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CartoDB, and maps out of the Schemaverse

Video in TIB AV-Portal: CartoDB, and maps out of the Schemaverse

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CartoDB, and maps out of the Schemaverse
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Ottawa, Canada

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Lightning talk from PGCon 2013.
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but that's not the case so that the stock was to pose to be about getting 2 the tends to about party
companies in open source software is geospatial data is in the problem that you do not out of prosperous 12 basically puts equal and that's out of bad at all the last 2 hours I decided to take the torque and I was considered how
to make in that very quickly using sequel and CSS but
I so the only at a glance this universe presentation I think would be collected to make money out of the universe so that we can be doing and 1st we have this is very very
the fact in the last 2 2 hours very so the 1st steps was meters exported all the planet data and we exported all the data of the ship flight recorder and so just to get a bit of an idea and those who don't know what the numerous so this is just a bunch of ships currently flying around and the coordinates threat and that's going well that's not really loading anyway so not missing much they don't work that well although I will be done by many ways so luckily we have
this year and would get x 40 readers exported
CSB and that level of origin so moving along
I I swear that data looks
great OK so but hopefully the lack
of a lot of things so this is really what we wanted to do is to see if we could visualize that they got so what is loaded basically all
parts the so the way we did that is by and this is in the you can just drag and drop the file
that we created before you can also connect it bad and then there is this 1 right to this 1 so those are the planets and discomfort
entropic and I would just break new table on this continuity account and basically you have the latitude and longitude unions in the sequel but basically there's position for every planet we transform it into a fake geographic locations and we're going to do a map of the so because the the of the much more
to 0 yeah it's funny so they so that they based their you can just
click on the map view and it would be very nice map here that well what we wanted to see if it was not the plan as we wanted to see actually there's a this it's moving and what we did this is we loaded into this all the table is flight recorder and we have 1 record per it's the bird location so ships are moving so we have these these said Colin called talked with basically is like the time so what we have is 1 full day of data of 6 moving trying to tackle the plan and what we did this was this and put it on 2
and 1 of the colleges libraries and there's a lot to this animation so what you see here is that 1 day and is 1 of things moving at the everyday debate every spots so you see now it's going and that's basically forming players but along with this later with the compared to the to the other models have already but this analysis starting that they they see that they establish the different parts of the map of how the fact expanding they have the free ones are very clear they have a very clear strategy just trying to spend as fast as they can when all the you can see and the policy here we can see so you can see others have like this once these guys here like trying to move as fast as he can from 1 place to another so yeah and this is this is how it looks like there's that come with so the map of the so this is parity map
what went on in the in the where they all came from as far as everyone coming from different areas 1 person in the middle and then you get right down to the bottom right with the equivalent this 1 again and so you
and know and the meaning of expanded where they are now and the that they point right so this is a very quick demo that with this weapon and of the number needed on the last 2 hours but if you're interested in learning how to map out of data at the parties agreed to doing that and we we can visualize really large amounts of data and in you know the most over time but also like you just need to make a new there's static is studied and you can also make that basically is based on PostgreSQL and posterior so there's anybody interesting on talking about how to how posteriors worsens while we were working a lot on so we're interested always you know in the kind geographical mapping and and your but you might want to build the correct