Lecture 18. Gas Laws, Part 1

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Lecture 18. Gas Laws, Part 1
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UCI Chem 1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: Atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass relationships. Index of Topics: 0:02:27 Gases 0:06:26 Pressure of Gas 0:07:25 Barometers 0:14:25 What is an Ideal Gas? 0:22:09 Boyle's Law 0:26:02 Charles Law 0:33:19 Avogadro's Law 0:37:02 More Predictions of Gases 0:38:05 Ideal Gas Law
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so natural so real and also a lot of things this 1 morning .period sort of conceptually and walk into the calculations but by the end of this notice this quarter as saying that we need to be able to do with know very both conceptually got figured out those questions along with calculating how volume pressure and temperature all related to each other near alot of already expressly wanted point out to you which I there will be an oxymoron but you know you realize that you know a lot of it already at least conceptually and will actually prevented the inform holiday if not to the next so we're now learn about how the ideologues .period ideal gas loving kind of have an idea about how things work in real life how that be related to you if you have 1 idea passage of a bunch of different missions by access and how you can kind and calculate really complicated problems with lots of different gasses altogether just by breaking them down into a whole bunch of simple problem there were going to do it after the war started answerable properties were starting debate here leaders to leaders of gasses and just talking about them in terms of pressure volume temperature of moles things of that sort once we learn that and although the deeper inland actually look at the kinetics and Inci really qualitatively kinetics really isn't a lot of Chapter 1 but will get an idea of how the actual with the items are moving around is giving you the ball properties that the pressure and the volume in Wyoming things that the islands are doing are making those properties be like that another called kinetic military theory so get into that near the end of continual as standard chemistry were initially wanted things that almost working memory and tell you I like a little bit hearing the trial so me it works pretty much going to spend 95 per cent of the chapter on what we call ideal gasses that will get into but real gasses are going to be ideals and salt show you are 1 of the ways you can sort of make up for for this and fix issues would not mean quite ideal and then of course there's lots of actually do this the word is that people wanted to use the most Morgan walked through that so obvious are the last 5 per cent of the Of the first one in the gas sold in New kind of going going back and talk about solids and liquids talk about trade the to remain the that we talk about of the ideal gasses that's different from all the lesson that they're moving freely right there are necessarily near each other on depending on the pressure they may be father closer to each other but in general there just moving freely it's not like liquid whether all sitting on top of each other just rotating around her like a salad which you can think of is like a tight lattice that we filled up all the chairs in here and you know you guys in the service followed last the state all in all the EDI accent Tuesday that suggested that the final for the sake of setting see Italy 25 recent midterm 125 per cent intend to end 50 cent chapter for my family has a surprising natural island in the fairness of the getting out of it so unlikely winners ordinarily touching each other most the time when they are instantly sort a quick thing right there top bounce off each other any move the only the only way they are really going to be interacting with each other off early some much now misgivings diocesan property that liquids and solids don't have it you can take a solid of like a real solid that doesn't have a winter pockets EU-China compressing the applicability of acting like a solid piece of metal and try to compress not would do it he is well I think think that something like would fully really confesses air pockets and sell pockets and you things like that you're not actually compressing the solid so anything that that's that's a solid you're not actually compressed thinking with liquidity timetable water each had a compressor down you might be only a little tiny bit of it you have really good measurements but nothing perceptible now can you take absent from Sharon says that all these were sitting here as always are to get time and finally gas the colonial continue so then you can you know Philip balloons all their party with just 1 container now they also don't have a defined shape which of course both liquids and all liquids and gasses into doing the Internet caps all have sold the following is the many things that make it nearly fell asleep away requirement in economy any some obsolete continued their going to go whatever it is it doesn't matter a solid demanded that Australian police silence you you container is just a list of the things you've always they also are going to expand now this is different than a liquid right into the liquid in a container that you this bag and then you get a container this big building of graduates find itself or it's not going to get bigger where aghast aghast as an expansive still whatever you whatever space you give it it's they're going to mix evenly amongst each other so sometimes what would you do that sometimes they Walt it depends on the learn about that and what think 1 be out but in this case after argument their lower density so that sort of makes sense I like the way he lasts for a given volume because they're not as closely packed they're not all on top of each other so builders sort of your general guidelines for what a gas on the telly defining act I believe you're going straight down all these things that think I'm overly probably no but now the sort of