Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys)

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Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys)
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A password shouldn’t be on a post-it note. In plain view. On the console. The password to a locked door is called a key. So if a reporter wants to get the point across that certain people shouldn't have access to a particular key, would it be wise for said reporter to show that key to the world? This talk show how not to run this story, why we should care and maybe make you rethink your physical security a bit.

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hello and what I talk about stuff I'm a member of tool and 2 was the open organization of what triggers we take a lot for sport so we open lots without keys without force it without damaging it and we have for competition for some competitions or international service chip-to-chip there and if you are not try pick a lot for sports star coupler rules you should abide by at least that's how we might want you big lockstep you all or you have explicit and get a permission from the actual order that you're allowed to take that and if you can help it in any shape waveforms try to refrain from picking locks that you because at some point you will fail and then you may be called open or closed your front door of room or whatever that's a problem so if you live by those rules you probably will not be from furthermore I may active member of had 42 which is space art and uh we uh we resided in the German military base the Bird and Google Earth is also and where in the heck a day the human body to choose to Europe to look at hackerspaces of visited us and their 1st line in the article was like 1 this is the most awesome varies ever and of course can only agree to start off with my talk will start off with a little video about the content of the and here I
a name of a hand
on top of that you can do it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again in the
height of a kind of in the in the in the in the
in the in the in the in the in the in the in
the in the in the in the in the in the in the game that the
only thing you can do something in the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the ring of of keys with will show who thinks this is a good idea I think is a cool idea I think it's a cool idea it's a neat idea but I don't think it's a smart well I don't know I mean you put your keys in the cloud and God knows where well what's gonna happen all the fun thing is this in an ad for a Belgian insurance company that does this on the side so these if your house is alluded afterward you know was going to pay for it so that's a good thing and what you did see that it could take you on a turning pedestal and to basically to carry a with this sort of connecting the data between the and of and from that we think that went on for that file and why they had to do this is basically because the Belgian uh endogenous as we all know part of Europe which is not in the USA and cost in if you are in america you basically if you want a lot on your front door you have a couple of choices that's the Quixote as a shape that's very expensive so that's free choices and basically is a residential area probably go for option 1 or 2 or 3 of a Slater Quixote which kind of limits your choices that so what you can do then is is you don't have to put your key on tuning pedestal and make it completely random forward at 1 picture can be enough and that's actually a company
that's that's well did that think they're very existing and what it shoes look on what they said just take a picture of key on a white background just flat of click military was give us 5 dollars and will ship you a copy of the the key to your home address or personally I would not use my home address for that return envelope but uh but yeah there's means I mean so it just takes 1 picture click go yeah OK cool right and actually what semantics offer for that
analyzes your picture so it they don't make a stupid do what the pictures and it now offers it figures out what the actual keys and then
it starts looking at whether that should be what you definitional is and what you see at at states number 1 this 1 this 1 you see that red line is a bit higher than the
actual keys this is due to the lack use of a lot of the oven bird and so the viewed the red line is actually a bit higher than the actual keys so what they did is they figured out that the type of benefit key and what the original code was so that the the gap there is where entero the key so the company you receive in the mail probably works better than the original you center of this need I think that's cool right so they just make duplicated duplicated of by 1 picture alone is not i need both sides but the idea remains the same you can do it with what is actually other
companies who who expand on that same idea this is our books uh they were running in the belief only Manhattan they can't be it doesn't scale that well because what they do is basically there are reversed Millman refers physical snail mail Newman so they show up at your door and take your paper mail taken back to their offices scattered and made it to your electronics so even if you're not at home you can reach a span will and probably the that out but I I'm not sure about that so what they so they need access to your mailbox at least so what they say well again said is a
