Lecture 17. Review

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Lecture 17. Review
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UCI Chem 1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: Atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass relationships. Index of Topics: 0:00:46 Hydrogen Bonding Importance 0:06:32 Ranking Example 0:07:34 Review: ICl4-, ICl4+ 0:35:38 Review: MO Diagram for NO 0:43:59 Review: Constructive and Destructive Interference 0:45:30 Review: Rank According to Boiling Point
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the remains of the day I'm not going somewhere in southern hydrogen-bonding thing that I haven't played finished up or maybe we lost and then I I wanting to much longer and more during the lecture I'm sure the whole package you will get the role that they're not almanac to inform you probably won't so whatever I don't finishing class today ,comma want to feel rushed understood you that there is a nite so will have plenty of time over spread over everything that we finish it so don't know worry too much about that already so the rest of the
hydrogen bonding that we need to talk about and why this is so important in biology and and this is important not just in general but also because of the demographics of this class to be pretty highly in the biological or a variety of Earth System Science shake things so the first one I want talk about Indian and now this is Mary Mary important now you probably have a little bit of background from high school of morality classes here and how do you know kind of look so you get this double-helix structure correct so it is double-helix structure and we have all of these bonded in another environment covalently or some other form of me now that the households is to gather is what becomes important in this chapter 1 or all of these bonds the hydrogen bonds not actually covalent bond holding them together and that's really important because what we need to be able to do in order to let the government will replicate and 1 other thing make our monetary you have available the replicating .period Yukon do those 2 things were going to have a little bit of trouble making cells and making proteins and doing all the things that we need our DNA to tell about so in order to replicate it the way it works is you have to be able to Split forward to make our name you have to deal with us but the DNA strands and they were covalently bonded there would be a lot harder we could still do it that would be a lot harder than having his hydrogen bonds here strikes a good balance between the theory that the fairly solid there it's the strong but they're not so so strong that you can undo do them relatively easily so we have not seen their bodies that come through and can on the memories of them back up as we go along if it was common element that would be tougher if it was held together by some other force that might be a lot harder to the hydrogen bomb the kind of this balance now going a little bit more in-depth with that again because of the demographics of this class and also between the pattern and finding how it amounting to what about between the guanine and cytosine 3 which the only stronger yet so and all on your biology classes he'll he'll start at some point probably year-to-year sales start calculating like melting points a DNA strands and talking about how much you know when you start especially in molecular biology methods in lab courses and you'll be calculating these new calculating melting temperatures have much you have to pull it how much energy security you have to put in pull apart you know before you come on come back together and it's going to make a difference how much agencies you have and how many season jeez you have not because she's bond have heart early bond it's 300 a month to sustain together easiest if you want a break them apart takes more energy so that you know what you're doing lab work and things like that it's only a higher level while classes all come into play but the next place that I
want to talk about that it plays a very important roles in protein so this is not a picture of a protein as 1 I just pulled off from this website down here and all the little yellow dotted lines are drawn in using hybrid air that those earlier hydrogen bonds now it's not all of them of course because there's a lot of them they're forming all your different of structures your secondary structures by hydrogen bonds are largely responsible for your secondary structures they play all of these important roles in tertiary structures that you can see Anderson they're very very important in protein formation you need to these proteins to stay in these very tight there there's not a lot of leeway between a lot of these structures on how much they can move and hired a manager of a large portion responsible to their structure without them we wouldn't have as well of the fine structure as you do now In hydrogen-bonding this you realize here this is an amino acid that service amino acid is what makes up all your proteins so it is just change in chains and chains of these and getting a big 1 for nations and so what happens is you can get sat in a year in accidents in United and the hydrogen bond together on your hydrogen there are many and that and that's what forms your structure is all these groups here
