Lecture 12. Two Theories of Bonding


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Lecture 12. Two Theories of Bonding
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Chem 1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass relationships. Index of Topics: 0:00:09 Two Theories of Bonding 0:01:21 H2 Bonding 0:03:36 Valence Bond Theory: Types of Bonds 0:07:10 Sigma Bonds 0:10:09 Pi Bonds 0:14:17 Atomic Orbital Hybridization 0:17:54 sp 0:22:30 sp^2 0:25:55 sp^3 0:27:56 d Orbitals 0:29:24 How to find Hybridization 0:31:53 Chart of Orbitals 0:32:48 Steric Numbers, Lone Pairs 0:37:21 Double and Triple Bonds in Hybridization
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going started last last winter period of finding new work together and they can't work separately in a fair and just different ways of explaining how binding works in each 1 of their own benefit so that was 1 that will end up talking about valence bond theory or hybridization we're in this situation each added is going to have its own baubles now I remember on older women talking about being asked Edie Athens and so on while it's good it's cheap it's all rules but now it's going to take the ones that have been that they're gonna play roles and binding it's gonna rearranging the little that is getting take all the Orioles remember talking about a bunch of new ones but each 1 is going to happen is going to keep its own orbitals and then the organist from different outcomes are going overlap each other and that's what's been a former your market and also theory is very different from that what's happening old theory is you're taking an orbital from 1 another and oral from another adult and you're combining those together and that's what's gonna formula bonds once again so 2 different ways of looking at each 1 of its own benefit so 1st became a
kind of go into what binding is in what pondering far and no little bit more details so this is an image from the chain but that we used to use but there is a similar ones in nearby so this is an example of something like hydrogen bonding so to ages fine so he would have won heightened near 1 hydrogen here and the idea that and the simplest form of in that you have been password also and then in over in order to form a bond they're going to have to overlap and they're going to form this bonding situation where they can share the electric you have the sharing of electrons going on now and we have mentioned often unbundling and talks about little little but but not in detail while the real thing is going to be a particular distance between this assistance and assistance in that when they're far away they were really sharing the electron that much and so they are in a stable we look for in configuration so as to get closer and closer to the Imola share the electrons in a form that bonds if they get too close the nuclear I get too close to each other that causes a problem and that's not going to be stable even so what this sort of diagram is an it's that granted used to looking at especially if you're moving on in chemistry you'll see a lot in you you have potential energy here and dissidents here so the distance between the 2 nuclear and when they're a long ways away potential energy is high and then as they get closer and closer together you get this well in the potential energy and that's where your stable bond so wide .period into this said What's this most stable bond lengths you would come down here and point to the meanwhile if you start getting too close together now you get this sort of incident and potential energy of the closer and closer together they can all relax right you can have the 2 nuclei overlap and then as a really far apart you get the 0 potential energy so that's what the sort of describing is ideal bond lengths based on their potential but now in wherever
talk about 2 different types of bonds and there was 1 theory the first one is signal which we can say that there so gently symmetrical Ursula fanatical along the bonds now let me know that you have a bond goings-on this Waleed Mohammed it would be symmetric around the back of her head and now all of the single covalent bonds are personal so if you see a single bond written somewhere you can call that a single now the really repeatable so I'm innocent I haven't had a year and a half year in their only bonded by a single bond you can served with the added anywhere you want you can just going around in circles of now I'll have to not only is the single covalent bond going to be a single but your 1st bonds of any sort of double longer triple by the 1st bomb that on is existing signal so you can you was like when we went to draw investors a Gerard Lewis structures the 1st skeletal structure that we have just had all the long bond attaching the Adams every 1 of those areas similar bonds right now we also something called In the event of a being you're a 2nd time in your triple last so the 2nd and 3rd bonds that are in in your systems those are going to be your pipes now combined normal playing in this little easier once we have pictures that sort of those preliminary before get to the pictures in that you have complained that goes in between them it's gonna have to separate bowls so that people will have to win votes which wary seemed to embolden orbital before you feel was right here bureaus have sort of that book double balloon shaped where you have 2 different levels all types of the sauna-like that still in one-time once you have 2 balls now because this too long that you just have 1 5 on it locks so you can't rotate back now that if you only have 1 5 lesson that we have a double line but said the government wanted have a signal and then it would have applied Monday so that's what I mean by 1 piece that should say price fighting guns sold 1 5 on that now something that hasn't to hide behind Adam and again just put a little there about the change my father on you haven't to hide behind selected triple bond right so if you haven't between Suharto's habitable once that needs the 1st part their these segments and in the 2nd and 3rd behind the legible those are both firearms so that's conformist wonderfully symmetrical system again and that's a little hard to picture and also show you that in the in picture from here in a moment of events so now let's look at all of these were gonna look at what a Montana it all looks like in a few different ways the conformity of Gallagher always a former opposite don't always and then will look at the where you have either a single applied on or single-minded 5 but so
