Which is best? SQL Server vs Postgres


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Which is best? SQL Server vs Postgres
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Dear SQL Server, I'm filing for divorce.
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Sullivan, Rob
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PGCon - PostgreSQL Conference for Users and Developers, Andrea Ross
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Falling in love with the free spirit of Postgres Using the StackOverFlow datasets, we'll ditch all the drama of a Microsoft stack and convert from SQL Server to Postgres on Windows. Once we do that, we'll migrate our entire DB and Web App from Microsoft to Linux using Postgres and Mono with as few code changes as possible. Having the StackOverFlow dataset loaded into SQL Server and a mock StackOverFlow app in ASP.NET MVC3, we are going to show various ways to ETL into Postgres from SQL Server on Windows. Once that is done, we'll go over some basics of going from Postgres on Windows to Postgres on Linux as we attempt to migrate our app. Once we get our back-end moved, we'll show just how easily you can wire up ASP.NET MVC3 to Postgres and then move our entire stack to Linux using Nginx and Mono. Since I am a SQL Server DBA, I will also be adding lots of opinion on where Postgres really shines compared to SQL Server and where it doesn't. This session will be informative, entertaining and incredibly nerdy.
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that's the right answer the technologies
moving really fast so what's notion that pragmatism with the amount of the products and that's not what we think we probably but we have some new mapping that although workers last more likely this database is tables will also you know if you a civil servant you select from where you can just slipped from where you were called would give you on your credit card they select from where certainly surprised
uses the word each area of something like a stress the last open source so that now that means it sets and the different types of
open source is beside me you know my mom's basement working on your program that you know that that's that's that's only I don't know what I'm doing and trying to learn but you get free hosting probe resources and that's that's battle resources that which 1 unifies the is something that has
been written about how people talk about it but you know something very very very robust is that it's not black and white you know the the different levels of open source to try and like fascinating wages just open source is a very silly in worthless argument eventually learner the
visuals and you set some pictures they help me understand and now never use native English speakers and a couple of past so I have a chance to visualize processing sequel server is it will
have graphs as you know this guy in single server right yeah process which is very much on freedom exploring in pushing forward working together that's sampling which explains the lack of any other graph which you can change the within-band right is a power that may not be in a way that's best for everyone in the yes on a lot of evidence I can break on that which is as well as all of this is that better than that of and it was that like I can just go sit down and talk title for this purpose a notes on this kind of measure that's being about the ability of the things that that you understand them in the different way in a very different matter and you can understand which method works better for you and then this is not an exaggeration at all right this is a little hyperbole of fun it and saying that
technology moves fast is was a you had it through the year or more release cycle so through 2012 which is trapped if there's something you don't like is something that sets in it you know that's what you're stuck with for 3 years with and then you know at something imposed best much faster release cycles so the research to move with you and build with you and the same thing you don't like it civil service you get a job at a company that has a lot more influence on a product if you want to change the just another business and elements of the set it's at response is probably not as welcoming as a single unit spinning billion dollars on the products so if you have a lot of factors here I was the animats associative but me I pick windows and like Windows Vista and once you have the status of the things really well known with the connections but that's hardly confusing yet that's not going to concentrate on writing with this guy and 1 of these choices that is that when I have a dedicated database server that but the only be a database server I only need a browser and I need need a plan in the 19 beginnings folder on that server right with migration and sometimes take a while and you give the labels in the environment about that's that's a real graph and have on your server that 1 is a renewable resource and if you guys know that it's you because it's everywhere it's really cheap so it is now has just now this is using for away and that's what is random is a free commodity and the idea of an SS images right and here the limits the with the topic that these SSH is going on and on on and on and I can imagine what effect the good for essential had that moves has no effort to support right at the time was key features that will Windows and then as a
soldier is even 1 reason is to really enjoy the windows fellas centers and stuff you know about temporal professional analysis over the scene at the time that the Western fashion 1 as a style and packing 18 % of files for installing I this because I know very well that person had in the example that we saw the fact that nonsense do at the back have the working that's I'm not interested in that if you take your time and stuff you know I'm going to center something you know where about other things on that the sequel
