Lecture 07. DNA, RNA, and Cancer.

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Lecture 07. DNA, RNA, and Cancer.
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Lec 07. Introduction to Chemical Biology -- DNA, RNA, and Cancer
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Weiss, Gregory Alan
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UCI Chem 128 Introduction to Chemical Biology (Winter 2013) Instructor: Gregory Weiss, Ph.D. Description: Introduction to the basic principles of chemical biology: structures and reactivity; chemical mechanisms of enzyme catalysis; chemistry of signaling, biosynthesis, and metabolic pathways. Index of Topics: 0:06:40 DNA Chemistry 0:09:48 Cutting and Pasting DNA 0:18:42 Protein Modification by PCR 0:23:15 UV from Sunlight Cross-Links Thymines 0:25:09 E. Coli Photolyase 0:26:36 Protecting Your Cells By Sun Screen 0:33:24 Cells Must Advance or Die 0:34:57 DNA as a Big Nucleophile 0:39:51 N-nitrosoamines = Ptent DNA Alkylating Agents 0:45:00 Known Carcinogens 0:47:44 Paradox: Cause and Cure? 0:50:42 Excision Repair in Humans 0:57:25 Hundreds of Mutations Required to Cause Cancer 1:03:57 Sir Percival Pott 1:05:19 Testicular Cancer 1:06:56 P450 Substrates as Potent DNA Alkylators 1:08:24 Benzopyrene: Pro-Epoxide DNA Alkylators 1:10:18 Toxins from Molds Growing on Grains 1:11:36 Nitrogen and Sulfur Mustards 1:13:35 The Re-Evaluation of RNA's Importance
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a special area of scissors which like a normal citizen has a similar sort of injury this was like structurally this little following years of ran on you and my sisters down around when he's not by the use of these accidents on all restrictions on when researchers plans unit a target palindrome it's sequences specific knowledge of the beach restrictions on targets typically 1 usually only 1 sequence of the year and I know that this is a palindrome below politicians are palindromes sentences that for reasons that are the same as the fear in both directions right for example the Houllier was sent to stay with the arrival highly mobile people was on the right side of the battery he was on the right side of the way it has been postponed for about half of what said was that he sequences are similarly palindrome prices this year CAA and over the years Over here in so here he said that this is the calendar they never hear the end of this year ,comma parameters same going backwards VOA and so numerous that he was the son restriction enzymes have a signatory to the 2 sides the and that symmetry adjourned the case boys part :colon from sequences with on this the piece ridiculous fighters are appointed by this pondering here this time of year there indicated by the Europe and the results will be that separated and has a year to year thereby by cutting apart from these 2 different offered about office on this 1
OK so here's another picture this year's enzyme the problems society and assignments around you finally purple and yellow the size of the users of the park and here is this also invigoration and curious about the restrictions on the use of fossil part and the other was sold out this year that will look for complementary wants the steering speedier and when it finds it it will be revitalized rewards of up replace their hands use this to lose other sequences of DNA hesitantly that is you do that together and inserted into a past that includes contact by resistance mark last season ?question mark really talked about last Thursday of the international arms Nova examples scheduling USA last day of the Latin names of the policy of confrontation etc. The Disciple resistance etc. and so on this is the end of the Jerusalem here he said and that the law and that things you can insert entirely sequences in here that happened at the verdicts against and then you will appeal and said the spreading of March because OK
so here's what this looks like a practice used to laugh at the top of the horrifying researchers thought that if you the last thing that has to be here and there are currently set aside for a year or 2 you get for the start of the man on the surface of the has the meaning out of it and then you really need all this alluvial together at the red last year and the last year it is and in some of the ideas that makes the last 5 crime bosses last fall to be perfectly covalent closed circular found last year in the sender's back into bacteria industries and people's bacteria to get used to lower and only the bacteria that take up classes will be allowed to live although arrested die because he retrieved the bacteria so you can always was that this was going to this and are allowed to survive that distinguishes bases in the region .period at the university said that the present during the holidays tragedy will not face passages where is beginning of the hearing we'll lose that so there is a little technical but what we do is we each got off the ground requires a lot of our side by lifetime hydroxyl over here years on the stadium faces some 500 Trostle taking off side of the drug sold by private policies offered by private property shall not all the analysis of the fossil filibustered the bill in the close ladies and how to solve the parameters of the cylinder and speaking OK so on this
