Solaris Boot Environments for FreeBSD

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Solaris Boot Environments for FreeBSD

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Solaris Boot Environments for FreeBSD
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reboot into different kernels and worlds Solaris boot environments are a painless way for sysadmins to revert changes and upgrades. Solaris boot environments are a painless way for developers to test multiple kernels and worlds. FreeBSD does not offer this functionality natively. I will describe the procedure of using boot environments on FreeBSD in detail and the due considerations. See the general idea at the link provided.
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it 1 thing and so little of
background about them going to stay there so I use so there is a long time ago in an well I knew so there's a long time ago because the speech they open so there is there 1st I had a very lively with every single time and that then Elon Moss and other things like that but I z previously system is much more flexible in its philosophy of of aligned year a much lower level control is by Liverpool's so the concept of a with environment and there's so there's much more useful in previously and that basically what but it allows you to do 1
Solaris as that allows to maintain a different states of your installed operating system this a different set of blockages and sulfur versions and everything else and that sickly their form safe obviates the sums of publishing Hillsville actually forcing the visa when a beating the system but this previously you can I use exact the same subsystem which is a subsystem of the oppressed the do a lot more different things by you can of course great safely and you can revert to changes but you can from different branches of previously alike when Z B 5 was still must be in range you can now drop the same desktop and you there's something else like that in the who can additionally a boat from multiple different journals and that you cannot build and good environment in the J-League with that in a jail or even transfer jails to an environment did directed with from set integrates as those really nice and that also you can now actually deployed your AD Premium would environment so over a secure shells the oppressed and received to a different than you then virally just there TFTP something of insulation kernel and after that just the gates of so with the ball environment and so a system installation very I'm predictable and what you gonna get and that yeah that's with the this right here he and the would turn a sellers does a when you 1st and install it cares in the z full that's not beta where operating system is the word has there what volume where it that dumps most non-volatile data was saying said currency piercings like that but in a different with environments and there was there a couple of utility is provided for is open so there's there's make use of it is maybe I'm the never actually use of manually but that exists and there's there's yeah and you're actually forced to get in wondering not all this previously I you basically are trying to get a it pulled a certain other Pelayo avoidance that has sold as with environments for easy management in a place where can predict some so it is steps are up business you make everything up because you don't know where that you're not going to be able to do this that yet it it just do it a few times and then if you've done it just 1 so probably won't be able to beat that is snap for the Bordens who creates a school where you want him to go up that symptoms the screw of the FS send and receive and the Zehner has said if you set things so so that it section a bootable but 1 is gotchas and here is that we need a loaded of 1 of the the the view with the from the pool from inside the pools here than actually 50 amounted and I just a file they're not 1 but even there and clean up after you reboot that and the stock a safe and painless even if you have a you a festival protection just then Turing spells it should be working yes so this 1 right here you have got looking him about the you will find that the soundscape file so with possessing about if you went from year 1st presentation by you can still that would have put your good files in a CFS so cool and there's an interesting you of the few bootloader telling me that and the 0 several things you can do is sit in 9 terms of management and so 1 has things you don't ever want to do is you don't want to change amount from underneath of of some Wiles if you're actually using because when you taking snapshot of is there might be some time elapsed when 9 so while this change and that you you can't actually with is whether is there of course operating system is going to let go of that not before amounts of doing of them optically is very bad and into the up a lot on my website the recommended to do this don't business yeah but then you can actually do theory now and then but you would pick 1 expected happened upon a reboot if you will said the euro monster 1 EUR irrational system and then the old and the new system and science reached and on when you are done setting it up and you can leave as if no other before the and the so 0 if you call tasks you might be able to do it you can clones a with environments very precisely in terms of what you're going to get it but you can us which which 1 you're booting from and that you want to be able to destroys you and I just start that doubt a simple procedures very simple for doings of tasks once you already have to sing established and so on the
corner it's very simple you just that create a snapshot he and that you know send and receives 0 snapshots to a new file system and then you can destroys its natural so there you just read and there's even a very big hole so sometimes it can vary with the this and there are some Dutch this which at you need to
not forget to ixion they change a loaded up
