PostgreSQL High Availability with Linux-HA

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PostgreSQL High Availability with Linux-HA
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PostgreSQL High Availability with Corosync/Pacemaker
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Ottawa, Canada

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The Corosync/Pacemaker framework which is part of the LinuxHA stack can be used to provide monitoring and automatic failover capabilities. Now with streaming replication in place, it makes sense to use this robust infrastructure for PostgreSQL master and its replica handling. The open source pgsql resource agent also does this now. This talk will talk about using Corosync/Pacemaker with Postgres. The talk will be on the following lines: Introduce the Corosync/Pacemaker LinuxHA stack and talk about its features Talk about PostgreSQL 9 and the high availability requirements Talk about how streaming replication helps meet these requirements Talk about how using Virtual IP and the Corosync/Pacemaker resource agents, a robust high availability solution can be provided by using Corosync/Pacemaker is a great platform to use for HA and talking about it at PGCon will raise awareness about it.
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at all the mine and look and representation it's my 1st time to on I get a presence of that and so really to be here and this
is what we're going to talk about today and I will In general introduction of what what it is actually means and what the definition of the family we talk about it and stuff all the time but what exactly it means then we look at you know what transformations going to defining of highly reliable systems and look at some points there and start from the the the idea of that was in 8 1 which is what about like 8 years ago and the illusion that we have had indeed look at 0 what was this often to far achieved and then island introduce the which is the open source I believe that the stack that is available on Linux systems and look at components that make that comprise of that that the method is introduced it will actually you know use the streaming replication facility available with 9 . x but minutes embarrassing if we can actually have an automated higher level 99 . 9 9 persons so called the system to implement this fully open source that it's a little bit was enough alright itself so the standard of
will not question my name is Nicky Lau so the and while falling member at only it's stunned is basically uh I'm sure you must put of course the sexy during the the physical and so have this also was the sexy and we have provided evidence of a solution of plus other the radiation so that it will introduce and I got introduced to the attesting know because if you know what x c we have multiple components right we have coordinated as we have watch so and multiple nodes right so if any of the company goes down then you know you are in some kind of pressure so that and I so looking into the side of the aspects of the components of x and if you look at the data and what it's just like a stock was best right so that's how got into the solution of this limit 55 and streaming application when the I've been around for about 7 years and I got introduced to Castillo why Enterprise DB it was 1 of the initial members of and they're in the operation started and a lot of performance features on the compatibility and so on and before that I was invited semantic so that's what if they must announced development background from this slide alright so as I say no we
wouldn't be was defined by having the right itself what exactly you have when and as you can imagine it's a you can have idea of the book databases you can have highly that enable applications you can have of anything that you were make any any so that you wanna make evident and all of this is like the biggest definition that you can say about attitude it's basically a person to define that a given system is growing service and that has been deployed so the study of was discovered in this instance 1 year from that's start point in the how many don't don't don't have you had on the test the don't think tank that that indicates how many of you are so and as an example and a new system is Mary was inevitable if it's been done for Disney that doesn't I think for this is too much of right yeah so yeah so the have what yeah but even those eyes right I mean even if it's like bound for a half half a minute One minute Well over half an hour later on the does so and this is what everybody wants right and everybody's looking for the fine lines by 9 6 9 whatever right so everybody wants my point my my my my you never want ideally you never want you you know these are so was to go down but you know but the fact of life much to whatever this go out from scratch so we haven't even that this is another big misconception when people talk about it they think you know it means performance but it is not is about immediately it's about ensuring that assumes that the so it's not about performance in itself anonymous is that an old people think you achieving give you high-throughput right again that's a buddhist separate topic it's not designed for high-throughput order load balancing it basically told how it is a mechanism to keep your services running and the brought you up and that that had lot incorporating new talk about the all right
and this is the static why why do we bother with it is right this is discussed this right and is expensive and if you're an online store of abuse on our and online portal crimes and stuff online even if they don't work 5 minutes 10 minutes it's it can turn into hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars right so London is getting really expensive nowadays for online systems and obviously if you're working in a company when you this don't current dumping because it was like the negative right and then there are obviously many physicists battered effects and 51 when down and there's a lot of offline messages on your website users are not going to come back to right so you have a really matters a lot and then what is going on the the world 1 reason