topic and proteins protein modification is a tool that can be used very recently it has chemical biology laboratory was again currently use your proposals .period Restrepo actually this is we changed the DNA sequences and then use those changes including c . 2 the result of this property and so on 1 good way do it something called the mediums this is actually spelled correctly and the duration of the mother of 1 of the areas Katie and works by having on the DNA sequences show and belittled than those of some mutation of the taxes and then use the that deal in the past last selection on your little from part is this will be unit with the special restriction enzyme that operates only on medical in a year and a half these transfer the earlier we talked a little bit about the administration has hasn't nothing to worry about finding society dismissed after but on the whole I also believe that relations and said this is I will show apartment relief and stranded DNA can also be delisted it from your original in whole or in the attack blew the interests of the size of the base of the yellow and green Institute part by the special restrictions and be with remains trapped and services said it would be transferred to the sells process called transformation this that it sells in the office of the terrorists with the skill of the substitute Park and hopefully you get revision program and this actually works with very high efficiency and get what they believe the United Nations the process we're OK the questions about considerable comfortable design take it as that's what this is really about is now going into the Test specific hypotheses for example in this protein over there where red is the so that you can test the role of residues said its history there of interacting with the of them so let's say you want to know what it is here that is all functionality and society contributed to the villages prompting him to say that this is some electron transfers and you have some hypothesis that aromatic really in the protein is really he was transferring electron security between point a and point you with a pretty good then you take the form of protein replaced the aromatic ratings with distinct medical research has now taken on that book that aromatic rings and couldn't ask the various proteins that protein units which will hold hearings and test whether electrons to salute .period we feel here that's really part recently France has figure year out of this year's race critical and was lost or maybe it turns out that the transfer of course and there are many previously approved so this allows you to you reverse engineering of the right to take part in specific pieces of property which he called and exactly what each 1 of those little hearts to attribute to bring
only on the other questions about the size of the West there's a lot of talk about ideas that the to field it's 1 of the areas where the cost of research activity is always meet these people all it's tremendously well said this is the sort of like organized in the eastern Indian frustrating at times but when it works really works OK and this year the quality of the DAB actually met small roles and going to start with the earliest has reacted unit
which is simply you walking around the site and so on and after that the lectures over you start walking back to your room and of January the soul of the sort out there and chances are you'll know reason you're here by this year to the sky and the grateful you're living your beautiful California during that time you're basically is getting hit by UV radiation and that the radiation is causing damage to the DNA in Europe in the cells of that and here is what happens if you happen to have by the president to stay in there that the quality of Indian sequence the the last year but will catalyze centralization to result in a cycle of Uday structure at the end of the again this is a straightforward reaction not just very briefly showed you have this year to all of this your adding flights which again that usually abbreviated as you tend to results here it is a site take a straightforward and it is not a complicated and there is the problem when this happens this site will hugely distorts the day you know what I was going be structures used as this problem is something you yourselves have evolved because you know organisms on the planet always based on the life of the workers 1st of all there was still you like it was the right and the a series of enzymes of all the exits from and the goldfish and rattlesnakes and other organizations to my friends out the side and they actually have to a cancel calls life that reverses the 2 plus 2 2 bonus idealization that picking over here it is a hero of the Clinton on so clearly this In this pressure to last year this enzyme authorizes you light and then prompts electrons into the encyclopedia tape and brings part it's the irony here is that it takes the scenery you like the community life and this time users that the to reverse the reaction and ride in the opposite direction gotta do this is a sign of all intends to capture the beauty like inside a hazard to the Tennessee highlighted here in yellow red and not the the structure of the next slide is 1 of the things that has to do to absorb the light and fast excited electrons to and at age you go back which then becomes the electron in the cycle of using the region of Siberia so fierce that have sort of the life is called and you have a structures during the year on the other colonies of cases were spread to ecological fishing around states set their fight against the disease that assumed that we would have had enough of all this time we don't have realized that you were not the people of this reaction I can't say what we do