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PostgreSQL and Sphinx

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most well thanks everybody to select the start of this book I am to another guy I am from Spain of actually I'm going to Argentina so the I'm changing my country right now orbital case about space and prosperous and maybe it's not something that this usual here because In general we we have all the schemes what we did was we may ask bad actually seems walls but we need to recognize that states has more features with my ass the I working for Parliament
and sigh company which is based on 1 of US all of I am operational deviate we're working with my as Sandra all squares and other databases actually and I am the Spanish press conduct and I am working with action and community also and well this is my public profile and until descends to and that which is 1 of the guys that work with us as cop out with the of the new features of the newest version that alone people
this is all the service operators that we are in our lower company so if you are interested just on test data make more questions at the end of the OK this introduction
various we know we have to the search on the data that's why we should use a space some of you are used as being some production right now or development well which is your experience of all these things what was what library and you were it's very small areas yeah just like the question was yeah I will see some stuff but yes things fast is 1 of the features are cat is very small it's like is so simple and the difference is so the sum of the if you if you haven't solar and so learn long more complex feature spaces no I don't want to say is to know about is more complex than the things Solomon question OK
this is the new I will talk about this later so will solve the full
text searches basically we need to search the text mark we end with complex queries on the database our but you know we we can just look like which like cars across 1 billion rows would be a suicide so we're using in full-text search for which is a technique that has a special index which contains some vector that is specifies the position of the war and you can search using the index and look on their on your table that in addition side you can have more complex queries that for example statement optically samples you you want to search about computers by your table and you have computers computer or computer so you can search we know you know with root world and across a large dataset using I sold the from that you can't you want to reduce the idea OK you use and then next so you're using it instead of making full scans of on the it does anybody use sometimes for that search OK and some impulses we you have are 2 options to use with except external using another tool which is same solar or internally use and then at the full text up over all stuff that can for search although that was by relevance you can put a rank OK for example if you have a text with the title and body and you want the search award but some articles have some words in the title you want that those articles being the 1st in the in the in the restless so you cannot rank cells is language-sensitive because it's based upon dictionaries so it's not the same as you order they have an an next using up an English a dictionary that use in the Spanish text others is faster than the regular expression and Michael Grant injured OK that's the
question wise thing so if you have an active support or
from bosses why we should use same while that the main question of this phase is you are insulated all that full-text queries another set so all those heavy queries are on in database that just isolating them from the database and put on all the notes because streams feeds from data that comes from the database you congressional and Einstein's null and rebuild without with Chelsea will sacrifice in any data consistency wherever you don't care about the consistence of the speaks at the point because you can be up and all the nodes are replicated nodes with the data coming from the database so and on 1 thing I I will just say before continuing things can 3 those indexes in real time OK you can theories of something database can fit the index but it's only for my In the Bosphorus case we are using everything with hasn't gone speed OK this is the addition of forces but makes basically the only thing you need to have in mind is all the queries are running on things Hamilton transactional OK so how I I was paid how it works and production but basically all the things that you haven't Sphinx maybe you are not in this moment on the data is because you will feel that indexes for example you can feed them each 5 minutes 10 hours very wants our assemble at simple supports like real-time indexes but basically can use it as a crime
I don't any too much customers that ask about real-time indexing because if you have a lot of inserts and I really I know where the crazy to to feel you know the full text search engines with with data constantly will be crazy so if 1 still nothing support you have some cases for and traits all you can store the text externally you know you have notion an ocean and techniques using effects on the database also so you can however they indexes on the data have all the text the text what on those documents on your file system so you don't feel out there you're database and you have all the documents he actually on on your system by you can search using the full the searchable in this sort of then what you can do is all the way just store they call welcome on the database because you want integrity of that document and you know index that document with these things yeah you know different approach the main thing of they're not to support the use of try to Don try not don't index everything 1 of the most common errors of some customers is just OK I want to search something I graph all the data I have and put it all on the so it's a very very common used on just the clever how do you index the data in this society and the search will be expensive expresses if you have a low state and index so so that your or your data for example set index the titles subtitles and the most frequency wars over an article bond index were that appears just 1 2 times some of the this is also think about this explain but basically it's things uses an idea so you need the that i the use of surely 64 bits the story and that when the prices from DC is that's careful table that you can query for check your full text search a step and and will this is fast basically if you don't use before the the full text search but basically you have a little functions on society that you can for example parse and know how false receipts passing on on on only with to collide and for this level
