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Multicorn: writing FDWs in Python
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A tutorial showing off Multicorn's features Multicorn is a generic Foreign Data Wrapper which goal is to simplify development of FDWs by writing them in Python. We will see: what is an FDW what Multicorn is trying to solve how to use it, with a brief tour of the FDWs shipping with Multicorn. how to write your own FDW in python, including the new 9.3 write API the internals: what Multicorn is doing for you behind the scenes, and what it doesn't After a presentation of FDWs in general, and what the Multicorn extension really is, we will take a look at some of the FDWs bundled with Multicorn. Then, a complete tour of the Multicorn API will teach you how to write a FDW in python, including the following features: using the table definition WHERE clauses push-down output columns restrictions influencing the planner writing to a foreign table transaction management This will be a hands-on explanation, with code snippets allowing you to build your own FDW in python from scratch.
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to everyone has thank you for welcoming here I'm going to talk you about PostgreSQL extinctions that things were to go on which allows you to write for in that are posting crisis and even within already familiar with this extension so that I can use it and you but it can so the 2 slaves would be published in the creative commons license so if you want to in later before and I start by looking but by myself Trying hand at hand rule that was a French was was 1st of company and I'll be able to walk was with by some as the produced as a developer and no so what we we thought about the 1st idea general find that the rep overview so that everyone is clearly the concepts involved in here xenograft of of to install an old to use more to come up with more on the the the more examples and the the of the of the torch and will be dedicated to to implement your own 4 and that the report in bytes and what you can do with which account and translates and you could use each release then we talk about that a bit the difference of the difference with a seat C-language for and the so all those and watched the so an avenue of future reviews from erupted as new 1 which ones although she has and also fall under the over relational database system or something like that not get so my friend the reptiles and utilities we but the sources as they move as for in tables that's what's there's primarily used full traffic lights management was was clear that you should be aware of and obvious is defined by the SQL MED specification 1st among the full object says the frame that are at the front of the is just a set in both of here sense of and assume which regions which are called as good during the exam to benefit is indicated that the execution phase and so on usually you install an extension that we create 1 for another report which is named after the expansion of the case for progress point of of the try for another opposed and the referring to the report of that I know so can and as side notes if you can't understand me because of my accent feel free to say and lots of 4 and a half dozen in stores and I know that you use it's you will have to create a server a server is directly attached to a friend and that's where you usually will find a connection options and so on what sets the remote but as the so it's their own owns in favor switches what we are all interested about 0 to read and write that out of the US and foreign sources and is attached to a set and then defined more options than what is defined on the set for example which was was for another rebellion and find that the the name and so on and it looks like a regular favor that means we can execute select statements as well as the image statements and mandatory the the force the that is of interest to us today is the use mappings is a mapping of those 2 useful specific information for a user but then into a cell that's where you will usually the unit used the username used to connect the remote but that's also if you addition system walls all think that so this is a maybe example recall using the by 4 the rapid you have created extinction that will then a for in the number values then the and then you can define for in Paris with the specific options qualify for another and identify by including the and salt the so you
know this what is magic Michigan is was whisker extension which allows you to write for and that over in now it is licensed under the progress here license you can find the code of data and the conditional on its own site it's also the Jason the extension that work for of was and so it was there that's because there which is my former employer in you may have been you made you an asteroid you may have been asking yourself what is the bubbles of such a thing why would you ever want to write before friend that the wrapper using anything was alright for those in the West developing of a friend of my work quite complex so you have to understand always origins unit to implement implement them and see if you need to access and and those the us you usually have to use another library written in C 2 which can this so the goal is to provide you with is a book that I think it's really easy to get a 1st prototype that can access remote data using logical the 2nd is to be able to use the Python language and it's because it's again use any by some library yourself and that makes some quite complex that's really is because we have a rich set of libraries in Python or many of you are use of ice OK can I say that although the 12 with regards to classical friend it's 1 extension that we create only 1 4 in that the