we will go into detail about the exact nature of structure that Holly Latvia higher-level classes but this sort of know how this works no it's important will sort of explained to me why the sorts of things are important the next 1 and talk about real quickly and cellulose so weariness cellulose from the where would that make up your plants right that that's sort of the structural component of your plan and where cellulose works a season-long chains of glucose syrup is really long chains of Lucas now under all in a single long chain of glucose is in the very sturdy inanity of a hold of a redwood with just individual chains of welcome Wilco's but that what happens in all of these chains variable the lineup and they're able to form Fredra demands each other looked OH groups cheered his OH groups those cannot form hydrogen bonds in between change and treated these big long stacks of these chains and perform this fibrils and that's what is able to make of all the structural components of your walls cell walls and into things but so that is
all I have for you and the rest of that chapter so we're done with new mid-term material on it this I
wanted I mentioned this before but this is all I have 1 thing I wanted it clarified unless I'm willing to stake out of this is that correct worries us is a problem that we did last class rate cut near the end but there is a little bit of a mistake in the fact that I can actually expect you to be able to bewildering call for this because there's a big exception that comes from the shape of the Mount Gilead talk about better when I'm going to talk about that so in a situation like that this question if it were a job on an exam would show up in this form I could ask you 1 of my class during those 3 White House during those 3 I would not ask you recall for so I set out in the wilderness extent but you know I know not everybody read the e-mails should please read your e-mails but also just making sure that you guys realize that upon so I would ask you to during this grouping this grouping not all 4 of us are at about 7 now under review material itself this is the serial have done a large portion of the study for the exam and not on that idea than lecturing to try beat into the problems right no need to wait for me right on the answer entered by the need to it and then a firing on something different in the way I did something wrong you know and figure out what you did wrong and in clarify your mistake on Exxon and strong I feel for minus and I feel for plot and I say for each 1 the media lectern geometry the molecular geometry all the bond angles the hybridization of the central Adams and then I want to know what Auburn the Japanese to bond with and I want to know Nova the Bible so now had quite a lot information here I wanted include everything I could possibly ask you about a molecule of so 1st step is to pick 1 and drive so let's start with ICL for for no other reason than I was the 1st so ICL for a 1st step to make sure that we don't do anything wrong later on this account of all electrons so we know we have 7 from the iron 7 from each of the chlorine and then we have 1 extra 1 because the electron right can forget about that so 36 electrons now let's just go ahead and set up a system for the other 1 but here too so for ICL for plus honey electric barrier have 34 dead sit there 35 from the allowance and then subtract 1 for the posture but acknowledged trolleys things out so are essential animal BRI eyes and then we can try and draw Florence now something mention as 6 is a good place to mention it when I draw my Lewis structures I tends to draw then in a way that looks like the shape that it would be in 3 D that's because in general when I'm drawing Lewis structures in on of I I know ahead of time but I'm drawing that's not assisting Lewis structures have to represent amateur Lewis structures don't represent geometry so when you're drawing is you don't have to to feel like you have to to get the geometry right the 1st time I mean if you get in the habit of drawing a line of sort of just start to do it anyway and it is helpful at times the notice when you did your sapling homework saplings encompass drawn it's sort of in a way that didn't look anything like the actual molecule look to make sure that you knew what you were doing as far as finding geometry and that's fine if I want to know the geometry of last year the geometry of were you don't have to drive that way I see successfully so you don't waste too much time on the trying to droppings if he so we have that's now holiday known added the 2 sets of blond hairs on the iodine well if you go through in you just stand in for chlorine in Yukon all of the electrons were missing for electrons are and so since her missing for electrons if we just come of the chlorine the bonds we know that those have to go on the iodine I can't hurt more among the chlorine but so that the Lewis structure so now we have to go through answer all the questions based on so 1st of all what can be the electron geometry the electron geometry tour of electron geometry accounting in the long pairs you can see the long pairs after the draw a ,comma you know that what the steric number 6 20 of steric number of suspects that locking the door would you do if you know that here reunion picture if you can picture it again combined to effect rather not go you know to the full extent of candy in India things of that sort modeling that's just because it's too easy for the people around you distinct but Interior only honoring some toothpicks in this kind of fiddle with doing this I'm fine with that so if you did that the easiest way to get all of these 2 face each other or to fit into a shape for me to have nearly got right that could see 6 but so now comes the molecular geometry and of course I don't really mind you interrupt the new questions with those of place of 6 especially important if you have questions interrupt me so you know you can feel free to do even more than normal on sold now we are back in the drawer electron geometry in we take out tools and switch them out and put 1 