for so OK this is another xk CD on the other you need ecstasy this is a standard definition I so can but I wish we have this this if this amendment does this kind of crap right so so basically this is what we would want but you the problem is that we cannot have sysadmin our guys sitting there adjust monitoring your website that you can just you know OK I don't you would not from the agency for itself or not to understood that right so automated solutions alright so that was about some of
the basic definition of of what is it and why do you need it now etc. let's look at the evolutionary that was visible as follows was the school has some in core features and there have been services provided by other days as it has gone long so we look at them so the only support was added in the G 8 . 1 and it was like we have like why shipping and pointing recovery so basically if you know of all all right and lots of every activity that happens in these it 1st goes into the right not and then of it's a it's interesting would of course be defined so yeah basically people you could database that of the database and then story on the law that was generated after that point in time and the work location the it is a professor be thinking found some somewhere else and article using those not files for any point in time so that only the 1st phase of support from the core of the for the and then in LPGA Tour the head of 1 standby so it wasn't implemented a bigger the 8 . 1 feature and and that in this case you are you had secondly you out of the running on a machine and continuously the going from the wall of the can got from the family so in this case there was a little bit of a mess not from the uh from the earlier case where you have to manually status over and then apply on the of 5 we follow bank and then it declines In this case you know you are you had stand leavened and and was continuously in the background playing on the 1 finds it was getting from the right so and the reason it was corresponds on standby mode because doing the recovery I mean you could not find any queries are or anything on that secondly machine it was just that is the of going from the and so this is not strictly in any time order but you know there and of people died to come up with the shared this solution so we we basically have a fan of between 2 nodes and then you could you would run was this on 1 machine and there issues with that node you could you would basically decided on the other machine and because you have a shared storage you had to get out of it to you on the other machine and obviously this a little more expensive than what you would want and then somewhere along the way you had localized is application so so in this case basically you have a limit system and in you have a file system which is certain abrupt device and if you can't figure something like the what it will do is what I would do it I going notified system it would be it was using electronic locally right whatever was going into the final state of the but I will send it to the other side it would get up and then that's how it would maintain the they're not mirroring so reasonably popular solution which was present if you will be forces and the other you find a lot of and suffered stuff about setting it up with the really the performance was not that it had been you get about 30 to 40 % degradation if you using such benefit but it's pretty popular it looks and if it a lot and
then in recent times we have had dogs 9 of X where these introduced standing application and before that you just have know what and why it may not want to of the difference between warm and hot standby as as I mentioned 1 standbys basically continues curriculum also it's not being anything as on that machine recognition of resources on the machine but just like right with hot standby program you're dealing with on that and my machine so if you want to program reporting or any other and analytic stuff you could offload that kind of queries to your by machine and the money from the if it's about and M. 9 . 5 so this fast and mild-mannered 0 and 9 . 1 you have synchronous of assessment has been feeling replication retina the and has the what's synchronous anything so depending on your requirements you could have almost 0 with the right so in this case and the modified that the block so been across the network and by and they get like there and if you say status synchronous application of the primary rate from act from the and let saying that has applied this wanting this before local right so but but Synchronous replication you have like aligned with the parameter and think that depends on the use case examined if you're located in a little bit of slack all you know if you have checked secure acquirements initiative to grow so I think and this is what is what we call has led the future where 1 of the future that possibly vitamin we have was sexy succeeded is right scalable distributed cluster based on was press and there you have you can have multiple coordinated movement of the nodes and you can get a tendency using such kind of sort of no I'm sure you all you want some of you must have attended any of these presentation today in the morning right so we we we speak about you know what are the options everybody but a very important point to note is that in a the failure does not happen order to automatically automatically right you can come up with this sort of set up in can set up primary into that and so on and so forth but then so all these solutions need an external hi everybody in faster to lecture manage the of is in an automatic fashion then when no
so the provides that some pieces very important pieces that I needed to but you need a external solution to come up with a looking at step for your needs right so