picture of a lot of your of your key and of course there are several places where you can have your mail that's in a mailbox outside maybe that's not block so that there there is the that that that are done and if there's if there is a lot your mailbox they need a picture that if that's behind a Gator fans because that's what most Americans do they need that he is well and you have several layers but they didn't wanna go into your house probably because as American unwanted suitor and the liability or whatever so they say if you have your meal if you ever see it in your dorm universal there so you need to be in the idea from there to actually direct and they'll they'll supply you with a mailbox you could put outside but the idea remains the same means you needed a picture of a key and then make a copy of it and then they actually use them in their business proposition so I think this could taking pictures of peace and making that's that's not new does not new at all in 2008 the University of California uh was playing with this device a new camera and a kick as land which could do with big lens is taking the pictures and assuming that
a terrorist is a table on the terrorism the table a book in the book is a key and that's assuming you can lead zoom with big lens what you and of course we could see that the let's focus on that 1 the picture is not taken straight on but that's not really a problem because if you look at the head of this this 1 this looks like a gate and if you know you like you know that's a Quixote in the phone automatically set is we know
that what what the dimensions of that he is especially from that had because that had is the same for all the Quixote of course the code is different but if you say a few people distorting changing the picture I mean that's clearly the key and but if you keep on wrapping it until this is the correct shape that you know this is the correct shape as well which they can decode to the actual coding musical career running that works so this happens from far away and just need big let's and this was 2008 lenses improved CCTV improved so that our example this is this is a picture shot by range from arrays number as as death basically to Germany but same additions and uh this is due 7 and view how to uh and rainy he likes and is a lot bigger and but these these especially interested in handcuffs to we noticed cost and he did bring this is a 3 D printed of the German handcuffed keys and goes the handcuffs before the German police are all key like wild bottom of our the monopolies there'll be like and if you think for that for a 2nd you might go that stupid if think for it bit longer that actually makes sense because if you get arrested by complement 1 you put you in the in the in the in the garden Russia of hands you at the station and you will do what cops it's quite needed he can open account the rest of gonna the hurt so yes that like in most countries that's the case and rate was in this big event in the Netherlands and is that big that we actually have police were about that police but of course radio rate was like that selects the instantly recognize the name and brand of the the the the handcuffs that the Dutch policeman's wearing and the German costs all it's also seems like will this he fits on the Dutch costs as well so he went to this police officers at the police officers can use this you look up and he turned his back to him as a sort of turns his back to so which clearly gave a vision of the visual of the actual he that he was wearing well I'm not saying can make a key from the picture because it's a bit blurry but it's a bit less very but you get the idea but I can see this is a low height the bit low and high yes the compare that to the original he that we already have not saying it is the same the which you can kind of guess and that that is a slight I mean that is information leakage just within budget he gives away quite a lot of enthalpy and a bit later we tried it
with another company suggestion overhead and this support so
this is actually the key to old Dutch and German police handcuffed and the STL you can download there's a printer our gospel information was of the 4 year at this example
this is what I call a typical clean desk environment it's a mess but of course we've been lovely ICA key we put a call they're just scale course if we notice skill we can do stuff with um we guess that this is again at the clusters exhibited underneath that that that that best that we don't wanna have opened and well it's it's it looks like a cheap because it's cheap we we can assess that is probably as we're tolerances so we can we do if we don't have to be exactly so we did if you
print out so that the chief justice on every of data printed that on you you don't have to you don't have distorted image anymore so you can you just need to size it's so that the point is to correct size and if you then printed out of paper and put that paper on a sheet of metal and just cut it out go all kindergarten on even stay within the parameters and follow the lines which solve a lot you'll have a laugh at least you have a metal shape the piece of metal with roughly the same shape of you keep to put that in with some model that will open your this found where good just make key but this is way more fun so these words on absolute crappy locks and what talk about that a lot of
this is a D is a proof that there a lot lot actually those of you do much of this was the sense that it doesn't matter I'm not bashing that Brent just will talk about the idea of this is not lot as yours is 1 of the light that actually takes a key that's not yours with because you do not have a key for this this is a building back for that 1 because what happened after 9 11 the team especially after 9 11 2 is a if you fly to or from the US to user wants to look in your baggage that fair market but if so if you like your your lots of interocular your bags they need to go through those blocks so data just start cutting the lobster getting that people find that annoying so some companies like travel century this is the logo they started making and selling lots that have building that so that was the feature this is a backdoor quite quite certainly not hidden is just plain back what happens the is a has a couple of keys 9 to be exact this is the number 2 claims that on there so is efficiency sticks out is number 2 he opened it and then there's a paper trail and so they can go through your lots to through your baggage without destroying the lot plane so darn nineties that can open old back so if you haven't media reports with these kind of
