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Lecture 16. Dipole Forces, Dispersion Forces

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so moving on Chapter 5 direct so I'm ashamed video that we got the worst kind of skipped last time so this is
a video that sort of meant to illustrate hydrogen-bonding for you and water because that's 1 of the places where it affects their life for the most and so certain drive home the point that the hydrogen always intermolecular forces are very transient they're very fast he switched back and forth quickly they're constantly moving around and you can see all water molecule vibrating around you can see the hydrogen bomb kind of connecting them now at this point then you can see the kind of people around a little bit they're not coming since then frail so this is the 1 thing about hydrogen-bonding Delaware having a little dotted lines right there between 2 different water molecules that you're getting these bonds that's going on near roads around a little bit and show you attaching and freeze it for years he can see them all also a a freeze frame so that's certainly idea of what's going on with hydrogen bonding so something asserts video remembering and that the height the margin between 2 different molecules the intermolecular forces and that the quick they switch back and forth on a permanent thing and noted on it so
covering the slide times we did sort of registered at the end so the user iron dipole forces so this is very similar to a political force only now it's not too different articles now you have a system where you have an eye on and you have a now that says that the iron in the molecule of polar can interact with each other because you haven't lost and minor side of the molecule and it interact with the plus or minus 5 iron depending on which part of the you talking about not so if you have a problem and that's going to draw all the negative ions were given negative I'm as good on the positive side of the molecule toward it and so you get these interactions between ionic compounds in polar molecules so I mentioned this before again this is 1 of the ways you can sort of get sold to dissolve as you can interact that will solve the sodium fluoride in water because water is cold and Sonja talking
about this usually talking about a mixture you're talking about an account on extent the polar compound but so that I certain covered a lot of the stronger ones and we need to move on and power something called dispersion force so it central me something like Florian as 2 now is polar now all right it's just have a has as 2 things they both happen to be electrocuted the legally elected so that in the Paula so why don't dispersion forces drawn like this well it's the same ideas and I found I won't force except incredibly the idea here is that if you have something like soaring Hassan electron density around right now most of the time it's going to be splits 50 50 if you average all about half of the floor and then have half of the electron density at any given you know any average .period that needed the instant it does maybe some situation arises where 1 foreign diplomat told on the electron and not because of more after negative is just a very quick very transient elements some of were always 7 1 flooring and of a little bit more of militants in done that what charges the going have a little tiny tiny tiny bit negative March it's not actively pulling level at 20 20 it just happened against them but it happens to be a little bit negative what are they going to do to all foreign the around it's going to kind of shoved electron density of the flooring that surrounded only a little bit and so you get this sort of rippling effect because of the and Natalie Cole dispersion forces now everything has less effect dispersion horses everything that have electrons have so it's going it's going to be completely universal now you can get stronger or weaker depending on the molecule but everything has its virgin forests so if I tell you if I list the molecule and I feel lists all of the intermolecular forces that I would like to certain forces is always going to be in the arms these are called London dispersion forces so a lot of times it children that not finding and column LDS income dispersion forces the wh I'll end up out of the way often called is induced dipole induced dipole you'll hear that sometimes because what you have here is this is a real title of fluorine isn't going to have a real dipole but I have a little bit of an induced 1 for and and so will induce this induced will induce a dipole all the molecules around now increases with increasing electron so what that means is the more electron something has the more dispersion forces it's going to get so we talk about certain comparing that the strengthening and we talked about Bible Bible to write that something have a stronger dipole has more political forces this system now it's going to be based on how many electrons half of that now let's think about that and extends so something like Baltic chlorine fluorine have a lot of electron that you electrons may be compared to bromine iodine that Romania it's pretty small so it was a pretty small cloud sold in Yunlin you're not going to have a bunch of electrons in Minsk for Indian way up at the top right hand corner is that going to the Gospel of electrons kind of you know what the little the loser Close by what what what terms do we have the effect of nuclear charge has a really high effective nuclear charge so pulling all of electrons them pretty close so I'm saying something like Florian was not very many electrons and it's something we talked about this once before polarize ability the amount that the electrons to move around it's going to be pretty small now something like bromine iodine now that I have the time electrons it near the bottom of the periodic table and so that means that you know it's not helpful employers closely