are the 1st ones so if we 2 hospitals and we take a two-hour sawmills and we combine them together that's the former signaled that and 1 way that we can form a cinematic event so you'll notice that you have sort of a bomb going in this direction and you would get this satirically symmetrical system here for cylindrical of site around here she would form a bond and that would just be a single-minded something like this case you had 2 overlapping nostrils so there is something like 100 and the each joke now they don't have to just be as orbitals that you can
take it you can overlap in as formal appeal you can also form a a pet so you can combine to answer also you can combine indefinitely orbital and these little different nations are line to so you can you can look at those and everything like that but that's another way former signal now if you want overlap to you can't find a single bond or even for but it all depends on how you overlapped so looking at the sheep here In the same period
do you think we want to make a single bond with 2 different should be overlap sorted and I certified outside which would give us the same shape personal and
done so you can take it to the Urals regional reluctantly that and that will also form a single market but then now in a few moments were injured and something called hybrid articles and you can make single bonds with all your hybrid models as well you just have to overlap in the same way you have to overlap and on and on and on every so certainly is 3 4
with 1 thing about this area you can warm them when answering you informed then overlapping with Nassau ability orbital or and a hybrid model we get those poor lists UP orbitals and and he accused twist the sideways and China kind of find that the different but so let's look at the slide 1 more
time In all over this 1 more time so cylindrical asymmetrical that's just describing that shape I think I'm a still what the cylinder looked like a bank that's wonderfully symmetrical so that's what we mean by this magical part there are only a single covalent bonds we talked about that before you have a single mom for the 1st time in any of your double and triple bonds below the signal bonds and therefore really repeatable yeah so
you can see on the how there shouldn't be any reason that this Camarota right should be anything that stops that from rotating and so they can rotate along those lines Of that
knowledge on to the next 1 and so now we have now I have for a large
part of your drawn out there will new don't know everything about at the moment but this is the easiest way to point out what kind looks life so at each end here in year and inserted behind that we can't see those are all going to be hot we don't know what all these green and blue or rules are quite yet you can think of them as a combination of passengers story now until we get into that more detail this would be a hydrogen that yellow 1 would be a hydrogen now so what called boundary here between what I'm calling a hybrid roll-top and the hydrogen similar the single moms Everything on a single bonds except 1 thing and that is breaking that's going to be applied a so notice there's 2 to it but that's still just 1 pipeline so this bond here that would be a single bond that would be a signal and then to loan system right here that's the kind now I talked about the other 1 being semester being repeatable right do not at this 1 with this double bond system here we have this single-minded the T-bond the pipe bomb making your double bond does not look like you can just wrote did a really had a good start the stock price so that's why you have a single if you have a double bond you can rotate double bonds will so sort of 20 everything out you and will go over well the orbitals irony any of your single 1 are signal but if you have a double 1 you have both the sigma bond and applied paint the first one would be a signal bonds it makes your connectivity and then you would have your but so that we have 1 more thing to go over and that's what we have a system where we have a triple if we a triple bombings something like C
2 H 0 1 didn't we get 1 sigma bond you can see this in monitored and then we get to 5 on now if we had had to hide what happens is that they actually sort of combined together in the name this so wonderfully symmetrical system right here are so these are the different ways that you can get 5 you can get a
double bond where you have 1 what you're single Monteria Cinnabon and then this one's a 2nd behind your fiber and this can't be rotated or you can end this
system where you get to firearms and 1 signal bonds so 1 is is signal of onto a reply arms and then you get this sort of spherically symmetrical system going again so that's the tops of the different kinds of bonds and gives you some basis to talk about what I you point to any sort of morbid molecule like friends and look at your worksheet this weakened discussion if you look at all of those aspirations and things of that sort you look the acting .period and imposes a promising Cinnabon .period there how many times .period and what you do to figure that out you would go through it every time you see a bond that the single 1 that's a signal if you see a double was 1 of those is a signal on 1 was if you solid triple bond 1 would be a signal bond and 2 of them will be part of that so that's 1 of the With that I can't have the sorts of questions a lot teaching mill which was the language which ones their part but yes this 1 can be rotated this