Renault in defining so I can ask you you know how do you know something is a gap in you could say Well I think fact it takes shape its surroundings helmets evenly with each other for the last already so now what little there were 10 minutes because it's 1 of those still things of life of I'm going go 3 have conversion you at you would have made it past the 1st midterm review of his unit Britain so lied and they do want to talk about the issue so we have something called a pastel which is a so you're going to head the gas is really really don't have a limit that pretty much is always used like this is really sort of status how people reporting so make sure you do know the other units the University of Tennessee in equation Chavarria finally had for years terminal in nature to seal know that you have these sound didn't you you'll also see Cuellar a lot just because killer Haskell gets you closer to an ATM but what is the approximate atmospheric pressure about 1 right after this Consent of the last time the seat measured in millimeters of mercury by millimeters of mercury Australian imminent accessories parameters your
article was sprinkled out of his house so just enough to keep the back-and-forth between these you're going to know what you want it really quickly just because it's it's giving you when you get the idea that fall there's going to be a lot of times you have to do an atmosphere which is done militants in you wanna watch out for those because you always thought 113 units and you don't have to go out and buy a new 1 interferometry always to Britain when you do it when we get to those are the problems uncle in more detail let now when years mercury thinking about something called a barometer which you probably seen somewhere other than at 6 her something but the idea an barometers making you a measure atmospheric pressure so you can't really see what's happening in something like this this is like an old something that you can make an all-out style parameter so what you can do it this is you take a cut of empty to in a thing of mercury and then you have a little bit of roam around the mercury so that the atmosphere can push down direct to the atmosphere has been pushing down on this disk of overnight disk but liquid that of mercury when it done that what happens is you put on a liquid in you have attempted to it goes up right so effort pushes on this it's gonna push the Mercury up into the 2 that's the how barometer actually work so you have about until you have at the cemetery and then depending on how much atmospheric pressure we have the changes day-to-day changes with storms hit it changes with a a variety of different things so this will give you a measure that no because that's just how atmospheric pressure was originally measured in being measured in millimeters of mercury because you can just imagine you can just imagine how much mercury was going up into the team and then you could say Williams your liberal and say OK well the atmosphere pressure is about 764 mm mercury that so that's how all the millimeters of mercury came about now being good question at this point becomes a Mercury wineries Mercury a what's special about mercury some liquid and it's a liquid rise and widening what what what's else especially America it's really happy the site demonstrate a small amount of mercury is the way a lot more than a small amount of water so this height is going to the depending on how heavy it is right because all of this right here that being pulled down to write it's being pushed up by the atmospheric pressure pushing into that you wouldn't think pulled down by a sleeper hold the better terms gravity so the heavier it is more dense that it is the more dense that this liquid is the smaller it's going to be now why would we want something to be small well so far but was doing there cultural marooned on a tropical island and we wanted to know the answer questions because it's really important information only identified it could be storms writing storm's going so we all that no 1st that density and the higher than the proportional to each other if so we can further now this looks pretty similar to like them when want equal than to meet you problem at the same sort of idea iteration now we have the density of seawater because that's theoretically would you have around we have the height that it would mercury from of so let's try to figure this out well what set this up to be sea waters In this up to me where mercury barometers Wendy good insulin or numbers and see what happens so a density of water the water here is 1 . 0 61 . 1 0 then we don't know where high water so I was asleep at his age the highest seawater and then we know what our density of materials it's also about and we know mercury barometer reach we don't have to worry too much about our units here for the same reason we don't have to worry about it on Monday when it wasn't to be 2 or if noticing seen that recently is sometimes a D C 1 the 1 procedures into the desert iteration of the unit circle cancel out so we're left with the height of the sea water the question it it's and we end up with is to 980 Simon so think they right so why wouldn't we want you water around houses as you know will likely if you and I will back that likely you anywhere is probably going to be your grandma's house is something pretty soon you know in the next with Ammamaria thing the back window mounted atmospheric pressure so why it might not otherwise why would want you want yeah and wants to have a thermometer that like that big sitting around right so it's incidentally height thing we can use mercury because it's so dense that it doesn't take up a lot of hype and so that was why I was picked arms while only 10 have been sitting around the house now some of America's paradoxes and so on the on same reason that we don't really have a moderate 1 where