pictures I French was like on guys all our economies see which numbers which but that's about it and why and then again they're having an internal document from the 2 years a little their
external website because well because rules and databases and God knows what this this is dead on quite easy of course if you follow that law you know what this distance is so you know what the scale of that and because of the Internet and information and of course this sweetie printers and these are the keys to all the benefits and of course those are not high security locks they're not well maybe except the number 6 that was made by others a section quite hard to pick the other ones logistic anything in there goes um these are actually printable again downloadable there's bridge around this will begin share information so I mean like I said is not a high security but it it gives it tries to give the user some sense of security which I think is falls it's it's it's it's sealed at best because now again and students so I refuse to travel with the slot I just use it is it I use we it's it dies that that probably automatic possession of other people were saying that moment and so i've used it dollars skewness you not as a deterrent just and it works the which spares in the box and most of the time the user just applied 1 of the specimen almonds bears so that works that's my security watch
another example in April's 2010 uh some media attention went into this idea apparently you were able to buy a in master the so that just the but the key to the to all the uh New York substations subway stations for only 27 dollars a master the means you can open old the blocks so not just travel for free so shut it down because you have access to too technical cabinets and God knows what so exit doors fire exit all that kind of stuff you can open of course it being post 9 11 that been defeated in the New York the idea was if terrorist gets hold of this he is he's this
so by stating that the evil guys shouldn't have this by that act actually given it to and just in case this picture is not high res enough to actually read that he had put it on a map with a known scale so this is given away because because any lots this should be able to cut a fraction of the from this of MIT this is 2010 when this happened uh I give a version of this lecture every now and then and last month about 2 months ago was in Los Angeles doing this and 1 of the questions was did they changed his locks a because well 1 another New York or contest it I don't have to be what I do but but then again remember what you can only take lots of you own way of doing these or you have explicit permission your you will it's probably on the question so I don't have no way of telling until last month when this is the article triggered the begins and all all of a sudden of course it had to prove that frequently the full-sized otherwise this is the come across so people decide out and actually if you go to the online version of this article and trigger the bridge would you were you you get this
picture which is 300 dpi piracy definitely enough to actually build of only got 1 year only this year but more fail if you tried to use students got uh you can go all fancy on it and and make a classic add-ons that look like to review and to hide all your heart or your your father was quite a cool but there are there are better ways to get this which is that with
bringing NBC various investigative reporter because when the key seems unbelievable that 1 golden key so to speak a lot so many pop so we were surprised to find you could complicate indicated that it is a when found that in and I want all gas station plants were made with the same want to make it easier for inspection and maintenance found keys just providing easy access to a very lucrative crime using you have knowledge of how many and we are all on the hidden behind here on
Monday Bluetooth enabled the monarch and with not be quite organic information you can get this universal gas pump he is making it even easier for people to install these new scheme
that allows you to lots of but I mean the beer is quite obvious but I also know know exactly which blamed to water that's while Avenue is a which costs about 50 cents on if you buy a book of course I mean having access to the box that you machinery is in a box and you can all your your your keyloggers and grab where it can all put inside a box and it looks like a really you just guess what it's true you know it's the original box that was going to see that it's a fake because it's not the figures inside so having ranking for all those that sponsors well it does make sense because if you the engineer must do to maintain all the stuff you don't want crate of kids you won't want so there is a always a trade off and I think this is the wrong price of course when it goes wrong is when when it goes wrong it goes wrong in a bad way but suppose you live in New York New York has a lot of buildings which are high and or was you're thinking about a fire in New York when there's a fire in 1 of those hydrogen different 1 the fire people to get into your building 1 way of doing that is don't like it or not the best option or give them the but then again always a bit less so if you if they would get the keys to those buildings they would need to separate structures so that's that's that's annoying and that goes for every job but you never know which term is the 1st 1 there so we have to double and so what they do is they have basically tiny tiny boxes binding volts the foot outside the building and that would the key to the building putting that putting in the title and those also those of the line and if you do it in a wise way up at some extra lines there's a monitoring on that box at the least all hell breaks loose and that is broken over so there are a couple of keys just a handful uh that basically on these to the city and of course the Scott slots cut cost by lot uh somewhat miss the they get out of business because of old age whatever is 1 is a lot with who used to cut those keys and he went out of business and he had some left-over stock loudly a pilot light accounting because the near post waters still the legitimate story and