is a simple solution of scenario that we can take a look at right so you have your application running on a machine and the databases right if anyone from node and you know you've taken care of everything this set of who wants standbys so and and this is makes streaming replication hot standby right so you're out all the activity that is happening on the primary it is getting replicated of the standby so not know what happens in a you're primary node goes down right so and look at this the use of that what what are the steps that would happen when you wondered Freud energy here right so what you would want is you know of so all annotations in order to know that this this could be the public eye people which are the applications that connecting to and then the application could be happening on the different set of like it right because you know you don't want make your application traffic and a non-graphic so you would that they have their IP on this remedy the the which are there because the connecting right so OK so you're primary goes down in what you would want is you have a hot standby so you know you're still safe what do you do what you want is 1 of them should be promoted as you must that is what we want step number 1 step number 2 is the RIP that all of these guys were talking to right the debate the that is this talking to it has to be migrated from the what the news new product you must so that is will render of and the applications the dialog and only on the basis of they can be connected to the using the same IP
and and this is another this is a bonus and if you can get this right what we would ideally like is not the application start working with the new master additionally the remaining reconnect this new master in such a applications so as the need to mention minority you have this this kind of patterns that make and have a standby fact following the new newly promoted last using by managers and stuff so so this is like you're in a basic up at your requirement right and you want all of this to happen automatically when you did not gonna sit there not going crazy or an event and that it when we're right want this to happen in our automated phase physics manner so
so this now you know this scenario that gives you your requirements for at using was this so the 1st acquire another set the application should be able to connect to the same fixed by the edges regardless of In the field of happening so we need not applicable go from the point laughter and you must have and these people this study issue with the primary as soon as possible right so you need you need to have wider processes running on on the nodes which basically periodically what you're it this and ask them you know how you alive is the family and is the secondary alive and so on and so forth and of it did for me a good thing and if you would slow steadily stacked beyond that same node the and and and not resorting to fulfill your immediately right because you can have friends issues are not they can be some of grass and ultimately you want investigate the grass but at you want restart the server immediately there's no order problems right so so the it is solutions basically Monica your database and prior to the start of the issues and this is this is really important right I mean if the if the primary node goes down you need only 1 of these standbys to be promoted a primary variable on case where what the standby say and of it for what we don't want that what happened again this is
important of the IP address should move to the new master only it has Oh yes because people would have laughed right and there's no point shifting the IP address of Nordic if it not being promoted right you don't want to the applications to popular stand by right you want of the applications of of world proper read friendly and I mentioned above this 2nd and then it would be good if the surroundings than by the next to the new master you still used to continue with your adjacent for a while yeah and this is important for it to happen automatically you know it will be an office on the diamond sitting there waiting for the last 2 have alright
so so we looked at level required to what people lies in water requirements are what are as it is from required from at a solution the let's see if the unity of rights that right so itself so that's it is a hybrid existing solutions for Unix-like systems in order have that's free BSD Solaris the given it's been around for a while it's been there since 1989 and it's been slowly having increased action and of open source and k management space and this you an example last less uses it uses it as the before there that has all stuff but now it's in looking at this more closely and trying and obviously no there are beams everybody for 4 different flavors as needed it and they're like all
but a lot of components of the most abundant component is the messaging here so you can either use hard because policy but there's a bit of there's a lot of confusion about the new and you know margins followed by this project and as it a board it is to be known as heartbeat earlier and then you know it was bonding to a heartbeat and pacemaker and then you know of course encode was part of the open the the project and then when it became a separate entity but itself so at the latest version of how is just amazing right only only yeah hi because in an integrated solution Oracle more at last but now it's just the missing here and its job is basically to provide unknown membership information and modification of nodes joining and leaving in the cluster right it provides us a missing emphatic between the nodes and it also helps to political and has the right so if you have a lot of your resources 1 a tree nodes the last of you need at least 2 of them to be alive so that they can defend was were around the resource in case of 1 node goes down so you need a quorum of system to identify at the that and the missing there does that there is about the bond gone as peacemaker which is like the units for the computation of the which resources you will want to manage and all what is the of ordering and we will look at some of the stuff and it uses the of messaging there to get information about memberships and all of that stuff and then 1 thing is is this is extensible any resource which can which has a start and stop at the freeze which can be shut down using a CLI any steps you can provide your own custom agents which we look at this so