written on C + + highest enable so has the little basically you FIL the scale the discriminative because you just bring data from the database sample will be nodes so you are you globulin up you all the distribution this manual there is no magic and things so if you want for example are you have a big database and you want to note to the next 1 table only but is very very stable so you just have an and in this form that table and then you can browse all of those 2 you know index all the all tables the discoveries mn just mentally so it is reasonable because it's simple it do you just made up cooperation file and tell seems how to reach the date at that same there is knowledge matching here you FIL things I have things on some options that you can greatest need all our does not only for that search you can for example no which are the most common queries or you know then the spelling database for example if you miss you know if you make a typo on the on the search you can test query the misspellings dictionary soul things will give you will then correct did the current will so OK and this is obviously written data from Boston is the way that we have this
is 1 of the new that this is all 1 of the the k features 0 the new 1 which is the features that we will talking about at the end is the final research our speaks doesn't manage for your which means but if you're nodes is broken it wants make a final world the no we all 1 no the only thing that gas is the text that the final of the text that the known instead and just doesn't use it is the same with the distribution of it has an action that basically checks within terrible and if the old alive or not so basically is the only thing that I got but is very good it has a really really nice consistence because if you think about it but if you have if you have a broken old then and you want to create a search and the search to on the other no if instead get you would just work with as a stand alone and the scene matches that works for the mirror or for the distribution you can have for example several notes with several chants you know this node has for example there some articles from 1 to 1 billion 1 million this 2nd the last 1 billion to 2 billion so you can search why do we to talk to know have no all non on the on noises single search it is basically and that's why I realistic you make it mentally if you make a mistake villain updating indexes yeah script because basically you with this great you is spread ever across the notes on so that then the main trick of things is think about it before to but the better saying is you're not touching the data yeah just with their native from the data so you don't break anything if you just make a mistake here that's the thing office space you are just isolated all this staff to another node if you break and all of his being that is just on you can just fill up a new 1 and but the best thing of of of this approach is and the reference is just always keep the notice small the have like futures a huge nose with large data with things it can handle and all off of data that but that's the meaning of scene is have a small modes spread out across with the same indexes with the same with disparate indexes and in and some some no it's just he breaks the just you can reveal again that that and the main thing is when you query the the database used use a small queries but you didn't you you don't grab all the all the table to them to the Sphinx you can think the word to encourage to make a dead in deal that's he incremental index of and just uh for all forms normal chest in the from scratch and you can be allowed range queries which means instead of bringing huge resistor to the things you can't just make a query to made by range no each like thousand documents and brain small pieces from all of the of the table just to bond she'd over all of this
while was Nunes things this version is not production yeah is the the last version is don't know where to go to the three-year-old which is the last part stable version this is a beta version the it has some features of the future that we are looking for a knowledge some is that H. a supported and for this war have and all of things that maybe is interesting because this thing is being used for the for that house when you need to search for example you need to know what users and that's a looking for I don't tables and you want to the same those so what what are the related searches of the news example in general the use of that looking for tables are for computers or for me just for the Navy so you can build up related searches and then to the data warehouse I mean that you can offered to the customers specific things that if you will if you buy our table maybe you want to buy up for a sample of the and and this 1 is it's would that be index and also which is all the feature that was added specifically for that the warehouse in which which is you can specify what are the most common words then you will face on that resemble you have a side that is related to databases maybe for shared and moss-covered words will be databases tables and she for example so you want to specify those words he here so we will be it will index different if and you just go on and say not OK and all the features that and 1 density Oi this 1 in the real
world you the I'm a full issues when you build up words with their parents for example is not a sign on it is different but basically a you can this how can they simply say much my might reasonable and so you you want to the optimal policy that the climax is this is there the for example for the 1st letter and the 2nd part is like is the probable for apples so you you you can with morphology specified which are the lost sight awards for example if you say I might you know that I represent it as an example you can do everything with that for example but the force for example have again that colon but before so you can be a lot more foolish names if you find this water it means that you have to watch and inside so you when you search you can search by the time I lost that that were it is such Max with such matters as a war and will find much this already few search I'm not with find Mac because the morphology of the war In the light is the bases that's assignment you you can a lot Siemens bodies so the different of the sentences is just I a say that worries that will morphologies me from the full she sets is it a long war with that is now have several wars inside because those words also at the Swartz and search by those 4 understanding is basically is what I call before when you have simple our computers computer you have the rule of law is distinct so the that's why I put that searches dictionary-based because if he such computer in a Spanish dictionary you won't find because basic listing what it does is if you if you if it if it sounds for example are yeah computers it was destroying the next computer because it's the steaming world that computer that the yeah