1 right here can but this 1
is a lot now we're talking about something
called atomic orbital hybridization so that students in this idea of having a Liberian you have hybridization theory so the 1st thing to talk about hybridization vary a great deal about this 1 that is very I I want help the simple here but you know it'll be simple once you learn serving it's simple once you know it and then we have a theory which is more complicated so the source ,comma Gorman of hybridization theory gets into this sort of thing that we can do is really big molecules I can ask you questions like you know all those drugs that are in your worksheet and I can't point to any sort of molecules or any sort of having a really large molecule in asking about the hybridization idiomatic the molecule is you just look at that 1 and tell me about soul in this system what you're doing is you're taking your ass anti-India warbles You're combined them together in your making all morals that now what is oral they're going to call this last as the 2 as the 3 of you get there asked to 3 D and asked to 382 pact so it sort taking all these atomic orbitals combining them together making them look a little bit different now because the combination of the other and then using those bandwidth so we're going to through this really fast on the slide and the Modena breaking up this is sort of refined so we have something called SQL and those as your bills they're going to be major taken after enrolling using a pure baloney combined together right so certain not bad nomenclature so you take envelop Ural you make some together and now you need to know warbles in what they're called sq so as the tour will then take 1 after another meeting to pay your bills you mix them all together and you make written morals and those 3 Oracle's recalled hospital anyone won against West 3 reals but nascent 3 euros pattern recognition and support rating so you taken after releasing 3 durables units together and you're going for morals now we Tet forward rolls we make for girls and women call orbitals asked 3 or now most new or old that maybe that's what we're going to use to make a single bonds led our 1st bonds and that's what gives us our best the geometry pen so once we get these are mainly of the that's where are geometry comes from but act soon also take each of these cases along with the asking 3 380 cases when we get the look at the little bit more detail Out and any on that were there before continues there still there sold for instance race here if we haven't Hassan urinal what's left over To materials builders still around and we can use those things but so in warranties talent has shown that
secular clearance already the furor seconds but it's another thing he said cases in a broken down into Of the basically a slide for each 1 of these on a look at how it works so let's just try and energy level diagram rate seems like the things we've been drawing a new drama last winter so it doesn't matter what level it is 1 levels so we have an affluent only have review articles have now if we want to make it past the hybridized system what we're going to do is really take this oral ever going to take us the wording to make something out of hand when combined if we take the laurels of making new or old alone do not exist anymore now being distributed manual so where take orbitals according to make new ones now Of course the man-made my numbers not exactly but do not as it is the a little bit higher than necessary yet it's an average energy and sold the best urinals and only a little bit higher energy they're going to be lower in energy than the the they're going to be an average between the 2 we take these organelles in Romania were ruled out of them so they're gone we can't use them anymore we made easy work warbles heavily touch these fuels now so they're still around that they're still there now if I pointed organizing name that were rolling saying and after that .period all its name is on the point of this new stage and point to this new saying asked me that I think the question so every time it you combine these were also the number of animals that you start with is how many orbitals you get out ahead so that actually really important if you can find an astronaut appealed gather unique to New or rolls out of you're sort of averaging them out in your making to hold new orbitals then when we get to you ask he chortles during a combined international and too few articles so humbly ask tutorials will 3 so no matter what and this is actually this is the novel's revelatory to no matter how many laurels you start when you end up with that exactly number of water supply you making new world out of its media combining even the best word that makes it sound like you're turning the 1 but you're always going to come up with the same number of models that you started with so speaking of you combine to orbitals you get to work also when we combine 3 orbitals will get every Oracle's no matter how many liberals you combined it that's the number that if you combine arson appeal you get asked Urals than the name of the just like this in the name of this horrible acts in the name of this orbitals piece of so when we started the meetings of best particularly making bombs and I ask you what sort of orbitals are involved in the plot you would call this and or just like he called this an 10 now the energy and ask your it's going to be between that an accident you work so we were drawing this year some version of scale you would want to draw the last year or a little bit higher you're sort of averaging but now assume these things look like so this is not an
