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Lecture 23. Final Exam Review

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Lecture 23. Final Exam Review
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UCI Chem 1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: Atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass relationships. Index of Topics: 0:00:13 Energy, Frequency, and Wavelength of Light 0:09:38 Production of Chlorine 0:15:28 Wavelength of Light 0:22:16 Empirical Formula of a Compound 0:29:28 Write a Balanced Equation... 0:35:12 Quantum Number Overview 0:38:59 Uncertainty of Lithium 0:44:08 Electron Configuration
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their material while interruptions are always allowed the kind of extreme courage here so feel free interrupted its think laughter you may have to deal with your hands around the universe with handler on 1 of the energy frequency and Waverley alone like associated associated with the amid O'Connor hydrogen conditioning from and 5 2 win any equals 1 level so integrated and started firing rate now there's the women in your body rather in way that toppling that on their way right answer I prefer it this way and in this case I kind of force you into it because I'm requiring you to give me the energy to where the
research that we still undervalues rider constant we shall values sir and being really careful to make sure that put the right ones in the right places now what is the 1 I left out so it would not pursue claims that is so ETS is the National minus final so remember this is a place where ranging from sometimes it'll be written as the national minus final and there will be a negative sign up there sometimes there'll be a negative sign up here in a beer in his final months before you don't have to memorize the equations and you can just do it off the equation but that flip-flops because I happens when you arrive at your end of the negative sign out here but there is that you can just taken distribute that negative in interpreting the data and 4 so we
cylinders energy immediately no you can't that underlined fears of energy in this case and in what way know yet we had a change of fine wine I asked the admitted people right so if I ask fidelity then it would be negative but if I ask for the energy of the photons it's the positive version of the energy of a photon is always positive so that's a energy now I asked for a land and frequencies so which regions Oregon USA yet the police land that equals each new NHK sulfur opening but I want to make a quick you know about seeing things he has but it's not all that obvious what city things you need to use after the question to you this way so basically the right the constant here sets up the things that you need to use C which is still in the amount of 6 figures you however many you cared about furious this experience if you needed this value for something you would fill up the library constant the right numbers the and of that something like that so why do want that there is 3 or 4 different types of problems with us comes and next to it I tell you how many things things to do it and really that's just the consistency states so that agency you hold out like a huge I the cage and market wrong not really knowing what the question was not knowing that it really doesn't matter so on any of the ones that implement this is a say it's bound to this music just do it on the idea there being that you could pick somewhere between like to inform the OK and I just want to make sure that there's no agreement so I also have a note not agree on those but just to be extra shares I figured I would just tell you how music fixed around him so we do this can we get back if I don't tell you what units to put it in your more than welcome the leading leaders you don't need to switch it on and it wasn't like that contemporary thinking I instantly much much-lauded a year later honorary actually getting great on top along the right number of seats so if I don't promising things matter if you end up with you know it you say if you need to have recently in years things here year forcing things you're wrong to say things are now if there's around here like my answers as to . 1 8 in your answers as to . 1 9 No that's not necessary adding that I ended up using calendar but so we have a son In all of these values are part of it is well right because you're filling in the positive value but their units on frequency yet so you can demise a few different ways you can write it won over sections or you can write a 2nd inverse or you can write it hurts all of those are fine so anyway you want sir remembered dealt it is positive or negative in the whenever you see something worse has remitting a photon 21 and I think that that's going to negative right as a final was lower than your initial this direction there is almost no only 1 that you would be too hard on if you forgot that would be the strike you'd get out of these you know to make profits will be OK we're going the other direction what happens if you I give you Orlando or frequency and use sulfur III and new facility into sheer without making it later you won't get it right and what that most likely statistics say you won't even get an interview so if you are doing examine you get in over 1 . 5 7 for instance is that to be the right answer not and I get around that too now the mood and the reason I came over that and that's what happened 1st met them right all and you know you should go back in the 1st place you should check in that negative did I forget to make that United that's a place for most of the states at the other places most mistakes happen in any given you landed in links are a city on the of managers or some other things like that and you forget to convert them when he had a wonderful time he may then that's usually that this is going to be negative so and the other thing is whatever it's going from a high energy to low energy because that is your final is lower than your initial so if you finals lower than initial and you always have finalized initially in energy you alone number subtracted from a high and the low number subtract a high number from that but anything around the set up 2 I so the question was about if you do the other parts factory gate you wrong yes except you make this and this negative here so that get along because you should know that we link can never be negative and should know that frequently