and they're going to be able to move around a little bit more in the ability of electrons to move around is called polarize ability so the more polarized ability that something has the more discretion forces Kevin more polarized only you have the more electrons now if you go explain this sort of thing thing and examine that I say you know tell me tell me which 1 has greater dispersion forces and why a lot of people right mass which it turns out that technically that's true that the higher the molecular mass the higher on the London dispersion bosses but that's not actually the reason behind the really is the number of elected so that so you can think about is increasing mass increases as Russian forces but that's just sort of because how do you increase electrons are increasing that can only do it so much trade you with ions but can I add like privately over 10 and 12 electrons randomly without adding some mathematical somehow would like protons and neutrons not so make sure you realize that all that that kind of your reasoning behind your London dispersion at all about election if you put down molecular mass increases along with forces increases that's not right that's not the reason behind but so this is sort of what I explain to begin with you have this 1 molecule of Florida whatever reason gets a little bit of a dipole it's called induced dipole it's not real it's not coming through temporary and that all the things around and end up with a little tiny delightful too little time to straighten it's not like we're talking about dipole interactions huge the steps dispersion forces so before we go on for a bunch of examples since the little bit of a summary again about everything that we've done get confused
so interesting aside this is actually have geckos can stick to walls not all that was consistent also little leopard geckos a lot because customers don't have to defeat on but the gap that do the women actually works is 1 this version forces intermolecular forces in had and tiny tiny little here is on their feet and all of that surface area it turns out will actually bonds to whatever you stick it to other behalf hard time calling the Teflon but other things in general they can just kind of climbed their way out and if you spend any time staring at they kind of look like the double-jointed they are what they actually do they benefit backward and they can peel this all since since the the intermolecular forces they're not actually binding themselves for Wall anything like that begins repeal themselves often move their foot and kill themselves often differ but as long as they are actively trying to do that is enough forces that they can just stick to whatever they walk on them so that actually have Nepal's can climb but I know I mentioned something
called banned all horses there's no real new information just what the term means and when you can and can't use them so this is a term that you hear quite while quite frequently actually know what this is is that umbrella term for Dybul dipole induced dipole every exceed dipole induced and dispersion force known 1 in there that we haven't talked about which of them is dipole understand what you are where you know to think about that you have a molecule the it's mixed with something that doesn't have a died it can actually sabbatical pay so that would be another system we have in which you have 1 molecule with the dipole mixed with something that doesn't have a double and so it forces went in In this virgin forests since these all classified under the terminal's forces at the great if the militants waiter referred all that once it also you can sometimes just use it for in Belgium for all intermolecular forces state any sort of intermolecular forces you have is a minerals forests on the it's a little bit it's kind of back and forth depending on which Web site in book you're looking at now is asking which intermolecular forces the president as molecule and don't want you to use the term force as the reason why there's not specific enough it doesn't tell me that you actually know for sure which ones are there I want you to use all the terms that we've just been talking about dipole dipole dispersion forces on Hyundai Paul hydrogen-bonding ahead those are the type of terms I want you to use when answering questions because when dispersion forces in here everything has all forces straight somebody's going to be stronger than others so I think this is such a broadly used that I don't want this for specific answers I want all of the things that obviously heading the other flights and will summarize again here in the sex like we should be aware that turn you shouldn't ever federal and think What is that you definitely want to know what it is to this user lot it makes a handy relative everything but so let's go through a kind of way everything that we talked about today and in the end of last class in summer I all this up but so are stronger than intermolecular forces of being talked about in the hydrogen bonding now remember the rules for them you have to have a hydrogen bomb into a nitrogen and oxygen off soaring but that specific 1 that's not that hydrogen bond rate the hydrogen bonds between 2 different molecules if I point to a molecule on the dollar hydrogen bonds that would be a trick question you have to draw another molecule next to it and then drop hydrogen bomb the next Sundowns dipole dipole so the these only occurring molecule that habitat so anytime you see a molecule and I ask you what intermolecular forces and and you need to decide whether or not is a diaper if there is a direct role that it has "quotation mark and in the last remaining dispersion forces and everything has this version when each 1 of these you have a large amount of greedy it's something I have a lot of the hydrogen bond orders except there's lots of places that I can hydrogen bond it's going to have more frightened of mine is going to be stronger if you