server Microsoft and it it is sensible sober incredibly easy if you've ever bought something from here is in 178 build furniture you appreciate that matters that has an invalid duty and this helps simplify things is natural but instead it has shown that kind of another instead of looking at all but what he has the advantage that it had not 22 simple steps instrument articulatory years the but alas lonely and Microsoft is just established that outposts has a dominant sets undertake the steps in that now and then miss that complicated so you can start sequel server you picture trophy you have repeated as other people accept that gravity would not 1 types for we this is the 1st that so we
can prove that and then that would to stop contrasts as really confused because what I am
better deal and that can happen even the things if you want to do that can be that easy and that so it is like a software thing is a fun topic this earlier that such information is on wall in the internal process and this has works really complicated that's contracts that compared Microsoft licensing methods of everything is like what the mass of people look up to in terms of a complicated problems to solve it's ridiculous so when would just kind roughly 10 glass on a limited set to get a sample that has like a future match with for the percentages at 16 and requires didn't put a common mistake understanding age so is you take the number of hours class time is a variant where factor table the divided by 2 political pack ice right not to that set up on a quantum numbers so perhaps is only 160 thousand dollars in change just describes relicensing a sequel server and that's not better which is a constant battle developers but it's a perpetual if you buy once and then on the falls apart with it was not that in the event so that over 3 years that you buy a new license for a whole new ICT policies in model yeah so that's the works is now company the nearest 1 computer is likely you for you but the largest of national and out but what's what's from right but like the president of that a collision rates and about those receiving the natural scaling like right not and that is where the goal is like if you you see if I'm not going to which 104 thousand for single single single single server that's going on and we discovered the values in bold letters by 6 like noted read you direct connections dollars and that that but that's the exogenous events and select which you only 15 hundred change China this year farcical silverbacks with you know the person feature-wise of discussed 407 thousand injured Giles 108 thousand USD that that that that these
product should the levels of Latin American really that and you're watching by this that still 2nd within 0 cumbersome Hardy's the of having about third-party tools applications on top of that which is just not hidden costs
not particularly fond but then that's the lessons and that sort of bad stuff let's get you know that's that's the past all that nonsense that should which about yourself that of the right to use meeting that's about products the signal starts with the fact that match brain usage of 2 thousand terabytes leverages very theories like no 1 everyone's will seriously just like from that of the and what this means is that let's say earlier with the other naked box not exam you dataset you 30 days we go let everything about the cash your box adjustment ran it sees this very non-safety it is so that I keep using up to 2 you know 2 thousand terabytes this that a constituent over Rd k is the iteration and it doesn't really make sense why they do it but as well as things to so also has an option to compress the faults the compressed backups life while it doesn't do that it's like you know the such a free when the have evolved out of fear that do that but studies of pages since some people cellphone followed in early before those constants there is that you don't have to pay per pages for the entity people they're still step that they need which was kind enough motion for that I that that can Longshanks picture earlier was the time was so long ago that that picture of where this page option and it didn't work for you can use this to a single instead of the deprecated protocol nets and which was the removed in just the right hand functions indexes increase this course there is a living here and actually queries that ask of would appear eventually but what you have in mind the supply and its cultures selected performance what is a convex functions in all this is start to run a query on and now we Americans as a function restricted tables scans that sucks that's an interesting trade-off between the 2 products of like you know there's a good view what is the take here then this iteration of iterative really fast and that's true today but the index only queries not be true tomorrow so it's that's party manager having a very fast product that cares and words to and works with you so that's it somewhere here requires a 20 % change in Europe except for the fireplace that's because of are time and then manually datasets but that refine indexes that 35 relative fragmented fundamental going fragment reorganize rebuild those that's not right from XYZ depending on which version of sequel server you have in which region in which service pack sometimes it's blocking sometimes it's not the play that game was part about that we have control over all this so you have this time constraints you can figure out what percentage of what that that's what they are awarded that like develop 20 % you change that given you have control over at a rate of I think that this