natural excited this is where your looks looks like a rag soaked and ask the orbital is gonna look sort of in between the 2 so you don't have and to ask urinals and into the review articles so this what your new system looks like an interloper hard to see what those orbitals actually looked like Simon expand out so these earlier asked the euro looks like and in between the not quite enough to remove the not quite a few words and so they look like that now when you draw all combined to Connolly see that will because these little 2nd pieces Paris hidden so that's why I have expanded out free pact but note repealed all still there that green pure Miller still there and now you just taken this curable and that ass orbital energies to know where out of packed the next 1 is no and and 1 more thing I noticed that if you were to make a bond with this 1 in a bond with this 1 that would be a linear molecule but I will go into
the bathroom part availability on detail here there that knowledge did Jackson think that 2 worlds so we have our energy level diagrams now Oregon effect 1 of the year they were going to take 2 of these were going combined together and we're going to get 3 morals and we have them Sony and also now been remade into as the 2 worlds Have touched this work you know also is a balance that left them so when we do as the the 2 privatization we get the new hybrid orbitals and we get a lot of work work what is the name of the song but a the and listening songs the name of the sort the name of the sort it out you get but so that we're combining 3 are also murals .period were taking a pastoral impure or Delaware mixing together and so we get past the 2 because as 1 of to peace combined together as the 2 in the name of the or just like passenger was over here this so that this was the nominee was this to great question so what we think is asked to have a higher energy then and ask the orbital the Act so that because you're taking out your combining to higher-level energies on also with this lower level energy orbital and so on average if you're talking same energy which sells everything like that the St George in a little bit higher energy do we think there look more like the orbital less like the pure will then be asked you were also more likely to work but at end of of the around us like it and questions to the elegant so at end of the tour ability between that of a nascent durable and also higher than last year now let's look at what these look like so now
we're taking our hospital and treaty orbitals were combining them together mixing them together and making your bills with them and so what are they going to look like so
this will be the basic system that they look like a now again because that sort of talk to see the stock combined I did take the obscure sort moved them out so you notice these are little bit marquee or like the natural light and we still have the sort of double world system of their little bit more like a and now I'm a little bit different geometries to right now we have certain geometry where the 1 destruction 1 that direction 1 that direction so eager to go other last month for a greater said and now we have asked so we're going to do the
same thing so if we take our ArcelorMittal on all 3 mercurial stomach urinals Alabama None where will we have 1 of the name of event T 3 orbitals so it has featuring hybridization and we 3 Orioles coming and we have to that the now things notice same idea last time we started with moreover orbitals we mix them together and we got new work we combine Aceh and then 3 three-piece so the nomenclature and F P 3 so it's best to 300 and we have asked the 3 warbles and then the energy the it's higher than the FTA is higher than the acid higher than the FPC it's higher than the FT too but it's only lower than the peas with about now these again look a little bit more like a and before so
when we combine all these together what geometries inquiring so we haven't to have linear we've had to plainer and now we have for things that he drove that that is actually get really like Messi to also I just try withdrew through 1 wall with each other that's pretty pretty standard analogous because it is really hard to see otherwise so when you look at how the bonding form 1 behind each these In you get attaches little geometry from
OK so I think you have a patent that now so sofa in that Andean radiation wouldn't go little bit quicker and without quite all the drawings done but so now we have these 2 other hybridization asked framed the Sony thinking combined again after 3 and how many of How many these homogeneous they went the 3 comedies and of course so that after the three-piece so we have asked the 3 D hybridization Saravia How many orbitals would we have humming hybrid orbitals vibrating from behind and three-piece energy so we started with 5 models limits and the gallery at the worlds of 5 models so if we have this we didn't feel like now what I St 382 ,comma urinals that we start with 6 comedy however also may have 6 people in the name of ST 382 may seem I don't know what the fiber the hybridization type in the name of the New World and then if we had 6 or else we have to spread those out as far apart as possible what geometry without after hearing is 1 forms of your hybrid or allowing uniform using signal on the uniform your single but so that some hybridization works that that's kind of theory behind now