and this and look at some of the best of you in and some stuff that grandson it is something that neither messaging are in more importantly and in some cases if using it to need storage units so should the other node in the head right it especially if you have a little media standard solution and and fitting of fate or you definitely want 1 billion order to realize and people in writing you're going to be just right so stories can be used to actually shut down and order do you have any any that you wanna do and then this is what I have on others need to rely on so that was only perspective and the 2 associations so we have which are basically used by reasoning character who manage the resources on the different boards so you have to support operations like start-stop monitor source from water so as the water resources they up there and they're like so many intensively believe that the peacemakers to handle resources like Apache poses yeah and you know
you also to have what 1 of yeah that that that that that's how it works right here it's difficult to get a quorum includes system right but uh so yes so this aligning nodes we talk to each other and deciding who becomes the new master and you can specify I was yes so that the quorum but if let's say the government will your tools on 1 side and not on the other side right so the school was thinking of that that 1 that but because if you if you enable potency can enable and right this forum is but our tool based not be even and at the core of so it the not is not start community percentages not of the services yet right also some because of yeah it's obvious possibly on the yeah but you know you don't want to have the same kind of way to start from the last on In this most we you have been of but you might not be that the what was this replication so if you want to have the right to 1 of the so that's a mode in which it was collected by the middle there right so that the node is up on all that information is provided by the mass in there and when basement gets that information it decides know what needs to be done based on the active set for was a we call right is the problem is is that In this was so this the so he's talking about the pacemaker invented so in in in the hazard some of something on as a designated coordinator and that water is the 1 which decides what happens in itself of going down and stuff I yes from
out of apple in the future we just need to concentrate on this thing understand style and the painting by the knowledge that you need and then right you agents are highly compressed mutants and reason right no because if you just have to know properly follow the if this is gonna the opens overseer framework cluster framework and the
detect right so just depends upon what he was saying that I mean this is like you know and maintenance of the situational all of its of its not to easier it's a little bit of complex technology that we have here and that is short they're like there's a local resource manager demon and then there is no strong opinion if you want the story that you have the consideration management in and then you have to have the conservation information distorted images stored in XML format and this and then you have these services this so far as it opened eyes it's basically costing and this is how the intensive usage of bits of time in which the missing leg of growth prefer costing can be any anything back more direction as the because B and because it is I 2 in maintenance work it means that maintain activity like of course and this meters the stack that people tend to prefer nowadays and I use that that forest on the requirements the end the and yeah about along with this thing yeah I mean it's it's got people are referring that knowledge alright
so as it just now looking to look at associated and the latest was just the result isn't based on streaming application middle here so it has been converted into the the association of repository undercover and as regards this is the it follows the opens or the specifications and and they disillusionment supports or a master-slave resource using the replication that support was added by lots of and the 5 to 6 months back right so
this is a warning right and the so that sees that that's not really pretty right and I'm still not a part of XML up there but that it's still can be pretty hairy go look at by itself before
you start using this resource insults knowledge and as we're talk about you actually using the other resources and that's available of the that you and of of course the going 9 but exiting applications so and this is the usual usual step into of going to this uh 1 thing that you do is you just you create a that the 1 the other North and that occur we got confined indicated by the associated itself the 1 that I want you to and
I think and there's a a
decent amount of follow documentation about how we should all we can use this associated but the line 1 so it's possible on the steps that need to carry out so in but there are many different ways of