it's sequence if that it is you can see reasoning if you rely upon our clusters in our food that's search in that I will show some examples now because this release to the to the lock it just convert that have you just problem a phrase and to to to select or and you will see the steam actually you will see that how we comments each wars in the system in I hope to fit that it seems all this is the miacin and also some of them are the main the the main options are these when you'll when you stole it stains with the packages or you want to to the polls things with the compilation little you will see actually that you have those 2 databases on on the options the and SQL all basically you can build up from of obesity or or Javier connector also and you can just fitted with the XML also this not too much time the main thing is when you go through as being sort went to that and therefore the data I mean where you will grab all the data how to process it OK is what I saw I is what Italy for Don in its everything so you can choose things inside which state that you want to Linux actual on where just starting and how is this is funny thing because actually you can a lot of schemes knows and for some reason you want to the several instances in the sense of why you should what you want to do that because if for example you made a mistake you know building this tuition and all our Bill enough for example the new indexes you don't need to kill out to kill them that the whole you kill only these sets and then do that that you want to know the killer cell you can stored insects in the test in several places and have up a solely at every part of the indexes is on your day consider have everything on 1 single data is not a database with the itself but basically you in storing
difference parts the In this section when you confuse things you will see there are a lot of duration basically has those sections which is the source where is the data coming on have been that's how to process the data the index which is that how many resources so would just the index and research which is that the the moon itself so here you can said which boards to use the the porch then almost there the peak fires it's those
I 1 of the most common for that the that search extensions that has changed as you will see there's not much difference with the full text search Boston but basically the most the most usual are the and and OR operations to basically are the most useful there is there is not a literal expressions almost you can for example the other useful and although useful searching this 1 the press media search which it's made by 3 runs I don't know if you so if you have all the tree rounds I basically on when as the excuse that that I life until to search the proximity this is take 3 letters of the world and in I it takes all the war in 3 areas considered so for example in a war will be the 1st 3 of the 8 l the 2nd 1 will hello and then it will so compare the prosody using those bunch of come on in and the other 1 with inches the most useful but not operating but the most common and or with the most modern enough because
usually when you have a lot of our site you will search of all the dead which were very similar only you know have very complex queries In the practical from the connection well this is interesting about they can connect of space using happier for that like every although database are you can use this things start issue from ask which is more interesting and that 1 of the best things that this being scarf we we met my has that means you can blow up your your might an instance and this is connect to the mightiest and use the tables that they will be are stable inside my house gotten just query the tables that being it's a starting this things but joined with minus the tables is like this addition they have to be your my eyes just you have to have a so I don't sets of applied 1st by 1 of the things that we wear a hearing on the maybe links that some primary was show spirit and soul there was talking about them there's let storage but I think related with that of and many Israelis also with the brain that away and the other thing is staying still basically things has its own if you will I don't want to say skill but this constant learning which is very similar to last you can connect and to use that the English using them I compliance this In addition to install the massive plan or if you have a rate you just wanted to the strings and just other things with you will see that very similar fueled worries the only difference being the hobbies the the use of the source is not the table is an index and the searches will be will be like the full text search we don't we don't against my school when you want to search with for the search is used to operate the match and the variance In this case the bond used against use the match and it will match with the hiding of I will show you why I said I'd angle long if rules up yet sorry I using that was assigned might as well what is are you mean if you if you were coming at work I and then take it but it was very tricky but basically it can work because our distressed issues like this some you know interconnected by Haskell you'd you'd you'd when you clearly I when you query strategy it is totally transparent for the user you can query a table and by and you don't have any idea which is 1st initialised using Soviet-made working but usually really weird to have a pulses Corina my Haskell to Korea storage engine which is instance but the can become racist but the main thing is that the another person the keynote but that but that some of the questions on I was searching about 4 that a rapist for these things and then fall and so really nice total the see why or maybe would become without undue granted away before its things it is not a complicated because the queries of there is reason enough for them idea school basically for and away so we we we can see or build our friend the words or in the future if they're not mustache Russian