on when you're a preferred way of doing that but so if you keep than there a revision control system if you do anything like that just the changes at this point but there some and this needs to happen in their new pools security tried with from but sent you need 2 sets of Witten 1 4 at ease and union to form said said is equal to recognize that this would file system being so possesses there's 3 saying said of listed there earlier there are destroying of with environment is very
simple it just sort and destroyed he and I 0 action that once you enter a set that up to a working situation and I find myself just managing those things in very cost them way but 0 so there are some tools that and then discuss later that lowering the available for doing that so but you cannot for examples not sure what you're root environment hand it invisible to the changes in a jail war of you can actually you convert 10 none in Wireman you at the Jalan back or 2 but you can actually hear but men who net due to a blank system into it had to be kernel and send just send and receive of Z with environments if you already prepared for installation on another system and those suggest that some of the utilities said that I found but that lying around the Z might assist management but is it is is it's actually been around world couple of years now on
basically a simple instructions
the converted and so scripts
to automate and it for
you is the management of the on the on
this 1 is actually by the remoteness of area recent 1 of only found out about it on Tuesday and that is
this 1 attempts it's in words
it's available in ports and there it is just a very simple shell
script and done that OEMs to give you a compatible out and compatible be he Europe from Xavi odmah utility on Solaris which is very nice that's what 3 years in that right now I'm not going to just show you doing some dust so and this
is also a time for a discussion then I mean just
down here set up a previous the
books real quick the straight she probably created
Fig. 1 once it's so of which that
I'm I'm gonna do a a very simple as if present spelled as you are what the person might have results for
side of preparing for a using absorbed within once and in
the the content and since 170 you can and could for once history fields
6 and it just takes a few moments here and then converting it to I
use good environments so from a
working system I can be very safe
it from yeah just that the attention to on uploading words Witten
prominence a different basis so
in I had this by its installed
so but you see it then created a very large amount all the extra pools of is that if you have a large amount of schools so the beer very and bed to provide an example of a small amount of apples so what basically want heroes snapshots but
just take an initial snapshot of your I recall can't if you might funds of comments and now I want to create but is a route to rectory current there so the initial 1 when you just sitting atop edges and receives is not for the 1st but after said that you can be automated you the and in the I also have
swaps that's not moans mounted that can be shared so I'm also gonna destroy that's natural to use it and get confused and
I can just barely see things that they have the snapshots right now in the must adjust surnames of my snapshots the the now I can actually iterates them and it shows that Sanders you with and then it's going to be a base these if they just patents and I fast but the roots of tolerating in the and see where
is my own 1 who wrote his own mind and they are this
and those goods time and that that there should have his but quick envelops
list some snapshots and I can go and do it some now and there's there none right now so now it is the point where you can trick up pretty badly is amounts and ideally those things is that I want here said that it not taught amount right now says in or what are known and other ones more sorry just the kittens how can mount that someone want Internet such as for and now I want you graph forces onset that explicitly to all actually when you said that you know those ones and just to change some Zillow the filing introduce this view
and think now let's make a back off and that 92 actually I just amount point 2 point is there a directory of all of those things in the
but you can see is that cells mounted right now but they are a bit but it is the correct 1 points and now I just can't do this and their reboot and in the men should come up or ideally I forgot actually I'm destroys on 1 vacations from the the
will of the Census not built that Shouldn't a really big deal and it looks
like it is so mounted correctly and after is this so I can just the right thing a file
that had previously so so is this 1 I can just destroying so Laurent that such a good but I can just go ahead destroying my original saying citizens for and and try Swardson and do that
and that you can see is that my system curently has a small and it's booted from Z 1 with environment right now I can now just clone too many more with environments have various sources trees various ports these various softwares and it's a very simple life some sort jails small of so and everybody's silent and the questions anything like this yeah look at and on the you know what it's like of because of this well of you handle a previously update in a different environment sake enabling the something clean and do that or yeah but so far as Syscorp ability to your on novel environment searches H route through jails and years of and yes so have you create scripts that due all of you yes so 1 in 2 steps I actually have some of my own slides but only means the preparation I would not buy scripting and but because there's a lot of effort and integrate is that can fail but that is that by you should probably automated yeah but I wouldn't them automate converting euro operating system to use a different than the destination in this effect but they're Z steps are basically there