specifying the changes that you wanna do any of now its a chain of this we have in the past and use that and then stick of CNN right so sort now available back to to the set of images that I showed you right you had the application you have the primary you have to stand by his and then the steps that we carried that we want to be carried out when it is fatal right so and so you so inside the conservation of the propeller at the inner stacked what what needs to be like and what is the relationship between different entities right so you need a better define a public I resource and this is the 1 which the applications chemical because of the arrow coming in from the that that's website to the various and this is how you specify the states of primitive the given name of the primitive you specify which particular association is 1 of the news to handle that of primitive and then because using the IP address to the right that takes a certain set of input parameters so we need to specify those input parameters for 200 so you know the IP address so which make on on that you make you want to run a marathon in masculine than then you can specify all you know how much time should go if you if you invoke this fact and operations under resource and for some reason it doesn't factor in obviously after failures right so a cancer survivor how long would you allow the start of run and if it takes more time than this than Europe of opportunity right so so for each and every opportunity if I by and also was what what action you should do if it fits the installed the resource retrieved from the fact resource so on and so forth and this is the most important of the activity the monitoring accurate this is how pacemaker will actually keep on marking your resources so that it knows that there is an issue which is to take any relevant action I give ball back to the
diagram and actually that in all of these slaves would want to they were different IP address vitamin little model mix and a match the public traffic and the replication traffic right so you define set another resource for of the replication so the antecedent parameters IP which Nick run on stopped like stop parameters and in that obviously stuff and if you want to allow leads on the seminal long so we
want to the the application FIL shift to the new laughter right as long as you know even new mustard along the master right the application I Feature notice of the new must right so that the remaining hot standby can independently connect this replication I inside the started the application right so this is what you will need to be done and In in now is needed specify that binds to the group so you can say the at the master and the editor together so that it when you say opens as group it feels a lot together where if it if it if it has to fit yes so I mean I talk about the associated affects the that are in involved many of the web and you will invade right half of the installed university you get the resources and sell of them with you so yes look for many of you will need to write them all up only for your test and usage right so if you if you want you want so as to be highly available where they you would get and you will see a framework and implement all these facts stop Monica parameters and related services but I wouldn't estimated so far on news is yes of and there's like a dummy of associated with and there's documentation available and no the the documentation is in and this is not like 1 of the most effective in that they can if it can as a bit of a learning curve but once you once again has that it's easy to write an associated sense of 1 the front of the pieces together there the because as long as you to the you and will and you know what I was going to say things this so if I have a lot of them do so these 2 it also yeah all these things have been the we so on so what so sort of of me don't use it internally ourselves as well and I was used in this is like this is beating its stuff right and in the world is like the performance back so they can be some issues but the idea is very simple we introduce the framework can you all all the pieces of that in any have altered and custom resources where I use case of probably yeah they're probably will with it's a pretty simple resulted in them and we use them as long as have 1 level of education and I have in Fayetteville or from 1 must have standby by 1 of these and believe the that's that's tell that the act is the initial letter whether and you can this in the right traffic many of you will be careful you know you you cannot be very or the less about the lower right hand you have to take care of you know enough issues alerting about that but this is aware of
it lately later and that's what that's why giving a warning right and this can get the right so much for this is actually the vote of Ross this SQL associate and that's in the last part of the inner city framework which contains much of sense stuff right and if want provide a bunch of parameters for this is also something that all what is your application user was your DBA users which sport you know was to what's the facts through the CDL be sequel but it does have the Fullerton place if you cannot provide the parts but it would be good enough this kind of you know anything about what use and what not in that it also has a reputation more taken since incrementer right and the need to provide a list of nodes on of the was a running so you would you have to use a shock means of of amino acid or a feeling that it is said that you would have to have you names as anaphora machines you can understand that that so given that and and there are some prerequisites you need to follow foreign in it is it is it you will all right they have there the you can have a lot more it's running then In this up to be assumption that now that the the right yeah haven't do will add to this point and this is not exactly the and it's a pretty complex implementation worry about matters and mean I as about the encompasses all of their own custom which you a specific to your own requirements of we also need to provide the master IP on that show the running and again you know all your parameters so well before this the the PVC collision was anomaly isn't and you did not have master-slave get and it so now with this again basically you know you have to provide the promote and demote functionality little white master-slave end of resources and since incentives this make so so the of the beginning of the year associated with not have this function it would be used for use in connection with the uh the right so there's a association for the IBD and then they would use of resources properties equal and then if it's 1 would go down it would basically the start and that's back on the other nodes starts defines the status of and so on and so forth so it was used in connection with that but this scenario it's it's hopefully a distance of fully contained associated single voted which works in replication so after you've