Republicans opposed this because it's so then you will have to create individual using in Europe by some other that really implements a call function basically the 1st bit of Python API on top of the CAE yet but this PPI is really simplified and fiction that picture from work of the work for you the extension itself is then there with some use some of them are really useable some of them not are just uh nothing other examples of of to do something among these modules is a strategy I don't know if you know it's it's a library bison which allows you to connect to which were right so and abstraction layer over strong and that was it white what people amongst multiple roots at the at the differences that's really useful because that means you can connect to any relational database management system using magical as as an idiot be provided as well as an you can also read from prices them over and an example that they didn't write it but such is quite useful it is you know you can also read from from did I don't know if you attended the produce a conference this morning about strip so using to the you see the so this is
the same results that we so today funded but if uh debated this light can be used with the really did now because it's really easy to implement a friend rebuff of that it's a bit slower and slower because the debate I story get format that's that the kind of thing you can do it's info something like 20 lines of code of by some guy who also reciprocal stories and it's the good inferring the
extension is written you get is get the sources from you that all from adjacent your and making store and under that means that you want to use it on a great extension were to go and you look which at that point the newspaper
of its of its no media then you every other 4 in the power that you have to create a cell and this thing of components in is that 1 option is 1 of the is the work of the those used to specify which by glass will implement the voltages and then you can create tables that we'll use cell with the specific options uh that that that the by some other units so
well going to use it all to implement such a simple for another you know that any question from so like so the 1st thing we have
to create bison project since you in the work of using to be familiar with Python choosing problem
the and then you results from in
the back of the room was a conference great so if you familiar with my son you may now I a said that quick then it's really much here just as
if I watch to project name is through the license if you have the dependencies you would put them here but it's really a license that is independent everyone's what's
interesting is also right for and that's the simplest for another Republican want something that doesn't do anything the think
you only have to women who extend the friend a plastic and arrives at its acuteness that's all that's needed there's a there is also of books but to get something basic you don't have to to which model which wasn't so thing
stories new but OK I
have already this before but the the thing is that if you don't do anything in the existed the the if you don't do anything and you're going to use the the force return value of license which is rich in iron which is it's an interpreted language account as returning to normal so we now have a friend that the others it doesn't do anything that we used the but I was so it's really
easy to get so we get something what we go visit this we have
the predicted that the projects like and a friend of the repulsive does nothing but it lost it space no we will see 0 to actually do something obvious example I chose to pass through 5 nothing really complicated who believe will be too fast and the written rules based on the bottom that there was a school bus the right the so to do that we need oceans 1st of the 1st of them being what is the of fiery 1 about always in other languages you can't just by instantiating in you wouldn't last by giving its but it's a function the dictionary of functions and a list of course with the current definition that that's it's a front row and then you can do whatever you want with that raise a world history function is missing I don't know and maybe at that edge of be area based on the common definition what is important to note here is that the 1st time in a session that you exist before in their an instance will be created and it will be cached for the rest of this section the cache would be invalidated if you change and action or something like that but if you want to perform the initialization you should do that do that and to construct is guaranteed that it would be of called only once this session so that's where you would use just connection may be of things the if so let's work through
which will occur in the constructor we're just going foreign which would be killed keeping a reference to the options and it's attracts abrupt and then we will get some options that monitoring we will raise an alarm is it always will be translated to oppose with you're using you he rebuilt and there was a longing ratings and unlike other so then but then just be a regular expression with were things which we define the and then that's acute need that will just open the 5 and for each lines of fight you so this can be used to generate tells you could also used and returning erected but it's better to use a generative so then you're uploading or another 20 directors of the year for us in the fire and exposing it as a as a friend the
nothing fancy it's here so if you
want to test that 1 of the of the so
in this my was was clearly defined on the ground set and here we can last for the other things