is something that I had the rest of the world but right because this is this is the list but that's a party engine used in the sequel to back up you could go in here we spent all which is you really fast back up but it's much harder to recover from so it's I'm not like that that yet if we're allowed jump out a contract of anything like that issue straight sequel that that and I chatted post-stressed and looking at the back of storing posters at that is a much different of and to and I can use the densities p planted spit out data is only they're always there are some problems that add on and volatility is well not however only the backups and we have and realize that back to be part of appeal sequel ginger issued inside the engine noise yes you may interrupted shadow and I can't see anything so you can often will not yet that it now that it had enough that they really have no yes no yes you can do it on our groups this institute but ultimately what he's saying is that you you're stuck with that contained in its limitations regardless so on a differ promotions like we're trying to get to know the box you these issues there right news is no acceptable stored for backing up these issues there so it's and some let's convenient but there's a huge aggressive Austria there's a trade off on the back in change flexibility where the PostgreSQL you have so many options that but not much less channels and towards was which you seem to be cool and stress have something like just the simple syntax but you should put back up right in right in the engine is 1 of the things things that you have that the thing we do copy have a real strong sense of a larger as it is said that is a bit about that all the data in this table it isn't like if you haven't had no way but again it's it's an option from table except that has a real interest in contrast approach was 1st so
crunching process and a popular topic for 1 people at to Digital jet at united will you have your your class tree you a poster really like to precast your post past that right you would think that man it's kind happy like that this will be state of more on the visible set up and it too complicated 3 3 straightforward because design pennies to
this it is the information on the left you have to have elaborated in practice of popup can appear which had to be completely still thinking about the part that goes away in the plane like another giving inside your engine that trying to find that's going on but I can also get a text based on that you see here which is telling you this just telling us that have no cost there so will follow past that NASA distributed XML thing which must have print out and I use it as an Michael substitute this variable images painful this is something that is an
indelible heard the term you will scale you know businesses are OK that's pretty cool the other of the same size they have the same then use cases of no doubt so that I can think of the input has been able to have a the configurations is really cool but it's kind hard to get 1 shoe that's not fully things that that that I can change all these settings are session by session basis for not a really ugly use cases 1 gigantic table you want most areas have that specialized in that environment variables for that that was completely after the number not used to in movies that he that family would pose is that it's adapting the how ideas is affecting entire applications that it's just working with you the whole way instead of you know the new middle finger
black environment but keep repeating high-pass technology moves the process allows just type you getting the is a really popular things they're cool and bring people your platform which is often not good Microsoft
said and which edition of civil service in the region Rj found out that the US 109 point to it would envisioned 19 the German word for novel this not happens right if it does not in 2020 with something that is when the popular toast
well here and now not this at that which is that around and through that goes from there you read about it from time to time you can put and nothing was ever done instead of being the 1st place to do it the compressed by default and then you're planning a lesson enriching England on which edition has compression interaction can do compression yet going manually in a word in the test whether it's within such cumbersome and post-stressed me closed it is only a little over 60 that's crazy like it when mind is I want to kiss my poster that's going but perhaps this yes it
had called timestamp the single server where this type of timestamp None of the bill patterns steps it's it's just it's an arbitrary from a number so it like this kind of thing that we shine a laser products no stamp of that compound monitoring that emits what is making sense but as the timestamp is a timestamp but this is about
mentation and I look at time timestamp as the other different options and see that that's there and so this program including dates and times in field that is think of infinity the well as crazy as he said they can allow about also on what we know about it and I'll see you know what you an on the is is you know what and my not have a browser what's going on so called because as he was a world replying that no game in recasting all don't have anything like this you know business in development you know what we're making has these types of scenarios is really cool the purpose
this engine a sequel server has a database engine with physical server is often sold as a bit of a platform for fear of the engine you have the solidity of tools that the right to have this universe reporting that they know that the translated onto that have analysis tools this young microsatellite to shift the conversation away from the engine itself is so we depend on that money for this look like you're getting such that the band from
wrappers that had a really good solution VTL fact that query anything in virtually anything with with a formed rabbit is often after think that each you have understood problem in with reporting yeah it's it's very static it you you aggregated about that uses this knowledge to that and then that civil produces product and hence such right the chinese solely on something that's that's might well you know that isn't true me so independently ways and running our own recording options the but with pink is adding value within the regulatory thing for the mapping checkbox is really a hidden to hidden um Kusstatscher company will take on as you try to work around it and read it but as service is something very interesting there is much less than you don't have parallel query execution like threat overall your CPU's than the standard but the have you know perceived shortcomings there analysis you from critical analysis you want like distributed power so fast execution on large sets of data and aggregates is an added