instead is based on the rising sunscreen and that's what we all knew that the 1st of all intelligence facility has come up with ways Italy and noticed that the structures censoring is here at the events of last tolerable looks very similar to the situation of the user and used by the airlines has said that the unity of lies and his son was getting out of here .period life that this file and I went on services in the sort feuding light at then end of radiated out as recently we did in said the energy burden from being after that the energy that's going to be excited electrons that caused me to question but its acquisition him and instead it's going to be it's outstanding dissipated as he stepped problems at the time course policy has absorbed unity and no longer so that it starts to break down and so and also the problem is of this stuff is soluble in the water and sweat and serve over time that has so you have the option to newly started yourself and no 1 is more expertise than myself because my some of the simulation the various brands and of now let's talk about the
other from 1st year another problem that is the counters that small molecules can also refer to the end of the example of this is not the whole story line which is founded on its hands on the ball so they once the new alliance that is part Arkansas of the world president and this is the most best dramatized by a group of school kids and Baltimore beat him will be held in the polls compared to the size of the city anyone who wants to surprise headed to the negative lost power on these wines that have the often radical River said this is an example of this is alive and well and some little kid has got the budget woes of outside your colleague wondering what we want to it so that the only people that rulers in their underwear and the ability work and he's been spelled out that's the idea which has a way of budget is all the more likely it would be he's he's amenable using lines and the appropriateness I used to like Wales on their skin now and when that happened it was there still growing up in all kinds of allegiance to serve erupted terrible regions as the world online reacted with unit of the pictures in my head on
listing proposal at the chemistry that's happening here so what's happening now is that 0 2 this is
predictable this you morning hasn't yet has promised to the Jews interpolated gets standard exactly so this is 1 of the last year of compounds that went into the high-status unit raided this Ramadan this year appears in this analysis will be used to be that a series of figures like structurally so
here's the swirling around his life that and has all the perfectly positioned to react you and worried that those 2 plus 2 after a while I like to socialization actions were up of the cycle of meetings and get the problem here is that the case now possibly it's distorted thinking no longer used for patients it inappropriately caused transcription right now the title of this announcement so intransigent fabric comes along and says it seems they think it's all used announced that it would start inadvertently during on genes that should be turned off and what
happens is get used to terrible retract itself as a graphic pictures the that's of the slides and overheads costs talking like the turned during but I don't think accurately gage the health of the stature of of the that original really like going the he's like that you can do this because of worries about the health of its here's what sort of weather like this is the sort of red rashes look like that because of the dramatic but from what is happening on the scale of the 2nd half of the his wherever it is that airlines stuff you know comes in contact with the skin is this happens a lot farmers throughout the lines of salary or international business excellence frankly that the purpose of they also happens the bartenders Reykjavik's moderate as the side but also happens to in college students rights and you have to used shot here is little use of online and in light of the were running from 1st Avenue in the heart of streets basically everywhere the managed to get to be a lot of places said this
recent college students are particularly so that's 1 of the several years there was no factor selection should be How can you you have a lot of was of them this time
that the prophecies that when is so the words life sells them through the property the cycle of influence-peddling military command of all cells have hitherto been so the rights for the calls from the population unless you're on answer themselves have a cell cycle the timing of the cell cycle depends on itself like some cells in your life much more rapidly than other cells in the cell cycle is the reason we hear it again and the thousands of you will provide more details of the request by the was so at some point in the cell cycle the cells have been ordered you to be able to buy the cells going this is sustained when dealing is being replicated during this process there are a number of checkpoints and others in the sense that have to to see whether or not the cell is ready to advance to the next stage of in this case and he the of the cell cycle and these checkpoints ,comma highlighted by his rigorous review they said in the interview his drugs Florida's yesterday's also for example the United something like sorrel and will massively destructive testing beginning this costly to strands cannot be separated which is required for the unit patient