how do we figure out the hybridization of something if I gave you a structure and say fine hybridization of something or worse yet and the name anything final hybridization the 1st step you have to do is jobless structure that serves the 1st step everything so far in this the 3 example structure this is the arrangement of the electron pairs in the bonds right soul no harmony among them how many electron pairs you you take you determine your steric number so remember what that was right we did that we did yesterday on and we figured out while the number of Adams are bonded to it remember that wasn't number of bonds sprays this was the number of things that were bonded to it so double bond then in that case because 1 or 2 just 1 race in 1 out of 100 plus the electron pairs now that the number of hybrid rules like that so once you find that stared him and that's the number of hybrid orbitals now if you need to hybrid orbitals what sort of hybrid company orbitals so we need to hire a common urinals do we need to start with to get to work to get power materials we need is how many we have started so we need to orbitals so we started to worlds what radiation has to Orioles to stop asked the right now let's say we do this than we do this we do this and we need 3 hybrid orbitals what would we have to give hybridization asked Tehran 1 beasts we need everywhere else we start with 3 orbitals so we start work away at asked to peace if we need fiber well stalwart prior to after 3 keys so we need asking 3 D I realized certainly the pattern for Holly figure out what hybridization you're going to have an out the 1st year Lewis structure then you can find stared number once you find the stared number you can go and you can say well that's how many hybrid orbitals I need however many habitable land needed money or will they need to start with and you come your way up to the right number of morals so this should in your
notes this comes from the other book again so the chain but so but I like this sort of for you included that in their forties you have so this was during says well how many atomic orbitals did we start with sort of summary for all of what we just talked about what the hybridization and what was that the number of hybrid orbitals and the geometry of Act I don't suggest you memorizing the stable I suggest you using this as sort of a summary of major you know what you're doing the easiest way to do the hybridization is to go through how we just did it on
this line interstate and well we if we can figure out a steric number then we can figure out how many hybrid orbitals we need and we can count the number of models need to start with I'm memorizing this is sort of not systems already lets really back to the worksheet that we didn't ask geometry you may
want to pull it out if you have it on hand this is 1 of those you know that the lowest structures and then this work here really useful just kind of keep around you all the time elected so if we have a serial number 2 is but it's administered number 2 call rules doing do whatever steer number that murals in so if we need to articles ,comma laurels to start with still so what we have in the world series starting with mass and so what kind of hybridization fact St but on the stairs demonstrate how many however a very good so how murals do we need to start with very so we're going to have as the do but no notice homely pairs you have all that matters is just stare at him come on so stare ,comma for ministerial report how many hybrid orbitals we need for some harmony on only need to start with to get back where certainly an S P 3 and through the holes you know Holston report said so we figure arrested number that many hybrid orbitals we need that murals we have to step
about the Shiite majority with leading figures later this year could there and health care but so terrifying and the people thinking pictures of the latter no enemies and others on the Indian so we have a series of 5 how many orbitals do we need uninhabitable 5 so the company that started coming to 95 cents start with 5 so we had as P during the day by the last 1 we have stirred number set so high murals need How many doing started so at the very end of the 2 only so that local hybridization Media works and kind of the fast way to solve it now I want to go back to this picture for just a
moment canonical at university with 100 on hybrid also like so please let here here and here were Cobb so we basically have a C 3 systems now the mystery here these are the hybrid orbitals bonding to your hydrogen how these you have bought sold and hibernation yet as history right for orbital so we started well but also as 3 fire Nablus 1 so the grain for each 1 of these would be a hybrid orbitals so how many articles you have here too little to see that 1 2 3 right so I realization that problem that asked me to and then held orbital as attested to what's left over appealable where you can have your analysts sorry fearing so this appeal less left over what ponders that meeting the plan and so he uses all its hybrid orbitals it's a bond with this ,comma you can't see it too although there's a hydrogen in the back and then a bond with this Scottish so that firearms are all used to form what kind of certain about that hybrid although use of force signal bonds and in the left over a few articles those are forming your pipelines but now will look at this again in
a slightly different way so double-check longer hybridization direct serious situation for so if we draw Lewis structure looks like that now you have had years studying for the Internet idea when you look slides like this to perhaps you know only started the C 2 each for and try to do all this on your own so each carbon is have 3 Adams bonded to it right here the bonds each abundant each a bonded carbon so what kind of hybridization is I asked me to do so nasty you're a right but its internal university to enact so now what I think is forming this bond and then this bond that respond to the Cottonwood dawdles the DFT taught us pay your hybrid orbitals formed the signal bounced wishes of Haydn and the hydrogen and 1 of the it's 1 of these is the 2nd 1 and 1 of them is a factor and so this is the sort of drawing adjust the signal bonds this is your signal bond only drawing soul if I were point to this spot rate here keeping in mind this is what it looks like