have something that has I'm a very strong dipole that's going to have more in the title that will force is everything here agree it would dispersion forces the number increases with amount of electron now it's actually get I don't die :colon disciple and actually Western here because it's heartening between it depends on how strong the dipole as other the molecule you're talking about so it's harder to rank as I'm easily this year even these have a lot of crossover arm will look at an example where pastries and dispersion forces that are actually higher than all then in the dipole forces so there is the amount of direct elections so there's a lot of kind of other issues asking about so that's a little bit harder old iron Bible only actually it's the same idea is soaring independent systems with a little bit harder exactly the ring on it falls is definitely the most liberals are definitely going to be higher than dispersion forces probably just included the dipole dipole area for the sake of sort of working on it but our meeting kind of thing them all in this area but they also retained in the all have also so force the guideline not an absolute events there is definitely some places where that's not true in I'm sure sapling brings up a few of them have been know I him number among the top my head how strong and I Paulison good question social unity and for the exam thank you for being so how do you know how strong Annapolis well this stronger than the bigger the difference in the elector negativity between all the systems that you're comparing the higher that I was going to be so if you 2 things that have a little bit of a different sort of negativity but not very much that's not going create very strong pipe organ of course also to worry about whether things in all of molecules lots of adults are canceling each other out so something new even this thing that we haven't seen in a while with her back to this venue 2nd Paul mahout all Lewis structures of even going there where is the evidence of the Bible 3rd CD with molecular forces are present here today work program firmly distillate suddenly by itself 1st and so we're listing all the intermolecular forces the present so where we have friends here do we have plenty of money what do we have added that where do we have dispersion forces yes so just dispersion so next on Ch 2 0 so do we have careful before you enter the 2nd no right but we have faded and that we have oxygen so why
don't we have in office of the art directly monitored right you can't just have a hydrogen and oxygen in the same molecule inhabit behaviors reminding you have have the hydrogen and oxygen actually bound to each other so the hydrogen whatever Dybul I that because the molecule has what His pool area have dipole the polar molecule and so there's going to be doubtful that and then what else this version that the next 1 yeah that 1 doesn't work as well for the answer is that there is something here that don't necessarily apply all really love everything about the sexy at for class so what we have here do we have friends in mind doing a double-double I am so let's back up a little bit and since this seems almost a 50 50 but do we have a caller bonds equitable about data we have axial every 1 of these is Poland is the molecule poll no why what are following this shape rate which is what is this :colon this state and puzzling result perfect what would happen to all of this the cancel right so if you have a hard time I'm seeing that sort my way like to kind of think about it he don't want denied that is put a little person as the Central Avenue no connect things didn't have all the outside Adams pulling on with the privacy and let's look at the Aintree planar 1 doctors will be easier soviet like this best we put a little person as the central Adams went for people on all sides them pulling away from them which really the person Nowhere and hopefully they're not going to harden hurting them but basically they go nowhere was look-alike about molecules if we had a person says standing in the middle of the had someone pulling out when someone pulling out which would the cut straight for new acts right beside side would cancel singer pulling in the same strength New just go walk that line that severe but that it helps so now I'm going back to this example re-enacts Xia so all the polar bonds are going to cancel each other out so it is the not so since there is no dyeing Is there going to be direct political forces in the 100 demanding Unipol Bible what what's like and we have been talking about the I and I believe like that here because we don't have a mixture so there's nothing to really talk about it until we have a mixture of compliments of the next 1 so 0 we had now are we going to have a demanding not Irina entitled levels there's no that will yeah I do we have any bonds the nature of the oxygen and should negative but that still for and we have a charge which helps show you that to women negative charge here in a positive charge here so have monomaniacal so gun and that that always Our wealth dispersion so this is I had a go through undesirable what is everything and were any user it's actually try to decide on the melting point boiling point rankings I wouldn't assets that 6 fast as I have stated on Monday that there had died doesn't have to services so that only has dispersed where Xia for without the 4 no classes now do we have to find Monday do we have a diaper the Paris you yes is liberal and jumped in the novel it withstood anyways West so what she's doing let's go electron geometry 1st will it turned out democracy during such like 6 DEC no remove the first one in the 1st Adamson's prolonged period of elementary taken from right there on the same when you remove the 2nd 1 to prolong parity take from 1 undecided top show make sure you can use of the Lewis structure singing from a meteorite collector Cunningham the Lewis structure draw industry the geometry but make sure you realize I could draw Lewis structured tricky sapling does time but so what shape assistance where plan so now do we have caller you hold on now is the multiple now right they'll cancel this and this Council directly in this this Council draft so do we have that level courses so what is it about what we have what's on the this version which I'm going call the absence allowed to seize the same before it's so you can write either 1 LDS a shorter which makes nice beach 3 when we think what type of forces we have here doing have demanding no grace not money into an hour and a half and old or enough so we don't dabbled that no we were