so let's talk about how In these comments were actually last year I had my centralization of the world ,comma No war reaction would be in the fall season simply as the nuclear of turns out that the you cases are hugely political background negatively charged not with the bases themselves lots of of lots of opportunities that the part of the reason for this is that there's lots of low fares that are that storm water bottles duties it had raised the sticking out from race like this 1 over here understand the function and its its awareness there is plenty there is a long hair is sticking straight out of way from the race and that here is not participating in this city is totally ready and available to react with any electoral files that happens to counted so this reason many many electric files are being asked to personages including percentages as last on their largely elected files some other the well but in general you want to avoid the electrified the energies of the people there is an example of that action in the earliest flight of Aso earlier licenses from Thursday's lecture question treaty replies with grin mutagens and that would result in a parliamentary vote was vigorously exercise were growing out from 1 of the ways that that reaction work this year is the pilot unit but actually the consumer start between the sample group and is in the grip of a softening of the happens now is that you may have to modify right down to the level group over here and the problem that is now is having a little here and there that restricted back recognize now you have nothing to do with it functionality that might be going out to approve transcription factors it properly and so might search for analogies that otherwise might not be turned off here's
some examples said against a unit has been on the basis of Major Group is my area the arrows of pointing to the meeting with the letter of the law the and all of those there's followed here and there on the Rangers but not participating universities and noticed that the Israelis have 6 electron too section 2 4 and 6 in this 1 area islamic here but 1 has to go with and this other 1 of the own don't participate in Europe it is the data spectators of the holder of city and because of that participated the review will act as we would like to see provided by the problem of course is that they also have a role to play in terms of and that will be messed up when there modified
OK so it turns out that all was the time to much it turns out actually even if you encounter a really large amounts of electoral and you not only that we can obtain is actually an actually passage in the Senate on this this case but see so they indicates that were going to receipt of the of the ex-boyfriend of this school year 1 of the family you of all and yet fortunately had access to chemical mutagens worked in a laboratory and leaving him and he had access to
this time of year and said he started Ahtisaari's examples of other possible electrified
and questioned what he did was actually had large quantities of electric while you will and money they found in the Victoria Texas outside the house he looks for opportunities because the criteria we don't have large quantities of these chemical mutagens Jesus and this year's and then later when other people have said she serves his whole life he has used it earlier this
year is the year usage original reported hearing what he served during the years of Korea's sustainable Jaber borders but whether it was actually this season and natural so be it Winter who immediately and take a look .period briefly at the mechanism of of this so this is the nature of the and in the liver it's really interesting that creation of us that where eventually it gives you the societies of compound shown here because this has nitrogen as the leading group has no longer literature you solve anything we can get better than I you have leave England take this into balls office gas and possibly stable leaving group it does not get noticed him the electrons get to balance their way over to a positively charged hydrogen they won't do it unless you know know trying parents and so on this means that there is a good DNA waiting this is obviously something that you don't want to just forget the four-story apartment within a year but it turns out that the
last of the league of actually the way Johnson and you know you against the inside of the basically got a tremendous acting the answer to that was horrible but not in excess of 1 of the things that concern not only the style of this fascinating book all possible for of therefore learned from the saddest thing the 1st deal is attributable in part on the other hand it's very hard to convince themselves did you sell them is really part of the enormous quantities of these new carcinogenic materials and that there is no answer to your question is beginning to hear you and your cellular adhering to its basic needs changes to give its modifications you the office the next couple of life this is great these big malls safely walk back to your rooms and I'm contributing to getting frustrated by the 2 were on bisecting the during the year and also knowing that you're not going the use of the various fixing these types of products unit of things that actually this is fully fit with Sevilla lots of people have been vacant for breakfast or anyone else sources for authors of the program I I think that the 1st half of this kind of thing in itself is what happens to when the problem is that the United strike is used as a war begin work alone and lost his center and on the problem is that while I was eating and also other facets of the actions which happens stand on this and I'm trying to get the irradiation to eventually wore featuring an electrifying so as the criteria activities because they have a profile