got a specified in association namely then you create a master-slave of configuration and here you specify or how many masses of of there and I could have everyone primary on his right how many matches here on each node how many instances of forces can you have written so in my in my testing on a single master and slave so what we know it's possible and how many people seems you can learn on each node in 1 anything done and modification from this word alignment is this so much that they're inside of this maker configurations that that you can do so it's been a steeper learning more stuff every day and then somebody magical location right so this is now the group fight sources that we had now that we have defined a master-slave what is the resource we have to specify that those groups of all the school look at the Master right this is how it can so you can create co-location constants in the snake and this is how you can say to the name of the collocation and this is like l infinity minus infinity so if you want something should always be together with something else you would say it should always be infinitely together with so the monster before of being together with the master of the resources but again and these people going back to the diagram that additional right I mean when the inner happens we want the master right the and he's they likely to win in order you must but the only ones start of the master IP only for benefited from work that must be the worst before that this is what basically does that just break map that requirement into a pacemaker enlarged so so obvious sense this is that it's it has to be co-located but we still don't know that wanting to make we want the muscle like it has to be work online only after the master has been promoted right so please bisphenol-A also provides the facility ordering so we wanted to be started only after master has been chosen as being promoted right so this is how you specify inside perspective the same only after the promotion of a master successful like will you . the group of IP addresses that you have alright so following announcement
that whatever you want to so right so but save the configuration and it'll think that there are more issues in all variations in it and get something that's alright so that's that's what we needed played an the event but the configuration for the edges environment so they have the the endoderm and in this command right so Sierra and resource stocks master-slave agent and what this will do is in the what all of these assistance but by the was risking associating the IPD association because of the fact and stuff on start on all of them and then we decide to 1 of them and then the call from more than that so it's it's basically a state machine inside of it that is negative integers follow that leads to a final state right so I mean I did not
dare to have a demo running them more here some this is the whatever it was tested testing out earlier by itself this is how you can take the status of the cluster it this is yeah 1 minus 1 and must this was very selective you so as you can see this muscle group contains who Masaryk in the replication and that they have been sentenced on test 1 and the have started the speedy sequel isn't as a master-slave agent FIL it has chosen storm test 1 the last from test have the sleep and then you can see any selected units which developed in the sequence of resources and adds to the system so you can see that some best 1 reasoning as the primary and the as a small you can never run round friendly on them stump st so that's I chose the minus the as the status for the master and found the and then it it also shows you the status considers of this particular thing what they and that's how it looks so all of this was and by the single command game that because 1
because it would do that because specified on the
parameters in we specified how
many would thought on this is acquired the core location right so it knew that it had to start the IP addresses on the primary of the set that's why the frame of these alignments ones from this 1 and also knows about ordering if needed
alright so so it's it's really
important to that you do some testing right I mean it's not like you know you just wrote you custom associated going to pick something in and say OK I I'm highly-available doesn't happen like that there are an awful lot of components that can go wrong so In this investigation right of yourself I have been the disseminated my production has been like this before but especially chair doesn't know because the stakes are so high you would never really be better off doing some testing problem 1 of the things before right so that there are multiple ways of doing this way and I don't want to was you like the by fall off 1 of the nodes 1 of the things course so so I mean if you look at this and
what what what do we expect right I mean that's that's a B the part also stomach is 1 what do we want what we want is that the master and the application IP addresses should fatal work done and strong the that the bases only once computation become the new master and we should see 1 in offline so what would happen is in a very far off from best 1 the messaging for us where can get dealt pacemaker that node is down and when knows about that if you look at its configuration and see that there was a master running on on this 1 and then there's us of the ones from the it is try to go shut down or stop on 1st on this 1 but if it in if that doesn't work on this in the safe from water from the street and this for happen automatically and based on the Intel
incentive provided by so there is there so there's a periodic and don't want to for laughter if you can't you can't decide how much time you want and therefore everyone the operation of the master and slave how and depending on your requirements you can make it less aggressively maybe make this interval 30 seconds 45 seconds or whatever if there's an issue with any of the nodes and put this in my repression interface so then the confirmation that something is wrong with strongest 1 and then know you will fact if interactive you the