Paris so we can put to the right next to each other as long there as a jeweler across from each other Cross retailers to win that same so that Gold every out 1 very important thing on my list structure that would be .period often forget formal charge there's a couple different ways you do formal charge you can actually write it in where it belongs like on the actual and move along the border and I don't ask you new formal charges of the items you can just put it over top of the whole thing that's you don't actually have to put it on the animal ask you to do so and so I'm just gonna put your body now a bonding of so we take in an optical geometry reports alone paraxylene weirdness geometry now 1 of the bombing 19 is the 98 loss 90 good at 90 right in the middle of a lone pairs on it you have this lawn-care pushing down this way in his lone pair pushing up this way but they're pushing each other equally and saw the bond angle stolen up 90 OK harmonization so solo at the start number and 6 so how many hybrid rules do need 6 so it's going to be as the three-digit "quotation mark so on this 1 there's there's time that's
that's more OK than others and well understood only a little weird against you talking from here to here if you put 180 I wouldn't marker wrong on this 1 you definitely don't have to put it up I so now and next thing we have to do hope bonding orbitals so that work if I ask you not to I'm a nation Seattle found there's 2 incidents that I would be OK with the 1 that I would prefer it is to say on hybridized the other 1 that you can use you can use the fact that if you comedies long pairs you'd have 1 2 3 and in the bonds of for for a UK-based enough that you could say as the 3 but in general we don't talk about the different ligands outside molecules being the only band into 1 and we just don't talk about those being hybridized at all In general I just steer away from asking about it when I will ask you know is next thing yet yet another really not so I will ask you is exactly what you have is 1 of the bond with them so the hybridization of probably just ask you central Adams things the bonded to more than 1 element but what about what the bonds list yet but if I asked about hybridization now she is in a sort of hybridization buffer this next thing yes "quotation mark and balanced didn't do this next question of so whatever bond with so we need to make the standards to things I don't want was something chlorine is gonna bond with something OK so we have to figure out what the are so let's start with the chlorine and it is designed from scratch paper so I can write it out with a little bit more room so let's start with the chlorine what I thought that if we were to draw the electron energy diagram of chlorine what I look like well we have 7 electrons so it would look like that so what normal is empty now and that has a spot combined with another something please so what is chlorine than a bond with an abandoned the orbital cannot were has an empty spot for so chlorine and then a bond with a few about now let's talk about what the island's commandments while I can make hybrid orbitals why do we have a single hybridization that we talk about well I mean not because we need to Armenia waiters trot out all the bonds Wallaby out on the official said despite all the animals all along Paris so we picked our hybridization we thought it was to 382 based on the fact that we needed 6 things 6 for all these to bond with or put 1 person and so what is it continues to bond with 1st of all do we really have any after P orbitals left anyone know we tournaments these hybrid orbitals so wearing a bond with but I would also say we make them to foremost bonds and put those volunteers and so I is the ahead and bond with S P 3 chortles London ditch the question there have so but we all have a working on it so we have 1 other thing that I can ask you about that here where the lone pairs that but I should say I don't care where are those of what whatever war over those well did that go into a sort of calculation about which hybrid orbitals were going to make that we once starry the bonds were so what articles of those behind that were spent so they're also going to be nasty chortles so yearlong harassed and each year on things on bonds are formed by using your hybrid orbitals in this case STT to and soul he wanted is absent as I wanna see questions like here is if you had something like a nasty to hybrid so you have dead 3 of the 2 articles and you would have a high area P Ortolf when you use asked 3 orbitals and we need to use a lot of time so we had to entice the bonds that we can make which makes segment on the meat meat products volunteer signal bonds are formed using your hybrid orbitals and then your piled on the form using your leftover pure questions on this a so that as institutional at the time you of on the air Oh yes if say a similar thing about when you actually get into if you had to authority or else you wouldn't need both of those are uniform pipelines so the Interior had to double bonds like any other case like a carbon it would have I would have to double bonds or would have a travel yes yet so he had he had gained just repeating that we knew we we use a hybrid orbitals and we knew we use leftover fuel bills we use hybrid orbitals order former signal bonds and following Harrison and we use peel orbitals to form al-Qaida so there are double bond the 2nd month in a double bonds for the 2nd and 3rd behind the double or triple yes I still have a lot don't the hybrid orbitals because we need to get the right geometries that we can spread everything out and there's a couple of ways of thinking about it we can do hybrid rosaries the limo theory but an austere physically quite complicated source sticking with have and let's race through now and do I feel for His on any very similar so try being issued as the old 1 where some don't so we this shape so the unipolar bonds very slightly not by much but a little bit of middle-level maniacal world account this ongoing destruction in this ongoing destruction counts on the slander slander smallest ones layout so know that earlier this summer so