problems because is that this is probably not something that we have a lot of words because of the time vitamin C which is often used a bit of it actually reduces the risk of Internet access the meaning of this is that it reduces the latter while giving us a lot more talk harmless fall off the face of years of hazardous and reacted with with the the use reacted and I tried to prevent the formation of the 1st of the year of the government
and the reasons that here this is what not I want to have the interests of the game and this has been a eventually will be arranged you bring the applications but vitamin C reacts to the
diatribe preventing the formation of the it's a good thing of trying to tell you is that the a lot of reactions to of the level of sales but there reason because the chemistry of this is remarkably complex is a lot of problems and furthermore the cells of all the mechanisms for repairing damaged here and I think that the your side of the story to it's single in some percentages part of the Bill of Rights on the use of the cancer on various things and not completely out of the car at the front lines against the cancer treatments for some time so these classes of compounds the problem is getting out of allegiance to the reason that these are whilst that reactor unit and he did it with Philadelphia calculated that going to come long and modified in some of these are the ones that affected millions of has cases the sanctions periods of the year a similar reactivity to the nature means that a couple of slices others like the monsters .period somewhere about the site of possible became so common that started you know review so this compound resulting in probably the notice that has not 1 but 2 days later that the problem is that use them react with the mysteries of of the day and as always that it's right is now beginning to cross the bridge has between France and other Western people together I think bonding are now will be only too well the permanent similarly is this will also potential cross-linking agents right to groups to fluoride sitting on the group's mom arrived here as 1 of the group that is out due it seems that some of the effectively of the rental the constitutes comparable right we are meeting use example of what was going on with have lots of love you lots of people like the this is due to counter insecticide on the devil bromide for example routinely used to treat breeds and history the the houses and the extent of house for termite control that's actually working using unit operating in the region of the state urination mustards will talk more about the life of this 1 again just like the rest of the means that each the slides which is to say eventually rearranges the EU aid a diet now use
many of the compounds the previous are also used as a and I hear that you want to on the patients over this he has itself been fighting gave very rapidly station were actively in what happened the drugs and other normal cells of patients in the 1st part of this work is true that the state of the art of the deal rapidly dividing cells were quite same time of the opera which was located in itself is compensation of previous life and also here in many years so this is the kind of music ,comma this is the combination of a nation must also during this time mustard and he's all handled the markets for example is that you wanted to use the report cancer specialist specifically his hands I think the market might be be year Europe but its use is and so on nations that will get the equipment runners on specifically in the area and use this to you the building rapidly dividing cells that happened to be in that area it's actually kind of nice to that specifically targeted just area .period the they actually passed the characters to life and have a great quote that goes something like this would reduce the German restaurant with basically said you show me a copy of an option to choose sides to it on 1 side at the talks and the other side of the street you were not always depend on the 1st day of find is this new talks and that this is the things he treatments had asserted that Iraq is the goal of the is to do sell programs suicide pulled out of in rapidly dividing cells faster if you use new pass knew answer new oxygen oxygen in the parliament in normal cells and that's the that's the challenge for the inside until last Wednesday at 15 20 years there is last year's 20 years as the spirit of the compounds that are much more specific targets what makes him so that it can't answer from you about today are ones that simply literary any units have the and the future of this part of the deal last December after the answer that set that itself cancer so let's talk a little bit about how the cells of terrorists cells at the front of the year walking on the site and the sun and the wind was some cross-linking of my cases were analyzed the costs to the nation it's the way this works is that you yourselves have the consolation of the deal were proteins that are constantly circulate analogy would be trucks that are driving around the world are looking for broken-down cars are disrupting traffic and innocent declined Monday to road rather disrupting traffic that enable appearance on their constantly scanning European looking for things like that was meeting and this sort of run when they find that they don't simply say about the mistake here instead of the disease out of the center unit which 10 based here beside the spirit of that side and this part is using the restriction on an and on duty libraries comes along and bills in the correct sequence so in excision of characters shall be John and interior honorees recently constantly removed just a couple of cases is that you know what great Lakes together in front of it doesn't work so well on a basis that needs 20 years I something before to start thinking along just doesn't it's not so much in this "quotation mark the fastest prices