while EU if it was like an and Major General here if it was a major junior high low Paris that it would be the new ammonia lighter so you're asking Oh well if the nation was in here than the nitrogen would be directly bonded to the hydrogen here and hydrogen here and the hydrogen him so then it would have taken that the nature the hiding rebounded to a few different things that's fine In other words the conditions but it's so now in this case do we have any dialog now all right and you may or may not know whether those behind the polar honestly it's a little bit of it's a little bit on the call that even if you don't have to know that 1 yet even if the if the article will the realize they are well they'll cancel out soon afterward you know what it's between 2 molecules by community would but have incinerators but in order to have it you have to have a directly bonded hydrogen to an oxygenated nitrogen our Florian because what happened there and the difference in elected negativity makes it so that that hydrogen bonding can occur it gives sort of this little area where there's a cycle between oxygen and hydrogen and oxygen like spirits in hydrogen nitrogen and hydrogen flooring and sold what happened to that area get that dealt a positive in the delta negative that can be the hydrogen bomb yes exactly so I'm very few if you decide to this perfect although she knew what it was she had asked /slash asking me to confirm is that within 1 molecule you have to have a hydrogen bonded to an all in effort to end but then that molecules hydrogen bonded to a different molecules which also has a hydrogen bonded to an all or the it would be it would be headed amounted to another molecule technically if I was in a drawer had to drop out of the molecules the it was this year so I actually centers yes the here she had asked if it was an animal what would it wouldn't be hydrogen bonds and it would be great if it was and instead of it being there would be no the difference here is that it would have a 1 pair Sudjana fruit move around a little bit but it would be hard to much of the missile and talk about only and tell you why I I wouldn't actually require you to be able to do it so I skipped this 1 when we did that will die political icon was a little too hard on this and and ended up showing up on your discussion where she and similar form I wanted have others Anderson interstate something like this I wouldn't say I was ask you on an exam about a dipole there too much the reason being is that all of these behind the polar bear holder was slightly different values right because you have not seen here which is more like the negative they have 3 chlorine and be really really hard to tell whether the counselor you do it you can figure out if you go to a cable you could calculate all out you could figure out the difference you can add the bond actors together that's definitely doable I'm not elated about the the since so I put that would not only for the sake of well you know that something like that you would be required to tell by sealed minors when we think about this 1 was intermolecular forces the staff so 1st won 100 money not to and I will not do we have caller bonds he added that colorectal cancer loud so when you look at the The All cancel out the square planar Soviet-era about woman knew it we did before with the other square planar 1 and make it and see what happens so what the only for etc. are intermolecular forces during the 1st World in which every prefer to call it direct this 1 this is resonance structure so what's what we have to worry about the 101 in the Bible fair will do the real quickly that goal know right now and that the government Paula bonds they all can also even last column behind the stolen and Abagael so what we have to worry about that dispersion so all the and that's well actually it's not where last 1 it's just a lesson that we ended in actual class so let's look at each you to minors I but that was 1 that would on the video right ran so what about the it's 0 2 when referee about their hydrogen bonding no 1 has the right and it's not 1 of the oxygenated current what else "quotation mark Baghdad will not operate because it's going to be so halfway between here and here and there and what else obviously always LDS and there Avenue no advantage from your video on it's just we haven't been doing it in class quite as much as you want so what she's your heart through and identified them all but not actually use always or something and we certainly have alluded to this in the past but we haven't actually got a chance to really talk about it in detail the 2nd boiling point and melting point so 1st would think about what's going on when you boil about something and what what the intermolecular forces let's just go ahead and sue has many like a force 0 8 since we're talking about intermolecular forces what's going to happen if those increasing decrees