never so if you get you wrong you fill a negative there In you go around the on as far as if you just have the wrong number completely the yes and no independent show the right work if he's still working in the greatest to look at and say continue with their doing on the appointment would reviewing under the point yes if you just put on a number of marijuana governing populated nature so you have to show really good work and enhancements audiences there's not a lot of things anything Nelson 1 of them along the way Dole around never round had never come to the end you only around you giving a final answer you hold all your numbers and but the next so we have chlorine in appeared in a laboratory using distraction of how much and the notes to is to be added to access to get that much for and a NEB all the parameters for so this should be elected you need to make a certain amount of chlorine for some sort of industrial application and you needed to know how much you were again so we gotta do we start where where we need to do if we need to go found that a certain amount of chlorine in the need to get it off finally the finals
now women knowing after conversion factors are the fundamentals chapter but we can't do that in conversion factors 1 we're not arrested sold in the 1st sentence you couldn't have problems but now we can't because finals only honesty the People's for solving friends and so we can follow the and should in pressure we need to keep the facts and you cannot ignore was converted separately by tender converted on top the and in a case like this do you need to worry about all you yes how do you know that in here at all and if you forget what units everything needs to be answered they did you are watching you do well at the units have all these units right here said forget which the leader and you forget which volume unit is likely to forget what happened there with John Petrie unit just looking and we always have to worry about which we always have to but that common now and for all the other problems so now we have moles of chlorine in water we're trying L but the interest I just use the handwritten paper up and so now animals chlorine William so we go from all the foreign to most of what yes and we do that using the my share any and we're looking for a site in actually you never too I would be more careful on example I'd be asking for GM because you can wait it is hard to wear out walls of something so I'd be asking for grandson exam so hard we had this morning when we come up here and we look and then how do we get our conversion factor table good OK In Nova intercourse all these questions can be asked backwards so when you're doing these problems from practice you want we will solve the other way too so you you can always take all these problems industry reversed you can take your answer and say OK well for this given frequency this given frequency what's the forward this many moles of N N O 2 what is how much C O I get while both animals and this will indeed have to give yourself some some of his friends we can always worked on the easiest way to change a lot questions for exams on to make sure communities both weighed here and work but questions on the serving of the so that it if I want to use something like manuals equation almost all major really obvious by saying can you treated as ideal also I have to give you a here otherwise the sort of stuff something idea technically you can do everything that we've done through this entire day after using the banned equation the elder registered the welding it is yeah she news of hypothetically they yeah well I'll tell you it's not ideal that all the year such as such aghast not treated ideally although interview you bunch of France's ass offer something but I know I can still because these conditions were set up for the outset in so we have a monochromatic view of what would the more like what monochromatic all color in other words all 1 but this time color wavelength whaling fleet and the energy that that decided color so monochromatic means 1 color so all 1 wavelength a so it has a total energy at 2 . 5 jewels it contains as many photons what is the wavelength of the so sold we often do to find a wavelength Indiana as if we had an urgent need to find wavelength when we fell into you need calls it's the overland so can I just fell in no 1 them was so much is that is still on its energy on 1 of right so this energy is of this need so we need to figure out the energy of 1 full-time so my analogy for how to remember how to do this is always truth because most people can think about it with calories of food and things like that so if I tell you that a bag of chips is 100 calories and tell you that there 10 ships in the back how many calories in each 100 calories per bag 10 jets so that means you have to have 10 calories check how do that total divided by the number to no different here so the total energy in a number of things that have happened so what's at the energy total divided by the number To get the energy of the photons but so provide jails now can I just fell in the . 5 6 now that the jewels moldering and we don't want rules from all we want to focus so again I'm managing my conversion factor inside here you don't need to do it that way you can do it outside and so on and analysts along a little shorthand notation from organism now how many think things others on 3 but no treat such harmony 2 Serena around the on hang I was mildly number dyslexic and through 1 that need to be area is 4 . 5 8 4 . 8 2 5 1 4 but so now that we have the