on some of its modern functional obligation on the site has long before I talk about the nature of our previous life are relatively harmless if not secretly people because they can so readily that is not to say go out certainly going on or that he was this far away some of yours the mechanism responsible for what's happening in is directly warning not online intermediate and it's absolutely minorities fabulous electrified regulars at the hostages there is the positive charge and oxygen by virtue of its position on your cable is not like having a positive charge itself it's letter data and services they said exceptional gain helped lead and here is what happened over the last 5 years and again this year readily next using excision repair the problem you have to changed they actually know who only there were so that there are too many of these problems then it's just part of the game area here in the lead up to the end of the problem is that some of the obligations that not 1 but 2 strands of DNA that this decision will share the mechanism assumes that you have a 2nd strategy the day that the old patterns early on we have to rely extensively that fixed the broken system where there's a will this areas in that state by X-ray funded from the real problem that is still quite functional cross-media agents are on the same often so there is a lot more people and damaged you the 2 want to use we are not about to give outplayed concede there is a possibility a bottle of energy on of and again that's costly altogether the 2 strands of DNA and prevent you from having a family history and act as a hobby during the year there so that years of
examples an this is this example is the 1st of the year was ordered after this is against the yen the size of the stake economy has been hurt by the compound analogous to what we saw the security on but then is the alright a long warm this at the end of the year his 2nd straight year happen and this gives you out on Tuesday and said he had written by people functionality another who will be held together again this year on the same
repair works pretty well recently counters the skulls and rates research fellows I hope you get past leaders of different races and that decision over there can also the legal it is not that you I have no knowledge that the 2 of them critically the longer functional and actually cast in the office and all the by it was a great performance financial data has spoiler alert the kids have this disease which they have normal here you have to be associated with and blood so considered the game here the policy during the day beginning with the
racketeering law so it's easier
to In this potential is caused by a incorrectly quoted in Europe the World Health and problem again to constantly in front of him during the winter when you're outside and inside the left post the Fiat lost weight by the square of the quantity segmentation absolutely require functional the excision repair without cannot live plants used to demonstrate that there is no other way there but so what does get back to the
story with the freezing either side of the tracks were laid by giving them all the time she contends that when we look at cancer cells we find hundreds if not thousands of indications unit start sequencing tumors we find the tremendously European beaches and a rich tumor is slightly different and furthermore biopsies difference what's this into we also find tremendous differences amongst themselves which otherwise provisionally look like that so too were the answer requires hundreds if not thousands of Haitians you know takes an enormous change you need to work on those occasions after partying Regeneron control aspects of the self and I like to think of these as accelerator on watch and rates of Okada said reveals that only works really well founded right stations might not know that the the program will be held lunch that flight was this extra power help and that you put down to switch gears and earlier I should you that sales have progressed through the cell cycle and that your checkpoints through that cell cycle so I'd like to see the checkpoints actually the here as itself cannot share because we didn't the self-titled the cannot proceed however the communications to the cat points to the producer controlling the tests were not consulted about the rest the end of mutations that allow itself is the rest the cell cycle allowing runway solid so those indications much which checkpoint proteins involved in cases of also cells have on salsa growth factors and that receptors which are responsive to the external part of the group backed out of our house requires that the region's accelerated the growth factors in helping to sell stock to buy stock the next start doing it going on so that the occasion the accelerator and finally but all cells had tumors of strategy