entrapment for America's 3rd that favored status slightly this very versatile and even for a lot at the
end of the artists only under cover of water near city
fireman's hearing the 180 dollars if you give the order the ability to control elevators circuit breakers that where there isn't traffic let's all over the city then essentially become the
kingmaker from the matrix reloaded media being media every now and then you see an original story the bulk of it is a copy of a copy of a called basically what he's so other media outlets start copying the
same story so this is the growth of the post actually dead pictures white background useful DL other media outlets actually copy that again and they added information this well actually these are the keys to the left of the fire lividity also works in where it is limited uh well high-rise important stuff scary so that's a farmer service we we get this is of wiki we will talk about traffic lights to analyze retinal right green remember hacker moving brilliant PhylOnt upsets so soul sound of a sound the alarm don't some language actually 5 so yeah I mean you can create chaos with this he said and of course the only way to get the story across by giving out those keys for free apparently
this is the logo from outer space in Amsterdam COLT decade and well I'm a member of of uh of according to which is a different space also in the Netherlands and being in a this is not a rivalry uh hackerspaces is a bit more like a city and what do siblings do they call right or in French lost and and stuff like that and uh taking got a new space at some point and of course with new space of Newmark and comes so we're very proud of of of the new space in which is also battling and so 1 of all members which is a regular troll uh started calling 1 of these guys like the showed it to OK log where from your on when your new facilities possible because we have a memory their noses logs so if you can't just send a picture then we can assess it's a decent he you know and this showed up the mailbox what it's not a very clear picture but if I do use in a basically end up with right I mean if it was a
high-powered laser actually would still be there but this is the outline of what the key should look like each so we hope that up there are new machine we have to have which have to be a really good thing it was covered with with with interest and what you see happening is it just burns that's Outline of the lessons that we suppress the use of formal theory so that will never forget what we used have to use that free in your people so well actually that was labeled nodes which was born in the US of ventilation of these most of you just about changes the morning and you can use uh so you you end up with the basic outline of key which does not suggesting or what is this problem so what you can do with that but what's great for the actual work only for which without change that's a common is
that you're there go Jeremy said the bit to Harvard as a shadow but this is the actual show the key we we kind of assess what what the what what what the blank was about by just by looking at it so looking at this piece of plastic into a Milwaukee gotta here's our or bit of see-through plastic that's intestinal blank you can just do with the way you're used to and well didn't work or not as I was not a member at that time I could assess the cost room of one's stop by lot no permission uh but being a vector space which is all information once before we put this whole video and all aspects of public wiki of course I will that's what you do all some people freaked out as it's soulful play so the day after we showed up with this is block uh and uh of 80 copies of the keys so you can redistribute that sets of now we have a good luck you call that what audience so who supplied you block also gave up again remember the game you discount because what you you have to give me water that that was good cool um figures for right and that was relieved of common legal Navajo e-mails from in the in the in the males of medical because is the military caregiver and the count and recall that among the belief that the hill involving maintenance alluded to the fixed by all of the characters so evaluative validity of this little to alleviate the overfitting problem with the steering and about and they will be what you about what can call but the killing was really was an imbecile at the beginning of 2 and that the slope of literature so in this in this lecture and what the males have as it's inflexible and going with the flow control on the on the belief that the
cost of the fear of being in the in the in the in the course of the Internet for
15 years of the Internet since mechanical complement of cities along is about as anywhere on the real axis here this is the 1st column at the start of the of the of the school about historical and and if those off a cliff but a link is out of those older males have the knowledge of the 10th and there's a problem seeding discussed is the of these are still doing a cover story from the food supply it