Nelson onto a little at definition things that will need to know for the Chapter 1 ideal gas so gasses what is an ideal gas this is sort of a definition that we've made up in order to be able to do bunch of populations and in relatively good approximation for some of the gaps sometimes it breaks down the most talk about those examples before a lot of the gas is the ideal gas calling it an ideal gas approximating using ideal gas is pretty so if you are an ideal gasses accident ideal gas molecules are going to move completely random so that means they don't interact so if you have 2 molecules of the controls to each other if the ideal gasses or the acting like ideal gasses they're not going to have much interaction with each other just the kind with telling people Donald volumes sold now if you think about it and how can we can agree that the item has volume right while for the sake of ideal gasses we're going to pretend that sort of thing that they don't have time and of course this is sometimes more true than others write something like helium is going to be a lot smaller than something like nitrogen so you would expect helium be a bit more ideal the nitrogen but it's a good approximation all collision during last list last equation using only Indiana and soul of this sort technical term here that the Dole there is there's a complete conservation of energy so as to things bounced into each other with a certain amount of energy they're gonna fly out with the exact same amount of energy now medium 1 that was going slower is not most faster or 1 that was moving fast enough the slower you can I think like billiard balls only Of course would that would but eventually stopped because of friction was not completely elastic but is it's a good a kind of visual and so a lot after the union would be treated as ideal and a lot of gasses are only going have to be treated as they deal in certain situations so it's gonna work really well at low pressures and is going really well at high temperatures so I think about why that is because this is hard to remember if you don't if you don't think about why it is and a ready you understand it then memorize it out more precious syllable crashes in the space between 2 molecules are going to be high or worse than really small nearly at low pressure nearly highrise at low-pressure you're giving them lots and lots of room around so you you know what the we'd take out all the seats here we going as see a solid anymore we take our seats and I have all of you in here so it's pretty high pressure I will return some dealers are like competing sororities and fraternities to the oppression now I take three-quarters of the typical he lowered the pressure right so isn't anymore between those people a lost work so are they going to interact as much of their time on active questions concerning the more space that will give blindfolded ,comma wondering so they're not going interact and so because of that 13 anymore ideal 13 anymore like an ideal that now it is time we just put tons and tons and tons of people in here in a pressure goes up that's like nuclear pressure going on now there and interact a lot let me in that they're not acting like an ideal gas that so 1 has to do with colleges and interacting with each other of high temperatures we may have to leave that 1 a little bit for the end of the go-ahead explaining here anyway sold at higher temperatures than you would remember know what molecules to a high temperatures and faster slower during day but after sold it at all the really really fast and they're bumping into things the coalition Our was actually reside at low temperatures so low temperatures are really doing what going really really too low now let's say that you know some of these people are friends and they're talking to each other if I told they'll have to run around really really fast for an interim really really slow where they can be able to talk to their friends more slow rate TB was walking by each other fairly topic topic in talks if they're racing by challenge the new talking that so this has to do with how much you can interact if they're going slower if there is an attraction between 2 molecules they're going to be able to interact with all the more so all of this is how do we minimize interactions the
a program so what do some talking about what's going to happen if we change the different components of the system so there is I think mentioned 1 of these before his great website and there's a lot of these on his years on really likes learning Malik playing around with
things go visit was once they just don't like it's fun on soul and show you something when the photoelectric effect said he was the last major this year so that they will have a continue and we have a lot of things can change With entrance temperature we can change the amount of gas we have we can change volume on the main office of things we introduce the size of of the species so long as they present after this may be a little more than lot modeling Connecticut but so we have in the afternoon did it now what's what's the basis on what's going to happen to the pressure-free change different things so they will make them volume small links to happen for the pressure we can see this year dazzling if they are right now when think of some of this back out when that would happen based on what we just talked about in the last flight if we increased temperature what happens to the speed of molecules the so fast and so what that them into the pressure it's going upgrade their own all of them and all the little bit more energy so we can do this again raised the temperature with from fine lost the pressure clients that Nouriel burst and so if we decrease in volume what happened for pressure it went not right because we're switching molecules together we increase the temperature what happened operation in Wind because now they're moving around faster now let me just add molecules what's going to happen pressure stand not enemy burst I'm so Nova soothing often talk about a little bit more detail now but also you were able to pretty much just what was gonna happen before it happened right so good you already know some of the stuff so when we play no equation and that's really all we're doing we're just