we knew something very similar but now we dropped 2 electrons and dropped lone pair so it's going to be pretty much the same just minus 1 set electrons against this now let's goes into everything in pretty much the same order order tries a summer when the here little that so electron geometry a molecular so what everything for the electron geometry what stock number 5 area coming out of the bonded to inland areas of 5 so that gives you what China by parental right that have sort of not of his making a fast have this shit now so we have sort of a triangle-shaped here we can see that we have appeared in other parts of impairment on the balance of 3 0 by Perot now 1 of those is taken off often it's not an atom anymore it's a lone parents so looks like this so when she visits molecular geometry so reminiscent helpful the sort of tip it back when you're on the government side of the balance I the the 1 from the hold not the correct 1 very analogy to the air freight at the final 5 the so why did it take office 1 Why do you have to take this off yeah so what's the plan 1 20 what this bombing all 90 so women wanting in the lone pairs is you don't Pseudomonas taking upon the room Brioni 120 nor whether 90 or 120 so we have to take them off the school and what's that called What's the space called Equatorial writing big global havoc we're going on the outside and they have the Accies going here so this unless axial so that what shape the song to that outside but time it would be the sooner we have to work with bonding over sort and touchdown what were the bonding of again so that's where the trail by Premier Wen about 4 this season got less than 90 in less than 120 and again 180 would work with the light on I don't necessarily care if you have a bearing on the thinking the 180 from the 1 all the way to the other the 2 axial yes the mall on the lower structure you can't see you have to actually think about it in terms of a three-dimensional structure so that Equatorial ones are the ones that go along the 120 degrees and in the axial along the than I degree I'm drawing near all will axial laboratory are just referring to individual atoms so you can't really talk about it because that's the 90 between an axial and an active pictorial in the 120 between 2 equatorial yes this yes you have to put football and 21 180 years is probably is a good idea but at end of it hybridization what is the state number staring Norris 5 so what are hybridization as 3 next part where we used to bond with so what is the CL than a bond with isn't any different over here now welcome the situation so what is the use of money with it's the work of the exact same reason I suppose but government that that's what it has a spot to put it in you don't need to hybridize those outside Adam so will this legal like that but now what is the island of Ireland Italy has similar bonds so we foreign sigma bandwagon what or else hybrid orbitals so in this case that is 3 murals In where the lone pairs that what laudable those that is the same age this is just a lone pair appears canceled that's OK now because we have our don't have a so 1st all 1st questions after the polar around share not Super Bowl report now are they going to cancel each other out know some well right this 1 in this final canceled a little bit of most of the waste remember the actually told a little that most of the social and this I decided I guess in for you as the compare component of the full Council survived holders like this which rated the will be yes aside it would be a I'm going in the direction like directly across the globe so it's you that illustrate that on request the yes Oh liquor is sold under Louis structure I probably
wouldn't make you draw them like I have been out I could make you go the Delta positive adults and minors the latest continuing on something like this is pretty small just because you can't have to draw between this yells and if you didn't draw you Lewis structure exactly right the way if it 190 draw dipole I'll probably drawing the molecule could all draw you the molecule of hydraulic so how do you decide which 1 has the negative which owns more Canadian so hard we decide which was more like where it attracting Seoul which once had an affair Carolina and flooring .period solutions were elaborated clause so the way I have this Lewis structure all of this is where the arrowed designation might be a little easier to use the job I'm going to play here a natural treasure .period you that yes this is a habit that also yes it's Paula it's something happened I pull it is Paula something doesn't have died in 4 get on so the rat doesn't really change much of anything when it comes to the charges on all it really does it changes how exactly how the charges are distributed so you need to take a they think things like this happen problems really something like that in all 3 in had all 3 of her analysts and 3 think it was you had all 3 of the residence structures all I really changes that the charge was evenly distributed right because it wasn't just belonging to 1 of the oxygen there was belonging to all 3 equally and so all of the dipole scour all of the negative charges about so it won't the resident structure is basically keep you from doing is having it changes the way your formal charge functions into