energy for full-time the fundamentals that cylinder so we have a energy now we're solving for Ireland should I just fell in 4 . 8 years now all right we're out we hold out some 660 we underline the last significant ones so that we make sure that we can keep track of it quickly without having to go all the way back through and out so if booked I 1 10 the nature of 50 years against inside and say given the anatomy of the final to go ahead and just leave it and there's not have to convert into any particular yeah I would do use will and so the Eagles HC overland Union times by the number of malls up here "quotation mark 0 0 0 you wanna see ways they want to find out we from all In May 1 mathematically in Britain a dangerous way of doing it could on mostly because they like it's especially on it and examine where and probably going after definitive report on the U.S. most July I have proof of entrepreneurial also I will do it this way for that doing here we wouldn't work because mathematically that's how they would cancel on me you lose the sense of jewels per photon so it won't work but it works because of this mathematics of its unless you just have to be really good at Napoli algebra and know what you're doing that right arm I would stick without much I would have to drop out of the house of which I don't wanna do is they don't want to give people a day before the attack Of that I can do it after that winding nature work I you was it's still a lot of work Estonia Rawlinson holdout wanted to have a lasting effect on your face in this case I went slowly it honesty when I'm doing this in real life I'm just doing 2nd answer for everything and filling the whole string of numbers and that wobbled around here examining all like it would be the difference between getting to work while this 1 was going to say cake that would probably just come up and if I held out a few more things getting like 4 . 1 2 and 4 . 1 3 ,comma were really surroundings but so here we have a compound made up of siege in cl contains 55 per cent chlorine by mass media diagrams of the compound containing this many hydrogen atoms whats the empirical formula I'm so London later this year of a formal so I will spend some extra time and make sure you interrupt me if if I do something natural wider still at this point we need to go through and we need to solve for each 1 where need dissolved the malls of carbon the moles of hydrogen animals quarry 21 itself and 1 that we know 1st so we can see a 55 US inclined mind asked What is it that this is the hydrogen atoms so we're going to start with chlorine hydrogen evidence players and I don't know how many a common wall I will get there again when big things and doing them problems that is available to start at not being 100 per cent sure we may be going just going but you know we're going to have devils of chlorine were going to have levels of hydrogen engines we have to get out of solar stock so With Corey I tell you that it's 55 per cent by now so we got a lot of we've just started with assuming 100 grams samples we don't want to do that here because of the way that the hydrogen was written it was written as the number of Adams so we want just go ahead and go the sample that we have so we have a 9 gram sample if 55 per cent of it by mass is going to be chlorine me get more support him multiplied by 2 . 5 5 and that in the coming grounds of behalf and then we can get malls now you may notice under the empirical formula problems I get pretty lazy about seeing things that don't talk about a eventually you're going to come out with a whole numbers and so if you don't do 6 face completely correct and if there's not enough succeeds here you just beyond quietly last minute surviving here so I just left and then worry about falling out of now as 200 hydrogen we know how many items we have in the sample 200 most get of his number union leaders for annotation now we need to figure out ,comma which is a little bit tougher so we know that chlorine have enormous hydrogen we have trouble holding employment formally have whatever is left over and Soeren subtracts taken 9 grams and this is 1 of the many places in these problems as a couple different ways you can do it I think the way that national censuses star the 9 grams and subtract around half of each 1 so holding the reins of hydrogen have we have 0 . 9 6 rail line what's more hadn't out 1 soon only up to a conversion factor and we need to look at how much chlorine so you may it depends on how far ahead You're looking whether you may be just what matters grants began and then converted at airline so I just will put that little half conversion factor so this is our hydrogen In this whole section reserved so we have a total subtract from both headed area and then subtract the hydrogen and chlorine mass from that but yet so you can take this and you can multiply by 35 . 4 5 the reason I would suggest doing it this way it is because you're less so if you if you mess up your calculator bottom-fishing fear the neuron at 2 things or if you go back and is multiplied his students it's the same number about but was you know you're not using something that Europe yet yet the it's 1 it's 1 gram formal so you can do a conversion factor you can go ahead and write out the basically just have 1 over 1 over 1 and but so you get this number In the end to compare what we have to their convertibles and
so now we have tolerable values so high refining your Friday's announcement To that so when they reconciled spirits seats you each 5 cm I ask that you know the humiliation the writing carbon and hydrogen asked her what else survived the ordering the lake is normally oxygen nitrogen or halogen found don't worry about ordering an injured right now but we should know by now that we pretty much always right the Commons and the Nigerians and and rest other than that the empirical handling of action but 1 at the that gallery at you fearful of having been elected last seen contacted him like this so so because they didn't give me any molecular mass you don't actually know for sure if it is you don't know if maybe this is actually see for each 10 sealed to I have to give you the molecular mass we'll figure it out b also the idea that if I did molecular empirical that in the talk about it's the idea between us and the lowest number in multiplied 2 or 3 4 and when the 9th grams thing you would get the same number of of carbon hydrogen stories is actually it was a higher amount because all we're doing is comparing apples and we're comparing just more than the actual Adams together we don't technically know whether or not this is the empirical collectively if I gave you a molecular now what would you do to check why you'd find the massive and you would compare to the molecular mass if that was the same as what we would be the molecular formula it would be that if it was time to the truth is that the CIA can you can't know whether the molecular formula the mask but probing weren't enough to reduce carbon monoxide and water greater balance equation and calculate the leaders of carbon-dioxide if we measured at 3 18 in 60 atmospheres now we can get from a certain amount of it so 1st evidence you have to have a formula you have to know what you're doing so you have all ratios and things of that sort so poking fun at him I would I would give you a form of property and I would go ahead and ICC 3 each technically recover that fundamentals but I didn't tell you not worry too much some so I would be that the rest I wouldn't necessarily give you so whenever you come about something or you find something was the reaction was and they tell you that makes coming back to you life I think so that we have to balance this thing so we look at the car meeting OK we're going to need to read hydrogen caring for Sarah ,comma 200 in the deadliest with their oxygen so we have 6 . 