1st of all think about what's going to happen if you have something boiling water you really doing are you breaking the bond with molecule between molecules between the right and taking England to molecules that were just kind like hanging rubbing around and flying them often well now and not saying you're taking your saying Well you have all these nice molecules in a packed lattice and then you're letting them kind of slow in between each other In both cases you're breaking the intermolecular forces you're taking the forces between the bonds you giving every year holding them in rigid little structures like for instance that he I it like classroom writer offset chairs you can't really moved too much and then we let them now at the lake near releasing the class we all kind as if I had lost in the island's north still be touching and and will only be sending you off in the world rightly spread out and never talk to each other again the fossil so now what happens if we change the intermolecular forces are so now we increase the market intermolecular forces would take the chill molecules are being held together you know like this and we increase of molecular intermolecular forces that can make you have to put more he break bonds last more right you increase the forces you increase the amount of happening so the reason why I inquire lower rates is that so this is a little more time if you have a compound and you have more intermolecular forces you're going to have a higher law melting .period more intermolecular forces would equal or higher melting point or a higher blood .period last intermolecular forces the people lower melting point lower boiling point captain so now we
can take all the things that we just learned about intermolecular forces in just directly applied and nothing .period boiling point so there's sort of a few missile and graphic comes from the old book but it's quite useful so noticed what kind of going undefeated is 1 solicitation to O H 2 S H 2 S E each shooting so that's basically a hydrogen bonded to oxygen in the group going right there heightens bonded to flooring and and the group below nitrogen and then the whole group a lawyer copies the whole group now if you look at these you notice what happens between here and here you have this giant dropped while you have stopped between water and sulfur in boiling point well water has the hydrogen-bonding because it H 2 S doesn't have hydrogen bonding by same here you hiding free-jazz but not Frasier you have had money for any story but not for Peachtree 3 instituted as giant dropped that why don't you have a here I can't remember how many hydrogen bonds so far this year get the steady increase 1 steady increase due to them and what kind of intermolecular forces despite version forces it's more you're going down and group Memorial look at 1 of over more detailed the conviction arguments for Weathers and 1 of these is writer on our as your going down a group here adding entire shelves electrons you're adding lots and lots of dispersion forces and so the more dispersion forces you have at this point start making the boiling point increase that and it was Jones for example soaring and into all of this I changed a couple of around the world will be chosen so 1st clustering Odai and nearly Indian Indian so if we want it is a boiling points multipoint to really only have to talk about 1 thing and that's intermolecular forces soul by making these according to boiling point melting point were also making them according intermolecular forces so what is the only intermolecular forces that we're dealing with here dispersion bosses right there only in there the noble gasses they're not they don't have anything else going on we can have a dipole there's only 1 how they can have hydrogen bonding there's only 1 out so only disparate forces now what I wanted dispersion forces increased number of electrons good want the match number of electrons which happens to go hand in hand the number of electrons the reasoning and wireless happens will happen recent elections but thing is the key word here what goes up polarize abilities and the amount that you can move the electrons around goes out of it so let's rabies so what would be with them helium and then we would just go down the periodic table now it makes a lot less sense to talk about the noble gasses here because of what we also know they're all pretty much gas Missouri and they have hardly any intermolecular forces at all so they're pretty much always on gasses but you can still go through way of nonstick feeling more complicated example that still duel it this summer so now we have to figure out what sort of intermolecular forces we have going on so what we have a nitrogen this dispersion what about CH 4 Justice version know what I'm about
th Street well let's try it out at he dried out Iran shape so what electron damaging touching the girl molecular geometry trio France doesn't title which structure according to how I can have a drunk and I like the middle of hydrogen injuries so what sort of intermolecular forces left and Wells dispersion now what is Waterhouse yeah has bombing he has Dybul dipole NLD there has ever so reader the luck does not exist in this seaside Dybul dabble in version Justice version just dispersion hydrogen-bonding dipole dipole and among disparate facts and all I want to know we have to ring so which 1 kind of right off the bat received the highest share it has hydrogen-bonding I has had dipole it's going to happen with the highest status now at what you do anything earlier but will only say next yeah men which 1 non-strike year right now we have just Tunis dispersion forces so we have seen each for and we have a and C O 2 which 1 we think is going to hell in a hurry to yeah so it's very concerned we can just go a number electrons so yet yes so you decide to decide if something and Bible Bible verses he just decided if it's going to have a diverse and so if you look at history you use 3 behind that are a little bit polar not by a lot of little going in both directions so all the slide decide part cancels in winter to the bank will be even more like this straight down the middle because all add down the middle and so how decide between nitrogen and nothing number of electrons said he counted the number of electoral nitrogen has