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Lecture 01. Syllabus, Homework, & Lectures.


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Title Lecture 01. Syllabus, Homework, & Lectures.
Title of Series Chemistry 131C: Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics
Part Number 1
Number of Parts 27
Author Penner, Reginald
License CC Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/18935
Publisher University of California Irvine (UCI)
Release Date 2012
Language English

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Subject Area Chemistry
Abstract UCI Chem 131C Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics (Spring 2012) Lec 01. Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics -- Syllabus, Homework, & Lectures -- Instructor: Reginald Penner, Ph.D. Description: In Chemistry 131C, students will study how to calculate macroscopic chemical properties of systems. This course will build on the microscopic understanding (Chemical Physics) to reinforce and expand your understanding of the basic thermo-chemistry concepts from General Chemistry (Physical Chemistry.) We then go on to study how chemical reaction rates are measured and calculated from molecular properties. Topics covered include: Energy, entropy, and the thermodynamic potentials; Chemical equilibrium; and Chemical kinetics. Index of Topics: 0:25:58 Quantum Mechanics Timeline 0:31:26 James Clark Maxwell 0:32:25 Ludwig Boltzmann 0:33:23 Willard Gibbs 0:35:35 Statistical Mechanics 0:37:54 The Free Energy of Ammonia 0:43:30 Microstate
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end of the year the price at all a lot of fun in his work what do you think that it was about for years nations the data collection it I love this time of year it is not here along with I think it the In terms of the year in the south hope the it was in what questions about the nature of the problem yes there will always be with us because the home of the what I will do whole thing can with 2 more years you can look at it with what what we want to play I want to the the announcement was made for that the only thing they did not want to OK so 1 of the 2 men was 1 of the year and in about 1 in in the legislative war wars the 1 of the 100 thousand years from 1 end of the period of time the the war and analysts 1988 really well these are the only the ones for the role right was going on it is thought that soon the final and of the letter of generator and he loves to the environment on the street is 1 of of the things that 1 of the caliber of those I out of all of Europe where that its 1 of the In the what right so I want to get this time that there is really 1 of the things that have long known that if you work the law and that all unfortunately we of were living in when were the polls what is it that you need call madam yeah the don't at that time that the calls for him to get out of the way of the reminded that the universe it is not so molecules the at the proposed by him right now it Over the years prior to 1 you're not alone I think that what we are not all right and that all the time of the year old right and so I serve brand in names polls it's very years the rise in the number of people in it you know how many people look through the popularity of I don't think the children that's right about what it was collisions and molecules with bacteria the that Long I believe I got rid of bacteria or the like the water in sewage in the world religions many users this a city where I was on the verge it is operation there and that most of the life and health of the mother and then sort 1 the only anything right along with you that this is the these are the people we believe this is that all right this is not a problem in Brittany the real the the only thing I can I just want to get promoted I see no reason this is at the of really putting this concert is going on in the United States as part of the plan as a young man in the history of that for now In the past 7 years all holes around here and here in this golf course the military leaders looking around the world really was we need to be part of the "quotation mark also gave you probably know here's a maximum of years the Honourable to that calls this year and the fact that the greatest unbelievable he said we are about right now is the time to talk about the University of British director general of age in Europe this is real still harbor routes for the people of is really most of his life and life on the Red L will begin to generate Colorado most of that go all and he's always had has here the beginning of the year following the rest of the press here will usually the results it was the on the Net waiting outside of the body where can I go back to the the so far there is great Indiana and you will see a lot of the 200 years well it is 1 the 1st race in America they this not the the
company is struggling I want alternatives broke down in there right now the only the you're the
year of you for a unit here in the united states you know something like the it's real thing right now I'm salary than that of the 2 work is part of that politics is still on they really work I happen to be reason back that is not what U.S. a but eventually this year were also through through the use of a job real the sound the it the use of state and the kids love it in what was being left behind movie he died in the a region that was 1 of the 1st Great America and there are 2 things that most of them during areas the company also the only this is utilization of the late 1700 s going to be fine To that growth the standard rate of right there something the ground 1 reason we the this is all about people using all around for a while you can please this on the other hand the after years of the year the vote over the long run the in the use of the new formation the last day of the war In Maryland the USA where in the world they this have to when is the :colon no connection and use of long in other words I'm looking at a number of years but there is no information on the number of started certain laughing about prevention CH 4 I know that that you know 1 with I don't think that be there the problems of the only thing you can that all From right after the scandals article in in the press and only 1 of now all of the can be done from molecular a Lessard and I think that's the beginning of the year for all you need is a structures "quotation mark struck the region 1 there this is 1 of the 1st things that's done for a long time and that he was of the only 1 years later the leader of the the the rest of you something called the Fox is sensational I told him where you going to be in here I think this is 1 start from a lot of points to use in yeah I used to teach this stuff by means of a really great guy by blinding Leonard and the office book the thing you there is perfectly style you understand the planning the shares of the year understandable and so on the whole the time him hold on directions while the on the so this "quotation mark it was not alone in this 1 too for the year I was also agrees that the mine all you know what is going on but these are all yeah workplace the idea was that you would use a a lot of parents time so that we can misunderstand the units in the area by industry all and for years I don't think so this is 1 of the gems from the part "quotation mark writers especially in terms of how clear the the you world this was but this the you have president someone at the University of Richmond here the insult according to on the other end of the season for the enactment of is Riyadh years With this last Friday that these heroes in their original and love 1 2 3 4 1 "quotation mark a lot of relational race of all of Europe is my former KGB it's very overwhelming the International you that that here the fact that there will be so madam President 3 models in Europe although this year has been through the use of the era the late your the following year the only logical theory you have to rely all of the development of the world now the case we have really want you to know really right now the only wanted 1 but seeing what being part of we lost the ball in the final this report the now you have to want to 1 we want to know about it and that is what for all our citizens with you don't on the that's Western model while on the other hand creating this year the 1 on each of the 3 models and is the only 1 that we want to root for all this that they don't care what was the reason his remark there was so where authorities 1 of them the compromise of the ruling politicians and there is little there is in the year for the thing you might that was the center of the world the configuration of mine I really think the interesting thing is just redirect locations the to holes using now what is needed saying that I want to be here right now all users to junior resulting areas of the U.S. also that kind of molecules in 1 the 1 0 0 0 2 there was there was a great more to 1 are there too 0 0 1 so as the years went yeah 1 1 1 1 2 1 what was going on in on there and it was 1 of the women Over the last years old what is that it should have mentioned that during this year's 0 really deserve it but now the however might be exposed to the is the formula you know all of whom I don't think we've got a number of articles that use we want to run for the year the for the 1st 2 months OK so low is right there just about all of this there for In the light the In this regard that most of the people here the rest of the world he the news and the principle of that's 1 of the things that went to the tumult finally 0 of there were lot the but that was part of the business and want the the yes there is free really want time to during the 2nd quarter has long was the 1 rejected because we have a lot people 6 Miller that would grant prevention of the disease the region the the for the past year 1 of the most likely from the bottom of the state the 1 of the following year the people of the National Museum of the history of Europe right region on a number of years the terms of the here yeah that American girl in the initial where is the leader in the mall with were revised in any of this city and he or the of this with a lot where have you just another 1 of these years ball back into effect on the there 2 all this English users you working on the fact that the that was formally made ruling that or by the world really possible there is really that of all the time in 1 of the ones some of the money belonged to the company earlier this the usual where we want to find out whether or not in there is 1 until then it going then into as the cell In the death of the In Europe no longer there 0 . 1 2 but it is rare thing while most of the dead were equation you see he might say that this guy is a matter of work and that is the end of the year the back
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