looking only 1 or 2 3 which I like to to think that breaks this is the use of the machinery that just down the sale of 1 of the 1st round of full and when this happens these tumors that threatened to trigger apoptosis or cell suicide that prevents him so the of the companies relations have after that all 3 of these pathways just 1 is that is a good chance that sells for about this and progress to prevent cancer among other here and in the occasional really than having start running out of the car so let's see if we take it very close to that of the 3 which is the tumor suppressor proteins of heroes some years the self-destruct button and there are a whole series of different questions some constantly asking people were going to sell division at any given time answered the question is do you not representative of the unit is being probably 1 of the insurers know that on the basis that albeit usually centered apoptosis were recently letters of foreign lenders fancier works were at its 1st meeting and the loss of a lot to of that someone is really going so good the recent sensors that turn on us and mutations in the gene allowed the damaged initially said beating you 3 or more are bound to make 60 per cent of the Holy See this is a very very confident that the stations that are running a large number of the people that it's almost the workers in the game is not good 3 was shut down because of the runaway acceleration that life in excess of
and I know that you did that's the really serious and for example the site is available in the region he said 3 directly from the book itself irascibility his chances in the interview qualification 3 this is literally the smoking gun that this is what is believed to be inserted into the and smoking which until recently was the leader of the United Nations so that can get the cigarette companies were able to cigarettes saying there is no doubt that it's best to call on here is that
what happens in the communications the residents there are highlighted in yellow the easier it is there that have positive charge and interact with the whole family shows that he agreed that while the result was that it was quite important is active transcription factors to try and get the positively charged residues of meeting that the 3 can no longer willing to DNA and no longer trigger opposite smoking that really it patients specifically at the molecular level to these residents here that the results against yourself down should stop you people or something she persuaded stop at nothing to anything worse my father died of lung cancer and passionate stopped smoking you might as well be put you on the way to the loss of possible something the region that right now was about smoking that causes cancer we actually know quite a bit about wife is 1 of the sport's cancer and was back a long way so long history biology and against the bill back to the other ideologies that rates of personal loss of personal hot humid here was positioned in London and Cheney Street at a ridiculously high levels of visiting the use of the army in the central London correctly .period intentionally and the associated costs is that we don't know about you but I wanted to be with you about it during like that and it would be covered in it there in the chilly results another Bloomberg said based on what we find work chemicals that cause testicular cancer and other types of cancer and
I think you have to stick with him and that's why I'm sorry that you have divergent views a variety of convinced by showing we never knew what questions Sunday is the some of the prevented 1 person brought in from the Gulf for of 1 person to answer directly overhead so that
here is a picture of the cross-sectional view the site of the centimeters of this already living here in it is this 1 day on the computer and securities analysts tremendous growth of cancer the students using hospital is going traders and this is the sort of thing that we have generally been stocks fall I was in he also surgery and so on and and we should all be thinking about monthly self exams and get more raised here again this is the announces that I really hope so they prevented us over time the company said it had secured a vote the level of warrior and these are actually she's a conference highlighted here Florida but against voluntary excerpts serviceable smallpox is noticing that London very high percentage of Chile's coming down with the cancer testing and wondering what is it about this new review homicides that this is not a positive testing cancer in actually means we now know that I couldn't Burns Harbor and burn stuff but there are a lot of procedures demonstrated that so this then fiery was founded by concentrations in the Bloomberg survey so now I see that as a share of the operation to remove it the governor of the current state of the of the American College of Art and the cost of this so for example the and fiery anywhere on the back side of the last finally come down these horrible incident lesions the books of the year and the work of these work by members of the ingredients register black aromatic compounds housing flats guests on 3 Stewart 1 2 3 Turkey where the accident last man on the video last week the like that the additions also out with you and this is less obvious actually is what is the use of cigarettes work without having to to the division of Europe and burn it in his own words that our fans of Harry and offensive I