but if you see User I have I can't without the script a sounds but the simple but I would recommend actually is sinking and they're doing it manually it's so you can't of stuff in the and you yeah what this is there's this command a cold
but yes is that I like using a lot worse things like this and then having something that wouldn't be good from ideas that 0 are people who like lighting yes this things and act in that using up with environments and be there's the war
about 2 years now and it is all English and but I have actually done in the real all of these consoles anymore except except for this I mean after that but that you can really prepare your root file systems futures be deployed the different missions line yeah I felt it from C B but I just had all of my non-interactive style asks in this script liked it napkins but it uses son internally by I see on platforms a distribution sets in the city but it's just but I note that could the performance difference 180 extracting the base a kernel forsaken demonstration but none of the other things so I know like a live circuit or any of those distributions all it is is this a summer this curve at yes is is this interview yeah yeah because it's in their part this this thing very slowly but that the connection of distributions says from an offenses of signing it a steel is not a requirement of an optical this yeah sorry know that is it but I haven't show is this or not well then I then I actually have an using stellar since before they got data by using the ECC that once and that already handles Depes quite well but so today if you are installing honors EFS in a brand new computer from optical media but I would recommend that this assistance fell from their busy busy at that lets you have your waivers said configuration files the ways boss that the of the original there the so the hunt but tests you can tell a value capitalist 1 systems that is with environment so they can send and receive this make ruled that you're really what the never have to use and stellar again but Z yes yes and no influence the but all that means they're graphical interface is that persists in style at very locking Tuesday features of eventually as if you're worried said sample files that comes by Sisyphean style can be run unattended was not and now it exact is at the Beaverton basis yeah 1 that is as it would be pretty great I love these up to you I I haven't really considered by the sum and yeah but no 1 answered images showing how installing a new system works to the and
so you just the
luncheon at something else and the giver cure for this the image and
they're all you basically need to do is to create a pool and the naked but then he cannot send and receive your file system
so on let's get night he
addressed and there are 4 expedient sake I'm just that misuse than in
in of the of this time probably in the last ones and that in the Atlas Lions' got look
at learning that sounds good that in the to get my kid there's been 1 7
2 2 4 1 3 and so that in
here in the when the see was
requesting much stuff he had us in the night in them and these things like connected the thesis the only so that might be addressed here this guide us to 15 this guy areas also the thing and that's
much better and later this crime and and goes and ansatz
said 80 8 and the the other 1 in its of the 170 once restrictions on and that if you're net booting and it's so much the user the kind of municipia assistant by him in the this 1 that's very generous this online and this this 170 4 and in the just in the fields so and now I should be able to use send and receive using this and the ghost sample blatant knowing that and since actually breaching who a wider wireless network might that they could with longer or its has to be done only and you a C new base just being transferred right here and just is the same thing with the rest of world but then and then can basically make a bootable and you can transfer your existing installations like that very click on it that doesn't well system-level resident of my own in the you can actually if you close your based sound snapshots and that you can actually align inserted yield the cell for example something akin to a
sum 1 engines destroys that's in terms of now they can now transferred like this of the selectional let you a streetcar loads information at this time you'd have to for some other way you do that the shade of the best images of Emerson Assange I not the that so it's this this shown Thom was not they're very big systems now looks like a I asked your reporting that other signed you but varies with the test while Meyer Wiles and exception works the edits service which the stage nice of my Asheville variable was deceiving me and there are now I just it just that you are on a substitution and and further it and it's no 1 hands on the go you want section sticks summer skip to really and 1 a little this what what clothes note but with any learning and so I just couldn't hear you you know now that's replacing this this this the I mean it's a someone extent of district that just cheap and then with the
new saying tonight that so on I was replacing the variable that I knew the this but I
basically have a new be right here is that I can mount somewhere just destroy some snapshots the to nations that stress and stuff spheres of current but not just some of the but that as away would lunch this basically using Z. G. command this new director and Mrs. also the from here but any more questions suggestions they can make it their quicker and more manageable the you know I I guess it's time to I don't know but it just shows it and nothing in systems and system but as there is a warrant this will widen of its but which can't along a gaseous gaseous ever sports the is this 1 scripts and things for
users this time zona just found out about his and it's some shell
scripts to that that's roughly the same
saying book at them still years out in Solaris it's and that the fate of it FIL