that's you know that that the push is open source and has a really cool community you you have people like not says that they're trying to fix this problem it coming up with products do very for a low-cost discredits around and they have a very like the very strong motivation to give you the right product and that is being you know our a marketing company somewhere sequel server licenses they won't solve your problems in the schools see that take a product that we love at was 1st in applied in some these things like analysis issues in his that that space is more more popular they monitored at school and what about at various locations in ventures single-server server it works really great with the shock and then a framework and it's listed as working with a whole of other things but the truth is that it's all in only treat that as a 1st class citizen what is really happy feeling and results-oriented another set of his work stress like this mapping feature actually really such use it has no concept of sequences rigorously has no no concept of anything that breaks away from single-server assumptions which is well how when you're trying to cut over instead of you know you start integer programming language but it's possible the thing is how can it's the right to a lot trouble certainly times that you know that spirit when x isn't privy how do you you have a hard time with your your sound card drivers so they don't unintelligible games on your servers right isn't is all that stuff so I have sound card who cares of trying to just get things done but and I don't
want to manually had really intimidating when source said don't think it is sufficient straightforward and I think I have and post this on Windows has a couple shortcomings but going and this is a process where natural expressive code 1 of them 2 so on
IBM's for 5 windows
so this is not and about to Linux with highly in co changes the last years is the 1 that got it will help you out there notation marks up world that is this project called manner so that the entire bandit framework in future because open source version of it and so it that many not that Nikko will never run on when it's in the wrong map but really is not that I not only did make it happen but why ways they improve the language and improve the platform is really interesting and apologize that IBM went to sleep on as that Rockwell is
taking stating that the
center with bandpass that's had this kind of the guy is you can use the user MPEG sequence is of source needed on PG foundry that's right but if I got a lot of much like privacy and that has is a package manager each you you install in PG nudity there yet look that actually each object such a strong this is the outline sickle cell fiction strong they're not as best you it's not much different than the standard unit database you you 0 yeah and that was the and then at the sequel server and using microsoft word immunity framework but in fact it is not very well out of a Roman it's that very well and that it is a pretty crappy or so about that but when the Government of the about as the negative in a 100 pattern so I do is I happen to our positrons and a change my good query cumbersome very fragile in the framework of the source 1 the rank of massive which can takes that best of Active Record the dynamics and into the static environment and down at the shop but let's maybe not Mitteleuropa dispatched table that's what the user ID and microns and we're going to hit our poster server yeah this is by saying
that that's the worst financing was whatsoever but cannot achieve
very boring ETL political server to put stress but it's not fun it's not map columns such a good types impressed go you wait for it to run the interesting anyone that's in 1 of the that chapter it's very simple but very trial about migration so known then copy to watch migration so this
is basically other than but the
kernel for whom this is a sound card for the most part here this
connection strength this is just a single center without the in driver might come of the mire class before this is this is a new family code about you graduated in a pseudo types sequel language on it and return at the end where where passenger the knows what this user assessing things in the framework of support the latter navigation users request for a pattern discovery and civil servant process was easier than I thought of as you need a complicated but this from had was trainees Microsoft foreign which joint that that anyway so I was playing was classes when we take on
India that that a user ID works
well but this kind of problem can
I go out is to take my code and run on Linux from from some these from the since licensing Britain because the economy is doing well 1st all actually sets were losing money work we know work we cut costs that applies to monitor is an interesting endeavour His from the lack of SSH on Windows so there happy with it is to build your app it's in binary so you know like compiled version out this that folder of your website and his cabinet of reasonable by an FTP that we see in the BSE copy whatever it's called must legislate over to Unix box it was prior to the
unsatisfactory s and the same thing that so that this encoding compiled and I wanna slots disrupt copied it from its box so that this would actually run in greater him like an additonal works and effectively that's how we that the 1st filed Manitoba 10 find a browser is 80
80 we ignore that so
that is would actually served up by
Linux family changes for 1
of the base for Canada taboo blank canvas environment is this not like you that this is possible within something like this right it's it's now which is the back into or purchase when it's running applications on Linux I think this is a very good step in trend ourselves off this relationship the fed with microsoft . net is we start we take in the yes
yes and then added them yes