comes out so we also until other and you know what that things storage from the on the out of the main thing I was saying because it's related but don't forget that phosphorous 1 makes full-text search in index so you don't see it how is index of debate you can store the vector of the full text search on the table but it's not Yusuf that what seems to store everything in indexes it's not like false was that have tables and indexes we cast inaccessible that's the main difference between this things on between the Boston between all of the data so this is what is the next is synthesis some of the office and you you can have with this distinct thing says you you have wronged also but it's not here but principle you can have the option of of the ordered by rank which is which means or thereby around instead of or the but but this is very similar with with the the of the
features and she understands I never use it Our is new for this version is in at time 2 just but maybe is interesting for people that is used in both positive of schemes for all you know to isolate over all the helm 1 their databases and just have an eye shield the towns seems and can use on the same side instead of which data out and push queries on phosphosites of the range queries which is basically with intervals I think I don't want to say nothing about at the same time we we see variant of all feature of boss was we see the terrible the terms things in the school and then we
both services actually you can and blow up a configuration file I will show you where you find it on this on the code but basically you can about configuration only for the news bodies and back the 1st thing I'm sure also say here is you need to have it works and you need to build up a dictionary case not much magical its to have the corridor words on the data the 1st thing and then you need to have up then the dictionary
this also you can essentially for devolution service you can do other things so on show the most popular queries on like we will when you but something it will show you the suggestive basically interesting standard such
it is the user's for for that datamining also when you this is what will the forum of that if you build it if you buy something maybe you want to say to the customer OK you can by this things we which are related because all users just by OK the
compilation what I among recommended to so install it by packages because basically the main package are integrates minus school so if you want to promise feelings but only for passwords and to keep it small this is not the only way that you that the only way that you can have things with all all stress on the board no I think that the colonies very basically the same with with all the we our suborder you compile the only thing that you need to have in mind is enabled by 64 for be hearing exists for B indexes and the other lines of very basic is that the libraries and includes is the only thing that you need to have in mind that the rest of the lines the only thing you this but may not mandatory that because we we were but for sure recommend the and make then obviously if you will compile and you didn't libraries for the libraries and then OK for this so presentation use and this of the main the main distribution for a space doesn't come with without compile you'll also property will SQL I do that I and that 1 so I can show you that the called the basic this the same place on tables with some data and I tested and also we Bosporus xt Everybody knows which is 60 that the new blasted brushing always use of for overnight denying the 1 which has the capacity to to have just the heard with the data but you can it up is to with the tables for replication this is the same it's just going by would use in the libraries from the cultural scene but it works is well this is that the best the basic she Holland books application press query Sphinx this seems always return thus the 1st little affinity to know it doesn't return data I mean it doesn't return additional data when you we develop an index and you start I worked in a next as things will return you those columns there are they be all start date OK so if you search about for example tables you will get an ID 1 thinks nothing more you will do 1 gets all the phrase of the data that's why seems are it is it is not a data is that you can use as main story it's always been used yeah so the sorry I'll do it is is the order yeah you can have the rank of all 4 of them of each 80 but you know how the data I mean you when you greatest things being such that the data but doesn't returned to you the data itself so what you need to build you can return at least 1 or 2 columns for example for each you want you can have like I related column which can be the group or whatever from the data will show an example there but basically will return if the application needs more data it will go to the the data it is not it would just use that and the writing yeah I and you yeah well basically saucily bound you can do a lot with the storage that we get minus the structure engine also it ultimately will bring back all the data use in their this 1st engine become the levels my yeah that's this for my as the base of the data is the same as did that's why I said just publicly expand within just keep it simple small because this change will is useful just for the common queries for example and you need to know if that you so you you don't want to where the data you want to part the since we're at a like and then with that idea you can search and data is whatever you want yeah just mention how many of you know you will exited from the data if you search those simple queries on this thing you have the optimal without with the user at and just search on this thing inside and on the indexing size obviously it's just taking rubbing data from office and ambition and funding is this is the common approach is you know the basic the basic she involved how to implement Spain what you and what do
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Titel PostgreSQL and Sphinx
Alternativer Titel Sphinx and Postgres
Serientitel PGCon 2013
Anzahl der Teile 25
Autor Calvo, Emanuel
Mitwirkende Heroku (Sponsor)
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben
DOI 10.5446/19060
Herausgeber PGCon - PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers, Andrea Ross
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Ottawa, Canada

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Full Text Search extension How to integrate both tools and obtain the best performance + reliability. This talk is focused on the new and hottest features on Sphinx (2.1.1 beta) and PostgreSQL. How to combine those tools and HA new features will be showed up during the presentation and also, how to reach a high performance and simple text search

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