it on it's almost easier it like those 1 that you've been doing and sapling in that I did in class just kind of thing that ignore where the charges actually opt for that ignore those formal charges and can think about it more and other than that it is actually change much but questions here India northerly end you don't need to put that 1 there she don't wanna put it there the 1 AT and this 1 is really is sort of optional in my opinion if if I I unified to ruin it's like if I drew you out Lewis structure that actually show the geometry and I drew this and I ask you to do it when you don't have to be able to explain that it's it's more than 180 but it might asking for binding of I don't necessarily care about the 180 being there not yet 1 let's not talk about if this somewhat frivolous when just because if if I have the double bonds here this some other things going on lots of other things going on so we can look at it without molecule on but I just know that when you don't factor in that time on as a bond when you're coming hybridization that's what you're really asking right yet in that year you don't call bonds to your hybridization really like and chatted as well that they're talking about and things but it's just too loud of it so if you're counting you're counting numbers of Adam their bonded to it and then long Paris not actually Connie individual bonds your hybridization you can use of the new year highs so you make a radical the idea you need a radical you where there is only 1 several long hair you have 1 you know that that's possible and if you get something like that where you have if you only have 1 electron you don't appear this show that when you have an odd number of electrons off that's why it is that they have an EU charter positive charge you tree an electron as by itself like that radical basically like a long path and I think basically with 1 caveat that all talk about later on in the review pack but for the sake of the hybridization in anything that encourages alone 1 yet Yukon exactly like a lone pair for the sake of the hybridization in asking where that there's just 1 little thing that changes of heart about later yes you're right you can you you you wouldn't be able to work because you have an odd number but the next 1 so a job as emo diagram for NO I assume that the Sigma lower than the pine featured a label all of Europe orbitals including your subscripts on any electron that you need to tell me what the bond order is Intel mated pair Magnetica Dianetics and I had a question to From entities symmetry write that down I also say would end all miners a higher law so let's draw this out so this is 1 of those rights that I can ask I I don't know what so whenever whenever you're dealing with a head nuclear ships what I tell you this so that all you have to worry about the hiring there once when unilaterally declared things there's a lot of weird things going on which is actually the on sort of a summary of the 1 flight that you probably know that you really liked all that much where I had like those C 1 side 1 plus the 2 sides to the summary that slide in 1 sentence is when you have had a nuclear diatonic a lot of things are going on that you don't really have to worry about too much the way that they actually added based on a weighted system that I you can expect you know so I'll tell you this would be Hollywood Woodward the question and I would just tell you that this is lower than the part so let's start the drawing up lists so we know we're going to have some ass orbitals I'm fine and you just drawing mail and shall I don't need you draw in the 1 you should know that there are no they exist but I don't care if he drop we need that kind of our starting point so we can fill in for nitrogen harmony of along electrons rehab valence electrons 5 In nominee for oxygen 0 so now we can draw this we can say Well signals lower than pie so we have Sigma In pie with this were pretending these are not exactly evil even levels because straight-line wasn't always straight back and now label them so we don't forget so this is a signal to ask Singer starts to segment to piece I tried to pee prior to the Starr
insecurity piece do doing careful you're drawing these that we know where the labels refer to make sure they're closer to the you know the where they belong you can also come off to the side a lot of people right that labeled off to decide if there's room that's fine I tend afraid to leave myself enough room when I'm drawing the outlines site right below but you're welcome to write and here and here and here and here and here and here don't forget your stars don't four-year subscripts now honey electrons told we have here I have a lot in sinking of felons if we them OK so we used label large ,comma gobbling label a molecular models we've included some scripts we filled in all elections not only with the ponderous having the monitors because all electrons how many are in our bonding orbitals here to 4 it's 6 8 How many areas and mundane 0 3 Serb order is 2 . 