but but but things 107 isn't real back breaker right that the user did not hold server-class licensing and that that shell game because on that and also for the on that notion of we OK if you put stress that have an American no Ruby in that's that's cool too but that's a real something Carson Valentine that it at but surely too hard to change and we can't just take on a cost me only when you try and do it so much easier than you think that the power and speed of open source that the markings down local stresses during a memory surprise you needed to do it as determined by this and this is kind an office joke that we had that we can do it but I have no friends or social life in a lot of time so I thought well understood couple pieces into it and so but intensely on a few hours banner work months completely blown the questions on this process and fats on game a really ugly manual deployment in double taboo and instead Ruby their Capistrano of appointment the you have gotten that come into play by Rudy key Linux boxes running on now let's look at it but it works and have a set up this stuff had young windows it is possible to do the other thing is that we don't yet have developing on windows and that's still so this is the issue but none of this kind from infinity it works on Mac you know what someone it works someone I so we start going in this manner direction becomes relevant changes to our code base but we have not minor Bellman on map it takes a village that
bit of which platform is best and turns on its head because know what a you tied to this unimportant what's important solving a problem in making it a not that people want or that's also use some need you have 0 the same
thing something on a Mac up it'll integrals because I've summer during heard warnings something about on Windows in Visual Studio delineates vinaigrette it Linux smile on my Mac and burning fun the for that slides besides
circle what makes the stress great
US has enthusiasm for the product the willingness point improve things makes up a better view of women is really cool really refreshing for someone like me that such an enterprise world and um red because really cool the C. elegans product and looking forward to using more in the future that's all responses things happen that's a trade yes something questioning process more questions you get yeah 0 OK so much of the world prevalence case-insensitive you don't appreciate how big of a deal that is initiated the case sensitivity of sensitive thing like PostgreSQL and once every allows you to have a good deal I was read my whole of ETA due to bring down and it's painful model lattices painful initially but everything has learning rate but I think it's coming yeah but must identical server you can set collisions of but what you don't want to bother it but for themselves and you just like all pages don't freak out on me I'll that you do you do all and in the nose and I think that that you're so used to so ingrained O'Connell casing and that staffing also underscores everywhere zero-sum and it's a bit of a different world prosperous 1 x connected but it's table and you really invented that's not a big deal it's a pain 1st but you get used to it and I do everything in our case for girls of why markers in the form of a respect for that that's a question you have I have mention have such that was to learn the tiny tiny like a set about calluses susceptibility but also including what's that hurts so bad that Skype with cases that can be was that you keep playing with it if you tried it before it failed along the new questions at faster images completely lost question lost note that I'm not going to go either way so this is not right this is what I'm doing the amount and prejudices that trend so smug last year you laughed at like you know way but it that's kind of on the open minded in a pragmatic approach then someone who's just read about in invested in an amount of rational reasoning will get them to switch courses and in businesses business as well as large businesses are discussed fearful and change ways that am you know of someone that has cancer and they know something's wrong but they don't want the doctor that will have bad news sometimes you have enterprises like that they don't want here change they don't wanna try change this 1 the magically goes away that's trying to put down and people try posters in general is brutal it's it's a physical trollish you personally is the the other thing is any 1 right answer the depends a lot on the person but it has this new with enterprise culture and you know I know this I do this I don't wanna learn anything else I don't wanna leave my sticking out of it it's just intrusion entrenching culture and that like if you buy a new car it's really Austin he would usually try nor the next that come out is it immediately like you would feel like you've made a good investment right is that is out there but it's it's a self-defense mechanism you have to look at that this and shut the world out that and I think that's part of it too but in the this time yet so badly so fast lost lot of the yes yes I mean according to a rational person yes these where PG con nor at developer conferences were learning you know technical details on technical merit CFL he's not going to this is the only signed up to Seattle being funded to Seattle to you the next you would butcher point for you now well of sign node to this is the angular about so I mean is that aspect of it of the another Technology and Web technology icons making technology decisions officers yes it is also that not all will also because of what is the volume of the of the model is not the a yet the use of all that data is not at all so it was that it was the only thing that is that all of the rest of the the 1 of the 2 phases of the next secondary paralyzing the editing and that sort of thing was always there was no lot in on the same but in that same vein you know the you know lets you it's moved to PostgreSQL like again you know i wanna write our entire back and that's when you look at something like model which makes it very a very smooth very little changes to your code transition in the kinetics that this is possible we can do this it's you have to have years at 1 listen and 1 be willing to change and get over statement fear that's never humans are the hurdle not technology anything else random questions like even if you don't