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How Postgres Got Its Groove Back (Part 2)

Video in TIB AV-Portal: How Postgres Got Its Groove Back (Part 2)

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How Postgres Got Its Groove Back (Part 2)
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although it is perfectly pitched and perfectly positioned for that audience they're accustomed to thinking and jason they're accustomed thinking in those data structures and that stress it's still kind of bolted on and on the side and not 100 % support it but I I believe that that's surmountable and in a number of different ways and at the the back of what so that the big difference in Afghanistan we have to be we have to be Afghanistan not France sorry no offense a friend says they're incredibly ferocious army in a long history of of beating up its neighbors in America that's not on but I I I I I mean that that the answer and being quite serious if you if you fight people on their own turf you'll lose right of course Chris goes out there and starts you know taking all the diners we can scrape together and like tries to buy a Super Bowl ad like it's not going to work built the way to compete with someone is not to to go to their strengths it's to go to their weaknesses and we have an enormous community we can build a community people don't hate us that's an asset and people want us to succeed because everybody hates oracle but you know I I looked to my colleagues sales force in the great work that they're doing what they're doing that because this open source project exists and and regardless of whether all of that code gets back they are supporting and contributing to this community and and not just through hiring people which by the way they're hiring and if you are interested in joining a really amazing and also in this project the so that so
just repeat the question you're saying that if you think about it in terms of Linux versus previously then maybe you know the post-stressed versus modern overload compare with them in the the competition Mongo has a mass of marketing budget the competition bicycle had a massive marketing budget these words commercial companies I think we can continue to be competitive with them by using different tactics that now however we argue against some of the basic things that you can see that in the way way so that the the the last half of the year so if you're looking for a company that the sort of the 1 4 to choke principles is known as in some circles and the question was how do you have do to get posters in the places where people wanna
companies that will provide support and there are a number of answers in this room and
are grow broken a subsidiary of sales force and Enterprise DB has been doing this forever you know where the a lack of so if you're talking about that I mean that that all the time he had at
1 another and the answer is that you don't have to win all the lights go to where the good where the enemies we write if those kinds of organizations there are lots of organizations in Europe's involves president and there are lots of people who want who are who are willing to make the trade-offs because they get so many other advantages such questions over here know OK so that in all the work OWL I think the front page should look like I think it should look like a series of AB test which have look at the actual data rather than mine have faster in the morning opinion of made in MS Paint but but but but but like in all that it doesn't matter what I think it should
look like and I think that the way to improve it is to have somebody
come up with a small changes small hypothesis run an AB test and see what the effect is you measure it you iterate you improve over time just like building any other software has to do with yes so how do so the question was how you know what pocos GIS is an amazing tool and process is much stronger than the competition in India special things but as an extension it's not well integrated how we address that I think the answer is actually not simple things in the core course that just makes it slower it it's on the same release cycle is post-processed means more people with more code that can break the answer is actually to improve the extension functionality it's together posters the PG xn get tools into to post press that allow you to query and install things straight from PG xn inside the database and to make that experience transparent and seamless and dependable and in that way installing posters
in some crazy process involving like installing 15 different weird versions of Debian packages and then like running some Perl script which 80 per cent of the time it works all the time but it's actually like this well supported very smooth and slick experience and we see real strides in that direction recently I think a need to continue to invest the highest the all all the more so yes common that the the comment was that we could get more people into the final if we had better do we tools the sequel is really really also as a command line tool and I bet you most of the people who develop on hostess most people in this room if they have a query to right go to that and back so actually if you don't know opens your favorite text editor and that's a query in but you're right tools are a great example of 1 of those cases where less-skilled users feel a lot of pain that more skilled users don't I PG admin is out there it's been around forever it serves some of that need and now the cat is out there it's commercial but I hear good things about it we're seeing other open-source tools starting to try and add a functionality in that area sequel prose of famous my sequel 1 they've been getting so much pressure on the way we do adopt posters so that actually started working towards that specific materializes and may have time for 1 last question call an article thing