so that you have done of this community also making margin and at the the local little past the out of if whatever you think carefully about
and automatic enough that the health of the this talk 2 lots lots and telling you that this this kind and the
tonight disappeared in actually don't get story was apparently you could buy a lot the key that was coded alive this installation we're so a barrier if you buy this log its default go to the factory set position which is always the same and these guys who install this do not change the color that's leaving default password as the full that's what it's the same it's exactly the same as that in that's weird but well I don't know what a vital slots with those skis I just want to assess the fact and
make a working he from st still so we got from that moving video what we got this 1 because get some info but not all that I mean so we've got another
1 uh let's have doable but I think this is the much it's kind of stray dogs it kind of gives the shadows and I conceded that and if you load a lot so that this is a quite peculiar shape if you know you are considered to be gets to be carriers have because that's the only 1 I that has this as well so again BTS has has the standard set of standard size so we can see what the rest of the you should look like actually this is basically the
style sheet for beginners that should be here the solid procedures argues other possible that's so if you can look into this picture and compared to
that you can kind of guess and that's what what the actual
depth should be right we
came up with the so we guess involve assess this view that will is suggest that we we think these this is to be locked away all the Belgian speakers but of course still will mobile noble-warren complicated because only or have explicit permission from the owner to actually try bullets public out of the question right so what to do so we bought speaker right and uh and that it works always so we had this is actually the key to all the doubters began to marry should ensure what so we talk about
pictures of pieces that's is that actually having hold of that he needed for split-second that's that's the so called ticket right so now you can do stuff of course you can run into the cop shop and we haven't got but there are ways to protect from that I mean the waterways if you look a key way and there's a certain it's worth a key way if you gets all intricately that so make we it's worse and you had those forms you know not a lot of people not allowed to sell pieces that look the same and if you use a family's weird shape and only use that for your installation it's going to be harder to to get the pieces of metal going to lot normally if you play nice but then there are boxes like this this is the coda but it works in another direction basically this is easy entry machine gossip couple a thousand dollars or euros whatever and which is some mining but it depends how how determine your attackers for sports lot data as an investment which we made because 1 of the book it's it's a cool machine it takes the lots of brass
look like this funny phase is always good what it does is it
cuts the piece but not looking because would go in that direction and duplicate that this 1 takes those groups and duplicates those users zoom procedures Mills out these rules and so you end up with a banking that you have to put on another recovering machine the society and then you open and and you end up with a working the sun is very expensive right at the beginning these but if you have a that's hard to duplicate your final service because you've got to get the blanks this is the way to go function control 10 soldiers Howerton soul is made it the that's that's what you know how and the test and then of course because that's what we have in the past so if you can make it has of a metal if you can make it possible he wants to hold on to your you have if you can make a cast of your key you can pour metal there right if you could correct stuff and you can grow quite fancy but so we we tried very cheap sets comparably this is just a regular clay we later replace its we went to the hobby shop and buy older clay basically to figure out what the correctly as it takes to reach to figure out what it is if it's if it's if it's to select that it won't won't take won't take it in print if it's too soft it'll it'll so much debate so but what occupying plays a sudden investment 1 and uh well that there's a piece of metal that we haven't figured out actually what it actually is because that's very very low melting point is not let us that would be unhealthy but it's it's it's whatever heads we just started it with a normal quite good penalized duty what would quite mobile average the on barrier whatever France uh on is getting to be just like tried their worked 1st time 1st time a chart and it's really if it if you were to that and if you go the more high security then that play problem won't do so you need a a a material that basically has a higher resolution than normal claim and what we find out is that uh you dentist used to complement putting basically tutor depression and for that's also stuff it's there it doesn't delta shrink when it's heated or cooled down so that's what we because that would be really it was then you're you're would be from different sides so there's good stuff is quite expensive those who befriends a dentist is always a a good thing you end up with stuff like this that's the original P and you get a measurement is not high security but it's a different usually talk after my talk will be about keys like this and or the milky duplication machine like the 1 that bullet goes like this is going to be impossible to do that this is just a different type of machine about state it's a better what is different and so and all the people who won't to be able to do this the course you can pull that and if you take it out of