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Lecture 03. Energy and q (The Partition Function).

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I know of no interest here there the
said the but it certain and a
threefold the ground 90 General Accounting excitable 35 waiver the fall the general level of 47 with no less than year on Wednesday look at me and
related matters of
money and or ball distribution of
described the ground operation in different fields that population will depend on the generous I love you to
feel here 1 year the fact remains that the war this is the 1st of the partition function that we anyone because it's the person that contains explicitly that began receiving this agenda the energy levels for years and the last years the long years in the life of the world's 3 1 and but it the focus so this information is needed and some of the region's energy plan for calling freedom and the required level in the year for relief that the generous text what that 0 In the 1st accepts 35 2nd excited states 47 million numbers we need work out but this is the use of fuels are in the back please but the what was called the the boom there's a temperature that we care about Celsius Colorado and sold them to . 6 4 9 is why arrived in the EU excellent years you might sign in front that the act falling under the OK so when comes to that region of minus 2 . 6 4 9 ideas .period also holds stakes enough looking the best the 3 that critical and 1 really was that of the 3 . 1 5 6 In the
1st question we always want to have about the on is that the remains of right of way good the former University where does the basis on which the West 1 of the participants not totally accessible states that are on OK so that last year on this thing could possibly be right in the capital of thermal energy is units of waiting it's
not a familiarity with the release of its the everyone was held in that unit agrees :colon and so that tries to point 6 to constantly .period jewels as always you'll have to do with the reminded that the 1
from we will not be that it's easy it was for me to grasp so I
won't hurt your way numbers are misleading converted later this week .period 430 1321 later this what that of the the on 1 OK so
you want to know what you're going if that the the 2nd here is the 2 1 win at the moment the press OK so of course so now I have have questioned whether affected workers from the West the court also stated that the following
grants the following the release of pollutant 0 in and there is a sensible 1 for example workers from
the the army excited states in the population as well while emergency we don't have enough money to significantly populations in some states so we expect them be although
this is what the people of the world that became exponentially because of this I don't know if there because of world
you don't want to this you can that yeah
that when you defending the
example that settlement in the yes the book so we expect a
lot of patience 35 147 minutes the Indian government also this hand of the land in the name of God right all along the but the horror I want to this is OK so qualitatively new relations refused to reveal that we know the release of there will be some fraction of these forces here also related to
replace 1 of 6 qualitatively that we expect to be or that during the summer something on June the agency
said that his refusal to prop prosecutors clearly
that there is no way for the right and 2 I
know that the party functions of so what is the answer and this we don't have to be between Britain said on the other it's really a fraction of these but sooner these are the only part of the heart Europe the European generals the not wanting to come only fractionally every single 1 of the last 6 thousand that the temperature of the sun paragraph
Fernandez son of the so
we started this question here 1 the figures are partition function what we want to evaluate the fractional population growth in the number of Osun State might that each 1 of those forces OK so divided by the end of this year from this place and anymore 4 in this year's top partition function you OK In this case you will have to work terms yes 1 for each 1 of these for energy the 1st was particularly useful as a whole year year OK I haven't gotten a break during autumn the 1st now argues that the agency said not just for the German final final Price 1 3 5 members of exponential that contained a different energy from each state and the energy of state over this energy the 1st day of the month war in Britain unbelievably right Europe is doing unit conversion began to Jules again the rights of evaluating her right ear or and of course will be a minus sign in front of 3 . 9 3 24 warned 1 of the people it OK so the 2
. 9 on the start of the war .period I find some of the things you look for altogether because the petition from 291 resigned in the OK so it's not going presented the 14 12 working on but the far-right optimally settled
6 thousand nutritional the accelerating but so
always does the only way to know for sure calculated that from around 6 thousand 3 thousand times can give me this number you will once again be used with the way in which of the of them -minus qualities finally converted the two-way numbers rap I gave 41 said with but that not really about all that intuition about all eyes were on the 4 right from that cable shall produce around the it's not going to work that the 116 . 4 million the firstly that the forum Freeland then continuity periodically energy-intensive that finds out that but I think that we can that 103 . 7 the worst unless you understand it goes all the way up to 173 2
thousand degrees rather than normal the units also pirated OK so what kind of response no 1 . 3 7 that any sense I
1 to 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 this makes sense at all that normally accessible yeah .period recess Brent where hell part of what .period researchers found that some patients diagnosed with this summer also From the
beginning of the end of World War II the OK