immigrate to the most 1 of the 1st 1 which states only uses the the message do so also for 9 below 1 it was a bit more complicated with the regular expressions which is a bit more complicated the possible the human eye and you really have access to occurrence define always 20 lines of code in of the of the
so there we have a basic provided what but there's so much more we can do so for example you would like to to and conditions to 0 for instance would like to optimize a bit what's what commissioned character in the past where to go I with last so when of course the predicates who wrote in US Europe query and translate that into a set of and objects that you can actually use to push through the and so that's was a strictly for in republic it with with that at where conditions to the foreign relational systems as that's why the idea that as those it would translate that to complex payment conditions using rides all although it indels conditions you don't look at the existing code for also an example of user the handling going to implement a reasonable optimization where we assume that the although by dates and that we don't need to possibly a 0 by the water of by the way presented with the condition of the floor dates less less than some data so it's it's all we can do that we need to intensify
at the candy where would seem to be the area that's zircons redundant that was last 2 arguments the options and that is the good and definition according to the mission is just a Python objective with the following years so you have access to the column name that I believe it was it by quite a debate name the base that name was formats in different so for example you would have the numerator on numerous with some technology acting and you don't have options on the people it's like referral for only review from that to receive the
conditions existed is scored with 2 arguments a list of conditions it's worth response to the uh and z and a list of 25 if you are under all conditions you won't be able to push and the and this is the 25 is that than list of object of all the mean of parietal invited the value is translated into by some uh as best default that means if your current for of uh this you and I is data received a by some dates object same goes on for all integers all that and what is important to know is that all conditions are going to be rechecked by of whisker because magical doesn't want to get in the way of implementing for and that the rebels and was false so they're about to declare what conditions will actually be checked on the 4 inside so it doesn't remove those conditions from the from the conditions that should be executed looking it up no that's clear yet so it's a it's a choice but when you implement the before and that recording by some you not really concerned about rich conditions on the positive side that so all be going to the that readily to Bozic was argument spans the the rating with the base is videos and whatnot so no where did you
get a bit more complicated when we need to move to reviewing the need to track which currently represents the data in the this is done with a foreground option is that and once we obtain that we know that we have resumption and then we will be able to visit the patient to read any
intrinsic admits everything thing we have to do is look for a specific condition that we want to put nice log if we find its then we can optimize the and known jello's we then we don't need to pass the rest of the fight performed the condition we would think so we know at less than 55 50 lines of code for US emotions using it using condition known and the a bit of of the keeping with real also your expression but it's all in less than 50 lines if you want to if you want to be this with for offering that our currency I don't know or was it would be so this is a small
example but you could imagine for the optimization is that if we have a greater than conditions of they a group falsify from the air and all 6 that play that is shown to implement it all that is expanding the safety and knowing you think they're interesting stuff let's say and we want to perform the joins across multiple of 4 in Table we know that for a specific back which where is the equivalent of an index on that line and it will be really cheap to board just 1 aligned with the condition of the form ID or something wasn't what this we have to do is to declare that magical which we then generate generates are addressed last above us which will then be able to using to plan its query accordingly and to perform a nested loops in the right order instead of fetching all the data and performing a manageable bone and joint wrote so this will allow you to avoid pitching the whole data from the native so always implemented for and what they need to do from the license you just need to implement the get past the middle which is really a simpler and then don't wait to involves planners that yes I have that characterized by us and the remote site and if you send me a aquarium with How will conditions were using this is going on you can be expected to receive that much research this this has been done like that instead of using this for analyzing mechanism because probably think it's really much easier to just the clear what you have instead of making was rescuers collects the disease that is the and getting a representative sample that's complicated stuff if you ever need to do that if we 2 4 back to work we see it the friend that are yeah it's all about is you and so when you declare this fast is it will be compared from which a gone against possible condition of all possible uh in by joining when it is due to barbiturates possible for that to make transform so let's say that we have a base there which I 0 100 rules before people as 1 with some rules if you know that it will be extremely cheap to fetch just 1 line using the the can declare ASCII using the idea with unexpected workloads of 1 the different sites and it is used to estimate only rows with well with uh what it which with you expected to fetch which affects the whole table on so