and I said What orbitals format then the 2 when you don't points for that they just said what orbitals that 1 of the rules forming a in which every other right so I said what the what is the corporate news to bond with what we do said as the 2 if I said and what orbital what orbitals forms behind what you said as the 2 ends that's a provider of what about this 1 thing right the carbon uses the S P 2 of all 100 is the 1 now what about the single bond between the 2 carbons where those reforms that In a speech orbital from this carbon and and ask it to a world that has prompted him to different after the orbitals overlapping notice the overlap and 9 and write that's what form the sigma bond shape In now we talked about all this of the 2nd month here what's that 5 months later later thanks forms that I had the luck of the that's the only thing we have left right we've used up all our other models do we have an ArcelorMittal left common no there's no after a week to get away we needed and to ask me to work so we take left over at the orbital and we take and we use that formidable double bonds now this is meant for
a world looks like so notice this is the same pictures before and you can sort of see this in here right we will look at that hearing here that for hydrogen hydrogen so you get a signal Bonsignore Bonsignore bouncing abound and then the people orbitals come up and remember how many votes as a curable 2 and so I overlap and had not heard the overlap in sort of particular to each other in your apartment is also going to have to worlds so it might make this molecule or I tell you this molecule in the table and Isaiah many sigma bond there and take effect on what would you say their families advanced 5 Grade 1 2 3 4 and 1 of those is by how many times 1 that will the 1 of these OK just be really careful is 1 time on this is not to fight on this 1 but we have a single here and then 1 pylon with 2 walls not Cisco's in
question With no questions are associated with questions of fact but it what horrible decided in use by but 1 that what follows is the common use of bonds the hydrogen with but as the 2 not asked not SMG not seeing it bonds with the S 2 work now what is commonly used to bond with the carbon in the signal good St to uses the hybrid or we made a hybrid orbitals based on how many things responded to it and the lone pairs as well now that we have feeling here so that's what we're going to use to bomb now what is commonly used monitor the covered in the pipeline to so this is a perfect example of folic acid questions yet so it's not the it's it's it's actually not coming from anywhere it's just luck over so we start with someone asked him how many pieces 3 and then how many did use up we took away the affable immutable 2 of the view bills so many is left over just 1 right so we use that leftover Piornal has applied a back so that must close you while you mean just like H & H 2 seats to civilization that it would just be 1 answer when asked the by together no hybrid of on so careful we're talking about individual atoms here so in this whole section hybridization which is but for the whole section will not talking about individual atoms so this common uses the S P 2 order the hydrogen still uses the Asphodel so the better picture that is actually on the slide so the
hydrogen is still using the hospital bonds so that we can change so just like we had to hydrogen but together this is still using the 1 that if the court remanded is using the in the office where that
sort of example here we done and single 1000 and double lines now at suitable so 1st of all let's look at the hybridization so if we take this carbon and reminded 1st carbon and hydrogen harmony with steric numbers How many things are bonded to it To anomaly not so 2 things Bonanno on Paris or stared number 2 so how many bottles do we need from the habitable-assuming editions still somebody had to start with doing so what the hybridization so after now what we have a lot if we take away and absolute taken away key and we need to ask the orbitals what is left over to pay your bills are laughter I Nietzsche :colon remember talking about it because the same were talking about them in a similar way that I described but so those 2 Peoria learning to make a panel so years 1st your 1st hybrid orbitals irked that Sydney hybrid orbitals is going to be used to make a hydrogen bomb the bond with your hydrogen engines and then the other a hybrid model is going to be used to buy the company and then the 2 left over a few orbital on these pie each 1 was too low to begin with but what ends up happening here is you actually end up forming a sort of clouds system where combined into 1 I will let you do this suspect before in law the in on scenario that is Elliott yet to let you know how those with the pure models are coming from a so let's go back to the pitcher this is worth spending an executed front of it so
let's go back to link the slices this area the slides for a 2nd so if we're taking for instance what they me to and were combining these orbitals together we get from the orbital slot on the back we agree now the lead toxicity orbital at all not so what happens to it it I was just married and do things like that status no the same thing with as the
hybridization whistle-blower example we just aren't you take an arson your and you combine with other and how many years you have left over 2 so that can go anywhere know there's still just around hanging out with the person you something with us so we can you know if the bonds so in these systems where we have left over .period also in India living quietly packed up his government after multiple times during a lot of you got something to hide so we have to go on the world and these are the thing about all lower which we haven't had an example in the world and what the overall


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