that you will liver is I'm not sure it's your liver bullfighter processes such as the International this that is not very soluble in water is really bad news have insoluble fragments of stuff floating around blistering social lives the best in the office and deliver strategy for soluble and insoluble is oxidized and item functionality that would be insoluble in water and so here it is a year is inside the Labour Officer lies in the hands of fiery here's a successful operations in made while was the 2nd observation factories and I'll pop side I has a strained remembered during this streams three-member rate is fantastic electrified this analysis is really bad it's now have this this internal later that's why didn't you find that it has the perfect properly electrified delivered right up against during political unity and actually call this is an enormous problem there is a new beginning this month by local only by this Parliament is hiring this reason but you don't country that people were used to have a lot of work on this and I can't come down with a lot of stuff lately because of something that of very by your goal should be to try to eliminate the barriers such as possible losses that didn't work paranoid about everything that appears on the agenda it about you and here's something you can do to help yourself a little while longer simply by avoiding the problem here is that
a lot of this is it this is how the accident happened hostilities the final that growth really like units united States although he is testing war in the presence of this small hospitals passenger was spiritualists reversible but the countries where the public political health systems on the others were you seeking his part as vigorous and this is more of a problem but the problem is that ball like this and use all this happened after which again is multiplied by by cytochrome working the all is the site of the work In the
liver and that uses an
oxide is supply classified as a fantastic nuclear electric power or you will have to be at and once the spotlight this eventually leads down to the industry and the rest of my life in the potential of these units from the part that units which are part of the longer available and it gets hundreds of agents eventually you get and it's
right on the spot and genocidal itself earlier I showed you I found that and I can get at the root of acquiring years of very perhaps silver instead it it was the 1st time that it would river ,comma that is that which we however at the center of the connectors and by the warmth and electrify tendencies in English while tax and how it is you will find the alleged in the beginning he possibly giving you history and there will be only will get taste real refugees for example and we will use all over the compound I told the rest of the world .period is in use in Europe so these were also used as a word that I will what just would using you actually get used to the time that the case studies ,comma counterparts cancer by wearing fantastic electoral violence which then reacts with nuclear plant in the files found in the EU OK so then here is
the nitrogen mustard equivalent of these compounds that we saw earlier in in the day and all of those who commented on the basis that is directly in line the here and this electrified officers right with nitrogen as positive charge on the east side of the truck so we literally the attacks electrons and constantly to the positively charged nitrogen said that the purpose of the perfect electrified modifying on the questions about the nature most mysterious so musters the obligation the
only I wanted years of the people 5 minutes to start talking about it on the distant as we we talk about how the far it is going to be the right questions about the set on fire in the allowed for 2 recognized on tremendous support in stock in the south of the town as an example of this this is actually a structure that you have positive on he is the 1 which was annexed by end of you know this is around me when years and structural unit part was not very well understood as positive that structure was with the structure of the costs wholly wrong regularly cracked structure you but along with the writing is on the also signs handlers by the sugars in the absence of any specific mention dioxin like you and also figured out units in the side of things on it so it's possible signs of cooling brought against some details correct that this structure was
politically not rightfully worried unitary circle over the years we will work closely with you you start to find an alternative to the beaches of example that the bases are being held on 1 of the bombs the size of the backbone of the year by the crime itself so in a similar way we must have a re-evaluation of the importance of Oregon when it was originally discovered it was to you transfer service go-between between units at the end of the last 20 years of our appreciation of parties you itself has expanded enormously so
you have to know there are a lot of soldiers sailors here on hand 1st as soldiers it's actually a very palace for I don't think it's going to actually go out the sequences of other currencies as a silly things wrong Bloomberg said the lessons writers of appears headed firmly lingering and Europe's or the answers Europe's during the writers of the proceeds as you're right right is already held that the existing size for a binary 5 necessarily experience so parties the wall at the end of this season will be back on Tuesday will have a lot of talk about "quotation mark


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