get In the yeah there's no yeah or bad data and then on that data storage is not unique to any platform from his eyes the caveats t utility transition is a good way to a good reason to fix that as you know I'm not a big no fan an unknown unknowns like the values any sort of excuse to shoot finding away from those moles and that's a platform ideation I taking half on it in the off-diagonal game theory and through the overture ulcer argument a bunch of forces of they just as yet it and other so had but it's not a subjective question because it I just last beta in like it is usually time of the day that the mapping type OK well personally the very slow learners and not particularly smart so you would with with that and the way of if proletarian it's a 50 hours just something bad decisions and you don't go that from the mapping in reading in learning and not really bad assumptions here in the that refactoring you know and my free time so the you know after work on pattern even know them but they are from much of the you how primary your approach in Indian them and it's making mistakes but not in technology and in stateful time I make that decisions are aligned compiler to help me fix that so have a pretty good that out and that that path and study of another into the question of all the mappings there's a bit of fun on mapping can create the typed much lower with the sequence of words like this you know a different thing that he that this is a databases in the table that still organized in the same way right I have I have 0 so I have indexes on how groups on pesticide indexes on the table space like that but that it is already said there's just there's something going through you know matching like trying to make more and can make battery column for timestamps in the presentation bending dates you it's now colorful things which are minor it would be be a good thing I had was a physical servers what I know my except tools are what I know I was approaching migration from the sequel server side you can push from single server post stress In and has typically tried that for way too long because it would then that's what I know that's right from the word some and try and make it work that he the really bad solution with the tools I think by myself covers for from physical server interacting with local that's pretty kosher only start believing that you have never will good about system it's it's really painful the nested approach about this vector that rather data just you just thought that I hope it will not post their 2nd you of bringing in that way that tried that and also used just some of 1 is voice and hence which he needed the press press as well without the various tools you know so cooking and playing with those tools and trying to map out in yeah good MateCat and then that really cool and have expected that a cat is that idea that of the tool because me but that I found a super easy do it in let's argues that actually get working in the lowest possible 1 happened November factory in Trenton do you want to express ways of that had lots of ways but the this problem I had a Chinese Microsoft outside of the innovation services to do it which you should not be treated that way else we don't yet now that the world not really questions the model of the world on the part of this right right so and they were all yes and that's what yes that's completely wrong I have no balance that out by some company they can remember many companies that decision was kind show up on but I McDonnell and that branch from Novell already begun attacking in the branching away from that happened in November which the hand that included the and companies in industrial get the codon licenses from about like there's another billion and the terms that that some of the reparandum as Emma and not as part of Novell and there is iterating really really quickly and then and that's something so I had ask the number that's the minority not Microsoft on that there is a great deal of time I had was that I'm going to the motto of Iousy of chats but it's there and that's what I see now is a really stupid question is would be not ask it is something just completely new out it is found that years ago response so that in independent Google transparent and away that the Internet 0 gosh that was like a movement question and I wasn't freezing right way that it didn't acquire like yes yeah and now that I and this and that and what are you doing that and you are in the series Peter web forms that if you have a silver ladder with other seen how much like a subset open source like their products on the side like in the city and razor and that stuff this is the book in the world but it's 1 of the key global but this is 1 of the sort of problems that you'll hear it is that I have megarectum she'll be mostly open source you also have some very laughter and parts which um which meant it really helpful Martine regions like I'm that is something that I don't know that we get back to that video out from my windows in Britain and there's a licensing issue there but it's it's a very small hurdle these have to know that you know they're not license yet have that yellow you can still use it works with mild you have to go and grab it and bring it into your thing both back of source so much of any c is a mistake or they could based and that taking notes that that the landscape is shifting a lot and then that's I think is like a multitude of that open source and all that it's a huge boon to the model team and here that was the right and I mean left the Microsoft legal if there were no then you toes if any given the model is that so that is where that about a business logic have a project you know that that's my bad and then the project web tested whether logic with matter that works and everything that's not just Mac clicks in windows that the headphone that enjoyed the depend on how an appreciable compare them those mobile tools to to send attending class your company that what we got a model would but once in the morning everyone if you can return-on-investment the not enough that we have


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