and that would with be I want to work of
I so as as a no you typically uses in the course format right you have basic if any of the nodes running right and that is so 1 of the nodes is going down to think feel to the other nodes and promoted from work as the new masters so and now I have to talk about stone right so if you have story and it would it can take an action like you set in the north following a explicitly ensuring that right are or you can consider that but if there is a problem it should not be sorted so if there is no quorum right on the front of that you have so strongly against such kind of questions you can have a yes can so then they go you can shut down the notorious they're like resources which is expensive and Fed them about anything that says fencing resources or you can do resource sensing point and with fencing the difference depending on the requirements that would result all right so
I in like it is developed
theorem should down on from best 1 right so I just stopped yeah activity on manager on strong test 1 and this is what I see
I and this happened roughly in a minute or so so the sneaker found that of node of context 1 is down so initiated the field and because we had stated that that you know the idea that you should always the same that must it and they right so even the old master IP in the application idea now running on something that payments and the status of the node you can see that stumped st is the current master of moment no other instance running the yeah so the basic aspects found out that automatically based on whatever the authority right on the planet it found on this 1 is done and it all of this is the the yeah I think the man I I'm not I'm not tested the resources and but I think it has like list an existing node comes back then it can join as a slave of the current grammar now you have can use the right now all the you the use of the right so this is not what you you you I mean about we for you 11 as far as we know it is that the agent also applies to look at which is the most current stand and then we from was that 1 so so you can give your preferences but if failure occurs and if you're not said feedback that promote this talk about last it depends on your associated and it's not doesn't happen overnight and you to and on I think the yeah I I have it in my case it's a much simpler association of quality began the 1 I don't want do this something now so as a signal that the OSI framework is pretty straightforward you know if you want to rely provide your own services and thing that is capable anything that honors stock the stock figures that that can be done now you can write their own customs associations all and the idea of
this but I thought was not not specifically matters sensor association and that's not focus but yeah don't want to you introduce you to know that you know get together with the use of force rescue and into you in right so and then the I mean if you look at that there is like a comprehensive documentation and the like so so much stuff in in such a way that any acquirement if you have any any ordering requirements any constraints requirements rope subgroups dependencies between groups and so on and so forth these metabolites that so and animal you have on until fully blown using this open source fact that so that's like table and is that in the semantic part of all this is just to show off or something like that right so I think it's pretty cool so here
are some links so for this In the minute sitting home page this thing that called but this this all the resources that are available in running and the like thing 100 or so associations and their their associations for the need to or my sequel proposed rescue or addresses the IBD some subset party there's a lot of stuff there have been economic and documentation if you wanna play around with 1 of the latest the sequence association yeah I on the other the
story with you this 1 you would like to see
the world and this there is something that must be it what so is so what was year of so the system that we have a price to look at which standby is the most suitable but also credited half condition that looked at the of excellent them in the efficient communication and then decide which 1 is the most was found in place to promote yeah I can just write a query they communicate with people the standardized and then just compressed timelines and on both of them and which 1 is the further ahead you can use them to it very must that and the no I mean that's analytic can't sit on top of this solution right and then sold it can't it can connect to the master that we have here right so the applications in Part of the bonds and the bonds and talk to to the master right you know what that were it's it's out all of this solution right and so not exactly instead of this slide i mean you would you would have been the months of the year and the yeah it's it could be an application to here that's possible and that's what you would want that if you wouldn't know Dimitry's last slide right this is in some ways and it's just that you learn from their right and he talked about the it is said that should have and there you have it the bouncer here proxy you know you have started on these shining and all of that stuff and then you know if you have the failure of all of these nodes using a University and actually our pretty much it was stuff is the the that what should I would well what would be the yeah sure but as as a set of this can be this can be pretty bonds it could be talking to the master IP and then each across the loss just to keep on talking to the master IP and then you would the automatic the this 1 to so I'll make the
slides available on on the condition itself the any further questions thanks


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