4 10 and so we need 5 OK so now we have 7 . 4 5 grams of propane in the line of how much carbon dioxide meeting nakedness so it starts out as a certainly on reversed some of the 180 earlier so we're in inside the 7 . 4 5 grams of protein the convertibles of propane the reasonable ratio which is why we had to have the equation and then adequate lower and then that but were done this year now said 3 so far 11 so now scenario the end because any fill everything not forgetting to convert into Calvin OK technically there would only be 1 single thing we're going have more so it's not I tried to avoid raising questions have 1 thing in an accessory most of this the question here earlier in the day right at some quantum at noon elaborate so onerous if any calls for a the on numbers are possible ,comma left-hander in the center of the I am so winning needle through this what values for whole are allowed and minus 1 so in this case that's theory 2 1 and there now it comes about 3 customers to minus 1 a 0 right fielder kind allowed millions depend on exactly what I was talking about so really we can do this now I examined disaster which won the possible you don't have to railways out there is undermining always out because it makes colony easier so now when I say how many electrons in an off-the-record humming or rules on this level it's a little easier to make sure we call so we have to force 6 8 10 12 14 16 so we have 61 also so how many electrons 32 electric I can't see on after another ,comma numbers for each 1 but it is helpful so that when you go through can just go U 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 6 but the next ones for any calls 5 and ends the best one-half so we really only added 1 thing to destory we've added in calls for and then all the rest of the same 3 2 1 In 0 so
that only the people of forwarded them stability plan was ominous for this history as rescue customers want in there but actually got account laurels we can go through Merion we just add on 2 4 6 8 9 2 original 16 that we had here because for the ends Al equals 4 were also Sudan out again 1 on the savings so we had 16 plus the 2 4 6 8 9 so we have 25 articles come election of the president but the questions France the only logical plus one-half elections constantly have all 25 that because the were allowed have doubled because we have to stand up and stand down course one-half minus one-half so now I'm saying and were only allowed to have 1 of lot and so on we only get to have come 5 of it Morgan and sip lattes and everything I we have a lithium Adam with this average speed and that's the end of world decimal point indicate we have extra significance and the uncertainty of velocity wouldn't 790 meters per 2nd 1 is the uncertainty into the but so integrating use are so and what is main downward which is equal to sometimes the the out and we wanna know uncertainty in position which is felt that the so something has to be careful of this is now effectively filling it so it is just a Chidambaram abound too much for prizes for pirated effective March 1 you just look unattractive onto the massive within minutes we see that it's 6 . 9 4 but that is GM from all in what we want kilograms that's good news to deftly 1 kg what else do we want do you want a sweeper role what I see here lithium so we also need to get rid of the malls in patterns on the bottom instead and that's what we fell into romance of now for velocity was adopted Is it 2000 what is thousand but the velocity right is that velocity no it's uncertainty in lofty so that 2000 there Is it a champion where were you would managers such as St. Joe Gray mounted fixed it's meeting knowing doing the government's interest in going there to make sure you know what you're doing so where use I refilling insincere like a Howard as I know we fell in our conversion and that's what we're going to fill into here I tend to Israel that yes needed and this is the actual speech this is the uncertainty in whirlwind looking at here is the uncertainties were we don't really care how fast it's going we care how much worse during matches office is going so colic opossum and then this is what we fill 2 so when we do all that Delta access to be greater than or equal to 2 some members of the but yes this is just the nature you know the difference between velocity and uncertainty losses in Newhall that this is the uncertainty and lost the war the reality of what the so we want to give you lots of data 2nd paralyzed make sure that you can solve for what you really well so yeah so we have to convert kilograms because of age what you need is jewels times seconds and was rules haven't has kg samosas ,comma you're dealing with a matter to ever see any sort of dual unit and dealing with maximum usually have to convert kilograms other hollering to I the other so couple these fight so some of them going through injury a couple of electron configuration almost no 1 but for the soul of the cadmium our action without constitutes silver so if we look at the parent table mediocre silver and see that we have krypton at the last noble gasses please original would configuration while it's not technically wrong it does make a greater stabbing you don't wanna make February so in kid looking you in case it was just kind of going through blindly on the periodic table you would write this in what would happen if Europe that he did In these unusually short answer questions so would you .period forgotten if you want to look at why do you want you may get more stable that failed energy shall lowers the whole energy and so we want to do it like that so what charges the silver normally form because of that plus 1 right because you just wanna take away that supposedly noble gas configuration and so you get bored so this is also excelled as an example of what I I could ask you to explain to me why thousands of lost 1 . 2 and so we didn't
make it to the residents of a community with a lot study