the mold carefully without destroying that mold then you could really tried because the most of the text you can just now this woman redo it and then you go you can keep on doing over the over physically works we would be tried by another 1 this is the idea of home and boring have no idea for programmers but if you were judge you wouldn't know what is the most well-known editor of the Netherlands is basically uh 1 of the driving forces behind that were not using computers to vote for parliament these days which is very difficult at the front of the 1st uh commercial what public speed so we these were the good guys and he's an actor so we knows is operational security you would take these guys those risks profiles he should what you should know better than to show you should probably assume that there's a kind of personal social relations that we have on the of the of the things that as well and that the only thing I can think of the size of the animal is only the a handful the of the of the of the of the of the past work in the following days and down and in England and New England
England and the progress in this country the world is in this and who was in the mind of the cases this will be the same a on or a data effectors years to pursue nuclear fission into the wrong
with this picture it's a bit out of focus it's not that all is no chance in hell that this is the actual key this is a double beta decay is a cabinet lock this is just a key happen to have in his pocket and showed it to the camera you know that the it took nothing away from the story July this guy has excellent operational security journals have because he has a footage your have because can is still there you don't know fate is just a prop so security is not compromised story is still there is not showing he's not showing he's is a good idea other ways of not showing
cases this is a key press nowhere keep portends to determine is actually basically box city usually slicker PC in out of this 1 is branded deafened 22 because it's a failed and uh that's what I like like things what is it is a box the interior areas so we can put use the thing is in it but it's about 2 keys that you just live in there so it's basically a an intricate way of keeping you keys in your pocket and so you only slight amount we use and so nobody can see them if they if they if they look at that so what they do they don't cut your keys but they send you the blanks with this will work with his adaptive basically so they need to figure out what your actual keys are so of course what do they need in the picture of your key so you're selling it to
death on 22 attendees who are paranoid rightfully so and you're selling it to the there because they know they don't have to show the keys are you asking them to send pictures of the keys that's wrong well for granted in the small print it says for extras added security you should maybe blind the the actual teeth on lot but that should not be be added security come on guys is selling a security product that should be the default which would be the only way you can upload pictures of you please come on get out of here so we did figure out that this is probably not the best idea of the world right I mean post it should not be on consuls there should not be passwords on on on all posters that cover so this is wrong right what this is
a website called please break don't in what it does it's basically a Twitter feed grabber and every time you to read a picture and say new housing keys in that region gets added to this site so we have and of course these are all click-through so if you click on 1 of these pictures you will get the the house
which is the picture is probably geotagged right and if it's not I'm pretty sure someone can write a a a uh a Google Street at that can grab pictures of prepared that we only have to look at log which I have no idea how big the city is that this is doable and you have access to these guys Twitter feed so you probably know when he's always uh and they just have a new house so it's probably filled to the brim with new shiny toys come on this is given away we don't do this is wrong so I guess it's showing pictures of keys is wrong but then taking pictures of the user having pictures taken while using that he is harder and harder if you had to live in moment you're surrounded by this Sicilian CCTV against that basically what you every time right and of course there's a good class will don't see that often but I mean something like that will evolve they're already looking at contact lenses so we have a good clue is somebody actually look at it you would not have taken a recording and we all have pretty capable cameras in a pocket right now we will those tracking devices are all the other our core telephones but the cameras as well right and their high residue of to do this stuff so when I was younger and we we uh we we we stopped using cash money basically and we needed there was a TV series that basically showed us if you're pitching in European coat 40 plastic morning shooting number but think of a key is basically a code to deadlock so we don't show it you saw Rob due to that video when he actually was operating that elevator didn't see that he uniquely just cited but added 1 more familiar with them so that they don't wanna keep you away from the drink so this is a
bad guy is actually you can correct because he got convicted fertility he went to jail for killing people and he walked out of jail because the
design of the mass of the was printed of fond of 2 prisoners information and a copy of said book was given to all inmates upon arrival of that facility so it's afternoon so security can be hard as if you again using the for some weird reason is always quite easy to fuck it up so that me any questions when the user of the of the


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