by in the you like 16 after the united in 1 year and holding it will be the people of the another
thing is like whenever you around cloud you care about security I find it so I thought isn't security of access from specific like again select by the products needed the job it doesn't allow anybody to logging and ideas and stuff so you need to a set your IP address only on the PC up from your PC to eat fewer 130 working at Amazon is a he could a group you can define them as on that you cannot put assigned to this instance on you can use the the of the none of the thing is limited before throws like that our ideas of bonding the role and ideas that middle of new ideas of what cannot logging so widely applied on EDI he's not a superuser it's a superuser pointed is safe in creating that it that is it will discipline so you can see a golf or anything you want and that what that it covers you cannot do anything on that was bust earlier work on SSN is on by default so it is good for cloud on so you can see so as the cell and so on and on and on so I'd so from a security perspective that makes sense that the good thing I like his lady doesn't allow by deployable everybody to connect period evidence that you need to define what is a book anyway to connect with the instance monitoring and map
makes so these are the the flood monitoring and metrics I wanted to separate eventually appeared instance it's the CPU DB connections I think we can about the connections of are where most of them are still missing late you you know a lot about the monitoring to so if I would still if you are using it as a sum of right now are evaluating problem customer pool migrating down only to give a bit of and don't want man is that Amazon E C 2 instance maybe and and this might be a good deal of the of option for them to adjust the being of the ideas and then use that so it's a monitoring and metrics like the the view of the utilization of the features are comedy holds that placement like if there is a higher affinity gonna worry about the fact that it will be filled automatically on and its use in signal or synchronous applications of it how many of you don't know defensible or synchronous and analyzing single knows everybody knew they could city adequate features if you are using it right both there's lot 2010 like that's another thing usually people being late OK that it that is a dining everything is fine and the problem how can I dive into the blocks so there is a bond so
but it's not pretty but the
1 thing is you can download that flies others that demands for all the stuff I talked about lake ideas so there is idea idea of the mind that you can do the whole idea what's offline and relied on a menu of this operator you can embroider so not find any then was the log is it happening you can download a fly-by everyday you want valid Oregon and the B that it can do that so I think so you can do some kind of maintenance like of analyzes of loss OK the
next thing is there's a limitation like you cannot install yard of course called customized customized extensions but my viewpoint aligning evoke 35 enzymes which is like all other accents and so some of them are the same but the big dog is there at story that was the idea that the central is that of the thing is the equal world so what would would the really is there so those kind of these although most of the expenses out there so if you are a like for example if you like and admire colleagues it stop right of the bottom and let's say we talk about that with them as label can install this out and you make default but no not yet so maybe about something but right now you cannot in study oral customize the extends until Amazon is valid for you aren't as the
apples because of the need to render the humans again the proteins and I
just want to know the number of class and the number of the phone duration 600 seconds of immediately based on a single in the US is my PAGE like what's the difference of the performance of it was
about I think 5 point like find it and what 2nd white lovable 101 86 about 5 per cent think and 5 cent difference if you are using the might was a single instance because it's a synchronous application that cities and depending on your life as you know like something that high lord on then you might get a lower performance do so that's a good question like you don't have access to another instance you you just assume that there is only 1 instance everything is in background yeah but is intended to the ones but you writing the 1 you don't know about anything that you can't access the different those sleigh water streaming applications so for my DAG of the lady like that in the back of place but it will not be the feel like you would be missing the filler right on it all longer time you have it has the building stands and then being of the all for say it will be automated like you will be still using the same on what where the idea of whatever lowest name you are talking to you don't have to change any application yes in inflation if you all right yeah cause I was not enough to know all the of all but no you cannot on December the synchronous obligations what went on all all all
of us at all yeah you know who you are OK that's good deny the know of the
limitations I think that like we are still missing leg in my sequel ideas you can set up a dedicated sales and you can access the that it's there right now it's not possible in now was this
on you don't indication of a big from migration lately have build them pretty Stiller right now and what about media been late the state of the art still in the initial stage where most of like the black diamond so and they can it would do there is doubt based time then you might be able to win the date at this site is small than the scenario we haven't been using it for me Jenkinson where they are bringing up the stairs on standard as they don't have for so long as well for high-dimensional is that hardware cost and they just use these ideas and each Jenkins so as to create a new data that is 1 of the yes yeah migration if you have any seed instance right now you have only 1 option right now you need to dump yard UCT instance did others ended is to body cannot set of but application I think somebody asked me declaration and on the channel but it's not possible yet of the monster cannot be stored in the the satellite out with that of blind yeah working they have the about 1708 emissary ruled out that the bonds that are running on applications work and it's always a good idea to run on that because of the way so there is no down side for that cannot install the custom Accenture enlightening LPG department that me using for a number of lines so that might be a problem of pricing OK
so there is pricing model on the the monitors uprising Monday Monday is like many you want just east it out they Uganda's to being of the instance on easily is 1 year to the years depending if you want this is a very stressful when you need that pricing until all I just compared with the single EU within is you can see the difference but because you are being for the field as well so so what under was this a candidate and playful would would easily instances like it would be cheaper because you are making a long-term commitment the bank to a it wasn't people and brighter than include then we write X vendors that all of us of what OK all all of yes that's maximum power here no
knocking down but externality here and there some references they used that there will be undermined slide will be available on our BG gone site and they make up for
the reading my only people don't like the word radical collider was greatest accessing posters from Amazon RDS it's on . com if you want to read it says very detailed article about how what's the ideas about another
thing I want to mention in the society conference on the have such Conference in September 24 2 3 6 and wasn't and easy if you want what they it's more about this candidate will be all that database application
on and I think I will put for questions so it says that everything 0 it so you can store energy got bigger all that all the world of binary what I mean it yes all of all of our highly others did not include the stories for the nite he'd going to putting it at at the at the half an hour and a half that that you and the skating down but they are stored is cheaper than anything and everything else but yeah I will be X locks and applies so maybe if you need a 50 need a bit of it is you probably want set and 80 in any case it would recommend is to set the data out on the besides where there were would that it other size like when the good reasons why you know little or no no yes in their theories and it's that with the rise of part of all of their her eyes were no I think they're still working on their streaming applications no and the momentum of yeah but I think as part of that record like by seek quot ideas has their thing so I assume that it will be there do something it's not bad if he could circuit and broad when I was going to show you so it's just select their free dire instance and even exceeded their liberty default like this and that was conducted on Friday be available and seek and there's going to the dance floor and see that was needed before you are you're worse off of that and there's and then you look at the ocean last question is the heart of the the heart rule of of law and all its that kind of of you you OK 9 known they are still struggling 194 right now that all the likelihood in the world you word of the lord of the unless has a 4 or 5 words in so here so I told you say you are the books and that he is like the the you know you have to use them in the lumen of the year by year and you've already read Read about this on you right away from you of law on 1 of the really you know and you know what you know of only a half of all over the world and the world wide cool and I think I think they're very approachable guys that I have been talking to them for back-and-forth cryptic because you can fix this but but but if book if think this much