taking what you already kind of note were putting in new equation 1 and don't play around this little without it's kind of fun it now all of these men talking about how means associated with that of perhaps I should care more than you can associate the name with the equation but I adult but I want to know the equation I want you to be able to use that I want you to be a woman grass than anyone will explain them and in 4 years from now they see walking down the street and if say take Boyle's long only real estate has something to do with deficits in the election axis of Indiana will you a little optimistic I want you to know that I have to aggressively guy you know I should be able to ask you to list their Alina lists the different are flaws Newton the names but you can associate them but don't necessarily character and so the 1st time on top of those Boyle's law now you're also known as you know ,comma interspersed examples I'm waiting examples until the the end because you can do all of these using the very end combined Vermont and so I think that's almost a little bit better teachers using individual laws so I'm hopeful all examples until the end of the section of some oil on pressure and volume so this was the equivalent the switching box a little bit if you increase the volume pressure decreases so we surrendered that's the opposite Mary we had this box with all the molecules floating around and then we took and we need the box smaller and we made a much smaller what happened to the pressure it increases pizzerias squishing all the molecules together and it's like now I put everybody a free wandering around with blindfolds and earplugs and therefore fears and you're running around around the room and I started bringing the walls and but that's going to increase the pressure everyone in the world more squish them the running the walls or that increasing pressure sister states through but if you increase the volume novel walls and explaining our room to move around a little bit more everyone's hitting the wall little last that decreasing no this is true when you have gas and temperature held constant for all is lost in order to sort of define alike say when you do this this happens we have sold everything else cause otherwise whatever's changing America change so in this case this is true if you hold more than gas temperature constant so now with all of this also the gospel like it will honor the that what would happen as decreased tender exceeding every decreased volume what would happen to pressure so look at that and so here we have a bachelor's in volume and pressure immerses lower body so
you have a certain decay here was won over moreover acts she if you remember back to Algebra 2 days we had to recognize shapes about this is because as your volume increases your pressure decreases now it's a little bit easier to see if we actually practice in a linear about we sample oppression here where volume here or whatever volume here and we can make a linear grab slice of from an experimental standpoint allowed standpoint this is a much easier back to work while we can ,comma the equation for this line and it's a lot for this system at any given volume with the pressure could just fine so if two-thirds of grass wanted how recognized get things of that sort but so I next 1 now down there really talk about is leading Bollywood so this comes into play in lots of different places of greed of cold weather actually so occasionally i'll also popular loss of its nuclear creditors changes jobs so this will serve as volume increases temperature increases as volume decreases temperature decreases so you can see this 1 fairly easily in real life they are understandable the the freezer the areas of normal thing and intended but not like this we don't have to find the freezes you today so where does the felt good about what we think is so what liquidation exactly what has eliminated very very cold and so you have to get very very cold in order to make adjustments in our Maryland called from a note warning that the thing that often very told them and the origin of the animated on the coldness but and if we let it sit for long enough back to its original shape assuming that the referee didn't do anything bad but it's it's fine you is do it over and over again right acknowledged lost molecules this is of the Sami stick indissoluble back out and you magically switch bulletins anything like that it had called and check to make sure they are not a magic trick here but mostly had no motivational ideas so this is how you can remember the sunrise the signal in the freezer orientation like diamonds to congratulate and shake actually gets so small because of the incident a perfect system and so the balloon I'm worried about a break but candidate who got a gift and again and what happened to the ultimately cannot added temperature share that the speed is increasing so as you increase the temperature you increase the speed and it's more pressure for more buying this season so worsening that this little model to say it's basically constant pressure remember we have to keep the other thing constant right so what is about the general pressure atmospheric pressure still a bull works good for a constant pressure situation because you can say Well OK in basically atmospheric pressure sure the rubber and there's gonna make a little bit of a difference but for the most part it's just kind of atmosphere and so this is this comes into on A. and sort of real life I told the ship not quite as big of an issue here because you don't have a lot of fun weather but if you want someplace like Alaska and you fill your tires in the middle of winter when likely give 20 degrees and in summertime ,comma what happens to your tires he added pressure the volume is going try to expand in again this is reluctant be a great model for these things individually because of our it's hard to hold this constant but eventually will increase your pressure so much that you volume can increase an old wall of this is a little bit better home with modeling it had Maryland camping and slept on mattresses yet only you know the rest of your hardcore campers who should try as time expired on pilot error matters like I it because you know so what happens if you fell in the middle of the day especially in the summer it will you fill up you're ready to go to bed good bad and then you wake up at 2 AM on the ground and of mothers have happened because of the whole year matters a lot of times really the got scenario cold and sleeping on the ground that's a Nicaraguan much fun sold noted lesson he learned fear is the sort your tents 1st and then matches until it's already started dropping temperatures but had also been no actual moral lesson that volume in temperature or proportional that's going to lend to each other so this is that the picture that was