left In so you have that but that's the level of difficulty I'd expect from you and I will throw anything more difficult at you which arise recognize right now that may not seem easy but there are much harder when they get thrown at you in various places and I want to on the next 1 and not for it's just some sort of discussion problems so also look back over to the laptop for now and to smooth over 22 out of hand as far as the already you need to write this up on your but are external link back to the slide sister centers mostly discussion problem so why would bromine have a lower melting point sodium bromide before talk about ionic bonds in here now what do we know about ionic bonds we also between different outcomes that we talk about them as being of ionic compounds but between the different items sold will I really really strong because I like you could almost think them as the Bible that were sticking to the absolute extreme right now they're such a strong but we have a plus and a minus the 2 III the acting on soul is something like sodium bromide that I am a compound that could have a really really high melting point boiling point because you have this massive you have this I here inside and near here ionic compounds are always going to have a really high melting point of now what about something like this we have C 2 H 5 so you would want to meet treating drawn right what do we know looking at this that we have what intermolecular forces hydrogen-bonding right we have always straight here it's because of the sewage now I look at this to have had reminding that were not so I would have a higher boiling point and now what hell a higher boiling point and each to T Y it is demanding a scenic asset has a lower boiling point in so this is the the absence and that demanding so why wouldn't benzene yeah so they don't have demanding understand this 1 actually a little hard I ask you to explain this 1 I couldn't actually have probably in fairness cycle and I want I actually ask you to figure this 1 out on your own I would ask you to explain at Beihai it's because you have you have more luck that so because they're more like frenzy of more there's some other things going on there to lot right next year but will leave that alone for now but it so on the does because you have all these carbon that all of the hydrogen there part of it so we worried over an amnesty but for the sake of doing these Ireland because some more examples put in order of increasing boiling point so only we can recite Haviland and I support him in order of increasing boiling point so we have to look at what sort of forces we we're going on here so we have seized 3 at what courses you have yeah titled In dispersion and what about the song age bonding dispersion In the end ital Bible as well and then some
so now we can rank all of now we have and decision-making to do which was going to be a higher Staatskapelle another way on this 1 so I'm definitely going be a highest holders get out of way now we have some more and this is not so speech 3 officers was beach for sorry I change it because it was too are the best for this settlements yes spirit Islam and and we all know very acknowledgment that it was much harder question limited to be and it was just bad changed that she received for that so what comes after that history now what I Indonesia's 3 lower than this good you can write a order of how many places are looking of hydrogen bonding so there really you can drink of hires you had to do it has hydrogen bonding that it again remember between different molecules but another molecule could common hydrogen bond in this area another molecule could come in hydrogen bond to that area you can so you have this sort of system set up we can have multiple types of hydrogen bonding going and in the last 1 is C 4 however now a alas question we have property on the decade in property the minister total laptop where I haven't gone odd then this is a problem don't that and program and I would ask you is I would draw them now or would you be the formula so that if so which 1 we think is going to be our highest so using broken we knew it for anything and then but this really good logic not quite right so what I really am going to and I'm actually go right out the boiling points for you and I want to explain this because it shows up in lots of places and it's worth noting that it happens builder actually a boiling point now so the proper knowledge the highest because you have your alcohol group there and then you is very exuding if it was the same size lies directly in higher discouraging word that I thought that I thought I had the money was stronger than this version at the age of the idea solid flavor and also so there are times those exceptions right I told you that those rankings were aware of that kind of thing you can compare things that are similar size using those rankings but when you start getting into situations like what we have on the screen they can compare and just using those rankings don't recognize you you have to content on the lecture and so even tho there is no longer hydrogen bonding no dipole have the boiling point of 218 degree In
some people in mind that you can actually have accepted that showed up
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Abstract UCI Chem 1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: Atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass relationships. Index of Topics: 0:00:22 Hydrogen Bonding Video 0:01:57 Ion Dipole Forces 0:02:56 Dispersion Forces 0:09:57 Van der Waals Forces 0:12:03 Summary of Intermolecular Force Strengths 0:15:32 Listing Intermolecular Forces 0:32:10 Effects on Boiling and Melting Points 0:34:28 Boiling Point 0:36:39 Ranking According to Melting Point 0:42:30 Boiling Point/Melting Point Examples 0:44:41 Summary of Intermolecular Force Strengths 0:48:46 Rank According to Boiling Point

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