that's exactly what to do with what we do is we can create a new class which will index that stage the world and the the name
of the and so what do we do if there is we
create wealth when they move that community not written in the best case and 1 of the 1 of the queries in the last years what they want to show you here if all of the planner will change the exception valence just based on those uh the duration of a song on there so
we create a new several using this new glass the neutering the using this there so if you if we
try to join this thing with a loaded labor and things it has to be created in it we see with the past is whether it's too willing to move that all extended under the table and college for from there that follow for extended with the idea of if we didn't see the advance that's we would add that in that
which with for instance which we've batch or the rows brutality and perform an actor group so you will have to fetch the whole better prose to perform joint so this you tool but also optimization it's no drink was them because that's not possible right now with friend of others but it can help in some situations I've heard of a user successfully performing it uh queries with up to 7 drawing and reading before in Tables with acceptable response time only referred estimating of its uh as uh the parameters and that's that was used so it's
really so now we've got from some
simple optimisations we inform the bundle of what's in optimization so that you can choose the best possible the job if you want an natural examples of those something that uses the image you can look at the item up for in the chloroplast which makes somebody's get and shows about the number of American history that the person that was envisaged by the new unit and so on and so on and so on so the next topic is how to write in a foreign because no since that's really where I want to rights into 4 in favor let's say our regular once it's a symbol CAT rate that was by someone is even simple you just have to implement those street in there with a value which should be which would be a dictionary of the values you want things that we've got a name on 1 side and with the name Isaac a key and the value of the value that data will be the same with the old value and the new value is that that ended with they only your body FIL follow for and that are about to be able to use this API you have to be clear and attributes that will be that way because that is used in the study to try to uh infrastructure which will tell his which so think of it as bank of apparent pragmatic but and revolts and you can implement the because it's commit and rollback method which of books that will be called a different band brings the transaction and I think I think so if you want to implement from Section support because you remotes that the tool supports it you can do it like that is done is in the hysterectomy for and other so the transaction will be will be supported the the end of
last which helps you to rights and forced selection and repulsed by just to be a cache of weapons in the data that separates it from and just pushing it's at the end of the conviction but certainly be aware that a true only be used when you have relational selection capability and you want to things and because it's better than nothing
but in the In this chart shows 0 the room CAT II of translated into by some difficult as a friend that the regret I defined as a blend stage and this would still be called which will be translated as a different size and the best unit of those which which to which are you to phage or another that's different than is written the material vertical and doesn't do anything friends and then add execution time series things that synset we call or in is I correctly get scared which we call this acute need to go reference to the bison the director returned by your by you make that and then at each iteration fiction you let you return it's to the pattern and so on and so on and so so is a good match gonna here is just to be simple and to useful books like if you really want to read something and drew during the fossil I don't know your bit of review your own a little bit brittle because that's not the goal here the goal is to provide you with with the use of what the baby to see if your idea is viable before you invest I'm writing of 4 4 in the a all or if you need someone of scripts to better the result something like that that can be grateful for that too much yes thing to think about those consideration if you plan to use it yeah any questions at all and
2 . 7 N from street the street to street look for and someone if someone knows of use Windows all the windows because I'd be happy to take any prejudice about it because it's been commonly referred the question but I have absolutely no idea what to do and extensional walk with Ivanov with anything when the engine all the questions 1st of all the historic and in this yesterday friend other other can be used to queries is that the base as I've heard a few those using its to Korea Mexico and Microsoft sequence but no 1 would say there's all Oracle on but knowledge from walk because the underlying library support for writing the whole right and so all all all all yes yes that follows you from root of the estuary to meet our project page which is which that that the his ass bolted with with which us about library and technology if you install that standard specifies the rights connection string it would do other questions are so thank you for your attention the


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