occasionally use operations to calluses 907 is right along with the possible yes No . 3 7 dollars last of year and so was the rest of the Russian population OK so we wanted to evaluate that this is the master of ad In the grounds the whole number and the relevant population there OK so we came 1st term years our fresh water partition function the 1st half of the enumerated where the bloody partition function that is the practice population on the grounds now we take a 2nd term but that numerator for that and once but firm said the 2 . 9 divided by a partition function that's a fraction of the of the city working with and so on 4 . 9 5 0 . 4 3 but will "quotation mark after you should get more that check on whether the government hold on you cannot alter their policies which people rights of . 9 and needs a around him OK so we use the polls and waited for him was the no there is the people our generation this is the 1st time in the area of the capital population part of the world like this is a super important ingredient there is a war 3 now that it will be on you USA molecule years molecule here's a look temperatures of managerial Pyrenees cited by regional energy of new articles all around state and at a higher temperature and my bunch different the same the company number of Malta as the original here all of this configuration right here in 24 so the quality of the University here and there in the world tell you again the partition functions so let's see if we can figure out what the relationship is between the energy and press release he went back
for people he said it is simple so this is the the end recalled the injuries the the
exclusive of the translation an added to his souvenir this is the beginning of this is the fall in the beginning at the of end on Friday on the since Poland by the often using it is people off practices my question is what is some of the injuries as the number of the molecules particularly in the the government-level meeting together some or all of the of energy level although now we have the 1st over an already so long this expression that can run out there and see immediately that this figure in and at the end of their but OK the new house when I substitution using the equation that I get for the average energy where all it did was make makes a substitution
here that he had no OK and now you is here every hole the wrong at the time so it is included in this nation it's hard of parents they that OK so this is what makes personal psychology move 1 of men are you there "quotation mark the
whole thing to notice but the rest of you with respect to 20 you would respect it is here that the drug that they have rules that demand the rest of his life in move from there but the minus sign here that my son candidates agreed that there is a will there is a year for a reason and interesting because this right here is that right the EU's debated minus the humor they minus the progress of but he said the this this is a very fast in the back bright but Michael that is the heart all right so there is "quotation mark the government at the end of the month of the year the they fear that the right there in front of his is working and molecules by being I want to interview her mall both in the firm also then there is also a member the writer there's a lot this result 2 electronic 121 . 1 1 1 2 Bolton did you know what I'm doing to calculate a lot the electronic participants health wrong series the value of the term populations in the election regional internal injuries the problem with OK at the house a calibrate ourselves that we have some information about her work on this problem where is that when the numbers and 21 weighted down here about the maintenance of the 695 2 but 1 of them participants in the that yet 2 almost all over the
of the real world yes you for what I think is the right thing energies for only that
is it so finally approved for everything never-ending right OK think but simply cannot use the partition function 2 right although only region but there's the energy were not continue to run a version of this story we have to tools and trust you you know what
you want the a million ones with all
there is for Use my lot of Hugh as a function of temperature all in 1 thousand degrees check it out there's a lot like it's approaching war and 5 right was nearly 3 . 7 3 points 5 4 in which 1 of the rooms so that he could have on the way that was of the I also for the
more president Bush has generated lot right the more and more than 3 . 5 lessons for adsorbed indirectly of yeah Michael Eastern populations that ground state is in the eye and In the numerator we have the 1st term of here here's a whole lot functions at the time of the 1st half of all of this but change the work 64 the mall we're in the process you but I really believe that Austria then the the water was warm just calories that's where was so . 6 for 64 per cent of all people around the world war Milan necessary and necessary of the most of still the world's best and the exact of the would happen out on the to set the states where those 2 numbers vary from 1 OK think this is the world number 2 because that number seems high when you got that work of the Department of State still all along In wouldn't stop there you are the
1 you the and
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Differentielle elektrochemische Massenspektrometrie
Elektron <Legierung>
Potenz <Homöopathie>
Bukett <Wein>
Chemischer Prozess
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Formale Metadaten

Titel Lecture 03. Energy and q (The Partition Function).
Serientitel Chemistry 131C: Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics
Teil 03
Anzahl der Teile 27
Autor Penner, Reginald
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/18937
Herausgeber University of California Irvine (UCI)
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Chemie
Abstract UCI Chem 131C Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics (Spring 2012) Lec 03. Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics -- Energy and q (The Partition Function) -- Instructor: Reginald Penner, Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 131C covers the following topics: Energy, entropy, thermodynamic potentials, chemical equilibrium, and chemical kinetics. Index of Topics: 0:00:19 Example: A Certain atom... 0:03:35 Calculating Thermal Energy 0:04:22 Energy Level Diagram 0:15:45 Partition Function

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