5 so that cover Oh no that doesn't cover everything so is this apparent Magnetica Diamond 1 carefully say that this has been a lot of unpaired electrons have unpaired electrons so pair magnetic and electric we had no way the NL minus have a higher or lower under so think about it is that yet under gives people sometimes think about now there are a couple ways to do this 1 to redraw the entire MO .period I see that the favor away from all year grounds and that wanted to know you are undergoing a 15 minute exam and I know my gender little alongside Sol 115 adding them not that I wanted you know what I want you to death I acquire little that I want you look and see where that electron added to in this case because it said it's a negative charge or taken away from the public so where is this electronically be added to reality here right here so that an international rebounding needed money so that take away from the water and to moderate this take away from the bond orders so they can be smaller bigger yeah now just first-line let's say I did ask you to drop me them a diagram of the NO minus the annual losses like that where I put this negative charge as far as the nitrogen the oxygen goes where should I put it to guide the oxygen y it's more reluctant Agassi play and you put a negative input the electronic the negative charge on the oxygen and where would you take an electron away from the nature which are American and play a role in an old part of the diagram doesn't play much of a role in here because you know you're adding taking 1 away but it doesn't matter where other many questions have that I I don't think you don't read the underside that was on the checklist of things to Beechtree dropped and that's like the easiest 1 of forget as use topics in the better you get on the easier that used to forget yes parliament so stability asked you had a lot more than just behind water because you're also dealing with a charter air exact electron configurations and things of that sort sold on this 1 we wouldn't really get into it too much anything else by next time and again we're not feeling too last here because whatever I don't cover hero covering areas such numbers How does constructive and destructive interference relates molecular orbital diagram so this would be a sort of FHA Question right commenting on your last 1 this is kind of similar to I and II has something similar to hide answers on that so How would this have anything to do with the diagrams sold well and living in eastern frontier moderate bonding orbitals caused by so when we take the UK can we make em 0 . com and of molecular orbitals were taking into account corals which are ways break the others waves and overlap we can overlap in 2 different ways right we can overlap and constructively and we can overlap and destructive so how would the overlap and constructively without formal binding well oriented money finding how would you overlap indestructibility form the structure of the soul of bonding orbitals 190 models on which 1 never stock and a binding which when you feel 1st money so that's that's all I would expect another rate NSA form that other question on I thought it was worthwhile to do some more of these windows just covered it so it's new but more examples of new things very area do very good things that make the following order boiling point so we recall where a boiling point was also really rating by intermolecular forces right behind molecular forces what happens to the boiling point ago that if you increase the intermolecular forces you increase the boiling point so if we look at this first one we just have that what that called that type of alliance structure I want and drawing drive like this the chain both ways if you drop Lewis structured you have to include the lone pairs yes if don't certainly include the lone pairs now if I drive line structure and ask you to tell me things about an hour and I got a little nervous where using a common mistake comes in there people vertical there's strike anything during the afternoon along Paris which would be like what what last alone Paris when you when you figure out that you have to count numbers along Paris for that number which is your geometry hybridization all those sorts of things if you forget the lone pair are you getting at those rights now so online searches is not about a year ago and drawing Paris but that now we have that so which 1
has the right break in order boiling point so that they which 1 would have a higher boiling point this 1 someone we have to look at it we have to look at a intermolecular forces mustered intermolecular forces as this 1 have dipole and LDS What about this 1 all of right hydrogen-bonding watchers they all of the summit we don't really include that the 3 main lines attack hydrogen-bonding dipole and LES now Is there any weird something going on with 5 here are the like was 1 drastically bigger than the other by and about the same amount of Germany not exactly but close enough to the defiance the 5 thing of electron beams sort of approximate number so which 1 is going to be there the 1 with 191 the 1 about so this is going to your largest or higher forever no it's look at and yet and I ask you to ring ,comma all you have to do is write the names like nope invited by asking a rank-and-file fair income all you have to do I'll tell you which way lower-income higher Iowa he has had to write down the name of the compound that that best which hired straight on the naming on India will you might hear Henderson media little hard pressed to do it without drawing but the hydrogen line and this 1
it's made possible because of the cell which so many reasons government agreement but remember that's not where the hydrogen bond is forming the hydrogen passed a form between 2 different molecules so you would make another molecule here In this would be a hydrogen bond and so very good .period remember you're hydrogen bonds to by draw you 1 molecule I say pointed the hydrogen and you can't do it you would have to draw another molecule and .period that hydrogen bonds between here and here and now we're
working on it now together we will finish this on Thursday still ,comma today that you don't undermine meeting on Thursday don't forget about during a recession denied the think 1st question answer so common of Western Sahara is in the right I'm terribly finish the work the mind will switch to question the answer is no