up for the other 1 on this you have a similar picture in there but this 1 comes from the chain that we used in previous years so this is kind of goes there and shows you the exact same idea that if you're holding moles or which we haven't really talked about you and will just call a constant and the pressure constant what's going to happen as you change temperature and then found the reversal of that which is pressure which restarted talked about the tires right if you increase temperature when he things that happen pressure if the volume is changing that's the increased your so and pressure on volume kind of close related as 1 in the sense that it in real life examples of hard actually hold the both of 1 of them wants completely constant so keep this in mind when you're looking at things if you increase in temperature you're going to either increase the pressure on the volume assuming everything else is held so the photograph
and I had to go back so what is so get any raised temperature you can increase your volume or if you're holding your body becomes data refusing to let this move you can increase your precious if you lower the temperature your decreasing volumes or if you're holding your volume constant that along the pressure to change your pressures it's a very similar but had to know student activists now this would be the same as we put volume over here it would exceed the pressure over whether we hold volume concert or whether we will pressure constant it turned out to be the same graft and about year so if you know how much for I don't that you know how much the increasing the temperature by the end a larger increase in value lies in nearby 1st but now looks at this 1 as a little more complicated right so now we have 4 different lines and what's the big difference yeah you pressures right so this is this is an ideal graph er in ideal gas craft of Charles Schwab but in different pressures because what we know and we know pressure faxes right was pressured to evolve to increase the pressure increases the volume 2 so what happens here is that if you take this it changes what's happening here so this just shows you for all different pressures what's happening to your body and incentives for atmospheres you would have here to hear 1 here .period 5 so that's all that I was going if that's what I want out of what someone of another sort known for underwriters number which has to do with what the a number of actions writing about them all along and the ones that have to do it Wells so much we but the maybe I never look so we can make it bigger couple of wagering talk about 1 writing temperature cycle Patterson someplace warm what the easier way for their set up at the moment pocket-ligand sold 1 and that is what I do to make it work also I increased the number of moles and in the immigration more molecules so this wasn't the volume and temperature and you similarly volume and pressure again and be related to each other and that they're going to be proportional right more and more put it the more the larger the blue gets going and this kind of thinking kind of model as a constant value so sorely malls in volume as you know normal increases so as universal body so if I want to make a smaller area now it's really small but I couldn't just let moment some kind of slipped to their services during the pressure pressure the temperature is held constant because I changed my temperature of bed linen also slowed things are happening that we have to calculate so for all of these were talking about a couple different were only really into variables at once if you bring in a 3rd or 4th variable you can't necessarily say that share if you know increase the number of holes that's going to add making it larger but what if I don't make it really cold what's going to happen well it depends on the ratio right depend on how much extra I put in versus how the holders making it happen but this so all of these In all glass trade you have be McGrath probably is in sort a similar fashion to each other where this food items that this land is only just the again and it would look the same as the child so we have 2 people talking and you know I don't know if you've ever edits the city during the sciences afternoon probably should have as just part of life so you have to warn you can this guy and girl I think we should give it another shot and she says that we should break up and I can prove it she grasses are relationship and has obviously been going downhill users ,comma meteorite July new data would convince you know I just knew that is label axes the the contrast cases I don't really like bacteria and I tell you can grab something if I tell you -dash graft services volume in you don't put pressure on volume media thought you had thought maybe I thought the jurors was down here and pressures up here so make sure that if I ask you draw these graph you legally lapses properly OK all you need to make sure that you put temperature and pressure temperature and volume or whatever it is I'm asking for otherwise I will know that you actually knew to put 1 of only the bottom level on the top agenda but so now and we come back here a minute now we could actually go through calculate all of us if we want our we can actually go through in say change the temperature by a set amount and calculate the new pressure with itself however we want this to be exactly 600 and see what would happen and all we could say OK well we know how many molecules are adhering to put exactly double we can
calculate the death difference we continue all 3 right we haven't really talked about how to deal in detail but we could we can't say that it I will only increase the pressure by adding more gasses but then look at what offset however after rising temperature taking called the 2nd removed the Badaling even get to go back to the exact same In the Heat of the kind that follows that of honey there's really good about BSE all ahead of time so Walther in too much detail again but you know you can walk through the didn't quite definite time player on the but had now lowered its stake in a last minute winner take all we just learned and were going to combine together and then we're going to do examples I guess it's Sunni need can do all of the examples from the idea of asphalt and something really drive off the idea that also I think it's a little bit better than she did actually learned everything I think that this is really a combination of all of the things that we were so up until now we stand you can relate to all maritime time and 1 increases the other 1 decreases and its proportional were inversely proportional and we all but we haven't really talked about what happens if we want change and lots of things what happens if I want to add more moles but then I wanna put down order I want to the increased the pressure but also increase the volume In the ideal gas will allow us to do this so what this is basically doing is putting all all of the things together into 1 form equation now this is already at least sort of shown up in summer figure that women talking about inherently part about this is called the ideal gas from there and it's just a constant that relate to all of this together so if you take all the equations and combine all midday and it's you Gold throwing you cancel everything else you can go through they will now I can see that pressure is equal the 1 volume if all of these are held volume is proportional temperature if I can if pressure moles and of course are as always are held this incorporate everything that we just talked about into 1 equation which is really nice this alone are in the water but you will have our memories slightly differently we anyone else analyzes something different b . 3 1 of those unfamiliar that has tools and so that also on the ballot is that 1 has to do with energy so as far as which 1 do you think you'll have both of them on the exam how I know in this 1 to pick this do memoranda now the annually usually get into the habit concerned it's how you know let's look at this event well what is pressuring the atmosphere is what is cessation of the violence meters ,comma temperature Calvin so I'm not is something that looks like this for Unit 3 only something that has the energy unit yet as serenity going so we're going to use this new chapter will be given that cannot molecular theory that will start using energy I wouldn't that's so weird just think and this is actually kind of it is what comes off best now out of alignment problems there's going along very fast really worry about units the new wondering don't really have to worry about me it you need to worry about than news idea that constant and having an answer the exam to to help you remember what you it's got to be leaders is gonna be atmosphere that has guided :colon always always always even wondered how you don't have to worry about switching units him much temperature after being told by if you see temperature were encountered Celsius just put cost 273 next to like you're reading problem you see a a 62 . 4 renowned brittle little plus 273 there so that when you fill a new equation you don't forget to do it on the news that kind of long hours after listing of what we know and what we're trying to figure out just put to such was 273 next every single temperature was forced to sell systems don't forget is 1 of the most commonly missed things on an e-mail and I'm sure it's a question that all year .period trade so don't and just be really careful about that on Monday when the sewer we have a general idea of of what happens when we change but now I can also calculates the results of 1 thing based on all the other things that matter so if we we have sulfur hexafluoride the call was all listeria reacted to calculate the pressure exerted by 1 . 8 2 moles in a steel baffled Volume 5 . 4 3 at 69 . 5 degrees of so if we look at the people there too it's just a was 273 here so that we don't forget and what we want to solve for while were looking for a correction not changing anything you're not going from 1 set to another set so we can dissolve repression now we can distill everything in making sure all of our units are OK so we have 1 . 8 2 roles we fill and are making sure to fill in the right 1 then we
can fill in temperature I'll admit I nearly fell into my calculator just like the sound if you do that you have to watch out for Prentiss itself and may not be a bad idea to fill in those added number here and do it in 1 step forward 2 steps and then resolve and we get but that so that we do an ideal gas law that doesn't of change around here is we're not changing things you're not going back and forth still that the the media 2 minutes so the candidates in 2 minutes and I'll give you the answer the city and the need to an area where exactly the same only falling for 1 but the we I would suggest rearranging the equation 1st usually for that's the but that especially when they get under 1 minutes saw the start of the region would you doing it you can do it looks like you're in a couple of points also something isn't like this we I don't have any answers but we think the price is right out of the 1st at 9 . 2 8 years that's so that
kind of undoing those next time all this was the only ways to calculate and interchanging someone going from 1 thing and then 170 changes and understand what we get